Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

Didn't you say you'd be home late?
Some stuff happened.
What about the reunion?
It ended early.
What happened?
It's nothing.
Is everything okay with you?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm going to wash up.
What's all this?
Eggs, obviously.
Chicken eggs. Here, have this.
Are you working out again?
Yes, I'm trying to build muscle.
Take it easy.
I can take care of myself.
Forget muscles. You'll just fart nonstop
if you eat this many eggs every day.
Anything related
to my farts is top secret.
-In case of an invasion,
-Don't tell me…
it will be used
as a weapon in the gas operation--
Hey, what an ancient joke.
Get with the times.
It's true.
It's true.
Don't teach U-ju weird stuff.
Why would I? I'm busy. Here.
Look at me.
U-ju, the shuttle bus
should be here now. Let's go.
Auntie, U-ju is heading out now.
Come on. Let's go.
This isn't a freeze-frame.
-How are you getting to Yangjae?
-The subway, of course.
It's quick. I'll listen to some music.
Right, I'll be back in two weeks
for another training session.
Take the express train.
I prefer the bus.
They turn off the lights.
And I'll be coming
on a weekday after work,
so I won't be able
to take the train anyway.
I'll take the premium night bus.
Shall we, Doctor?
Please drop me off at the station.
All right. Let's go, Major Fart.
Go easy on those eggs.
Too much of anything is bad.
I know.
No fevers these days?
No. Even when I have one,
I take my medication and it goes away.
Stop worrying.
What? Stop making me worry, then.
We have an emergency patient.
A 61-year-old male, received
a liver transplant at Yulje last February.
The ultrasound shows
aortic valve endocarditis with AR.
I'm in the lobby now.
I'll go straight to the ER.
So I said…
Professor Kim!
-Professor Kim!
He didn't see you.
Are you that excited to see him?
Yes, I think Professor Kim is so adorable.
I want to put him in my pocket
and carry him around all day.
It looked like he got a call from the ER.
If it's surgery,
he'll call me in five minutes.
If not, he'll take care of it
with Chang-min.
Dr. Chu, I guess
you have lots of time this morning.
You're going to
the convenience store with this couple.
I'm working the night shift again today.
I should at least brush my teeth.
I'm going
because I've run out of toothpaste.
And I have a conference in ten minutes.
I'm a busy lady.
By the way,
what's your makeup theme today?
This is a spring warm tone makeup.
-What tone?
-Spring warm tone.
I see.
According to the personal color analysis,
that's my color, just like Park Bo-young.
-Park Bo-gum?
-No, Park Bo-young.
The epitome of the spring warm tone.
-Dr. Chu.
-That's not your tone.
-Yes, it is.
I think you're more like…
Boom, the comedian!
-We should…
-We're tight on time.
We're off.
Okay, I'll go check now. All right.
Dr. Do.
That was so funny.
I was about to get angry,
but it's all gone now.
That was hilarious. My gosh.
I have to go to the ward. See you.
See you.
We checked the MRI results.
Thankfully, it's not a complicated case.
We can proceed
with the surgery next week as planned.
I see. By the way,
you will be performing
the surgery yourself, right?
Yes. Of course,
I'll be performing it myself.
I'm the only surgeon here who can
perform pediatric surgeries.
I see.
What time will the surgery begin?
I haven't been informed of the time yet.
We don't know
the exact time until the day before.
Your doctor will tell you
when you check in next week.
Right, okay.
And Doctor. Well, hold on…
Let me see.
I'm sorry, Professor Ahn.
I didn't even know what a bile duct was.
But now that I know
it'll also affect his intestines,
I'm just so worried about this surgery.
I'm sorry.
Don't be. If my kid was undergoing
a big surgical procedure,
I'd be asking a bunch of questions too.
Well, I've already answered
the first two questions.
The third one. He'll stay here
for about a week after the surgery.
The fourth question.
As for scarring, it's all case by case.
But the scar will fade away with time,
so don't worry too much.
The fifth one.
If the surgery goes well,
there won't be a recurrence.
So he'll be able to go to school
and grow up like any other healthy kid.
The sixth question. Oh, tae kwon do.
He can do it
about a month after the surgery.
-But be careful with strenuous movements.
The seventh question is…
Mr. Jang's guardian?
Professor Kim is here.
Okay. You stay here with Dad, Mom.
Keep an eye on Dad.
-Professor Kim.
It does look like a case of
endocarditis, as we expected.
In your father's case,
the inflammation is in the aortic valve.
What caused it?
Well, we're using
immunosuppressive agents,
which might have made him
more susceptible to endocarditis.
However, I can't really say
that was what caused it
because endocarditis can occur in patients
who aren't taking immunosuppressive drugs.
Does he need surgery?
Yes, he does.
The inflammation has
caused the aortic valve to be deformed,
so the valve
doesn't close tightly and leaks blood.
This condition is called
"aortic regurgitation."
The blood pumped out of the heart
keeps leaking backward into the heart.
That's why he's out of breath.
And the bacteria in the valve
could get into the bloodstream anytime.
If they travel to the brain
and block a vein there,
it may result in a stroke.
We've put him on antibiotics,
but he needs surgery fast.
I only have morning appointments tomorrow,
so we should be able to do it
tomorrow afternoon or evening.
The doctor will go through the details
once he's checked in.
Okay. Thank you, Professor Kim.
I'm glad you brought him
to the ER quickly.
Did you bring him from Mokpo
in that state?
No. Thankfully, we had an appointment
booked with the liver transplant surgeon,
so we arrived in Seoul last night.
Yulje Medical Center
saved my father's life twice.
Anyway, please take
good care of my father.
Of course. Talk soon.
Order all the lab tests
and call Anesthesiology and HPB Surgery.
Got it.
Then I'll see you again in three months.
In three months?
Can we make it four months?
Well, then…
How about 3.5 months?
Okay, thank you.
I'll see you again in 14 weeks.
If everything looks good,
then we can make it four months.
Sounds good, Professor Lee.
I'll be off, then.
Take care.
Let's have lunch.
I have plans for lunch.
My goodness. I have plans too.
-Enjoy your lunch.
-You too.
We ran some tests because
your amniotic fluid index is borderline,
but everything looks okay now.
The amniotic fluid index becomes
even more important close to the due date,
and since it's still borderline,
we should check again
in three to four days instead of a week.
Today is Monday, right?
We'll check it again this Friday.
Earlier, you said
the fetal movement is good.
If it drops from ten to five,
come to the hospital right away.
But if the baby is playing fine,
I'll see you on Friday.
Okay. I hope I won't need
to see you before Friday.
I know, me too.
Then we'll see you on Friday.
All right.
Are we done for the morning?
Let's go for lunch, Seon-jin.
Would you like to join us?
No, I've got plans.
Enjoy your lunch.
You too.
Hey, I'm coming now.
Hey, are you all right?
I was so worried.
I'm sorry, Professor. I've been
all over the place. I'm fine though.
Have you had lunch yet?
Hold on, Gyeo-ul. Don't hang up.
I'm relieved now that
I'm hearing your voice.
You're really okay, right?
Yes, I'm fine.
My mom wasn't doing so well,
but she's okay now.
What's wrong with her? Bring her to Yulje.
She tripped and fell
and hurt herself pretty badly.
She has a broken rib
and a few other fractures.
How did she fall that
she ended up with a broken rib?
And where are the other fractures?
Which hospital in Gwangju?
Who's the professor there?
Should I come now?
It's the biggest hospital in Gwangju,
and the professor
in charge is very thorough.
Besides, you can't come all the way here.
You're fully booked with surgeries.
Did you eat?
Yes, I had some food here with my mom.
Did you sleep there? At the hospital?
Yes, my brother and I are taking turns.
I may not be able to call you often.
I probably won't be able to
text you back right away too.
It's okay. I got to hear your voice today,
so it's all good.
I'm fine,
so don't worry about me.
Just take good care of your mom.
Okay. I'm sorry.
You don't have to be.
It must be very stressful.
I'm sorry there isn't anything I can do.
Gyeo-ul, are you okay with me texting you?
You don't need to text me back.
I'll stop if you find it distracting.
I'll be totally fine,
so feel free to tell me if it bothers you.
You can text me anytime. I like it because
it helps me escape reality,
even for just a moment.
All right.
I won't text you too often.
Just once a day.
You're really okay, right?
Yes, I'm fine. Everything's good.
My mom's looking for me.
I'll call you back later.
What? A whole container per person?
Who placed the order?
Your friend Piggy number one, obviously.
One, two, three, four.
Who's going to eat all this food?
Is someone else coming?
No, just come and eat. This is all for us.
I must say,
check out this well-curated selection.
"Mild" for our mild,
gentle boy, Jeong-won.
"Spicy" for Piggy one and two.
And "Beginner's level"
for Muggles like us.
What is a Muggle?
-You don't know either?
-Shut up, Malfoy!
Who's Malfoy? Is Malfoy a Muggle?
You really don't know?
Well, it sounds familiar.
What kind of world
do you live in, Jun-wan?
What kind of question is that?
I live in the 21st century.
So who's Malfoy?
The new deputy director.
-That's why the name sounds familiar.
-I see.
His name is Foy, and his surname is Ma.
You're so mean.
What's wrong with not knowing?
Don't make fun of him.
It's a rookie boy group.
A new boy band that just debuted.
You jerks.
I can't believe
you've never watched that movie.
You're a weirdo.
-He only watches superhero movies.
-Harry is a hero too.
Stop watching so many movies.
I want the mild flavor.
Yes. Mild for our mild, gentle boy!
How's Gyeo-ul?
Is everything okay with her?
Yes, she's okay. I talked to her just now.
She sounded fine.
Was she not feeling well?
She's off until this Thursday
due to some family stuff.
I'm surprised her chief let her.
They're booked up with surgeries
this week, and Se-hyeok isn't here.
Gyeo-ul has hardly taken any time off.
That's why her chief approved it.
She got the go-ahead as soon as
she said she'd be back Friday morning.
They're busy that day.
This is why
a good reputation is so important.
By the way,
where's the owner of this office?
Is Song-hwa in surgery?
Today is Monday.
Is it the thesis day?
That's on Thursdays.
She has a lab meeting today.
Right, the national research project.
It must have begun.
Yes. She should be here now though.
Hey, how many people is she helping
with their theses?
Seok-min, Seon-bin.
Eight residents,
two in every residency year.
And a clinical professor. 11 in total.
She meets with all of them on Thursdays,
30 minutes per person.
When does she have time
to do all that? Is she a superwoman?
Rumor has it that
she's the corresponding author
of all the theses and journals
that come out of NS.
I'm going to eat
one whole container by myself, okay?
Okay, we heard you loud and clear.
Just come and eat.
My appointments will start soon.
I should get going.
I'm free this evening, Jeong-won.
If dinner's on you, I should be there.
Bye, guys.
All right, see you.
I'm free too.
Jeong-won, you're… Jeez.
Just one barbecue dinner a month?
Don't you think that's a little too cheap?
Guys, don't you agree?
I mean, let's be honest.
Think about all the time and effort
we pour into the VIP Ward.
So I think we deserve
one free dinner a week.
-That's my point.
-Hey, you're running late.
I have to go.
When is the ER sending the patient?
They're sending her up now.
Then I'll take care of it.
You two should go eat something.
No, let's go together.
We can't.
Whoever can take a break now
should go have dinner before we get busy.
Go on.
-Okay. Let's go.
-Have some ice cream.
-We'll go have dinner first.
-What's the ice cream for?
-It's our appetizer.
Hong-do bought it for us.
I see. Thanks so much.
Is today a special day?
No. Everyone buys me treats all the time.
The three of us are on night duty again.
It's so quiet here today, Ms. Han.
Where is everyone?
They went to get dinner. Let's eat later.
Okay. Let's wait
until it dies down at the cafeteria.
By the way, this is just my hunch.
But don't you think
it will be quiet tonight?
That would be nice.
Something tells me
that we won't get a single call.
No emergency calls
and nothing from our patients either.
I get the feeling that
this will be the quietest night ever.
Do you have
any patient-related superstitions?
Me? No, I don't.
Maybe just the one that has been
passed down for generations?
-What is that?
-Don't you know?
If you eat anything
that your junior bought,
the hospital will be
rammed with patients that night.
They'll literally fall
from the sky nonstop.
Right, Ms. Han?
Don't tell me
you bought this for everyone
with your own money. Did you?
What should we do, Dr. Chu?
-What's your bank account number?
I'll send you the money right now.
Come on, quick!
-Hold on. It's… What was it?
Hello, this is OB-GYN.
This is Malgeum OB-GYN Clinic.
We'd like to transfer a patient to you.
A PPH patient.
I'll have you talk to our doctor.
Hello, this is Dr. Chu.
Can we transfer
a patient to you? It's urgent.
Her baby was quite big,
but the delivery itself was quick.
No uterine contractions.
We've sutured her cervical laceration,
but the bleeding is still severe overall.
Thank goodness
Professor Yang is still here.
Yes, he always stays late
when he has outpatient appointments.
He spends a lot of time with each patient.
Who's on duty this evening?
Professor Han Seul-gi?
Yes, in Gynecology.
Professor Han asked Professor Yang
to take care of it
upon hearing the details.
Is he done with his appointments?
Can he come now?
Yes, he'll come as soon as
he's done with his last appointment.
-This is the ER.
The patient just arrived.
You can come down now.
Okay, I'm coming now.
-Dr. Chu, over there.
-Thank you.
My gosh.
-Please get ready for an ultrasound.
-Got it.
We haven't done an ultrasound yet.
A primiparity patient, age 28. She had
a speedy delivery at a private clinic.
They've sutured her cervical laceration.
The fundus is firm,
but the lower segment isn't contracting.
The vitals are unstable.
I examined her with the speculum,
and she bled a lot.
She's already drowsy.
Embolization may not be enough.
-Please excuse me for a moment.
Was the laceration severe?
With the ultrasound, check for bleeding
behind the abdominal cavity.
Patients with cervical lacerations
often have additional lacerations
in the lower segment.
It could be a retroperitoneal hematoma,
so look carefully.
Min-ha, it may not show up
on the ultrasound. Do a CT scan quickly.
Okay, got it.
You should hurry.
Yes, after I go over
everything with you though.
Her vitals? What's her pulse now?
Her BP is 73 over 47. Pulse is 128.
And hemoglobin?
We checked her CBC after
giving her four units of packed RBCs.
It was 5.4.
What's the platelet count?
Is the DIC severe?
It's 50,000.
The ultrasound?
Any bleeding in the abdomen?
-I couldn't really see.
-And the retroperitoneum?
A 5 × 6cm hematoma is suspected.
I see a laceration all the way down there.
That vein is lacerated.
She must be losing a lot of blood.
Her BP has dropped further.
-She's getting oxytocin, right?
Should we get ready for a hysterectomy?
This was her first birth?
Let's try suturing this spot again.
Let's try one more time
-before we remove it.
Pass me the Allis and suture too.
Good work, everyone.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Well done, Professor Yang.
You even took care of the skin.
We got this done so quickly.
The patient was unstable,
so I figured it'd be best
to finish it quickly.
Well done, everyone.
Hey, Yoon-hee.
Let's keep her in the ICU tonight.
Book a bed in the ICU
and let me know when she's there.
Yes, sir.
-Min-ha, is her husband outside?
I'm so relieved, Professor.
About what?
If we had to remove her uterus,
I wouldn't be able to face her husband.
Even if we explained
that we had no other choice,
he wouldn't get it. He'd be so upset.
Thank goodness, seriously.
No, I don't think so.
I'm sure he would have understood
and said it was okay.
She's his wife,
and this is about his family.
I'm sure he's thought about
the situation more than we have.
Don't you think he'd know
that saving her life
would be more important to us
than whether or not
we can save her uterus?
Right, I'm sorry.
Doctor, did the surgery go well?
My wife is okay, right?
Yes, the surgery went well.
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
-My gosh.
A laceration
in the lower part of the uterus
caused by the baby moving down
also resulted in a ruptured vein,
so we stitched it up
and stopped the bleed.
We made sure the bleeding had stopped
and waited until her BP and pulse
were back within the normal range.
I see, thank you.
But she lost a lot of blood,
so we'll keep her in the ICU tonight.
Thank goodness she was
quickly transferred to us from the clinic.
They handled the situation very well.
-Yes, thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, Professor.
In case of a speedy delivery, the cervix…
The lower, narrow part of the uterus
should open up slowly,
so if it's forced to open abruptly,
it can occasionally
result in cervical tears.
In this case, there was a uterine rupture
in the lower segment,
which resulted in heavy bleeding.
She lost a lot of blood,
and her BP dropped during the surgery,
so we even considered removing her uterus.
But we managed to get it under control
and didn't have to go that route.
No, she was on the verge of death.
That's all I cared about.
I didn't even think about the uterus.
I just want my wife to be healthy.
That's all I wish for.
Thank God she's okay.
Thank you so much, Professor.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Then when can we see her?
Oh, we'll move her to the ICU right away.
You can see her once it's all sorted out.
-Thank you.
-All right, then.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I'm sorry, Professor.
Why am I so narrow-minded?
I have a lot to learn as a doctor
and as a person too.
Just don't make the same mistake again.
Isn't it a bit much to criticize yourself
over something like this?
I'm sorry.
It's okay. You're building experience.
It's a good experience to learn
to think from their perspective first.
Don't do that again, okay?
Learn from your mistakes.
Okay, I will. I'm sorry.
I have to go. I'm late for dinner.
-Take it easy.
-Thank you.
I'm so upset.
Rosa, you need a new kimchi fridge.
It's not cold at all.
It's just like a drawer. My goodness.
Why bother? I don't have
that many years left to live.
Buy one now
just to use it for a few years?
It's okay.
I know plenty of people
who often forget their door code.
Just let it go.
The sooner you let it go, the better.
Jong-su, do you think…
I have Alzheimer's?
I'm too scared to see a doctor.
What? Alzheimer's?
It's not something that happens overnight.
I've been forgetful for a while now.
Last week,
I drove downtown to go to the pharmacy.
But on my way back,
I suddenly got lost.
I take the same route every day.
I know it like the back of my hand.
my mind suddenly went blank.
I struggled to get home
even with my GPS on.
What's wrong with me? It's getting worse.
What should I do?
You should go
to the hospital and get tested.
I'm going to
a different hospital, not Yulje.
Your son is a doctor.
Do you want to embarrass him?
Also, what will Jeong-won say
if he finds out later?
That sweet boy will cry his eyes out.
I'll book an appointment
for you through Mr. Kettle.
You should tell Jeong-won right away.
Don't book it yet.
And don't say anything to Jeong-won.
I'll tell him.
I'll tell Jeong-won
and go see a doctor, but I…
Give me a few days to think.
Okay. I can wait a few days.
Just a few days though.
Hey, let's make it a week.
I'll give you a week to think.
Then I'm taking you to the hospital.
All right.
Eat up.
My gosh, what kind of soup is this?
Your favorite
soybean paste soup, obviously.
I put in some dried radish greens.
Do you like it?
Yes, it's good.
I can easily have two bowls of this.
Hey, Rosa.
How about you get back into it?
-The thing you devoted your youth to.
At this age?
Why not?
It's the perfect age
to start anything new.
I'm too old. People will speak ill of me.
Who cares?
It's not like I'm telling you
to go to college or get a job with it.
If you want to do it, go ahead.
Why worry what others might think?
It doesn't look good to do
everything you want to do at this age.
People will badmouth me.
I want to age gracefully,
so I don't want to do it.
Do you want more?
Yes, I want to mix it with rice.
Give me a bigger bowl this time.
No, don't worry. I'll get it myself.
It's in the lower cabinet.
I know.
Hey, piggies.
You're making him uncomfortable
by staring at the grill so intensely.
How embarrassing. Can you stop staring?
They won't even answer me.
It's okay. I'll grill some kimchi too.
Where's Seok-hyeong?
He's almost here.
He said he had emergency surgery.
Really? Let's talk about it
when everyone's here.
That one's mine. It's mine, okay?
It's mine. I've been
staring at it this whole time.
Is the meat cooked?
Hey, hurry. Take a seat.
My gosh, I'm starving.
It's delicious.
Can we make time though?
If we plan in advance,
we should be able to take two days off.
I do want to go to Mount Seorak.
It's been over 20 years
since we last went.
I went a few times
when I was in Sokcho. It's still nice.
I think I can take two days off too.
But Ahn Jeong-won.
We're not going to climb
the dinosaur ridge, right?
-That's nuts. How?
-You prick.
-The tofu stew restaurant?
-By the entrance.
The dinosaur ridge?
Great idea.
What do you say? Shall we try this time?
-Hey! I'm hungry,
-Let's go!
-but I'm going to leave.
Let's do it sometime in early May.
I'll plan it with the holidays in mind.
Do you like that stone grill that much?
Yes, I love this.
This will be perfect for a camping trip.
They won't sell it to us, right?
If you actually ask them about it,
you're really the worst.
Okay, I won't ask.
This was a great meal. Thanks, Andrea.
-Thanks, this was great.
-Here's your to-go order.
-Oh, thank you.
Hey, when did you order that?
Well done, bear. Nice one.
-What did you order?
-Everything on the menu.
Way to go, bear!
Excuse me!
Can I get a doggie bag for the leftovers?
I have a dog.
Who are you texting, smiling like that?
Captain Hong.
Captain Hong?
Your former junior in the other unit?
Yes, the only junior
I'm back in contact with.
-He wants me to join the gosu club again.
Yes, Captain Hong loves gosu.
Gosu as in cilantro.
I see.
Oh, I totally forgot.
-I'll go give U-ju a goodnight kiss.
She's going to drop this.
Hey, I really think U-ju is a genius.
I had dinner with him today, and that
seven-year-old kid knows Pythagoras.
Did you teach him?
It's the name of a tonkatsu place.
Right beside it, there's a tteokbokki
place called Socrates.
I'm going to bed. Good night.
Just don't do it again. Okay, Min-ha?
You may be a little dumb, but
you never do what you were told not to do.
It's okay.
I'm sure Professor Yang
isn't too disappointed in you.
But you'll make another blunder!
When you're in a different situation,
you'll say or do other stupid stuff!
No. Just don't, ever.
You will never improve. Why do I say that?
Because you're awfully immature.
No. You saw the look on his face earlier.
He didn't seem that disappointed.
It's okay. You still have hope.
Min-ha, you still have one more chance.
Yes, you can do it.
Dr. Chu.
No one else is here, right?
Yes, why?
I swear, I heard a bunch of people
talking and arguing.
I heard at least three different voices.
I guess you're really tired, Yoon-hee.
Get some sleep. I'll wake you up.
Go to sleep. Go on.
Hey, are you awake?
What's wrong?
My head hurts a lot.
What? Why does your head hurt?
I fell out of bed last night.
I hit my head hard.
Turn the car around.
We're going to Yangpyeong.
Hello? You're coming now? Don't bother.
Why are you being so foolish?
Be quiet.
Just get dressed and wait for me.
I'm really okay.
I'm coming down now. You can go.
You're late for your meeting.
It's no big deal.
I can move it to tomorrow.
Hey, Jeong-won.
Your mom isn't seriously hurt. She's okay.
She kept joking around
on our way here. Take your time.
Thank you. I'm almost there.
Song-hwa is here.
Are you okay, Ms. Jeong?
You hurt your arm too?
She got a scratch from
something on the floor as she was falling.
-What about the CT scan?
-Yes, I checked it just now.
Did it look okay? No hemorrhage inside?
What about a skull fracture?
No hemorrhage or skull fracture.
Thank goodness.
Jeong-won, can you spare me a minute?
Look, right here.
I see a bit of hydrocephalus here.
The CSF flow is obstructed.
Looks like that has caused
interstitial edema around the ventricle.
Have you noticed her becoming
more forgetful than usual as of late
or seen her suddenly
flop down as her legs gave out?
Come to think of it,
she has been more forgetful than usual.
Most recently, she totally forgot
about her favorite niece's wedding.
And I have noticed her unsteady gait.
She probably fell last night
because her legs gave out.
Let's check her in.
Let's drain some CSF
through lumbar drainage later today.
If her symptoms subside after that,
then what do we do?
If her condition improves,
we may perform shunt surgery
to move the extra CSF into the abdomen.
All right. Thanks.
You must have appointments. Go, hurry.
I start late today. Don't worry.
I'll go say bye to your mother.
It's okay.
Based on the CT scan, it's not serious.
Even if she needs surgery,
she'll recover quickly
if the surgery goes well.
How could I not know? I'm her son!
I visited her every weekend.
I saw it but still didn't know.
Am I really a doctor?
Her doctor son is useless.
Hey, it happens.
Most people would blame old age.
No one would suspect an illness first.
It's okay.
It's pretty bad, right?
-I'll tell her. You should get going.
I want to hear it directly from my doctor.
Be honest with me, Song-hwa.
I'm okay.
Yes. That's what I'm suspecting.
Well, it's like a buildup of fluid
within the brain.
I'm suspecting hydrocephalus
based on your CT scan.
I suggest you be hospitalized
for a few days so we can run some tests.
We'll insert a thin tube called
a lumbar drain into your lower spine
to drain some of the cerebrospinal fluid.
You'll try walking
after we perform this procedure.
If your gait stability
and alertness improve,
we'll confirm
the diagnosis of hydrocephalus
and discuss your treatment plans.
You may need surgery.
I don't have Alzheimer's?
It's not Alzheimer's, Mom.
We think it's hydrocephalus.
Well, the symptoms are similar
to those of Alzheimer's but--
But thankfully, such symptoms
caused by hydrocephalus are treatable.
We'll know more after the surgery,
and every case is different.
However, you only developed
the symptoms recently,
and you're still pretty young.
So just get it treated,
and you can fully recover.
Thanks, Song-hwa.
You're the only person who's thankful
to be diagnosed with hydrocephalus.
Hydrocephalus is a serious condition too.
Mom, did you think you had Alzheimer's?
My gosh.
I can endure anything,
so do whatever you need to do.
Be it an operation or a procedure.
I can endure anything.
Hey, Jeong-won. Don't worry.
The surgery doesn't scare me at all.
Why do you look so upset, son?
I'm fine, okay?
-A brain tumor?
She was treated
for breast cancer three years ago,
and based on the shape of the tumor
and the swelling around it,
it's possible that
it's a metastatic brain tumor.
The MRI shows a tumor that's about 3.5cm.
But due to its tricky location,
the surgery won't be easy
even if you decide to go for it.
It can be done though.
But she underwent
breast cancer surgery three years ago
and received chemotherapy
as well as radiotherapy.
I'm sorry,
but it's highly likely
that the cancer has spread.
You must have had difficulty breathing.
Wasn't it hard to manage?
I always found it hard to breathe
while talking,
but I've always been like this
for as long as I can remember,
so I didn't find it too inconvenient.
But these days…
It suddenly got worse.
You see, it was never this bad.
My father always sounds
out of breath when he talks,
so we thought
that was just the way he talked.
We didn't know he had a hole in his heart.
Professor Kim,
what exactly is his condition called?
The heart ultrasound shows
that he has ASD, an atrial septal defect.
There is a wall between the atria,
and there's a hole in that wall.
That's what an atrial septal defect is.
He's also showing
symptoms of tricuspid insufficiency
and moderate lung insufficiency.
It's a condition
he's had since he was little.
He probably didn't notice it
until the symptoms started getting worse
when his tricuspid insufficiency worsened.
What causes it?
Most cases of congenital heart defect
have no known cause.
Will he need surgery to get it treated?
Surgery is the only solution.
Non-surgical procedures
aren't an option now.
Will the surgery be difficult?
That's not the main issue here.
Although, it won't be easy
as it'll be an open-chest surgery.
If you do undergo surgery,
you'll be the oldest ASD patient
I have ever operated on.
And some doctors say
elderly ASD patients like yourself
often tend to show
no clear improvement in symptoms
even after the defect
is fixed through surgery.
Can she undergo surgery?
Yes, she can.
The PET scan shows us
that it hasn't spread elsewhere.
But the tumor is quite big,
so combining surgery
with postoperative radiotherapy
will be the best solution at the moment.
Surgery at this age? Forget it.
Doctor, I don't want surgery.
Let's not do it.
Why bother?
I won't live much longer anyway.
I'm okay. Let's go.
-Mom, what are you talking about?
She said you can get surgery,
so we must do it.
Hey, why are you hesitating?
Mom is getting this surgery.
What will happen
if she decides not to get the surgery?
It's okay, Doctor.
I know my situation very well,
so tell us your honest opinion.
If you feel that
the surgery would be too much,
we can forgo it
and just do the radiotherapy.
But it looks like a malignant tumor,
and it's quite big.
So even with radiotherapy,
if the tumor grows quickly,
you may pass away within six months.
Then what if I get the surgery?
We won't know until we do it
because every case is different.
But if the surgery goes well,
and if you follow up
with the radiotherapy and other treatment,
you can definitely live longer.
I think it's too early to give up.
My mother is 78 years old.
She's almost 80.
Is the surgery worth the trouble?
She is elderly,
and it is an open-brain surgery.
So I'm concerned about
whether she'll be able to handle it.
I'm worried about
postoperative complications.
Of course, we need
to do a biopsy to know more,
but here's what I think under the premise
that it's a metastatic tumor.
The size and number
of metastatic brain tumors
are the most important factors
in determining how they should be treated.
In this case,
there's only one but it's quite big.
It's a tricky location to operate on,
but it won't be too hard.
So as a neurosurgeon,
I think surgery will be beneficial.
And to tell you the truth,
surgery is your only option now.
But what if the surgery goes wrong?
I heard sepsis can occur.
What if something goes wrong,
or she doesn't wake up?
There could be some complications.
And yes, she might not wake up.
However, 70 is the new 50.
I have a patient
who underwent brain surgery at age 77
and has been coming in
for follow-up appointments for five years.
The choice is up to you.
I can't make this decision for you.
It is up to the patient
and you, her family.
Doctor, can we have
a quick meeting and let you know?
Yes, of course.
Of course, the symptoms
improve drastically in some cases.
But it's all case by case.
The decision is up to you, sir.
You decide, and I'll follow.
So to sum it up,
we can either decide to go for the surgery
knowing it's risky at age 77
and may not even help,
or decide against it
which is safer even though it means that
he has to continue
living with the condition.
Professor Kim.
-We'll just keep--
-I want the surgery.
Please let me have the surgery.
Even if I die tomorrow,
I want to get the surgery.
Even if I have a day left to live,
I want to live
like everybody else does for once.
I'm getting the surgery.
let me get the surgery. Please?
Please help me.
Okay. I know this was
a difficult decision for you,
so I'll do my very best
to make sure everything goes well.
Thank you.
We'll go settle up. Stay here, okay?
If she gets the surgery,
she can live much longer.
We can't decide against it knowing that.
What if we decide against it
and Mom passes away?
Can you get on with your life
without feeling an ounce of guilt?
It's only if the surgery goes well.
She can only live longer
if the surgery
and the radiotherapy go well.
The surgery itself
doesn't guarantee anything.
Hey, Dae-jun.
They'll really sign with us?
I'm at the hospital now.
I'll call you back later.
Did you actually smile just now?
How can you smile
and get excited in this situation?
Is money everything?
Then will you pay Mom's hospital bills?
If she wants surgery,
we need money to make it happen.
I know you've done a lot
to look after Mom,
but I've been stressed out too.
Paying all her medical bills
behind my wife's back.
I've done a lot too.
-That's the least you can do for Mom.
How much money have you taken from her
for your business?
How much did you take
when you quit your job
and started your lighting business?
You should be very good to Mom
if you have a conscience.
You sponged so much money off Mom
for that darn business of yours!
-Ms. Lee Ae-gyeong?
-Yes, I'm here!
Oh, no. I'm sorry.
-My gosh.
-It's okay.
I'm sorry. My goodness.
What do you want to do?
I'll persuade Mom
to get the surgery no matter what.
She's almost 80.
Even if she passes away tomorrow,
it's nothing strange.
Brain surgery at her age?
She won't be able to handle it.
What if something goes wrong?
What will you do
if she gets worse after the surgery?
It's too much.
It really is.
Let's just see how things go.
I'm sure that's what Mom wants too.
What if it's not?
What if Mom wants to get the surgery?
She may actually want it.
What if she's just not saying it
because she feels bad?
Then what?
I'm sure that's not the case.
I bet she just wants to leave it.
Her breast cancer put her through hell.
With the chemotherapy
and the radiotherapy…
I'm sure she doesn't want
to go through that again.
Let's not make Mom suffer again.
I think we have…
We've done enough.
Betadine ball, please.
Pass me the needle.
Jeong-won, you're in surgery now, right?
I just finished. How did it go?
It is hydrocephalus.
Am I supposed to be relieved or not?
I'll check again at night to be sure,
but I had her walk for a moment
and noticed clear improvement.
She says she feels more alert.
Thanks. I'll come up now.
Okay. I've said this numerous times
to your mother and her caregiver as well.
We'll remove the drain in the evening,
but she must stay in bed until morning.
Keep an eye on her.
Okay. But she doesn't have a caregiver.
She does. His name is Ju Jong-su.
I have to go.
Professor. About Byun Yeong-gyu,
the SDH patient who received
a craniectomy three days ago.
Patient's wheezing
and the status is stupor.
We should do a CT scan.
Do it right away
and get ready for intubation.
I'm coming now.
Hi, sweetheart.
Mom. You're here, right?
Yes, I got here a while ago.
Why did you come so early?
You should've come right on time.
Mom, I don't think I can go in with you.
I have to go into surgery.
Okay, no problem.
I'm not a kid. Don't worry.
I'll introduce myself and ask
your professor to take good care of you.
Mom! Why would you say that?
This professor is like my role model.
Don't say anything, Mom. Okay?
Just listen and don't say anything.
Gosh, okay. You always
tell me not to say anything.
Song-hwa, when are you done?
How about we have dinner together?
I have to go, Mom.
I hope the appointment goes well.
I'm sure it'll be fine. Bye.
You're very handsome, Doctor.
Who's your mother?
Ms. Jeong Rosa.
I see, Ms. Jeong Rosa.
Lucky her.
Her son is so handsome and tall.
She has such a good son.
I'm not a good son.
You were stressed and weren't doing well,
but I had no idea.
I'm sorry, Mom.
For not being there for you.
I'm in such a good mood right now.
I thought it might be Alzheimer's disease.
I was so scared.
"What if I don't recognize
my sons and daughters
and forget all my happy memories?"
I was absolutely terrified.
But it's not Alzheimer's.
What I have is treatable.
That's good enough.
That makes me happy enough.
You know,
even small things like a random phone call
can totally change your life.
No one knows what tomorrow holds.
So, my sweet son,
don't worry so much
about things like this, okay?
All right?
Yes, Professor. Thank you so much.
Where are you?
I just performed surgery
on an ICU patient due to a bleed.
My mom has probably left by now.
Everything looks good, right?
Have you noticed
anything strange about her recently?
When she came in for an appointment,
I noticed mild symptoms
of resting tremor and bradykinesia,
so we did a PET scan
for Parkinson's disease.
And I think that's what she has.
I could tell the moment I met your mother.
One of my patients
who had booked a PET scan didn't show up,
so we did it just in case.
Her dopamine transporter levels are low.
You didn't know?
I prescribed her L-DOPA,
and her next appointment
is booked in two weeks.
Are you there?
Hi, sweetheart.
Hi, Mom. Are you home now?
Yes, I got in just now.
It's still the initial stage.
I went through all the test results,
and you're still in the early stage.
It's actually incredible
that we found out so early.
Mom, there are so many good drugs
for Parkinson's disease these days.
Just take care of yourself,
and you'll be fine.
Don't worry too much. Okay?
Your daughter is a neurosurgeon.
What's there to worry about?
It's okay, Mom.
Mom, I'm coming over
because I want to sleep at home today.
There's no traffic right now,
so I'll be there very soon.
I'll see you in a bit.
Hey, I know how busy you are.
Why would you come all the way here?
Just focus on work. I'm fine.
You're always so busy.
I'm sorry I made you worry.
Song-hwa. I'm really okay,
so just focus on work.
Do you have to work all night again?
I'm not busy now.
I'm done for the day.
And work isn't important now.
I'll leave now.
What's wrong? Did something happen?
My mom has Parkinson's disease.
Shouldn't you go home?
I'm going to head out now.
Do you want a ride?
Yes, please.
Get changed and come down.
I'll be out front.
Mr. Sun Du-ho.
I'll order your dinner for you,
but you know that
you have to fast starting midnight, right?
Yes, he knows.
Hold on. Was it Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul?
-Right, Mom?
When will Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul be here?
She's off until today.
Well, then what about tomorrow?
Will she be assisting
in my dad's surgery tomorrow?
I was told that she'll be back tomorrow,
but we don't know exactly
which surgeries she'll be assisting in.
Oh, okay.
We need you to sign
the consent form later today.
Mom, she'll assist
in Dad's surgery tomorrow, right?
But the surgery is booked early.
Goodness, who cares?
It's all pointless anyway.
Close the curtains, Seong-hui.
I see. So it can be done, right?
Yes. I should double-check,
but I think the limit will be pretty high.
Is it for buying a home
or a lease deposit?
No, it's not.
This may be TMI,
but my parents run a guesthouse.
I see. Where?
In Sokcho. In front of
the entrance to Mount Seorak.
The view must be amazing.
The Ulsan Rock right before your eyes.
No. It's in front of the entrance.
There's quite a bit of distance.
I see.
It's about 7km away from Mount Seorak.
You can see the Ulsan Rock
from the guesthouse.
But you only see a snippet,
not the whole thing.
I see.
The guesthouse always
used to get good ratings,
but we got some
not-so-good reviews recently.
"It's clean, but the rooms
and facilities are too old.
The owners are kind,
but the rooms are too old."
My parents are very upset about it,
so I want to send them
enough money for renovations.
You're saying
I will be approved for a loan,
so we should totally fix it up
and do a grand reopening.
Oh, I'll be back next week.
I'll bring all the documents
you mentioned.
Have a good day.
Let's see.
Dr. Heo!
Another installment savings account?
You either don't know
how to use the app or just love to save.
Today, it's a loan.
Are you buying a home?
No. I know this may be TMI,
but my parents run a guesthouse.
Well, I'll tell you later.
Where are you off to?
Professor Chae's office,
to get her advice on my thesis.
I see. I've got surgery. I have to go!
Professor, I tried rewriting it
as per your advice.
Can we skip this week?
Oh, sure.
Let's do it next week.
Can you let everyone know?
Sure, no problem.
-I'll be off, then.
Right, today's the day
when she helps you guys with your theses.
I guess you're done.
Did the next person go in already?
We're skipping this week.
-Is Song-hwa busy with something?
-No, she wants to take it easy this week.
She's been looking
pretty fatigued since yesterday.
I've known her for a long time,
and I've never seen her this weary.
She even canceled
the lab meeting next week.
I'll be off, then.
Let's come back another time.
Yes, you can leave it
in front of my office. Thank you.
-Was it a courier?
-What did you get?
-It's a secret.
Hold on a second.
Hang on.
There. Better?
You're really good at this.
I've been doing this for years.
-Do you want some water?
-Yes. My mouth keeps drying up.
Have you not eaten yet?
You have surgery tomorrow.
You have to eat dinner.
You can eat until midnight, Mom.
Okay. Did you have dinner?
No. But I will, after my appointment
with a patient's guardian.
Mom, Dong-il will be here soon.
Should I tell him to pick up something?
Who just knocked? How courteous.
It must be the kids.
They didn't have to come.
Tell them not to come.
I don't want to bother them.
I told them.
But they never listen to me, you know.
Come in.
My gosh.
Look who's here.
Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul.
Are you here to see me?
Me, not him. Right?
My gosh!
Bye again.
Take care.
You know, I was planning on acting up
during my surgery tomorrow.
But I'll behave myself.
My surgery will go well, thanks to you!
Goodness, you have the most random plans.
Get home safely, Dr. Jang.
Thank you.
All right. Bye!
Go. What?
Go on in. Bye. Let's go in.
-Go on in.
-Good night.
-Enough, go on in.
Come on.
When did you get back?
In the morning.
You should've called me.
I wanted to surprise you.
Is your mother okay?
Yes. She's much better now,
so I brought her to Seoul.
I figured it'd be better
for her to stay with me.
I see.
Professor, why didn't you tell me
about your mother's surgery?
I know you have a lot going on.
I didn't want to add to your stress.
By the way, how did you find out?
I stopped by the hospital
to go over some patient charts
and happened to hear about it.
Actually, everyone at the hospital knows.
Right, I'm sure.
Are you really okay?
Shall we have dinner together?
I only have one appointment left.
Next time. I have to hurry home.
I see, all right.
Someone's coming.
Are we going down?
Yes. You can go back up.
Are you on your way to see my mom?
She's probably having dinner now.
I'll stop by later.
What's that?
It's a secret.
Wait, why are you here?
You're off until today.
Enjoy your time off to the fullest.
Don't do this. This is against the rules.
I'm sorry, Professor.
I'll get off on the second floor.
I have to make a quick stop.
-All right.
-Rest up.
Dad, you need to eat more.
You have to fast after this.
I have no appetite.
You usually like fish,
but you didn't even touch it.
Try to eat a little more.
-Yes, you should.
-No, don't bother.
My gosh! Dr. Jang is here.
-Hello, Dr. Jang.
How are you feeling, Mr. Sun?
Good! I feel great.
You barely touched your food.
You have to fast from midnight.
You'll be hungry.
Oh, I'm still eating. I'm not done yet.
Doctor, his surgery is booked
early in the morning.
You'll be coming in, right?
Of course. We always book surgeries
first thing in the morning.
I'll be there, so don't worry.
Thank you, Doctor.
I won't be the lead surgeon,
but I'll assist Professor Kwon
to the best of my ability.
Good night.
-Thank you. Good night.
-Good night.
Hey, Seok-min.
Professor, are you in your office now?
Can I swing by for a moment?
I have a favor to ask.
Sure, of course.
Thank you.
Actually, never mind.
I got it sorted out. Get some rest.
What was the date again?
July 15.
It'll be a 30-minute lecture.
It'll be followed by a Q&A session.
Thank you, Professor.
Gosh, don't mention it. Get going.
Hey, hold on. What's up?
The director sent me on an errand.
Professor Chae is working
on the chronology
for the 15th anniversary
commemorative book.
I'm here to pick it up.
She's still working on it.
Tell the director that it's not ready yet.
Actually, I'll call the director
and explain the situation. Bye.
Take care.
Stop! Where are you going, Yun-bok?
Professor Chae has been feeling tired,
so I got her some coffee and cake.
Sweet treats will cheer her up.
Yes, hand them over.
I'll make sure she gets them.
Song-hwa needs some alone time today.
Okay, got it.
I'll make sure she gets these. Thanks.
No problem. Good night.
-Hello. Wait.
-Where are you going?
-Is Professor Chae in her office?
-What's up?
-I need help with my grad school homework.
Oh, you can ask me. I know everything.
-What is this?
-It's not from the restaurant.
I scoured the Internet
all night to find the same one.
What? You don't want it?
I do! I love this. I really do.
My gosh, this is crazy.
You're nuts.
It's the same one, right?
Yes, it's exactly the same.
I was so surprised when I got it
because it's the same one.
-They sell this?
This is perfect for a camping trip.
How did you even think to get this for me?
Seriously, this is nuts!
Hold on, let's see.
We'll set it up like this
and grill pork belly on it.
-And some kimchi here, you know.
-That's right.
-She seems to be in a good mood.
Wasn't she feeling down all day?
Professor Lee is here,
so we can put our worries to rest.
Let's go eat.
-All right.
-Let's try that.
No. How?
-Did you eat it?
-Eat what?
My snack.
It wasn't me. I buy my own snacks
at the convenience store.
Are you sure?
Are you becoming like me?
Why are you being so petty?
Have you ordered the food yet?
-Yes, I have.
-Did you order tuna gimbap too?
What are you doing?
I'm eating a cookie.
-It's mine.
What? It's my only joy and happiness.
Same here!
This is my only joy and happiness.
Getting on your nerves.
-Let go.
-Let go.
-You let go first.
-No, you do it first.
-You little…
Isn't Song-hwa coming?
And where's Seok-hyeong?
She's at a conference.
Seok-hyeong has surgery.
Hey. You're taking next Tuesday off?
Yes. It's my mom's birthday.
I'll be in Changwon.
Not on the weekend?
We've always done it that way
but should celebrate her actual birthday.
-Are you taking your car?
-No, I can't drive for four hours anymore.
I'll take the express train
there and back.
-Did you buy your tickets?
-Did you buy my tickets?
Ik-jun still does it for you?
Yes. Otherwise, I'd be buying
my tickets at Seoul Station.
I bet he's the only one who's not
from Seoul and doesn't have a KORAIL ID.
I don't want the app.
Then go on their website.
It's such a hassle.
I don't even go to Changwon often.
If you get that face out of my sight.
Forget it. I'm not doing it.
Do you remember me?
Yes, I do.
You and your sister accompanied
your mother when she came to see me.
Yes, that's right.
My gosh, I didn't expect
to run into you here.
What brings you here?
My friend of 30 years
He had a heart attack
and died overnight.
My gosh.
He was…
only 50.
He turned 50 this year.
He recently made big money,
for the first time in his life.
But this fool died overnight,
before he could even spend any of it.
Life is so futile.
Why do we live?
How should we live our lives?
I don't even know anymore.
I'm sorry, Doctor. You must be busy.
Who packed my stuff?
Mr. Ju did it.
I was going to do it,
but he already took care of it.
He's so organized.
Yes, he is.
Are you wearing that to sleep?
These are very comfortable.
They make perfect pajamas.
My goodness.
Should I turn off the lights?
No. I want to chat
with my son before I fall asleep.
After you get discharged tomorrow,
make sure you go for walks often
and start exercising regularly.
Okay, I will.
And go out
for nice meals with Mr. Ju often.
Nothing's better than home-cooked meals.
I want you to be selfish.
Stop worrying about your children.
And don't worry about
falling ill when you're older.
Only think about yourself from now on.
And if, later on…
Even if you are diagnosed
with Alzheimer's…
don't worry.
Even if you don't recognize us,
we'll recognize you every single day
and tell you
that you're our mom, every single day.
So live every day to the fullest.
I want you to live like that, Mom.
I want to get back into it.
Can you buy it for me?
Ik-jun, I have to go
to the hospital for an emergency.
You get it sorted out.
Change the song or something.
But the keyboard is what makes the song.
We can't practice without the keyboard.
Pick a different song.
Hey, goodness. I'm not done talking.
So we invited a stand-in keyboardist.
She's a busy lady.
And she's expensive.
We had to bribe her with daisy seedlings
and two boxes of dried large-eyed herring.
Let's give her a big hand!
Shall we begin, ma'am?
Sure. Please go easy on me.
Will do. Thank you for helping us out.
At first, it was nice to be alone
Being able to do whatever I want
Whenever I want
So I thought I had erased
All my memories of you
I really believed that I did
But you see
When I wake up alone early in the morning
And realize
That you're no longer with me
I cry without even realizing it
Have you changed at all?
The way you talked
Always put a smile on my face
Do you still talk like that?
I have changed
I don't smile as often as I used to
And I've lost some weight
Compared to when we were together
You understood me
But I thought
You were trying to control me
And thinking a real man
Should never show his emotions
I never once told you that I loved you
But you see
When I fill a blank piece of paper
With your name
And call you to hear your voice
I cry without even realizing it
Have you changed at all?
I used to love your smile so much
Do you still have that beautiful smile?
I have changed
I don't smile as often as I used to
And I've lost some weight
Compared to when we were together
How's he doing?
Does he treat you well enough
That you can forget
All our moments together?
You should be happy
Because you met
A wonderful person
Who can do the things
That I wasn't able to do for you
Well done!
I'm getting teary-eyed.
Gosh, seriously.
I'm sorry.
Did he make a mistake again?
It's about Dr. Chu
fainting from her stomach cramps.
Instead of messaging the residents,
he sent the message
to the OB-GYN group chat.
All the professors are there.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It happens.
-So? Did all the professors come?
They just messaged back and said,
"Get well soon." It's the weekend.
One of them came.
Professor Yang Seok-hyeong.
I'm delirious.
I'm seeing things.
Dr. Jang Gyeo-ul?
Yes, Min-ha. Are you uncomfortable?
Should I raise the bed more?
No. Who's the person standing next to you?
Beside you… Is that…
Professor Yang, is that you?
Yes, it's me.
Are you all right?
Are the cramps gone?
What's wrong? Why are you crying?
Does it hurt? Are you in pain?
Should I call Gwang-hyeon?
No. I'm just so happy.
Don't call anyone.
You can go home tomorrow.
Everything looks good,
including the ultrasound.
It's all thanks to you, Professor Kim.
I think the surgery went very well.
One thing though.
The surgery site feels okay,
but my chest feels tight. It hurts.
My back and spine hurt too.
Is that okay?
The pain is caused by the pressure
applied on your ligaments
and cartilaginous joints
during the open-chest surgery.
We'll make sure
to give you enough pain killers.
The doctor here will go over
all the post-discharge instructions
with you again.
Talk soon.
Dad, I'll just throw this out.
I get to go home
before you do, young man. Be well.
Thank you, sir.
Take care of yourself and stay healthy.
Heart surgery after a liver transplant.
It's very impressive.
You're invincible, young man.
No, you're more impressive.
At your age,
you managed to endure
such a difficult surgery.
I have huge respect for you, sir.
I was just being greedy.
I got greedy
because I wanted to live long.
But you still have
a long life ahead of you.
Don't let your illness beat you down.
Survive no matter what, okay?
Yes. I will, sir.
You seem well today.
You've been eating well, right?
All the nurses here
take such good care of me.
It's nicer than being at home.
We have to run
a few more tests before the surgery,
but they're all easy ones.
It's okay.
I even got through chemotherapy, you know.
Getting these tests done
and undergoing surgery is no big deal.
I can get through it, no problem.
Your family is here, right?
Who's looking after you?
Your son is looking after you?
Yes. My daughter got a job,
so he'll stay here with me.
Mom, aren't I better than your daughter?
Aren't I better at this than she is?
I'm a better cook than Min-seo is.
Gosh, don't be silly.
This isn't a competition.
-Hey, it hurts.
-Hang in there!
-You brat.
-Hold on. This side too.
My gosh!
The earliest one.
The earliest one? Hold on.
Is there a seat left?
No, not for the earlier ones.
Then it doesn't matter.
Hey, who did you drink with
that you missed the last train?
Gosh, those drunkards.
Both of my parents
and even my sister can drink a lot.
I see. You drank at home?
Your mom got to see
both of her children on her birthday.
She must have been so happy.
I booked it. I'll text you the details.
You're thanking me? You must be drunk.
Did you hear? They went to
the finals without losing a point.
Their opponents
never got more than five points.
It's going to be fierce.
- I'll be back. I can do this!
- You can do this!
You can do this.
Let's go.
I'll come back victorious.
Let's do this.
I was hoping
we could meet up and just talk.
Is something up? It's nothing bad, is it?
I'll tell you everything later.
Right now, my head is all over the place.
Jun-wan knows you're in Korea.
I thought you were meeting
Professor Kim today.
What's going on?
I performed a transfusion,
but the vitals are dropping.
When I was sick, I refused
to listen to what others were saying.
So, Rosa,
think only about your life
and just have fun every day.
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