Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e21 Episode Script

121 - Swarmed

Cower in fear, sub-creatures.
Buzz off, Kalus.
[ROARS] My scanners have a lock on the battlekey.
We're getting close, but it seems to be inside a structure.
That must be it.
[BUzzlNG NEARBY] - Huh? - Can you guys hear that buzzing sound? SHERMAN: Mechanical wasps.
- Wasps? - Unh! Oh, we're doomed.
Take it easy, big bro.
If we don't bother them, they won't bother us.
I hope you're right, Sherman.
Okay, guys, let's get that key.
[GRUNTING] Guys, playing chicken with mechawasps? Not a good idea.
[YELLS] - How do we get into this thing? - There must be an entrance somewhere.
Spinner, you got anything? Yeah, company.
My nightshade scanners sense the key within the hive.
Allow me to secure it, Captain Kalus.
Ha! We might as well admit defeat.
The mechawasps would destroy you in an instant, Krocomodo.
I, however, understand insects.
I have an advantage in the hive that you do not.
Then get your thick exoskeleton inside the hive.
I was built for this mission, Captain Kalus.
I shall not fail.
Okay, guys, zoom and I will take out Hatch, get inside the hive, and find the key.
- Meanwhile, you guys-- STANFORD [OVER RADIO]: Excuse me.
I have a better plan.
This should be good.
I will echo-map the hive.
- Stanford-- - So we can pinpoint the keys.
SHERMAN [OVER RADIO]: Stanford? And get out of this annoying battlezone, posthaste.
- Stanford.
- What? You'll agitate the wasps.
Please don't agitate the wasps.
Too late.
I think I liked Vert's plan better.
Battle Force 5, inside the hive.
The wasps are tearing the roads apart.
We'll never make it.
If we don't, we lose this zone.
[GRUNTS] I'm right behind you, Vert.
- Whoa! Hey.
AGURA: I got your back, flyboy.
Huh? Wha-- Unh! [SCREAMS] Whoa, the wasps made minced meat out of the roads.
What a shame, we can't get in.
And Vert, you won't be able to get out.
They're sealing the exit.
I'll just shred my way out.
I'll be back in five with the key.
Hatch? Come in, do you read? Hatch? [GROWLS] He is deep inside.
The metal is interfering with your communicator-- Huh? [KROCOMODO YELLS] You'd better not betray me, bug brain.
Yeah, metal filings.
Oh, I am close to the processing room which is probably where they're keeping the key.
[MUTTERING] A thousand eyes blind, Kravoculax.
Ah! The battlekey.
VERT: Woo-hoo! [YELLS] Later, bug brain.
That key belongs to Captain Kalus.
Funny, I don't see his name on it.
You won't be so arrogant once these mechawasps chew through your Saber.
Unh! What about him? Unh! Bug the bug.
[LAUGHS] My antennae emits a magical aura that makes me invisible to insects.
Magic? You wanna see magic? [GRUNTS] Now you see him now you don't.
Ha! Yee-haw! [GRUNTS] We've gotta hold these things off until Vert's out.
[GRUNTS] Um, I'm thinking a tactical retreat might be in order.
Cut and run, spoken like a true leader, Stanford.
[SCREAMS] Since when were you afraid of wasps? Summer camp.
It involved an outhouse and an angry bumblebee.
[CHUCKLES] VERT: Got the key, gang, let's do this.
Vert's back in comlink range.
Copy that, Vert, we're standing by to escort you to the portal.
Invertebrates are such pests.
Speaking of which.
Hatch? [OVER RADIO] Where is my key? Your key? I'm doing all the work.
That's not a buzz.
This is a buzz.
Stand by, guys, I'm about to cut through.
Abort, Vert.
I repeat, abort.
What? I'm almost out.
The shell of the hive is made of reinforced duranium crystal, like the Buster's armor.
I can make it.
SHERMAN: The Saber can barely cut through the Buster's four-inch armor.
The hive's is 24 inches.
[GRUNTS] Guys, the mechawasps have the key.
[GRUNTS] SPINNER [OVER RADIO]: What was that? Nothing Sherman can't fix back at the hub.
[GRUNTING] Stanford-- Unh! --echo-map the hive again.
[OVER RADIO] They're moving the key.
I need to find out where.
Are you sure that's a good idea? [GRUNTS] VERT [OVER RADIO]: Just do it, Stanford.
I've got the coordinates.
Upload them to the Saber while I'm still in comlink range.
And do it fast, Stanford.
You agitated a fresh batch of wasps.
I wish I had some bug spray.
[WASP ROARS] [BOTH YELL] What's your angle, beetle breath? We need to work together to get the battlekey and escape this hive.
How do you figure? I can only guess where they took the key [CHUCKLES] but my Scarib detected an echo-pulse which means you must have the exact coordinates.
Yeah, and those coordinates are for my eyes only.
Bah! You'll never make it past all the wasps by yourself.
- I can try.
- And you will fail.
But stick close to me, within my magical aura and we can travel unseen.
Fine, we work together, but as soon as we're out, all bets are off.
Oh, a wise decision.
[GASPS] VERT: And Hatch? - Yeah.
You even think of betraying me, I'll pin you and frame you like a butterfly.
Got it? [GULPS] Good.
Now let's go.
[GRUNTS] Take cover in the cave.
[SCREAMS] [zOOM CHUCKLES] Guys, we need to help Vert.
We have got to figure out a way to cut an exit for him in that hive.
The shell is too tough.
It can't be any tougher than zeke's sirloin special.
AGURA: Considering this is all your fault, the least you could do is help.
Um, how come whenever Vert's not here, you get to be leader? AGURA: You wanna be the leader? Go right ahead.
What's the plan? Well, I, uh.
- What about a--? - Diversion? Too many wasps.
- How about a--? - Flank attack? It'll never work.
How about a midfield pass to the corner box for a cross-goal kick? That's a soccer play, Stanford.
- Oh.
- Kaboom.
Every single one of your ideas blown to smithereens.
Not so easy being the leader, is it? Aah! That's it.
- Huh? - That's what? Kaboom.
We blow the exit.
How? Your sonic cannons don't pack enough punch.
Neither do our concussion bombs.
A real leader thinks outside the boom box.
VERT: Pretty cool trick, Hatch.
Oh, just one of my many talents, sub-creature.
A talent that probably goes unappreciated by Kalus.
I mean, you're definitely smarter than him.
[CHUCKLES] My cerebral capacity dwarfs that beast's puny brain.
VERT: But you're doing all the grunt work.
HATCH: Yes, but-- If you're smarter and doing all the work, shouldn't you get the reward? Do not question my loyalty to Captain Kalus, sub-creature.
VERT: I'm not questioning anything.
I'm just saying.
[MUTTERS] KALUS: Hatch? Do you read me? Did you secure the battlekey? Huh! Just as I suspected, mission failed.
Captain Kalus? You should see this.
Are you sure this is a good idea? It's risky, but Stanford's plan might actually work.
STANFORD [OVER RADIO]: Might? Once Agura comes back with our secret little weapon we'll punch a hole in that hive, save Vert, and lock down this zone.
Good, because all this buzzing is starting to drive me crazy.
Okay, Sherman and Spinner, the Buster stays put.
That thingamajiggy-- The identity module? --will keep the portal open so Agura can make it back.
Yeah, yeah, you just keep the wasps away from us.
SHERMAN: And away from the portal.
We can't let them or the Vandals through.
Whoa! [HORN BELLOWING] Time to crack down on the Vandals.
VERT: What is this place? HATCH: Some sort of assembly line.
The battlekey.
Stanford's echo-map worked like a charm.
Ooh! They are using the hadron energy from the key to power the hive.
[MACHINE WHIRRS] This place is like a hatchery.
The mother of all mechawasps.
Man, am I glad she can't see us.
[SCREECHES] Um, Hatch? I don't think your invisibility thing is working.
Hatch? [LAUGHING] Thank you, sub-creature, for helping me to see the truth.
That I, not Kalus, should be Vandal warlord.
[LAUGHING] [ROARS] [ROARS] [GASPS THEN GRUNTS] I can't wait to get my hands on that bug-eyed, double-crossing, over-sized roach.
Hatch, you're not getting away with this.
Vandals, the doorway to Earth is open.
Hey, gator face, eat steel.
Hit them hard.
Do I ever hit soft? Aah! [GASPS] [GRUNTING] STANFORD: Hang on, zoom.
Huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa! [GRUNTING] Sherman, get out of there.
Shut down the portal.
See how they crumble without their valiant leader.
To the portal.
Load the Buster into the MOBI and let's go get Vert.
HATCH: How am I going to get out of here? And.
Oh, and where are you going? Finally, I shall be Vandal warlord.
[HATCH GRUNTING] [ROARING] VERT: Agura? Do you read me? AGURA: Go for Agura.
You guys figure out how to break me out of this disco ball yet? Actually, Stanford did, and he's running this mission.
Uh-- Unh! Should I be scared? Terrified.
Agura, you know what to do.
[OVER RADIO] Vert, stand clear of the exit, please.
[YELLS] VERT: Woo-hoo! [ROARS] Hatch, do you have the key? [MUTTERING] Yes, Captain Kalus.
But I secured it, so I deserve to be warlord.
To the portal.
Battle Force 5, stop Kalus.
[OVER RADIO] He has the key.
[YELLS] VERT: Agura, stop firing.
Guys, the hadron energy in the key powers the hive.
All the queen wants is her power source back.
Well, we can't just leave here without the key.
We won't, we'll still get the key but we'll trade her for it.
That's right.
The MOBI has hadron energy to spare.
One of these babies has 10 times the hadron energy as the battlekey.
Vert, you deliver that package.
I'll slow down the Vandals.
[ROARING] Lock and load, Agura.
[GRUNTS] [VANDALS YELL] Here, hold this.
[SNORTS] I had the battlekey.
I was nearly in charge.
What? [WASP ROARS AND HATCH SCREAMS] Ha! Did you guys see the way I dropped the boom on Kalus and his Vandals led the team to victory against all odds? Now, that's leadership.
Oh, does he come with a mute button? [CHUCKLES] [BUzzlNG NEARBY] [SCREAMS] Mechawasps.
[YELLING] You guys find it hot in here? [ALL LAUGHING] AGURA: Yeah.
zOOM: Yeah.
Stanford, nice job in the zone.
With all this royal blood in my veins, I'm a natural leader.
Someone had to rally this ragtag team.
[ALARM BLARING] Another stormshock.
Battle Force 5, gear up.
zOOM: Eh.
SPINNER: Huh? - Oh.
- Battle Force 5, gear up.
You'll get the hang of it one day.