Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

-Did you check Oh Yeong-in's vitals again?
-Yes, I did.
I'm going to go make my rounds.
Hong-do, come join the meeting.
Professor Yang wants you to sit in.
Hong-do, when did you last wash your hair?
I don't know.
All right, let's go.
As long as it's not itchy.
You're okay, right?
-All right.
Patient Jang Seon-guk in Room 6008
had surgery 3 days ago,
but his hemoglobin level is too low.
-The vitals looked okay though.
-Yes, the vitals are fine.
I see that everyone
beat the Friday traffic
and managed to get here on time.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
It'll be a while
before Professor Lee gets here.
Shall we go have some coffee?
No, we only have 10 to 15 minutes.
That's enough time for a meal and dessert.
I can even brush my teeth.
I'll go get it.
-I'll do it.
-I got it.
We'll go.
Have some coffee.
My gosh!
-Nice! Good morning.
-Perfect timing. How did you know?
My gosh, thank you.
Thank you. No one wants this, right?
Hi, Mom. What's up? It's so early.
Can I only call you when something's up?
-Are you at work?
-I just got here.
Hey, my friend's daughter
is joining Internal Medicine…
No, I think it's Cardiology.
She's joining that department at Yulje.
She was going to work at the Jongno branch
after becoming board-certified,
but she'll actually work at your branch
for a few months.
Will you see her often at work?
No, I rarely work with cardiologists.
By the way, I read another article
that mentioned your name.
Yoo Gyeong-jin thanked you again
during her interview.
She said she's doing great
without any postoperative complications
even though it was a difficult surgery.
Was her surgery that difficult?
Did it take long? How many hours?
No, it didn't take long.
I have to go do rounds, Mom.
I'll call you later.
All right, okay.
Hello, Professor.
Hi. Are you that excited to see me?
I know I see you every day,
but I get excited every time.
I think I love you.
Don't. Please don't love me, okay?
I must follow my heart.
You little…
Is your first appointment
really at 7:50 a.m.?
-Yes, it is.
-Is this what you'll be wearing?
My coat!
Whatever, it's okay. I don't have time.
Director Ju hates it when doctors see
their patients without their lab coats.
Clothes don't matter. Your heart does.
Gosh. Take it off.
-Come on. I don't have time.
Let's have lunch together.
Sure thing!
Professor, I just got a call.
Professor Gu Hye-yeong from the NICU
will be 20 minutes late.
She has to meet with Director Ju urgently.
Then I shouldn't have rushed.
I didn't even have breakfast.
Then why don't we go
have breakfast quickly?
Something quick and easy. Let's go.
Okay, let's go.
Buon giorno.
Buenos días.
Good morning, everyone.
Are we all going together?
It's Se-hoon's patient.
Yun-bok is our intern and…
-I should be there too.
-Right, let's go.
The liver resection was performed
seven days ago.
The CT scan looked good,
so we removed the JP drain.
And the patient is eating well.
Great. And the lab results?
Everything looks good.
The liver index is at 20.
Good enough to be discharged.
Next is Han-jun.
Is he here with his mom again?
Hi, Han-jun. How have you been?
-He's been well.
But he didn't exercise,
so he's gained quite a bit of weight.
Well, but everything looks pretty good.
Han-jun, does your stomach
ever feel tight?
Do you ever feel dizzy?
-No, never.
No dizziness,
but he occasionally gets headaches.
But it goes away
as soon as he takes his medication.
I see.
The ultrasound results look good too.
Han-jun, you need to lose
a bit of weight though.
You don't like to exercise?
Do you play any sports?
He likes baseball.
Watching baseball, not playing it.
Han-jun can answer
these questions too, you know.
You're in sixth grade now, right?
Ma'am, he's certainly old enough
to tell me how he's been doing
and describe his condition.
Gosh, no. He may look like a big boy,
but he's still a kid.
I'm not a kid.
Professor Ahn,
my stomach doesn't feel tight,
but I've felt dizzy once in a while.
It was nothing serious though.
I'd say it was like
what my anemic friends get.
And as for sports,
I'd rather watch than play.
I like baseball.
Can I bike while watching baseball games?
We have an indoor cycling bike at home.
I'll do it while watching baseball.
Sounds good.
As long as you get some exercise.
Here, pinky swear.
All right. Then I'll see you again
in three months. How does that sound?
I hope you slim down a little
before your next appointment.
-Isn't that too late though?
I want to bring him in every month.
Seeing me often is not a good thing.
You're okay with seeing me again
in three months, right?
Of course. Not having to
come in often is a good sign
because it means
that I'm recovering optimally.
Don't get me wrong. I like you very much,
but I'm happy that
I don't have to come in so often.
All right. Let's make sure
we don't have to see each other so often.
My gosh. Hello, Professor Chae.
Yes, hello.
Hi, Du-na.
She can now obey commands,
and the lab results look good too.
Du-na, do you know where you are now?
Can you tell where you are?
My head.
My head…
Yes, you're in the hospital now.
We'll begin the rehabilitation tomorrow.
Let the others know.
Got it.
As I've explained before,
her Broca's area is damaged,
so she'll have trouble speaking fluently.
This condition is called Broca's aphasia.
She understands everything
but can't really form words and sentences.
She will recover gradually,
but it may take a while.
We'll begin her rehabilitation therapy
tomorrow along with speech therapy.
We've hit another hurdle
just as we were beginning to rejoice
in her miraculous recovery.
Rehabilitation is like a long battle.
It'll be hard for Du-na,
and it won't be easy for you
to see her go through it.
But she must go through it
to return to her normal daily life.
Doctor, I'm just so grateful
that my daughter is alive.
I'll do as you say.
It's okay even if it takes time
for her to fully recover.
I'm so thankful,
and I think this is a blessing.
I'll make sure she sticks through it,
so put your worries to rest.
Okay, we'll come up with
the schedule and go from there.
We'll talk soon.
Her fever is not coming down,
and her blood pressure is low.
To perform the transplant,
we need her BP and temperature
to be within the normal range.
We've given her antibiotics
as well as other medications
to raise her blood pressure,
so we'll see improvements soon.
I'm not sure exactly how long it'll take.
I'm expecting four to five days.
We'll monitor her
carefully over the weekend
and do our best
to perform the surgery next week.
Okay, Professor Lee.
Thank you.
Then I guess I can check in
when the surgery date is confirmed, right?
Yes, donors usually check in
the day before the surgery.
You can check in the day before,
once everything is confirmed.
The doctor here will go over
the details with you again.
Doctor. I heard this procedure
gets more complicated
if the patient has undergone
surgery in the past
because of a condition called "adhesion."
Will my daughter's surgery
be a difficult one?
Will it be on the complicated side?
Professor Lee.
Have you done it many times?
Every transplant surgery
is difficult.
Since your sister underwent
a big intestinal surgery in the past
because of a car accident,
the adhesion will be severe,
so her surgery will be quite complicated.
It won't be easy
to keep the bleeding under control.
the end-stage cirrhosis has resulted
in a significant deterioration
in her liver function,
so a liver transplant
is the only solution now.
Thankfully, your father is a match
and has agreed to be her donor,
so we can perform the transplant.
It won't be an easy case,
but we'll do our very best.
I know you must be worried
because two of your family members
have to undergo surgery.
But let us do the worrying.
Ms. An, take good care of yourself
and get ready for the surgery.
Please stay by her side and pray for her.
I'm not worried.
I trust Professor Lee.
Please take good care of her.
I'll do my best.
Come in.
Dry eye syndrome?
It can be very annoying. Since when?
This year. It started this year.
Gosh. Jun-wan has developed presbyopia,
and Jeong-won keeps getting headaches.
Seok-hyeong says
he's been getting back pain.
How's your prostate--
What? Your son is getting married already?
He graduated from college this year.
My point exactly. But he wants
to get married as soon as possible,
-so I told him to go ahead.
-My gosh.
I'd rather get it done sooner
so I can relax and start enjoying my life.
-Are you on your way to lunch?
I won't keep you then. Go have your lunch.
All right, I will.
Send me the wedding invitation.
Of course. Enjoy your lunch.
Will do.
Have a good day.
You know her, right?
Who is she?
She owns the hair salon
in the lower lobby.
-I see.
-She's my hairstylist.
Hello! How have you been?
-He owns the optician's shop.
-I see.
-This is another new model.
-This too?
-That's right.
-It looks very light.
My gosh, it's practically weightless.
I love the shape. Aren't there
different colors for the bridge?
-Professor Lee Ik-jun!
-My gosh.
What? Have you fully recovered
from your disc surgery?
Why are you already back at work?
I need to earn a living.
My goodness. Anyway, bye.
No, don't say bye.
Take good care of yourself.
Will do.
Gosh, she should take it easy.
It's true that a side kick
can take a toll on the hamstrings.
Always make sure you stretch.
Hey, you.
-Have you eaten yet?
-Yes, just now.
What are you planting now?
It's a secret.
-Is this for me?
What's the name of this plant?
I've seen it before.
I think I know what it's called.
We should have dinner together soon.
My gosh, it's been too long.
You're the busy one. I have lots of time.
My goodness. I'll call you soon.
Let's have dinner together.
-Sounds good.
-Have a good day.
Who is he?
The helicopter pilot.
He's our EMS helicopter pilot.
Jun-wan uses the chopper
for procurement sometimes.
He and Jun-wan are close,
and I've had dinner with them a few times.
How is it that you know
everyone at this hospital?
I've worked here longer than you have,
but you know more people.
Do you want to know why?
It's because they like me so much.
They think I'm so adorable.
Say your mantra.
This is all mine.
No one will steal my food.
I'm an intellectual.
Wait, let's add one more line to that.
"I can chew."
Enjoy your lunch, Professor.
Hi, Seok-min. You too.
Eat up.
Enjoy your lunch, Professor Lee.
You too, Yong-hyeon. Oh, you're done.
-See you.
Of course, you're friends
with the security guards too.
Isn't he usually at the front gate?
I've never seen him smile like that.
Right? I've never
seen him like that either.
What do you mean? Did something happen?
He always looks so serious.
He's the scariest
out of all the security guards.
He's so scary.
Yong-hyeon's not that scary.
A friend of mine
stopped by to see me one night.
My friend's car was parked
by the front gate for like five minutes.
No, not even five minutes.
But my gosh.
He had this scary look on his face.
He told us to move the car
and that we're not allowed to park there.
He's professional.
It was late at night, on a Sunday.
There wasn't a single car around.
No matter the hour or the day,
you should always follow the rules.
You were clearly in the wrong.
I'll go have a word with him
for making you get an earful.
Hello, Auntie.
Yes, I can talk now.
I look nice and buff
In my red outfit
I smell deliciously sweet and tangy
-I'm a cool tomato. Tomato!
I will become tomato juice
-I will become ketchup
-Is that U-ju?
-I will dance, hey!
-I'm a boastful tomato. Tomato!
-Auntie just sent it to me.
He skipped kindergarten today
because of a stomachache.
But he's fine now.
He's singing and dancing.
Hold on. Was it a lie?
Kids don't lie.
Sick or not,
they always tell it like it is.
I lied a lot when I was his age.
I really hope he only got my good traits.
What are you doing this weekend?
No plans, but I'm studying
for a conference.
Too bad. Forget it, then.
What is it?
I'm going camping tomorrow
and was wondering if you wanted to come.
My favorite campsite
is always fully booked.
But I checked
their website earlier just in case
and saw that they had a cancelation.
I totally lucked out.
I booked it right away.
We're going camping tomorrow, U-ju!
Auntie, I'm going camping tomorrow.
Are you serious, Dad?
Are we really going camping?
Hold on, the cicadas
haven't started molting yet.
There was an
impatient cicada who couldn't wait.
I got a text from the cicada just now.
But we have no campfire tools
or camping dishes, let alone a tent.
What should we do?
Right, we have nothing.
I have everything.
Don't worry, U-ju.
My friend has everything.
She's a camping expert.
She has everything.
What do you want to do
the most when we go camping?
-What did he say?
-A campfire.
Sit by the fire and relax.
-He sure is your son.
-I know.
This is harder than I thought.
Move aside, will you?
Jeez. You don't understand
the beauty of analog tools.
We don't have time for that.
Let's get this going so we can relax.
Don't you know that
weekends always go by so quickly?
All right.
-Your mantra.
-Don't even bring it up!
I can do whatever I want on the weekend.
You seem to get angry easily these days.
U-ju, are you sure
you don't want any noodles?
Just leave him be.
He has a lot on his mind right now.
Did something happen?
He and Mo-ne had a fight last night.
They might break up.
Oh, boy.
Are you taking your vitamins?
You're probably running low.
I'll order yours when I'm ordering mine.
Don't bother.
You can take all the vitamins
and live a long life.
That's not why I take them.
I just want to stay healthy
and not fall ill.
That way, I can avoid
being a burden to my kids.
I'm just going to move
into a retirement home.
They won't accept you
if you're not healthy.
Can't you walk faster?
Slow walking doesn't count as exercise.
I'm not doing this for exercise.
Then why are you doing it?
Because you wanted to go out for a walk.
By the way, why do you walk
with such short, quick steps these days?
Me? When?
I've been noticing it as of late.
You wobble like this.
I'm worried you'd trip and fall.
I'm being lectured on how to walk properly
when I'm over 70?
Worry about yourself, not me.
Is this Ms. Jeong Rosa's youngest son?
Aren't you busy with your girlfriend?
To what do I owe
the pleasure of your call?
Mom, what are you talking about?
So-yun's wedding is today.
Where are you? We were supposed
to meet at the venue, in the lobby.
Don't tell me you forgot.
I even texted you yesterday
to remind you. My gosh.
Oh, no. I totally forgot.
I'll leave now. When does it start?
What time does it start?
You won't make it on time
if you leave Yangpyeong now.
Don't stress yourself out. Just stay home.
I'll explain the situation
to Auntie, okay?
I can't believe you completely forgot
about the wedding, Mom.
What is wrong with me?
I wrote it down on my calendar
and even talked to your aunt.
I can't believe
I completely forgot about it.
Seriously, what is wrong with me?
Don't worry. It's okay, Mom.
I forget things too, you know.
It's not a big deal, Mom.
Don't overthink.
It's nothing to worry about, okay?
Are you with Mr. Ju now? Are you outside?
Yes, we're taking a walk.
I see. That's good.
Have a good walk and enjoy your dinner.
My gosh,
it's really nothing to worry about.
Who isn't forgetful at your age?
Everyone's like that.
Don't worry. Just enjoy your walk, okay?
What is wrong with me?
I'm so absentminded these days.
Did you have a wedding to attend?
Yes, my youngest niece's wedding.
She's my favorite niece.
She wanted a small wedding
with only her family and close relatives.
She even bought me a dress.
I can't believe I let it slip my mind.
Should I go see a doctor?
I had dinner twice yesterday.
When I was having coffee with Mr. Kettle
after our dinner at the cafeteria,
I got a call from our legal advisor.
He said, "I'm in the cafeteria.
Where are you?"
We grew up together in the same town,
so we meet up for meals often.
And turns out,
I ran into him on my way to work yesterday
and told him we'd have
dinner together that evening.
But I forgot all about it
in less than 12 hours.
It's okay.
It happens to everyone,
so don't worry too much.
All right.
Six, three.
Six, three.
I meant the 63 Building.
I tricked you. Do you realize
that "18" sounds like a swear word?
What's with you, seriously?
-My goodness, everyone will hear you.
-Gosh, seriously.
-I can't believe you swore at me.
Hi, Mom.
I'm at the hospital.
I have a complicated operation
booked next week,
so I'm here to study.
Yes, I'm having lunch now.
Right, I'm on my second bowl.
You have a good lunch too, Mom.
I can only say one thing?
Yes, just one thing.
What's the one thing
you'd choose for your last supper?
Is that so difficult?
Grilled tripe.
Oh, tripe.
Sirloin steak.
Ox knee bone soup.
Actually, no. Grilled sliced brisket?
Grilled skirt steak!
Why don't you just eat a whole cow?
Does that count as "one thing"?
Does it?
Then I want a whole cow.
Professor Yang!
Hello, Professor.
I guess you're on duty today.
Yes, the three of us are on duty today.
Hold on.
How did you know I'm on duty tonight?
You told me, just now.
-Dr. Chu is the funniest person I know.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry? It's a compliment.
Professor, have you eaten yet?
Please join us for lunch.
Sure, let's go.
I wonder what's on the menu today.
-Dumpling soup, probably.
I want seaweed soup.
They probably have dumpling soup
and kimchi fried rice.
I mean, that's what I saw
in my dream last night.
I see.
Is the wedding over?
Yes, it ended just now.
I'm going to grab a drink
with my cousins and catch up.
Did you have dinner?
I feel like you're always
working the night shift.
I know. I feel the same way.
I haven't had dinner yet.
I wonder if the cafeteria is still open.
No, of course not.
Let's go. I'll buy you dinner.
But I'm on duty.
You should have some too.
I ate at the wedding. You go ahead.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Eat slowly.
Don't worry
if you can't finish everything.
I totally can.
You didn't forget about
next Sunday, right?
Five o'clock at the cathedral.
But you know,
I can't keep lying to everyone.
All the professors keep grilling me.
"How's your boyfriend?
What does he do?
When are you guys getting married?"
I'm not a good liar.
I should just tell them we broke up.
That'd be easier.
They'll at least
stop grilling me, you know?
I don't know how I feel about that.
I mean, that's also lying.
It's a white lie.
Why don't we talk about it
when I see you next Sunday?
That sounds good. I'm fine with anything.
-Eat up.
Do you like it?
Yes, it's good.
Sorry. I'm boring.
What? You're the funniest person I know.
I forgot to get groceries.
I'm hungry.
My mom suddenly developed insomnia.
She's been taking sleeping pills,
which she never used to do.
But she still dislikes
going to the hospital.
I keep telling her to go,
but she just won't.
My mom's the opposite.
She's a bit of a hypochondriac.
She currently goes to
ten different clinics in her area.
The other day, she complained
about her frequent headaches
and said she wanted
to get a brain CT scan done.
You can do that for her.
She's also worried about her leg cramps
and the heaviness in her calves.
And she thinks her heart
is beating faster than normal.
Her vision's blurry and she can't digest.
Then she can't be alive now.
Right? My point exactly.
What can I do though?
I booked an appointment
for her with a neurologist.
I think what she needs now
is reassurance, not a diagnosis.
What? You're working on another paper?
Yes. This one
will be published in the SCI, for sure.
What's it about?
"Why do I get so irritated
whenever my mom asks me about work?"
What? My goodness.
Do you get like that too? So do I.
Isn't it fascinating?
Whenever my mom asks me about work,
I get all annoyed
and don't even want to answer.
So I try to get off the phone quickly.
But when I get off the phone,
-I'm overwhelmed with guilt and regret.
So I'd call her again,
then she'd ask me about work again.
Then I get annoyed again…
Cho Jung-hyun.
Right, Cho Jung-hyun.
It was my nickname back in school.
You practiced "Sad Sea" with your guitar
all through our freshman year.
Why did you want to play
a piano song with the guitar?
You have such a good memory.
How do you remember that?
Shall we listen to "Sad Sea"?
I brought my Bluetooth speaker.
-Why not?
It's bad manners to play music
on a campground.
Then what do we do?
We'll listen to it another time.
And it's time.
Time for what?
Sleep. I'm about to fall asleep.
Hey, it's still early.
Why are you already sleepy?
My gosh, it's past 1 a.m.
Mr. Cho Jung-hyun.
All right.
Good night, Ms. Chae Song-hwa.
What's that white stuff under your eyes?
It looks like a pile of snow.
I accentuated my under-eye fat
with makeup to look younger.
Min-ha, you already look so young.
You don't look like
you're in your mid-thirties.
You know that I can't lie.
Right, I sure do.
You always tell the truth.
Hey, are you here?
I see. There's a café on the second floor.
Wait there.
I'll be there in a minute. All right.
My brother came to see me because
we haven't seen each other in a while.
I'll go buy him a coffee.
Come on.
How can you not see her at least once?
Aren't you curious?
I am.
But I don't want to
since it will make her uncomfortable.
So I didn't even bring it up.
Did you see her face?
Of course, we even had a quick chat.
She's pretty, very pretty.
When will my son
bring home a new girlfriend?
Like you said, I'm going to
completely stay out of it this time.
I'll be okay whoever he brings.
My gosh, sorry. I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Hey, don't.
You hit me, so you owe me an apology.
How can you be so rude?
My apologies, ma'am.
But I did apologize earlier.
You call that an apology?
Just saying "sorry" doesn't cut it.
It's too easy to say
you're sorry, isn't it?
Granny, do I know you?
Why are you talking so casually to me?
Go. Your coffee will get cold.
Go to the restroom and wipe it off.
It's all over your face.
Why can't I drop the honorifics
when you're probably younger than my son?
And how dare you call me "Granny"?
-Hey, let's go.
-My goodness.
Let's go to the restroom.
Just get going. I'll calm her down.
Where do you think you're going?
I'm not done talking. Goodness gracious.
Must you do this
knowing your son works here?
Everyone's staring at you.
Let's just go to the restroom quietly.
Come with me.
Okay, fine.
Rosa. What if Seok-hyeong
brings home a girl like her?
This is why I can't help but get involved.
What if my son ends up
with a brat like her?
You said you'd be okay
with whoever he dates.
I don't care who it is. Anyone will do.
Except for her.
Rosa, did you see her eye makeup?
What's with the white stuff
under her eyes?
My gosh, what kind
of makeup is that… What?
Quit that habit of talking casually
to anyone you see.
Is that important now?
If that's not important, what is?
It wasn't intentional,
and she apologized right away.
Why must you be so mean?
Does she have to get on her knees
for ruining your lipstick?
Yeong-hye. Stop making
so much fuss about it. Okay?
You know that I always listen to you.
Let's go. We'll get caught in traffic.
We're going to have
noodles at your place, right?
With the anchovy broth and the sauce.
Are Mr. Kettle and Mr. Ju joining us?
Yes, Mr. Kettle will join us later.
Jong-su went to bring his car. Let's go.
-You troublemaker.
Ms. Song, Choi Myeong-hui's
abdominal X-ray doesn't look good.
Did we not ambulate the patient?
It's still too painful.
I kept explaining
the importance of moving around,
but the patient won't even budge.
Excuse me.
Who was the nurse earlier?
Who drew blood from my sister?
What's the matter, sir?
My sister now has
another bruise on her arm.
Do you know how many bruises she has now?
It happens every time you draw blood.
And why haven't you changed
the IV bags yet? I asked you a while ago.
How can I trust this hospital
if something like this keeps happening?
Her body is swollen
due to the reduced liver function.
We can barely see her veins,
so it's not easy to draw blood from her.
And we've been checking on her
as often as we can.
The IV bag wasn't empty
when we checked in on her just now.
It was less than three minutes ago.
My father has a bruise too.
But I guess you'll give the same excuse
and say his veins were to blame.
It's fine.
I understand,
but can you please send
an experienced nurse to draw blood?
Sir, all the nurses here
are experienced enough to--
Okay, we'll make sure.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
He's so harsh.
How are you feeling, Ms. An?
I feel good.
I'll be fine for the surgery.
-I got this.
-Yes, you can do it.
I just saw your father as well.
Everything looks good,
and he's doing great.
So it's just on me now.
Please take good care of them, Doctor.
Two of my family members
will undergo surgery at the same time.
I still can't believe this is happening.
If anything bad happens to them…
I won't be able to live.
Please take good care of
my daughter and my husband.
I'm counting on you, Doctor.
I'll do my very best.
Professor Lee.
Why are you here? You weren't in the room.
I stepped out to get some fresh air.
I see.
Professor Lee.
You know that we went to every hospital
before coming to you
and even canceled the surgery at Kangwoon.
Right, I'm aware.
My friend recommended
a specialist at Jae-an Medical Center,
but we chose Yulje because of you.
This surgery must go well, no matter what.
Make sure you go to bed
early today, and don't drink.
Okay, I'll make sure.
Two people's lives depend on this.
The surgery must go well,
and I trust that it will.
Professor Lee.
You got this.
Thank you. You should go back to
the room so your mother can get some rest.
Okay, I will.
-Is the stapler ready?
Metzenbaum scissors.
We'll remove the liver now.
How's it going with the recipient?
I'll go check.
We'll remove the specimen now.
Can I have Floseal?
The liver is swollen,
so we can't close up the abdomen.
Should we do a delayed closure?
Transplant patients
are vulnerable to infection,
-so I want to close it up now if possible.
-Yes, that would be better.
But the liver looks good,
and I think the surgery went well.
How's the urine output?
It looks good.
Let's try to avoid another transfusion.
Keep the fluid to a minimum.
We should drain it with some diuretics.
Got it.
The swelling usually goes down
after reperfusion,
so let's try again in an hour or two.
The adhesion was as severe as expected,
so the surgery was quite difficult.
It's all done though.
We just have to close her up now.
We can't do it right now
because the liver is quite big
and her organs are swollen at the moment.
But the risk of infection
will be higher if we leave it open.
It'd be safer to close it up, so we're
waiting for the swelling to go down.
In any case, we have to wait
to close up her abdomen.
If the swelling doesn't seem to go down,
we may have to wait
until tomorrow to close her up.
The surgery went well though, right?
Will my daughter live?
Yes, the surgery went well.
We did an ultrasound to check the vessels,
and the connections seemed fine.
Thank you, Doctor.
But if you can't close her up…
Isn't it a big deal?
Are you sure the surgery didn't go wrong?
Nothing went wrong with the surgery.
But intraoperative blood loss, IV fluids,
and blood transfusions
can cause swelling in the organs.
Most patients
who receive a liver transplant
have more space
in the abdomen due to ascites.
But in Ms. An's case,
the liver is pretty big for her,
and her condition declined
before fluid could even build up,
so there isn't much space.
We gave her some diuretics,
so I think we should be able
to close her up in about two hours.
We can use the surgical mesh
to move her to the ICU
and move her back to the OR once
the swelling goes down to close her up.
But I think…
It'll take some time,
but it'd be better to keep her in the OR
until we can close her up.
Because of the immunosuppressants,
there's a higher risk of infection.
I see, okay.
All right, then.
-More warm saline, please.
Will it work?
We're not quite there yet,
but the urine output is good.
Can we give her more diuretics?
Pushing ahead with it now
could result in compartment syndrome,
so we should wait.
Let's wait another two hours.
Much better.
Let's close it up now.
Kelly forceps.
The urine output looks great,
and her vitals are stable.
Great, thank you.
You've been here for hours.
You must be exhausted now.
Thank you for waiting.
No problem.
Abrupt change in mental status.
Stupor, when discovered.
BP is 160 over 90,
and her heart rate is 60.
BS is 112,
which is within the normal range.
Her mental status
declined further on our way here,
so we secured an airway
and gave her oxygen.
Did she have a seizure?
As soon as we arrived here.
I see, thank you. Let's go.
-Get the defibrillator ready.
Give Gu Se-hyeon an IV
and collect a blood sample.
Okay, got it.
How does the CT scan look?
Not good. It'll be a brain death case.
Call Neurosurgery now.
Is the guardian outside?
Yes, a co-worker.
What about her family?
No, the co-worker doesn't know
her family's contact info.
Professor, we have an SAH patient.
But she's in a coma now
with no spontaneous breathing.
The pupils are fully dilated,
and she's exhibiting zero motor function.
She's also had a momentary cardiac arrest.
-What should we do?
-I'll come and have a look.
As for surgical indications…
I don't think it'll work.
She wants to donate her organs?
Yes, I saw the sticker on her ID card.
How did you explain the situation
to her guardian? Where is her guardian?
Her co-worker is here,
but that person isn't her family.
Where's her family?
We're looking through her phone
to find her family's contact info.
Let's call the coordinator first.
One of our patients
in the ER seems to be brain-dead.
We found the organ donation sticker
on her ID card.
Can you please look her up?
Sure, no problem. What's her name
and resident registration number?
Her name is…
-We found the patient in our system.
I've confirmed on KONOS
that she wants to donate all her organs.
We're trying to find her family
with the help of KODA and the police.
We'll hear from them soon.
Okay, thank you.
I have to go check in on Sun Du-ho.
Isn't he Dr. Jong Se-hyeok's patient?
He was hospitalized this morning
because of a ruptured disc.
I'm going to
take care of his patients for a month.
Professor Kwon's patients.
My gosh. Then you'll be swamped.
It's all right.
She's full of energy.
I know, right?
We have the results
from the PET scan you did yesterday.
The cancer hasn't spread.
Thank goodness.
Thank you.
Just like the CT and the bone scans,
the PET scan shows
that the cancer hasn't spread.
If it's very small,
it may not show up on the PET scan,
but based on the test results,
I don't think it's likely.
And the tumor isn't big,
so if you undergo surgery as planned
and follow up with the treatment,
the results will be good.
I see.
It must have been stressful
to get all those tests done.
One more thing.
Dr. Jong Se-hyeok has a ruptured disc,
so I'll be looking
after you from today on.
But your surgery will be performed
by Professor Kwon as planned.
You're like our lucky charm.
You're a lucky charm to our family.
This is a good sign.
Don't you think
she exudes positive energy?
She's right, honey.
Now that we've met this doctor,
I know your surgery will go well for sure.
So don't worry about a thing.
-All right.
I'll see you later.
Wait, Doctor.
You'll be assisting in the surgery, right?
You have to.
We need you there
for my dad's surgery to go well.
Yes, I'll be there. Don't worry.
Thank you.
Dr. Jang, aren't you hungry?
Shall we go to the convenience store?
Hold on…
He's the patient's brother, right?
What does he want now?
I'm scared.
We had no idea
her family member was so close by.
It took a while for us to find you.
She had a type of stroke called SAH.
There's a bleed in the space between
the brain and its surrounding membrane.
She arrived at our ER unconscious.
Then she had a cardiac arrest
when the bleeding started again,
so our ER staff performed CPR.
We took a CT scan after that,
and her brain is severely damaged.
She's in a coma at the moment.
Our assessment detected
no spontaneous breathing,
and her pupils are not responsive,
so we are suspecting brain death.
Once diagnosed, most brain-dead patients
pass away within two weeks.
We're making sure
her vitals are maintained,
so take some time to think about it
and let us know your decision.
Our coordinator here
will go over the details with you.
You must be devastated and shocked.
I'm really sorry
to have to bring this up to you now.
We've confirmed
her wishes to donate her organs,
but without
the consent of her next of kin,
it can't be done.
Medically speaking,
her condition isn't treatable at all.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry,
but if you decide to donate her organs,
the lives of many people suffering
from various diseases will be saved.
This must be a difficult decision,
but please consider it.
I need some time
to think.
Is that okay?
Yes, of course.
What's the song for this week?
Darn it. It's a love song.
What are you doing this Sunday?
Why? Are you going
to hang out with me this Sunday?
No, I have prior engagements.
If you're staying home again--
Then what?
Can you get some groceries?
I'll do it if you don't want to.
I've got plans. A school reunion.
What's the song for this week?
Nice, a love song.
Damn it.
Is the reunion this Sunday?
Yes, let's take your car. Pick me up.
Who called him
that he burst out of the room like that?
I took a quick glance.
It looked like a Japanese name.
Something like "Fumiko-san."
Have you arrived?
Yes, earlier. I'm having ramyeon
with U-ju now.
When does the training start?
Next week. Monday to Wednesday
in Yangjae-dong.
I can't hang out with you.
I have my band practice
and a school reunion.
What? Why would I hang out
with you? Don't be ridiculous.
You'd better not
teach U-ju anything weird.
What are you talking about?
We're reading a book together now.
Auntie Ik-sun, I did it!
I touched my nose with my tongue just now.
Hello? Hey. This little…
Jeez, how did he do it?
It looks like Choi Jeong-bae
needs a tracheostomy.
Call PM for help, Seong-yeong.
Okay. Professor, by the way…
He still hasn't made his decision yet.
The security guard?
Yes, he's still undecided.
But her vitals keep dropping.
Gosh, I had a feeling
he'd mull over it for a while.
Keep it to yourself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure he has his reasons.
What do we even know?
I'm sorry.
He actually asked
to meet with me just now.
I'll try to talk to him again.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but her vitals keep dropping.
If they continue to drop,
you may not be able to
donate her organs even if you want to
because her organs will be damaged.
I'm really sorry,
but if you can decide soon,
it'll be tremendously helpful
for the recipients.
made my decision.
Professor, he's decided
to donate her organs.
I'm glad.
There's a bit of a story though.
I was wrong about him.
I met her again after 30 years.
I heard she's lived alone
since divorcing my father
when I was four.
My distant relative told me.
I didn't even remember my mother's face,
and I had
no memories of calling her "Mom."
But suddenly, I became her guardian
and was told to decide whether or not
I wanted to donate her organs.
This situation itself…
I was confused.
And it's not easy for me to accept
that I have such a right.
That's why it took me
a while to make up my mind.
But I've decided to think
that it's my mother's final gift to me.
She probably wanted to
give me a chance to do good deeds
and play my role
as her son for one last time.
That's what I believe.
Professor Lee.
I made the right decision, right?
Her organs
will save many lives, right?
She'll save many lives.
You're giving them the gift of life.
You made the right decision.
So she wants her baby
to get a VAD at our hospital?
Yes, I think so.
The baby is at Jae-an Medical Center.
It was a preterm birth at Week 33.
The baby's weight was 1.8kg.
But the baby underwent
the arterial switch operation
for TGA three weeks after birth.
Did you see the chart?
Yes, but the baby is still dependent
on heart-lung support,
so they're using the ECMO.
Both ventricles aren't functioning well.
The baby also has Grade 3 IVH.
Yes, that's right.
And the doctors
at Jae-an Medical Center suggested a VAD?
The baby weighs 2.5kg.
-Let her in.
I'm aware that
this is a discourteous thing to do,
but I can't afford
to worry about that right now.
I apologize, Professor Kim.
It's okay. I understand
that you want a second opinion.
My baby underwent
the arterial switch operation
for a condition called TGA,
transposition of the great arteries,
and also has
an intraventricular hemorrhage.
The doctors at
Jae-an Medical Center suggested the VAD
after long, careful consideration,
and I want to do it too.
Rice cakes?
Is it someone's birthday?
Who brought these?
Patient An Seong-ju's brother.
Yes, he stopped by with rice cakes
and beverages for everyone.
I see.
He apologized and said
he must have been out of his mind.
He apologized to all of us.
He even brought
a handwritten letter for Ms. Song.
My gosh, he didn't have to.
I have to say, I resented him.
He doesn't know what it's like for us.
I thought he was so unreasonable.
This was their third hospital.
The fact that they brought her here
shows how desperate they were.
It's something we see every day,
but it's one of the most important
and dramatic moments in their lives.
And that's when they cross paths with us.
I'd be the same way.
My sister is ill, but I can't be
her donor because I have hepatitis B.
So my father, who's over 60,
has to undergo surgery now.
I'd be on edge too.
And I'm sure he knows
how he came across.
But I bet
it's not important to him at all.
His family's lives
depended on the surgery.
Why would he care
about what others think of him?
Don't ever assume
that the patients and their families
would be unaware of such things.
They know everything.
And if we were ever
in a situation like that,
we'd be the same way.
So try to understand them.
Do your best to understand them, okay?
That's it for today's lecture.
Gosh, why am I
so chatty these days? I go on and on.
Me and my mouth.
I'm sorry,
I've been in the same situation.
I went to see the doctors
every day to yell at them.
Then I begged them in tears
to please save my mom.
But now that I get to wear scrubs…
I can't believe I forgot all about it.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What do you think?
The VAD procedure
will be safe for my baby, right?
Right, Professor Kim?
If you want my opinion…
My answer is no.
I don't want to disappoint you,
but your baby isn't
an ideal candidate for a heart transplant.
The VAD is a device that works as a bridge
while you wait for a heart transplant.
But your baby only weighs 2.5kg.
It's not impossible,
but your baby is too small for the VAD.
That also means it'll take a long time
for your baby to find the right donor.
And with the intraventricular hemorrhage,
it'll be too much for the baby.
On top of that,
hypoxic encephalopathy is also suspected,
so putting the baby through all this
just to try for a transplant…
I'm skeptical.
As you probably know already,
strong anticoagulants are used
after the VAD procedure.
But with grade 3 IVH,
it's practically impossible
to use any anticoagulants.
It'd be considered a contraindication.
And it says that
hypoxic encephalopathy is suspected,
and that's also
not ideal for a heart transplant.
Even if we give up on the transplant,
can we at least try the VAD?
The VAD is pointless
if a heart transplant isn't possible.
You've done a lot for the baby.
You really did your best.
I'm not sure what more…
It may be possible theoretically,
but I'm not sure
if it's the right thing to do
for the sake of your baby.
Frankly, I don't think it is.
Professor Kim.
Thank you
for your honest, objective opinion.
We've been so torn.
My husband is against it too.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So she didn't come here to ask you
to accept her baby as a patient.
-Dr. Jang, we have a new ER patient.
A female, age 60.
Traffic accident injuries.
There's no external bleeding,
but the CT scan shows a liver laceration.
I'm coming now.
The liver is lacerated,
but there's no hematoma around the liver.
The vitals and the lab results aren't bad.
Let's see how it goes.
Let's list her as NPO
and move her to the ward.
She's a trauma patient,
so let's check for other injuries.
Check for orthopedic
and neurosurgical issues
and let me know.
Will do.
Excuse me!
Isn't there a doctor here?
My child had a seizure!
How come no one will help us?
Are there no doctors here?
Sorry. Please calm down.
We just checked,
so please wait just a bit longer--
How much longer do I have to wait?
Doctor, please examine my baby first.
I think it was a febrile seizure.
The temperature was 40 degrees Celsius.
What if something bad happens to my child?
Please examine my baby now.
Okay, we'll have a look
as soon as we can, so please--
When? I want it done right now!
Dr. Kim, right?
I'm sorry? Which department?
Kim Ha-eun.
I went to high school with her.
She's a second-year
Pediatrics fellow at Jae-an.
I heard she was on
maternity leave after her second baby.
I guess she lives right by Yulje.
My gosh.
There you go.
Let's go.
Have you seen my garden?
It's filled with chrysanthemums, roses
And beautiful salvias in full bloom
The door to my garden is always open
And the beautiful scents
Are calling your name
Do you know that?
My childhood dreams
And the beautiful autumn sky
That resembles my dreams
When you come to me
Hand in hand with all my dreams
Through the serene moonlight
I will give you the flower of my love
That I grew with my tender heart
My childhood dreams
And the beautiful autumn sky
That resembles my dreams
When you come to me
Hand in hand with all my dreams
Through the serene moonlight
I will give you
The flower of my love
That I grew
With my tender heart
Is this Ms. Jang Gyeo-ul?
-Yes, speaking.
-Ms. Cho Sun-yeong is your mother, right?
This is Suhan Medical Center in Gwangju.
Your mother is hurt. Please come now.
We have to go into surgery now.
Can we obtain your verbal consent?
What was it? What was my door code?
What is wrong with me?
This is my first time calling it
a night without a single drink
at a school reunion.
I know.
It's nice to go home not feeling tired.
Hi, U-ju. I'm on my way home now.
I know you miss me, but hang in there.
Dad, fried chicken! I want fried chicken.
Yes, sir. I'll order some right away.
U-ju, can I talk to him?
Hey, are you on your way home now?
There's a tent bar
right across the street.
Can you pick up
spicy jjajangmyeon from that place?
Too bad they don't deliver.
Ik-jun, don't forget. Okay?
All right,
I'll pick it up on the way. Bye.
It's me, Gyeo-ul.
Something's come up,
so I have to go to Gwangju.
I'll tell you more later.
I can't talk on the phone now.
I'll tell you later…
I'll tell you everything later.
I'm really sorry.
-Did you eat?
-I may not be able to call you often.
I probably won't be able to
text you back right away too.
I'm sorry.
Turn the car around.
We're going to Yangpyeong.
I've been forgetful for a while now.
What's wrong with me?
It's getting worse. What should I do?
How could I not know? I'm her son!
Song-hwa. It's pretty bad, right?
I like it because
it helps me escape reality.
So live everyday to the fullest.
I do want to go to Mount Seorak. It's been
over 20 years since we last went.
We're not going to climb
the dinosaur ridge, right?
-You're taking next Tuesday off?
-Yes. It's my mom's birthday.
Min-ha, you still have
one more chance.
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