Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e07 Episode Script

107 - Behind Enemy Lines

Hmm? I've got the battlekey, boys.
I'm loving this dance floor.
[BEEPING] What? Whoa! [SNARLING] ZOOM: Whoa! I'll crush your Chopper and grind it into scrap metal.
Sorry, Sever, but I'm not your chum.
[GROANS] [GRUNTS] [GASPS] [YELLING] Vandals, retreat.
That's right, Kalus.
Put your tail between your legs and run.
Krocomodo? Kalus gave the order to retreat.
And I am giving you the order to stay.
This party's over, boys.
Now let's get that key.
Oh, come on, Agura.
But I feel like busting some bad guys.
Whoa! AGURA: Huh? Whoa! Vert.
Whoa! No.
This looks like the Vandal home world.
Smells like the Vandal home world.
[SPLASH] Yup, definitely the Vandal home world.
KALUS: Where are Krocomodo and Hatch? They disobeyed a direct order.
When I get my claws on those two [SNIFFS] Uh, Captain.
Time to boogie.
[KALUS GROWLS] Sever, cut him off.
VERT: Heads up, Kalus.
- Unh! Yes.
[LAUGHS] Uh-oh.
Bring the pathetic creature to the stronghold.
Great, we have no battlekey, no Vert.
Who's gonna tell us what to do? He must've slipstreamed through behind the Vandals.
Not to worry.
With our brave leader gone his natural replacement will gladly take control.
SHERMAN: What's the plan? SPINNER: How do we save Vert? Hello? What don't you people understand about the word royalty? Kalus will have your hide and my exoskeleton.
- Quiet, sniveling vermin.
- Yah! This is my chance to secure the battlekey.
And I will succeed Kalus as Vandal warlord.
And you will need an adviser.
Kalus, Kalus, Kalus.
Kalus, Kalus, Kalus.
Kalus, Kalus, Kalus.
My fellow warriors, I bring you a captive from a world beyond.
From a world that will soon fall to the onslaught of our unstoppable army.
[ALL CHEERING] [CHUCKLES] The last time the hordes cheered this loud was when I challenged Iguanarox for the talon of Vandal.
You humiliated him in front of the hordes.
And he had no choice but to defend his honor.
He fought well.
He was strong.
But not strong enough.
Ha, ha.
Which is why I am the Vandal warlord now.
You mean all I have to do to become Vandal warlord is kick your furry butt in front of this ugly crowd? [VANDALS CHEERING] Beg for mercy, sub-creature.
[VERT GRUNTS] [KALUS GROANS] Open-toed armor.
Not a good idea, my friend.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] He is making a fool of you before the hordes.
[ALL LAUGHING] VANDALS: Shavax, Shavax, Shavax.
[GROWLS] Shavax, Shavax, Shavax.
Shavax, Shavax, Shavax.
Shavax, Shavax, Shavax.
I don't get it.
Shavax is a Vandal ritual.
The Great Hunt.
You insulted Kalus before the hordes.
Now he must defend his honor.
You have a head start of 200 heartbeats.
You better run.
VERT: Running is for suckers.
Shavax, Shavax, Shavax.
Catch me if you can, Kalus.
[GROWLS] I've got a 20 on the battlekey.
I've got a 20 on Krocomodo and Hatch.
SHERMAN: It looks like they're gonna get to the key first.
Great, you've been our exalted leader for five minutes and it's all gone pear-shaped.
Can it, Stanford.
Zoom, kick it into high gear and cut them off.
- We'll be right behind you.
- I'm on it.
ALL: Whoa! [PANTING] SPINNER: Great, now we're even farther away.
Awaiting orders, oh, great leader.
[VANDALS CHEERING] Let the hunt begin.
[BLARES] VERT: BF5, come in.
[SIGHS] Let's hope they get the key and open the storm shock for me.
[DISPLAY BEEPS] I will hunt you down and string you up like a Vandalian slime hog.
VERT: Don't fire up the barbecue just yet, whiskers.
Everything in this jungle is dangerous.
From the deadly Vandalian puffer plants that can paralyze you, to the giant spiders.
If I don't get you, something will.
My team will find the battlekey and pull me out of this smelly jungle.
[LAUGHING] KALUS: With no leader Aw, man.
- Your team will crumble.
This never ends up good in the movies.
Good thing this isn't a movie.
Catch you on the other side, Kalus.
Oh, I wouldn't be so sure, sub-creature.
Not liking the view.
Here's hoping my high-impact armor actually works.
[GRUNTING] Cool, it Aw.
It works.
[GROANS] Arms? Check.
Legs? Check.
Time to drive.
[ENGINE SPUTTERING] Come on, come on, start.
Okay, Kalus, it's on.
Nobody wrecks my Saber and gets away with it.
KALUS: You were a fool to even think you could evade me in my own jungle.
I am almost disappointed that this hunt is over so soon.
[GRUNTING] [GROANING] Sorry, Kalus, but these boots were made for shocking.
I wasn't Left my leg What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Cool.
[KALUS MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY] Always wanted one of these.
If I were leader, we'd have retrieved the key saved Vert and be eating pizza by now.
If you're such a hotshot how about blasting a little long-range artillery instead of your mouth? Say please.
[GASPS] That was an order, Stanford.
Okay, okay.
Sound blast coming up.
- Yah! - Incoming.
The battlekey.
AGURA: The key.
- Ha, ha.
- Can a girl get a break in this battle zone? KALUS: A clever trap.
But I will not be so easily fooled again.
VERT: I don't know about that.
Scientists say that a cat's brain is the size of a walnut.
[GROWLS] Whoa! [GRUNTS] KALUS: Ha-ha-ha.
It sounds like you have run into one of my many traps.
There is no escape for you, human.
I can smell your fear.
[GROANING] Vandalian puffer plant.
What did Kalus say about that again? Oh, yeah, paralysis.
They're heading for the Vandal portal.
Vert wouldn't have let it get this far.
I'm not one to say I told you so, but [ECHOING] I told you so.
SHERMAN: Don't beat yourself up, Agura.
This would be tough even for Vert.
This grid is completely unpredictable.
Hey, maybe it's not as unpredictable as we think.
Sherman, analyze the grid.
Maybe there's a pattern.
- Zoom, time for some aerial recon.
ZOOM: I'm on it.
Initiating topographical analysis.
Got it.
It's a fractal pattern.
Which means there's a 98 percent chance the next shift will put the Vandals right about there.
We can cut them off before they enter the storm shock.
STANFORD: Hello? It's only 98 percent likely.
There's still a 2 percent chance it won't work.
This is risky.
Way too risky.
Battle Force 5, prepare for ambush.
Without your vehicle, you don't stand a chance.
I seem to be doing pretty good so far.
Your insolence will be silenced.
Do you have any idea how many traps I have set in this jungle? I'm not afraid of your traps.
I can spot them a mile away! Unh! Okay, maybe I missed that one.
[LAUGHING] A fatal mistake.
A fatal mistake indeed.
KALUS: The end is near, sub-creature.
VERT: Unh.
Okay, Kalus, you You win.
Giving in like a wounded scruff deer.
VERT: Just make this quick.
Don't be too cruel.
Cruelty is all I know.
What? [ROARING] Okay, now he sounds angry.
Sherman, let's hope your theory is right.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING OVER HEADPHONES] Someone wake me up when the ambush starts.
Are you ready to enjoy the fruits of power, Hatch? Yes.
I can't wait to toss Kalus into the slave pits.
Grid shift in three, two, one.
Hang on.
[GASPS] - Whoa! AGURA: Let's get the key and rescue Vert.
The talon of Vandal is mine.
[HATCH YELLS] All that world conquest stuff is gonna have to wait, boys.
ZOOM: I'll take that.
Oh, and say hello to the Buster.
That's exactly what I would have planned if I were leader.
Everyone into the portal.
Let's get Vert out of there.
[VERT PANTING] [ROARING] Note to self: Next time we secure a battle zone forget the cat quips and just get the heck out of there.
I can sense your strength, your spirit flagging.
[ROARS] This guy just doesn't quit.
The good news is the Saber can be towed.
The bad news is no sign of Vert.
[HOWLING IN DISTANCE] Vandals aren't the only thing Vert needs to look out for.
It's similar to early Earth, the Pleistocene Era.
Notice the heavy atmosphere.
Maybe that's why I feel so lightheaded.
[GASPS] - What? - Dude, don't move.
Why? Just a little mosquito.
- Ouch.
- Hi-yah! I hope you didn't take too much of my blood.
Do you have any idea how precious that stuff is? Psst.
Heads up.
We've got tracks.
Vert's close.
Very close.
Let's go, boys.
We don't have much time.
Shavax, Shavax, Shavax.
Suddenly that pit isn't looking so bad.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Defend yourself.
Vandals are born to fight.
Each strike of the sword, each smash of the mace each sweep of the spear makes us stronger.
Kalus has won.
I am the greatest warlord to rule these lands.
Kalus, Kalus, Kalus.
The hunt is over.
For you.
Is that all you have got? [KALUS GRUNTING] I cannot move.
Just a little puffer plant pollen.
[GROWLS] Kalus is merciful.
He spares the sub-creature.
Finish me like a warrior.
Do not humiliate me in front of the hordes.
Believe it or not, Kalus, I'm too exhausted to humiliate you.
Nice timing, Zoom.
ZOOM: Yahoo! [WHIMPERS] Do not let them escape.
Sharp, flying pointy sticks.
Aah! I've already been lanced once today, thank you very much.
KROCOMODO: Captain Kalus will have my hide for this.
And your exoskeleton.
That's what I was trying to tell you.
This is all your fault.
I owe you an extra large Zeke's organic whole wheat pizza for this job.
In fact, I owe all of you.
A guy doesn't get rescued from a deadly alien planet every day.
- Anytime.
- You're welcome.
No more showboating? I promise.
And nice job, Agura.
I knew I could count on you to rally the troops.
STANFORD: Are we all out of anti-itch cream? Do you think anyone will notice? No, you're golden.