Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

I think I'll be late,
so I changed my bus ticket to 12 a.m.
I'll take a taxi, so don't worry about me.
And don't be so shocked
to see a beauty in the dining room
the next morning because that'll be me.
-Can you buy my bus ticket?
-Didn't you want to take the train?
-Something came up.
-There will be a seat, right?
-Let me check.
Let's see.
Hold on.
The earliest one.
The earliest one?
Hold on.
Is there a seat left?
No, not for the earlier ones.
-Then it doesn't matter.
Hey, who did you drink with
that you missed the last train?
Gosh, those drunkards.
Both of my parents
and even my sister can drink a lot.
I see. You drank at home?
Your mom got to see
both of her children on her birthday.
She must have been so happy.
I booked it. I'll text you the details.
You're thanking me? You must be drunk.
How have you been?
Good. You?
Not too bad.
Are you staying in Changwon now?
Or Seoul?
I'm staying in Changwon.
Will you be in Seoul over the weekend?
If that's the case,
I want to see you on the weekend.
You can say no if you're uncomfortable.
I was hoping…
we could meet up and just talk.
There's no clear border between
the tumor and the normal brain tissues,
so it's tricky.
The micro scissors don't work well.
Can we get a new one?
Sure, no problem.
How much cardioplegic solution?
The patient has received the full dose.
It keeps getting in the way.
Hold it upright.
I'm sorry.
The patient's BP is a little low.
Professor Lee, the BP is dropping.
There's pressure pushing against the IVC.
When you're pulling the liver,
pull it up. Don't press it down.
Got it.
This branch is open, hence the bleed.
Mixter forceps.
The 2-0 thread, please.
We got the major bleeding under control.
The BP will be okay now.
All right.
Two of this, please.
Mosquito forceps.
One more, please.
Peanut sponge.
Always double-check like this
before you perform a ligation.
And raise it as much as you can.
Got it, Professor.
I struggle the most
with identifying the hernia sac.
What you dissected earlier
was the vas deferens, right?
That's right.
It'll be easy once you get used to it.
The intern should see this too, up close.
I'm sorry, Professor.
It's okay. When you're an intern,
you're always tired.
Mosquito forceps.
One more, please.
I'll show you the baby.
The anterior and posterior fontanels
are open, and there's no cleft palate.
And the ears look good too.
So does the anus.
Now, the toes. Five on both sides.
And one, two, three… Five fingers.
The fingers and toes separate correctly.
They'll thoroughly examine the baby again
in the newborn nursery.
All right. You can relax now.
You're going to
push out your placenta now.
It'll be uncomfortable,
but this is really it.
It's not good to deliver so quickly.
Others might think
it was an easy delivery.
No, not at all.
No one will think that.
I know it was hard for you
to follow such a strict diet.
At your next appointment,
we'll do another glucose test
just to be sure.
No pressure. Just focus on your serve.
Just do a good serve.
I heard everyone in Orthopedics
is really good.
We made it to the quarterfinals too.
We have a strong team as well.
Check on Heo Bo-gyeong
and make sure she can self-void.
Yes, Professor.
By the way,
the quarterfinal match is today.
What match?
Oh, that.
If she has trouble urinating,
call her doctor.
-Will do.
You can do this.
I call this a miracle.
He couldn't even make
eye contact with us at the beginning.
I can't believe he just said that.
Professor Yang must know
that I'm a new fellow in OB-GYN, right?
Come on. You did rounds
with him in the morning.
But every time, he treats me
as if he's never seen me before.
In our case, it took half a year.
It took us half a year
to eat with him in the cafeteria.
It's my partner, Ms. Song Su-bin.
Yes, Ms. Song.
Come down. Let's win the game
and get back to work quickly.
Okay, I'm coming now.
I'll be back.
-Good luck.
-You can do this!
Don't drop out! I can come.
Okay, take your time.
The other match isn't over yet.
Hey, Orthopedics is very good.
Let me wash my face quickly.
Is something up?
No, not anymore.
I'm just gathering my thoughts.
It's nothing bad, is it?
All right, then.
Wait, why aren't you there?
-The quarterfinals.
Oh, that.
How's my department going to do it
when there's only me?
But you have the fellows
and the residents.
Everyone's busy.
You can just go down
for your match and come back.
Some people have time,
but no one knows how to play it.
So you've asked them.
Gosh, Lee Ik-jun. I can beat him easily.
I'm so annoyed.
He'll make such a big deal out of it.
What's the first prize?
Two million won for team dinners.
That's huge.
It's going to be fierce.
We'll begin in three minutes.
Professor Lee Ik-jun was
in a table tennis club in college.
I heard he's really good.
Sounds like he was in every club
back in college.
Even a magic club.
Come on. He made it to the quarterfinals.
He must be good.
Don't you know how they made it this far?
They're just like us.
Hey, Ik-jun. You know my parents
ran a table tennis court, right?
I sure do. Gwang-hyeon,
you know you work in the ER, right?
-It's quite gutsy of you to do this
when new emergency patients
can come in anytime.
You're clueless, aren't you?
Everything's an emergency
in my department.
Besides, we have many fellows
and residents.
I can totally spare a few minutes
and do this.
All right. We will begin now.
Have you been doing push-ups?
-Gosh, you little… Let's go.
You're going to kiss me at this rate.
Calm down. Easy, all right?
The DI patient we moved to the ward
is suddenly experiencing hematemesis
and cold sweats. The BP is dropping too.
Looks like we need the patient
back in the ICU.
I'm coming now.
Gosh, I can't tell
whether Jae-hak is good or not.
His posture sucks,
but I feel like he's faking it.
Is Professor Kim Jun-wan good?
He's not bad.
We used to play every weekend.
But he looks like he hates it.
He always looks grumpy.
Hey, Dr. Do. I guess
you used to be pretty good at this.
I got into college on the fourth try
and failed the bar six times
because I spent so much time and money
at this table tennis court in Noryangjin.
Don't say too much, Jae-hak.
Let's go.
Code Blue in Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Sixth floor of the main building,
Room 6205.
Code Blue in Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Sixth floor of the main building,
Room 6205.
Professor Lee.
You're busy with surgeries and patients.
What are you doing here?
I'll help you get back to work quickly.
What about you, sir?
I didn't know you played table tennis.
Come on. I've been doing marathons
and have been playing soccer
and badminton for 20 years.
But a beginner in table tennis.
All right.
Let's have a good game.
We'll begin in a minute.
You know Professor Shin's nickname, right?
Human Endoscope.
Your partner in liver transplants
and the best abdominal imaging expert
at Yulje.
He's called that
because he hardly tells the truth.
He bluffs like there's no tomorrow.
I think the fellow is pretty good,
but Professor Shin is a total beginner.
-He's our target.
-All right.
We'll now begin.
-Move. I got this!
I got this!
I got this, here.
Okay, bring it on. Yes!
Did you see that? That was me!
All right. Let's keep going.
Come on.
Let's go.
Radiology is disqualified.
HPB Surgery is the winner!
-Oh, right.
-What's up?
Ms. Song Su-bin called just now and said
you hurt her feelings
in the quarterfinals.
What? Why?
We all know that your husband is in OS,
but she's upset that you rooted for OS
instead of the Nursing Department.
She was so hurt.
What? I cheered for the Nursing Department
in the quarterfinals.
Spreading false info!
Okay, all right.
-Good job.
-Nice one, right?
-That's it.
Coming straight from the OR?
Yes. I probably reek of sweat.
No. Why did you come straight here?
This match isn't even important.
I was curious. What's the score now?
Let's score just one more point.
We got this.
All right.
Did they lose?
They're about to lose.
-Hey, Song-hwa.
Let's aim for a deuce, no matter what.
There's something I want to do.
-Darn it.
It's okay.
Go for it!
-Darn it.
Hey, come on!
All right!
-Hey, don't do that!
Why would you waste your energy like that?
What's he doing? Is that Deux?
We just need one more point, okay?
Score just one more point, and we'll win.
Hey, what's wrong?
Give me a massage.
-The kitty massage!
I have a leg cramp. My gosh, it hurts!
I see. Can we take a quick break?
Just for a minute.
Gosh, my leg…
My goodness.
Professor, if we win the prize,
we should go for a beef barbecue.
Yes, sounds good.
Your wife's gone into labor.
My gosh.
-It hurts so much.
Take a deep breath.
Professor Yang.
I'm in so much pain!
Keep breathing as you've learned.
Hey. Did you hear?
Nuclear Medicine has made it
this far without losing a point.
Their opponents
never got more than five points.
Thanks a lot, buddy,
for totally discouraging me.
Hey, stop chugging down the ice cubes.
Don't say you need to run
to the restroom after this.
If you do, you're so dead.
Okay, fine.
Do you want some hot tea?
-No, just hold onto it.
I'll have it after I win.
Before the tea gets cold,
I'll come back victorious.
Let's go.
Hey, I'm off.
The game ends at two to zero.
Nuclear Medicine is the winner.
Congratulations, Team Nuclear Medicine.
Jeez, seriously.
Gosh, it's hot.
The fellow can probably
make the national team.
And that professor is…
She's like an Olympic gold medalist.
-That was a good game.
-Yes, that was great.
-Well done. Thank you.
-Thank you.
But I'm curious about something.
Are you really a doctor?
You're unbelievably good.
I'm flattered. This is just my hobby.
Have a good day.
Professor, we don't even need
to take a shower.
-She looks so much like her.
She looks just like her.
-Gosh, I…
-What's wrong?
Another leg cramp.
-Do something.
-You're such a baby.
-Do something!
-Come here, baby.
-Be gentle.
-I got you.
-Give me a massage.
-Then lie down.
-Hold on.
-Lie down.
It hurts.
Do you need help?
No, it's okay.
Take it easy.
I want to see you even for just a moment.
Where are you?
I'm in the Medical Office now,
but I have to go home.
I'm supposed to have dinner with my mom.
I see. Okay, then I'll see you
at the hospital tomorrow.
All right. I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
I'm totally fine, so don't worry about me.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Dr. Jang, do you want
to have dinner with me?
I need your advice on something.
I'm sorry, Min-ha. I have to go home.
Didn't you say you had
to work on your paper all night?
I'm going to come back later at night.
I want to go home
to fix dinner for my mom.
I'll come back after she falls asleep.
That way, I'll be less worried.
Is she badly hurt?
Why don't you check her in?
What happened though?
What kind of injury?
I'll tell you everything later.
Right now, my head is all over the place.
I'm sorry, Min-ha.
Cheer up, Gyeo-ul.
You're doing so well.
I'm not sure what's going on,
but everything will be okay.
I'm sure this is the last hurdle
you have to overcome.
If you need my help with anything
or need someone to talk to,
just let me know.
You know I'm here most of the time.
Just call me, and I'll be there.
All right, then. Get going.
Your mother must be waiting.
-It's just us two again?
What about Jeong-won?
He just left. He's probably got a date.
Where's Seok-hyeong?
He's got a date with his mom.
Isn't Song-hwa staying late
to work on the exam questions?
Done and done. She left too.
She has so much energy.
Hey, you should tell her
to cut down on work.
She listens to you.
Actually, is she working
a bit less these days?
Do you do this to your girlfriend?
You're eating when I'm opening
and setting everything up!
Ahn Jeong-won.
I thought you left.
Get out. I said, get out.
Go enjoy your date!
Get out!
I'm Jang Gyeo-ul.
Why must he do all the work
when you're not even lifting a finger?
Why? Why are you doing this to him?
Hey! Get out, you prick.
-Get out!
-"Prick"? I'm Jang Gyeo-ul.
-Yes, get out.
-What kind of prick are you?
Get out!
Hey! You jerk!
Hey, Bong. I got it for you.
I couldn't just take off
because I felt bad for you, friend.
I got it before the café closed.
I'm used to working night shifts.
Thanks anyway.
Hold on. You're leaving now?
Gosh, this is early.
I have to say, today seems…
Just go home.
-I'll be off, then.
About Um Hye-yun,
the benzodiazepine DI patient.
Should we use flumazenil?
-Did you check her brain?
-No, not yet.
Then give her flumazenil
and see if she wakes up.
If she doesn't,
proceed with a brain imaging test.
Got it.
Yulje Emergency Center.
This is Jung Tae-yeong, a paramedic.
We have a male TA patient.
Age 39. Mental status, drowsy.
BP is 80 over 50.
Heart rate, 120.
Respiratory rate, over 30.
Current temperature, 37.6 degrees Celsius.
And has severe chest pain.
His BP keeps dropping.
He needs to be seen now.
Can we take him to Yulje?
When will you get here?
In about five minutes.
Send him right away. We'll get ready.
A TA patient is coming in.
His mental status and vitals are unstable.
He has chest pain. Let's do an ultrasound
and get ready for intubation too.
Got it.
His BP has dropped to 60.
Get two pints of Type-O blood
for an emergency transfusion.
He has cardiac tamponade.
And a buildup of fluid
in the abdominal cavity.
Linear probe.
And a pneumothorax too. Gosh…
Let's take a portable chest X-ray.
Get ready for a chest tube
and a pericardiocentesis.
-Call CS and Surgery. Now.
-Yes, sir.
I have nothing to do at home anyway.
Shall I stay?
I'm busy. I have to finish my thesis,
and Professor Min is on call tonight,
so I'll have to take care of most calls.
I can't hang out with you.
Then give me a kiss.
I'm sorry! Gosh…
What should I do?
Well, can you just be on your way?
Hey, I thought you were going up.
Aren't you on your way to see Yun-bok?
You should get going too. Bye.
Why are you ignoring my text?
I don't even have time to sleep,
let alone check my phone.
When am I going to finish all this?
Just come and help me
with the ABG analysis.
Figure it out yourself.
I'm busy right now.
I'll get back at you for this.
Obviously, I'd help you
if I knew how to do it.
He's asking the wrong person for help.
That fool.
Hey, I don't know.
I don't know how to do it either!
What don't you know?
It's nothing.
Don't mind me. I just came
to make myself a cup of coffee.
You have a lot of homework, right?
The professors often forget
about the homework they assigned,
so just do your best.
If you can't finish them…
just apologize and let them yell at you.
You're an intern,
so they won't be so harsh on you.
Okay, thank you.
You're just an intern,
so they won't kill you.
Take it easy.
Thank you for the coffee.
Keep your eyes open, Seong-yeong.
Dr. Heo.
Dr. Choi Seong-yeong made me coffee.
I'm so touched.
Wake up.
When you're an intern,
you fall for any senior
who does anything remotely nice.
It's because you're exhausted now.
I bet you think Seong-yeong
looks very handsome and dashing.
You're not in your right mind now.
I see.
I'm swamped with homework,
but he said
I don't have to finish everything
and even made this hot, delicious coffee.
He cheered me up
and told me to take it easy…
Snap out of it, Jang Yun-bok!
Yun-bok! You must stay focused, okay?
-We have a male TA patient. Age 39.
There's a fluid collection
in the perisplenic space.
We're suspecting a hematoma.
Go ahead.
A male TA patient, age 39.
We did PCC due to tamponade,
but it's all blood.
The BP rose to 90
after putting in a chest tube
and performing pericardiocentesis,
but he needs to undergo surgery fast.
And the CT scan shows
bleeding in the spleen.
What about hemoglobin
and blood transfusion?
The initial level was 15
and two pints of Type-O blood
have been transfused because
the blood test results are not out yet.
I performed a transfusion,
but the vitals are dropping.
And there was a surgical scar
in the abdomen.
We need to open his chest first
if there is bleeding
even after the pericardiocentesis.
I’ll control the bleeding
in the chest first.
Come inside when it’s done. I’ll call you.
We need to perform the surgery together
if the vital is weak and there is
heavy bleeding in the abdomen.
And drape from chest to the abdomen.
Okay. Call Anesthesiology
to prepare the operating unit.
-Also, prepare blood and CPB too.
-Yes, sir.
The patient may lose a lot of blood.
Keep an eye on the volume.
Okay, will do.
Are his vitals okay?
I'll go in right away if they're unstable.
They're okay at the moment.
Be thorough with the suction.
Yes, sir.
No more bleeding, right?
What's his BP now?
It'll keep dropping
without another transfusion.
Are you almost done?
For the chest, yes.
We need to open the abdomen soon,
so I'll keep the chest open.
Okay, good job.
Expect heavy bleeding.
Can we have
the barr retractors first? Ready?
The hematoma is severe.
Get the bowl ready.
I was worried about adhesions,
but the spleen is okay.
I see where the bleed is.
Press it down.
Can I have the clamp?
We located the vessel
and got the bleeding under control.
Are his vitals okay?
Yes, so far.
I'm monitoring them,
so just focus on the surgery.
Thank you.
When severe bleeding is expected,
make sure you have your retractors ready
before you open them up.
blood could gush out right away.
Okay, got it.
Jun-wan, who should be in charge
of this patient? You or me?
He had heart surgery too,
so maybe you should take him on.
I'll monitor him too.
Sure. He has a pneumothorax
and a sternal fracture,
so I should take him on.
I'll talk to his guardian.
Give Dr. Do Jae-hak a call
when you're done.
Okay, will do.
We'll remove the specimen now.
The surgery is almost done
and everything went well.
There was a tear in his heart
but we managed to fix it
and stop the bleeding.
The surgeons got the bleeding
under control,
so I believe he'll recover well.
Thank you. Thank you so much, Doctor.
We'll move him to the ICU right away.
We'll check how he's doing
before we give you further updates.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Sir, are you in pain?
You suffered a hematoma,
but you're okay now.
Get some sleep. We'll fill you in later.
Focus on pain control.
He has a rib fracture, so be careful
when weaning him off the ventilator.
Yes, sir.
Ba-reum has passed gas.
Can Ba-reum eat now?
Sure, order some porridge.
I'll double-check.
Thank you.
It's your first week in Pediatrics,
so Professor Ahn will ask you
a bunch of questions.
Did you study Si-on's chart?
Lee Si-on. Born prematurely,
and birth weight was 750g.
Si-on has been in the NICU
for over three months now.
Received an ileostomy
two weeks after birth due to NEC,
necrotizing enterocolitis.
Underwent another surgery to fix
the stoma when the weight reached 3kg.
Look at you. That's pretty good.
-Shall we?
Right, yes.
Ye-eun's in a good mood today.
She didn't cry and slept well today…
…and has regular bowel movements.
What was the G-tube drainage today?
It was 140 yesterday,
and it's gone down to 70.
I see. That's great.
My gosh, I see you holding Min-sol
every time I come here.
Otherwise, Min-sol will cry.
She smiles the moment I pick her up.
My gosh.
-Take it easy.
-Thank you.
Oh, I see that
Si-on isn't pushing it away anymore.
No, Si-on even had a few sips today.
I'm going to try it one more time
this evening.
I think we can aim for 30cc today.
How adorable.
Si-on underwent surgery for NEC
and had another surgery to fix the stoma.
What should you pay attention to
in neonatal cases like this?
I'm sorry, Professor.
The baby had abdominal surgery,
so you must observe the abdomen
for stomach inflation
and make sure the baby's eating well,
having regular bowel movements
while monitoring the baby's weight.
Those are the four most important things.
Yes, Professor. I'm sorry.
Tomorrow, it'll be something else.
-Take it easy.
-Thank you.
My goodness.
Oh, gosh.
Min-sol, Mommy's here. Why are you crying?
Min-sol. It's me, your mom.
Are you hungry?
Can you hold my baby too?
Min-sol keeps crying.
I was holding Min-sol until just now.
I can't hold just one baby the whole day.
I know. I know that too.
But still…
Min-sol, why are you crying?
Min-sol. Yes, my sweetie.
Has Song-hwa picked a song yet?
Yes, don't even get me started.
It's a biennial event,
so let her have her way.
What's the song called?
Why didn't you stop her?
I bet she can't even sing the first line.
I tried to talk her out of it!
I threatened her
and treated her to a meal. I did my best.
She's saying it has to be this song.
You talk to her.
She's not listening to you,
so she'll just ignore me.
She's stressed. Let's suck it up
for just 3 minutes and 40 seconds.
We should've made it coincide
with the Summer Olympics.
Who knew two years would fly by this fast?
Hey, Min-ha.
I'm in the center garden. What's up?
Hey, are you not going
to reciprocate Chuchu's feelings?
That's our Cupid's next project.
Hey! If you lose Chuchu,
you're the biggest idiot ever.
Hello, Professor.
I thought you were alone.
Well, shall we get lost?
No, please stay.
-Ready or not, rock-paper-scissors!
-Darn it!
I never said I'd give it to the winner.
The loser gets the ice cream.
Let's do it again. The loser gets it.
Ready or not…
Stop. She'll never give it to us.
Thanks for the ice cream.
No problem. See you later.
-Dr. Chu.
Did I give you this last time?
Was Seok-hyeong always that expressive?
-You saw that, right?
-I sure did.
I've never even seen
such a joyful smile on a baby.
Seok-hyeong must know
how he feels about her, right?
You and Gyeo-ul at least knew
you had feelings for each other.
But what if that bear has no idea?
It makes me so anxious.
He knows.
I'm sure he knows
exactly how he feels about her.
He's probably racking his brain now,
trying to figure out what to do.
He's slow at everything
and tends to mull over things for a while.
My gosh.
It may take a while, but I'm sure
he's even thinking about the consequences
and will want to get it sorted out first.
And they'll have to overcome
a number of hurdles.
How long do you think it'll take?
Not long.
You saw that look on his face.
It's already game over.
My goodness.
Keep an eye on Bae Jun-seong.
Call me if the heart failure worsens.
We'll expedite the surgery.
Okay, I'll call you right away.
-No problem.
-Professor Kim!
-My gosh!
Tomorrow's Saturday.
Do you have your band practice?
Where were you hiding?
I follow you around wherever you go.
That's so creepy.
-We're not practicing this week.
-Do you want to go hiking tomorrow?
I joined a hiking club.
It's amazing.
They give you food, clothes,
and even a backpack.
And hiking is fun.
If you're just going to veg out at home,
let's go hiking.
If what?
Did I say "veg out"?
Yes, you did.
And I have important plans tomorrow.
-What time?
-At 6 p.m.
Why am I telling you these things?
-You're lonely. That's why.
-No, I'm not.
If it's at 6 p.m.,
we can go hiking before that.
We'll go in the morning.
We'll go hiking early
so you can be there by 6 p.m.
Hey, I'm 42.
I'm 41.
I'm old. I can't do
two different things on the same day.
Just go by yourself, okay?
And bye.
I don't want to see you again today.
-Is it good?
U-ju, you're using
those chopsticks like a pro.
What's going on? You're so good.
You don't have to be good
At using chopsticks to be able to eat
I'm not good at it but I can eat just fine
But everyone around me says this
When I'm eating
What's your problem?
Hey, enough. Let's eat.
-What are you doing tomorrow?
I want to go ride a bike with U-ju.
Come with us.
-I've got plans.
-What time?
-At 6 p.m.
Garosu-gil. Gosh, seriously!
You're worse than Mom.
Don't pry into my private life.
-You know what to do, right?
-For a fever.
-Take the meds.
-If it doesn't come down?
-Go to the ER.
I'm more of an expert than you are.
I've been taking good care of myself.
But how can I not worry?
Mom called again today.
She told me to keep an eye on you
as you're not feeling well.
Gosh, I'm not a kid. I know my condition
better than anyone else does.
Ik-jun, I'm okay.
I'm taking good care of myself,
so don't worry.
I had dinner with my next-door neighbor
He picked on me for not knowing
How to use chopsticks properly
But I'm comfortable with this
And I can eat just fine
I'm just the way I am
So mind your own business
-Even if I wear jeans
To work
It will be fine as long as I look neat
And presentable
If the summer school uniform, hey!
Had shorts
It would look nice
And help us beat the heat
Stop worrying about what others think
It'll make your life more enjoyable
-Just be yourself
Discover yourself
When you want to dance, just do it
Grandpa, Grandma
Dance with me
Come on, Auntie!
-Who cares how old you are?
-How old you are?
I'm just texting to confirm.
We're meeting at 6 p.m., on Garosu-gil.
No need to rush.
Gosh, it's so hot today.
Come on, U-ju.
Push this for me, Dad.
Goodness. Here.
Auntie! Could you run a bath for us?
-Hey, your helmet.
-Professor Lee.
-U-ju's aunt is not feeling well.
It looks serious.
-Did you take the medication?
-Yes, I took two.
It used to work right away,
but not this time.
I'll take you to the ER.
Cancel your plans.
Yes, I should.
Let's just go to the hospital nearby.
It's a big hospital.
Jun-wan knows you're in Korea.
Did Jun-wan tell you that he ran into me?
Yes, he told me
that he ran into you on the bus.
So let's go to Yulje.
It's the weekend,
and he's not on duty today.
You won't run into him.
I don't think I can make it.
I'm not feeling well.
I'm sorry, Jun-wan.
I hope her temperature goes down.
We gave her a fever reducer
and antibiotics.
It'll go down soon.
It's only been an hour.
Wait in your office.
I'll call you when it goes down.
I'm going to step out for some air.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Take care!
-You too.
My gosh.
Hello, Professor Lee.
-Did you go hiking today?
My patient who has surgery next Tuesday
isn't doing well, so I came to check.
What are you doing here on a Saturday?
I thought you were meeting
Professor Kim today.
Why would I see him on the weekend?
Oh, he told me he had dinner plans.
I thought it was with you and the others.
We don't love each other that much.
-Go on in.
Hey, wait.
Did he say
he was meeting someone at 6 p.m.?
Yes, that's what I heard.
Do you know where?
It's finally going down.
-Stay until the IV bag runs dry.
-Sure thing.
We should do a CT scan too.
I'll give her some antibiotics.
Thanks. Oh, dear.
You're still here?
Of course. I have to take you home.
Come on, seriously. I can just take a cab.
I'll figure it out,
so just get some sleep.
Then wait in your office.
They said this will take a while.
Jeez, okay. I'll be in my office.
Hey, what's up?
Where are you?
Home. What's going on?
-Where are you?
-In the ER.
The ER?
My sister was running a fever,
so I brought her to the ER.
She's getting an IV now.
Thankfully, her temperature has gone down.
We'll wait until the IV is done.
I think it'll take about an hour.
I came to my office
because she didn't want me there.
I'll go down when Gwang-hyeon calls me.
Just saying.
Are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
I have to go.
Hello, Professor.
It hasn't even been 30 minutes.
Professor, I'm totally fine…
Are you all right?
Yes. I must have eaten something bad.
I had indigestion accompanied by a fever.
I read your chart.
Why didn't you tell me?
It happened after we broke up.
And it has nothing to do with you.
It was in March last year.
You got the CT scan and MRI done here
in March last year.
You lied to me, didn't you?
Your friend, Se-gyeong.
That was a lie, wasn't it?
Just making sure you're okay.
No need to text me back.
Can you explain this?
Oh, I totally forgot.
I'll go give U-ju a goodnight kiss.
She's going to drop this.
Did you open the app?
I'm talking to you on the phone.
I'm using my laptop.
I see.
Let's see.
Hold on.
The earliest one.
The earliest one?
Hold on.
Is there a seat left?
No, not for the earlier ones.
Then it doesn't matter.
-Hey, go ahead.
-Bae Jun-seong's pulmonary edema is severe
and he can't urinate.
He's on a ventilator now.
Really? What's his urine output?
The last time we checked,
it was only 10cc.
-I'm coming.
-When do you think you'll get here?
Sorry to rush you, but we need you.
See you in a minute.
We'll talk another time.
Did you check in on Kim Pil-seong?
How's his drainage and jaundice?
Yes, the drainage was 150cc.
Bilirubin level was 3.2.
It's dropped a bit.
I see.
I checked too. It doesn't look good.
-Dr. Kim Geon.
He received a liver transplant
three years ago,
and the surgery went well.
Then a year later, he received PTBD
due to biliary complications.
We removed it after six months,
and he was doing fine
until the bile duct problem recurred
two weeks ago.
Radiology tried doing PTBD three times
with a four-day interval in between,
but even their third attempt
yesterday failed
because they couldn't pass
the guide wire through.
Even the ERCP last week failed.
Then what option do we have left now?
-It wasn't even a difficult question.
All medical interventions failed,
so the patient needs surgery.
If we go ahead with it,
what's the name of the surgery?
Professor might ask you about it.
I'm helping you prepare for it.
Yes, thank you.
Hi, guys.
Let's go.
The PTBD we tried yesterday also failed.
We can keep on trying,
but it could cause infections or bleeding.
Another thing we can try is surgery.
I happen to have no surgery booked today,
and I think we should get it done soon.
Let's just do it today.
So we're finally resorting to surgery?
Yes. I know
you've heard this numerous times,
but the bile ducts
keep getting obstructed.
We used to be able to make do
with non-surgical procedures.
But not anymore, I'm afraid.
We'll perform surgery to connect
the ducts to the intestine.
You can think of it
as creating a new path.
Are we going to do it right away?
When did you have your last meal?
He's eaten nothing
since his dinner last night.
That's great.
As I have explained before,
twenty percent
of liver transplant patients experience
biliary complications
even if their surgery went well.
We can usually treat them
with non-surgical procedures,
but not in your case.
The sooner we treat this, the better.
We'll begin the surgery
as soon as you're ready.
Your doctor will go over everything with
you when you're signing the consent form.
-Let's do it in the morning.
Call Anesthesiology and let me know
when you finalize the time.
-Got it.
What's the name of this surgery?
Professor Shin Hui-seong in Radiology
said he was going to Busan today.
Should I ask someone else
to do the intraoperative ultrasound?
Right, they have a conference
in Busan this week.
Yes, they're taking turns to go there.
Someone else is here,
but he's not an abdominal radiologist.
Gosh, Professor Shin and I
have been treating this patient together.
Has he already left?
Anyway, all right.
Look who's here. My high school buddy
and first-year ER resident, Yeon Jae-min.
What brings you here?
I'm impressed.
You came to check in on the patient?
Yes. I really want to know how he's doing.
We struggled
to stabilize his vitals in the ER
-but managed to send him in for surgery.
-Just check his chart.
I wanted to check in person.
My gosh.
Hello, Doctor.
Have you eaten yet?
Yes, I have.
Mr. Ko Ju-hyeong, how are you feeling?
I feel great.
I slept very well last night.
I owe it all to you
and Professor Kim Jun-wan.
You saved my husband's life.
I didn't even do much.
Professor Kim is an amazing surgeon.
All I did was assist him.
My husband told me something.
When he was waking up from anesthesia,
he saw two blurry faces.
He doesn't remember anything else,
but he vividly remembers
the two faces looking at him like this.
He said he felt like
the prince in The Little Mermaid.
He thought to himself,
"I'm alive. These men saved my life."
Just as he was thinking that,
he fell asleep again.
The other professor of surgery
who was on duty that day
is also very famous.
Professor Lee Ik-jun, right?
He stopped by this morning.
I see. It's incredible that they happened
to be on duty together that day.
It's so awful that your husband was hit
by a drunk driver,
but he got very lucky with the surgery.
It's all thanks to you.
We'll never forget what you did for us.
And this is…
Have you left already?
Yes, I'm on the express bus now.
We just got on the highway. What's up?
Oh, boy.
What's going on?
Professor Shin,
Kim Pil-seong needs surgery.
We're going to perform
a hepaticojejunostomy in two hours.
I was wondering if you'd be able
to monitor the ultrasound.
I see. I'll come now.
My goodness. How?
You're already on the highway.
I'll make the bus turn around.
My goodness.
Anyway, all right. I'll figure it out.
I have no choice. Have a safe trip.
-All right.
Look at you eating so well.
You're a good eater now, Si-on.
I heard Si-on already had 300cc today.
Yes. After this, it'll be 350cc.
We should tell Si-on's mother
this amazing news right away.
Patient Ko Ju-hyeong?
The one who had emergency surgery?
Yes. I had no idea
until Hyo-ju told me yesterday.
Turns out,
he's her close friend's husband.
It's a friend that I had never met before.
I only heard about it yesterday.
She was so flustered
that she couldn't call me
until her husband moved to a regular ward.
She only thought of me then.
But she's curious about something, honey.
What is it?
She's realized that her husband
underwent two surgeries at the same time.
The ICU and the ER…
The past few days flashed before her eyes.
And she asked me to ask you something.
Out of all the challenging situations
in the past few days,
when was the most critical moment?
The abdominal surgery?
Or the heart surgery?
When was the most critical moment?
His case was a serious emergency,
so every moment was critical.
But if I were to pick
the most critical moment…
When do you think it was, Professor?
Really, Professor Ahn?
Yes. Si-on can eat
and swallow now, no problem.
Looks like it's almost time to go home.
If she's still eating
at this pace tomorrow,
you can take Si-on home
the day after tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, Professor Ahn.
Si-on is
going home for the very first time.
My gosh.
We owe it all to you.
You saved Si-on's life.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Professor Ahn.
To tell you the truth,
I've only been checking in
for five minutes twice a day
since the surgery.
Except for that five minutes,
Si-on received care
from the nurses in the NICU,
for 23 hours and 55 minutes each day.
I'm so glad Si-on is recovering
and can swallow now,
but 90 percent of the credit
should go to the nurses.
You should thank them, not me.
-Okay, we will.
Talk soon.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
No bile leak, right? Everything good?
Yes, the connection looks good.
Let's check the ultrasound.
Please have it ready.
Professor, we should check the ultrasound.
Professor Shin.
The artery looks good.
And the vessels…
They all look good. I'm relieved.
Yes. The vessels are okay,
so he'll recover soon.
Yes, he should recover.
The ER.
He might not have made it
had he not received
proper emergency treatment in the ER.
-I see.
-Our ER staff did a great job,
so he made it to the OR.
And that's why we were able to operate
on his heart and intestines.
So if I were to pick
the most critical moment,
my answer is the ER.
-Call CS and Surgery. Now.
-Yes, sir.
We drained some blood,
but his BP is still 70.
Is the chest tube ready?
Yes, sir.
I'll handle this patient.
Go take care of other ER patients.
Let me know if you need a hand.
Professor Lee Ik-jun
and Professor Kim Jun-wan are here.
How did you manage to come back?
I nearly jumped out of my skin
when you walked in.
Of course, I should be here
for my longtime patient.
And who'd do it if not me?
How did you get back?
I explained the situation
and got off at the nearest rest area,
then called a taxi.
My gosh.
Thank you so much.
I didn't want to come because of you
but I did it for the patient.
We've been treating him for two years,
so I wanted to be here.
All the failed PTBD attempts
had me worried.
My goodness.
Gosh, you!
Wait, I should do something. Stay put.
-My goodness.
I'll give you a neck massage.
Like this. Now, a scalp massage.
-The scalp.
-No! This hair cost me three million won.
-Come on! Liar.
-Hey, come and stand here.
You served the ball,
and I hit it like this.
Right? So what was the problem?
You're bringing it up again?
I told you. In table tennis,
you have to take turns.
Yes! You and I kept taking turns.
That's exactly what we did!
Professor, it looks like
Jae-min has gone AWOL.
I saw him in the smoking room.
What? He's there now?
This little…
Hey! Just leave him be.
He looks like an overthinker to me.
I'll go talk to him.
You should go home.
What is this?
Did you bring food from home?
Amazing! I was starving.
Let's have it together later.
Dr. Choi is almost here too.
Wait, when did you have time to cook?
You were here all day with me.
I understand why
that hurt your feelings. I get it.
Do you never feel that way?
I was really upset.
I felt like the Little Mermaid.
"I've been there too. I know you're upset,
but try to understand."
I should probably be telling you
something like this to comfort you.
But frankly, I've never thought that way.
I'm happy when we get good results.
It doesn't matter who gets the credit.
If we manage to give
effective emergency treatment
and save the patient, that's enough.
That's rewarding enough for me.
We don't help patients
expecting something in return.
Besides, do the patients need
to know things like that?
We just need to do our best.
And if the patients recover well
because of that,
we've done our job.
If you're still hurt…
I know you did a great job.
I know,
and so do Dr. Kang So-ye,
the chief, and Hui-su.
So shake it off
and get back to work, you brat.
Sebastian and your other friends
are swamped right now.
Yes, sir.
-You must be hungry.
-What is it?
-My gosh!
-It's gimbap.
-It looks so good.
-What's that?
Oh, what is this?
-Yubu chobap?
-It looks amazing.
-It looks delicious.
-My gosh.
To all the nurses in the NICU
who always work so hard.
Thanks to you, who looked after Si-on
like your own child,
Si-on can now eat and swallow
and has gained weight too.
We can finally take Si-on home.
It must not have been easy.
-Thank you for your warm love and care
-Eat up.
and for being Si-on's best friend
for such a long time.
What is that?
Thank you so much again for all your help.
-What's that?
-We'll remember you forever.
We love you.
I realized something
after this health scare.
The things I said to you
when you were ill
probably didn't comfort you at all.
What did you say back then?
See? You don't even remember.
"You have no regrets left in life?
Don't be like that. You're only 70."
Right, it's coming back to me now.
When I was sick,
I refused to listen
to what others were saying.
Everyone gets like that.
All I could think was
how futile and boring life was.
I couldn't listen
to what anyone was saying.
So, Rosa,
stop nagging the people around you.
Think only about your life
and just have fun every day.
Yes, I will.
I'm so happy I got back into piano.
I should've done it sooner.
I want to start something too.
You inspired me. I want to
learn to cook.
That said,
let me make dinner this evening.
Did you take the day off again?
You'll get fired at this rate.
What is wrong with you?
You're a lazy bum. Do you know that?
Hey, you took a day off last week too.
And yesterday, you complained
about your knee pain and left early.
Diligence is the only thing
we can count on at this age.
Do you arrive at work on time?
If you can't even keep
such small promises,
the youngsters won't want
to work with you.
And don't tell me you demand that
everyone join team dinners on Fridays.
-Watch your step.
-That's bad manners.
Everyone goes away on weekends.
They leave on Friday nights.
Gosh, look at those dark clouds.
It'll pour down again.
They said to expect showers all day.
Let's hurry home.
Actually, no. Let's walk slowly.
Hey, I can walk well now.
Hey, wait!
Wait up, traitor!
Gosh, seriously.
What? Oh, gosh.
Good things can indeed come out
of bad situations.
What do you mean?
Because of my mom's condition,
all three of my brothers
have been calling her every morning.
My brothers and I
aren't that affectionate.
We always tell our parents,
"No news is good news."
But we're gathering
for a family meal this weekend too.
That's only natural.
How's your mom?
She's okay. She's come to accept it.
She's taking her meds and has been
coming in for her appointments.
Oh, it's raining.
No, it's not.
It is.
Come on.
My gosh.
-Hey, be careful here.
It's like a hurdle.
Think of this as a hurdle race.
I see about three more.
Well, you can do it.
Just jump over them.
We can pick something else now.
We can play any song right away.
I'm going to sing this song.
It's my birthday today.
Okay, do it.
Go for it, Song-hwa!
You've fallen for me
In the dazzling spotlight
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
Don't just smile and answer me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
On this exciting Saturday night
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
Just tell me honestly
You're playing hard to get
To grab my attention
But I won't fall for it
You've fallen for me
What are those eyes trying to tell me?
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
Dance for me
The moment our eyes met
I felt the passionate spark
If you want me to
I'll go take the stars
Out of the sky for you
Kiss me on the cheek
Introduce me to someone nice
Can we meet? I have something to give you.
You want to meet up?
Where are we meeting?
If you want me to
I'll go take the stars
Out of the sky for you
Kiss me on the cheek
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
-You've fallen for me
You have fallen
For me
Sorry, something's come up.
I'll see you another time.
They're amazing.
They must be busy with work,
but they still have band practice.
I'll choose the song
because it's my birthday.
-Practice hard, okay?
Tomorrow's dress code
is "black and chain."
But why did they name their band
Gongnyong Ridge?
They started as a hiking club.
I said I'm not going to go there.
Don't even think about it.
So you still have one more chance?
But I think you'll succeed this time.
It's the last chance I have.
I really need to succeed this time.
I knew it, bear.
How is your mother doing?
You're the only person. Do you know that?
You're the only person who didn't ask me
why we don't have children.
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