Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e18 Episode Script

118 - Mag Wheels

STANFORD: I know what you're thinking.
Where did he learn, unh, such incredible foot-eye coordination? Actually, I was thinking, "How boring is this, watching a guy kick a beanbag?" AGURA: Hey, thanks, Grace.
SHERMAN: Thanks, Grace.
Oh, Grace.
Just telling my mates about my days as star striker on the football pitch.
Pitch? Football? Uh, think you got your sports mixed up, Stanford.
Ha, ha.
Soccer speak, Grace.
Humble never misses a chance to brag about his boarding-school heroics.
It only seems heroic to those who can't do things like-- Oops.
[zOOM GRUNTS] - This? - Huh? [zOOM GRUNTS] [ALL LAUGH] zOOM: Yeah.
- Huh? Hmm.
I was about to perform a proper soccer move which we masters of the game call a header.
Ow! [GRACE CHUCKLES] Very impressive, Stanford.
[ALL LAUGH] [GROANS] WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Stormshock detected.
VERT: Hope everybody's up for a little storm surfing.
Let's do this.
The portal's open.
Floor it.
And the battlekey is.
Huh? [BEEPING] - Mine.
zOOM: Oh, no, you don't.
Oh, somebody doesn't like losing at Hacky Sack.
Hacky Sack is not a real game.
And I did not lose, like you're about to.
zOOM: Yee-haw! Ha, ha.
Whoa! Uh.
VERT: Get that battlekey.
[GASPING] [zEMERlK CHUCKLES] Could victory be any easier? [ENGINES WHIRRING] We gotta snag that key before they take it to Sark world.
Ha! Belief in the impossible such a laughable organic concept.
We gotta blast past these bots.
Destroy all of them.
zOOM: Whoo-hoo! STANFORD: Whoa, whoa! Stand aside.
I shall take possession of our prize.
What? [GRUNTS] Time for the Saber to take a stab at it.
- Aw, come on.
- It's like that key's playing keep-away.
Whoa! SPINNER: Whoa! I'm guessing that thing has reverse magnetic polarity.
Yeah, and I'm guessing it's not just gonna stick to our cars for the ride home, right? SHERMAN: Unh! SPINNER: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Right, and, ow.
Lord zemerik, the battlekey.
[GRUNTS] Guys, we're not gonna be able to snag the key old school.
We'll have to control it like this: Whoa, sweet move, Vert.
Sort of like car hockey.
More like soccer.
My game.
[BUzzER BUzzES] [GRUMBLES] [BEEPING] This game, as you call it, is war.
And only the winner will survive.
Game, war, whatever.
We've got to play it like a team.
Huddle up.
[BEEPING] zoom.
Saber and Chopper have the speed, so we'll play forward.
Tangler, Buster, use your moves and muscle to play serious D.
As in done.
No way that battlekey's getting near the Sark portal, coach.
VERT: And Stanford-- STANFORD: Way ahead of you.
Star striker at your service.
Just feed me the key and I'll take it home.
Actually, I need you to keep it out of zemerik's home.
If he gets it, he can gather his army and invade Earth whenever he's ready.
So fall back, and whatever you do, keep that key out of the Sark portal.
Goalie? You want me to be goalie? VERT: I want you to shut out the Sark and save Earth.
[GROANS] [BEEPING] Ready, everybody? ALL: Break! zOOM: I'll take that.
Unh! zEMERlK: Aah! zOOM: Ha, ha.
You can do this.
zOOM: Try this on for size.
[GRUMBLES] And zoom's key handling has the Sark team on their heels.
He moves left, fakes right and.
- Unh.
- Oh! That's gotta hurt.
Ref, how about a red card? Get used to failure, organics.
Get used to some defensive pressure on your sorry Sark butt.
[AGURA GRUNTS AND YELLS] [LAUGHS] Agura takes one for the team.
But the battlekey is still in possession of the cocky Sark commander.
That is, until he goes one-on-one with the big bad Buster-- Oh! --who got faked out of its oil pan.
Stanford, you gotta stop him.
Get ready to rah-rah, sports fans.
[GRUNTS] [GROWLS] [GASPS] STANFORD: Aah--Aah! [YELLS] - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, Stanford.
STANFORD: That's right.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
You've been owned.
Nice play, Stanford, but stay in the game.
Battle's not over.
[VERT GRUNTS] SHERMAN: Oh, no, you don't.
[STANFORD GASPS] Got a clear shot.
Prepare to be dazzled.
Bend it like Stanford.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
You've been-- [GASPS] No.
Just blew it big time.
Many thanks, organic.
Your clumsiness is our victory.
I demand a rematch, robot.
Right behind you, Stanford.
We got your back.
No, this is my bad so it's my battle.
zug, stay near and clear the battlezone for our impending attack.
zug destroy the organics, Lord zemerik.
[GRUNTS] [GASPS] [SCREAMS] [ALL GRUNTING] Whoa! Ugh, we gotta get past these turkeys and get in there.
Okay, guys, let's rock 'n' roll.
Prepare for a Sark-world welcome.
I had a nightmare like this once only it was in gym class with the wrestling team.
What's the plan? Follow that battlekey.
I must have it.
Now's our chance.
Make a run for it, Stanford.
SHERMAN: This warehouse looks like it's filled with old parts from primitive Sark engines which used carbon-based technology.
Hiding out here should mask our signal and help to throw off their scanners.
[GASPS] Incoming Sark.
First and second phalanx, get that battlekey.
You others, activate carbon scanners and find those organics.
I can't pass up this shot.
And then what? We get wiped out, the Sarks still have the battlekey and--? And I've got to find some way to make up for my botched play.
Stanford, Spinner's right.
Two against 5000 are lousy odds.
Deep breath.
We gotta sit tight and make a plan.
[GROANS] [ENGINE WHIRRING] Bring it on, drill for brains.
Yeah, when your boss gets back, all he's gonna find is itty-bitty bits of bots.
Um, zurk need orders.
Uh, prepare to crush organics.
zEMERlK: Continue searching Quadrant C.
The organic interlopers must be found.
Battlekey detail, form a perimeter around the key.
zEMERlK: Well done.
Keep it contained until I can complete my device to neutralize its polarity.
STANFORD: We can't just hide here while zemerik perfects his antimagnetic widget.
[GRUMBLES] Whoa, you can't go off on you own, Stanford.
Right, sorry.
There's no I in "team," except the way I spell it.
Hey, stop beating yourself up.
So you made a bonehead play.
It happens to everybody.
But everybody else doesn't make the same mistake over and over.
Stanford, snap out of it.
Where's that cocky soccer star? Yeah, I wasn't much of a star.
Championship match, you're looking at the twit who kicked ball into his own team's net.
BOTH: Ooh.
I guess I've been looking for a way to make up for it.
Picked a bad time to try.
Well, yeah.
Point is, you gotta get past the past, man.
All I can do is try.
[SPINNER GASPS] [SIGHS] zEMERlK: Behold, members of the Sark race perfection has been achieved.
[GRUNTS] And with this key begins the triumph of machine over mankind.
ALL: Oh.
First attack wave stand ready for my invasion signal.
SHERMAN: We gotta get that battlekey.
Which means we've gotta find a way to snatch that antimag device.
I think I can snag it with the turret chain, if you can get me close enough, bro.
Gonna need a pretty big diversion to distract zemerik and all those zurk.
Sounds like a job for one extra obnoxious teammate.
I'm in.
Second reserve unit, get to your positions.
We need to commence the attack before-- - What? - Stuff happens? [YELLS] What we have here is a failure to exterminate.
zurk, finish them.
Ready, Stanford? It's all about timing.
And teamwork.
My new middle name.
[BEEPING] zemerik, let's see you try to stop the first trash-talking guided missile.
More like misguided.
[STANFORD YELLS] [LAUGHS] - Ready to fire.
[GASPS] Talk about a chain yank, huh, zemerik? - Thieves.
- We prefer "good guys.
" Uh-oh.
Whoa! I'm on it, lads.
zOOM: Yee-haw! Epic fail, dude.
Get that battlekey.
Huh? Not so fast, organics.
zEMERlK: Now, zug attack.
ALL: Whoo-hoo! Huh? Well done, zug.
Get the key back to Sark where we can regroup.
Or you can all go home without it.
Whoa! You guys are okay? Except for, you know, half the Sark army about to come off the bench.
Not gonna be easy getting this baby back to our home goal.
Positions, everybody.
Got my goalie game on, coach.
VERT: Whoa! [GRUNTS] It's on you, Stanford.
Cut down the angle.
You can do this.
[YELLS] [ALL CHEERING] Way to win that one-on-one.
Game's not over till the battlekey's safe.
Take it.
zOOM: Ha! It's your shot.
You earned it, mate.
ALL: Goal! Yeah! Oh, yeah, uh-huh.
That's right.
[YELLS] VERT: Let's give it up for Stanford.
ALL: Yeah.
Oh, hey, it was a team effort.
We all did great.
We wouldn't have had a chance without that last sweet move of yours.
What move was that, Stanford? Oh, um, ha, ha.
Just, uh-- Nothing really.
Don't be modest, Stanford.
It was an awesome soccer move, Grace.
Thanks for the assist.
Yeah, I was teaching these blokes a thing or two about footy.
You see, the trick is to treat the ball like it's your best friend with respect and affection.
That's how I scored the winning goal in front of the royal family.
Queen was most impressed.
Whoa! Oh.
STANFORD: Oh, hey.
Uh, no, wait, officer.
I can explain.
What? Unhand me.
Don't you know I'm royalty?