Hospital Playlist (2020) s02e12 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 12

Okay. I'm just five minutes away.
I'll head straight to the OR.
Gosh, who's on duty today?
-What about galbi?
-Level one.
-It needs the spicy sauce.
Right, half and half.
-Start without it and add it later.
-It has to be moist.
-Yes, very moist.
Then we should also…
-Get in.
Doors are closing.
-Are you there yet?
-Yes, I'm waiting out front.
-Did you stay up all night?
-No problem.
Hey, bear. I'm on my way to get a coffee.
Do you want iced Americano?
Yes, sure.
-You're early.
-Yes, I have surgery.
Hey! I totally know this song.
Do you want to bet?
-How much?
-Let's do 100,000 won.
If I know the song, you pay me.
And vice versa.
-I'll pass.
-Darn it.
It looks like you know.
Yes! I've listened to it so many times
that I'm sick of it.
What's the title?
"Hello, this is the English
listening comprehension section
of the 2021
College Scholastic Ability Test.
Please relax and listen carefully.
We advise all exam supervisors
to check the speaker
to ensure optimal volume.
All examinees must write their names
and examinee identification numbers
on the left side
of the answer sheet
before the test begins…
Please double-check to make sure
all the information is correct."
That freak.
He's such a freak.
Ahn Jeong-won.
Appointments start in ten minutes.
Song-hwa has emergency surgery this early?
Yes. She said it won't take long though.
Hold on.
I was going to do something.
What was it?
It was something urgent.
Go shave first.
Seung-chae is next, right?
I hope she succeeds today.
You did it!
She practiced a lot at home.
She started practicing winking nonstop
a week before the appointment.
I should give you a prize.
What would be good?
Stickers. Here.
Thank you.
Compared to her blood work
from last month,
everything has gone up a little.
I think she can take less potassium.
Sure. What about sodium?
If that looks good too,
I think we can cut down on the supplement.
Sure. She's taking
vitamin D as well, right?
Yes. I give her four drops a day.
And I also give her probiotics once a day.
That's great.
Why don't we change her feeding tube
since you're already here?
I changed it a few days ago.
You're more of an expert than I am now.
Seung-chae is gaining weight optimally
at the moment,
and she looks energetic and healthy
every time I see her.
I know it can get complicated
with all the meds she has to take.
You're doing an amazing job.
For three years, she's had no infection
caused by the central venous catheter,
all thanks to you.
And kids at Seung-chae's age
usually have a big increase in appetite,
but you've been keeping it under control.
Professor Ahn.
I actually wanted
to talk to you about that today.
Recently, I told her not to drink water.
Then I caught her drinking tap water
while washing her face.
Also, she asks for food
more often these days.
And unlike before,
she struggles
with the injections these days.
She wants to go outside
and play with her friends
but has to stay home and get injections,
so I think she's very frustrated.
I've been coaxing her
into getting the injections,
and I've been making sure
she never overeats,
but I don't think
it'll be easy going forward.
And that being said,
when you were going over
the different treatment options,
you mentioned that
a small bowel transplant was one of them.
You said she might need it because
she only has a few central veins left now.
You said she's okay for now
but also suggested
we get her on the waitlist
just in case she'd need it later on,
so I registered her for it.
Out of fear,
I've been telling you
that I wasn't interested in that option,
but I now want to consider
going that route.
I'm aware that it's a difficult procedure
with a low success rate.
And that's why I was initially against it.
But seeing Seung-chae
asking for food all the time…
I want to cook her a proper meal for once.
I would like to give it a shot.
I want Seung-chae
to get a small bowel transplant.
Ma'am, can we talk about this again
after I give it some thought?
I want to make sure we're making
the best decision for Seung-chae.
Let me think about this
for just a couple of days.
Sure, of course.
All right.
Seok-min, do you see
the aneurysm neck here?
I took care of the dissection.
Do you want to clip it?
Okay, I'll try.
Nice. You weren't even nervous.
You got it in one go.
Seriously, you did a great job.
I never got it right at the beginning.
Well done.
You sure have the talent.
I'm flattered. Thank you
for giving me the chance to try it.
Since this was your first time,
you have to buy me lunch.
Okay. I'll treat you today.
Let's do one last check for bleeding.
Irrigation, please.
The patient is a kid,
but the condition is quite serious.
The professor of Radiology.
I see.
And is he a fellow in Pediatrics?
Professor Kim Jun-wan is here,
so can we get started now?
Yes, we should.
All right.
Choi Eun-dam, age seven.
A male patient with Marfan syndrome.
Oh, dear. The enlarged heart
is pressing on the lungs.
He has severe scoliosis.
Four years ago,
he received MR repair at age three
from Professor Kim Jun-wan
at Kangwoon Medical Center.
At the moment, he is being treated
for kyphoscoliosis
in OS at Kangwoon Medical Center.
They recommended surgery
due to progression of AR and MR
shown in the tests done recently
because of his shortness of breath,
but his guardians wanted him
to be seen by Professor Choi Gyeong-hui.
I see that
the aortic sinus is enlarged too.
Well, I'm sure they took measurements.
Can we see it from a higher angle?
It does look like he needs surgery.
Why did the doctors at Kangwoon
not proceed with surgery?
They thought the aortic regurgitation
wasn't too serious.
They did recommend surgery
but didn't want to do it right away,
so they've been using meds.
If they go ahead with this surgery,
they'll have to work on
the mitral valve, the aortic valve,
and even the aortic root.
It'll be complicated,
and his lungs aren't doing well either.
So they suggested surgery
but haven't been able to
finalize the date yet.
His dyspnea started to worsen notably
a few months ago,
so his mother kept waiting,
but she wants Eun-dam's surgery
to be done by the doctor
who performed his first heart surgery.
That's why she brought him to Yulje.
Do you think it's doable?
We should do it.
But I'm not sure if his vitals
will hold up during the anesthesia.
Because of his kyphoscoliosis,
he won't even be able to lie on his back.
The left ventricular contractility
and the size
tell me that the symptoms
won't be too severe.
So I don't want to put pressure
on the patient by expediting the surgery.
The regurgitation looks quite severe
on the ultrasound,
but it seems to be still functioning,
so let's see the patient and decide
when the surgery should be done.
He has an appointment with me,
so we can discuss this again
after I check the kid's condition.
Next is Ms. Kang Seo-ju.
Hello, Professor Yang.
Let's sit down.
Well, everything looks good.
Don't worry about anything.
Just take it easy and get ready
for your due date next week.
The thing is, my wife is Rh-negative.
That won't be a risk factor
in the delivery process, right?
Well, an Rh-negative blood type
doesn't make the procedure riskier.
We have given her
an antibody injection already,
and the baby is doing great at the moment.
The only thing is,
if she loses a lot of blood
after the baby is born
and requires a transfusion,
we may have a hard time with that.
But that doesn't happen often,
so you don't need to worry.
You're not going away next week
or anything like that, right?
Me? Why do you ask?
Don't go anywhere.
You've been taking such good care of me
and my baby for months.
I want you to deliver my baby.
Yes. Of course, it'll be done by me.
But if you go into labor
at night or in the wee hours,
a doctor on duty
may end up taking care of--
No, that won't happen.
I'll make sure my baby
comes out when you're here.
All right.
How's it going?
We took care of the cholecystectomy.
You've already gone past mobilization?
I think this is a fairly easy case.
No, not at all.
This is not an easy case.
You did a good job. No bleeding at all.
Even the hilar dissection.
You got a lot done.
Look at you.
The adrenal gland was
almost glued to it on the CT scan,
but you managed to separate it.
There wasn't a lot of fat,
so I got it done quickly.
-I should have you handle CUSA next time.
No. Thank you though.
Forceps, please.
Is the food not here yet?
What did you order?
Food from the convenience store.
Sounds good.
-What's for lunch?
-Food from the convenience store.
Guys, why am I always the one
doing these things?
Did I offer?
Yes, you offered to pay and pick it up.
Did Jeong-won really offer to pay?
No, he didn't say anything.
He'd do it anyway. Why bother asking him?
Is Ik-jun still in surgery?
Yes. He's had three transplants booked
in just a week.
The patients had to wait,
so he'll take on as many as possible.
Will he be free this weekend?
That I'm not sure. Why do you ask?
What's everyone doing this weekend?
How about some karaoke time?
It's been a while.
Do you have plans, Jeong-won?
No, not yet.
But I'll probably hang out with Gyeo-ul.
Last week, we couldn't.
So I want to see her.
Me too.
You'll see Dr. Jang too?
No. I've got plans for this weekend.
-No way.
-You're meeting someone this weekend?
You'll see your mom again?
-Do you love temple food that much?
-Enough, seriously!
You and Ik-jun?
I'm sure you both have no plans.
We're going out on a date.
Ik-jun and I…
I'm going to have dinner with him
this weekend.
And we'll go for a walk too.
-You guys do that all the time.
I guess they'll have more fun
this weekend.
That reminds me. His sister was here
when he was hospitalized.
-You mean, Ik-sun?
-Yes. Ik-sun, my dove.
There's a dove outside.
Anyway, the first day she was here
to look after Ik-jun,
she saw him hanging out with Song-hwa
and thought they were dating.
-Are you serious?
-For real?
But I have to say,
even I thought they looked like a couple
after I heard her say that.
I actually wondered if something was up.
We're actually dating.
-Come on.
-As if.
You and Ik-jun are dating?
I'll eat my hat.
I'll change my surname.
I'll give you my house, my car,
and even all the stocks I own.
Me too.
Me too.
Can you say that one more time?
I want to record it.
The kid who ended up
with short gut after her neonatal surgery?
Yes. If we were to proceed
with a transplant for her,
I'd have to assist Professor Ahn,
so he told me to read up on it.
It's a very difficult procedure.
Intestinal transplantation?
Is it performed in Korea?
I've only read about it.
Well, only one or two cases a year
in the entire country,
including all pediatric
and adult patients.
It's a difficult procedure
and the success rate isn't very high.
Lower than that of
kidney and liver transplants?
Compared to other organs,
the small bowel is much less likely
to adapt and function
when transplanted into a recipient's body.
Kidney and liver transplant survival rates
surpass 90 percent.
But small bowel transplants…
It's about 50 percent.
Maybe it's not even 50 percent.
I see.
That's why many parents
opt for maintaining the current condition
without a transplant.
There are effective injectable drugs,
so the patients can stay
pretty healthy for years.
I'd do the same.
Knowing how risky the surgery is,
it's a hard choice to make.
But I've spoken with many mothers
who are considering
a small bowel transplant.
Kids grow up.
And as they grow up,
the mothers see them
wanting to eat through the mouth.
I see.
Every day, the kids would want to eat
until they feel full.
But the mothers can't let them.
It's heartbreaking for the mothers.
But with a transplant…
If the surgery goes well,
the kids can eat as much as they want.
But they still want to try it
even if it's dangerous.
But once they make up their mind to do it,
they start worrying
about the surgery going wrong
and end up deciding against it again.
It's hard.
It's a difficult decision to make.
Then what should we do?
Her mother wants her
to receive a transplant.
And if there are no other medical issues,
Professor Ahn will do it.
How many small bowel transplants
has he performed so far?
From what I know,
Professor Ahn is the only one at Yulje
with previous experience.
He's worked on three cases.
Were they all successful?
Only one of them was successful.
The other two weren't.
I see.
Where are you? Did the surgery go well?
Yes. Where are you?
I'm in the center garden.
I'll come now.
No, let's meet somewhere else.
You already called her
and said you'd do it.
Stop worrying. The surgery will go well.
Did I make the right decision though?
Is this the right answer?
If this was a question
with one right answer,
you wouldn't be this torn.
You already made your decision.
So just focus on that now.
Only think about the surgery,
nothing else.
Isn't that enough to make you feel like
your head is about to explode?
Did you have dinner?
I grabbed a quick bite to eat
with the others after the surgery.
Professor Ahn,
do you have plans for this weekend?
How about dinner?
Sounds good.
I have something to tell you.
Tell me now.
Not here.
And not dressed like this.
I want to wear my normal clothes.
I'll tell you when I see you this weekend.
All right.
-So for that case…
Well, you know.
You did a good job though.
It can happen, you know.
-I should've been more careful.
Thank you.
Why didn't you tell us earlier?
I told you guys
that I had plans for this weekend.
That was with Dr. Chu Min-ha?
My gosh, I'm so happy for you.
To be honest, we knew something was up
between you two,
but I had no idea
that you guys were already a couple.
You knew?
How could I not know?
Your eyes were always glued to Dr. Chu.
You're finally dating, after so long.
Be good to her.
Yes, I will.
Your mother doesn't know yet, does she?
No. But I'm planning to tell her tonight.
I got insurance just in case,
so I'm going to talk to her about it too.
What do you mean?
Anyway, I'm off.
Are you on duty tonight?
No, you're not. Ik-jun is.
I'm waiting for him
so we can have dinner together.
He has to stop by the ICU
after his surgery,
so I'm just waiting for him.
I see.
No way.
For real?
So it is for real!
I'm so happy for you guys.
This makes me…
really happy.
why didn't I know? You two…
You really care for each other.
I never even thought this could happen.
This is such great news.
I'm so happy for you.
You made the right decision, Song-hwa.
Come on.
It still feels so awkward and funny
that I can't even look at his face.
So it really is true!
Yes, I told you! It is true.
Ik-jun, let's go eat.
Let's do what other couples do.
Feed me, and I'll eat like this.
Here, like this.
-Like this.
-What are you doing?
My gosh!
I'll do it.
But can you?
I'll try.
Okay. Hold on.
Open wide.
What are you doing?
Why close your eyes?
I'm the one who's being fed here.
Gosh, I can't do this.
-Forget it.
Let's just feed ourselves.
My gosh.
So Ik-sun is coming to Seoul this weekend?
Yes, her friend who got married recently
is throwing a housewarming party.
She'll bring U-ju.
Gosh, why can't we do it though?
All right, let's go.
Hurry. We have to go all the way
to Internal Medicine.
We have the lab results
for Mr. Bae's wife.
Everything looks good.
I checked the MRI scan,
and the bile duct looks good too.
How's Mr. Bae Jong-seop's bilirubin level?
It's gone up to 15.6.
You've received embolization
and radiotherapy,
but your liver function is deteriorating,
so you'll need a transplant
as soon as possible.
I checked the X-ray,
and your pneumonia has improved.
We'll wait about a week.
If it improves further,
we'll book your surgery.
Gosh, we could have done it sooner,
but this stubborn man
put us through all that trouble
and caused this delay.
He's not stubborn.
He just feels bad. That's all.
I know, but he must live.
He must survive this and recover.
Then he can treat me like a queen
for the rest of his life.
My kids came up
with a great nickname for him.
-What is it?
Goodness. That's all in the past.
I won't do it again.
You'd better not do it this time.
I do see some donors run away
from time to time,
but you were the first and only recipient
who went AWOL
in my entire career as a doctor.
I'm sorry.
If we got it done last year, we'd be
vacationing with the kids this summer.
You can't do it this summer,
but you can take a family vacation
in every summer and winter going forward.
Will that day really come?
Yes, if the surgery and treatment go well.
I have no doubt about it.
Doctor, I really want to live.
I want to survive this
so I can repay my wife
for everything she's done for me.
So please save me.
I'm counting on you, Doctor.
How long has Eun-dam
been breathing like this?
It's been a few months.
He can't sleep lying down,
so he's been sleeping
sitting up like this for a while.
Eun-dam, can we measure
your height and weight one more time?
You can go by yourself, right?
I'm not a baby.
Go for it, Eun-dam.
Don't worry.
I'll see you in a minute.
Let's go, Eun-dam.
You must be aware of the fact
that it's high-risk surgery,
so I'll get right to the point.
He can't go on like this.
He should at least
be able to sleep lying down
and breathe comfortably.
I'll make time
so we can expedite Eun-dam's surgery.
Okay. Thank you, Professor Kim.
You look good.
You're taking your meds, right?
Of course. I always take
the immunosuppressants on time.
Warfarin too. I've been
religiously following the regimen.
He takes so many pills.
It'll probably feel like a hassle,
but please continue to follow the regimen.
From now on, you can come back
every three months. My gosh.
This must have been so hard.
Coming all the way to Seoul once a month.
we live in Seoul now.
Yes. Our son got a job in Seoul,
so we moved here.
For his appointments with you
and with the heart specialist as well.
It was exhausting
to commute back and forth so often.
Anyway, we moved to Seoul last month.
We live very close to Yulje.
You no longer
have to arrive the day before.
That's right.
We took our sweet time today.
Who knew
I'd get to live in Seoul at this age?
Come on, you're still young.
You'll adjust in no time.
I'll see you in three months.
-Yes, thank you.
-Thank you.
I'm planning to do
a valve-sparing operation.
Will it be doable though?
Wouldn't the Bentall procedure be better?
I'll try my best.
We'll replace the mitral valve
with an artificial one,
and there's a big difference
between having two artificial valves
and just having one,
so I want to fix the aortic valve
without having to replace it.
We'll replace the aortic root
with artificial vessels.
But as for the aortic valve,
we'll try our best to save it.
I already called him.
He'll come and help us out
as soon as his appointments are done.
Whether a valve-sparing operation
will be successful or not
directly depends on
the surgeon's level of experience.
Eun-dam is a kid,
but the more experienced the surgeon is,
the more successful the surgery will be,
and the difference is huge.
Besides, Eun-dam's case will be difficult
even for surgeons
who are extremely experienced,
so it should be done by someone
who's more experienced than I am.
Can the next patient come in?
-Just a minute.
I just sent you
the patient's chart number.
Would you be able to take a look
at the CT scan and the echo?
I performed MR repair
on this kid a few years ago.
But MR recurred.
That in addition to the progression of AR
has caused aortic root dilation.
The mitral valve needs to be fixed,
and so do the aortic root
and the aortic valve.
You're more experienced
with valve-sparing operations than I am.
Could I ask you to take this on?
Okay, thank you.
-Let them in.
You've resigned as chairman,
so you're jobless now.
That's right.
I don't have a home or a job.
I'm homeless and jobless.
I'll let you stay at my place.
Just pay me 500,000 won monthly.
Without a deposit?
That's right. No rent deposit.
Just 500,000 won a month.
My gosh, thanks.
This is what friends are for.
Was it nice to see the kids?
It was nice to see my son
and my grandkids after so long.
I'm glad.
I knew I'd end up making this decision.
Me too.
-Oh, dear.
Since you're giving me
a discount on the rent,
let me grant your lifelong wish.
-Yes, let's go together.
We won't be able to walk for too long,
but we'll go together.
But just so you know,
I can't walk the entire route.
If I do that, I'll actually die.
Of course, you can't. Neither can I.
That'd be too ambitious.
We'll start with the others
and walk for a while,
then head straight to the finish line.
What do you say?
Sounds good. I'd be happy with that.
I'd be so happy…
even if we just went to the cathedral.
All right. We'll take our time
and just walk as much as we can.
Then we'll attend Mass at the cathedral.
My gosh, are you that happy?
I should have taken you there sooner.
Then when should we go?
Before we get old.
Hey, we're already old!
Come on. We'll go before we get older.
We should book our flights right away.
Let me call Jeong-won.
He said his girlfriend asked him to stay.
Seok-hyeong has a girlfriend?
Yes, apparently. I was so surprised.
Indeed. What a surprise.
I can't believe it.
I had no idea that he was seeing someone.
Jong-su, let's have some coffee.
Okay. Seriously, what a surprise.
Gosh, my legs.
Does it mean Seok-hyeong
is not moving to the US anymore?
Are they getting married?
I'm not sure about that yet,
but his girlfriend persuaded him to stay
and not go to the US.
She said, "Where do you think
you're going? Your mother isn't well."
She told him to stay and look after me
because he's my only child.
How thoughtful. You should thank her.
I'm grateful to her for saying that.
Just for saying that?
Can't you be grateful for everything?
Gosh, I know. I'm just saying.
I swear, I'll be so good to her.
When he introduces her to me,
I'll take her out for an expensive dinner.
Just once?
Goodness. No, many times.
Order two dishes that you want. I'm easy.
Can I order tangsuyuk too?
Of course, that's a given.
-Thank you.
-Take your time with the main dishes.
Hey, Ik-sun.
Don't come here. Just go home.
Tell her to join us. Is she nearby?
Where are you?
How did you get here so fast?
Was the housewarming party here?
No, across the street.
I'm lucky when it comes to food.
Was the party canceled?
Yes, my friend came down
with a stomach bug.
I got the text
when I arrived at the building.
Who's your friend? The wife?
Both of them.
They got married because I set them up.
Hey, Jun-wan.
Us? We're having dinner.
I'll text you the address. Okay.
Jun-wan will join us.
He hasn't eaten all day.
Were you guys waiting by the door
or something?
You can get to places fast
if there's no traffic.
How's the ganjjajang?
In Seoul,
it doesn't come with a fried egg.
So I never order it in Seoul.
Does it come with one in Changwon?
Yes. That's how we differentiate
regular jjajangmyeon from it.
There's a great ganjjajang place
near the base.
They give you two fried eggs.
Okay. I heard you, but I can't go. Sorry.
Even Inje was so far.
I don't have time to go to Changwon.
Our parents live in Changwon.
Let's take Mom and Dad there.
Ganjjajang is on me.
Why is a soldier
going on about ganjjajang?
But I'd say it's about time we put on…
a joint performance.
-Have you not forgotten it?
-My body remembers.
-What is this about?
Let's go to the karaoke.
A beautiful world you've been waiting for
We're waiting for that beautiful world
It's nothing fancy
But there's a world I've been dreaming of
Just for you
Your smile is as pure as crystal
Show me that smile
So I can
Enter your heart
Your smile is as pure as snow
Show me that smile
So my heart
Can always beat for you
Before I met you
I never trusted anyone but myself
Yes, I wanted a glamorous life
I believed it would make me happy
Yes, I'll help you
Make your dreams come true
By teaching you how to fly on your own
True happiness always comes from within
Even when you are walking alone
In the dark
All exhausted
My heart filled with love for you
Will keep you safe
Toi, c'est très compliqué
Mais il est fou d'être
Trop raisonnable moi
L'amour, c'est plus fort que
J'ai besoin de toi
In the early morning
Where the sun shines down on you
-Can you think of me as another you?
-Can you think of me as another you?
Really? Since when?
Last week.
My mom is a good cook,
so she'll sell some side dishes too.
My aunt will pay her.
That's great.
It'd be good for her to work
and not stay home alone all the time.
Does your aunt own a big deli?
No, it's a small neighborhood shop.
But she has many regulars
thanks to word of mouth.
My mom will help her out
only during the dinnertime rush.
It sounds like she's doing much better.
She is, right?
Try this.
Can I decide where we should go
for our summer getaway?
It's coming up soon.
Before that,
can you free up just one day for me?
My mom wants to have dinner with you.
I told her…
that there's someone I love.
She wants to have dinner
with you right away.
Three, zero, one, two.
Hey, you won't stop her?
Why should I?
She wants to sing at a karaoke bar.
Is she a good singer?
Can we please hit the stop button?
Hit the stop button.
The man I love is right by my side
Darling, your eyes are filled
With your love for me
Even if everything in the world changes
Don't ever let me go
When I open my eyes in the morning
And see the sunlight streaming in
I wake up in your arms
Even when I'm being pathetic and annoying
Always hold me in your arms, just like now
When you tell me that you love me
Say it more sweetly
And don't forget
Even after this night ends
So I won't feel like a fool
Thinking of you
So I won't feel like a fool
Thinking of you
I told my parents about you.
-What did they say?
-They're happy, of course.
They said you're much better
than the polar bear.
Especially my mom. She's over the moon.
I'm glad to hear that.
But who's "the polar bear"?
Oh, nothing. I'll tell you later.
Right, I told my mom too.
It made her so happy.
Really? When can I meet her?
Let's take it slow.
The later you meet her, the better.
Go on in.
You're starting work early tomorrow.
Now, I get why people get married.
I really don't want to say goodbye here.
Don't you think…
you should wait a bit more
to get to know me better?
This may be new to you,
but I've waited a long time.
We've been getting
more surgery support inquiries.
Should we get a helper?
Gyeo-ul would love to help out.
You can just visit every month. It's okay.
Ik-jun didn't pull in
much revenue at all last month.
He has to perform surgery on weekends.
Ik-jun was a patient last month.
Was he?
I see that Seok-hyeong worked hard.
He's one diligent bear.
-Did you guys bad-mouth me?
-We were just about to.
Hey, I heard Chairman Ju resigned.
Was it because of a health problem?
No, he's doing great.
That's why he resigned.
To join a different hospital?
No, to walk the Camino de Santiago.
He and his friend
will do it together this fall.
You mean, Ms. Jeong Rosa?
Yes, he and my mom.
Just the two of them? With no one else?
No. They really are just friends,
like you two.
-Hey, Seong-yeong.
-We have a 61-year-old male patient.
We did a CT scan.
It's a pontine hemorrhage
accompanied by IVH.
Current mental status is semi-coma.
He's exhibiting pinpoint pupils.
Motor is grade one for all limbs.
Breathing is unstable.
We have intubated him.
-Send me the CT scan now.
Right, he received a liver transplant here
last February,
then heart surgery this March.
He's on an anticoagulant.
He underwent a liver transplant
and heart surgery?
You seemed very worried about your baby,
so we did a detailed ultrasound
a bit sooner for you.
The detailed ultrasound
shows no structural fetal abnormality.
From the brain to the heart,
everything looks good.
In fact, your baby is actually
measuring about one week ahead.
Have you felt any fetal movement yet?
I'm not too sure,
but I felt as though
a fish was swimming inside my belly.
Or like a stomach rumble.
Was that a fetal movement?
Yes, it is.
You felt it pretty early in the pregnancy.
I see.
Your baby is growing well,
so I think
you can stop worrying about your baby.
Well… I'm looking at your chart
from Hemato-Oncology right now.
Your white blood cell count isn't bad.
And no bad reactions
to the chemotherapy drugs.
Right. She's had three sessions so far.
She needs eight in total,
so she still has a long way to go,
but she's doing great.
But the blood work shows
that your hemoglobin level is low.
Chemotherapy takes a toll on the body,
so make sure
you eat lots of nutrient-dense foods.
Take your anemia medication
and eat iron-rich foods.
We'll give you iron injections if needed.
Thank you.
I'll see you again in a month.
I checked the CT scan.
His pontine hemorrhage is severe,
and his mental status isn't good.
It'll be hard.
With the IVH and acute hydrocephalus too,
we'll have to use EVDs, for both sides.
-Call Anesthesiology and let me know.
In the brain,
there's a part called "medulla."
It controls basic
yet critical bodily functions
such as breathing
and various reflexive activities.
He has a hemorrhage
in that part of the brain.
That's why he came into our ER
in a coma-like state.
A medullary hemorrhage
is very dangerous,
so we can't perform surgery.
But unfortunately,
the severe bleeding has caused the blood
to seep into the cerebral ventricles.
We performed an emergency procedure
to drain the blood,
but the initial bleeding was very severe,
and he's been on a blood thinner,
so we can't stop the bleeding
at the moment.
I think…
you should prepare yourselves.
No, please…
Jae-hak. Do you want
to go see Eun-dam with me?
He must be nervous about tomorrow.
I already checked in on him.
He'll go to sleep soon. You should hurry.
All right.
Hey, did your wife's appointment go well?
Yes, she's staying strong.
All right.
-Professor Kim.
Eun-dam's surgery is tomorrow,
so I stopped by to see him.
Should I wake him up?
No, please don't. It's okay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Dad will probably faint
when he sees us in this state.
Should we wash up?
No, that will take time.
He's waiting for us,
so we should just hurry home.
How long has it been
since we last went home?
I have no idea.
Jang Hong-do.
Yes, Professor.
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
-You two live together, right?
I'll drive you home.
Wait by the entrance.
I'll go bring the car around.
-No, it's okay.
-Thank you.
It's level one. Get out.
I'll see you guys in a minute.
Get some rest.
Hello, Doctor!
Hello. Are you going home
to get your things?
Yes. I'll be admitted tomorrow,
so I want to go home
and get the things I'll need.
You should sleep comfortably
at home tonight.
You've been sleeping here every night.
Yes, I haven't been home in so long.
I want to make dinner for my kids,
collect my thoughts, and sleep well.
The surgery is booked
for the coming Monday, right?
Yes. Monday at 7 a.m.
I'll be working this weekend,
so let me know if you need anything.
My gosh, thank you.
So you and Dr. Chu are seeing each other?
My mom told me.
Should I keep it to myself?
No. Song-hwa already knows.
And I'm going to tell Ik-jun
and Jun-wan this weekend.
We're practicing this Sunday, right?
I'll be on duty on Saturday.
I have a symposium in the morning too.
We should have lunch together.
Sure, I'd love that.
What's the song for this week?
Jeong-won picked it.
What is it?
Hwang Ji-woo speaking.
Okay, I'll come now.
Bae Jong-seop,
who's getting a transplant next week,
is experiencing hematemesis,
and his vitals are unstable.
-Mr. Bae!
Let's remove this.
Order an emergency endoscopy now.
We're ready for intubation.
His esophageal varices ruptured.
They're doing an endoscopy
but can't stop the bleeding.
-He'll need an SB tube.
-And his vitals?
BP is 80. Mental status is not good.
We've intubated him.
We managed
to stop the bleeding with the SB tube,
but he's not doing well at all.
And there's a minor bleed.
When is his transplant surgery booked for?
Monday, which is in three days.
He may not make it through the weekend.
Let's try to hold him over until then.
He may not make it through the night.
Let's do this.
Will there be a paravalvular leak?
No, I think it'll be okay.
Suture for the ASD, please.
Can you call the professor?
He said he's almost here.
we have a new patient in the ICU.
A 75-year-old male patient.
The CT scan shows ICH on the right side.
It's approximately 50cc.
Mental status, stupor.
His right pupil has dilated to about 0.4.
And left-side motor is unresponsive.
Yes, I checked the CT scan you sent me.
The ICH is severe.
He'll need surgery,
so let his family know.
Call Anesthesiology
and book an OR right away.
Got it.
Professor Lee! How's my husband?
Will he be okay? He'll live, right?
You will have to make a decision now.
It doesn't look like
he can hold out until Monday.
I think
we should perform
an emergency liver transplant tonight.
As for the bleeding
from esophageal varices,
we managed to bring it under control
with an SB tube,
which are inflatable balloons
that are used to stop bleeding.
But his hemoglobin level isn't going up,
which means
there are minor bleeds elsewhere.
The best thing to do now would be
proceeding with the transplant
to reduce pressure and help circulation.
We could try other things
to stop the bleeding,
but this was ultimately caused
by his liver issues,
so we should get to the bottom of it
by expediting the surgery
and try to reduce the pressure
in his hepatic portal vein.
I think that's the best solution.
Okay, let's do it.
I'll do it.
The hematoma is worse
than what I saw in the CT scan.
I don't think
we can expect a good prognosis.
I know.
Did you say his wife just passed away?
Yes, he came from her funeral.
Oh, dear.
He's not young,
and the hematoma is severe,
so he may not regain consciousness.
Let's monitor him carefully.
-Yes, Professor.
What about the mitral valve? Forceps.
I had fixed the posterior leaflet,
but it prolapsed again.
The leaflet had thickened,
and the chordae were too thin and long,
so we've fixed that.
Metzenbaum scissors.
Congenital MR can be repaired,
but it tends to recur in many cases.
Isn't the leaflet too thick?
I hope we can fix it.
We're performing
a valve-sparing operation, so let's try.
Cardioplegia was administered
15 minutes ago.
What's the flow rate?
It's at 20 percent now.
Let's bring it down.
Suction, please.
Turning the pump back on. One, two, three.
We'll try that again in 20 minutes.
Please drain the heart-lung machine.
Be thorough with the suction.
And can we check his PEEP?
Can you also request NO gas from the ICU?
He had an intracerebral hemorrhage
in the right basal ganglia,
so we performed surgery
to drain the blood.
We successfully removed the hematoma
through the surgery.
However, he's not young,
and he's lost a lot of blood.
He was already unconscious
when he arrived at our ICU,
so we'll have to see how it goes.
Will my father live?
I'm afraid
I can't say anything at the moment.
He's still in critical condition,
and the hemorrhage may recur
in the next two or three days,
so he may not make it.
We'll have to wait two or three days
for me to be able to tell you
whether or not I think he'll live.
We'll monitor him carefully
in the ICU tonight.
But even if he makes it through the night,
he may never regain his consciousness.
I think he was devastated
by the loss of his wife.
Extremely stressful situations
such as the loss of one's spouse or child
can do a lot more damage
than a fainting spell
and cause a brain hemorrhage
in some rare cases.
What do we do…
We will monitor him carefully.
Please take good care of him.
Dad… What do we do?
Dad, what should we do?
My mom's asking me
to go to Yangpyeong with her next week.
Will you be there?
Yes, of course. Don't worry.
You're leaving early today.
Do you have a date?
She's on duty tonight.
I see.
And I have a symposium tomorrow morning.
These days, I can't get up
unless I go to bed early.
I'm off.
All right.
Ahn Jeong-won speaking.
Professor, I think we found
the right donor for Seung-chae.
It's a female TA patient. Age four.
She's in the ICU
at Jae-an Medical Center at the moment.
Her weight is 15kg,
and they have the same blood type.
They said the donor is
in stable condition overall.
What should we do?
-What about the ultrasound?
-They said the ultrasound looked good.
When was she admitted to the ICU?
Two days ago.
I see.
Can I call you back in five minutes?
Sure, no problem.
Yes, Professor Ahn.
Let's do it.
Please call Seung-chae's mother
and let her know.
Sure, will do.
It looks good.
Let's take care of the bench work.
I'm going to the recipient's OR.
You know what to do, right?
Yes, I've been given instructions.
Measure the weight of the liver.
Yes, sir.
Is it going well?
Do you see multiple varices?
Yes. We have the liver specimen,
but there's another bleed in the stomach.
I see distention.
We're performing a transfusion.
Is the bowel swollen?
No, the bowel is okay.
Do the vitals look okay?
Yes. They're holding up for now,
but this will be hard.
Take care
of the portal hypertension first.
What should we do?
Let's do a portacaval shunt.
We need to fix the IVC.
Satinsky clamp, please.
Get the suture ready.
There will be less bleeding now.
Well done, Dr. Jong.
This was difficult surgery.
Thank you for your kind words.
We'll connect them now. Please get ready.
Can I have a large Satinsky clamp?
I'm on my way now.
Okay. Her cervix is fully dilated now.
We'll have her keep pushing
and call you when we move her.
Okay. Kang Seo-ju is Rh-negative,
so I asked you to have the blood ready.
Is it ready?
All right.
We'll perform reperfusion now.
BP is dropping.
Large bulldog clamp.
-Oh, he's blocking it again.
He even performed reperfusion,
but he's blocking it again
because the BP is dropping.
Can he not do that?
No, it's not that.
Just keep watching. I'll explain later.
Can we have warm saline again?
Please check. We'll try again.
Is it okay now?
-It's dropping again.
-Okay. The clamp again, please.
Is it okay now?
Thank you. We'll connect the arteries now.
-The microscope can come in now.
Ms. Kang Seo-ju is okay now,
but her contractions
were a bit weak earlier,
so let the doctor know
if the bleeding gets worse.
Take it easy.
Doctor, how did it go? He's okay, right?
My brother made it
through the surgery, right?
Yes, the surgery went well.
-Gosh, thank you.
-Thank goodness.
It took a while to stop the bleeding,
and his BP gave us a hard time
while connecting the liver,
but we managed.
After connecting the liver, we made sure
that blood was flowing into it.
We'll move him to the ICU shortly.
He needs absolute rest today,
so we won't wake him up,
which means you can't talk to him.
But you can see him
as soon as he's moved to the ICU.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you, Professor.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Patient Jang Jong-gil's pupils
are fully dilated.
There's no voluntary respiration,
and his motor has dropped to zero.
He's in a coma.
His BP has dropped to 80 over 60.
Give him dopamine at once.
Is his family here? Tell them to come up.
Okay, will do.
I'm afraid to let you know
that he has no pupillary reflexes
and is completely unresponsive
at the moment.
There's no voluntary respiration,
so we are suspecting a brain death.
His blood pressure keeps dropping,
and his condition is rapidly declining,
so we're using vasopressors, but…
He may not make it through the day.
My gosh.
Gosh, no…
Bang Mi-gyeong has surgery on Monday,
but her BP is 160 over 100 now.
Her head hurts, and her vision is blurry.
The lab results show
that her AST level has gone up to 200,
and her platelet count
has dropped to 60,000.
She needs surgery now.
She's NPO now, right?
Yes. Her BP has been on the rise,
so we've listed her as NPO.
Then call Anesthesiology right away.
Book an OR and let me know.
I'll come now.
Got it.
Did the surgery go well?
How's the patient?
He's okay.
I bet he saw the Grim Reaper
a few times though.
Ik-jun, about Mr. Jang Jong-gil…
We may have to declare him brain-dead.
I don't think
he'll make it through the night.
I'm coming down now.
Seung-chae's mother is there, right?
Yes, Professor. She's waiting for you.
All right.
Thank you!
No problem.
Sir, could you try unfolding two fingers?
I heard you had to come into work
three times today.
What? Did I?
Well, I have nothing to give you,
but I have this.
Just what I needed. Thanks.
Professor, Ms. Kang Seo-ju apologized.
She tried her best to wait for you,
but her baby didn't help her.
She said you can punish her
when you're doing rounds on Monday.
Anyway, drive safely.
Bye. Get going.
Get going. Drive safely.
He's still in critical condition.
But thankfully, he seems
to be regaining consciousness.
He's okay now.
If he continues to recover like this,
and if nothing else happens,
his mental status will improve gradually.
We're very glad
that he's regaining consciousness.
He's still sleeping,
but you can make eye contact with him
when he wakes up.
You can go in.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
-My gosh.
Dad, can you hear me?
We all came to see you.
-Dad, can you hear me?
Dad, can you see me?
It's me, your youngest daughter!
Can you see me?
-Open your eyes, Dad.
-Can you hear me?
Dad, we're here.
-My gosh.
-How could this happen…
Wake up, Dad.
-My gosh!
He woke up!
-Don't do this to me.
-Do you recognize me, Dad?
Do you recognize us?
The doctor will help you,
so hang in there, okay?
Dad, can you see us?
-Dad, do you recognize us?
-You can't do this to me.
You'll be okay, Dad.
Hang in there, Dad.
Hey, look.
The surgery for the donor
has already begun.
They're extracting the organ
at the moment.
We'll start getting ready now
so we can proceed
with Seung-chae's transplant right away
as soon as the organ arrives.
I expect that the entire procedure
will take about ten hours.
But Seung-chae has undergone
intestinal surgery multiple times,
so it could take longer
depending on the severity of adhesions.
This will be
most painful and difficult for Seung-chae.
Please pray for her
so that she can stay strong.
This surgery won't be easy for me either,
but I will do my very best.
My gosh…
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Finally! Here it comes.
Hey, piggies! Count to ten
before you start eating, okay?
You're so good. Look at you training them.
Hey, this is your place.
-Why did I cook this?
-You offered. That's why.
-I did?
Two, one. Go!
I have something to tell you guys.
Say it.
The piggies will be shocked,
so I'll tell you after we eat.
What is it? You're making me nervous.
Nothing too important.
All of a sudden? When?
I'll keep working
until the end of the year
but will leave
at the beginning of next year.
Professor Lee Ji-yeong
will return next year,
and the chief has already approved it.
The director has approved it too.
It's just for a year. Just one year.
What about your mom?
She's okay with it too.
She said there must be a reason
her 42-year-old son
suddenly wants to go to the US to study
and gave me permission right away.
Are you going alone?
No, with Gyeo-ul. She'll come with me.
For a year?
Yes, just for a year.
I want to study
small bowel transplantation more in depth.
You can do it here too, you know.
The hospital there will let me
participate in their research and surgery.
I may never get
another opportunity like this.
If I don't go,
I'll regret it later on.
Jeong-won, then…
Then who will play the drums?
I'm not leaving yet.
I'll be here until the end of the year.
Then after you leave,
can we reach out
to our big sister for help? I mean, Rosa.
My mom has a good sense of rhythm,
so she'll learn to play the drums quickly.
We've all been busy,
so we can't even get together like this
once a month these days,
which means
we can only practice together
a few more times.
Don't be such a downer.
I hope it all goes well.
A year will fly by in no time.
I told you. I'm not leaving yet.
I shouldn't have told you guys so soon.
Hey, it's already 10 p.m.
Are we not going to practice?
I picked the song for today.
I know.
Let's do it.
But why do I…
get the feeling
that this will be our last jam session?
Let's do it.
All right.
The foolish world doesn't know you
It can't see you
When you're hidden in regret
But I know you
And I see you
You and your splendid wings
Don't be afraid
You can do it
With a little wiggle
Spread your wings and fly up
Fly up to the sky
You shine like the sun
Though that world
Cruelly stands in your way
Oh, shining one
I love you
Fly away so the world can see you
Yes, hello?
Is this Mr. Do Jae-hak?
Yes, who's this?
This is Assistant Inspector Kim Dong-ik
from Gangnam Police Station.
You filed charges
against Mr. Park Hwan-gyu
regarding a rental scam in 2019.
Yes. What about it?
I'm contacting you
because I'm in charge of the case now.
We recently arrested Mr. Park Hwan-gyu
and are investigating the case now.
I called to let you know that
he wishes to settle the case with you.
May I give him your contact info
if you're interested in settling the case?
Du-na, I thought you'd stay here forever.
I'm happy to go home.
You got a phone?
Do you use a cell phone now?
Just for texting.
My mom bought it for me.
Where is she?
Taking care of the discharge process?
I don't know.
She's been
in the bathroom for a while.
Mom, I'm sorry I took it out on you.
Love you, Mom.
And thank you.
Next is…
It's Ms. Kim Su-jeong
according to the chart.
Yes, it's her.
-Hello, Professor Yang.
How have you been?
Pretty good.
It looks like you have
some good news for me.
Another baby angel came to me.
Please keep my baby safe again.
You will, right?
What is it? Did something happen?
I met the rental scammer's family.
The family of that scumbag
who scammed me two years ago.
Why did you meet them?
That fraudster
got caught while pulling another scam.
Now, he's scared
that he'd get a jail sentence…
and wants to settle with me.
With that,
he can be released on probation…
so I settled with him.
What? That's not important.
Did you get your money back?
I did.
I got my money back.
Even when you're in pain
Like a drooping flower
Even when you feel dejected
Like a fallen tree
I believe in you
And you believe in me
We believe in each other
Listen to your heart
You tried so hard
Spread your wings and fly up
Fly up to the sky
-You're breathtakingly beautiful
-You're breathtakingly beautiful
-Even if the world
-Even if the world
-Coldly turns its back on you
-Coldly turns its back on you
-You're dazzling
-You're dazzling
-I love you
-I love you
-Fly away so the world can see you
-Fly away so the world can see you
-You shine like the sun
-You shine like the sun
-Though that world
-Though that world
-Cruelly stands in your way
-Cruelly stands in your way
Oh, shining one
I love you
-Fly away so the world can see you
-Fly away so the world can see you
What brings you here?
Don't tell me…
you're here
to see me.
No, I'm not.
I'm here for jjajangmyeon.
For ganjjajang.
Did U-ju go camping again
with Mo-ne and her dad?
Mr. Jang just knows how to entertain them.
Last week, they played
a character quiz game.
I want to tag along.
Let's tag along next time.
Hey, aren't you due for a breast exam?
Yes, it's next week.
And your mom's neurology appointment?
It's in two weeks.
You're sleepy, aren't you?
Yes, I'm about to fall asleep.
Professor Yang!
Dr. Do, you can come in now.
You're almost there.
Hold your breath and push once more,
then the baby will be out.
-One, two, three. Push!
Hi, baby.
The baby's crying just fine.
Everything looks good.
We can move her
to the newborn nursery now.
Did you hear that?
She's healthy, so the pediatrician said
we can move her to the nursery now.
You did great.
Your baby is healthy.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
I'll be a good mother.
You did so well.
You did it, honey.
I love you.
I love you.
My gosh, congratulations.
How's your wife? I see.
Who does the baby resemble?
Thank goodness she takes after your wife.
I won't call you today,
so just stay glued to your wife.
I know how stressed
and worried you've been.
I have no idea what you're saying now.
Call me again when you're done crying.
When is his wife's surgery, then?
The chemotherapy is done, right?
Her surgery will be
as soon as she recovers.
And her final chemo session was last week.
the tumor responded very well to it,
so she can barely feel it now.
I heard tumors that respond well to chemo
have a good prognosis.
That's such great news. My gosh.
It's the most exciting news
I've heard this year.
Same here. When Jae-hak told me,
I teared up.
Well, the blood work looks good.
So does her abdominal X-ray.
And she's gained a lot of weight.
Does she ever get stomachaches
or diarrhea at home?
Not at all.
No stomachaches or loose stools.
And she's been emptying her bowels
three times a day.
Everything looks great.
Seung-chae, am I not getting one today?
Can I have one?
You can eat this now thanks to me.
It's true.
No, it's not.
What is it? What are you looking at?
The sky. Isn't it so beautiful?
It is, indeed.
What are you looking at?
The sky looks so pretty today.
It was like this yesterday too.
I see this often.
Thanks for telling us.
When I was young,
I loved watching the sunrise.
But for some reason,
I now love when the sun sets.
Do you know why?
Because it's time to go home.
You can call it a day and go home.
That's why you like it.
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