Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

All right, but…
make sure you keep this to yourself.
I don't want anyone to find out.
Is that important now?
You may need a transplant.
Just don't tell anyone.
All right.
For now, let's focus on treating you.
I won't tell anyone.
I'll keep it to myself.
Don't tell Mom and Dad.
-Okay, I won't.
Jun-wan too.
Don't tell Jun-wan, no matter what.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
We started dating last summer.
We broke up though. I broke up with him.
It's my fault. I've had a change of heart.
Don't ask me why we broke up.
It's just one of the common reasons
why most couples break up.
Jun-wan doesn't know about my condition.
And I want things to stay this way.
I'm sorry, Ik-jun.
All right, I won't tell him.
I'm sorry.
Why do you keep saying sorry?
It's so unlike you.
I'm okay,
so just wrap things up at school
and get ready to come home.
When's your flight?
You scared me!
Why aren't you asleep?
I'm going to. I can't seem to sleep.
-Is it because of a patient?
Is something going on with your family?
No, they're fine.
Good morning, everyone.
-Good morning, Professor Lee.
-Good morning!
Choi Eun-suk in Room 6006
who came to the ER yesterday
received an enema last night
due to hepatic encephalopathy.
But her temperature has gone up
to 38.6 degrees Celsius,
and her jaundice is quite severe.
Okay, we should do an MRCP tomorrow.
If the bile duct is enlarged
because of cancer,
we will perform PTBD.
Got it.
-Hello, Ms. Choi.
-Hello, Doctor Lee.
How is she?
She doesn't really recognize anyone
and seems listless.
It doesn't look good.
I wish I could go through this
instead of her.
Her jaundice is pretty severe
at the moment.
It seems like the cancer has spread
to the bile duct
and is causing a blockage.
We'll do an MRI for the bile duct
If what we're suspecting is true,
we'll perform a biliary drainage.
It's a procedure
where a drainage tube is inserted
to drain extra bile.
We might have to perform this procedure.
Okay, sure. Sounds good.
Then we'll talk again tomorrow
when we have the MRI results.
Seok-hyeong has changed so much.
It still surprises me every time.
He bought us coffee, too.
He used to be so quiet and grumpy
all the time.
He still looks kind of grumpy
all the time.
You're right, though.
My son has changed a lot.
After his father's affair,
Ji-eun's passing,
and me collapsing
from the brain hemorrhage,
he really changed 180 degrees.
It felt like hell,
but I at least have my son.
There is always hope, after all.
I'm quite happy these days.
That's good. I'm glad to hear that.
But I'm unhappy about one thing.
It's my one last wish.
I'll be so happy if it comes true,
but it's not easy.
What is it? Something money-related?
I have a lot of money.
All I have is money.
What a snob.
I want to see Seok-hyeong get remarried.
I want him to meet someone nice
and get remarried soon.
That's the one last missing piece
to my happiness.
And my last wish.
Your "last wish"?
Why bring your son into this?
Only wish for things
that concern you and your own life.
Don't meddle in his life again
and make things harder for him.
When did I do such a thing?
Have you forgotten everything?
You picked on the dowry
and even made his ex-wife sign a prenup
that said her family would get
none of your money.
I'm actually impressed
that she lasted a year.
You stressed her out about money
and called her dozens of times every day.
I did that because
she kept giving our money to her family.
Come on.
Seok-hyeong gave her family the money.
Why can't he help out his wife's family?
It was none of your business.
It was a marriage scam. We were duped.
They were about to go bankrupt,
but the entire family put on an act
and duped us.
I let them get married because I was told
Professor Yoon's father was
one of the richest men in Gangnam
who owned three buildings, not because
she comes from a family of professors.
Goodness, it was all a lie though.
They were drowning in debt.
Forget about the buildings.
They had so many loans.
Everyone in that family is a fraud.
I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose.
They must have had a reason.
How could you treat
your daughter-in-law like a thief?
You picked on her for bringing no dowry
except for the two-carat diamond ring.
You accused her of taking the ring
when it went missing.
How could you say that?
Rosa, I still think she took the ring.
That was the first and last day
she cleaned my room.
She suddenly offered to do it.
I did think it was a bit odd.
But she insisted,
so I told her to go ahead.
And the ring went missing that day.
There were more expensive things,
but only that tiny ring went missing.
The two-carat diamond ring
she bought for me.
You need to see a shrink.
You're delusional.
That was her way of getting back at me.
She scares me.
What is she doing here?
Who is Sin-hye?
The diamond thief.
Is that what she looked like?
What is she up to?
What are you thinking?
She must have an appointment.
Mind your own business.
Rosa, I think that diamond is mine.
Did you not see the diamond necklace
she was wearing?
I think it's my diamond.
No, it is mine. I'm sure of it.
Hey, is that the only diamond
in the world?
How do you know?
Yeong-hye. This is enough, okay?
It'll look ugly
if you keep going on about it.
Professor, ROM just occurred
during patient Jang Mi-ra's induction.
Then it'll go well.
Okay, thank you for the update.
-Professor, I have a question.
-What is it?
Patient Kang Yun-a's husband is wondering
if he can bring in a camera
and record the birth.
If he's holding a camera during labor,
she might punch him.
No, just the birth.
Not during labor.
Just the moment the baby is born.
He wants to record the moment
you pick up the baby.
He'll make sure
our faces won't be in the frame.
That's fine. Tell him that he can do it.
From a high angle though, not a low angle.
If it's just the baby, it's fine.
I'm totally fine with it.
Okay, I'll let him know.
And Professor…
I have another question.
Go ahead.
Well, I was just wondering…
Can I buy you a coffee
and ask you the question?
Just ask me here.
What's the question?
I'm curious now.
Do you want me to ask you here?
All right, let's go for coffee.
-You can ask me on the way.
-Okay, thank you.
Can't you even aim the water properly
when you're a chief resident?
You need to be precise
for me to see it well.
I'm sorry, sir.
He worked the night shift
and even had to do an emergency surgery,
so he got no sleep.
Stay focused!
Okay. I'm sorry.
Who here isn't sleep-deprived?
Hey, back in my day,
I managed to stay focused
even after working 180 hours a week.
It's all about the mind.
Your mental strength.
There are only 168 hours in a week.
However, there's a thing called
daylight savings.
-It's nothing.
I'll wrap this up, Professor.
-Good work, everyone.
-Thank you, Professor.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Well done, at this early hour.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Great job, guys.
He really is one of a kind.
Have you ever seen Professor Ahn angry?
He scolds the residents or interns
once in a while.
Politely, using honorifics.
Professor Yang.
What kind of movies do you like?
-Is that the question?
I just remembered that you're only allowed
to ask one question a day,
and you've already asked one.
That one was about work.
Only ask me work-related questions.
You didn't say that before.
As of today, that's the rule.
I don't think I can comply with that rule.
I'll make sure to only ask questions
that don't cross the line.
Still, no more questions for today.
If it's not about work,
save your question for tomorrow.
Okay. It's not about work,
so I'll ask you next time.
Then I'll just buy you a coffee.
You should get the triple extra-large.
Is there such a size?
No, I made it up. Oh, sorry.
Does your father have
an appointment here today?
Yes, we're done.
I left my phone at the café,
so I just picked it up.
My dad is in the car now.
He's okay, right?
He's doing much better now.
He's started to exercise regularly.
I'm glad to hear that.
Oh, she's my resident.
I see, hello.
He just said "my resident"!
Dad wanted to treat you to dinner,
but I told him not to bother.
It'd make you uncomfortable.
Besides, I didn't even do anything.
I have to go.
Okay, bye.
You don't see any bleeding, right?
There's none.
Just go when you need to, okay?
We'll finish it up.
Okay, will do.
Look at this.
The optic nerve decompression
went very well,
so the patient's eyesight may improve.
Let's remove the halo retractor.
Go ahead and remove the microscope.
You haven't eaten yet?
Gyeo-ul, this isn't…
for just one meal, right?
Two meals?
I see, two meals.
I'll take the next one.
Come on. Just get in.
Aren't they here yet?
I told them on our group chat
to come here if they have a moment.
They'll be here in a minute.
By the way, it looks like you have
at least one surgery here a week.
What was the point of moving to Sokcho?
Only take care of the urgent VIP cases
and let Professor Choi
or Professor Jung handle the rest.
I'm only going to take care
of all the VIP surgeries until next week.
I'll have Professor Jung
handle the simple cases after that.
Good. I'm glad to hear this.
Hey! Darn it.
Can I borrow your charger?
I'm going to take a break.
I need to get my neck treated
and start exercising.
I need to recharge myself.
Do you want to use this?
I need your charger.
No! She needs it now to recharge herself.
You crazy clown.
I can't cuss you because you're funny.
Is everyone here? Where's Seok-hyeong?
That bear is probably
toddling along slowly like a turtle.
-Are you feeling better?
-Am I the last one to arrive?
-That's right.
Hurry up and sit down.
Tell us, Song-hwa.
Why did you call us here
in the middle of the day?
Are you getting married?
It's about something
that's just as important.
-Snow crab?
-Snow crab?
Yes. There's this sashimi place I eat at
often in Sokcho.
The captain there called me.
They caught a lot of crabs today.
He'd sell me some at the wholesale price.
Call him now and tell him we want some!
I want snow crabs.
I really want some snow crabs.
How much can I buy?
What's he saying?
It's called acting.
How much? How much do you want?
Snow crab? I've got money.
Such a special friendship you have there.
You played along with that.
Of course you pay for them with money.
I already told him.
He'll steam them and send them to us
He said it'd arrive on the weekend,
but I told him
to send it to Seok-hyeong's address.
-Seok-hyeong, keep an eye out for it.
We should have it together
before our practice.
Jeong-won is allergic to crab,
so order bossam and jokbal
as soon as the package arrives.
Sorry, Jeong-won.
-How many did you order?
Two per person.
Two snow crabs per person?
I can't have any,
so it's just the four of you.
Which means,
you'll each have to have 2.5 crabs.
Are you talking about
those small hermit crabs?
No, snow crabs. Those big ones!
I bought a lot because they were cheap.
If it's too much,
you can all take one home.
You can give it to U-ju.
Give it to your mother.
Right, you can give it to Dr. Jang.
-You'll see her on the weekend, right?
-Of course.
And you… Well…
You can…
Don't worry. I'll take care of them.
Then I'll see you guys this weekend.
Fast for eight hours before we meet up.
You know the drill.
Are we not even allowed to drink water?
Water is okay.
The clams taste very fresh.
Where are they from? The West Sea?
No, the grocery store.
These are frozen clams.
The fridges these days are very good.
They come with good freezers.
Cut it out. Are you really not
going to get a health checkup?
Don't be so stubborn.
If you fall ill,
your children will suffer.
Goodness. My kids won't even care.
They'll just call me a few times.
That's it.
As they say,
you can never defy your age.
It's natural to fall ill
and die when you're old.
You'll die anyway even if
you know about your health issues.
I'll just…
stay in the dark until I die.
I have no regrets left in life.
You've only just turned 70.
How could you say that?
And I never said
you should rely on your kids.
Let them live their lives
and do whatever you want.
What do you want to do?
-Nothing? Why?
-What about you?
What do I want to do…
I can't think of anything either.
Life's no fun anymore.
My only joy is eating a warm bowl of rice
and this delicious soybean paste soup
with you.
I don't know if I can say
you're pessimistic or just humble.
Eat up.
I am eating.
I'll make you this every spring.
Old friends are the best.
Is Jeong-won not coming this week?
He was here last week.
The other one's visiting today.
I see. You're lucky
you have such good children.
You're the very first person to say that.
All my kids are priests and nuns,
except for one. How is that "lucky"?
If I wrote a book about my life,
it'd be a weighty tome.
I've lived such a dramatic life.
Well, every family has a story.
Speaking of which…
About Peter.
Peter? Dong-il?
-Yes, Dong-il.
-What about him?
He is your son, right?
He's not Chairman Ahn's love child
that he took in
when the two of you got married, right?
He looks too old for his age, doesn't he?
Yes, he looks really old.
I gave birth to him.
If you look closely, he takes after me.
He looks nothing like you.
Sure, he has two eyes, one nose,
and one mouth.
That's the only resemblance.
Dong-il is quite handsome though.
He's the best-looking one
out of all my kids.
But he looks so old.
Maybe that's why he's so mature.
And he's very dependable.
Mom, why did you leave the door open?
What if thieves come in?
So was he the one who was coming today?
My gosh.
You're here too. Hello, Mr. Ju.
Where did you get this?
In the garden.
It looked like someone had tossed them
right by the wall,
so I brought them in.
What are you talking about? I've been
working so hard to look after them.
The stems were broken like this.
Gosh, seriously.
They weren't doing well,
so I've been giving them supplements.
I can't believe you picked them.
I see. I didn't know.
These are spikenards!
You're eating spikenards?
You grow them in your garden too,
so you can't pick them.
How are spikenards different
from the flowers, Mr. Ju?
You always have something to say.
When will you grow up?
Seriously, when will you grow up?
My goodness.
It doesn't look like
we can practice today.
It's not happening.
We don't have enough time
to eat all the crab.
We'll do it next time. Our vocalist
needs to take care of his throat.
Yes. You guys don't care
about my throat at all.
My throat has been hurting.
Just talk less.
You talk nonstop.
No wonder your throat is sore.
That being said,
the vocalist position…
How about I try--
-Ik-jun, that was amazing!
-My throat's better now.
-Have some bossam.
-It's really good.
-Try this.
Hey, you need to eat this first.
-This is so refreshing.
-Eat up.
-Ahn Jeong-won.
-The bossam is so good.
It's delicious.
-Isn't it good?
-Look at me.
My gosh, this is so nice.
I've been practicing a lot
on the beach in Sokcho.
I can sing much better now.
Hey, don't be swayed!
I even went to Mount Seorak
to improve my singing!
Not to eat those fritters?
Well, we can't.
Hey, our answer is no.
She really wants to do it.
Why don't we let her sing once?
-Just to be sure.
-We can't decide this today.
-Hey, what I'm saying is,
-why are we taking this so seriously?
-Hey, listen.
Song-hwa wanted to sing better,
so she even practiced
on the beach in Sokcho.
-No, I don't want to talk to you.
I know this isn't an easy decision.
Oh, dear.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Hey, this is important. Can't it wait?
I'm so full. I ate too much.
Gosh, I'm stuffed.
-My gosh.
Walk properly. Are you drunk?
No, not at all.
This is because I had snow crabs.
What's with him?
Hold on.
-Do it!
You guys will let me sing?
-Yes, but…
only on your birthday.
Okay, deal! I'm fine with that.
-My birthday's coming up.
-Not this year.
You sang last year.
-Right, I did.
-So do it next year.
It'll be a biennial event.
So every two years?
Then I have to wait so long!
We made a big concession.
How am I going to wait until next April?
A year flies by.
It'll feel like forever!
But we'll let you choose the song.
Can you be considerate of us?
People think we're a comedy group.
-If you sing--
-Then I have one condition.
What? Come on now.
What is it?
Let's go to a karaoke.
-Yes, now.
Can't we?
On the day of our first date
With three yellow roses in my hand
I hummed all the way to Sinchon
With a fluttering heart
With your straight hair
Blowing in the wind
You were waving your hand at me
From head to toe
I'm smitten with everything about you
I like you
I like you so much
I want to give you my everything
I don't want to hide
My feelings for you
With you
-With you
-With you
Strolling in Sinchon with you
Feeling over the moon
Hello, my angel
How did you steal my heart?
It's okay, my angel
My heart is all yours now
I like you
I like you so much
I want to give you my everything
I don't want to hide
My feelings for you
With you
-With you
-With you
Hey, stop it!
What's with you?
Dig in.
Is this all for me?
I know you can finish it.
You have to go back
to the hospital, right?
Then I should drop you off
and pick up Jun-wan.
-Eat up.
-Thank you.
Do they remove all the shells
before sending crabs these days?
Whoever did this must be a pro at this.
It's shelled so cleanly.
I did it.
Jun-wan's on duty,
so after making him breakfast,
I put on gloves and shelled them.
But you can't even eat them.
I can still touch them.
-Is it good?
-Yes, it's so good.
Eat up. I'll buy you this often.
We should have it often
while Song-hwa is in Sokcho.
-Okay. Min-ha is also from Sokcho.
Yes. Her parents run a bed and breakfast.
She always says I should visit.
But you can't go.
Right. Min-ha can't go, and neither can I.
We're too busy.
Let's go together
after your board exam next year.
You'll have some time then.
We can see the ocean and go for a drive.
We'll go for a few days.
Do you think we'll ever get to?
Why? Are you going somewhere?
No, a year is a long time away.
Who knows what could happen in a year?
It'll fly by.
Gyeo-ul, just promise me this one thing.
Whether it's something big or small,
tell me if anything ever happens to you.
I won't nag you
or try to give my two cents,
so just tell me. Okay?
Okay, I will.
You should promise me, too.
Promise what?
I'm so curious now.
Just once a day,
do something to express your affection.
Your allergy.
I have to say,
this flower looks just like a fried egg.
With the white part and the egg yolk.
Is this flower called
"fried egg"?
Mom! What's the name of this flower?
Daisy! How many times
do I have to tell you?
Right, daisy. That's right.
Just the perfect name
for this pretty flower.
This flower comes
in different colors, right?
I feel like I've seen purple--
This won't revive the flowers.
Why did you take them out of the vase?
You're such a weirdo. Goodness.
Hey, scarecrow.
I noticed that your kids
all have something in common.
What? What do they have in common?
They're chatty.
They're all chatty.
That's true. My kids can be pretty chatty.
They've always been that way
since they were little.
As soon as they get home from school,
they start chatting away.
About fighting with their friends
and their favorite singers…
They'd even tell me
about cutting the self-study class.
It makes them look a bit flippant,
doesn't it?
No, not at all.
They don't come across as flippant.
I can see that they're very thoughtful.
I really am jealous.
Look, do you still envy me?
Mom! Do you see this rainbow?
I'll make you a rainbow!
Do you see this? Look! I made a rainbow!
We moved Choi Eun-suk
to a six-bed room over the weekend.
Good. How's her jaundice?
Her bilirubin level is 2.5.
It keeps dropping.
How's her husband?
-Her husband?
I think he's doing okay. Why?
Nothing. I was just asking.
Choi Eun-suk's husband
asked for a medical certificate.
-He said it's for an insurance claim.
But he wants it to say
she's in serious condition
and that you're not sure
whether or not she'll recover.
But she's recovering.
-I know.
I can't lie.
I'll be right there.
Professor Lee,
I have to go get ready for surgery.
I'll talk to him.
See you soon. Thank you. Have a great day!
Hello, Professor Chae!
Dr. Chu, you seem to be
in a good mood today.
I opened an installment savings account.
Is that why you came here?
You can do it on the app.
I know. I wanted to do it at the bank
because it's a meaningful day for me.
Professor Chae.
I paid off my student loan in full!
My gosh, congratulations.
-You paid it off already?
I made the last payment today
and opened an installment savings account,
500,000 won a month.
I know I could've done it on my phone,
but I wanted to see the actual bankbook,
so I ran down here during our downtime.
They actually have some downtime
in OB-GYN.
-Where are you?
I think it's because
her cervix has dilated,
but Kang Yun-a is bleeding quite a bit.
Can you please check? Please hurry.
Okay, I'm coming now.
See you, Professor Chae. Bye, Dr. Heo!
My gosh, be careful not to fall.
By the way, how do you know Dr. Chu?
How can I not know her?
She's a member of We Love Tteokbokki.
-There's a tteokbokki club?
-Yes, apparently.
We should finish the thesis by tomorrow,
before I leave Seoul.
Aren't you coming to Seoul anymore?
No, I won't be coming for a while.
You won't see me for a while,
after tomorrow.
Please, Professor Chae.
Stop that.
Forget that I exist, okay?
Professor Chae.
Gosh, what's with you?
-Hello, Dr. Lee.
-We have the copy you asked for.
-You can pick it up anytime.
-Thank you.
-Hello, Professor Lee.
-Yes, hello.
Ms. Choi, how are you feeling today?
I feel okay.
-What about the drainage?
-We've drained 400cc so far.
Has her temperature gone down?
It's much better now.
Just a little over 37 degrees Celsius.
The fever is caused by the inflammation
in the bile duct.
We'll tamp down the inflammation
with antibiotics and see how it goes.
She hasn't had a liver ultrasound
for a while.
Why don't we do it today?
Take her to the outpatient clinic.
Sure. I'll get it ready.
A liver ultrasound? Why, all of a sudden?
Well, it'll be quick.
Last week, we inserted a little tube here
to drain extra bile.
We want to make sure the drain
is working well
and also check her liver and gallbladder.
I can go in with her, right?
Why would you need to come in?
It's her ultrasound.
Can't you trust us?
No, it's not that.
I trust you, Professor Lee.
-All right, then.
-Have a good day.
-Get some rest.
-Thank you.
Pushing helps ease the pain,
so keep pushing.
That will help the baby come out.
Let's hang in there, okay?
You can do this.
Her husband can come in now.
Tell him to come in.
Are you leaving already?
You still have some time.
What if the traffic is bad?
Dr. Jong Se-hyeok is in the lobby.
I already called a taxi.
I sent you the train tickets.
The return tickets
from Busan to Seoul as well.
It's the last train at 10:50 p.m.
so you'd have enough time.
Call me right away if you miss the train.
Okay, thank you. See you later.
Your surgery finished early.
What are you talking about?
I got here at dawn today.
Oh, it must be this kid.
Yes, the kid who donated his heart
to Eun-ji.
There's an article about it.
Such young organ donors are rare,
you know.
Aren't you on duty?
I guess you can't drink tonight, then.
That's right. I'm on duty tonight.
You can drink with the others.
Song-hwa is here too.
I can still have dinner with you.
What about Gyeo-ul?
It's okay. I'll just eat with you.
I bet she's either on duty
or out for the procurement.
You're doing great.
This is the last push.
Try to push a little harder.
How come her husband isn't coming in?
The baby will be out any second now.
He wanted to record it.
Ms. Kang, you're really almost there.
Keep pushing. Try to push a little harder.
Her husband is here.
One more time.
The baby is coming out.
You can relax your face.
Just try to push the baby down.
One last time. Push!
It's out.
The baby is out.
Hi, sweetheart.
-You did great.
-Current time, 14:40.
It's a baby girl.
Your baby is here.
How adorable.
Say hello to your baby.
Hi, my baby.
Sir, you wanted to take a video
of the baby.
-You did it, honey.
I love you.
I'm so proud of you, honey.
I love you, honey.
When did you get here?
Just now.
Jeong-won said to give you this.
You probably skipped dinner.
Right there.
Did something good happen?
What? Oh, it's nothing special.
Today, I realized for the first time
after my divorce
that marriage isn't always a bad thing.
We delivered a baby earlier.
When the baby was born,
the husband went straight to his wife,
not to the baby.
He held her hand and said
he loves her
and that he's so proud of her.
It was such a beautiful moment.
They met as strangers,
yet they grew to love
and rely on each other.
I was so happy for them the whole time,
and it made me jealous.
Get married.
You can get married too.
I shouldn't.
Why not? Is it against the law?
You know my family.
I don't want to ruin anyone's life.
Come on.
Your mother won't be like that again.
She will be. She won't change.
It must've been very stressful
for Sin-hye.
What did you do?
What kind of effort did you make?
What kind of effort?
Let me think.
Even before we got married,
she was very stressed out
because of the whole dowry situation.
And after we got married,
my mom called her 30 times a day.
One day,
I saw Sin-hye
taking six sleeping pills before bed.
That got me really worried,
so I told her to go study abroad.
I said I'd take care of the expenses.
But even that fell through
because my mom found out
and called Sin-hye's family.
She said, "Why must my son
pay for your daughter's education?"
That was your first effort.
Offering to send her abroad.
I'm not sure if it counts,
but I at least made an attempt.
And Sin-hye…
She was quiet to begin with,
but she kept getting quieter.
When we were going through the divorce,
she hardly said a word, even to me.
Her depression was quite severe
at the time,
so I told her not to worry about me
and spend time with her parents.
Her mother was very worried about her.
Second effort, trying to send her
to her parents' place.
Are you summarizing them?
It's just my habit. Don't mind me.
But that didn't work out either.
She couldn't do it
because she was afraid of my mom.
So we gave up without even trying.
And my last effort was…
Would this one even count?
What is it?
One day, Sin-hye said
she wanted to visit my mom at her place.
Why walk into the tiger's den?
I told her it wasn't necessary and that
we shouldn't bother, but she insisted.
She said she wanted to be
a good daughter-in-law.
I told her she didn't need to,
but we ended up going.
And that day,
a diamond ring went missing
from the master bedroom.
A ring went missing?
I had no idea.
My mom's diamond ring went missing,
but I saw Sin-hye taking the ring
from my mom's dressing table.
And Sin-hye saw me at that moment.
My gosh.
"Why did she steal the ring?
Why did she do it?
I suppose she was just that resentful."
I mulled over it,
but I never got to ask her about it.
I couldn't bring it up.
I thought it'd be best to pretend
not to know about it.
Third effort.
Feigned ignorance
about your ex-wife's criminal offense.
But those things
do count as efforts, right?
You didn't put in any effort.
Sounds like all you did
was try to avoid the problem.
An effort is more like, asking her
why she did it and arguing about it.
You didn't do anything.
"Why are you taking
so many sleeping pills?
Maybe you should see a therapist."
You should've tried to talk to her
about it.
All you did was worry.
You didn't make any effort
to solve the situation.
How is it…
that you know everything?
I know that too.
I'm fully aware of the fact
that it was my fault.
That's why I told you everything
but that part,
but you called me out on it.
I feel like you're 800 years old.
Why am I like this?
I'm such a coward.
I think of running away
the moment I'm faced with hardship.
I still have a lot of growing up
left to do. I'm immature.
As they say,
knowing the problem is half the solution.
I'll suggest a solution
now that we've identified the problem.
You have me in the palm of your hand.
Shut up and just do one thing.
You talk too much.
Me? I say what I need to say.
I speak out when I need to.
You need to say more useless things.
At work, only say what's necessary.
Outside of work, you don't need to.
Even if you think it's useless,
it may not be useless
to the person hearing it.
Don't do it to everyone, though.
Start with the people closest to you.
The ones you see most often
and feel most comfortable with.
Hey, Min-ha.
Professor Yang, you're still here, right?
It's Ms. Han Seung-ju's birthday
next week.
We're collecting money for a group gift.
You're a professor,
and you're well-off,
so how about you pitch in 100,000 won?
Okay, 100,000 won? Sure.
Nice! Thank you, Professor Yang.
Wait, Min-ha.
What kind of gift are we getting?
Well, we haven't decided yet.
But I'll go to the mall this weekend
and pick something up.
I see.
Which one? Which mall are you going to?
How are you getting there?
The subway? I see.
Which subway line?
Right, Line 3. I see.
The subway will probably be the fastest.
What kind of gift are we getting?
Right, I already asked you.
Yes, there's something wrong
with the bile duct.
They're doing a biopsy right now.
The Professor of Pathology is returning
to the hospital now,
so we'll have to wait another hour
for the results.
Really? What should we do, then?
You won't make it on time for the train.
No. Even if it's just due to necrosis,
we won't be able to complete
the procurement before 11 p.m.
Then let's do this.
I'll see if any of the ambulance drivers
can drive you to Seoul tonight.
I'll call you back.
I'm sure I can find someone.
I'll make it work.
Okay, thank you.
You're not on duty tonight.
Why are you still here?
Something came up.
What is it?
-You sit in the front.
He got called into work,
so he's probably tired.
Try to keep him awake, okay?
Okay, got it.
-Would you like some gum?
-Sure, thank you.
-Have some dried squid.
-Thank you.
Sir! Let's stop at the next rest area.
-Thank you.
Mom, you're still up?
Did something happen?
Why are you calling so late?
Nothing happened. I just missed you.
It's 4 a.m. now.
You should be asleep.
I'll go to sleep
now that I've heard your voice.
Everything's okay with you, right?
I'm doing fine.
Mom, did you fight with Dad?
Of course not.
You're sure, right?
Gyeo-ul. You're out of side dishes, right?
Do you want me to send you some?
No, I still have a lot left.
Mom, you're sure everything's okay, right?
Of course. Everything's fine.
I'm getting a call.
I'm going into surgery now.
Okay. Go ahead.
Don't push yourself too hard. I love you.
Okay, love you too.
Right, Dr. Jang.
Cho Seung-su, the laparocholecystotomy
patient in Room 6010
has passed gas.
I see. Then he can have water now
and start eating tomorrow.
Order him porridge.
Got it.
Do you need something?
Ms. Song. We want to move
to a different room.
Those people are way too loud.
The patient… Gosh.
She screams
every time she becomes delirious,
and her husband shows up drunk
every single night.
I'm not 100 percent sure
because of the curtains,
but gosh…
I think he hits his wife.
You know, the sound…
It's the sound you hear
when someone's being punched.
I'm not sure
because I didn't actually see it,
but something definitely seems off.
Ms. Song, can we please move
to a different room?
They're loud and they keep us on edge.
My mother can't even sleep these days.
Hello, Doctor.
Have you eaten yet?
Here, have this.
No, it's okay.
-Kim Jun-wan.
-What's up, Lee Ik-jun?
What's your schedule like?
This week? I'm booked up tomorrow
and have a conference from Thursday.
-Nothing, never mind.
When do you come back?
Friday night, I think.
I'll probably go straight home.
-Why do you ask?
-Nothing, bye.
That little…
-Professor Kim.
Eun-ji's mother wants to talk to you.
Dr. Jang, you are not on duty tonight,
are you?
-I still have to organize some charts.
-I see.
We can't accept things like this, ma'am.
You know that.
I baked them myself.
It cost me less than 30,000 won.
My gosh, thank you.
Share them with Ms. Cho Mi-yeong
and Ms. Yoo Ji-yun who are on duty today.
Also, the nurse who left this morning.
Ms. Kim Mi-suk, with the pretty voice.
And make sure the yoga enthusiast,
Ms. Jang Gyeong-hwa, gets some too.
Yes, don't worry.
I'll make sure everyone gets some.
Thank you so much…
for all your help.
Thanks to all the nurses in the PICU,
Eun-ji managed to stay strong
and even got the transplant.
Thank you for adoring Eun-ji
like your own,
and thank you so much
for taking such great care of her.
We're grateful to see Eun-ji
recovering so quickly.
We received help from so many people.
All the nurses went out of their way
for Eun-ji,
and Professor Kim Jun-wan
worked so hard too.
But you know…
There's someone I'm most grateful to.
What is this?
I wrote a letter to the donor's family.
And there's a little gift for them
as well.
You know, the kid who donated his heart
to Eun-ji and passed away…
Please make sure his family gets it.
Please do it for me, Professor Kim.
You know that is against the law.
We can't tell you anything about
the donor, and I don't know who it is.
-I'm afraid I can't--
read the article.
Only a few pediatric heart transplants
are performed a year.
The date he became a baby angel
coincides with the date
when Eun-ji got the heart.
The age and the region also seem to match.
Professor Kim.
While praying and waiting for months
for Eun-ji to find the right donor heart,
I was extremely anxious and worried.
This is a huge blessing and miracle to us,
but that family must be devastated.
The fact that I prayed every single night
for this to happen…
That really…
breaks my heart.
It's a small amount,
but we made the donation under his name.
We're going to do it every year,
and we will never forget him.
He'll forever remain alive in our hearts.
Professor Kim.
Please make sure his family gets it.
And please let them know…
that I thank them
from the bottom of my heart.
Their kindness and this gratitude I feel…
It'll be engraved in my heart forever.
I'll do my very best to raise Eun-ji
to be a wonderful person
to make our baby angel proud.
Please let them know.
Could you please come this way
for a moment?
He's at it again.
What is wrong with that man?
What are you doing?
Damn it, woman. Are you insane?
Hey! What the hell?
You little…
Let go. I said, let go! Let go of me.
-Let go.
-Stay still.
-I said, let go!
-Stay still!
Let go. Let go of me.
-Let's talk outside.
-Let go!
-You're dead meat.
-Are you all right?
-Can you get up?
-We'll call the police.
-I said, let go!
-Are you okay?
-I'll sue you. Let go!
-Calm down!
-Let go! Let go of me!
-Be quiet.
Where do you think you're going?
-Let go! Hey, you!
-We'll call the police.
Let me go!
Dr. Jang.
Are you brave or reckless?
I'm sorry.
You don't need to apologize to me,
but you're too brave for your own good.
Why did you do that?
What would you have done
had you hit your head on the floor?
There's the emergency bell,
and the security guards were there too.
You could have waited a moment.
Why step in right away?
That's enough, Gwang-hyeon.
You should get back to work.
Yes, I have to go anyway.
The shoulder will hurt for a few days.
You know that microfractures
may not show up in an X-ray, right?
Try not to use the arm.
Take the meds, and let's see how it goes.
-You should get going.
-All right. Gosh.
I can't promise you…
I won't do it again.
He was hitting her.
How could I just stand back and watch?
The security guards were there.
You should have let them handle it.
I didn't know that
the security guards were nearby.
They're usually not on that floor.
They've been there the whole week.
Ik-jun asked the security team
to keep an eye on him.
He told them he was suspecting
domestic violence,
but the patient seemed too afraid
of her husband to tell us.
And he asked them
to send a few security guards
for this week, just in case.
What's going on?
The husband wipes the patient's face
with a warm cloth
but doesn't care to know
about her treatment.
And I saw her flinch every time
his hand came near her face.
I contacted security for help last week
just in case.
I told them I wasn't sure,
but asked them to send two guards.
I figured I'd just let people
call me nosy if I was wrong.
But when I was doing rounds earlier today,
I noticed a bruise on her forehead.
We should call the police.
I wanted to talk to her about it first,
so I pulled her aside and asked her.
Are you in need of help, by any chance?
We have a team that can help you.
We can make sure
your husband won't find out.
I'm sorry…
but I'm okay.
You got the wrong idea.
Don't hesitate to let us know.
We can help you right away
if you need help.
We can make sure you're protected.
I'm sorry, Professor Lee.
Why are you sorry? It's not your fault.
You're the victim.
You have no reason to apologize,
Could you give me some time?
Okay, sure.
So what will happen
to Ms. Choi Eun-suk now?
What if he wants her discharged…
What if he wants to move her
to a different hospital?
Ik-jun has moved her to the ICU.
I see.
Why didn't I think of that?
That way, we can protect her.
He's probably not allowing any visitors,
saying she needs absolute rest.
He said he'd see how things go
for a couple of days
and try to look for more ways to help her,
so don't worry.
Ik-jun will take care of it.
I was so worried, feeling daunted
and not knowing what to do.
We can find a solution like this
now that everyone knows about it.
When something bad happens,
you should tell others
and ask for help.
Is there something
you should be telling me?
No, everything's good.
I'm glad to hear that.
But if you're ever worried
or stressed out about something,
just tell me.
I may be able to help you.
Okay, I will.
But everything's fine at the moment.
Except for the fact
that my patients suffer
because I'm dumb and incompetent,
everything's fine.
Jang Gyeo-ul! Gyeo-ul!
Where are you, Gyeo-ul?
Jang Gyeo-ul! Gyeo-ul!
Gosh, my throat hurts.
Where are you, Gyeo-ul?
Jang Gyeo-ul!
Gyeo-ul, where are you?
Are you a celebrity?
No one will recognize you at the hospital.
My friends aren't there today.
I know. I just forgot to take it off.
Why did you come to the airport?
I told you not to bother.
It's not like I don't know where Yulje is.
Well, I'm going to treat you like a baby
from now on.
Just do as I say.
The tests will take
about three to four hours,
and the results will be right out.
You'll probably be sent to Changwon
for treatment,
but if the results don't look good,
forget Jun-wan.
You'll be hospitalized right away, okay?
All right, I'll do as you say.
I'm scared too, you know.
I miss U-ju. You should have brought him.
U-ju and Uncle Jun-wan are close.
Hey, don't tell me
you're going to wait at the door
or follow me in during my tests.
No, don't you worry. I'll be in my office.
Once hepatocirrhosis begins,
there's no going back.
Especially in your case,
hepatocirrhosis could pose a greater risk.
Also, the inflammation in your bile duct
has gotten worse.
I thought you took
good care of it in the UK.
You had a fever a few times,
so you took your meds.
The meds used to bring
the fever down right away.
But when I had a fever recently,
the meds didn't really work.
I had no idea it was due to
the inflammation.
I just thought I was stressed
by being overseas, away from home.
Weren't you really tired recently?
Yes, I was.
But I just thought
it was because I was getting older.
I just thought,
"I used to be full of energy,
but I guess I'm getting old too."
I had no idea
it was because of hepatocirrhosis.
It's still in its early stages,
so let's get you treated.
Eat Mom's home-cooked meals
and think only about your health
for a year.
All right.
Let's go. Mom must be waiting.
I told Mom and Dad
so you can be comfortable at home.
Yes, that's fine.
I was going to tell them anyway.
I can just take a taxi to the terminal,
so we'll talk later.
What are you talking about?
I haven't seen Mom and Dad in a while,
so I'm going to Changwon with you.
Just come with me.
I'm really okay.
So am I.
Yes, I can come. I'm in a taxi now.
-Sorry, could you drop me off at Yulje?
What's the BP and saturation?
BP, 50. Oxygen saturation is about 60.
We just intubated the patient.
Okay. I'm close by, so I can stop by now.
All right, okay.
What are you looking for?
I bought a supplement for Mom,
but I must have left it in my office.
Wait here. I'll go get it quickly.
Professor Kim!
It just happened
I'll be okay in a few days
I kept telling myself that
And it's already been a year
Every time our anniversaries roll around
Sadness finds me
The excitement and the fluttering heart
When I confessed my love to you
And the day we first met passes by
Then your birthday comes along
I light the cake in tears
And wish you a happy birthday
Even though a year has passed already
Even after another year
And yet another year
I will be waiting for you
She's decided to press charges.
She called the insurance company
and changed the beneficiary to her mother.
We're trying to find a caregiver for her.
My gosh, you made the right decision.
Great. Just focus on your recovery now.
Will do.
I know I have terminal liver cancer,
but I want to live in peace
even if I only have one more day to live.
I just assumed
no one would help me
even if I asked for help,
but the social worker
and all the doctors and nurses here
kept checking in on me
and continued to give me advice,
so I now know that I'm not alone.
Thanks to you,
I could finally muster up the courage.
Thank you.
This is hard.
He asked me which mall I was going to
and how I'd get there.
That was so unlike him.
But the fact
that he asked me those things…
It's a green light for sure.
I can do it. I got this.
-Do you not know?
Right! Kyoho grapes!
Professor, I have a question.
Okay, what is it?
Can I…
ask you out, just five times?
If it doesn't make you uncomfortable,
you'll let me do it, right?
I don't think it'll make me uncomfortable,
but my answer will be no.
But I haven't even done it yet.
You can't reject me already.
Well, anyway…
Then I can do it, right?
Well, that's up to you.
I'll just ask you five times. That's it.
Professor, I really like you.
Do you want to go to the movies with me
this weekend?
I'm going to a temple with my mom.
I see. A temple…
You have four attempts left.
I want it cut short.
How short?
I want it very short. Cut them right off.
I couldn't say I miss you so much
So please come back to me
Not because of the warm look in his eyes
As he was looking at you
Not because of the ring on your left hand
But because of how happy you looked
I know you've started over
I know that you are now making memories
Without me
But the memories that fill my heart
Are of our laughter, stories, and hopes
And now I only have one new memory to make
All the waiting and tears
For you
I know you've started over
I know that you are now making memories
Without me
Even though a year has passed already
Even after another year
And yet another year
I will be waiting for you
"Duty appointment order.
According to Order 50
issued by Division 95,
Major Lee Ik-sun is now stationed
in Division 95.
April 22, 2020.
The Commander of Division 95,
Major General Jeon Seong-hun."
Salute Commander Jeon.
At ease.
How are things in your unit?
This one must be quite different.
Yes, a little. It's a rearguard unit,
so it's not like the one in Inje.
-How's U-ju?
-He's doing great.
Have you been seeing your doctor?
It's nice being a soldier.
They gave you a month-long medical leave.
I have to work harder now that I'm back.
Stop visiting me in Changwon.
It's too much.
And give me back my cherry tomato.
You saw that?
-Why is this so good?
-Should we order a few more?
No, my stomach is turning
into an aquarium now.
Any plans for Christmas?
Christmas? The leaves
haven't even turned colors yet.
What about you?
Have you ever been off on Christmas Day?
This year, I will be. No matter what.
That's all good,
but leave me out of your plans.
I don't want to see you.
Gosh, why is this so good?
I can't believe you're here again.
I came to see Mom and Dad, not you.
-Where is U-ju?
-At a ski camp.
He went with Mo-ne and her dad.
It's for four days, so I couldn't go.
I bet U-ju wasn't sad at all
about you not being there.
Right, he only cares about Mo-ne.
He was so excited.
He didn't even turn around once.
U-ju is all grown up now. He's so mature.
I want to go skiing too.
Can't I go on trips now?
Your liver index is higher.
How did you know?
I asked your doctor.
-Does my doctor report to you every day?
-No, I ask your doctor every day.
Stop bugging me and go date someone.
U-ju is more mature than you.
I will. Gosh, why would you
even be worried about that?
Hey. What's up?
U-ju, wash your hands thoroughly
until the color changes, okay?
U-ju, you're already seven.
This is hard to believe.
Lucky seven. It's a lucky age.
So you're the oldest kid
at the kindergarten now.
Are you happy to be back?
Yes, I am. I get to see Mo-ne.
But you see Mo-ne every day.
I do, but I'm still happy to see Mo-ne
every day.
Just like how I'm happy
to see you every day.
Oh, my heart!
My gosh.
Dad, is it a new semester
at the hospital too?
Yes, you could say that.
Will you meet many new friends?
Yes, so many.
From new interns to new residents.
And my old friend is coming back too.
"Old friend"?
I knew you'd be here already.
Ta-da! It's for you.
My eldest brother is
really into gardening these days.
Let me know if you want more.
I have a ton.
All right.
How's your neck?
It's much better now.
Where is Jun-wan?
Didn't you come in together?
Welcome back.
-I have surgery. See you later.
Why does it have to rain so much?
-I'll see you later.
The good old days are behind you now.
You're in trouble now.
See you. Hey, look.
Even the sky is crying for you.
Let's go eat.
-Come on.
It's raining.
I see that.
My gosh, I love it.
Let's go.
How about we have breakfast quickly
and watch the rain?
Yes, let's do that.
The new interns who are scarier
than the devil have arrived.
-Hello Professor.
Interns only need to do what
the professors tell them to do.
I've always worked alone,
but now I'm happy to have lots of interns.
The professors said that they'll guarantee
the quality of life of residents.
Cardiology is trying to
reduce the work hours.
Are you on night duty every day?
March is a difficult month.
You're just starting out.
-Were you ever a stupid intern?
-I did a lot of stupid things.
-It's all in the past.
-Why you little…
-That was when I was an intern.
-All right. Fine.
Yes, I'll give it a try.
I'm a resident, yet I still make mistakes.
I don't seem to have improved at all.
No one is at fault here.
It just happened.
You're doing fine and you'll do better.
You just need more time.
I'll do my best.
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