Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e10 Episode Script

110 - Man Down

Whoo-hoo! Nice job, guys.
This battlezone is done.
Burn rubber to the portal.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Hatch, don't let those flesh slugs escape with the key.
I have them dead in my sights, Captain Kalus.
My many, many sights.
[GRUNTS] [SCREAMS] Dude, you rock.
[LAUGHING] STANDFORD: Don't even think about it, fish breath.
We're throwing you back in the lake.
Crisscross crash.
Vert, dial down the danger a bit.
Just having a little fun, Agura.
Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! Zoom looks up to you.
I don't wanna see him getting hurt.
Relax, he's a smart kid.
I wouldn't try anything he couldn't handle.
Check this out, Vert.
Ahh! [ZOOM GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Ha-ha, and he makes an awesome recovery.
[CAR APPROACHING] [HATCH LAUGHS] Recover from this, sub-creature.
Take the wounded one.
Man down.
Recovery protocol.
We're on it.
Protective maneuvers.
[LAUGHS] Where I come from, Sever, we've got this great little candy called [TIRES SCREECHING] [SCREAMS] jawbreakers.
[GRUNTS] [GROWLS] That's for hurting our friend.
Next time you see us, consider yourself squashed, bug eyes.
[GROANS] We'll have you home in a sec, big guy.
[EKG BEEPING] Zoom's stable for now, but his vitals are weak.
The gas cloud that Hatch unleashed is a neurotoxin distilled from a Vandalian Puffer Plant.
Like the one I used against Kalus on the Vandal home world? That paralyzes? No, Hatch used the much rarer, spotted variety.
It causes delirium [ZOOM LAUGHS] and over-stimulation of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.
[ZOOM LAUGHING] The toxin will cause Zoom to hallucinate and laugh to death.
What? Is there an antidote? Yeah, it's called Any-Joke-From-Spinner.
Can it, Stanford.
This isn't a laughing matter.
Well, it is, but You know what I mean.
You must go to Vandal and bring me back a sample of the plant.
I will be able to distill an antidote.
You have less than one hour.
You heard Sage, let's gear up.
Don't worry, Zoom, we'll fix this.
Vert, make haste.
I will take care of him.
VERT: We're going to Vandal through the clockwork zone.
Let's do this for Zoom.
Okay, according to Sage's map, we need to head north by northwest.
- Agura, what are we looking at? - We've got some rough jungle ahead.
[BEEPING] And this humidity could wreak havoc on our electronics.
Could? It already has.
[GROANS] Brilliant, no air conditioning.
What about the air con unit in your battle suit? Yeah, mine's keeping me nice and cool.
[GRUNTS] STANFORD: Blast, is that the heater? [SCREAMS] Why do these giant blood-suckers only bug me? - Clear off.
- Stanford, focus.
Failure on this mission is not an option.
For Zoom's sake, I need everyone at their best.
Agura, you take point.
And keep those hunter's eyes of yours peeled for trouble.
Let's roll.
[GASPS] I can't just lie here and do nothing.
I should be out there helping the team.
- You must rest.
- But they need me.
[LAUGHING] [EKG BEEPING FASTER] SAGE: Your body is under extreme stress.
And your mind will start to hallucinate soon.
[GROANS] What if they don't make it back in time, Sage? I have great confidence that Vert will complete this mission.
He has been to Vandal before.
Yeah, and he barely made it out alive.
You must not think negative thoughts.
Only positive.
Sage, if there's a chance I might laugh to death then I want one thing before I go.
Name said item and I will procure it for you.
A double-chocolate milkshake with Hawaiian sprinkles from Zeke's Diner.
[LAUGHING] Sorry, sorry, laughing fit.
Ow! [ZOOM GROANING] I think I sprained a lung.
[ZOOM LAUGHING] Hold up, guys, we're here.
Stanford, let's go.
STANFORD: I'll be there momentarily.
I'm just activating my sonic mosquito repellent.
High-pitched sounds ward them off.
Keep your eyes peeled, guys.
These plants are super rare.
What about the toxin? Do we need special gear to pick them up? No, the surface of the plant is safe.
- The inside is toxic.
STANFORD: Oh! I hate this planet.
Okay, spread out and radio in any trouble.
SPINNER [OVER RADIO]: Spinner to Vert.
I'm right here, Spin.
Trouble at 12 o'clock.
[GROWLING] [ROARS] [ROARS] Take cover.
[ALL SCREAMING] Huh? [SCREAMS] [BOTH SCREAMING] Oh, this is a bad time for this.
SPINNER: There's a good time for getting crushed by a giant monster? [ROARS] [SPINNER SCREAMS] Shh.
[SCREAMS] [HORN BLOWS] Whatever that thing was, it sounded like it was spooked by something.
[BEEPING] Vert, my Tangler's picking up movement.
Everyone down.
SEVER: The beast is mine.
KROCOMODO: I saw it first.
This is my hunt.
Go find your own Monstrosodon.
I smell something.
Come on, we can take them.
No, they might alert other Vandals.
This is a stealth mission.
Which is ironic, considering Zoom is our stealth guy.
Guys, I think I've got a problem.
Stay cool, Agura.
He hasn't spotted you yet.
[SNIFFING] SEVER: Hmm [BUZZING] Vert, check your comm-link.
It's buzzing.
My comm-link's fine.
[BUZZING] [GULPS] [BUZZING] [SCREAMS] KROCMODO: Sounds like a swamp jackal.
SEVER: Maybe another one has broken into the food stores.
Quick, back to the stronghold.
- That was close.
VERT: Yeah.
Now let's go find Stanford.
Hello? [ALL PANTING] [STANFORD GRUNTING] Nice diversion, Stanford.
Diversion? Yeah.
So much for my sonic bug repellent.
I'd say it's more a sonic mating call.
STANDFORD: Argh! ALL: Ooh! [GRUNTS] I hate this planet.
BLADOR [ON TV]: Lieutenant Commander Waldo, set photons to max and blast those little green men to kingdom come.
Blador's Quest.
Oh, if only I could be like Blador and go on a galactic adventure.
Meet real aliens.
SAGE: Greetings.
[ON SPEAKERS] A double-chocolate milkshake with Hawaiian sprinkles, please.
Yeah, one Zoom Special coming right up.
Ah! Don't do it, Blador.
Don't eat it.
BLADOR [ON TV]: Oh, that tasted poisonous.
I shouldn't have eaten that at all.
ZEKE: He eats it every time.
SAGE: Peace out.
Yeah, peace.
Peace out.
SHERMAN: This is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
VERT: Sage warned us it was rare.
[SPLASH] One only blooms every hundred miles.
STANFORD: I hate this planet.
[BEEPING] Target acquired.
Zoom's got just over 30 minutes.
Let's hustle.
[CAR APPROACHING] It's Hatch and he's got the plant.
Not for long, let's move.
Greetings, Zoom.
I have returned with your milkshake.
[GASPS] Zoom? Nice job on the silent mode, Sherm.
I figured it would come in handy one day.
Hold up, guys.
How are we gonna get the plant now? This stronghold is too well-defended for a frontal assault.
Not to be a pain, guys, but Zoom's running out of time.
[BIRD SQUAWKING] [GASPS] [GROWLS] Ah! I hate this planet! [VOICE ECHOING] [SNIFFING] I hope someone has a plan.
Vert, you've got a plan, right? Vert? [RUSTLING] Huh? - Ahh! - Don't worry, it's Vert.
This would be just as convincing without the dragging.
VERT: Shh.
VERT [IN DEEP VOICE]: Step aside.
I am Swamp Mouth.
I have a prisoner for Captain Kalus.
Keep him waiting at your own peril.
I hate this planet.
Zoom? [ZOOM LAUGHING] [GRUNTS] VERT [IN NORMAL VOICE]: There's Hatch's Scarib.
Stay low and keep to the shadows.
KALUS: Hatch? VERT: Get the plant, I'll distract Kalus.
How are you coming along with my new weapon? VERT [IN DEEP VOICE]: You may not pass.
I have been ordered by Captain Kalus to bar anyone from entering.
I am Captain Kalus.
VERT: May I see some ID? [ROARS] SHERMAN: Whoa, what a cool laboratory.
Let's find this plant and get out of here.
Ha! Stanford does it again.
[DOOR OPENING] Get down.
Now, to distill more of the deadly toxin.
It will make a nice coating for Kalus' new Gatling crossbow.
Wait, if that's the Spotted Puffer Plant, then what did Stanford grab? [SPEAKING WITH LISP] I hate this planet.
What is your name? What clan do you hail from? VERT: I am Swamp Mouth from the, uh, Snaggletooth Clan.
I am not familiar with that clan.
And I know all the clans in my empire.
Stand aside, warrior.
[GROWLS] How dare you disrespect me? I challenge you to Mahock-Mahoh, the ancient rite-of-speed battle.
[ZURK SOLDIER LAUGHING] [ZURK SOLDIERS LAUGHING] ZOOM: If you want Earth, you'll have to go through me.
- Huh? - Organic.
[GRUNTS] CROWD [CHANTING]: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! First Vandal to leave the other's vehicle a smoking wreck is the winner.
CROWD: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! Begin.
CROWD: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! VERT [IN NORMAL VOICE]: Huh? [CHIMES] Come on.
Whoa! CROWD: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! [GROWLS] [LAUGHING] HATCH: Huh? [HATCH GROANING] [HATCH SCREAMS] CROWD: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! - Vert.
- What do we do? [WITH LISP] We need to get out of here.
[GONG SOUNDS] [VERT GRUNTING] Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! Uh-oh.
KALUS: Prepare to be skewered, Swamp Mouth.
CROWD: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus! AGURA: Get back to the vehicles.
If I'm not back in two minutes with Vert, go.
Zoom needs that plant.
VERT: If anyone's gonna end up being meat on a stick it's you, Kalus.
Meat boy.
[ROARS] You want me, Kalus? Come and get me.
[KALUS SCREAMS] You got the plant? AGURA: Go, go, go.
Get them.
They must not escape.
Sage, I've got the plant.
Hang in there, Zoomster.
Did we make it back in time? [EKG FLATLINES] [SIGHS] We were too late.
Argh! [EKG BEEPING] Pizza.
He said, "Pizza.
" SPINNER: He's fine! AGURA: He's gonna be okay.
SHERMAN: Hey, Zoomster.
SPINNER: Whoo! Oh, man.
AGURA: All right.
Zoom is okay.
Do you have anything for my lip? No, it will take one month to heal or you could go back to Vandal for the antidote.
I can wait it out.
Did I mention that I hate that planet?! [ALL LAUGHING]