Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e20 Episode Script

120 - Artifact Attack

[TIRES SQUEAL] [GRUNTS] Whoa! Like surfing on a swing set.
Anybody spot the battlekey? No key, just company.
[GRUNTS] I spy one battlekey on my echo-map.
[BEEPING] Getting closer.
Blimey! [TIRES SQUEAL] [GASPS] zOOM: One battlekey coming up.
Unh! Got the battlekey.
VERT: Nice move, zoom.
Huh? [CHUCKLES MISCHIEVOUSLY] Now, everybody move out of here.
Huh? Ooh! Sherman, you thinking what I'm thinking? [IN UNISON] Souvenir time.
Hydronomic star.
Perfect for our collection.
Unh! It's like-- Unh! --some kind of-- Unh! --super magnet.
Let's roll, bro.
They're gonna make us into a zurky jerky.
[GROANS] Sherman? Now? Unh! Gonna-- Unh! --have it.
Huh? Huh? Keep your head down, get in here, and get us out.
[GRUNTS] STANFORD: Oh, I know the Buster is slow but a sumo wrestler in a rickshaw could've made it out by now.
That's it, we gotta go back.
Huh? Hey, what took you guys so long? And why is the Buster glowing? Huh? Oh, uh, Sherman installed a tanning booth.
Swimsuit season's almost here.
Guys, not again.
Sorry, Vert.
Just couldn't resist adding to our collection.
[GRUNTS] Whoa, that's strange.
It's as light as a feather.
Back in the battlezone, it had some kind of magnetic force.
[GROANS] After all that, it's broken.
Well, if that's all there is, then we can always put it back when we-- BOTH: Huh? Might have snagged a couple of parting gifts myself.
Heh, heh.
It's a-- Heh, heh.
We gotta talk about your collecting obsession.
Come on.
Oh! [GROANS] Presence of alien artifacts in the Hub represents a level three contamination breach.
- And in English, that means? - Get all of this junk out of here.
Come on, you guys, it's not like our collection is bothering anyone.
Huh? [GROANS] Huh? Huh? Um.
[GASPS] [GROANS] [PANTING] Huh? Oh, yeah.
Start loading, guys.
You heard Sage, everything must go.
But how am I gonna study their archaeological significance? Yeah, and what about all the ka-ching? I was gonna make molds of all this stuff and sell them on the Internet.
We could be kajillionaires.
[LAUGHING] Oh, please.
What gullible twit would ever buy copies of this junk? Copies? At RealAlienArtifacts.
com, we only sell limited-edition reproductions.
Oh, nice try, Spinner.
But I think the airplane already left the hangar.
Hangar? Yeah, great idea, Agura.
Uh, thanks? I know just the place for this junk-- Er, uh, merchandise.
I mean, objects of scientific study.
[BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTS] I knew this place would come in handy.
Since Handler Corners is such a hot spot for "alien activity" tourists will flap to our new weird-alien-stuff museum.
I don't think it's just the museum that's weird.
[CHUCKLES] You guys won't be laughing when the moola starts rolling in.
Plus, I can come study my artifacts whenever I want.
[BANGING ON DOOR] You hear that? The crowds are already starting to arrive.
[PANTS] Yeah.
Heard you got weird alien stuff.
Uh, let's see it.
Oh, hi, zeke.
It's a $5 admission, please.
Why would I pay 5 bucks to see a bunch of fakey, phony-baloney junk? Hey, these stuff isn't fake, we got it from-- China.
A big factory.
Uh, Fakey Feng Shui.
You caught us, zeke.
Yeah, darn right.
Besides, if you kids wanna see a real-deal outer space doodad check out what I found in the desert.
That is kind of cool, zeke.
I'll give you 10 bucks for it.
No dice, junior.
This little puppy could be worth trillions.
And, uh, for another thing, I'm pretty sure it cured my bursitis.
Eh, good luck with your little tourist trap, though.
Not exactly the grand opening you lads were hoping for, eh? [STANFORD CHUCKLES] Cheer up, you're bound to get some suckers willing to pay to see this junk.
It's not going anywhere.
Where did you get that adorable necklace? What? This? What--? This ain't no necklace, heh.
It's a-- Um.
It's an air freshener.
[SNIFFS] It doesn't smell very fresh.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's a very special scent: uh, alien artifact.
I still think it's a pretty-looking necklace.
Necklace? [GRUMBLES] They're only for gals.
And those hipped-up ditty music types.
SAGE: Alert, alien disturbance detected.
Prepare your vehicles.
Upload the coordinates.
- Where is the stormshock? - It is not a stormshock.
Nature of the disturbance undetermined.
Location: 43-16 Alpha.
That's right where our museum is.
That's a whole lot of hole.
On the bright side, it was a tad stuffy in there.
[GRUNTING] [POLICE SIREN WAILING] What seems to be the problem here? Uh, Exhibit A, hole in hangar? [PANTING] Somebody stole all our precious artifacts.
- Did they eat your porridge too? - You don't believe us? zeke told me all about your pretend museum.
Nobody in their right mind would wanna take your silly junk.
Well, it didn't just get up and walk away.
Actually, maybe it did.
DISPATCHER [OVER RADIO]: Ten-ninety-one in progress, Crash Canyon.
I repeat, 10-91-- Roger dodger, Molly Suzetta.
That's a big 10-4 on that.
I'll head her over and check her out.
Oh, 10-91? Police jargon.
Disturbance involving giant sculpture loud thumping and something glowing.
Wrote the code myself after that last weirdo artist festival they had out here without permits.
Whatever it is, we gotta find it before top cop tries to give it a ticket.
Now that's a roadside attraction.
[GASPS] What in the weird world is it? It looks like an amalgamation of all our battlezone artifacts.
Well, it's time to unamalgamate them.
You're going home piece by piece.
[GROWLS] Or maybe I am.
Whoa! [ROARS] [MONSTER ROARS] Keep him distracted, Agura.
Heads up, everybody.
Um, Sherm? Next time we start a collection, I'm thinking stamps.
Sorry about the science-gone-awry stuff, guys.
No time for the blame game.
We gotta lock that thing up where it can't hurt anybody.
As in where? Super-monster prison? Sort of, in a battlezone.
zoom, get to the Hub and grab a battlekey.
We'll try to keep that walking yard sale from leveling the town.
Trucketta, where are you going, girl? [BOX THUDS AND CAT SQUEALS] [zEKE PANTING] Unh! Whoa! [GRUNTS] [YELLS] [MONSTER ROARS] SPINNER: That's zeke's truck.
SHERMAN: There's somebody in there.
Oh, no, it's got zeke.
Battle Force 5, rescue protocol.
[ROARS] He was after that broken piece of the hydronomic star.
At least that's the last of the artifacts.
So, what's robo-relic after now? Heading southwest, 238 degrees.
That's the Hub.
I thought you cleared all your alien junk out of there.
- We did, it's all gone.
- Not all of it.
It's after the battlekeys.
VERT: Afraid so.
We'll detour to the salt flats.
- [OVER RADIO] Put a zoom in it, Zoom.
- I'm all over it.
This should prove an appropriate battlezone for the creature.
[SCREAMS] Any day now, zoom.
zOOM: Got the key.
Here we go.
Full throttle.
[ROARS] Okay, everybody.
We gotta take that thing apart without taking out zeke.
[OVER RADIO] Ideas? [GROWLING NEARBY] Um, maybe he has some.
[ROARING] [ROARS] [SNORING] Whoa! [ROARS] [BOTH ROARING] Um, on the positive side we've got ringside seats to scrap yard mutt versus artifact beast.
Ringside? We're right in the ring.
VERT: Gun it.
Poor zeke.
We got him into that thing, we gotta get him out.
Ramp it up, dudes.
I'm going in.
[YELLS] [GRUNTING] Yo, zeke, let's get out of-- He's asleep.
They're both gonna get kibble-ized.
Stanford, let's tame that mutt.
The rest of you get zoom and zeke.
Bad doggy.
This puppy needs a sonic leash.
[YELPS] [GRUNTS] zoom, one zip line coming up.
Nice shot.
I'll wake up zeke and--Whoa! AGURA: Whoa! [SCREAMING] SHERMAN: Whoa! We gotta do something.
This is partially our fault.
And by partially, you mean all? Okay, okay, we screwed up bigtime.
Now what do we do about it? SHERMAN: Hey.
That hydronomic star I picked up in the Bridge zone.
That's what's holding the creature together.
Ready to play Buster battering ram? Um, if our speed or trajectory is off by a millimeter we can slam into zoom or zeke or Agura.
Then it's a good thing I've got the best navigator in the biz.
Too slow.
We need more speed.
You got it.
Unh! SPINNER: Left.
Max throttle.
SHERMAN: Woo-hoo! SPINNER: Whoa! Time to take out the trash.
[GROANS] zoom, are you all right? Uh, sure thing, Agura.
Never better.
Over here, zoom.
And I'm okay too.
VERT [OVER RADIO]: Time to blow the zone.
We've lost control of robo-fido.
Oh, when you busted the beast, you broke my super dog whistle too.
[ENGINE SPUTTERING] [YELPS] Hurry up, big bro.
[YELLS] Good to go.
- I like turtles.
Huh, what? You slept in your truck all night? I guess I did.
Why, chili making kind of tuckers a fella out.
[FARTS] So anyway, Spinner and I agreed, our battlezone collecting days are over.
- Right, big bro? - Absolutely.
Except for these.
Must have fallen into zeke's truck during the fun.
What? I'll keep them in my locker, even Sage won't know they're there.
Whoa! Grab the battlekey, zoom.
We got one more load for the junkyard.