Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e11 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 11

My purse.
Gosh, seriously.
-Hello, Professor Chae.
You had to work late again?
I actually got to leave early for once
but had to come back.
Over and over again.
Maybe it's a sign that
I should get ready for the conference.
-Are you on duty tonight?
Professor Kim went to Itaewon.
I know.
I ran into Professor Ahn
in the hallway earlier
and saw Professor Yang leave for the day.
As for Professor Lee,
he has a team dinner in Gangnam.
How do you know everything?
I'm usually with Professor Kim all day,
so I just hear these things.
Isn't it Professor Lee's birthday today?
Tell him I said, "Happy birthday."
I won't see Ik-jun today.
Just in case though.
If you do see him,
please wish him a happy birthday for me.
Okay, I will.
The pain is severe. Get that under control
and take an X-ray to check the bones.
Yulje Emergency Center.
We have a trauma patient.
A male in his 40s.
Mental status, drowsy. BP 150 over 90.
Heart rate is 80, 12 breaths per minute.
And his temperature
is 36.7 degrees Celsius.
He collapsed
after getting hit by someone
in the back of the head.
We checked his ID
while checking his mental status,
and he's a doctor at Yulje.
He's a doctor here?
What's his name?
What happened? Was it a robbery?
I think so. We went there
because someone called it in.
According to the witnesses,
he was hit with a rock from behind.
Let's move him. One, two, three.
Ik-jun, do you know
where you are right now?
Lee Ik-jun. Can you hear me?
Hey, Lee Ik-jun!
Yes, I can hear you very well.
You'll blow out my eardrums.
Keep it down. We're in the hospital.
How's your neck? Does it hurt?
No, it's okay.
He can obey commands.
Let's do an IV injection and a CT scan.
Okay. Then I'll go book the CT scan first.
Did you fly?
I know you were already here, but still.
Song-hwa is here.
We haven't done a CT scan yet,
but his pupils are okay and…
Can you hear me?
Hey, Ik-jun. Can you hear me?
Can you raise your left arm?
Can you clench your right hand?
I'm so sleepy right now, Song-hwa.
I'm going to get some sleep.
-Let's do a CT scan right away.
-Yes, we should.
He's okay. Don't worry too much.
He has a subdural hematoma
on the right side.
Is the bleeding bad?
Thankfully, it's not too bad.
There is a skull fracture.
But as for the bleed, it's just forming
a thin layer at the bottom,
so I don't think he needs surgery
at the moment.
But more blood could seep out,
so I want to keep him in the ICU
and monitor him for the next two days.
-He's conscious, right?
He was chatting with me earlier.
Drowsiness can occur in the presence of
a cerebral hemorrhage
caused by blunt head trauma.
If we keep the bleeding
under control and treat it,
his alertness
will be restored in a few days.
Hey, Ik-jun.
Ik-jun, wake up.
Ik-jun, where do you live?
Hey, don't. The light is hurting my eyes.
My pupillary light reflex is intact.
Enough with the light, Andrea.
How did they catch the culprit?
There was a surveillance camera.
The police called us.
Jeong-won has reached out
to Mr. Pyeon, the lawyer.
He's getting things sorted out now.
Shouldn't we contact Ik-jun's family?
I already called Auntie Wang.
I told her not to tell U-ju.
But I didn't call his parents.
We should tell his parents.
I don't have his parents' numbers,
but I know his sister's.
I'll give her a call.
Ik-sun? Is she back in Korea now?
I thought she was in the UK.
She came back. A while ago, actually.
What about all the surgeries
he has booked?
Although that's not important now.
I talked to his chief.
He'll take care of the ones booked
for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
As for the ones booked after that,
we'll speak with the patients
and try to reschedule them.
You're going to stay here tonight, right?
I'll watch him tomorrow night.
I got it.
You guys can just help me out
a couple of times if need be.
You'll be exhausted.
You can stay and watch him tonight,
but we'll take turns starting tomorrow.
I want to…
stay by his side.
Let me, okay?
All right.
Get going, guys.
Go home.
It's 2 a.m. already.
You have to come back
in five hours anyway. Go home.
We'll be off, then.
MAY, 1999
What are you doing today?
Let's go for dinner.
It's your birthday today.
Let's have dinner together
if you've got no plans for this evening.
I'll have dinner with you.
I've got plans.
I have a blind date.
Oh, really?
Does it have to be today?
Can't you move it to another day?
I asked my friend to set it up for me,
so I can't move it.
Maybe another time.
We'll do it another time.
Okay, sure.
Good luck on your blind date. Bye.
He has a minor skull fracture
and a bleed, but it's nothing serious.
We'll monitor him
in the ICU until tonight.
If his condition improves,
we'll move him to a regular ward.
I didn't call you last night
because it's nothing too serious.
He's really okay. Don't worry.
I would've called you last night
if he were in serious condition.
He's conscious
and has no motor control problems.
Song-hwa is with him, right?
Of course. She's his doctor.
You really don't need to worry.
What about your parents though?
Shouldn't we tell them?
They're away on a trip.
They're in Europe now.
I think it'd be best not to tell them.
I'll go to Seoul.
If I submit a time-off request today,
I should be able to leave within two days.
Don't sweat it. We have many people
who can look after him.
Just come once you have
your work schedule sorted out.
No. U-ju will want to know
where his dad is.
I should be there.
Are you sure? All right, then.
None of us can stay
by his side during the day,
so it'd be good to have you there.
-Travel safely.
All right, then.
I guess you and Ik-jun's sister
are pretty close.
I didn't know.
We are close.
She's my buddy's sister.
Of course, we're close.
Let's go. We'll be late.
Mr. An, you said you went to the clinic
due to severe headaches, right?
They did an MRI and a CT scan
and told us to go to a bigger hospital.
Doctor, is it something serious?
See this white part
on the right side of your brain?
It's a tumor.
We'll have to do a biopsy to be sure,
but based on the MRI results,
I think it's a meningioma,
which is a type of tumor.
But meningiomas are usually benign,
so they're not as worrisome as cancer.
But as you can see here,
the MRI results show
that it's about 3.2cm which is quite big,
so I recommend surgery.
I also see some swelling in the brain.
If the tumor grows further,
the swelling will get worse too.
Then neurological conditions
such as hemiplegia and convulsions
could occur due to
the increased intracranial pressure.
I suggest we remove the tumor
before that happens.
So you're saying
I have a brain tumor, right?
I never once thought
I'd develop a brain tumor.
We'll need to run additional tests
once we check you in,
but meningiomas have
a low risk of recurrence
after complete resection,
and they don't spread,
so the prognosis is pretty good.
And it's not a difficult location
to operate on.
Don't worry too much.
Can he be admitted today?
Can he undergo surgery
as soon as possible?
We should be able to admit him today.
The nurses outside
will go over the details with you.
Thank you.
My gosh.
Let's go have lunch.
Would you like to join us?
My wife has her OB-GYN appointment,
so we'll have lunch together.
Then I'll pass.
You two can enjoy your lunch.
-Then who will you eat with?
-I'll figure it out.
Wait. Shouldn't you start
taking appointments now?
How about Friday mornings?
No, it's okay.
It's not okay. You should start
because you're a second-year fellow now.
We'll start soon, so get ready.
No! It's really okay.
I'm totally okay with not starting yet.
Have a good lunch.
Can we have a ten-minute venting session?
Come to the center garden.
Are those in first year
still having a hard time?
One of them is
way too comfortable around us,
while the other one is
still having such a hard time.
Do you know Yoon-hee? Seo Yoon-hee.
She's very hardworking and smart.
She's a true asset,
which is rare these days.
Okay, what about her?
she's too comfortable around us now.
She talks to us as if we're her friends.
Yoon-hee, did you dress
patient Lee Da-rae yet?
I see. Great.
And Professor Yeom asked us to gather
all the materials for the conference.
On preeclampsia cases.
That's right. Are you done with that?
When will it be done?
I'm almost done. I can show you tonight.
Okay, thanks.
All right.
It's her habit. A speech habit.
I've seen people like that.
I know she means well,
so I can't say anything about it.
She's a really good kid.
-Who's the other one?
There she is.
Eun-mi. Dr. Ki Eun-mi!
Oh, hello.
Did you have lunch?
I'm going to eat now.
I see. Why don't you join us…
Enjoy your…
Enjoy your lunch.
Out of all the introverts I've met,
she's the quietest one.
She was going to join Internal Medicine,
but her parents are OB-GYN doctors
and want her to take over their clinic,
so she joined OB-GYN.
But she has realized
that she's better suited
for studying and writing papers
than treating patients.
She'll stay until the end of the year
for her colleagues
but wants to leave next year.
I'm surprised she told you these things.
You said she's an introvert.
I kept asking her.
I took her out to lunch
and even went to drink together
because she didn't seem to get along
with others.
But that's just her personality.
But she's a good kid.
-You say that about everyone.
-I really mean it.
She's quiet and a bit antisocial,
but she's diligent and thorough.
Gosh, anyway…
Should we go to the movies this weekend?
I have some time in the evening.
I have a date with him this weekend.
We're going to the movies together.
No way.
Finally, my dream has come true!
Dreams come true
I will protect you
And all my love for you
Today, we did
a nuchal translucency screening.
The baby's crown-rump length is 5.2cm,
which is ideal
for this stage of pregnancy.
And the nuchal translucency
is about 1.5mm,
which is normal.
And look.
The fetus is moving a lot, right?
We did see some limb movement last time,
but the movements are stronger
and bigger now.
I guess our baby takes after me.
I hope it doesn't tire out my wife though.
It's a good thing the baby is active.
Hyo-ju, have you been eating well?
Not really.
She can't eat as much as she used to.
You need to eat well
to get through chemotherapy.
-It'll help the baby too.
-Okay, Professor.
I'll see you again in four weeks.
Your baby is doing well,
so just focus on your health.
Thank you, Professor.
Thank you, Professor Yang.
Next time, I will--
Buy me dinner.
Yes, for sure.
Geon-tae is back? When did he arrive?
Tae-ung texted me.
He didn't even call you?
He hasn't called me once
ever since I said no to him
when he asked me for money.
I tried calling him, but he didn't answer.
Maybe I should've just given him the money
so I could see him.
I miss the kids.
I may never see them again.
Do you want some soju?
Sure, sounds good.
-I'm going to sleep here tonight.
You're smiling?
You're taking your meds, right?
You haven't told Mom and Dad, right?
Don't tell them.
No, I haven't. But I'll tell them
when they're back next week.
Why? They'll be worried. Don't tell them.
I have to. Their dear son hurt his head.
They need to know.
Why should this be a secret?
Go stay in Changwon for a while.
What do you mean?
You won't be able to work
for a while anyway.
Go to Changwon and stay with Mom and Dad.
Eat Mom's home-cooked meals
and rest up before you return to work.
This rings a bell.
Yes, right back at you.
Just leave it to me. I'll figure it out.
U-ju will be here later.
-You told him?
I told him, "Daddy is in the hospital,
so come and give him kisses
so he can feel better soon."
Auntie will bring him later.
U-ju thinks that I'm on night duty.
No, he knows that's not true.
Auntie told him
you were on night duty for a few days.
But U-ju said, "Dad has never worked
two night shifts in a row."
He said he's seen you
going in for emergencies,
but never consecutive night shifts.
My nephew is such a smarty-pants.
I didn't want to lie to U-ju
because your condition isn't too serious.
I explained the situation to U-ju,
and he understood.
He really misses you.
I know you miss him too.
Yes, good job.
Hold on.
My sister deserves a prize for this.
I'm not sure if I can still do this but…
Don't do it.
Hey, how are you feeling?
Don't you have surgery?
There's a delay.
Say hi. This is my sister.
Hey, you're here.
Hi, Jun-wan.
When did you get here?
About an hour ago.
Where is Song-hwa?
-Where is she?
-She said she'd come
after her appointments,
but I guess she's running behind.
She said she'd cut down on work,
but she's busier now
because I haven't been nagging her.
Professor Chae.
About An Sang-mo,
the convexity meningioma patient
from yesterday.
Yes. What about him? Did you
find something in the CT angiogram?
Yes, we took one just now. It's showing
an ophthalmic artery aneurysm.
-An ophthalmic artery aneurysm?
Oh, dear.
Should we proceed with DSA?
Is the aneurysm
clearly visible in the CTA?
Yes, it is.
If he has an ophthalmic artery aneurysm,
we'll have to use coils.
But his kidney function is borderline,
so he can't handle frequent administration
of contrast agents.
If he needs coils, we'll do it right away.
Send me the results.
Okay, I'll send it to you right away.
Hey, you can't even
pass it to me properly?
I'm sorry, sir.
What can you do when you can't
even hand over a tool properly?
I apologize.
How did you even become a doctor?
Your parents know
that you're dull-witted, right?
I bet they're over the moon
that you're a doctor now.
I'm sorry, sir.
Is that all you can say?
You're not smart and are slow-witted.
What am I going to do with you?
-Bipolar forceps.
-Yes, Professor.
Another all-nighter?
-Me? No, I slept well.
-No, Jun-wan.
Oh, he got no sleep last night.
He was on duty last night.
We chatted for a while,
then he had to go into emergency surgery
and left the OR at 5 a.m.
This morning, he did rounds
and had two conferences,
so he didn't get any sleep.
Jae-hak, do you need me now?
Five minutes? Okay.
Then I'll grab a coffee and come down.
All right.
Ik-sun, I want cake.
Can you get me
a piece of cake from the café?
And get ten cups of coffee
for the nurses too.
Sure, no problem.
-Can I have your card?
I was just kidding.
Let's go. It's on me.
You can pay for things with that badge?
Yes. We can use this at the cafeteria
and the convenience store.
I see. When did you take that photo?
Last year.
I'm looking at it now.
We should tell him right away, right?
For sure.
Prior to every brain tumor surgery,
we take a CT angiogram
to check the cerebral arteries.
And the results show…
I'm not sure if it's good or bad,
but we found an ophthalmic artery aneurysm
that's about 8mm in diameter.
An aneurysm?
A ruptured aneurysm can kill you, right?
Not always.
Unruptured brain aneurysms
usually have no symptoms,
so they could rupture suddenly.
And in such cases,
the mortality rate is very high.
Does it mean he'll undergo
two different types of surgery at once?
No. The thing is, that can't be done.
He'll require general anesthesia
for the surgery.
But the change in his blood pressure
during induction and recovery
could cause the aneurysm to rupture.
So it'd be safer
to treat the aneurysm first.
I suggest we remove the tumor after that.
But the problem is…
In this case, the aneurysm
is in the ophthalmic artery.
The tests we've done
show that your ophthalmic artery
is branching off of the aneurysm.
In other words,
the aneurysm and the ophthalmic artery
are stuck together.
In cases like this, we perform
a procedure called coil embolization
where a catheter is inserted
into the femoral artery
to treat the aneurysm in the brain.
But while performing this procedure,
if we fill the entire aneurysm with coils,
the ophthalmic artery will be blocked,
which may cause vision loss.
That's why
we must make sure
the opening of the artery is not filled.
But in Mr. An's case,
the aneurysm and the artery are adjoined,
so it'll be difficult
to just fill the aneurysm.
And the chances are low,
but if there's a weak spot,
the aneurysm could rip,
leading to bleeding during the procedure.
If that happens, our priority will be
to block that spot as quickly as possible,
so we won't be able to save the artery.
We'll have to stop the bleeding
at all costs and wrap up.
That could also result
in ophthalmic artery blockage
and vision loss.
I don't want the surgery.
How could I undergo the surgery
knowing I could lose my eyesight?
Forget it. I'll just live with this.
You may experience vision loss,
but if the aneurysm ruptures,
your life will be at risk.
I wasn't asking you to decide
whether you want to treat the aneurysm.
I was just trying to explain
your treatment plan.
We'll do our very best to make sure
you do not lose your eyesight.
And even if it were to occur,
I'd like to emphasize that
you should get your aneurysm treated.
No. I'll just leave it.
I don't want to go through the procedure.
Honey, I don't want to do it.
I won't do it.
Then you could collapse
from a brain hemorrhage anytime.
Stop talking nonsense!
I understand he's scared, but he won't
decide to leave the aneurysm untreated.
It could cause vision loss,
but a ruptured aneurysm will be fatal.
He suddenly found out
about his brain tumor and the aneurysm.
On top of that, he could lose his vision.
Anyone would have a hard time
accepting that.
Check in on him often
and explain it in detail.
You should have lunch.
Yes, I should. I'll eat in Ik-jun's room.
What about you?
Seon-bin said she ordered burgers
because Seong-yeong was craving it.
Is something up with him?
He's going through hell right now.
Seong-yeong, you're probably angry
and upset but hungry at the same time.
Why would he scold me so much
when I made a tiny mistake?
I was the one who made the mistake.
He didn't have to talk about my parents.
Just think of them
as auto-completed sentences.
Just like, "I'm a boy, you're a girl."
Did he ask you if your parents knew
how dull-witted you were?
That means you're still in stage one.
In stage three,
he'll say he's going to stop you
from taking the board exam.
Then what's stage two?
"This idiot can't scrub in for my surgery!
I don't even want to see him
when I do rounds!"
I heard them all.
Of course, we all have.
Everyone hears it
when assisting Professor Min Gi-jun.
Seong-yeong, I'm afraid
I don't have any helpful advice for you,
Just hang in there.
You've been through so much.
I'm not quitting.
After next week,
I can assist Professor Chae.
Professor Chae can be scary too.
I know, but at least
she doesn't react emotionally.
I'm never insulted
even when she scolds me harshly.
In fact, she helps me reflect
on what I did and learn what I did wrong.
And naturally, you'll study all night.
That's exactly why we joined Neurosurgery.
Oh, hello.
And she will too.
Nothing. Come and eat.
Is this lunch or dinner?
Thanks for the food.
This time, let's do…
That's a fake.
My gosh!
Let's do hearts this time.
That's a fake.
Are you sure?
Can I take it back?
Are you sure?
No, I'm sticking with it. It's a fake.
Darn it.
I'm totally at a disadvantage here!
Hey, you were the one
who wanted to play this.
Look. I can't even hold the cards.
It's okay. Who cares?
If you don't mind,
can I put this one in there too?
-Come here.
-Hold on.
-Will you hit me hard?
-No. Wait, your hair.
-For real?
Is U-ju here?
Don't go in now.
They're all lovey-dovey right now.
Who's he with?
When did they start going out?
They're not dating.
They just hang out all the time.
See for yourself. They're clearly dating.
Gosh, what do I do? Oh, boy.
-Come here. Come on.
-No! Wait.
-Hold on. All right.
-Come on, look.
Take off your glasses.
Come on, take them off.
-Take them off.
-Go easy on me.
-Okay, I will.
-It'll really hurt!
Gosh, U-ju.
You missed me, right?
My goodness, U-ju.
At home, he never once brought up
how much he missed Dad.
He was keeping it all inside.
I'm okay, U-ju.
Look at me. I'm totally fine.
I just fell
and got a small scratch on my face.
You're not going to show me
your face, sweetie?
See? I'm totally fine. My goodness.
Blow me a kiss right here.
And another kiss here.
I'm sorry you had to come
all the way here at this late hour.
Don't say that.
I should be here, of course.
I've been so worried
ever since I heard about what happened.
My heart sank when I heard the news,
and it's still not back up.
I can fix that for you.
Don't laugh.
Your brother is so funny.
I'm relieved to see you cracking jokes.
Don't worry about U-ju.
Just focus on your recovery
and come home soon.
I will, Auntie.
I'll have U-ju sleep in my room with me.
I can go home, right?
Yes. Just stay for dinner
and leave with Auntie.
I'll figure it out.
You should sleep at home too.
I heard you haven't been home
in three days. My gosh.
-Yes, I want to go home today.
Seok-hyeong will be here, right?
Yes, he's on duty tonight.
Gosh, you guys think
this is the on-call room.
Hey, bear.
How's my Chuchu doing?
Wasn't she here earlier?
She said she had ice cream with you.
Well, what's happening between you two?
Any progress?
I'm having dinner with her this weekend.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Why should I tell you?
Do you need my help at all?
Yes, go for dinner and…
Maybe go to the movies too?
Just go to sleep.
That's what you can do to help me.
I know I taught you how to smoke,
but I never taught you
how to fold clean laundry.
Where did you
learn to do this so perfectly?
You're so good at housework.
I really don't know
why you're still not married yet.
What are you getting at, Mom?
You didn't break up
with Ms. Jang, right?
Things are still good
between you two, right?
Yes. In fact,
things are even better between us now.
Why are you worried?
You've been together for a while
but haven't brought up the marriage talk,
so I was wondering if you broke up.
That won't happen, Mother.
Then when are you two
going to get married?
I'm not trying to rush you.
I'm just curious, that's all.
She'll be my one and only
daughter-in-law, you know.
I have lots of things
I want to give to my daughter-in-law.
I've collected many beautiful things
for my future daughter-in-law.
From rings and necklaces to plates…
Mom, I have something to tell you.
My gosh. How could he
do such a thing as a father?
Is her mother okay now?
Yes, she's doing much better.
Last week,
she went out for a walk by herself
and even dropped off dinner for Gyeo-ul
when she was on duty.
Did you meet her?
I wanted to go say hello
but didn't because I thought
it might make her uncomfortable.
I'm waiting for Gyeo-ul to give me a cue.
I'm planning to bring up the marriage
once her situation is sorted out.
Now's not a good time.
Mom, you're not bothered
by her family's situation, right?
It does bother me,
but we both know that it's not her fault.
Despite her situation,
she turned out just fine.
I'm proud of her for that
and feel sorry for her.
You can take good care of her later on.
Give her the rings
and necklaces you mentioned earlier.
Goodness, you're head over heels for her.
Okay, I will!
Is Seok-hyeong really going to the US?
Is it decided?
I heard he may have to move to the US.
His mother is very worried.
He didn't tell me about it yet.
I'm sure it's not happening.
He would have told us if he was leaving.
Why don't you ask him?
Ask him and tell me what he says.
-You'll stay over tonight, right?
-Of course.
Right, I have plans this evening.
I have to go out.
This evening? Where are you going?
Jong-su and I are going to the movies.
He's been having trouble falling asleep,
so we'll stay up
and watch a movie together.
-Do you need a ride?
-No, he'll pick me up.
-What about dinner?
-I'll have dinner with him.
You should fix yourself dinner.
Thank you for the dinner, Professor Yang.
You didn't even eat much.
I know. I was so nervous
that I couldn't really eat.
I'm impressed by how
you can just blurt those things out.
Because it's true.
I say these things
without even realizing it.
-We still have some time, right?
-Yes, we have time to buy some popcorn.
Are you cold? Do you want the heater on?
No, I'm okay.
Tell me if you get cold.
-Are you sure you can finish them?
-Yes. I'm hungry.
-Let's go, then.
This is Theater 5.
The exits on the left
and at the center
will lead you to the fire escape.
Please follow instructions from our staff
-in case of an emergency.
My gosh, Seok-hyeong!
Are you here for this movie?
Let's talk later.
We're profiting
from the misery of others anyway.
Just enjoy it!
I'm a lawyer and Seo-jun's friend.
She is Jeong-won's mother.
I see.
Vishing is
all about empathizing with victims.
She's Professor Ahn's mother,
and the man sitting next to her
is Chairman Ju.
I had a lot.
You're okay with meeting them, right?
If not, I'll just go say hello. It's okay.
I'm totally fine with it.
Have you never met Mr. Ju?
No, I've only seen photos of him.
They've been friends for many years.
They're just friends.
Then how come they're watching
a movie together at this late hour?
I don't know. I always see them together.
I see.
Did you like the movie?
I enjoyed it. It was good.
You watched the whole thing
without falling asleep.
It was fun. It's a well-made movie.
He doesn't look like he enjoyed it at all.
He always looks grumpy.
This is his happy face.
But you two, on the other hand…
Is this a date?
I'll pretend I know nothing.
Your mom will hound you if she finds out.
Right, thank you.
Wait here. I'll go bring the car.
I'll go with you.
I hope to see you again soon.
Me too. Good night.
-We'll be off, then.
-Okay, get home safely.
She looks familiar for some reason.
Maybe she works at Yulje.
Then you must've seen her before.
Right, I should have asked her.
No, why would you?
This was your first time meeting her.
Can you drive? I'm sleepy.
You scared me. Hey! Goodness.
I'm so sleepy right now.
This evening? Sure, I have time.
We're eating meat?
Yes. Ik-jun will order the food.
Then I'll ask Song-hwa. Why don't you…
Seok-hyeong is here. I'll ask him.
They want to have
a barbecue dinner in Ik-jun's office.
Sounds good.
Beat Song-hwa and Jun-wan by ten minutes?
Yes. Wait, Seok-hyeong.
Are you moving to the US?
Tell her that you think
I'm moving to the US.
But you're not.
Of course not. Why would I move to the US?
just tell your mother
that you think it's happening.
-I'll tell you later.
I'll explain everything later.
All right.
I'm not sure what you're plotting,
but I hope it goes well.
Patient Lee Ik-jun is
the biggest troublemaker?
Yes. Every time I'm there,
I see him viewing his patients' charts
at the nurses' station.
Leave him be. At least
he's not doing rounds in his patient gown.
My gosh, hello.
Hello, Professor Chae.
How have you been? You look tired.
Ask the other family members
to take turns with you.
I'm okay. My daughter's the one
who's having a hard time.
All I do is just stay by her side.
I don't do anything else.
What are you talking about?
You're staying strong
to be there for your daughter.
Not everyone can do what you're doing.
Du-na takes it out on you, doesn't she?
Yes. I'm used to it now.
This must be awfully frustrating for her.
She's a great dancer,
and she always loved to sing.
But now, she can't even say
the things she wants to say
and struggles to do up a button
on her own.
She must be more frustrated
than anybody else is right now.
Her recovery is slowing down,
so you're probably exhausted.
But she's really come a long way.
If we get over this hurdle,
Du-na will be able to talk
and use her limbs freely again.
I really believe that she will,
so please hang in there.
Yes, I will.
Thank you.
Talk soon.
Du-na, let's try opening this.
It's okay. You did well.
Good job, Du-na. Let's try just once more.
Let's try just one last time.
You're almost there.
I don't want to do it.
Don't make me do it.
I hope it's good news.
He said he wanted
to speak with you in person,
so it can't be bad news.
Hey, Hong-do. Can you keep your eyes open?
Yes, I'm fine.
-Hi, guys.
-Where are you going?
-To see a patient. You?
I'm going for a nap.
Yes, Professor.
You're in Pediatric Surgery now?
Yes, I just assisted in TEF surgery.
I see.
You must've inserted a chest tube.
Then how is two-bottle different
from three-bottle?
Could you give me a hint?
Could you give me a hint?
The coil something…
I want to undergo that procedure.
I understand it may result in vision loss,
but it may not.
And I'd rather just get it over with
so I could have a peace of mind
than live with
a ticking time bomb inside me.
Definitely. I'll be well prepared for it.
You made a wise decision.
This doctor here explained everything
so clearly to us.
Thanks to you, he changed his mind.
I don't want to do it, Doctor.
I don't want to undergo that procedure
or the tumor removal surgery.
You should do it, Dad.
I did a lot of research on the Internet.
You're so lucky they found
the brain aneurysm unruptured.
I read that many people
collapse in the streets and die.
You should just get it done.
We live hand to mouth.
I'll wait until my kids go to college,
then reconsider it.
I can't make such a risky choice
at the moment.
Well, I can understand
why you're against it,
but please allow me
to explain the situation in detail.
This is the CT angiogram
of your cerebral arteries.
I magnified the part
with the aneurysm and printed it for you.
This is the aneurysm.
And this is your ophthalmic artery.
As you can see here,
they're almost connected.
We'll place coils into the aneurysm
to block the flow of blood.
I'll be honest. It will be a little risky,
but if we block this side very carefully…
You won't lose your eyesight.
Also, the eyes
don't solely rely on this artery.
There are collateral circulation pathways.
If we check
when we're starting the procedure
and see that
those pathways are well developed,
we may be able to prevent vision loss
even if the artery gets blocked
due to bleeding.
With regard to vision loss…
We really have no way of knowing.
But the risk of death will be much higher
if you decide not to treat the aneurysm.
It'll be like living
with a ticking time bomb inside your head.
The statistics show that two-thirds
of subarachnoid hemorrhage cases
caused by a ruptured aneurysm are the ones
where the patients die
before or after arriving at the hospital.
Only one-third of the patients survive.
Even if you get it treated and survive,
you'll likely suffer complications.
I'm aware
that this is a difficult decision.
But if I were you…
Or if you were my family,
I would perform the procedure
and tell you without hesitation
that you need to get it done.
Why don't you discuss it
with your family again?
If you decide against it even after that…
I'll come back
and explain everything one more time.
Seok-min, do you know
what your biggest strength is?
What is it? Do I have a strength?
You're not perfect,
but you always strive to be so.
I see.
It's your biggest charm.
It's a compliment, right?
Of course.
I see that you're always doing your best.
I really appreciate that.
Thank you.
You're on the right track
to becoming the biggest villain at Yulje.
Well, everyone's good.
There's nothing to note.
Just check on Kim Bo-ri for contractions.
Will do.
Dr. Chu, about Yeon Ho-jeong in Room 9.
Her family wants to know what's going on.
Sorry? With what?
Dr. Myeong said she'd talk to them,
but I think you should.
What do you mean?
The patient with the wound problem.
We had a patient like that?
No one told me about this. Hold on.
Patient Yeon Ho-jeong…
Let's see.
She had surgery elsewhere two weeks ago.
They stitched it twice but sent her here
because the wound wouldn't close.
It's pretty bad, so we dressed it
and put her on antibiotics.
But no one told me anything
about this patient.
Try calling Dr. Myeong Eun-won.
Okay. Gosh, hold on.
The phone is turned off.
Please leave a message after the tone.
What's wrong?
Her phone is off.
I've had the same surgery
but have never even heard of this.
How long will it take
for my sister to recover?
It keeps oozing pus.
And it's opening up again. It's a mess.
She gave birth over two weeks ago.
This is ridiculous.
We kept asking to speak with the doctor,
but she said she was busy
and that she'd come in the evening.
She said she'd wait
until the whole family was here.
Where is she? The doctor with long hair.
Gosh, Dr. Chu will be blamed
for everything.
Yes, Ms. Yeon's mother is intense.
She keeps calling every 30 minutes
with the same questions,
asking for Professor Yang.
Ms. Yeon was admitted only a day ago,
but she keeps complaining.
I'm sure Dr. Myeong knows about this.
I thought she'd talk to them
before she left for the day.
This must have been
very stressful for you.
You must feel frustrated and anxious.
But she was transferred here
because her wound opened up again
after they stitched it
for the second time,
so we can't stitch it up again right away.
First, we have to get the infection
under control to reduce pus.
Without that,
it'll be pointless to stitch it up again.
I'll speak with Professor Yang
and find the most ideal time to treat it
to make sure it won't open up again,
so please don't worry.
Even if it's
the exact same surgical procedure,
everyone can react differently,
so recovery is different for everyone.
Ms. Yeon's doctor
had to leave early today
because something urgent came up.
But she knows the situation very well,
so she'll take good care of Ms. Yeon.
I'll remind her one more time.
My goodness.
All right, then.
Gosh, what should I do?
Yes, Professor.
Did you have dinner?
-Not yet.
-Should I pick up some food for you?
Something with meat. I want meat.
Try the grilled onion.
Go your own way. I'll do the same.
Gosh, you need to try this.
Those pigs. I didn't know
they'd get here 15 minutes early.
Seriously, we can never beat you two.
You got here before we did
and even picked these up.
-Which sauce?
-Calamansi-wasabi sauce.
Is the pork belly still warm?
Yes, totally.
What? Is this it?
The piggies already devoured it all.
No, I ordered a lot of food.
Seok-hyeong, where's the receipt?
Where did you put it? There it is.
I ordered a ton of food. Let's see.
Two, three…
These jerks.
When did you have time to order food?
We've been so busy.
I know, right?
My gosh.
Hey, Eun-mi! Have some meat.
You haven't had dinner yet, right?
I'm good. Enjoy your dinner.
Is it a difficult case?
A little.
More than a little.
His ophthalmic artery and aneurysm
are almost stuck together.
I've never treated
a case like this before,
so I'm worried.
Get going. You'll miss your train.
You know, right? Even in Changwon,
you can go for short walks,
but avoid strenuous exercise.
All right.
Two weeks will fly by.
The ophthalmic artery
is even closer to the aneurysm
than we saw in the CT angiogram.
And there's no ECA collateral flow.
We have to save the ophthalmic artery
no matter what.
We'll begin now. 8-20, please.
Here's 8-20.
One more of the same one, please.
We need 7-15.
Here's 7-15.
Let's see
if the ophthalmic artery is okay.
It looks good, right?
Yes, the flow is good.
And no blood clots.
Well done.
Thank you, Professor.
It went well.
There was no bleeding,
and we managed to block the aneurysm.
When doing the final check,
we confirmed the blood flow
into the ophthalmic artery,
so the chances of him
losing his eyesight are slim,
but we'll do a visual field test
to be sure once he wakes up.
We're waking him up now.
We'll move him to the ICU right away.
You can see him there.
So he won't lose his eyesight?
He's okay, right?
At the moment, yes. I think so.
But we'll have to do a vision range test
after he wakes up.
Then we'll talk again.
Okay, Doctor.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you, Doctor.
Talk soon.
Mr. An.
Can you open your eyes?
Everything went well.
Mr. An, can you see me?
Can you cover your right eye?
Can you see this?
How many fingers do you see?
Can you see them clearly?
No double vision or blurriness?
I see them clearly.
Have you arrived yet?
Probably not.
You're still on the train, right?
Did it go well? How did it go?
It went well.
My gosh, that's great.
Well done. You did it.
I called you to brag about it.
Whereabouts are you now? Daejeon?
Good job. My gosh.
I knew you'd pull it off.
You didn't go?
No. Seeing how worried you were earlier,
I had to change my ticket
to see you before I leave.
So will Professor Lee be back
in two weeks, then?
Yes. He went to Changwon today.
-It's over there, right?
Thank you.
No problem.
I'll walk you to your door.
-Is it this way?
I'm curious about something.
I'm already scared. What is it this time?
Go ahead. What is it?
Are you not going to tell me
how you feel about me?
If you ask me out, my answer is yes.
Don't laugh.
We are…
seeing each other now, right?
But you're not asking me
to be your girlfriend
and won't tell me how you feel.
I'm just wondering
if I got the wrong idea.
What will you do
if I'm not a good person?
What if I'm a freak?
You're quite reckless, I must say.
If that's the case…
It is what it is. I'll just blame my fate.
But Professor.
You know…
I'm a good person.
I'm actually a better person
than you think I am,
so you don't need to worry about me.
But we are…
seeing each other, right?
You do have…
feelings for me, right?
Do I
have to say it?
I like you.
I like you too.
you can stop…
confessing your feelings now.
Kim Geon? Dr. Kim Geon in second year?
Yes. He didn't come in to the ICU
this morning, and his phone is off.
-Can someone go to his place?
-Ji-woo did.
He's not there,
and he's not at his parents' place either.
Maybe he fell asleep in the sauna,
or his phone died.
Wait another hour or two
and call me if he still hasn't called.
-All right.
A second-year resident has gone AWOL?
Yes, I think so.
He's been covering the ICU.
It's physically exhausting, you know.
Someone probably picked on him.
Who? Even the chiefs
are in their second year.
Gyeo-ul, Dr. Jong, and the fellows
are his only senior colleagues,
but none of them
would ever pick on anyone.
And the professor?
When a resident goes AWOL, the professor
and senior residents are usually to blame.
There are no third-year residents,
so it must be the professor.
Let's see.
The bleed in the superior sagittal sinus
must've been severe.
You did a good job
getting it under control.
You must have been nervous
as it was close to the sinus,
but the dura opening looks good too.
Thank you.
-The microscope can come in now.
Ko Ye-jin's constipation got really bad,
so we gave her magnesium oxide.
Good call. But prolonged use
could cause loose stools,
so either reduce the dose
or take her off it soon.
Okay, will do.
Dr. Ki Eun-mi,
Jung Si-eun who was admitted yesterday
has received dinoprostone, right?
Yes, we gave her dinoprostone
last night and--
I can't hear you.
She's having contractions
every two to three minutes now,
and her cervix was dilated to about 3cm
when I checked a moment ago.
It's great that dinoprostone
was enough to induce labor.
The contraction rate is good too.
She won't need oxytocin.
Monitor the patient carefully with Dr. Ki
and keep me updated.
Really? Do you think
that's why he's gone AWOL?
Not because someone picked on him?
Yes. He said he thinks the patients
are getting worse because he's stupid.
He's been under a lot of stress
since he started covering the ICU.
He had been doing his best,
but after seeing a few patients
pass away last week,
he said he was no longer sure
if he should stay on this career path.
He chose a vital department to save lives,
but he feels that
all he can do is ask for help.
Oh, dear.
But don't worry too much, Dr. Jang.
Geon will be back tomorrow
or the day after.
He left all of his stuff
in the on-call room.
He would've taken everything
if he'd really decided to quit,
but it's all still here.
I'm relieved to hear that,
but you'll be swamped now, Ji-woo.
I'll help you wherever I can.
Yu-ri and I can cover for him
for a couple of days, no problem.
And my hunch tells me
that Geon will be back tomorrow.
I'm sure of it.
He's such a model student.
I bet he's already regretting it now.
He'll probably get an earful
when he's back,
but I hope he gets to
catch up on sleep at least.
Thanks to you,
we could finish the surgery an hour early.
The bleeding was minimal,
and it went so smoothly
thanks to the perfect incision.
Great job, everyone.
Good job, Seong-yeong.
You worked all night
because of an emergency
but managed to get through this.
Wrap this up well and enjoy your day off.
I will. Thank you.
Dr. Heo, if Professor Chae says
that she wants to start a new country,
I'll go there and happily till the soil.
Many people would be happy to do that.
Let's wrap this up.
Dr. Chu, Jung Si-eun who's being induced
is showing signs of deceleration.
Can you please check?
She was okay five minutes ago.
Professor, I'll check again
and let you know.
It seemed to be moving too fast,
so I checked the monitor.
I'm a little concerned.
Jung Si-eun has a prolonged deceleration.
She recovered briefly,
but it's dropping again.
And the variability is minimal as well.
I checked,
and her cervix is fully dilated.
I'll come now.
The baby's having a hard time,
so we should expedite the delivery.
It's common for a baby's heart rate
to drop slightly during labor,
but it's usually restored
within a minute or two.
But the abnormal heart rate
has been continuing for eight minutes.
Even when it's restored,
it keeps dropping right away.
The baby must be having
a very hard time right now.
The baby has already dropped quite a bit.
In cases like this, expediting
the delivery is the best solution.
We'll proceed with surgery if need be.
Min-ha, let's get ready.
This is not a rare case.
A sudden change in fetal heart rate
can occur during labor.
This is something we see pretty often.
We'll expedite your delivery
and do our very best,
so keep on taking deep breaths
to deliver oxygen to your baby.
The fetal heart rate isn't going back up.
We should hurry.
What is your baby's nickname?
Tough Cookie.
Tough Cookie is stuck
in your narrow birth canal right now
but is staying strong and doing great.
You have to push a little harder.
If you don't,
things could get dangerous for the baby.
It's very important
that you keep pushing from now on.
Okay. I can do it.
What's the fetal heart rate?
Has it gone back up?
It's 100 now.
I think we can get the baby out
if you push just five times.
Just five times, okay?
Then the baby will be out.
All right, one, two, three. Push!
Fast breathing will cause dizziness.
Take slow, deep breaths.
All right. Push once more.
One, two, three. Push!
You're doing great.
Let's push one more time.
One, two, three. Push!
Current time, 10:35. It's a baby boy.
Congratulations. You did very well.
My baby is okay, right?
Yes, he's fine.
It looks like the umbilical cord
got wrapped around the baby
as he was descending.
The sudden fetal heart rate decelerations
were probably caused by the nuchal cord.
This can totally happen during labor.
A triple nuchal cord is rare,
but it does happen.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you so much.
It took some superhuman strength
to push like that.
Great job. You did so well.
Dr. Ki, suture.
Professor, Eun-mi is crying.
Hey, why are you crying?
Ms. Jung,
our first-year resident is crying.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll be a great mother.
Congratulations, Ms. Jung.
A triple nuchal cord?
Yes. Even the residents
were surprised to see it.
It is uncommon,
but it does happen from time to time.
It's not super rare.
So how are they now?
The baby is healthy,
and the mother is recovering well.
Gosh, thank goodness.
Will Ik-jun be back in two days?
Are we going to practice this week?
It's still chilly, Professor.
I'm off.
If that's why, then I'm surprised.
I know. I was quite surprised too.
I knew he was the serious type,
but I had no idea
that he was this thoughtful.
Did you try calling him?
Is he still not answering?
Ji-woo spoke to him earlier.
Is he coming back?
Ji-woo said he wants to come back,
but he's hesitant
because he's embarrassed.
Call him and tell him
to come to work tomorrow no matter what.
Tell him I'll take care of the rest.
-Hold on.
It'd be better to hear that
from his friend,
so ask Dr. Hwang Ji-woo to tell him that.
Okay, I will.
Aren't you cold?
Hey, Ahn Jeong-won. Stop bugging Gyeo-ul.
-Stop nagging her already.
My goodness.
The moment I heard
the baby's heartbeat go like this,
I almost fainted.
When the mother held her breath to push,
I held my breath and pushed with her
without realizing it.
But the baby wasn't really moving
when he came out, you know.
I thought something was wrong with him,
so I just burst into tears.
Gosh, that was crazy.
But right at that moment,
the baby started crying.
Did it take about 30 seconds?
The moment I heard him cry,
I thanked God
and every deity I could think of.
"Thank you, God. Thank you, Buddha.
Thank you so much, Household God."
Dr. Ki, stop talking and have some gimbap.
Right, I should eat.
The baby had the cord
wrapped around his neck three times.
When I saw that, my heart started racing.
But the baby's heart rate
kept on dropping.
Instead of beating normally like this,
the heart was going like this
because the FHR kept decelerating.
Okay, we heard you.
So please stop talking
and have some food now.
But have you all felt that before?
When the baby started crying,
I felt such a great sense of relief.
I mean, I didn't even do anything.
But I was ecstatic
as though I saved the baby's life.
My gosh, I was so grateful.
Did you feel the same way too?
-Of course.
-You did, right?
Shouldn't we give him a big hand?
Please stop. I'm too embarrassed.
-Hey, you.
Hello, everyone.
Jeong-won, Geon is back.
Hey, why did you leave
if you were going to come back in a day?
You should have partied hard
for at least a week.
He didn't want to come back
but I practically begged him.
Yes. I talked to him on the phone
for over two hours to persuade him.
So you'd better not
say anything to Geon today.
Hey, what would I even say to him?
Let's go.
All my longtime dreams
Felt like vain, naive delusions
When I swallowed my tears
And whispered your name in secret
I heard your warm voice ringing in my ears
That gave me hope
If only I could run across the dry sky
And fall into your arms
I wouldn't care
Even if my body broke apart
Even if I fly too close to the sun
And both of my legs melt away
My heart will follow you
And run toward your heart forever
My weak soul
If only I could put wings on it
If only I could run across the dry sky
And fall into your arms
I wouldn't care
Even if my body broke apart
Even if I fly too close to the sun
And both of my legs melt away
My heart will follow you
And run toward your heart forever
There was a patient named Sun Chun-sik.
His pancreatic cancer surgery went well,
and he shook my hand
the day he was discharged.
But he came back with a twisted bowel.
When we opened him up, it was too late.
We removed a big portion of the bowel,
but he ended up dying of septic shock.
Dr. Kim, patient Sun Chun-sik's vitals
are unstable.
His BP and EKG are dropping.
Do an announcement for CPR.
Is his guardian here?
-Let's check the pulse.
-Yes, Professor.
-No pulse detected.
-We're performing CPR on Sun Chun-sik.
I can't come right now.
I'm in emergency surgery.
Right, okay.
We performed CPR for over an hour
but couldn't bring back the patient.
I don't think we can revive him.
I think it's time we let him go.
We'll stop the chest compressions.
That experience taught me
how incompetent I really am.
I realized
that asking others for help
was the only thing I could do.
We can't save every single patient.
You did your best.
You did everything
in your power to save him.
And I think the fact
that you thought about these things
proves that you're a good doctor.
Well, your residency itself is a process
where you experience
and learn these things.
These experiences…
will teach you to be a better doctor,
so don't beat yourself up.
Let's just do our best at all times
and be satisfied with that.
Thank you.
You should go back inside.
I'll be right in too.
Yes, sir.
See you inside.
How did you manage
to survive your residency?
I had someone to rely on.
All my fellow residents suffered so much
because of Dr. Yong.
But I held out and survived
thanks to my fellow residents.
Hold on. We already checked that.
Around May of your first year,
the senior doctors
stop going easy on you, you know.
I had to work the night shift alone
for the first time.
-I was terrified.
MAY, 2017
Let's say
there are ten night shifts per month.
Chi-hong and I always did it together,
so we worked 20 night shifts together
every month.
What are you doing?
Just trying to see
if many hands can make light work.
Two hands are probably better than one.
Although that can't make one become two.
But 1.2 may be doable.
All right. Keep it up.
I really wasn't aware of it. My apologies.
What should I do? I really didn't know.
-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay, Yoon-hee.
You don't need
to keep apologizing like that.
Just consider it
a piece of advice from a friend.
I won't get the wrong idea,
but the other doctors might.
So make sure
you never drop the honorifics,
no matter what you say. Okay?
Gosh, what is wrong with me?
Hey, Hwang Ji-woo.
What's up?
Are you on duty next Saturday?
I'll cover it for you.
Go see your boyfriend.
You said you guys would break up
at this rate.
Are you sure?
Just say yes before I change my mind.
U-ju didn't come with you?
He wants to stay longer.
He'll come back with Ik-sun
the next time she's visiting Seoul.
He must be having fun
with his grandparents.
No. He already made new friends
in the playground.
-In just two weeks?
-Yes. My goodness.
They all live in the same building,
but they're already best friends.
He's Mr. Popular. And he loves to play.
Who does he take after?
No one else in the family is like that.
-I saw lightning just now.
-I saw it too.
Three, two, one.
My gosh.
Shall we stop
and watch the rain for a bit?
Sure, I'd love that.
Do you want coffee?
You should've waited
until the rain died down. You're soaked.
It's okay. I can shake it off.
I took less than ten seconds, right?
I'm so fast.
You almost slipped and fell.
No, I'd never. I have such quick reflexes.
Enjoy your coffee.
Let's have our coffee first.
I'm not in a rush.
You can take your time.
Do you want the radio on?
Aren't you cold? It's a bit chilly.
No! It's hot in here.
-Stop fiddling with things.
I'm a little embarrassed,
so I'm only going to say it once, quickly.
Listen carefully, okay?
Don't look at me.
Keep your eyes ahead.
Do you know what was the first thought
that crossed my mind
when I heard you were attacked?
"I should have told him…
that I like him.
I really should've told him."
That was the first thought
that popped into my head.
Look ahead.
So with that said…
If your feelings for me haven't changed,
how about we…
start seeing each other?
I'll give you my answer.
Ik-jun, let's go eat.
Song-hwa, let's do what other couples do.
What are you doing this weekend?
I'm sure you both have no plans.
We're going out on a date.
I'm going to have dinner with him
this weekend.
And we'll go for a walk too.
Now I get why people get married.
I really don't want to say goodbye here.
We still have a long way to go,
but we're holding up well.
It's a difficult case
and the success rate isn't very high.
I think you should prepare yourselves.
What is it? Did something happen?
But they still want to try it
even if it's dangerous.
It's a difficult decision to make.
You will have to make a decision now.
Subtitle translation /Fontby Liya Choi
Modify /Fontby Blue-Bird™
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