Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 10

It's me, Jae-hak.
-Hey, go ahead.
-Bae Jun-seong's pulmonary edema is severe
and he can't urinate.
He's on a ventilator now.
Really? What's his urine output?
The last time we checked,
it was only 10cc.
-I'm coming.
-When do you think you'll get here?
Sorry to rush you, but we need you.
See you in a minute.
Thank you.
No problem.
What are you doing here?
Did this patient leave?
Ik-jun's sister? Do you know her?
Yes. Did she leave?
She left earlier.
The IV was done a while ago.
I guess your families are super close too.
My fever's gone,
and I feel much better,
so I'm heading home now.
I'll call you, Jun-wan.
But not for a while
because I'll be busy with my training.
I'll make sure I'll call you soon though.
I wanted to text you
as you're probably busy now.
It's nice to take a quick break like this.
Look at us chilling
and enjoying this ice cream.
Get this. I'm even going out
for dinner with my wife later.
We're busy with surgeries
but don't have any primary care patients.
And the number of
emergency calls has dropped.
With a schedule like this,
I actually have time to do things.
I can take half of the weekend off.
You guys are saying that
because you have no idea.
Just wait and see. It'll only get worse.
Come to think of it, they're amazing.
They must be busy with work,
but they still have band practice.
They still do it, right?
Yes. They're practicing again
after work today.
None of them is on duty for once,
so they'll have dinner together
and practice.
How do you know so much?
Of course, I should know this much.
You didn't know?
Come on. Why should I know those things?
They're taking Professor Chae's car.
They'll be rushed,
so they'll pick up dinner on the way.
But why did they name their band
Gongnyong Ridge?
I'm curious too.
They started as a hiking club.
Jeong-won loves hiking
and likes the Dinosaur Ridge.
He wanted to take them there,
hence the name.
"Gongnyong" as in "Dinosaur."
I heard that trail is very tough.
Yes. That's why
they still haven't gone there.
They always just go to the entrance
and come back after taking pictures.
Professor Chae is going
to Mount Seorak next month.
Yes. Not past the entrance though.
It's a hiking club.
They're not a band.
They just eat bibimbap together.
I said I'm not going to go there.
Don't even think about it.
My eyes get dry so easily.
I can't go hiking!
Mountains should be admired, not climbed.
I'm not going. Never!
But we named our band "Gongnyong Ridge."
Shouldn't we go at least once?
Let's just go up
to the Biseondae Peak, then.
Even kids go there.
We're not dumb.
Don't you dare suggest trails
that only pros take.
Just give up already.
Seriously, I swear.
That trail is super easy.
My sister went there in her cancan skirt.
Look it up!
He doesn't know
how to look things up on the Internet.
Don't offend Jun-wan.
"Biseondae Peak"?
Even the name sounds scary.
Oh, there she is.
I'm hungry! Get in, quick.
What? What is it?
-What are you doing? Hey!
-Let's just go!
-Come on. Let's go.
-No! Hold on.
-Just get in.
I don't want to sit in the middle.
Hey, you go ahead.
-You get in first--
-Hey, seriously!
Do we have enough time?
It'll be almost 9 p.m. after dinner.
Then we won't be done until 11 p.m.
We'll pick up dinner
at the drive-through on the way.
What are we getting?
We'll be there in seven minutes.
Tell me what you guys want.
-What was the name of the burger?
-The new one.
-I know what I want!
-I want…
-I want the 1955 Burger.
Me too! The 1955 Burger.
-Don't copy me.
-I'm getting the combo.
-I want a VS too.
-Me too.
And a bulgogi burger combo.
-What's "VS"?
-Vanilla shake.
-I want an SS!
-How clever.
And one Spicy Shanghai Burger combo
with large fries.
-I want large fries too.
-Me too!
-What about chicken nuggets?
-Of course! Order 30.
Order me an extra burger
on top of my double bulgogi.
-What about you?
-No! I want an egg bulgogi burger.
What are you getting, Song-hwa?
I don't want to
hear you guys say another word.
I see the sign now.
I'll give you a minute.
Figure out what you want. Then take turns
and tell me exactly what you want.
No changes are allowed.
Don't babble away, okay?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
Hello, what would you like to order?
Hello, it'll be a big order.
I'm sorry. I'll speak slowly.
Don't worry. It's okay.
We'd like three 1955 Burger combos,
one Spicy Shanghai Burger combo,
and one egg bulgogi combo.
All with large French fries.
Can we get Sprite instead of Coke
for just one of the combos?
Sure. Anything else?
We'd also like two vanilla shakes
and one strawberry shake.
And two chicken mozzarella burgers.
Just the burger, not the combo.
We'd also like
five of the six-piece nuggets. That's it.
Let me make sure I got everything.
Three large combos…
That took me back to our resident days,
when she used to
notify the others. My gosh.
Do you know what's crazier?
Jeong-won's been holding the credit card
like that for five minutes.
That's a huge improvement.
He used to pull out the card
in the parking lot at Yulje.
Be quiet.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
All right.
Did we order seven burgers?
Yes. The piggies ordered two burgers each.
You know it's my birthday
next month, right? It's very soon.
Of course, we remember.
It's pretty close to Song-hwa's birthday.
-Is it a weekday?
Can we get together on the weekend prior?
I'm busy on weekdays.
Sure, no problem. I prefer that too.
But what about it?
Do you also have a song you want to sing?
Yes, I do.
I'll choose the song
because it's my birthday.
Practice hard, okay?
-Which song is it?
-What's the title?
It's my life
-We can't play that.
No way.
Andrea. You're on board, right?
I know you'll do it.
Well, I think…
I don't think it's a terrible idea.
Hey, let's use your phone.
-For what?
-The reservation.
Right, sure.
Jeong-won, I washed them twice
and put them in a strainer.
Good job. Take a seat.
-Have we booked a place to stay?
-We're doing it now.
Jun-wan, you can book accommodation
right away using your phone like this.
No need to physically go
to a travel agency.
Just like booking those bus tickets?
Well, I guess?
Hurry up. It's only a few days away.
-Should I do it?
-No, I got it.
-Are we having a barbecue?
-Of course!
Let's book a guesthouse or a B&B.
Yes. We need at least
two rooms and two bathrooms.
Sure thing.
I'll find the most perfect place.
This is nice.
By the entrance to Mount Seorak.
Nice. Let's book it. It's by the entrance.
But it says
it's 7km away from Mount Seorak.
It is in front of the entrance,
but it's 7km away from the mountain.
It's written right here.
I appreciate the honesty. Let's book it.
Check the reviews.
It's good.
I'll book it, then.
By the way, what are they doing?
This one's nice.
Shopping for leather pants.
Check the cart.
I bet there's a ton of stuff there.
Jun-wan, I'm not talking
about an actual shopping cart.
I meant the virtual one.
You prick.
Yes. She's doing much better now.
I visited her last weekend.
Why don't you call her now
if you're that worried?
Hey, I'm busy now. I have to go.
All right.
-It's okay.
My siblings have been calling me nonstop
since my mom's health scare.
They're worried
but can't look after her now,
so they keep calling
and bombarding me with questions.
Why did they enter the convent, then?
How is your mother doing?
She's doing much better now.
-She can go out alone now.
-I see. I'm glad to hear that.
Isn't your brother's wedding
just around the corner?
Yes, it's next month.
Ask him if he needs anything.
Maybe some home appliances.
I want to get him a nice gift.
I'm sure they already have everything.
There must be a thing or two
they still need.
I have surgery.
You're meeting up with Dr. Chu?
Nice, that's great.
Make sure you ask Ga-eul, okay?
See you later.
So your friend
has agreed to be your donor?
I see, okay. Well…
Mr. Kang Chan-dong,
you have liver cirrhosis
on top of your cancer recurrence.
Your liver is barely functioning,
so a liver transplant
is the best solution now.
I'm very glad that your friend mustered up
the courage to do this for you.
It truly is great news, but…
In this case,
since the donor is not your family,
you'll have to go through
a lengthy screening process
to rule out any financial incentives
or other ulterior motives.
Hospitals used to handle it
at their own discretion,
but to prevent illegal activities
such as organ trafficking,
a governmental organization called KONOS
manages this process now.
We'll have to prepare
all the materials they need
to get your application approved.
I really am his friend, Doctor.
Of course, I believe you.
But you need to go through this process
and get it approved to be his donor.
How long will it take though?
He's on the verge of death.
Our coordinator will go through
the details with you.
But I'm just wondering…
How do we prove
that we're close friends?
Where are you going?
-To see Hwang Du-na.
-At the physical therapy room?
Yes. Last time I saw her,
she still couldn't walk well
and was struggling to get words out.
But it's been a while,
so I want to check in on her
and also talk to Professor Jang.
Professor Chae! Hello.
This must be hard for you.
No, it's okay.
Du-na is doing much better now.
She can sit down
and stand up on her own now.
She's relying on a walking cane,
but it's still a huge improvement.
She couldn't even stand up a month ago.
Has she been
practicing speaking in her room?
Yes. I keep talking to her
to help her practice.
That's great.
Then I'll go see how Du-na is doing.
She's doing much better
compared to the last time I saw her.
She couldn't walk
or even stand up on her own.
Her right leg
is recovering fairly quickly,
but the fine motor skills
of her right hand aren't back yet.
And language skills
are the slowest to recover.
That said, we're going to focus
on speech therapy from now on.
I'm going to count from one.
One, two.
Let's step out for some fresh air.
So you still have one more chance?
But I think you'll succeed this time.
Just go for it.
It's the last chance I have.
I really need to succeed this time.
And since this is my last chance,
I don't want to do it here
looking like this.
I want to look decent and presentable
when I confess my feelings.
I really do.
Hold on. What happened to you today?
I look like a mess, don't I?
I had two night shifts in a row.
I had to wash my hair for the first time
in two days but had no shampoo.
So I used the soap I found
by the cleaning supply cabinet,
and my hair now has a life of its own.
The cleansing power was something else.
I really don't want
to run into Professor Yang today.
Starting this week,
it's Professor Yeom Se-hee's turn anyway,
so if I'm lucky,
I may not bump into him at all today.
Hey, Jang Gyeo-ul!
-Hi, Chuchu.
-Have you eaten yet?
I had lunch with Professor Ahn.
Good. What about you, Dr. Chu?
I ate with my juniors.
Why didn't you have lunch with Chuchu?
I ate with you because
you wanted to have lunch with me.
We'll let you get back
to your conversation. See you.
Okay, see you.
Gyeo-ul, let's go
to the convenience store.
What do you need?
His friend wants to donate his liver?
That's unheard of.
It's rare but does happen
from time to time.
He has cirrhosis in addition
to his liver cancer recurrence.
He has no children.
His wife got the test done but can't do it
due to her cardiovascular condition.
He has one brother,
but he's a hepatitis B carrier,
so he can't do it either.
So knowing none of his family members
can be a living donor for him,
both he and I were very worried.
But he brought his friend
to his appointment today
and said he'd do it for him.
Do you think the donor is
perhaps being forced to do it?
No, not at all.
I had a talk with the donor.
He said that wasn't the case at all.
They grew up together
and are best friends.
They still need to go
through the screening process,
but I think
they really are best friends.
Won't the process be more complicated
since they're not family?
Yes, totally. It'll be very difficult.
Some donors die during the surgery.
In Korea, the surgery is
considered safe for donors,
but there have been cases abroad
where the donor died.
In some cases,
the remaining liver fails to function
even if the donor had
no prior health conditions,
so the donor also ends up
receiving a liver transplant.
That gives you an idea
of how difficult and risky the surgery is.
Would you still like to be a living donor?
Yes, I want to. If I don't, he'll die.
Is it very risky?
I'm just telling you
what the possible risks are.
Our professors always pay extra attention
to the donor surgery
to make sure it's safe.
And most living donors are able to go back
to their normal daily activities
after the surgery.
But I can't say you'll feel exactly
the same as you did before the surgery.
You may feel some discomfort.
Okay. I still want to do it.
You broke it off?
Your wedding is next month,
and you broke off the engagement?
It wasn't me.
She broke it off.
The thing is, I saw it coming.
When I told her about our family,
she said she didn't care
but seemed pretty shocked.
I think she told her parents
about it last week.
I mean, she had to.
With the wedding coming up so soon,
they obviously wanted to know
why her future father-in-law
wouldn't be attending.
They probably grilled her about it.
So she told them everything.
That her future father-in-law
hit her future mother-in-law
to the point that she ended up
with a broken nose, a rib fracture,
and a ruptured eardrum.
And that
he's in jail now.
Honestly, I get it.
Who'd be okay with that?
I'd disapprove of it too.
It's actually a relief.
I really saw this coming.
Things haven't been that great between us
since I told her about Dad.
The way she was looking at me…
I felt like she was wondering
if I was like Dad too.
I guess I'm just insecure.
I'm such a loser.
Maybe I shouldn't have told her.
I should have just kept it from her.
You had to tell her.
She was bound to find out anyway.
I'm sorry.
I feel bad that there's nothing I can do.
Why are you sorry?
I'm okay. Like I said, I saw it coming.
I feel much better now that I've told you.
Well, I'll figure out
how to handle the situation.
I'll just tell Mom
that we had a big fight.
I'll tell her I got sick of Min-jin
and called off the wedding.
Just keep that in mind.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Why do you keep saying sorry?
I know how busy you are at work,
and you barely have time to sleep
because you've been looking after Mom.
I'm sorry.
I'll try to take better care of Mom too.
When did you grow up so much?
I'll be promoted
to assistant manager soon. I'm an adult.
I can't think about anything else
but Mom now.
I knew about it.
When Mom called me once in a while,
I could tell right away from her voice.
But I ignored it.
"That can't be. I'm worried for nothing."
I turned a blind eye to it.
I avoided dealing with her situation.
I feel so bad for doing that to Mom.
It must have been like hell,
but I left her alone in that situation.
I feel so terrible.
I can't forgive myself for it.
I know that you're really hurt too,
but I'm only going to
think about Mom for now.
I'm sorry.
Hurry up, Jong-su.
The noodles will swell up.
Let me put this on top.
All right.
Here you go.
Let's see how good you are, Mr. Ju.
The color looks good.
It's so delicious.
Isn't it great? I'm so surprised.
Jong-su. I mean, Mr. Ju.
It's so good.
My gosh. Who knew
you were such a good cook?
-You should try it too, Jong-su.
Did you make the sauce too?
You didn't buy it?
I followed Mr. Paik's recipe.
No wonder it's so good.
Still, it's not easy
to make it this tasty.
You have the talent, Mr. Ju.
What will you make next?
Next time, I'll make
rice topped with fried eggplant.
Rosa, can I come over again next week?
Of course. Come over every weekend.
Don't stay home alone and order in.
Come and eat with us every weekend.
Cook for us every weekend. Please?
You're such a good cook.
Sure, I'd love to. It'll make me happy.
I had a big fight
with my eldest son yesterday,
so I've been depressed all day.
But cooking the noodles
and making this sauce
helped me get it off my mind for a moment.
What happened? You were excited
that he was returning to Korea.
He's opening a clinic with his friends.
He said they'll co-own the clinic.
And he outright asked for money.
Not just to help out.
He demanded again that I give him
the money he'll inherit down the road.
I was speechless.
I said no right away
but couldn't sleep all night.
It made me angry
and sad.
Again? Gosh, that must have
really hurt your feelings.
I'd rather have him stay there
and never move back.
I'd feel more at ease
if he and his family stayed in the US.
But he's your son. It'd be better
to keep him close and see him often.
So your son is coming back,
while Seok-hyeong might be leaving soon.
What do you mean?
What should I do, Rosa?
Seok-hyeong might have to move to the US.
Jeong-won didn't say that.
I don't think he has told his friends yet.
He brought it up at our dinner last night.
There's a great training opportunity
in the US, so he applied for it.
-He said he'll most likely get it.
-My goodness.
But I can't live without Seok-hyeong.
We don't live together,
but we have a meal together every weekend.
It's my only joy in life.
What should I do? Is there
anything I can do to make him stay?
I'm not sure.
Once he sets his mind on something,
he does it.
Who are you going to
have lunch with today?
With my friends, probably. Why?
Oh, okay.
Join us. You know them too.
I have plans for lunch.
My wife is stopping by to see her friend,
so I'll have lunch with her.
Then why did you ask me?
I was going to ask you to join us
if you were going to eat alone.
Jeez, mind your own business.
-You're the only person. Do you know that?
-What do you mean?
You're the only person who didn't ask me
why we don't have children.
Why should I be curious?
I don't even have time
to deal with my problems.
To each their own. Why should I care?
My wife and I are the same age.
We got married
after dating for over three years.
I was still in school,
so we had to live off her single income
and also send money to our parents,
which was very tough.
So at the beginning,
we said we'd hold off on having kids.
Then about five years into the marriage,
we decided to have a baby
because we both love kids.
But once we made up our mind,
we struggled to conceive.
We tried so hard.
It was very stressful for my wife.
Then last year,
on her 40th birthday,
she announced that she decided…
that she won't have a baby.
She said she was exhausted
physically and mentally.
She told me she wanted to live
a fun life with me, just the two of us.
I agreed right away.
I always wanted a kid,
but I'd hate to see my wife
stressed out.
Professor, do you know
what I enjoy the most?
I'm supposed to be curious, right?
Having a beer at home with my wife
after work and chatting with her.
I'd complain about my co-workers
and talk about the surgeries I did.
We'd talk about her co-workers
while bad-mouthing our families together.
We talk about all sorts of stuff.
It'd be nice to have a kid,
but I also enjoy this life
with my wife who's like my best friend.
When I'm with her,
I feel so comfortable,
and we have so much fun together.
I'm sorry. I totally babbled away.
I envy you.
I envy you two.
We have the results from the first test.
Based on the results,
you are a good match.
Then can we proceed with the surgery?
No. There are many things
we need from you.
But first, I want to let you know
that my job is to suspect your motives.
I understand you two are close friends,
but I'm in the position
where I must suspect your motives.
I hope you understand.
I'm going to ask you
for many different documents.
Once you see the list,
you'll probably think,
"Why must you ask for documents
that we can't get?"
But KONOS needs all those documents.
Here's a list of documents
we need from you within a week.
How many do you have?
My gosh. I have six.
And I heard you've been friends
since high school.
Then in addition
to your graduation certificates,
we'll also need proof that
you were actually close even back then.
We'll need a photo of you together
back in your high school days.
I'm not sure if we've kept…
our old photos.
And if you've been friends
for 30 years since high school,
I'm sure you attended each other's wedding
and other celebratory occasions.
We need photos or videos
that can prove your attendance.
Some may suspect
that you reconnected recently
because of this
even if you can prove that you two
knew each other back in high school.
So we'll need it as evidence
to rule out such suspicion.
I see. But I didn't have anyone
film my wedding.
Then just submit photos from your wedding.
I got married just a few years ago,
so I have it recorded on video.
I can bring it.
Thank you. Please check
that you have the correct amount.
Don't tell me
you only took out 10,000 won.
No. I took out 100,000 won.
Why are you trying
to pick a fight with me again?
Why do you need cash?
10,000-won bills at that.
-We have a team dinner this evening.
-Right, we do.
We'll be out until late,
so it's for the residents' taxi rides.
-Isn't it exhausting being you?
-No, not at all.
Isn't your head about to explode
because of all your thoughts?
I do think a lot, but my thoughts are
compartmentalized in an organized manner.
Why? What are you trying to say?
Nothing. I was going to
make fun of you but gave up
because you're so serious.
"Withholding tax"?
Yes. We need to know
your total income for the previous year.
If you've filed your income taxes,
we need documents that prove it.
If you're an employee,
you can submit your statement of earnings.
It'll help if I make more
than Chan-dong does, right?
Yes. It'll certainly reduce
the chance of misunderstandings.
Hey, how much do you make?
Gosh, my income…
I wanted to keep it from this chump
until the day I die.
Why? Do you not make that much?
Clearly, I make more than you do.
My income is higher, so don't worry.
Last year, my property taxes alone
came to ten million won.
I make about 200 million won a year.
Pay for all my meals.
-What's wrong?
-My stomach's been upset since last night.
I think it's getting worse.
Let me take you to the ER.
Okay. I threw up everything.
My stomach hurts so much.
Gosh, it really hurts.
Let's go.
My gosh.
You'll feel better in no time
once it kicks in.
Okay. Thank goodness this happened
when I was at the hospital.
I was lucky, right?
"Lucky"? You're in the ER now
because you were in pain.
It's nothing serious. I'd call this lucky.
Hey. This must have been
stressful for you.
Sorry. You're so busy
but even have to look after me now.
Thank you.
No problem. We've been getting
a few acute enteritis patients lately.
It was probably caused by something
you ate, so watch what you eat.
we have your urinalysis results.
What is it?
Is it something bad?
No, it's not that.
It came back positive for HCG.
What does that mean, honey?
You mean, she's pregnant?
Yes. You tested positive for pregnancy.
You both had no idea, right?
Yes. We didn't think
we'd conceive a baby.
Book an appointment
while she's getting the IV
so she can see an OB-GYN.
Is Seok-hyeong available today?
You should see him.
No, it's okay. I can call him.
-Thank you, Professor.
-All right. Get some rest.
I don't want to drive.
Let's take your car.
Sure. Let's take mine
and Seok-hyeong's car.
Hey, why are you here?
This is my office.
I know that, but you said
the surgery would take long.
We managed to get the bleeding
under control pretty quickly.
What was that about the cars?
I asked him whose cars we were taking
to Mount Seorak this weekend.
We'll take mine and Seok-hyeong's.
What time should we leave?
We'll discuss it in the group chat.
There's no need.
We're going on a package tour,
so don't worry about any of that.
What's that?
"Gongnyong Ridge's Mount Seorak Itinerary"
made by Jeong-won.
From whose cars we're taking
to which rest areas we'll stop at,
when we'd need to fill gas,
and which restaurants we'll eat at,
everything's here.
I'm getting a little scared.
At least he didn't make
a list of public restrooms.
Gapyeong and Naerincheon.
We'll stop at those two rest areas,
and underneath it,
it says, "Use the restroom here,"
with an asterisk.
Should we tell Gyeo-ul to run away?
I'm not young,
and I wasn't expecting
to get pregnant at all.
This was totally unexpected,
so my husband and I will need to discuss
whether or not we want to keep the baby.
First, let's talk about
your ultrasound results.
You got a positive result
in your urinalysis.
But sometimes, it can be a false-positive,
so we did the ultrasound to make sure.
You are pregnant.
Everything looks good with the baby.
It's all settled in the womb.
Judging from the size of the baby,
I think you're
a little over ten weeks pregnant.
You had no idea?
My periods are very irregular,
so I didn't know.
When I missed my period,
I just thought it was premature menopause.
I never even thought I could be pregnant.
Your uterine walls
are on the thicker side,
but we'll see how it goes.
They recorded this video for you.
That's how your baby is moving
inside your womb now.
Babies move quite a bit even at week ten.
This is the baby's head,
and this is the torso.
You see the arms here
and the legs over here.
We checked the fetal heart rate too,
and it's within the normal range.
Just right for week ten.
The fetus is still quite small,
measuring about 3cm in length.
But you can see its tiny hands and feet,
and its heart and other major organs
are formed in this stage.
It must be difficult for you,
but I have to say your baby looks
very healthy and active.
Professor Yang,
my wife and I will have to discuss--
When should I start taking folic acid?
Do you think I can have a vaginal birth?
A C-section would be fine too.
Then when is our baby due?
December 2.
As for deciding between
a vaginal birth and a C-section,
we'll have to wait
to check the baby's position,
so we'll decide later.
Start taking folic acid right away.
At least 400 micrograms a day.
I'll prescribe you some today.
You're not young, and your uterine walls
are on the thicker side,
so don't miss your appointments
and take good care of yourself.
I will, Professor.
Do you have any other questions?
I feel a lump in my breast.
It's been a few months.
Do you think
that's caused by the pregnancy?
Does it hurt?
Only one side?
Or do you feel them on both sides?
Just the right side.
It can happen mid-pregnancy
because the cells in the mammary gland
start proliferating rapidly.
But you're still in the early stage,
so I don't think it's that.
Why don't you see
a breast surgeon just in case?
Dr. Do, she should see a breast surgeon
today since she's already here.
I think that'd be the best.
Okay, I'll make sure.
I'm going to Seoul to attend
my friend's wedding this Sunday.
I'm taking Monday off.
Are you free for dinner on Monday?
I have one surgery,
but I'll be done before 6 p.m.
It should be fine.
How does 6:30 p.m. sound?
Sure, sounds good.
I'll meet you in front of the hospital.
Actually, Ik-jun told me there is
a good steakhouse across the street.
Shall we just meet there?
Feel free to suggest a place.
Anywhere is fine by me.
It's "The Steakhouse
in Front of the Hospital."
It's literally across the street.
You won't miss it.
Then I'll see you there
on Monday at 6:30 p.m.
Sure, sounds good. See you next week.
Dr. Jang.
-You're coming with us, right?
The team dinner. We're leaving now.
You guys go ahead.
I'll leave right after I make this call.
We'll wait for you.
It's okay. Go ahead and have dinner.
Mom. You called me, right?
Is Ga-eul there yet? Did you have dinner?
Yes, I did.
Ga-eul picked up some galbitang,
so we had that together.
I'm just going to go back
to Gwangju next week.
I'm okay now. I'm fully recovered.
Sweetheart, I know
how hard you had to study
to become a doctor and make it this far.
You can't focus on work
these days because of me.
I'm sorry.
I'm fine,
so just focus on your work now.
I'm afraid you'd get on the wrong side
of your higher-ups.
I am staying focused,
and I'm doing a good job at work.
I'm no longer a resident,
so I have more time now.
And I've gotten the hang of it,
so I'm more relaxed these days.
So please don't worry about me.
Think only about yourself, Mom.
You haven't fully recovered yet.
I'm fine now.
I can eat on my own,
and I sleep just fine now.
I can do everything on my own.
Why should I bother my busy daughter
when I can do everything myself?
I don't want to be a burden.
Gyeo-ul, your so-called family…
is just bogging you down.
Don't worry about me, sweetheart.
I'll be fine on my own,
so just live your life.
That will make me happy enough.
Okay, Mom.
So you're adamant about
going back to Gwangju.
Then I'll hand in my resignation tomorrow
and go with you.
Gyeo-ul, please.
If you go back to Gwangju,
I'll quit my job and move to Gwangju too.
If you want your dear daughter
to keep working at the hospital,
don't ever say again
that you'll go back to Gwangju alone.
I can't be happy if you're not happy, Mom.
So please…
If you truly care about me,
stay with me.
Stay with me and Ga-eul.
Just live with us, Mom.
Okay, Mom?
I haven't eaten yet.
I'm going to head out now to have dinner.
I won't be home late.
I'll head home right after dinner.
All right, Mom.
Where were you?
I called you a bunch of times.
Let's go. Everyone else has left already.
Has the other car left yet?
Yes. He picked up Jeong-won
at Yulje just now.
Yulje? Why?
He had to pick up a package.
What about U-ju? Is Auntie
staying with him the whole weekend?
Why didn't you bring him?
Someone else took him.
-Mo-ne's dad.
Mo-ne's dad? Are they going camping again?
He goes camping so often
that I was curious where he worked,
but my curiosity has been answered.
What does he do?
He's a TV producer.
Thank you, every single time.
I owe you another one.
Hello. Hi, U-ju.
It's no problem at all.
Mo-ne and Ma-ne love playing with U-ju,
so this helps me.
Well, if you don't mind me asking,
where do you work? I'm just curious.
What do you do? You go camping every week.
Right, U-ju also told me
that you're an amazing game host.
I'm a producer.
A TV producer.
Hold on. I thought you looked
familiar the last time.
Are you Na Young-seok? You are, right?
I'm Jang Young-seok.
Right, your surname is Jang.
Sorry about that.
Jang Mo-ne, Jang Ma-ne. Right.
It's all right.
But you look so much like him.
You look just like Na Young-seok.
I'm offended.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Come on, U-ju. Let's go.
Today, I brought a squeaky toy hammer.
I'm really sorry.
No need to apologize.
You already offended me anyway.
You just look so much like…
I'm so sorry. That was rude of me.
Will we make it to Sokcho today
without any issues?
I'd say it's 50-50.
Do you want me to drive?
No, it's not that.
Chances are, at least one of us
will get a call from work on the way.
-Professor, patient Hyun Byeong-mo
received catheter drainage
due to ICH four days ago.
His mental status is stupor now,
and his right pupil has dilated to 0.5.
What about vitals and breathing?
The patient keeps vomiting bile.
It's an ER patient that came in
due to severe abdominal pain.
I think it's volvulus. We need you here.
I'll head back right away.
I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Book an OR first.
It's a TA patient with a liver laceration.
An angio was done to stop the bleeding,
but they're transferring
the patient to us now
as the transplant was done here.
Okay, I'm coming now.
Let's go eat something first.
We should check in first.
Make yourself at home.
Call us if you need anything.
-Okay, thank you.
-No problem.
This is for you.
They're from our garden.
Help yourself if you need more.
-This looks great. Thank you.
-You're welcome.
By the way,
I guess Cheol-u isn't here now?
Did he go out with his friends?
This place is called Cheol-u's Guesthouse.
I'm Cheol-u.
My gosh, I'm sorry.
I assumed you named it after your kid.
It's okay. Many people think that.
Our family has been running
a guesthouse for two generations.
I see.
You guys are our last guests of the year.
We're closing soon for renovations.
But it's nice and clean here.
Apparently, this isn't
the type of decor the young people like.
Our daughter has been
pestering us about it.
She sent us a big chunk of money,
so it'll start next month.
She works at a big hospital in Seoul--
Honey, please. You're too chatty today.
-Let's go. Sorry! Rest up.
Have a good day.
-You too!
-Keep the door closed.
Where's the meat?
I'm hungry. Let's have some ramyeon first.
Just have the meat.
It'll take forever to set it all up.
Let's have ramyeon now. The meat can wait.
Why are you staring
at their family portrait?
-Are you jealous?
-No, it's not that.
She just looks so familiar.
-This high school girl.
I've definitely seen her somewhere before.
She looks familiar.
You really didn't know when you booked it?
No, we had no idea.
Is it really owned by Dr. Chu's parents?
Yes. Her photos are
everywhere in the house.
The noodles will swell up. Come and eat.
What a coincidence. I should tell Gyeo-ul.
Does Dr. Chu know yet?
I don't think so. There's no way
that bear already called her.
Hey, the noodles are getting all soggy.
I like soggy noodles.
You do? Why?
We never see eye to eye.
We're just so different.
-Do we have any pickled radish?
-Eat kimchi.
Professor Yang is there now?
Yes. They booked it randomly
but just found out your parents own it.
-Cheol-u's Guesthouse, right?
-Yes, that's right.
Is that your brother's name?
No, it's my dad's name.
I see.
Hey, Gyeo-ul. I'll call you back. Okay.
My love, you're working on the weekend.
You must be tired. Love you, sweetie.
-Mom, the guests who just arrived.
-They're professors from Yulje.
-Really? Seriously?
One of them is my professor,
the one who's advising me on my thesis.
He's the professor I admire the most.
Who? Which one of the two?
The one who looks like a bear.
A bear?
You'd know right away.
That was 263m.
-That sound was just amazing, wasn't it?
All right. On the left…
-Hand over the remote.
-Let's watch New Journey to the West.
-I'm watching golf.
-That's not even live.
-You'll be watching a rerun too.
How did you know?
I didn't know. You fell for my trick.
Watch it on your phone.
You do it all the time.
Why would I, when there's this huge TV?
You use your phone.
No, this is perfect.
The distance was good,
but it curved to the right.
You see, the sound of the drivers…
That resonance.
-It sounds incredible.
It'll help you enjoy the match even more.
Professors, sorry to bother you.
You should try this,
if you're not in bed yet.
You're in Sokcho,
so you should have some sashimi.
-My gosh, thank you.
-Thank you.
It was caught today,
and we made this just now.
You can't have sashimi like this in Seoul.
This is too much. Why don't you join us?
Gosh, no. We eat this often.
Please join us.
We can have a drink together too.
Well, shall we? Let's join them, honey.
What are you talking about?
I need antacids for my indigestion.
Thank you, but it's okay.
Thank you so much
for visiting our guesthouse, Professors.
-Gosh, thank you.
-We're so glad to be here.
Please take good care of Min-ha.
Of course, but she's very good at her job.
Min-ha told me over and over
that you can rarely take time off.
She told me not to bother you.
Well, get some rest.
-Thank you for this.
-You're welcome.
Enjoy. It's… Good night.
-Let's go. Come on!
Come on!
I want a drink. Beer?
Soju, obviously.
-Isn't it hot? Should we open the window?
-I'm cold.
Let's just go to bed.
We should finish this. You can go to bed.
Hey, Jae-hak. Where are they at now?
They just started working
on the wiring, Professor.
I think we can start in about an hour.
Oh, really?
Yes. We'll start at around 2 p.m.
at the earliest.
The surgery before mine got delayed,
so I'll be delayed by an hour too.
I'm sorry, but can we push it back
by an hour? To 7:30 p.m.
Sure, no problem.
What's wrong?
Did you find something suspicious?
They've submitted most of the documents
along with interviews of witnesses
attesting that they're close friends.
And the donor's wife
has consented to it as well.
Yes. She told me in tears
that she was initially against it.
But her husband was so adamant about it
that she ended up
giving him the go-ahead.
She's not sure
whether they're "best friends,"
but they fight all the time.
She said they fight every single day.
Then isn't it good to go?
The thing is…
I can hand over the documents
and request an approval,
but I'm a little…
I am obsessive.
From doctors to medical coordinators,
every hospital employee is.
We're obsessive in a good way.
What's bothering you though?
Just one thing.
That is a little odd.
Such a close friend would emcee
the reception or stay by the groom's side.
He's nowhere in the two-hour video?
That's right. Then he suddenly shows up
right before the group photo session.
After two full hours.
I know it's not a big deal,
but I need to solve this mystery
to hand over the application
and documents in full confidence.
Perhaps he was collecting
cash gifts at the wedding.
You'd put someone you trust the most
in charge of that.
Maybe he was manning the cash gift table.
Wedding videos are centered around
the bride and groom,
so it's not too odd
that he's not in the video.
Instead of asking them,
you should try asking
their friends or relatives
who attended the wedding.
I have to go.
All right.
-Ju-won is here.
-Yes, hello.
You're early, as always.
We're short-staffed, so I should help out.
We'll start with 5cm.
If we can't see the site well,
we'll extend it by 0.5cm on each side.
-Yes, sir.
-Got it, Professor.
I'm sorry, Professor.
Right now, it's okay.
But unlike you guys,
I'm wearing three times magnifying loupes,
so even a slight shake
looks like an earthquake to me.
Had it happened
during a vessel dissection,
it would have been bad.
You're doing a great job,
but try to be more careful.
Yes, sir. I apologize.
Professor, can we use the Bovie?
No, we'll tie it.
Okay, got it.
When performing the Kasai procedure,
make sure you tie off everything,
including the small vessels
of the portal vein.
Yes, Professor.
You may be wondering why
you have to tie off such small vessels,
but this is often
where the bleeding begins.
It may feel like a hassle,
but it'd be upsetting to see
the kid's condition getting worse
because we neglected this 1mm.
So hang in there.
Let's wrap this up nicely.
Yes, sir.
The opening is 4mm.
As for the annulus, 7mm at the most.
Isn't it too small?
How does the TEE look?
As for the muscle,
we can't go any further.
The small annulus is the problem.
The pressure gradient is too high.
Who is he?
A professor in Pediatrics.
I see.
It doesn't look like
we can save the valve.
This won't do.
Call Nurse So I-hyeon
and tell her to prepare a homograft.
The available leaflet lengths
are 23, 24, and 25.
This one is too old.
Show me the next one.
Great. We'll go with this one.
Sure, I'll get it ready.
-Hey, Gyeo-ul.
We extubated Han Yeong-sik,
the transplant patient from two days ago.
But his saturation has dropped,
so I think we should intubate him again.
Explain the situation
to his guardian and proceed with it.
Do you want me to come?
I'll monitor him
and call you if anything happens.
Okay, call me if it looks serious.
Wait, you're not on duty tonight.
I'll monitor this patient for a bit
and get going.
Gosh, all right.
My gosh.
Have some coffee, Professor.
And it's raining outside.
Look at that.
What do you want for your birthday?
Gosh, I'm not a kid.
Don't get me anything.
Three, two, one.
A dryer. A fridge would be good too.
I need a new dryer and fridge.
This is your last chance.
Three, two, one.
If it's from you, I don't care what it is.
All right. I'll figure it out, then.
If all night shifts were like this,
it wouldn't be so bad.
Hey, Seong-yeong.
Okay, I'm coming.
Thanks for the coffee.
Take it easy.
The recipient's wife found
a photo of him on her phone.
The relatives who attended
the wedding also confirmed it.
I owe you a meal, Professor Lee.
I have the homograft here.
You can put it here.
Professor Kim, the homograft is here.
Let me have a look.
Good. We'll use this.
Did you just finish the surgery?
How's Dr. Do?
You're still here? I thought
you were having dinner with your mom.
Today, I want to have dinner with you.
Is the pressure gradient better now?
Yes. The velocity is under 2m as well.
And no regurgitation.
-Well done.
It looks good.
-Thank you for staying late.
-Good job.
-Well done.
-Thank you, Professor.
Gosh, the parents must be worried.
-Close it up well.
-Will do.
The surgery went well.
-My gosh. Thank you.
Thank you, Professor Kim.
As I explained to you before,
I wanted to save the valve
at all costs but couldn't.
Ga-ram's pulmonary annulus is small,
and the pressure gap is big.
In such cases, we often
have to perform follow-up surgery.
Anyway, we unfortunately
had to use a transannular patch
and inserted a homograft,
which I have explained to you in the past.
Everything went well,
and the valve is functioning well now,
so don't worry too much.
We'll move Ga-ram
to the ICU in about an hour.
We'll make sure you can see Ga-ram then.
-Thank you, Professor Kim.
-Thank you, Professor Kim.
-It was the best meal I've had recently.
-Me too.
How come you're not asking?
About my family.
Why my mom was hurt
and what is going on with my family.
You've never asked me about it once.
It didn't seem like
you wanted to talk about it.
I figured there must be a reason,
so I was waiting for you to tell me.
My dad is abusive.
Whenever he drinks, he hits my mom.
It started when I was little.
When he gets angry, he loses it.
He throws everything that catches his eye.
Once, he threw a glass bottle at my mom,
which hurt her.
And once,
I broke my arm while trying to stop him.
He was abusive to me and Ga-eul too.
He kicked and hit us all the time.
Our home felt like hell.
On my way home from school,
I was always terrified.
I studied hard because
I wanted to escape our miserable home.
Both Ga-eul and I slept comfortably
for the first time
when we moved to Seoul for college.
Just knowing Dad wasn't there,
I wasn't scared to go home
for the first time in my life.
I did worry about my mom…
but I only thought about myself.
From time to time,
I thought my mom sounded upset
on the phone,
but she said everything was fine
and that she was okay,
so I believed her.
But about a month ago,
I got a call from a hospital in Gwangju.
They said my mom was badly hurt.
A ruptured eardrum, a rib fracture,
and a broken nose.
They said she needed surgery
and asked for my consent.
When I arrived in Gwangju and saw her,
I realized how badly hurt she was.
My dad beat her up, so there were bruises
all over her face and body.
The surgery went well,
and she recovered quickly.
But I was still so worried about her.
She didn't talk
or eat anything all day.
She just laid in bed all day
like a dead person.
She looked as though
she had given up on life.
I want to see you every day too.
I want to be with you all the time,
but my mom needs me now.
I want to only think about my mom
at the moment.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about me.
Just being able to see you
at the hospital makes me happy enough,
so you should stay by her side
at all times for a while.
And Gyeo-ul.
Don't beat yourself up.
I get it.
If I were in your situation,
I would have done the same.
It's not your fault,
so don't torture yourself
with such thoughts.
And once a week…
Let's have dinner together like this
at least once a week.
That's all I ask for.
You can do that for me, right?
Why didn't you call me?
I would've texted you if you were late
because of something else,
but I didn't hear from you,
so I just assumed the surgery
was taking longer than expected.
How are you feeling?
Good. I'm okay now.
Saying this now
is probably pointless,
but about lying to you
and breaking up with you…
I'm really sorry.
I thought you were stressed out
because of me.
Your job is stressful
and exhausting enough.
I thought I was
just adding to your stress.
I didn't want to be hurt…
so I hurt you instead.
I was selfish. I'm sorry.
I still have feelings for you.
That's why I kept that photo of you.
But that's just how I feel.
I'll deal with it,
so you don't need to worry about it.
You know…
we'll run into each other
from time to time.
Can you act like nothing ever happened
whenever we run into each other?
I don't think I can do that.
Tomorrow's dress code
is "black and chain."
Do you have that?
No. Black's fine, but I don't wear chains.
Gosh, Lee Ik-jun.
That prick is always happy-go-lucky.
I envy him.
Jae-hak must be done
with the appointment by now, right?
They're seeing
a breast surgeon first, right?
We have your biopsy results.
We couldn't do the other tests
because you're pregnant,
but we believe that you have
stage two breast cancer.
We'll find out more
should you decide to undergo surgery,
but the size of the tumor
is about 3cm at the moment,
and the cancer has spread
to the lymph nodes.
You can undergo surgery
in your current stage of pregnancy,
but you have
triple-negative breast cancer.
Considering that,
I think it'd be best
to shrink the tumor
through neoadjuvant chemotherapy
and treat the micrometastasis
prior to the surgery.
And I'd also have to consult
our specialists in Hemato-Oncology.
Well, the problem is
that you're pregnant now.
You are in the 11th week of pregnancy,
which means we can't get you started
on chemotherapy right away.
We'd have to wait until Week 14
to make sure it won't affect the fetus,
but at the moment…
If you decide to keep the baby,
we'll have no choice
but to delay the chemotherapy.
The tumor might grow while we wait,
or it might not.
We have no way of knowing.
If you wish to be treated sooner,
you can choose
to terminate your pregnancy.
Then we can get you started
on chemotherapy immediately.
The two of you should decide
what you'd like to do.
We'll give up the baby, Professor.
We'll give up the baby and get her started
on chemotherapy right away.
Book us an appointment
with the Professor of Hemato-Oncology.
Hold on, honey. Just a moment.
Don't worry about a thing.
It's just stage two.
Start your chemotherapy now.
With that and surgery,
you'll be cured in no time.
Trust me.
Professor, let's start this week.
We'll start the chemotherapy
right after her internist appointment.
We'll receive chemotherapy
as soon as we terminate her pregnancy.
Can we let you know
after giving it some thought?
Yes, of course.
It's still early in the pregnancy,
so I suggest you consult the doctors
in OB-GYN before making your decision.
Okay, I'll do that.
Let's go, honey.
Gosh, you said you didn't want a baby.
You told me to trust you.
Please, just listen to me.
You should answer it.
I'll go sit over there.
Yes, Professor.
What did you decide to do?
Did you manage to persuade her?
No. I told her I'd follow her decision.
She's so adamant about it.
Nothing I say will persuade her.
We'll keep the baby
and undergo chemotherapy.
I see.
I don't think it's a bad decision.
We'll fix her. We can do it.
But I get the feeling
that she'll end up forgoing chemotherapy.
That would be insane.
What should I do?
But I feel like she will.
Jae-hak, you haven't seen
Seok-hyeong yet, right?
No, I'm waiting for him now.
What should I do?
What if she refuses
to undergo chemotherapy too?
Let Seok-hyeong handle it.
He'll talk to her.
Trust me.
Have you made your decision?
I still think it's crazy,
but my wife is adamant about it,
so we decided to keep the baby.
But I don't want to undergo chemotherapy.
I'll get started on it after I give birth.
What are you talking about?
You won't undergo chemotherapy?
We talked about this earlier.
What's with you?
Who knows what drugs they'll use?
And they'll run
all sorts of tests on top of that.
I'll start my first chemotherapy session
after I give birth.
We don't know…
what it could do to the baby.
I want to give birth
without undergoing chemotherapy.
Please let me do that, Professor.
I don't care if I die.
I just want to make sure
my baby will be born healthy.
Both the mother
and the baby should be healthy.
What's the point if it's just the baby?
What if you're gone when
the baby comes out to see you?
That's very irresponsible.
You can still undergo chemotherapy
even if you're pregnant.
It can be done, and many people do it.
If your condition was very serious,
neither the breast surgeon nor I
would've given you this option.
We would've terminated your pregnancy
and put you on chemotherapy.
But you can make a choice.
Your health comes first,
so you can choose to give up on your baby
and focus on treating your breast cancer.
That's one option.
Or you can delay the chemotherapy
by three weeks to keep the baby
and treat your cancer at the same time.
You only have these two options.
There are times
when I tell my patients
that they must make a choice.
When I do that, I ponder on it too.
"What would be the best decision?
What choice should they make?"
And oftentimes,
this helps me answer that question.
"What would I do
if the patient were my family?
What would I do if she were my sister?"
If you were my sister,
I'd tell you to wait a few weeks
to keep your baby,
then focus on your chemotherapy.
"The doctors seem positive about it,
so why would you forgo chemotherapy?
Just wait three weeks
and start your chemotherapy."
I'll probably say that to her.
Then every weekend,
I'd go to the temple alone in secret
and pray that your tumor wouldn't grow.
I'll pretend I never heard
what you said earlier.
I'll book you Hemato-Oncology
and OB-GYN appointments.
And we'll discuss your case
with the breast surgeon as well.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you, Professor.
No problem.
How did it go?
She's agreed to undergo chemotherapy.
We decided to keep the baby
and get chemotherapy.
Initially, she said she wanted
to wait until the baby was born.
But Professor Yang helped me.
He managed to persuade her.
Thank God. I'm glad you got it sorted out.
I owe Professor Yang, big-time.
I'll repay him for the rest of my life.
Leave that to me.
Don't worry about it.
Just take good care of your wife.
Okay. Thank you, Professor.
Go home. You're done for the day.
Did Seok-hyeong manage to persuade her?
Yes, sounds like it.
That's great.
I knew we could count on the bear.
You're right.
Gosh, I'm annoyed.
I heard the coordinator has sent in
all your documents. Am I right?
Yes. She said our case was processed
faster than most cases.
Doctor, what if they say that
the documents we submitted aren't enough
and that they still think it's suspicious?
Then do we have to get
everything ready again and wait?
There's a very slim chance
that they'll say that.
The coordinator wouldn't even have
sent in your application in that case.
She thoroughly checked everything
and vetted you.
I'm sure she requested an approval
because she's confident
you meet all the requirements.
-I see.
-My gosh.
By the way,
how did you two become friends?
Your personalities are very different.
It's been ages,
so I don't really remember.
How did we become friends?
We were classmates in tenth grade.
Did I sit in front of him?
Or did we sit next to each other?
Anyway, the seats were assigned
based on our grades.
I came in 63rd place. Him, 64th.
No. It was the other way around.
I came in 63rd place.
Anyway, neither of us really studied.
We just hung out all the time.
I'd go over to his place,
and he'd come over too.
We've been busy hanging out like that,
and 30 years have passed already.
Gosh, I'm sick of you now.
Then why are you donating
your liver to him?
Because I'd have no one
to hang out with if he's gone.
If he dies,
I won't have anyone to play with.
I'll be bored out of my mind.
That's why.
This prick…
I'd never do it for his sake alone.
That's definitely more than enough reason.
May I ask you for a favor, Doctor?
If our application gets approved,
and if we can undergo the surgery,
-could you…
-Of course.
I'll make sure
your friend's surgery is painless
even if yours isn't.
No. Could you make sure
mine is painless if it's possible at all?
I don't care if his hurts.
-My goodness.
-Gosh, you're such a prick.
-Cool sneakers?
-I see.
-All black.
-Yes, black.
Kim Eun-su might have some spotting,
so keep track of the pads.
What are you doing tomorrow night?
We're going clubbing to celebrate
one of the fellows' birthday.
We'll throw a birthday party at the club.
You should come with us.
You want to go clubbing with me?
-I'm going too.
Come with us, Professor.
Thanks, but please count me out.
Have fun without me. I'm no fun.
If I go, all the residents
will be uncomfortable.
No, we won't be uncomfortable.
Everyone will be, but you.
Anyway, I'm off. Take it easy.
-Good night.
Get home safely.
-Right, Min-ha.
Your thesis draft you emailed me.
The file is corrupted.
I see.
Can you send it again?
I think you can go do rounds like that.
There it is.
No way.
I should put on socks at least.
Let's go.
You should take the cap off.
Let's go.
The director will be there,
so I'm not sure what I should wear.
Everyone else is asking too.
I should wear a proper shirt at least.
Like a dress shirt? No.
Just wear comfortable clothes.
You can even wear slippers. Goodness.
You'd be coming from work,
and he just wants
to treat you guys to a meal.
You don't need to dress up.
Tell everyone to wear comfy clothes
so I'll be the only one dressed up.
All right, thank you.
By the way, I heard
you're practicing a rock song this week.
How did you know?
Professor Ahn bragged
about his new leather pants.
You took photos?
Gosh, I told you not to bother them.
Just one. I only took one photo.
Mom! Send me the photo. Goodness.
Nice photo, right?
-Is the one wearing blue your professor?
-Hold on.
That's why I put four boxes
of sweet and crispy chicken in his trunk.
-I hope he enjoyed it.
It's the one in white, not blue.
The one in white is my professor.
-You said he looked like a bear.
-That's right.
The one in blue is a bear, a polar bear.
A polar bear? What are you talking about?
Just a regular bear!
Seriously? Honey.
Honey. Turns out,
it's the guy in white, not blue.
The one who came back
to drop off antacids for me.
He's the bear.
I mean, he is Min-ha's professor.
Oh, no!
Whatever, I have to go!
Gosh, seriously!
I did bring it up,
but it's a bit much financially.
-Jeong-won, Professor Ahn.
Do you have Daddy-Long-Legs' number?
It's a social services department.
Yes, I'll send it to you now.
Hey, Gyeo-ul. Dr. Jang.
Yes, Professor.
Did you break up with your boyfriend
by any chance?
Why do you ask?
Well, you've been seeing him for a while,
but no news about you getting hitched,
so I was just wondering
if you were still with him.
Yes, I am.
You see… Maybe I'm being too nosy.
If you two break up,
just tell us, okay?
I want to set you up with someone.
Oh, boy.
Geon says you're his type.
We grabbed a bite to eat
with the residents when you weren't here.
-While talking about their ideal types,
Yu-ri, Se-hoon, and Ji-woo
all named an idol singer,
but Geon said Dr. Jang was his type.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Hey, why are you sorry?
It's nothing to apologize for.
Don't apologize unless you really--
Hey, Professor Ahn.
You called me by mistake.
Yes, I know I called you.
I sent you a phone number.
Call that number now.
Okay, I'll do it later.
This is just starting to get interesting.
No, do it now.
It's now or never. Call now.
-Yes, right now.
-Go for it.
-You wrap it up.
-All right.
-Ahn Jeong-won speaking.
A baby in the NICU is showing
symptoms of abdominal distension
with a bruised-looking stomach.
Okay, I'm coming now.
I'll leave your birthday gift
in your office.
Pick it up after the team dinner.
-Wait, should I give it to you tomorrow?
-No, my birthday is today.
Just leave it in my office.
I'll pick it up afterwards.
Too bad I'm in Gangnam now
for this team dinner.
Your office is open, right?
I'll leave it on your desk.
It was cheap, very cheap.
I just got you something
you'd like and use often.
Okay, thanks.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right, good night.
-You stayed late again.
Going home?
No, I'm going to have some fun.
I'm going out for drinks.
-In Itaewon.
My cousin called.
We're meeting up for a beer.
-You're on duty, right?
Take it easy.
Good night.
Oh, hello.
What are you doing next weekend?
Do you have plans?
Me? Are you asking me?
Yes, you.
I've got no plans.
Why do you ask?
Let's grab a bite to eat.
It'll be my treat.
Yulje Emergency Center.
We have a trauma patient.
A male in his 40s.
Mental status, drowsy. BP 150 over 90.
Heart rate is 80, 12 breaths per minute.
And his temperature
is 36.7 degrees Celsius.
He collapsed
after getting hit by someone
in the back of the head.
We checked his ID
while checking his mental status,
and he's a doctor at Yulje.
He's a doctor here?
What's his name?
How did you even become a doctor?
You're not smart and are slow-witted.
Why would he scold me so much
when I made a tiny mistake?
I took her out to lunch
and even went to drink together
because she didn't seem to get along
with others.
What do you mean?
Is he still not answering?
I didn't see him in the ICU this morning
and his phone is still off.
Gosh, Dr. Chu will be blamed
for everything.
Just hang in there.
You've been through so much.
Was it a robbery?
According to the witnesses,
he was hit with a rock from behind.
Can you hear me?
-How did they catch the culprit?
-There was a surveillance camera.
The police called us.
Right. Is Seok-hyeong really
going to the US?
What? He didn't tell me about it yet.
He would have told us if he's leaving.
I have a date with him this weekend.
Could it be…
Finally, my dream has come true!
You didn't break up with Ms. Jang, right?
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