Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

104 - Basic Training

SPINNER: And the battlekey goes to the amazing Cortez brothers.
Spinner to Sherman.
Take us home, little buddy? Roger dodger, big buddy.
Woo-hoo! Yeah.
Keep your eyes on the road, wide load.
Guys, quit goofing off and work together, or that thing will eat us for lunch.
We're trying to save Earth, remember? Correction: We're saving Earth.
Agura's running over teammates.
- Hey.
- Tough, Zoom.
You snooze, you lose.
Make way.
Make way.
Royalty coming through.
Stanford's got the key.
Hit the turbo accelerator.
[BOTH SCREAM] VERT: Whoa, guys.
Uh, fellas? Come on.
Let's go.
[GRUNTING] Oh, boy.
And the fastest one through is Stanford Isaac Rhodes.
Heh, heh.
You should've seen your face when I drove over your turret.
You should've seen your face when we shot past you with our afterburners.
Aah! Hot wheels! Hot wheels! What can I tell you? My Chopper's the hottest ride around.
Wait a sec.
Something's not right.
ALL: Vert.
- But I thought ZOOM: Give me that.
[SPINNER GASPS] Zoom, quick, seal it now.
- Vert, you okay? - Hey, guys.
- He's mad.
- Mad? Why would I be mad? We won another battlezone, right? We saved the Earth, right? And, oh, yeah, we all had fun goofing around while I had to fight a giant interdimensional squid, right? Why would I be mad? Are you guys serious? What was that? And now the Saber's covered in squid goop.
Worst day of my life! Yep, definitely mad.
How long does it take to make a pizza? My butler used to make it in five minutes flat.
Pizza butler? Sweet.
- Vert, about before - Guys, don't worry about it.
- Really? - Really.
See, after I finished washing all the squid goop out of my hair I thought, "Relax, Vert.
" The important thing is that we learn to survive as a team.
Okay, I got a veggie special, a pepperoni, a hold-the-pepperoni an extra pepperoni, one dragon-breath-sauce pizza and a club sandwich, extra pickles.
- See? One meal, five different pizzas.
AGURA: Mm-hm.
And a club sandwich, extra pickles.
We need to come up with some plans.
Battle plans, to be exact.
The sooner we start working as a team, the sooner Battle plans.
Now, can we please eat? Okay, but as soon as we've all finished eating we're hitting the flats for some practice.
AGURA: What? SPINNER: Are you serious? STANFORD: Are you kidding me? You said after we've eaten, right? Yeah.
Hey, Grace, we're gonna need some fresh 'za.
I call this the Flying Wedge.
Say I've captured the battlekey, but there's a wall of deadly Sark in front of me.
All we have to do is form a wedge - What's with the X's and O's? - Hugs and kisses.
What are we gonna do, Vert, love the Sark to death? - Stanford.
- Huh? You got the key.
Why do you get the battlekey? I wanna hold the battlekey.
- Sorry, mine.
- Why are Sherm and me on the end? - We should be in the middle.
- Hey, let him talk, guys.
- Thank you, Agura.
Stanford SPINNER: I thought it was the Flying Wedgie.
That's why I didn't want anybody behind us.
- Hey, hey, guys, focus.
When the pedal hits the metal, we can just follow the playbook.
- There's a playbook? - Unh.
What say we train in a real battlezone? VERT: Sorry, we need to train in a safe environment.
A real battlezone is too dangerous.
Not if it's one we've already secured, like Tropical Beach Battlezone.
Clear blue water.
White sandy beaches.
- All in favor? - Yeah.
Okay, okay.
But this is not a vacation.
We're going there to train.
Tropical Beach, here we come.
Nice work, Stanford.
You took the wrong battlekey.
The battlekeys all look the same.
Okay, so Stanford blew it.
But it's not the end of the world.
SPINNER: Sure looks like it.
I remember this place.
I cleared it of Sark months ago.
This is a much cooler place to train in anyway.
Definitely has some good grindage.
We came here to work on our teamwork, not our tans.
Which plan are we practicing? The Wedge.
Uh, it's all I got.
[VEHICLES WHIRRING] Sherman, what are those things? SHERMAN: Definitely Sark technology.
AGURA: I thought you secured this zone.
VERT: I did.
- Who's got the battlekey? - I have the battlekey.
[STANFORD GRUNTS] Make that, I had the battlekey.
Get it back, otherwise we could be stuck in here forever.
Hey, bug-eye, give me back that key.
VERT: Wait, Zoom.
- Zoom will catch it.
Yeah, but I got a hunch that if it's Sark it's not alone.
Keep your eyes on the key.
Got it.
Got it.
Got it.
Lost it.
Okay, everyone, this is where our training comes in.
Ready, team? They're getting away! Stop them! Guys, wait.
What happened to our plan? Huh? The key.
Where do you think you're going? Need to get to higher ground.
That's it, right into my trap.
Don't tangle with the Tangler.
No battlekey.
[GASPS] Heh, heh.
Nice move, Zoom.
Any luck? [IN ROBOTIC VOICE] Negative on the battlekey.
[LAUGHS] VERT: Looks like a popular party.
Too bad I'm gonna have to crash it.
Hold the door.
What is this place? - [IN NORMAL VOICE] You find it? - No battlekey.
STANFORD: It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
And as royalty, I stay away from haystacks.
Has anyone seen Vert? He's probably off making one of his master plans or something.
Got a beacon on him.
His signal is weak, like it's coming from inside a structure.
- Maybe he's tracking the battlekey.
- Let's hope so.
Because the enemy can use the key to break through to Earth.
Come in, Vert.
Whoa, a Sark factory.
The key.
I should've known he'd show his ugly face.
[SIGHS] Just like I remember it.
This battlezone is our path to Earth.
We have the key.
Prepare to attack.
It's the human.
You shall pay.
Dead end.
[LAUGHING] Organic, you cannot win.
That's what you said the last time I was in this battlezone when Oh, yeah I won.
I stayed and built this factory from the rubble of my defeat waiting patiently for the possibility that you might return.
You really don't have a life, do you? ZEMERIK: Give me the battlekey, and I will allow you to witness the magnificently efficient Sark invasion of Earth.
A tempting offer, chrome-dome, but I just don't see you and me hanging out.
[ZEMERIK SCREAMS] Later, tin man.
Determined little guy, aren't you? Whoa.
[LAUGHING] You cannot escape me.
Come on.
Come on.
A crushing defeat.
I will have the battlekey now.
My team will stop you.
Team? You are incapable of acting together.
How can you stop millions of Sark who work with one single purpose? We are the ultimate team.
A real team is more than that, Zemerik.
Remember when I said I would allow you to witness the invasion? I lied.
STANFORD: You sure these are the right coordinates? Hey, my brother says it's here, it's here.
You sure it's here? We need to pull it together, guys.
Hey, Sherman, knock on the door.
See if anyone's home.
Ha, ha, ha.
This is the fun part.
VERT: Blades engaged.
Come on, Saber.
Come in.
VERT: Sherman.
AGURA: Vert.
Ha, ha, ha.
- What's the plan, coach? VERT: Stop Zemerik.
He has the battlekey.
We can't let him open the portal to his homeworld or he'll lead his armies to Earth.
AGURA: All right, guys, it's time for some teamwork.
You stop him.
I'll find Vert.
The legions are waiting, Zemerik.
I've been thinking about downsizing anyway.
- You okay? - Where's the battlekey? "Thank you for saving my life" would've been nice.
Thank you, Agura.
Now, who's got the battlekey? - The guys are on it.
- I hope so.
Ready yourselves, Sark, for the Earth invasion.
[VEHICLES APPRO ACHING] Ready yourself for the British invasion.
[YELLS] Well, will you look at that? [STANFORD GRUNTS] [LAUGHING] [GRUNTING] These odds just keep getting better and better.
And the forge keeps making more.
We blow the forge.
We blow the forge and we even the odds.
Then we pull together as a team and form the Wedge to get out of this place.
Well, count me in for getting out.
I hate exploding.
Stanford, some covering fire, please? We are so outnumbered.
Spinner, you have any concussion cartridges? Like this? [ZEMERIK GRO ANS] Throw it into the forge.
Uh, guys, we've got about 60 seconds before: [IMITATING EXPLOSIONS] Kaboom! Let's roll, team.
Zug! - Zemerik, pursue? - No.
Block the exit.
Do not let them escape.
A temporary setback.
This war has just begun.
Okay, team, we gotta stick together if we ever wanna see Earth again.
You guys see what I see? A bunch of Zurk about to get wedgied? Okay, everyone, let's do it.
The Flying Wedge.
Pull those tighty whities hard.
Way to go, team.
Man, kicking Zurk butt really makes me hungry.
Tell me about it.
Listen, guys.
I just wanted to say Thank you for being the most awesome team ever in our latest and greatest battlezone smackdown.
That, and you have pizza sauce right there by your mouth.
You're more than welcome.
Now, who wants to hit Tropical Beach? [BELLS JINGLE THEN VEHICLES WHOOSHING] Guys? What's this? The bill.
Heh, heh, heh.
I don't do bills.
You do now.
STANFORD: Nice teamwork.