Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

-Hello, I'd like an iced hot cappuccino.
-Me too.
"Iced hot cappuccino"?
Hot or cold?
Cold, please.
Thank you.
The new interns who are scarier
than the devil have arrived.
They say
you should never get sick in March.
They were just med students
up until February 28.
But as of March 1, they're interns.
They know nothing
but suddenly become interns overnight.
I'm really hoping
for a not-so-eventful year.
Only small blunders, nothing major.
Were you a troublemaker
when you were an intern?
I sure was.
Once, I cried four times in just a day.
Even just doing an arterial blood test.
By December, it was so easy.
But I wasn't used to it in March,
so I tried it multiple times.
I got teary-eyed, and so did the patient.
And when patients were in pain,
I wasn't sure which pain medicine to use
and how to notify the others.
The worst was
when I had to call my professor.
I had to call my professor,
but I could feel my heart
racing like crazy.
I always wrote down
what I was going to say.
I made a script
and read off of it,
as if my professor was in front of me.
I remember how scared I was.
I even wrote down how it should be read.
I'd write "In a polite
but urgent manner" in parentheses.
Professor, I'm really sorry.
Hi. The scrubs look good on you.
Where are you interning?
-I'm in Surgery.
Right, you should start
with the four main departments.
Gosh, then when will we meet?
Hong-do, Cardiothoracic Surgery
is calling you
And he runs over
But they say, "Yun-bok, not you"
Hong-do, I know you're coming
to Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Yun-bok, I hope
you make a wise decision too.
Cardiothoracic Surgery is trying
to reduce the work hours.
The professors said
that they'll guarantee
the quality of life of residents.
Is CS getting
zero new residents this year?
Your coffee is getting cold. Drink up.
Oh, it's cold.
Yun-bok, after you're trained
in the four major departments,
come join us. Don't make me wait too long.
I hope to see you
in the CS Medical Office.
Well, I've already made up my mind
to join Neurosurgery.
Yun-bok, do you want some cake?
Let's go. It's on NS.
NS is rich. We have a lot of people.
Let's go.
Here! Fellow Jang Gyeo-ul.
Come join me.
That short coat looks great on you,
Fellow Jang Gyeo-ul.
Thank you. It's the only thing
that I get dry-cleaned.
Of course. You finally got it
after coveting it for years.
I heard GS got
three new residents this year.
-It can't be true.
-It is true.
-Are you that excited?
-Yes, I'm so excited.
I've always worked alone,
so I'm happy to have
lots of interns and residents.
I'll be so good to them.
We had two interns join us last year,
but both of them had to work
at our branches
in Jongno, Sokcho, and Sejong.
This year, they all came here.
Two in their second year
and three in their first year.
One of them went to our Jongno branch,
but four of them came here.
It's all thanks to you.
I bet all the interns applied
because they saw how well you were doing.
No. There are new benefits now,
and it's changed to three years.
It's not because of me.
By the way, did Cardiothoracic Surgery
not get a single new resident this year?
But you have senior residents.
Yes, in their third and fourth year.
Gosh, poor Chang-min.
He has to do everything again this year.
NS has four new residents this year.
Even the one who had left came back.
What was that?
I can't have breakfast today.
I have a conference. Bye.
I have to head out too.
Have this on the way.
My gosh, the coffee smells so good.
Can I have a sip?
You got home late last night.
I heard you come in.
Yes. Gyeo-ul was
feeling under the weather,
so I was with her until pretty late.
Her brother is getting married soon.
He's already moved in with his fiancée.
When are you…
getting married?
I'm planning to propose to her soon.
Can I live with you guys?
You're a freak.
You have steered off course.
Recalculating route.
No, this is a faster route.
You always get confused here.
But I forgive you.
To get to Yulje Medical Center,
turn right in 300m
into the four-lane road.
No, I'm taking the three-lane road.
It's the same.
I want an iced vanilla latte.
All right. Are you in the parking lot?
I'm five minutes away.
Stay there. I want coffee too.
Okay, I'll be at the café.
Okay, see you in a bit.
Will you not regret this?
What? Coming back?
I won't regret it.
I got a serious reality check
and came back
because I regretted leaving this place.
Why would I regret doing a fellowship?
I don't regret my decision.
Do you plan to stay
with the goal of becoming a professor?
No. He wants to receive more training
on surgery from Professor Chae
and leave again in two years.
My experience taught me
that I still have a lot to learn.
I told you to wait until
after the first year of your fellowship.
Why did you leave in such a hurry?
At first, I was told to specialize
in spine surgery, so I said yes.
I'm not sure if this is a good thing,
but I was asked to take over
when the cerebrovascular
disease specialist left.
Cerebrovascular disease intrigues me…
but I don't feel experienced
or skilled enough for the surgeries.
The same goes for the spine.
I had no experience whatsoever.
At the other hospital,
there were so many smart,
experienced senior surgeons
that I felt I'd never get a chance
to perform surgery on my own.
So I felt lost for about half a year.
Then Professor Chae told me there was
a vacancy for a fellow, so I applied.
I hear you. I feel the same way.
I still don't feel confident when
I have to perform surgery on my own.
The others and I talk about it
every day in the on-call room.
"Can we perform surgery?"
I ask myself that too.
All right, let's stop
being so hard on ourselves.
But don't you regret taking a pay cut?
Your salary was three times higher
than what you'd make as a fellow.
You see,
you can make more money
when you're a skilled doctor and surgeon.
Learning how to do
aneurysm coiling and clipping
will broaden my surgery skills.
You were only gone for a year,
but it sounds like you learned a lot.
I want to make a lot of money.
I'll earn a lot of money
so my parents
who worked hard to pay for my education
can live comfortably.
I came back so I can earn more money.
Is money everything to you?
Yes, it is.
I need to earn more
so I can give my parents more money
and buy a car and a house.
I still don't own a car.
That's nothing to boast about.
I don't either.
And I want to get married.
Why are you telling me this?
I need money to get married.
It won't happen with the money I have now.
Why must we witness his marriage proposal
first thing in the morning?
I have money.
You don't need to spend a penny.
-Is this how you say it?
-I don't know.
Well, I can't
get married empty-handed.
Then bring a spoon.
My gosh.
Come on. Let's go for a walk.
Are we invisible to them?
I guess they can't see us.
One hot Americano
and one iced vanilla latte, please.
-The regular size?
A regular hot Americano and a large IVL.
-Hi, Professor Lee. You're late today.
It happens, you know.
We're friends on social media.
You don't need to know.
Fine. Here.
Shall we drink it here?
-Do you have time?
-Yes, I do. What about you?
I have about 30 minutes.
I have a quick conference.
Then let's drink it quickly.
Surgery is nothing new. I always do it.
I advise them on their theses.
Right, I'm on the committee
for the Brain Tumor Conference.
What else?
The communications team asked me
to give three lectures,
which will happen this month.
Also, Daddy-Long-Legs received
two surgery inquiries.
I'm doing one this week
and the other one next week.
That's all.
Oh, hello.
Professor Chae.
-It's so nice to see you in Seoul.
I was actually going to call you.
Can you take care
of just one surgery for me?
Oh, sure.
Repeat after me.
"I'm sorry. I'm booked back to back."
No, take out "I'm sorry."
How can I turn it down? His mother is ill.
But it didn't sound like an urgent case.
Or say you'll do it next month
because you're too busy now.
I can't believe you told him
you have some time next week.
Of course,
you'll have time on the weekend.
Hey, what's up? I'm here now.
a patient just came into the ER.
An 18-year-old female
injured in a motorcycle accident.
The CT scan shows
an acute SDH on the left,
and there's a midline shift
of about 1.5cm.
Mental status, stupor.
And her left pupil
has dilated to about 0.4 or 0.5.
Her left-side motor function is intact,
but the right side's is Grade 2.
What's her BP now?
It's 160 over 90.
Interns only need to do
what the professors tell them to do.
Pull and let go when you're told to.
You know what a Richardson is?
You need to hold it down
and remove it
right before the baby comes out.
Otherwise, it could hurt the baby.
That's correct.
Professor Yang will say,
"Richardson, out."
When you hear that,
go ahead and remove it. Okay?
Yes, got it.
Just remember that.
I won't ask you for anything else.
"Richardson, out."
Just do that one thing right,
and you'll get an A+. Okay?
Is everything okay in the ward?
Professor Lee, Baek Hui-do's
daily L-tube drainage is usually 500cc,
but it's only 100cc today.
-How's the patient?
-No improvement.
The same as yesterday.
Oh, boy. Then let's do an abdominal X-ray.
We'll try to unclog it if needed.
If that fails, we'll change it.
-Thank you.
No problem.
Is this the intern? About Baek Hui-do
who got a liver resection.
The L-tube seems to be clogged.
There's a request to change it.
"L-tube"? The nasogastric tube?
Yes, it should be changed.
-Okay, got it.
-Thank you.
Okay, thank you.
-Did you book an OR?
-Yes, I spoke with Anesthesiology.
But we don't have consent yet.
Her guardian isn't here yet.
Really? Do they live far?
Yes, they're coming from Chuncheon.
They won't be here for another hour.
I'm from there,
so I know how long it takes.
Can we call anyone else?
-There's no one else we can contact.
We have to save her though.
Get started. Have the guardian
sign the consent upon arriving.
Okay, I've already explained the situation
over the phone.
Hold on. What about her boyfriend?
The paramedic said her boyfriend drove.
She was riding pillion.
Where is her boyfriend?
-He went home.
He only has a small cut on his forehead,
so he went home after getting it dressed.
Only he was wearing a helmet.
His girlfriend rode pillion
without a helmet.
He sped and violated the signal,
then crashed on a speed bump.
I have to check your tube.
-It'll be a bit uncomfortable.
All right.
Can you swallow?
Good, one more time.
-Try again. Swallow.
Yes, that's it. Swallow.
A little more. Swallow.
All right, it's done.
You did well.
Thank you.
The arcuate vessels are very active.
-She's bleeding. Suction.
-Yes, sir.
The baby is coming out.
That little…
Where's he going?
-I'm sorry, Professor.
-Didn't you do a proper handover?
I did. I'll train him again.
They're both contaminated now,
so we'll do without them.
-The baby is coming out.
You're so dead.
Where is Ms. Song Su-bin?
In the treatment room.
She'll be back shortly.
I took care of it.
-Please do an X-ray and check.
I'll take a look.
My gosh.
Doctor, this is a bit uncomfortable.
I'm sorry. I'll remove one right away.
That must have been
very uncomfortable. I'm sorry.
Our intern hasn't done it before,
so she only remembered
to put in a new one.
I should have trained her better.
I apologize.
No worries.
My eldest kid also just started working.
My kid must make lots of mistakes too.
It's okay.
I feel much better now.
It's really okay,
so please don't scold her.
Okay, I won't.
I'm really sorry, sir.
No, don't be. It's okay.
The brain edema is quite severe.
She may not regain her consciousness.
There's some pulsation though.
Her boyfriend who drove has already left.
Really? Was he wearing a helmet?
His girlfriend is on the verge of death.
Is the patient's guardian here?
Is her mother here?
Yes, she's in the waiting room.
What happened, honey?
My gosh, what happened?
Can the anesthesiologist check her BP?
It's 150 over 80.
Is the bleeding still severe?
The brain hemorrhage is severe.
Blood keeps seeping from the skull base.
I'm struggling to control it.
Doctor, how's my daughter?
She's okay, right? She'll live, right?
The surgery went well.
She suffered a skull fracture
when her head hit the ground.
There was severe bleeding
within the meninges,
so we operated on her as fast as we could.
We opened her skull
and got rid of the blood.
It was difficult to stop the bleeding,
so it took us a while
to get it under control,
but the surgery went well.
A subdural hemorrhage refers to
bleeding that occurs under the dura mater.
The thing is, this type of bleeding
often results in complications.
Her brain is quite swollen at the moment,
so we couldn't close up the skull.
We could only stitch up the skin
without the bone.
We'll perform another surgery
to put back the bone.
She'll regain consciousness, right?
will wake up, right?
I can't guarantee that she will.
To tell you the truth,
that wasn't our priority.
Our goal was to save her life
because she was in critical condition.
All I can tell you now
is that we'll keep monitoring her
in the ICU and see how it goes.
The cerebral edema is still pretty severe,
but the brain is pulsating.
Her brain isn't dead,
so let's wait and hope
that she will wake up.
I miss you too, son.
Dad, we should go camping too.
Mo-ne's family is taking
their camper van this week.
They're going all the way to Donghae
to eat snow crab.
I want to go camping too, Dad.
Mo-ne's family is going camping again?
I wonder what
Mo-ne's dad does for a living.
Dad, let's go camping too. Please?
I want to sit by a campfire and relax.
I'm surprised you know these things.
Okay, we'll go. I promise.
Seriously, you have my word.
When? When are we going, then?
Well, before cicadas start singing.
Yes, I promise you we'll go camping
before cicadas start singing.
But cicadas won't
start singing for a while.
Really? Then…
How about when cicadas molt?
Hey, he won't know what "molt" means.
Sounds good.
We'll go when cicadas start molting,
when the nymphs reach the imago phase.
We'll go camping then, okay?
What's he saying? What is an imago?
It's the same as molting.
Okay. We'll do that, U-ju.
You have my word.
When the cicadas start molting,
we'll go camping together.
Yes, I love you too.
He hasn't joined Mensa yet.
Can it be done online?
I'll find out.
Let's go eat something. I'm hungry.
Where's everyone?
They went home.
We're the only ones on duty.
What shall we eat? Any ideas?
Let's order naengmyeon.
Two plain, one spicy, and dumplings.
What do you say?
My, I'm surprised you can always
think of something you want to eat.
Does it just come to you?
Yes. It does, like a musical motif.
I never have to try.
It's like an epiphany.
They suddenly pop into my head.
If you could write songs like this--
-I'd be like Beethoven.
-Or Mozart.
My goodness.
It'll be delicious.
Professor Ahn.
You're not on duty.
Do you still have stuff to do?
Let me see. What is this?
This part is redundant,
so I think you can take it out.
-Hello, Professor.
Yes, hello.
Choi Se-hoon in first year.
Nam Yu-ri, also in first year.
Kim Geon in second year.
And you're Hwang Ji-woo in second year.
-Did I get it right?
-You did.
You're the only professor
who remembers all of our names.
That's because we're only in March now.
By the way,
how come you guys are still here?
I'm taking them out for dinner and drinks.
I see. That's awesome.
I'll see you around.
Use this.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Have fun.
-Good night.
I'll go get changed quickly.
Get changed and meet me in the lobby.
Hey. Professor Ahn is not married, right?
No, he's not. Why do you ask?
He's totally my type.
You hungry bums!
They know I was referring to them.
What? What is it?
Slow down, will you?
I'm done.
Shall we have pork belly
from that place tomorrow?
Sure, sounds good.
Hey, Jun-wan.
You're not on duty. Go home.
Are you like a ghost that lives here?
-I'm not going home to an empty house.
Jeong-won rarely comes home these days,
and Jae-hak said
he has to have dinner with his wife.
Those jerks.
Gosh, they're so selfish.
You should date too.
I don't want to.
It's been a while
since you and your lovely dove broke up.
How about I set you up with someone?
A good friend of mine.
No, thanks. I'm not interested.
I'm still not over my ex.
I still think about her every day.
I think about her before I fall asleep,
when I'm walking,
and when I'm eating
something good like now.
Why can't I forget her?
Why are you asking me?
You figure it out yourself.
I'm stepping out for this.
Well, ma'am.
I think you should speak
with Professor Yang.
The ultrasound shows
some potential abnormalities
that make us suspect
your baby may have esophageal atresia.
My gosh.
You mean,
the esophagus is blocked?
Yes. An esophageal stricture or blockage
can be detected with an ultrasound
before birth,
but not always.
At the moment though,
I'd say it's very likely that
your baby has esophageal atresia.
But we won't know for sure
until we take an X-ray
after the baby is born.
We'll have our pediatric surgeons
take a look at your case.
It'll be helpful for you
to get their opinion.
We'll talk later.
Professor Yang, would you like me
to call Pediatric Surgery?
No, I'll talk to Professor Ahn directly.
It's nice that you're checking in
on Hwang Du-na often,
but make sure
you don't neglect other patients.
Hey, we have a lot to do.
Go organize the charts if you have time.
You can sleep one more hour
if you do it now.
Is she a college student?
Yes, a freshman. She's from Chuncheon.
I guess Seong-yeong is worried
because he's also from Chuncheon.
I think I used to be like that too.
Yes, I used to be like that.
When I saw a patient
with the same name as mine,
I became all chatty.
And I felt a sense of kinship
with patients around my age.
So don't be harsh on Seong-yeong.
Later on, he won't even
feel those emotions anyway.
But I feel like you were born a professor.
Were you ever a stupid intern?
I did a lot of stupid things.
I'm glad I ran into you.
She's hospitalized at the moment
due to severe preeclampsia,
and we detected signs of EA
in her ultrasound today.
Can you take a look?
Sure. How many weeks?
What's the fetal weight?
At 30 weeks. The weight is 1.3kg.
But the mother's preeclampsia
is quite severe,
so a preterm birth is highly likely.
Oh, boy.
I get a feeling
that we'll have a big meeting soon.
We're suspecting it
based on the antepartum test results,
but we won't know for sure
until we run some tests
after the baby is born.
We can do an X-ray to confirm it.
And if it is confirmed,
we'll perform surgery
one or two days after the baby is born.
I looked it up on the Internet
and read that a thoracoscopy is usually
performed to repair esophageal atresia.
Will my baby undergo
that procedure as well?
In most cases, yes. We'd insert
a thoracoscope into the chest.
But if the baby is too small
or is in an unstable condition,
we'll have no choice
but to perform open-chest surgery.
We'll have a better idea
when the baby is born.
Professor, will my baby
be able to live normally as an adult?
Of course. The baby will be fine
if the surgery goes well.
If there are no other issues,
and if it heals well after the surgery,
your baby will have no problem
and grow up just like other kids
who never underwent such surgery.
Thank you, Professor Ahn.
You can thank me after the surgery.
The esophageal atresia surgery
is a difficult procedure.
The smaller the baby,
the more difficult it is.
But we're very experienced,
and all the babies we've operated on
recovered well,
so don't worry too much.
Then I'll see you again
after the baby is born,
if esophageal atresia is confirmed.
Okay, thank you.
I heard about a new gimbap place
in front of the county office,
-so I went there earlier.
-Where's your hat?
I just wanted to buy some gimbap,
but what's it called? A "Kisk" or "disk"?
You know, the machine that cashes you out.
A kiosk. What about your phone?
Oh, right.
Jeez. The sun will go down
before we can go for a walk.
My goodness.
What's it called again?
Anyway, I didn't know
how to use the machine,
so I got the owner to cash me out.
Even buying gimbap
is a struggle for me these days.
What's that in your hand?
Let me switch your brain on.
What's wrong with me?
I'm so forgetful these days.
Yesterday, I burned a pot.
Well, at our age,
that's nothing to be surprised about.
So did you manage to have some gimbap?
I sure did.
I did, but does it
have to be so difficult?
-Let's go.
With all these machines everywhere,
old people like us feel so left out.
Just lie around all day.
It's not funny.
I mean it.
Hey, I have osteoporosis.
Don't do that. It'll break.
You're not the only one
with osteoporosis. I have it too.
Let's see whose bone breaks first.
-You'll actually break my bone.
-Come here.
Stop it. Help!
Anybody there?
-Hey, get back here.
Have you tried this?
-Try it.
-Isn't it good?
-Are you in the same year?
Same year, same team.
We're interning in Pediatrics.
That I know. That's why she's here.
-Be punctual, will you?
I do everything alone, so I'm always busy.
Hello, I'm sorry I'm late.
You're alone as usual, Professor Ahn.
It's okay. I'm used to it.
Hey, pass me the cookie.
I haven't eaten anything today.
-Should I order some gimbap?
-No, it's okay.
It sure is nice
to work with a close friend.
I feel so left out now.
The mother is suffering
from severe preeclampsia at the moment.
So for the mother's sake,
it'd be better to get the baby out sooner.
Her kidney function
has already declined significantly.
If we let this drag out,
it'll only drop further.
But surgery-wise, I want to wait
until the baby is at least 2kg.
Otherwise, the surgery won't be safe.
And we can't use a thoracoscope.
We'll wait as long as we can,
but I can't guarantee it.
The mother will be at risk.
We'll have to wait at least two
to three weeks for the baby to reach 2kg.
It'll be too much for the mother.
Because of her preeclampsia,
her kidney function keeps dropping.
Her platelet levels started dropping too.
We'll run a follow-up blood test tomorrow.
She may need surgery immediately.
Right. If you need to get the baby out,
you should.
That is up to OB-GYN,
and I'll follow your decision.
But what I'm saying is,
we should wait as long as we can,
if it's possible.
That would be better for the baby.
The lungs aren't fully developed yet,
so the baby may need
a ventilator in the NICU.
Yes, of course.
I told you that we will wait for now.
However, we'll have to go into surgery
if the mother is at risk.
I know that.
I'm just asking you
if you can try to delay it
for the baby's sake.
Only if it's safe, of course.
Let's go. They're saying
the same thing over and over.
I'll buy you a coffee.
Let's go. We have to organize the charts.
-See you later, Professor.
-See you.
The mother's kidneys aren't looking good.
It's worse than yesterday.
It won't be easy to delay it.
Does it mean
she may need surgery tomorrow?
I can't guarantee anything.
We may go into surgery tomorrow
if her condition gets worse.
All right. Just call me right away
if that happens.
The mother is
fully aware of the situation,
so she wants to wait as long as she can…
She's doing her best to hold out.
She stays in bed all day and rarely moves.
Oh, dear. It must not be easy.
I'll work around your schedule.
It'd be good to book it on a day
when I have other surgeries,
but we have no control over it.
All right.
-Let's go for coffee.
-Shall we?
Let's go.
We gave Chang-min an IV
and also increased the dose,
but his BP keeps dropping.
We really don't have much time left now.
His mother is outside, right?
-I'll let her know.
Shall we talk to her together?
You've been losing sleep to look after
Chang-min for over three months.
And his mother feels
more comfortable talking to you.
Just come with me. I'll do the talking.
It'll comfort her.
No, it's okay.
I should get going, Professor.
I have to get ready for surgery.
What's this?
I don't want you to catch a cold.
Because you're my precious.
Jeez, seriously…
Do you want some bread?
No, I had dinner at the cafeteria.
Really? Good for you.
Is Chang-min's mother okay?
No, of course not.
How could she be okay?
I told her just now.
That Chang-min may not
make it through the week.
Gosh. Chang-min must be devastated too.
Chang-min, the resident?
Yes, he adores Chang-min
because they have the same name.
He feels as though
Chang-min is his little brother.
He checks in on him even on weekends.
Yes, I know. But he seemed okay.
He seemed calm about it.
My gosh.
I'm impressed.
When I was a junior resident,
I bawled my eyes out
whenever we lost such a young patient.
I suppose the youngsters
these days are different.
I guess so.
Do you want a beer?
I'm on duty tonight.
Are you on night duty every day?
Why are you yelling at me?
Seriously, nothing's going my way.
Then how about tomorrow?
I'm supposed to have dinner with my wife…
I'm sorry.
I wish I didn't have to write my thesis.
I'm not an academic by nature.
I was also stressed out
because of my thesis during my fellowship.
-Professor, this is Geon.
Patient Kim So-yeong went into surgery.
Are they operating on Kim So-yeong?
The possible EA case.
Yes, they've just started. Let's go.
You can remove it now.
The baby's coming out.
The baby is out. Current time, 14:40.
Excuse me.
Have a seat, Mother. It might be a while.
No, it's okay.
The doctor is here.
Hello. Why are you here?
I was going to come to the room
to talk to you.
My wife woke up,
but she's having a hard time.
So my mother-in-law and I thought
it'd be better if we told her
what's going on.
We're sorry.
No, it's okay.
This way, please.
We inserted a tube
through the baby's mouth
and took an X-ray.
As we were suspecting,
it is EA, which means
the esophagus is disconnected.
Pediatrics will run some tests
to check for other congenital disorders
just in case.
Our pediatrician
will go over the details with you.
My gosh.
We plan to perform
the esophageal atresia surgery tomorrow.
The baby weighs 1.4kg,
which is quite small.
As I explained to you last time,
we can't perform a thoracoscopy
because the baby is too small.
We'll have to opt
for an open-chest surgery.
The surgery will be performed in the NICU.
Being moved to an OR
will be too much for the baby,
so we're just going to do it in the NICU.
Please save my grandchild.
It's their first baby.
They were the first ones to get married
in both families,
and it's my first grandchild.
My daughter thinks
it's her fault that the baby isn't well.
She cried for days
and couldn't even sleep.
Please help my daughter.
Save my grandchild, please.
Please, Doctor.
Yes, I'll do my very best.
How many peripheral IV lines?
Two. One in the arm
and the other one in the leg.
What about the central line?
-In the PCVC for the left arm.
Do we have the 6-0 thread?
-No, I'll go get some.
-What about the size 7 gloves?
-We have 2.
-Can you get me one more?
Professor, the patient's family is here.
Okay. Would you like to come with me?
Well, the baby's esophagus
is disconnected at the moment.
And between the esophagus
and bronchial tubes,
there's a little by-passage.
It'll be sealed and removed
during the surgery today.
And we'll open up
both ends of the esophagus,
so it can be connected.
To be frank, the baby is
in unstable condition at the moment.
But we have a lot of experience with this,
so we'll do our best
to get it done swiftly and smoothly.
It'll take about two to three hours.
Please take good care of my grandchild.
Talk soon.
This has never happened before
in our family.
This is why I told her to get
a full checkup before you two got married.
Is that lady outside
the patient's mother-in-law?
-Shall we begin?
-Anesthesiologist, we'll begin now.
The baby is tiny.
I've seen smaller babies.
That tiny baby
is undergoing open-chest surgery.
It's impressive,
but I feel so bad for the baby.
The baby will live, right?
Yes, of course.
Even babies that are smaller
can grow up healthy just like other kids
after a successful surgery
and proper treatment.
My gosh, the Pediatrics fellow
really wants to help.
The space is too tight.
Yes, this is why
neonatal surgery is so hard.
I appreciate you trying to help,
but I know you can't really see,
so it's okay.
Oh, okay.
Neonatal surgery is difficult
because the surgical sites are tiny.
No matter how many assistants there are,
any neonatal surgery is practically
performed solo by the lead surgeon.
I see.
Metzenbaum scissors.
Ms. Kim, how are you feeling?
Professor Ahn, my baby's surgery
went well, right?
Did everything go smoothly?
Your husband probably told you already,
but the surgery went well.
Thank you, Professor Ahn.
The surgery itself was a bit difficult,
but your baby stayed strong and held out.
We didn't run into any problems
during the surgery,
and everything went well
according to our plan.
However, the baby was born prematurely,
so we have to keep the baby
in our NICU for quite a while.
The doctors and nurses in the NICU
will take good care of the baby.
Yes, thank you.
I'll be a good mother.
Of course.
You must be Ms. Kim's mother.
-No, I'm--
-This is
not your daughter's fault.
No one is at fault here.
It just happened.
If we must look for genetic factors,
I'd say both parents
are equally responsible.
We have no way of knowing
who contributed more.
Two to three percent of babies
are born with some type of birth defect.
Your grandchild happened to be born
with esophageal atresia,
which is one of the congenital disorders.
You probably don't know this,
but this is not
an uncommon condition to us.
The surgery went well,
so the baby will be fine.
I see.
Your daughter is such a strong woman.
She held out so her baby could stay
in the womb for a few more days.
Give her a pat on the back
and please help her out
so she can take good care of herself.
-I will.
You must look after yourself
so you can take good care of your baby
once your baby recovers.
Tell your husband
to take care of everything for you.
Just focus on your recovery
for the time being, okay?
I will. Thank you.
Good night.
-Even with epinephrine every five minutes,
Chang-min's heart rate is dropping.
He won't last.
This will be difficult.
I'm coming now.
That was about Chang-min, right?
The kid with TOF.
Yes. The surgery was difficult
because of the severe adhesion.
He managed to survive the surgery
but ended up with sepsis.
My gosh.
One of our second-year residents
has the same name,
which is why everyone's gotten
more attached to him.
And he was the first kid
Chang-min ever opened up to.
We have a great relationship
with his mother too.
It's simple, you know.
"The doctor is so attentive to my kid."
"The kid's mother reminds me of my mom."
Then you have mutual trust.
Don't you have to go?
I do.
I'll go in a second.
I don't want to go.
I'm off.
I should go tell his mother.
See you.
Chang-min's heart is
barely beating at the moment.
It's practically stopped.
Chang-min doesn't have much time left.
He must have been so lonely in the PICU.
Please be by his side
in his final moments
so he won't be lonely.
I explained the situation
to Chang-min's parents.
I'd like you to make
the death pronouncement.
Okay, sure.
Dr. Im.
Dr. Im.
Kim Chang-min
Chang-min, my baby.
My sweet angel.
I love you very much.
Current time…
Current time…
Record it as 16:53.
I'm sorry.
Yes, I have a little.
I see. Then why don't you take care
of the full liver mobilization today?
Okay, I'll do my best.
I'll come down when I have a moment.
Come in.
I apologize.
You put me in charge of the pronouncement,
but I got too emotional
and couldn't say what I needed to say.
I'm sorry, Professor.
I'll make sure this doesn't happen again.
Why are you sorry?
It happens.
Doctors are human too.
It's okay. You can cry.
It's natural to want to cry
in situations like that.
It's okay to cry in front of
your patients or their guardians.
I don't want to tell you
to hide or hold back such emotions.
you still need to do your job.
You need to do your job
no matter how sad you are.
And as a doctor,
it is your job to make that call.
You may leave. Good job today.
Thank you.
Pull it carefully so I can see it.
I can't see because of the blood,
so drain it using suction.
Can you call Professor Lee Ik-jun?
What's the matter?
Professor, I'm struggling
because of a bleed.
It's harder than I thought.
Did you remove the adrenal gland?
No, I'm not there yet.
What about the seeding?
I'm sorry. I haven't checked it yet.
That's the first thing
you need to do for cancer.
My apologies.
Can I have a Richardson?
Do you want some coffee?
I put in two spoons of my love.
With Jeong-won's permission, of course.
Thank you.
Are you upset because of that surgery?
I don't seem to have improved at all.
I'm a fellow, yet I still make mistakes.
I don't think I can ever
perform a liver transplant.
I don't have the talent for it.
You were a resident until last month.
You became a fellow
less than two weeks ago.
March is a difficult month.
You're just starting out.
It's a difficult procedure,
so just watch and learn. It's okay.
You started your fellowship
to be trained in more surgeries
and build experience.
You'll improve
as you garner more experience.
EMGS. Don't you know?
Of course you don't. I coined it just now.
Experience makes a great surgeon.
You need to build experience,
no matter what.
I assisted in 500 liver transplants
before I performed one.
I watched my professors
perform the procedure countless times
before I performed one
as the lead surgeon,
so be patient.
You're eager to learn,
and you have more experience
with surgeries
than your peers or other fellows do,
so it's okay.
You're doing fine and you'll do better.
You just need more time. That's all.
Does this not cheer you up at all?
You have the talent. I see it.
Tell me about a mistake you made.
That will make me feel better.
A mistake?
I've never made a single mistake.
Just kidding.
I've made plenty,
and so have Jun-wan and Seok-hyeong.
But it'd be more comforting
to hear about the mistakes
those purehearted souls
like Song-hwa and Jeong-won made.
I bet Jeong-won has never told you
about the mistakes he made in the past.
No, he's advised me on my thesis
and surgical procedures.
But his mistakes, no.
You know that he's a perfectionist, right?
You must know.
He's not a perfectionist.
He's just perfect.
Yes, he's a total perfectionist.
He's a perfectionist,
and he knows everything.
From stock investments
to camping and skiing.
My gosh, he's such a smarty-pants.
One day, back when Jeong-won
and I were interning in Surgery…
You know what a seolapja is.
It's over there. A tongue depressor.
It happens to be right there.
What a coincidence.
Anyway, we interned
in Surgery together in our first month.
One day, one of the patients
suddenly had a seizure.
The two of us made rounds
before anyone else did,
hoping to win some points.
But that suddenly happened.
Our professor came running,
and the nurse literally flew over.
It was crazy. That moment, the professor
told him to bring a seolapja.
"Get me a seolapja. Now!"
Don't tell me…
Get me a seolapja. Now!
Sorry? Okay!
What the heck?
Did that actually happen?
-I had no idea.
-Jeong-won, that's hilarious.
-This is spicy. It's good though.
-Right? Try this too.
-Shouldn't we order more?
-This won't be enough, right?
What are you talking about?
We ordered four chickens.
Do we want one chicken per person?
Yes, that's a given.
You're rich. Don't be such a cheapskate.
Rich people are so stingy.
are you seriously sulking right now?
Ik-jun only brought it up
to cheer up Dr. Jang.
It's all in the past.
It wasn't me.
Okay, we believe you.
The seolapja incident. It was Ik-jun.
You prick.
Hey, open wide.
Here, come on.
I put in two spoons of my love.
-Come on.
-Jerk. I can't stand you!
You jerk!
Hey, wait. Hold on!
What the heck?
Hold on. Then were you asking
for this ruler by any chance?
If I told her it was me,
then it's no fun, you know?
It's no fun to hear about the mistakes
that Jun-wan, Seok-hyeong, or I made.
It's called dramatization.
I figured it would cheer her up more
if she heard that it was Song-hwa
or Jeong-won who did something like that.
Why you little…
-Did you tell her about my mistake too?
Song-hwa made a mistake?
She made many blunders.
-The pillow incident?
What's that?
During the training on patient positions,
the professor said, "The pillow first!"
But she misheard it as "the wall."
So she stood against the wall.
My goodness.
Song-hwa was such a model student.
She could have misheard him,
but how could she when we have to
worry about contamination?
Her back was glued to the wall like this.
That was when I was an intern.
All right. Fine.
Who's he talking to?
Dr. Jang, probably.
I'm telling you. It wasn't me.
It was Ik-jun.
Ik-jun did that.
You'll believe me? Don't say that.
I'm telling you. Ik-jun did that, not me.
Why wouldn't I know what a seolapja is?
I can't think of anything you did.
Me? Of course, you can't.
I'm perfect.
Can I tell them?
When Seok-hyeong
was a first-year resident…
I have a similar experience,
so I totally get it.
His patient's condition
suddenly got worse,
so he had to pronounce death
for the first time.
But he couldn't, so he tried four times.
The nurse who was with him
ended up calling his professor,
and the professor took care of it.
Remember? You told me this.
I remember, of course.
Her name, age, and what she looked like.
I still remember everything vividly.
She was an expectant mother
and my first patient.
I said to her
that everything would be okay.
I told her not to worry.
But she suddenly died…
from an amniotic fluid embolism.
Her husband flopped down
onto the floor and started bawling.
But we were taught
to hold it in, you know.
Our seniors and professors always told us
to never show
our emotions in front of the patients.
But I just couldn't.
I couldn't hold it in.
So I bawled with them.
I couldn't hold back the tears.
Then I got scolded
by my professor, big-time.
He said I embarrassed
all my fellow doctors.
Hey, coldhearted jerk.
I bet you have no memories like that.
That's right.
Unlike you, I am very rational.
Why do you remember
all these things? What for?
To call you out on your lies.
"I saw it. I witnessed it."
When Jun-wan was in his first year,
he pronounced death for the first time.
He kept his composure
in front of the patient's family but…
I bawled my eyes out in the restroom.
That was the day
I cried the most in my life.
The patient who passed away
was the same age as my father.
And his son was around my age.
The son told him he loved him
and that he wanted to be born
as his son again in his next life.
That moment with the two of them
is still engraved in my heart.
I'll never forget it.
Gosh, I'm getting teary-eyed again.
But you regretted it.
What did he regret? Crying?
It's okay to cry.
No. Crying secretly
hiding in the restroom.
I regretted it so much.
I could have cried in front of his family.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
But I wept
squatting on the restroom floor.
Looking back now,
that embarrasses me more.
I tell my students
that it's okay to show some emotion
as long as they don't cross the line.
We're not robots, you know.
On a whim, without a plan
You moved to Seoul
That bewildered look on your face
Reminds me of myself years ago
You look like an athlete with a nice tan
Whose single focus has been training hard
It's scary but exciting
Because it's your new beginning
It's okay, you'll be fine
You have a bright future ahead of you
It's okay, you'll be fine
We believe in you
Your reason to live
No matter what that may be
Just live a life with no regrets
And you're a superstar
It's okay, you'll be fine
You have a bright future ahead of you
It's okay, you'll be fine
We believe in you
All the things that stressed you out
And all the sweat and tears you have shed
Let's have a drink
And forget all about them
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-You have a bright future ahead of you
-You have a bright future ahead of you
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-We believe in you
-We believe in you
Thank you so much, Doctor.
No, it's fine.
It's okay, you'll be fine
We believe in you
All the things that stressed you out
And all the sweat and tears you have shed
Let's have a drink
And forget all about them
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-You have a bright future ahead of you
-You have a bright future ahead of you
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-It's okay, you'll be fine
-We believe in you
-We believe in you
You're your superstar
It's already been two weeks.
Wake up already. Please?
Your friends are having fun
at frosh parties and retreats.
They're all so busy.
It's March.
Don't waste the whole month in bed.
Can you try lifting your left hand?
I'm sorry, my baby.
Mommy is sorry.
-Hello, Professor Ahn.
We didn't expect to see you here today.
I come here every day.
You seem much better.
Thank you.
Your baby is doing much better too.
Thank you so much, Professor Ahn.
Professor Ahn, we named our baby.
Right. I just realized
we don't have his name yet.
What is it?
We just named him after you
because we want him
to be a doctor when he grows up.
That's all.
I see. It's a nice name.
See you later.
Good Morning.
Hello, Professor.
How is it that you know
everyone at this hospital?
It's because they like me so much.
What do you mean?
Isn't there a doctor here?
How much longer do I have to wait?
He had this scary look on his face…
He's so harsh.
He doesn't know what it's like for us.
Are you sure the surgery didn't go wrong?
How can I trust this hospital
if something like this keeps happening?
To what do I owe
the pleasure of your call?
How can you not see her at least once?
Aren't you curious?
I am. But I don't want to
since it will make her uncomfortable.
When will my son
bring home a new girlfriend?
I don't care who it is. Anyone will do.
Except for her.
How did you know I'm on duty tonight?
Are you going to hang out
with me this Sunday?
No, I have prior engagements.
You didn't forget about
next Sunday, right?
That sounds good.
I'm fine with anything.
Is this what you'll be wearing?
Clothes don't matter. Your heart does.
What are you doing this weekend?
I'm going camping tomorrow
and was wondering if you wanted to come.
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