Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e16 Episode Script

116 - Glitchin'

Battle Force 5, I've secured the key.
Let's take her home.
Whoo-hoo! Gotta love that speed.
Whoo-hoo! [GRUNTS] AGURA: Stormshock portal-- [HICCUPS] --dead ahead.
And killer Sark, dead behind.
We have to stop them or they'll follow us through.
SPINNER: Hyah! Hey, stand by, Vert.
I've got an idea.
That zurk's transmitter is exposed.
I can hack into zemerik's control matrix and have a little fun.
Yes! I'm in.
[GRUNTS] [LAUGHING] Control matrix compromised.
Terminate rogue, zug.
Oh, yeah.
Bring it on.
[SPINNER CHUCKLES] zug will destroy traitor.
Time for the Spinner special.
Whoo-hoo! Ha-ha-ha.
Come on, slowpoke.
Pick it up.
Come on, zug, banana-nana, bo bug.
zUG: Who are you calling--? [zUG YELLS] SPINNER: Time to go, zug.
Nice move, big bro.
[zEMERlK YELLS] Unh! That organic will pay.
[HICCUPS THEN GROANS] It didn't work.
[HICCUPS] So my water idea's a bust.
What do you got, zoom? Ah, nothing.
That was my idea too.
If I drink any more water, I'll grow-- Hic.
[STANFORD CHUCKLES] You lot are going about it all wrong, as usual.
All right, Mr.
How are you gonna get rid of Agura's hiccups? SHERMAN: Have you guys seen Spinner? I was gonna teach him the new targeting system on the Buster but he skipped out.
I saw him in the-- Hic.
In the-- Hic.
In the-- Hic.
I'll check the games room.
You wanna get rid of those hiccups? - Hop on one leg.
- Hmm? [GROANS] Flap your arms [GRUNTS] and crow like a rooster.
Huh? Hic.
[CROWING] Now, do that for six hours and you'll be hiccup-free.
That doesn't work, does it? Not at all.
[ALL LAUGHING] [CROWING] [GROANS] The idea of a human controlling a zurk disgusts me yet these organics intrigue me.
Especially the small funny-looking one.
Shall we eliminate him in the next battlezone? No.
We capture him.
His talents can be put to good use.
Upgrading the Sark hive mind.
zurk 2.
0 will be unstoppable.
SPINNER: Come on, slugbot.
You want some laser? Come get some laser.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, bro.
Wanna play "Slugbots of Goop World 4"? The new targeting system, bro.
You missed your lesson.
Lesson, that sounds so formal.
I'll just learn on the fly.
It's how I roll.
It'll be easier to learn in a sim environment.
You need to learn how to use it before the next-- SAGE [OVER PA]: Attention, Battle Force.
Stormshock opening in T-minus-5 minutes.
[SIGHS] Let's hit that battlezone, little bro.
Just focus on the mission, Agura.
They'll be gone before you know it.
STANFORD: Boo! Wha--What are you doing? Curing you of the hiccups.
Well-- Hic.
--it didn't work.
And neither did the flapping chicken-arm thing.
Really? [CHUCKLES] Whoa.
Reminds me of a club I used to DJ at in London.
Keep your eyes peeled for the key.
I've got a signal.
It's close.
You know what else is close? VERT: zemerik.
- zug.
Initiate operation: divide and conquer.
Yes, Lord zemerik.
zurk, advance.
[SCOFFS] [GASPS] zOOM: I got a visual on the battlekey.
Nice work, zoom.
Lead the way.
Multiple bogies on our six.
Use the new targeting system, Spin.
What? Hey.
Huh? - Does this thing come with instructions? - Ugh.
Welcome to the Shermanator 3000 Targeting System.
In just three quick tutorials you'll be smashing Zurk and Vandals in no time.
[BRAKES SCREECH] Got the battlekey.
Back to the hub, guys.
To target an incoming enemy, use right trigger, left trigger.
A, B, A, B.
Left bumper, right bumper.
Spinner, bogie on our three.
Could you make this targeting system any more difficult to use? Come to the lesson next time.
[GRUNTS] [GASPS] [SHERMAN AND SPINNER SCREAM] Guys, we've got a problem.
A Buster-sized problem.
Help! Sherman! Spinner! Spinner.
Sherman, stop.
[TIRES SQUEALING] Guys, a little help here.
Sherman, don't do this.
We're in no shape for an assault on the Sark home world.
I'll take them on by myself.
Let me go.
The portal's closing.
No! [GRUNTS] Spinner's only chance-- Hic.
--is if we repair the Buster and come up with a plan.
Agura's right, Sherman.
But I promise, we'll get Spinner back.
I could just see him now.
Poor little guy's probably terrified.
Ha, ha.
Are those data-storage warehouses? Yes.
Built with Sark efficiency.
Eighty thousand Sark work in every minute of every day for every-- Ooh, small problem.
Problem? There is no problem.
The Sark home world is perfect.
Your cooling fans are too small.
Do you want your warehouses to overheat? All your data to go "poof" into thin air? The organic makes good point.
[GRUMBLES] Have you ever spit over the side? How long does it take to land? - Unh! - Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, quit it.
[SPINNER GRUNTS] I brought you here because I wish to crack the code of human ingenuity.
Ingenuity? You got the wrong brother, z.
Can I call you z? I need to study your brain.
Huh? No! [zEMERlK LAUGHS] I'm doubling the plating on the turret.
Hold it steady.
[AGURA GRUNTS THEN HICCUPS] Agura, do I need to do it myself? I'm trying.
I'm just worried about Spin.
Oh, no problem.
Let's just fix this B so we can get him back.
Right about now, he'd be bugging me about something.
Never thought I'd miss that.
- How are those repairs coming? - Ready to burn rubber.
All right, let's move these vehicles into the MOBI, chop-chop.
I hate to point out the obvious but we're pretty much outnumbered a whole planet to five.
Which is why this is a stealth mission.
Ha, ha.
My specialty.
We going in cloaked? Hic.
That's right, and we'll need radio silence.
- Okay, Miss Hiccups? - Mm-hm.
We'll be tracking Spinner's beacon.
We go in, we grab him and we get out before zemerik knows what hit him.
- Any questions? - Hic.
Next stop, the Sark home world.
[GROANS] Oh, this is so boring.
One down.
Two down.
The Spinner special.
And game over.
Do it again.
I've been doing this for hours.
Repeating the drills allows me to learn the secret of your thought patterns.
How your ingenuity functions.
Load another program.
If I have to play again, at least increase the difficulty.
It's like playing the "Slugbots of Goop World 4" on medium.
Unh, oh.
And if you want scientific results, I need to be in my comfort zone.
I'm gonna need a few things.
Very well.
What do you need? For starters, I'll need some za.
Define "za.
" Pizza.
You know? Round pieces of baked dough with cheese, tomato sauce, pepperonis and hot peppers.
zug, have the Sark factory produce some za.
Yes, Lord zemerik.
And a beanbag chair.
- A what? - A chair filled with little beans.
It's really comfy.
This one is killing me.
zug will order factories to produce beanbag chair.
And last but not least, I'll need a personal cloaking device.
zug will order factories to produce personal cloaking device.
Fool! He'll use it to escape.
Oh, right.
Get back to work.
Look at this place.
Millions, maybe billions of Sark.
And we're just going to casually prance through and rescue Spinner? That's the plan.
Except for the prancing part.
Sentry nearby.
Re-engaging cloak.
[ALL SIGH] [HICCUPPING] [AGURA GAGGING] [INAUDIBLE DIALOGUE] [BOTH SIGH] All right, Battle Force, let's do some work.
SPINNER: Got one.
Got one.
Got one.
Got one.
Got one.
Got one.
[zEMERlK GRUNTS] - What up, z? - Cease your babbling at once.
It is aggravating my internal circuitry.
I can't play under these conditions, z.
And where's my beanbag chair? Enough talk about bags and beans and chairs.
Continue playing.
You know what, z? I quit.
Besides, my little bro's gonna show up soon and kick your metal behind.
You either continue with the drill, or deal with zug's drill.
[CHUCKLES] Sherman, crack this door.
We're sitting ducks out here.
On it.
Picking up Spinner.
Let's roll.
[SPINNER MUMBLING] Lord zemerik, Battle Force 5 have penetrated the stronghold.
Should zug smash them? No.
I have a better idea.
Spinner, I have a new test program for you.
Something that should prove more of a challenge.
Well, load it up, z.
I'm gonna need some fresh za.
This stuff is soggy.
[zEMERlK CHUCKLES] Patch the security cameras into the simulation matrix and connect them to the Battle Force 5 constructs.
Yes, sire.
zug will do after he gets organic fresh za.
What? Security cameras first.
za second.
Yes, Lord zemerik.
[CHUCKLES] SHERMAN: Spinner's homing signal is getting stronger.
He's gotta be in here somewhere.
STANFORD: This place reminds me of my papa's castle in Wales.
It's enormous.
Yeah, enormous and empty.
Too empty.
My thinking exactly.
AGURA: You think it's an ambush? Hic.
Whoo-hoo, now this is a game.
Digital Battle Force 5 against my one lone zentner.
Okay, hold my za.
I might actually need both hands for this one.
A very small ambush.
Game on.
Whoo-hoo! [VERT GRUNTS] Oh-ho.
This zurk has some moves.
- Whoa.
SPINNER: Ha, ha! SPINNER: Nice try, rust buckets.
But you're gonna have to do better than that to beat Tijuana Genius.
Tijuana Genius? That's my gamer ID.
[GASPS] Don't worry.
I'll stop it.
Come on, slowpoke.
You're even slower than my little brother.
- Whoa.
- Hello.
A worthy opponent.
[SPINNER GRUNTING] You think you're bad? You think you're bad? Let's get it on.
Hey, guys, does this look familiar? Yeah, there's something-- Hic.
--about the way it's moving.
Oh, you think you're bad? You think you're bad? Ugh.
Gotta fix the settings on this video display.
That Tangler's glitching all over the place.
Almost like it had hiccups.
- Agura? - Spinner? Exactly.
His signature move.
The Spinner special.
Signal him with some Morse code.
I'm already telling him how much you miss him.
[GASPS] Ha! Why is your zentner running? Turn and fight them.
Why is my zentner running? Well, ha, ha, now that's a great question.
Now, the reason my zentner is running is because you wanted a display of human ingenuity and now you got it.
Way to lead us to your location, Spin.
Get away from my big brother, zemerik.
[SCREAMS] I told you my little bro would kick your metal butt.
I knew you'd come for me.
Save the mushy stuff for later, guys.
Time to jet.
Buckle up, guys.
We're going home.
[GRUNTS] Hey, big bro.
Got a new game.
"Slugbots of Goop World 5.
" - Wanna play? - No.
I've had enough video games for a while.
I'm gonna work out the glitches in the targeting system.
Oh, okay.
See you la-- Wait.
Glitches? Hey, zoom.
Will you pass me that wrench? Hic.
[HICCUPPING] Huh? Hmm? [SCREAMS] Emergency lockdown.
zurk have penetrated the base.
zurk have.
What are you trying to do? Get rid of your hiccups? Ouch.
[ALL LAUGHING] There are better ways to do that besides scaring me half to.
They're gone.
[CHUCKLES] They're gone.
Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
The hiccups are gone.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
Whoo-hoo! Ugh.
You're welcome.