Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e19 Episode Script

119 - Time Out

[ROCK BALLAD PLAYING OVER STEREO] You're the one And with you I run Sleek and mean Eight-cylinder machine [POLICE SIREN WAILING] Run for me [GASPS] [GROANS] Sheriff Johnson, to what do I owe this pleasant pull over? Because, for the record, I wasn't speeding.
No music in the desert.
[GRUMBLES] This is the thanks I get for saving the planet? - Saving the planet? - What? I-- Uh, ahem, recycling.
Using, uh, eco-friendly hair products.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] - Huh? - Uh, let's get you to the diner.
I got some tree planting to do.
Get ready, guys.
Agura, Cortez brothers.
Stanford, you go first.
What kind of bobby gives someone a ticket for playing music? SPINNER [OVER RADIO]: Get over it.
And FYI, Sheriff Johnson is called a police officer, not a bobby.
[GRUNTS] Pull back, Krocomodo.
But they are vulnerable.
Never question my command.
Yes, captain.
[LAUGHS] Huh? It won't close.
It's frozen open.
Or more like frozen in time.
[ALL GASP] Oh, boy.
zOOM: Creepy.
This beam froze the portal open with some sort of time-stasis field.
Gotta be the work of Hatch.
We better seal it before the Vandals can swarm through.
zoom, you and I are going back in to shut down this beam.
Everyone else, defend the portal.
Oh, easy-peasy.
We'll just hold off the entire Vandal army.
Only a few Vandals at a time can ferry across to the portal.
And when they come through, we keep them contained ram them into that moat.
Not a single Vandal makes it to that pass.
Let's go.
STANFORD: Whoa! Ha, ha.
[GASPS] Hmm.
[CHEERING] Vandals, the Earth is within our grasp.
Look at all those Vandals.
Smell all those Vandals.
How are we supposed to get past? Sherman modded my goggles with a little reverb tech.
Just need to [IN KALUS' VOICE] tweak my voice and throw it.
The sub-creatures shall feel the weight of our arms the strength of our steel.
They will come to fear me as Kalus-- VERT [IN KALUS' VOICE]: The yellow-bellied swamp snake.
Ha, ha.
Hmm? [GROWLS] KALUS: Take this fool to the slave pits.
[GRUNTING AND YELLING] Now's our chance.
[BUGLE BLARES] Vandals, storm the portal.
You are staying here.
I need you to protect Hatch.
I am a warrior, not a mere guard.
Small groups of scouts will enter ahead of the horde.
And once we secure the area, I will send for you.
[GRUMBLES] Onward to victory! [VANDALS CHEERING] Take it to the enemy, boys.
Reverb is cranked.
[BEEPS] [GASPS] Be a hero, save the world.
I should've stuck with DJ.
He's making a break for the pass.
Whoa! People love DJs.
People respect DJs.
Get ready for round two.
How many rounds is this fight scheduled for? It's gonna be a long one, boys.
[BOTH PANTING] We've gotta take them down quick before they can sound the alarm.
There's a tunnel that leads from there to just above-- - zoom? zOOM: Hyah! Hyah! - Sorry.
- Works for me.
[GRUNTING] What wave are we on? I don't know, but this moat is filling up fast.
[VANDALS SHOUTING] I should charge overtime for my services.
I should charge, period, for my services.
Huh? No wonder my scouts were not able to return with any information.
This canyon is the perfect ambush spot.
Vandals, advance.
We must clear the route for the hordes.
Pick your Vandal and hold the line.
[GROWLS] [LAUGHS] Battered fish, my favorite kind.
Seriously, guys.
What we do is really hard work.
Don't you want even a little recognition for it? ALL [OVER RADIO]: No, Stanford! [CHUCKLES] Medic.
Fohawk down.
I repeat.
Fohawk down.
Retreat to the pass.
We're outnumbered.
You cannot stop us.
Our numbers are legion.
Stanford, seal the pass.
But Vert and zoom, they'll be sealed in with the Vandals.
We don't have a choice.
Do it.
[GROWLS] AGURA: Fall back to the diner.
Hmm, I say we lock ourselves in the hub and wait for the invasion to pass.
No, the Vandals are scavengers.
They'll sniff out the diner in no time and start taking trophies.
Human trophies.
Sorry, Vert.
You're on your own.
Everyone doubted you.
"Hatch," they said.
"Time-stasis is impossible.
" But you proved them wrong, Hatch.
Target located.
Time for the zoom to drop the boom.
[KROCOMODO GROWLS] Kalus thinks he can pull off this invasion without me.
Ha! He keeps me away from the action because he fears me.
Oh! Fears my strength.
Fears my good looks.
Huh? [GROWLS] [DOOR OPENS] Oh, talk about frozen pizza.
Time stasis.
Hatch must have combined neutrino particles with nano quarks and fused them in an antimatter coagulator-- You have no idea what you're talking about, do you? Not a clue.
It's just a matter of time before the Vandals break through the pass.
- Let's get these people back to the hub.
- On it.
We've got to be prepared for a long guerilla war against the Vandals.
Hit and run tactics, traps in the desert.
We'll have to-- Ah.
- Stanford.
- What? I might as well get free pizza out of this whole Earth-saving business.
- Check outside for civilians.
And Spinner, stop that.
[CHUCKLES] [GROWLING] I hope you have a plan to make snapper-head go away.
Go away? Hey, that's not a bad idea.
Yes, Captain Kalus.
Report to the front.
Battle Force 5 is overwhelming, especially the handsome one named Vert.
Yes, Captain Kalus.
I knew it.
That coward needs me.
To the front.
But my time inhibitor.
You must protect it.
Stop being so being paranoid, Hatch.
You and your little invention will be perfectly safe.
Perhaps Krocomodo is right.
Perhaps I am being paranoid.
What can possibly go wrong? Any sign of the Vandals? Negative.
Ha, ha.
[SIGHS] Hey, hey.
Still negative.
Stanford's back to take the last person to the hub.
Spinner, you got everyone inside the diner, right? Stanford, what about outside? Of course.
Guys, I'm picking up what appears to be a fast-moving object.
Thin, elongated, possibly a bird or-- [GASPS] Or one of Kalus' crossbow bolts.
The Vandals are coming! They broke through.
Kalus is scouting ahead while his army gathers.
- Fall back to Crash Canyon.
- Mm-hm.
It's a better defensive position.
SHERMAN: Leave it, big bro.
Leave no pizza behind.
Unh! Spinner, we have to go.
Track them down later.
For now, secure this city.
Their cities are so small.
[GROANS] Huh? SEVER: Captain Kalus.
[KALUS CHUCKLES] Nicely done, Sever.
Our first captive.
[LAUGHS] STANFORD: Any sign of Kalus? Not yet.
But he'll follow the scent I laid down.
Don't worry, you're safe now.
I wonder if Vert and zoom are okay.
Let's hope so.
And let's hope they shut down that portal.
If they do, we might be able to pick off the Vandals that made it to Earth.
Huh? Speaking of Vandals.
Huh? You may have saved some of your pathetic sub-creatures from destruction but you forgot one.
[GROWLS] Grace! Reveal yourselves, sub-creatures or your friend perishes.
I thought you evacuated all the civilians outside the diner.
I did.
I checked the front of the diner, I checked the sides of the diner.
Oh! I forgot to check the back of the diner.
BOTH: Dude! [CHUCKLES] [VANDALS CHEERING] These guys are so hungry for a fight, they're ready to explode.
Yes, they are which means all we have to do is add the spark.
- Hey.
- Hmm? Rumble in the battlezone.
Time to jet.
Huh? Out of the way, Vandals.
I must get to the front.
[ROARS] AGURA: Release the girl, Kalus.
You would risk yourselves for this frail creature? [SEVER CHUCKLES] Release her.
As you wish.
[YELLS] - No.
SPINNER: Yeah! Uh-huh! Surrender or the purple one gets it.
[VANDALS CHUCKLING] The Battle Force 5 don't go down without a fight, Kalus.
This won't be a fight.
It will be slaughter.
My assembled Vandal hordes are awaiting my command.
[BUGLE BLARES] Vandals, to victory.
Incoming! Incoming! Ideas? Anybody? It's impossible.
We have to go now.
[LAUGHS] Prepare to suffer my wrath.
[EXPLOSION] Vandals, report.
What's happening? Answer me.
[VANDALS YELLING] Thought the MOBI would even the odds a little.
My hordes will destroy your planet.
In 30 seconds, the bomb we planted on Hatch's device goes kaboom.
Which means you'll be trapped here with us.
And Krocomodo gets to take your place as warlord back on Vandal.
[GROWLS] Retreat.
To the portal! Uh, 30 seconds? More like three minutes.
Just enough time to set a few things right.
Let's move.
- Ha! Uh.
Ha! [CHUCKLES] - Huh? - Hmm.
Maybe I'll do this bloke a favor.
- Dude.
- All in a day's work.
HATCH: Swamp coolant, check.
Acid-reflux generator, check.
Concussion bomb, check.
Huh? Weird.
Huh? AGURA: Stanford, that was a pretty heroic thing you did for Grace back there.
Never again.
VERT: Come on, Stanford.
Don't you get a rush from racing into battlezones? Securing them from Sark and Vandal invaders and saving the multiverse.
And doing it out of a sense of honor, justice and pure altruism.
I'm serious, guys.
I'm not setting foot in another battlezone until I get at least a little recognition from someone.
[DOOR OPENS] GRACE: Hey, guys.
I didn't get a chance to thank you for giving me a ride to work.
So thank you.
[CHUCKLES] And your whole saving-the-planet thing, the recycling and tree planting I think it's great.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
Well, now, you kids see Sheriff Johnson? Left without paying for his coffee.