Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

102 - Gearing Up

Hang tight.
The stormshock's always freaky the first time.
Whoo-hoo! I got some hot wheels.
We have liftoff.
[ALL CHEERING] The portal is gonna open high in the storm but only for a brief moment.
Keep your eyes open and don't wipe out.
What about hurling? Because I'm about to do that.
Easy, bro.
Think about something else.
Like how lucky we are not to be on a motorcycle.
I see something.
Is that the portal? You got it.
Good scouting.
SAGE: You will soon be out of radio contact.
Remember, you must secure the battlekey.
We're on it, Sage.
Whoa! Uhn! I love off-roading, but this is ridiculous.
The portal's open.
Floor it.
It's headbanging time.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYS O VER SPEAKERS] The enemy will be waiting on the other side.
Get ready to crash and bash.
This is a battlezone? Where's the enemy? I was hoping for a party.
Party or no party, we have our mission: Get the battlekey, get out of the zone and lock it down.
This is easier than I thought.
Wake me up when we'd saved the Earth.
I'm guessing battlekey.
I'm guessing Stanford's about to get his party.
I'm awake.
[SNICKERING] And that would be Captain Kalus and his Vandals.
What? Another portal opening at 2 o'clock.
The Sark.
Seize the battlekey.
[RUMBLING] Earthquake! VERT: Whoa.
Pull back.
Our vehicles must have activated the battlezone.
Guys, keep your eyes on that key.
Ah! The key.
VERT: Go! Okay, guys.
Just like we planned it.
Take out the enemy, find that key.
VERT: Buster, take down the big bot.
Tangler, time for a little animal control.
Reverb, lower the boom on that croc.
Chopper, get up high and find that key.
I'm on it.
Time for some big air.
Ah! ZOOM: Whoo-hoo! Whoa! Whoa! [GRUNTING] [GRO ANS] Love the bike, hate the learning curve.
Extreme safari.
Loving it.
Yah! Huh? Whoa! Oh, no.
[CREAKING] Not what I planned, but I'll take it.
Oh, no.
Love the shock suit.
[RO ARS] [GRUNTING] I can't remember what buttons to push.
Get us out of here, little brother.
Ah! [GRUNTS] Factoring in the distance and velocity of that vehicle he isn't gonna make it.
- Ooh! - I've gotta remember that button.
Uhn! Lamest bass line I've ever mixed.
Battle Force 5, anybody got a 20 on the battlekey? Got it in my sights.
VERT: You're our hunter.
Take it.
Got it.
Yeah! Everybody back to the portal.
- The portal is straight ahead, Vert.
- Nice.
Zoom, hang back and wait for the others.
I'll clear this robo-roadblock.
You cannot win.
I'm gonna cut you a new data port, Zemerik.
Time for a sonic speed bump.
Whoa Whoa! Aah! - Oh.
- Vert, we're coming.
I found another way down.
I had him.
Sorry, mate.
What's that? It's a MOBI? What is a? Was a MOBI? The organic leader has been neutralized.
Sark, regroup.
Sark, retreat to the Sark Portal.
We must analyze this battle data and prepare a new plan for the destruction of Earth.
[CHUCKLES] What are you doing? We saw a MOBI.
It's a Explain it again.
A Mobius Command Center.
A gigantic mobile garage.
But more importantly, Sage needs it to stay alive.
Like cyber life support.
And it's here.
Huh? See? Ha-ha.
Well, you know what I mean.
Must be a cloaking device.
We could use a cloaking device right about now.
Can't fight.
We need repairs.
We'll come back for the MOBI.
Burn rubber for the portal.
KALUS: Fall back and regroup.
But they have the battlekey.
There will be more battlekeys.
But I've found something quite rare.
Job's not over till you lock these babies up.
Sage, we're back.
And we've got some MOBl-sized news.
The Buster sure can take a beating.
ZOOM: Well, how about the Chopper? Me and this baby took out an army of Zurk.
Guys, I wouldn't be too proud of your dents.
With our newbie battle chops, we were lucky to get out.
SAGE: You did acquire the battlekey.
And locating a Mobius Command Center was an extraordinary accomplishment.
Just my usual dazzling display of sonic marksmanship daredevil driving and Heh.
- Blind luck? Hey, at least I was trying to help what's-his-name fight robot whatever.
We need to get that MOBI back.
Its technology could provide our enemies with an enormous strategic advantage.
The MOBI is Sage's only power source.
We've gotta get back to that battlezone, and fast.
Great, Spinner Gets Squished Part II.
Really don't like sequels.
Nearing the portal site, Sage.
The Mobius Command Center has an encrypted ignition code.
Copy that, and huh? A password, so nobody can start the engine without it.
SAGE: Correct.
Ignition code: First five prime numbers.
- Uh - Two, three, five, seven and 11.
Got it.
[SAGE GRO ANS] [WEAKLY] Entering hibernation mode to protect me during portal crossing.
Now let's get in there, get that MOBI and get out fast.
Guess it's just us.
The MOBI should be down there on that gear.
Great, it's still cloaked.
Any ideas, little brother? Stanford, can you echo map this battlezone with a few sonar pings? Pings? I can do better than pings.
You must have fried the cloaking circuits.
And even opened the garage door.
Something doesn't feel right.
Agura, you and Stanford stay here with Sage and the key.
Sherman, Spinner, Zoom, get out your boarding passes.
Let's check it out.
[SNARLING] Let's get to the control room.
[GROWLING] [SCREAMS] [YELLING] [RO ARING] [GRUNTING] Struggle all you like, sub-creature.
When I return to Vandal with the MOBI we will be the most powerful force in the multiverse.
AGURA: I'm getting a bad feeling about this.
They've been gone a long time.
And I'm getting a bad feeling in my stomach.
All this waiting around is making me hungry.
[GRUNTING] [WHIMPERING] Hatch, what do you think we should do with our prisoners? I have a few ideas, Captain Kalus.
[SNICKERS] I can't just sit around like this.
We should go in.
Agura, we can't.
Vert gave us an order.
If the Vandals get the key, Earth is toast.
Sage, wake up, we need your advice.
[GROWLING] This Sentient vehicle is useless without the code.
Ah! Sounds like somebody didn't pass computer class.
[RO ARS] Unlock the vehicle or your friends will pay with their lives.
- Oh-ho! AGURA: The Vandals.
STANFORD: Looks like our guys are in trouble.
Must return to MOBI.
If I do not recharge soon my operating system will, uhn, cease to function.
But the Vandals control the MOBI.
Since I am the last expert in the workings of the Mobius Command Center Kalus will eagerly trade his hostages for me.
- Sage, you can't do that.
- No way.
You'll be in the hands of your mortal enemy.
I am doomed either way.
At least this way Battle Force 5 will live to fight and protect Earth.
[BEEPING] He's doing a great job of stalling.
I just hope Vert's got a plan.
Useless sub-creature.
Why isn't the Mobius moving? Chillax, Kalus.
If you haven't noticed, I'm human, not Sentient.
Their computers don't come with tech help, you know.
[CHUCKLING] Silence! Or I will feed you to the ape-dogs of Vandal.
Captain Kalus, this is Sage.
Speak your business, Sentient.
Free the Earthlings and in return I offer myself and my vast technical knowledge.
No, Sage.
You can't sacrifice yourself.
Hatch, guard the prisoners.
That's close enough, Kalus.
Now release our friends.
- No! - Negotiations have taken a new twist.
[GRUNTS] [CHUCKLING] Let's give those teeth a cleaning.
KALUS: Hatch.
Captain Kalus.
I have the prisoner.
Prepare to open the bay door.
Yes, captain.
[GRUNTING] [LAUGHING] Thanks, Hatch.
Explain this one to Captain Kalus.
I'll drive.
You guys keep bug boy busy.
What? [RO ARS] Vandals, retreat to the portal.
They might have the MOBI and the key but the Sentient is coming back to Vandal with us.
[GRUNTING] [LAUGHS] Aah! SPINNER: Yeah! Whoo-hoo! - Agura, Stanford, where's Sage? AGURA: Kalus has her.
And it looks like he's headed back towards Vandal.
Vert, we won't be able to catch her in time.
I've got an idea.
Spinner, fire up the MOBI's vehicle accelerator.
Sherman, figure out the calculations to fire the Saber and the Chopper together.
Zoom, gear up.
You're about to do zero to 60 in no time flat.
I've used the vehicle's weight and distance to calculate the acceleration.
- You'll hit your target.
- Ready to fire when you are, Vert.
Zoom? Time to live up to your name.
Let's do this.
Hit it, Spinner, now.
[RO ARING] Got her.
Let's get Sage back to the MOBI.
[RO ARS] Aah! Battle Force 5, move out.
[GROWLS] STANFORD: Don't seal that portal yet.
Someone didn't clear customs.
VERT: On it.
Mind if I cut in? [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] SAGE: Kalus.
You have thought victory was yours when you vanquished my people but now you must face Battle Force 5.
[SCREAMING] Final score: Good guys 1, bad guys nada.
Like a sudden death, overtime, drop-your-popcorn playoff game.
And, Vert, dude, you were awesome-plus.
Thanks, but it was a total team victory, guys.
We all won this.
Let's hope that's just the first trophy in an undefeated season.
Hope? On this mission, defeat is not an option no matter how many times you are tested or how terrifying the test.
And we're up for it, right? - Battle Force 5! ALL: Force 5!