Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e08 Episode Script

108 - My Man, Zug

ZEMERIK: Battle Force 5 is organic.
All organics are flawed.
So there must be a weakness.
Their weakness of vanity, the delusion of superiority.
- But how to exploit it? - Lord Zemerik.
Zug test master's hyper-shock baton.
ZUG: Working well.
Insufferable underling.
Um, thank you, Lord Zemerik.
Huh? No, thank you for inspiring my most brilliant plan.
Rise, Zug, and prepare to serve your new master.
Uh But Zug serve Zemerik.
And so you shall, by deceiving this egocentric organic.
[CACKLING] VERT: All right, guys, stop playing with that Zentner and grab the battlekey.
Uh! Affirmative.
Huh? Time for some big air.
This gamer loves a challenge.
Zoom, alley-oop.
ZOOM: Woo-hoo! Yeah.
Unh! It's all yours, Vert.
VERT: Got it.
Defensive maneuvers, return to the Earth portal.
- On your right.
- Unh! Keep going.
I'd like to play some more.
Oh, this is too easy.
Another battlezone, another victory.
Zug, attack that filthy human.
Whoa! - Aah! - Unh! Huh? Oh, yeah.
Took out the big guy.
Amazing specimen.
The deadly Zug with his drill-bit hand.
Don't wanna get too close or he could gouge your head and give you a brain smoothie.
[GRUNTING] Huh? Aahh! Aaah, time to go.
Ooh! Oh, no.
Let's begin this charade.
[BEEPING] [GRUNTING] [GASPS] You saved me? Zug's duty, master.
Master? SPINNER: What's keeping Stanford? Give him another minute, and if he's not out then we'll go back in.
Stanford, bad guy slip-streamed right behind you.
VERT: Force him back through.
- Ready to ram.
STANFORD: Whoa, hold your fire.
This bot saved my life back there.
No time to argue, Stanford.
Gotta get Zug out of here before That.
We need to destroy those Zurk.
Destroy Zurk.
Destroy Zurk.
[ZUG GRUNTING] - Seal it before more come through.
- Unh! Zurk destroyed, master.
AGURA: So the robot's on our side now? Well, on my side.
Forget it, we're not keeping a Sark.
Why not? This is a brilliant opportunity for Sage to analyze Zug's internal Sark circuitry.
Stanford makes a good point, Vert.
It's a gold mine of advanced technology.
Not to mention, I think old Zug's more than demonstrated his loyalty.
[WHIRRING] Oh, missed a spot, my boy.
[VERT SIGHS] Okay, we'll take him back to the Hub, but as a prisoner.
Right then.
Off we go, Zug.
STANFORD: Is all this quite necessary, Sage? Zug is falling rather behind on his work.
He hasn't even vacuumed the sand out of the Reverb's interior.
The diagnostic is almost complete.
The impact from your sonic cannons appears to have damaged Zug's logic board, affecting his memory.
Oh, that explains his lack of allegiance to Zemerik.
Apparently, the only memory remaining in Zug's database is the desire to serve a master.
ZUG: Huh? A holographic alias for further study.
Zug is free to go.
[GRUNTS] Obviously, Zug chose the most qualified candidate to be his new, um boss-arounder.
More likely the robot rebooted in mid battle.
And you happened to be the first thing it saw.
Adorable, kind of like a baby birdie imprinting on its mama.
ZOOM: Aww.
SHERMAN: Mommy Stanford.
They're just jealous because they don't have their own manservants.
Neither do you, Stanford.
That Sark is our enemy.
And I don't want it wandering around the Hub.
Actually, my analysis of this Sark indicates it poses no danger.
And if Sage says so, he's way okay.
Zug's a high-tech tool we can all use.
With my permission, of course.
So if I need a quick peek at the Buster's transmission? Zug, give the lad a lift, will you? [SHERMAN CHUCKLES] Thanks, Stanford.
Oh, and Zug.
[THUDS] The Tangler could stand to have its tires rotated.
Yeah, the Chopper needs some welding done.
Does Zug have a torch attachment? I hope he's got a pizza oven.
The organics have embraced my subservient spy as I expected.
As soon as the gullible fools lower their defenses completely Zug will locate their battlekeys then the invasion of Earth will begin.
STANFORD: Okay, Zug, stand by to become the world's baddest MP3 player.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] I've got him in my sights.
Good boy, Zug.
Hi-yah! [ZOOM GRUNTING] Huh? [GRUNTS] Huh? Oh, yeah.
[ZUG GRUNTS] [MUSIC STOPS] Huh? Are you off your trolley, mate? What's your Sark doing now? - He's off getting me a glass of OJ.
- Huh? Hey, get away from that door.
You're worried Zug's going to steal our battlekeys? [ZEMERIK GASPS] Way to announce it to the enemy, dude.
Enemy? Zug? Someone put a lump of paranoia in your tea? I'll be in the diner.
AGURA: Gotta go with Stanford on this one.
Zug's been super helpful since he got here.
Plus Sage cleared him.
Just get away from me, metal butt.
The organics' leader will never allow Zug access to the vault unless I win his confidence.
I'll have what he's having, only hold the coffee.
Then what's left? You and your lovely smile.
- Hmm? [ZEKE YELLS] Robot alien.
Aah! Call the president.
Arm yourselves.
[GRUNTING] No, Zug, disarm.
Zug, disarm.
Oh, uh Uh, starts the music.
Um, yes, there we go.
See? It's my new mobile jukebox.
Wow, that is so cool.
You know, in the right light, he looks just like a famous cowboy.
- I'm gonna get a hat.
- Oh, good idea, sheriff.
Say, where can I get me a dancing robot jukebox thingy of my own? Um - The Internet? - Now, where the heck is that? [COMM RINGS] Oh.
I gotta get a new ring tone.
See you.
Aw, dang, I wanted to see that thing with a hat.
Whoa, no way I'm going into battle with a Sark on my flank.
And there's no way I'm going in without my right-hand robot.
I'll keep these two zoo rejects busy.
Agura, Zoom, get on it.
[HATCH LAUGHING] Whoa! [GRUNTS] HATCH: Aahh! - Huh? Unh! Ha-ha-ha.
Aw, man.
Nice move, Zoom.
Now, take it home.
Unh! Mm! The perfect opportunity.
Zug, save the organic.
Attack Kalus.
VERT: Unh! Ha.
[KALUS YELLING] Vandals, retreat.
I believe the phrase you're looking for is "Thanks for saving my life.
" Good show, Zug.
Come on.
AGURA & ZOOM: Yeah! SHERMAN: We won.
AGURA: We did it again.
SPINNER: Yeah! ZOOM: Sweet.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, Sage, rack up another battlekey for Battle Force 5.
Plus Battle Servant 1.
The Sark was a valuable asset? Zug was pretty awesome out there.
Listen, guys, I got to admit, I was wrong.
In fact, I might not be here except for Zug.
So sorry, dude.
And thanks.
Zug is good.
Bravo, Vert.
Takes a big man to admit his humongous shortcomings.
Takes an even bigger man to pop for a pizza party.
Ha, ha.
Okay, I guess I owe you.
I'll catch up with you guys at Zeke's.
Gotta stash this puppy with the rest of the litter.
COMPUTER: Stormshock analysis complete.
SAGE: Excellent.
Now prepare database for hologram storage.
Caution, unidentified Sark component activated.
Battle Force 5 are in extreme danger.
VERT: Huh? SAGE: Security breach.
- Zug is being controlled.
- Huh? He is a threat.
[VERT GRUNTS] It is done.
Soon the doors to Earth will open for me and my legions.
SAGE: Hub emergency.
Crew, return to base immediately.
Are you injured? Ahh.
Just my head.
Ah! It's still attached, right? Unh.
[ALL PANTING] Zug has stolen the battlekeys.
Zug? Never.
Obviously, there's been a misunderstanding.
Like what? He was just dusting and got carried away with it? [GROWLS] Vert.
[SIGHS] No reopening portals in my desert, Zug.
[GASPS] Destroy the organic pest.
[GRUNTS] Don't know how much longer I can keep robo-traitor from going zone.
Need some Battle Force backup.
Our best chance is to interrupt Zemerik's signal to Zug.
- Searching for controller frequency.
- I've a much simpler approach.
Zug, this is your master.
I want those keys back.
[GRUNTING] We're stuck here and they're on their own.
Zug, stop this.
Obliterate them, Zug.
[GRUNTS] Maybe now.
Destroy them.
Yes, master.
Still alive.
[STANFORD YELLING] Perhaps I didn't make myself heard.
Maximum power.
Zug, resume speed.
- Return to Sark world immediately.
- Huh? Weapons close to meltdown mode.
Need reinforcements.
Got the key.
Back in a flash.
Unexpected guests are so rude.
One, two Whoa, looks like somebody broke a battlekey piggy bank.
The Zendrill's about to break Stanford.
VERT: Reverb, left flank.
- Huh? [GRUNTS] So much for my noise toys.
AGURA: Say thank you, Zug.
Hmm? I just cleaned your drawers.
That's five for me.
What's your score, guys? AGURA: Four for me.
SPINNER: We've got seven.
Almost there, guys, keep going.
If I cannot have their battlekeys, I shall have your head, organic.
VERT: Huh? Whoa! Aah.
Huh? [GASPS] [GROANING] Zug, finish the organic.
[GASPS] [GRUNTING] Enemies again, eh? Well, do what you must.
But I admit, I enjoyed the few short days you were my servant, Zug.
What are you waiting for, Zug? Avenge your master.
[SCREAMING] [BEEPS] - What? - Huh? [STANFORD WHIMPERS] Zug like sir.
Back at you, mate.
Took a key count, Vert.
Just missing one.
And I got it, let's go.
[ZUG GRUNTS] [BEEPS] Zug, what happened? He got away, Lord Zemerik.
Return to base for reprogramming.
[IN BRITISH ACCENT] More soda, Mr.
Rhodes, sir? May I cut your pizza, Lord Stanford? Ooh, do you need a separate plate for your ego, Your Royalness? Ha, ha.
Go ahead, I deserve it.
I wanted a manservant so badly, I brought a bad one home.
[GASPS] Zug? Heh.
A beaut, huh? I couldn't find that Internet store you was talking about.
So I took a took a couple trips to the junkyard.
A little welding, some duct tape and bingo.
Built a robo-jukebox even better than yours.
I call her my girl Kelly She makes me a happy fella naturally I love her like a kitten You could say I'm really smitten naturally [GRUNTS] Kelly I think I'll take my pizza to go.