Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e17 Episode Script

117 - Cold As Ice

STANFORD: Why so testy, Agura? I was just pointing out that your Tangler looks like a spider in clown shoes.
At least my clown car snagged the last battlekey while your noise machine was stuck in a sand dune.
[GRUMBLES] [CLANGS] That is noise.
The Reverb is a precision sonic assault weapon.
Much like your mouth.
No need to get personal, Princess If-The-Clown-Shoe-Fits.
- I'm gonna show you where it fits.
- Huh? STANFORD: Are you off your--? AGURA: That's the best you got? Ugh.
I hate it when Agura and Stanford diss each other.
When do they not diss each other? [ALARM BEEPING] SAGE [OVER PA]: Stormshock alert.
Portal entry in T-minus-90.
Fighting ferocious aliens beats listening to those two.
Stanford, Agura, cool it.
zOOM: Whoa! Cool enough for you, Vert? I have a buddy from the Yukon who would love this place.
Stanford, watch out.
Or watch this, as I clear a path.
Now, that's style.
Might wanna take notes, Agura.
[RUMBLING] [GASPS] [GASPS] [GASPS] Whoa! STANFORD: Look out! STANFORD: Look out! Not getting any traction.
Put your tires in molecular-bonding mode.
Nice move, Stanford, using sound waves when this whole battlezone is an avalanche waiting to happen.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Whoa! I happen to be an expert on cold-weather driving.
STANFORD [OVER RADIO]: Your expertise is limited to being just cold.
[CHUCKLES] [STAMMERING] Hey, there's the battlekey.
Can we get it and go? It's got to be 30 below.
Actually, 50 below.
So unless you wanna be a human ice pop, better stay in your vehicles, everybody.
zoom, we got the key.
You head home and chill.
I passed chill 50 degrees ago.
[GRUNTS] Oh, come on.
Whoa! AGURA: Look who's styling better than the cold-weather expert.
And, Vert, make sure boom-box boy doesn't bring down the mountain.
[SIGHS] Just worry about bringing down the key, little Miss All-That.
[BEEPING] SHERMAN: Incoming Sark.
Give Agura cover.
Pick a Sark and stay in his face.
I got zemerik.
Obvious strategy.
Unit-on-unit harassment.
Sark, disperse.
It's like they knew what we were up to before we could even-- [GASPS] Hello.
Those are some speedy Sark.
Almost seems like they're thinking faster too.
At ultra-low temperatures, some metals become superconductors.
The Sark's electronic brains process data at an accelerated rate.
Which means, look out! [VERT GRUNTS] VERT: Starting to feel like General Custer at Little Bighorn.
This, uh, Custer bloke, remind me, how did he get out of his fix? [GRUNTS] He didn't.
That's why they call it Custer's Last Stand.
Fall back to defense mode.
Stanford, lay off the trigger.
Can't afford the sonic shakedown.
[GROANS] This frigid air energizes my mind with possibilities.
You two, abandon your zentners.
You will repurpose your vehicles in accordance with my new design.
VERT: Agura, what's your battlekey ETA? Another minute or so, Vert.
Take your time, Agura.
We're merely fending off supersonic Sark.
Huh? Watch out, bros.
[SPINNER GRUNTS] Faster, finish it.
The organic is almost to the battlekey.
Whoa! Agura, watch your back.
I'm almost there.
STANFORD: Almost won't cut it.
I got a clear shot.
Stanford, hold your fire.
We can't risk another avalanche.
[GASPS] [GRUNTS] I got him point-blank.
Let me blast that needle nose back to Sark world.
AGURA [OVER RADIO]: Stanford, no.
I've trained gorillas that followed instructions better.
What? Stanford, you big ape.
Come on.
Give me some traction.
Whoa! VERT [OVER RADIO]: Agura, you all right? Considering I'm upside down, stuck in a crevice and I didn't get the battlekey, I've been better.
VERT [OVER RADIO]: I'm sending help.
Hang in there.
Like I've got a choice.
Precisely as I planned.
Bring me the battlekey immediately.
Uh, do we help Agura or go for the key? Both, but since only one of us has a passenger seat.
Me? Couldn't she sit on Spinner's lap or something? Move, move, move.
Gotta intercept the key before it gets to boss bot.
Stay calm, Agura.
Stanford Isaac Rhodes has damsel-in-distress duty.
[STAMMERING] Don't bother.
I can rescue myself.
Having a nap, are we? Just--Just go away.
Oh, for pity's sake.
Do spare me the chore of climbing down and lugging your helpless form back up.
Helpless? Tell me you did not call me helpless.
Got it.
Don't got it.
Get that battlekey.
SPINNER: One little zurk against one big bad Buster.
It's just not.
Fair? [GRUNTS] I thought a little charm might help motivate you.
[RUMBLING] So that's what the rumbling was about.
Yes, indeed.
And because of it, we'll have to find another route back to the stormshock.
Ape? Again? Perhaps a little heat will warm up your wannabe wit.
Oh, much better.
Except, you're here.
Vert, I've got Agura.
Lucky me.
Everyone fall back to the portal.
We'll have a better chance taking them head on.
AGURA: Hmm? zUG: The key, Your Lordship.
Now zug get army and crush organics.
I need no army to conquer such primitive slugs.
We attack now.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Maybe you should turn around.
I think you missed a bump.
Perfect trip.
Sharing the front seat with a back-seat driver.
Well, somebody's gotta tell you what to do.
Like don't fire your cannons when I'm climbing Mount Battlekey.
What? Are you suggesting that I caused you to fall? Into that bottomless crevice that your noise toys opened up, yes.
I did not fire my sonic cannons.
I heard the booms.
Well, you didn't miss that bump.
- Oh.
[GROANS] VERT: Get ready, guys.
Just hold your positions and try to slow them down.
Remember, accelerate slowly.
You do understand the difference between fast and slow, don't you? Gosh, I think so.
This is fast.
And this is slow, right? [CHUCKLES] [STAMMERS] Very f-- [CHUCKLES] --funny.
[RUMBLING] Whoa! Ow.
That booming again.
It didn't come form the Reverb.
As I told you.
And thanks for your concern about my sprained arm.
[GIBBERING] And even worse, you will have to drive.
Skinny pedal on the right.
- Go.
- Ugh.
[BEEPING] SHERMAN: Anybody hear that? I'm registering seismic activity.
We're gonna have Sark-ic activity in a sec, Sherm.
Here we go.
So I guess I was wrong before.
[CREATURE ROARS] Apology accepted.
Will you pick one direction and stick with it? Yeah, if I knew where we were going.
[BOTH SCREAM] How about anywhere but here? [ROARS] Blimey, a real abominable snowman.
The correct term is "yeti.
" Whatever.
It's really big.
[BOTH GASP] [ROARS] [ROARS] Drive faster.
I am.
I mean, faster than that thing.
zurk, dismantle your vehicles and yourselves and build this.
zemerik must pay them really well.
We're gonna have to find some way to knock that bridge down.
Or we could just wait for a giant rock to fall out of the sky.
[YELLS] It's Stanford.
And a big, scary, snow-monster thingy.
[BOTH SCREAM] [BOTH SCREAMING] Got to distract it.
Give me some ramp, bros.
Yo, snow dog, heads up.
Uh, little help? En garde, Bigfoot.
[BOTH SCREAM] [YELLS] Almost amusing.
Our foes reduced to mere playthings.
When the beast crushes them, Earth shall have no defenders.
I just hope he's not the kind of kid who breaks his toys.
[SHERMAN GROANS] Or tries to figure out where to put the batteries.
[SHERMAN AND SPINNER YELLING] Don't worry, we have a plan.
Tell me you have a plan.
I'll let you call me a big ape for a year.
Stanford, that's it.
Gorillas vocalize like that.
- Can you duplicate that thing's voice? - Of course, I can.
- But why? - Get ready for a yeti-to-yeti talk.
[GIBBERING] Good work, Stanford.
Keep talking trash to our new buddy.
Brilliant trick, Agura.
Well done.
VERT: Nice save, you two.
Now how do we save you? Just salvage the Tangler and meet us at the portal.
Sherman, Spinner, head for the Tangler.
I got a key to recover.
zEMERlK: What? They're leading the giant to us.
Here it goes.
[GIBBERING] Evacuate! zEMERlK: No.
Unhand us, you oversized knuckle dragger.
Got it.
Enjoy your big-boy play date.
[YELLING] [GIBBERS] Sorry, Agura.
That car-swallowing crevice gave you major dingage.
So don't blow a gasket but looks like you two will have to share a ride till we get back.
Get ready for the fireworks.
The world's worst car pool just got a little worse.
[SCOFFS] You should talk, you big ape.
[zEMERlK YELLING] zug not like that.