Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

103 - Common Cold War

[THUNDER CRASHING] ZEMERIK: Behold, my latest discovery as rare as it is powerful.
Phase metal.
Excellent, uh, blob, my lord.
This blob is a parasitic control virus.
But Zurk mindless.
They do whatever you say, anyway.
True, Zug.
But you have free will, do you not? Um Yes.
So if I ordered you to self-terminate? [CHUCKLES] Oh, good one, Lord Zemerik.
It is joke, right? [GROWLING] ZEMERIK: Zug, self-terminate.
[GROWLS] Using phase metal one of the earthling vehicles will soon be mine.
And then so will Earth.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYS O VER STEREO] [TOOLS WHIRRING] My stomach's louder than this fusion wrench.
Hey, where are those two with the pizza? This is gonna be a working lunch, right? Ha-ha.
Now that's funny.
Guys, patience is a virtue.
Not one of mine.
[YELPS] Hmp.
Lads back with luncheon yet? I'm famished.
The man drives the world's most teched-out sound-making machine.
You don't know how to use the horn? Beep, beep.
- Hmp.
- Incoming za.
I call first slice.
Here we go.
Plain cheese for the band of bland.
That's you guys.
And jalapeno and fire sauce for the stomach of steel.
That's me.
Uh Cold pizza's a germ magnet.
False alarm.
Pie's still a safe temp.
[COUGHS THEN SNIFFS] Sorry, think I'm getting a cold.
[SNEEZES] Huh? Oh! Sneeze cheese pizza.
Uhn! Ugh.
Spinner, I'm gonna Agura, cut him some slack.
You know how he is with germs.
[ALARM BLARING] Saved by the bell.
SAGE [O VER PA]: Battle Force 5, I am sensing a stormshock portal opening.
T- minus-6 minutes.
SAGE: The portal will open, Quadrant 9.
Bearing 246.
Is that the pizza that you sneezed on? Not sure, found it on the floor.
[GAGS] You know that's covered with germs, right? Ah.
And a lug nut.
Save you for later.
Sage, anything in your memory that'll tell us what we're in for? Incomplete battlezone data indicates a type of huge life form.
That could mean anything from the Loch Ness monster to my old headmaster, Mr.
Seriously, Wigglebottom? Actual name, I swear.
Checking memory for battlekey location coordinates.
File empty.
Sorry, team.
I love a mystery.
[SNEEZES] Oh, eww! Whoa! You're in control, in control.
I'm in control but so not happy.
VERT: It's storm-riding time.
[ALL CHEER] Okay, you know the drill.
Find the battlekey, lock down the zone and look good doing it.
Glad you could join us, Agura.
What happened? Spinner happened, that's what.
Oh! See, Sherman sneezed and AGURA: You say, "Gesundheit.
" You do not open fire on your teammate.
- Unless you're trying to send me a hint.
VERT: Guys.
Same side, remember? Sherm, what have you got? Whoa.
This place seems to be a symbiotic mixture of organic elements and metallic compounds.
And for the non-geeks? We're inside a creature.
Hence the aforementioned huge life form.
Whatever, it's a battlezone.
Grossest battlezone ever.
[THUMPING] Hey, anybody else feeling the beat in here? If you're asking me to dance? Hmm.
VERT: That's a heartbeat.
Stanford, echo map the source.
Echo map coming up.
Locking on the heart.
And guess what's keeping it company? The key.
- Sending coordinates.
- Zoom? - Lead the way.
- Always.
[THUMPING] Status update.
The Zurk still cannot get battlekey, Lord Zemerik.
ZEMERIK: Inconsequential.
Soon the battlekey will be mine.
As long I have this, and that.
You have your orders.
Sensing a weird vibe here.
[RUMBLING] Tell me we're not in this thing's digestive tract.
[GASPS] The Sark.
Giant zit, gross.
Oh! Spinner, attack the Zurk not me? Keep the rage, change the target.
- Huh? - Now I've got you.
Wait, what's going on.
Uhn! Knock it off, controls.
I'm in control.
VERT: Check in, everybody.
Damages? - I'm good.
- I'm better.
[SNIFFS] - I'm 100 percent.
- I'm nauseous.
[LAUGHS] Agura, what's your 411? Vert, can't you hear me? Major systems malfunction.
AGURA'S VOICE: I am fine.
One of the mighty Sark damaged my fuel injector.
Mighty Sark? What? Hey, guys, that wasn't me.
I'm heading back for repairs.
Don't sweat it, Agura.
We'll keep after the battlekey.
- Wait.
ZEMERIK: Ha-ha-ha.
You're a prisoner in your own vehicle, organic.
As my creator whimpered just before I destroyed him: "Never trust a machine.
" No, Zemerik.
I swear I'Il What? If you haven't noticed, organic, you have no control.
You were going to use the Tangler to open the Earth portal.
Think again, Zemerik.
No identity module, no portal.
ZEMERIK: Actually, I anticipated that move.
So let's take a shortcut to the heart of the problem, shall we? [ZEMERIK LAUGHS] Well, look who's come back for that dance.
Oh! Slam dancing's a little passé, don't you think? Agura, what are you doing up there? Zoom, behind you.
[VERT GRUNTS] - Where is she going? - Going crazy.
Huh? Whoa! You can't stop my friends, Zemerik.
They're coming after me.
Agura, whatever is wrong, just pull over, let's talk.
AGURA'S VOICE: You're right, we should talk about this.
Stop, it's a trap.
Um Watch out for that pothole? Everybody okay? Except for Agura.
We all know how annoying Spinner can be.
But why take it out on the rest of us? Hello, I'm right here.
Oh! Oh, good, we're in snot world.
[RUMBLING] Whatever this thing is, looks like it heals itself pretty quick.
Too bad the Buster can't.
It's got a burnt-out differential control.
Replace it and let's get out of here.
Just need someone small enough to crawl under there.
You want me to lay down on that.
[TIGHTENING PARTS] It smells like an armpit down here.
[SNIFFS] Oh, it is my armpit.
[GASPS] [WHIMPERING] - What's wrong? - I saw something move.
[CHITTERING AND HISSING] Zoom, hit your headlight.
The key.
[GRUNTS] Once she has retrieved the battlekey, dispose of her.
[GROWLS] SHERMAN: Fortunately, we have an expert on germs.
Spinner, what do we do? Run! [RO ARS] VERT: Oh, boy.
Science lesson: Germs attack organic material, like us.
[GRUNTS] [ENGINE STARTS] Not getting power to the wheels.
[BEEPING] Spinner, didn't you fix it? Oh, who knows? I was too busy screaming.
- Uhn.
Fine, I'll do it.
Guys, cover me.
On it.
[GASPS] Done.
VERT: Sherman, bust a hole out of here.
SHERMAN: Hang on.
Battlekey coordinates reacquired.
Got it.
Now let's get it.
Agura's working for the Sark? I don't get it.
I don't want to believe it, but when you do the math I don't get it either, guys, but we can't let Zemerik get the key.
Kick it.
I almost have the key.
Zurk, destroy them.
VERT: Stanford, left side now.
Spinner, take those Zurk out.
Good work, team.
Sherman, Zoom needs a boost.
Activating ramp, bro.
Hang on.
VERT: Zoom, up and over.
Watch your back.
The key is ours.
Zurk, to the Earth portal.
Oh, no, you don't.
We'll see about that.
Agura? What's going on? Uhn! Whoa! Agura.
Whoa! - No.
- Follow.
Battle Force 5, with me.
I knew it.
She's a traitor.
Pump your brakes.
You don't know that for sure.
Something's not adding up.
It's like she's brainwashed or something.
Spinner's right, something's off.
VERT: Sherman, scan the Tangler for anomalies.
SHERMAN: It's Sark technology, like a remote control.
VERT: They're getting too close to home, guys.
- Lf we don't get ahead, Earth is toast.
- Well, then let me get off track.
What? VERT: Spinner, think you can tip the Tangler up on two wheels? Of course, he can.
- He's been practicing all day.
- Ha, ha.
Stanford, get ready to play sonic sniper.
Brace for impact.
Do it, Spinner.
[GROWLS] - Wha! VERT: Spinner, where's that impact? I've got one of those cooties in here with me.
It's on my controls.
Dude, just do it.
Gah! [GULPS] Agura, if you can hear me, I'm really, really sorry about this.
[MUTTERING] - Ah! VERT: There, she's up.
VERT: Agura? Agura? Vert, do you copy? Hey, we're going to stop the invasion of our home planet.
- You in? - My pleasure.
Stop Zemerik.
He has the battlekey.
It's payback time.
[GRUNTS] [SCREAMS] AGURA: Oh, no, you don't.
No! Hey, Sherman, you still got that pizza? - Didn't you say it was a germ magnet? - That's what I'm counting on.
Say, "Cheese.
" - Bull's-eye! - Great shot, buddy.
[SCREAMS] Guys, thanks for not giving up on me in there.
I can only imagine what you must have been thinking.
I, for one, knew all along our beloved Agura would never betray us.
[CHUCKLING] He totally bailed on me, right? They did too.
Not Spinner, he had your back.
Figured I owed you because sometimes I can get a little, you know, out of control.
Trust me, I've been there.
So we're cool? - Yeah, we're cool.
- Huh? Spinner.
Ugh! SPINNER [CHUCKLES]: Oh, sorry.
Mecha-germ guts.
All out of wet wipes.