Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e09 Episode Script

109 - Frenemy

This stone's got slamming style.
And history.
Whoa, I wonder if this is Sentient writing.
No time to sightsee, guys.
I've got a lock on the battlekey.
It's somewhere on that top platform.
We need a way up.
But there's so much we could learn.
You heard Vert.
History bites.
The real party's in the present.
And I've gotta get back in time to be fashionably late to a big bash back on Earth.
Royals only.
Isn't that code for "snobs only"? [TEAM LAUGHING] I think I got a way up.
Check it out.
Big air.
But not big enough.
Whoa! [SCREAMING] I'm all right.
Those discs must be anti-grav thrusters.
Zoom, you see the key anywhere? Yeah, hop on the invisible escalator.
You are not gonna believe what's up here.
[TEAM SCREAMING] So where's the key? [GASPS] Uh [GASPS] Whoa.
I didn't think Stanford's head could get any bigger.
STANFORD: Great hair, perfect nose.
Must be one of my ancestors.
Aren't the odds of that kind of slim? We are in another dimension.
Love, only one royal family has genes this good.
This is going in the family album.
But what was he doing here? Watch out! [LAUGHS] - We have company.
KALUS: Get the key from that stone abomination.
Abomi? Wha? Oh, that does it.
Brake for the battlekey.
I'm forecasting some heavy shower.
[GRUNTS] AGURA: Oh! Whoa! Whew.
Yaah! Whoa! What? Hey, guys, I think the Sentients built this stone for my ancestor.
I'm descended from a legend.
You'll be descending a few thousand feet if you don't keep your eye on the road.
Get that battlekey.
Yo, mega gecko at 6 o'clock.
Ahh Huh? Aaah! Oh! [SCREAMS] [KALUS LAUGHS] Victory! Is mine, Captain Clueless.
After that pest.
[TEAM SCREAMING] Way to declaw that kitty, Zoom.
- Head for the portal.
TEAM: Yeah.
[GROWLS] You fools failed me again.
We failed? You're the one who was beaten by a puny sub-creature.
[CHUCKLING] [KALUS ROARING] You dare challenge my leadership? Uh Never, Captain Kalus.
[EXHALES] [CHUCKLES] SAGE: Although I can only access partial data the statue does indeed depict Stanford's ancestor.
STANFORD: I knew it.
But if my ancestor was an icon to the Sentients why didn't you choose me to lead Battle Force 5? It's obviously my heritage.
Leadership is more than lineage.
My corrupted memory only indicates that your distant relative was an early multiverse explorer who was lost in a battlezone.
Lucky I found this then.
It must say something about him.
SAGE: This is an ancient Sentient language.
An equivalent to your Latin.
I cannot read it but can provide you with some basic translations.
Well, I'm pretty good at deciphering languages.
I can run some computer models and crack this.
After we get pizza.
Hint, hint.
Or we can just go reopen Stanfordland.
If I can jog Sage's memory with more photos I'll finally learn my family's fabulous past.
Not gonna happen.
Reopening a portal could give the bad guys a chance to ambush us.
Our mission comes first.
- After pizza.
Hint, hint.
- Hmm.
Order three less slices.
I've got bigger things to think about.
Hey, guys, I'm working on a symbol-analysis program to find patterns in the hieroglyphs.
I think this one means "to fly.
" Or maybe it means he's a big airhead.
Hey, let's cut Stanford some slack.
If a 50-foot one of us turned up on a battlezone, what would we do? - I'd blog about it.
- No one reads your blog.
[COMMUNICATORS BEEP] We're clear now, Sage.
What's up? SAGE: The battlekey is missing, and so is Stanford.
No, he didn't.
[GASPS] Stanford.
Better sonar scan for bad guys.
No Vandals.
Prepare for battlezone reentry.
- What? - What? Stanford swiped the only battlekey so unless you made a spare A key is not necessary.
I am sensing residual aftershocks caused by the recent portal activity.
Point them out, we'll step on the pedals.
Aftershocks are too brief even for your high-speed vehicles to catch.
But with the help of the MOBI VERT: Let's get aboard, team.
STANFORD: Apparently, Great-Great-Uncle Who's-it kept some avant-garde company.
Maybe I can find some clues to my ancestry in here.
[ECHOING] Hello? Oh.
Feels like I drove into the middle of a mummy movie.
[CLANKING] Whoa! Aah! Aah-aah-aah! Who? Krocomodo? Back off, lizard-lips.
I come in peace.
If TV taught me one thing, it's never trust an alien who says that.
I do not know who TV is, but I speak the truth.
- Hmm.
- The great statue was dedicated to your ancestor but this tomb was dedicated to mine.
And my most amazing discovery our ancestors were allies.
This hieroglyphs are a dead dialect of my clan.
They say that our ancestors achieved peace and that the Sentients built this city in their honor.
We are descended from legends.
Never thought we'd have something in common.
But why show me this? Because together we can achieve the glory of our ancestors.
Help me dethrone Kalus and in return I will offer peace.
Perhaps then your Sentient will realize you are destined to lead.
How do I know you're not just telling me what I want to hear? Our ancestors trusted each other.
Isn't it time we followed in their heroic footsteps? If he trusted a Vandal, then I can too.
SAGE: According to my calculations, an aftershock will occur in 12.
4 seconds.
Activating launch sequence in three two [GRUNTS] Hope she's right about this aftershock thing.
Stanford, come in, bro.
Stanford's been here, all right.
African tracking skills? Something like that.
Where is that insubordinate lizard? Oh.
Oh! Captain Kalus, I beg your forgiveness.
- One of the sub-species returned.
- Hmp.
A likely story.
Prepare to suffer my wrath.
But I have located the creature for you.
He is yours to capture.
Now to give my ancestor a sonic nose job.
Look at that nasty nose.
I can't think about anything except how to fix it.
- Now.
- Huh? Oh.
[GRUNTING] [ROARS] It is done.
Not quite.
What kind of Vandal joins forces with a sub-species? One who is its new leader.
- All hail Krocomodo.
- All hail Krocomodo.
[ROARING] This cage will not hold me.
Your trophy, Commander Krocomodo.
And I detect the scent of humans nearby, sir.
My mates made it through? I can't wait to share the good news.
[STAMMERS] Why not let our peace pact be a surprise, brother? Oh, all right.
KALUS: Peace with a sub-species? You are a mere excuse for a Vandal.
Do not forget which side of the teeth you are on.
Behold as my plan not only brings us the battlekey but destroys the enemy.
Something you've never done.
[ROARS] Stanford's gotta be around here some Whoa! Whoa! Stanford, this was definitely not the plan.
Excuse me, I negotiated peace with the Vandals.
Like my ancestor.
- That's impossible.
- Maybe for you.
But not for someone with greatness in his blood.
K-Unit's just here to negotiate terms.
You trusted the Vandals? - Change of plan, sub-creature.
- What? Whoa! [TEAM SCREAMING] [KROCOMODO CHUCKLING] [TEAM SCREAMING] The incline's too steep.
My scanners show no anti-gravity pads below us.
- What? Agura, catch.
KROCOMODO: The battlekey.
[GRUNTS] [TEAM SCREAMING] When I get out of this, that loathsome, double-crossing reptile is history.
Oh! [SCREAMING] Ideas, anybody? SHERMAN: Hey, that's the hieroglyph that means to fly.
Maybe that obelisk's an anti-grav generator.
Which is how the platforms float.
If it uses Sentient technology, maybe I can hot-wire it.
Spinner, we've caught the big fish, now reel him in.
Hyah! SPINNER: Be careful.
[GRUNTING] AGURA: Nothing's out of my reach.
Hop aboard, Sherman.
[GRUNTING] You dare imprison me with this? Guys, a pet cat is a big responsibility.
They're needy, you gotta clean its litter box.
KROCOMODO: Silence, prisoners.
It is time to introduce Vandal to its new leader.
A leader who lost the battlekey.
You should have taken it from the vain one when you had the chance.
At least I have acquired a trophy.
Once on Vandal, this prize will become a symbol of my greatness.
Oh! Oh! [ALARM BLARING] Did I mention the Saber's state-of-the-art security features? We will tow the vehicle for you, Commander Krocomo Aah! [ALARM BLARING] [MUTTERING] [CHUCKLES] [GROWLS] SHERMAN: Just hold me long enough for me to decipher this alien code.
Hurry up, I'm slipping.
I think I've got it.
[SIGHS] I'm glad someone here is a geek.
Nice job, Sherman.
Way to out-Stanford yourself, Stanford.
Yeah, no kidding.
You got Vert captured and put Earth in jeopardy.
I was just trying to end the war like my ancestor.
Actually, he caused the war.
What? How do you know? The symbols on the obelisk.
Your ancestor allied with the reptiles to betray the Sentients.
That's my heritage? History really did repeat itself.
Not yet.
Not if we find Vert.
[KROCOMODO GROANING WHILE ALARM BLARING] [CHUCKLES] This Saber is stronger than I thought.
So are humans.
It's impossible.
Those walls are too dense.
Come on, Stanford, use your head.
There's got to be another way.
[GASPS] Sherman, think you can use some of your obelisk voodoo to tilt and move that island? Uh Yeah, sure.
No problem.
STANFORD: Cover your ears, mates.
Time to chop down the family tree.
Got it.
Whoo-hoo! VANDAL: Run.
Hold them off while I get Vert.
[VANDAL SCREAMING] [LAUGHS] Stanford, Vandals at 12 o'clock.
Huh? [SCREAMS] You will not deny me my destiny.
The only thing you're destined for is a royal beating.
Whoo-hoo! Uh-oh.
Vert, it's jailbreak time.
Let's go.
[TALUS GROWLS] L l [ROARS] SPINNER: Nice work, Stanford.
I allied with the Vandals, almost destroyed Earth.
Looks like I've got my ancestor's bad blood.
Hey, the only thing you two share is bad hair.
Dude, you proved who you really are in the zone.
Your history is history.
- Yeah.
It's all over.
- We're cool.
Thanks, mates.
You're more my family than old what's-his-nose.
[TEAM LAUGHING] This is going on my blog.