Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e23 Episode Script

123 - Spinning Out

Let's get this key home, guys.
Whoa! Look out for the killer potholes.
Sherman, any idea what's causing the zone to disintegrate? Still working on a theory, Agura.
It's like the hadron field is weakening.
Save the science for later.
Time for a little man-to-Vandal defense.
- Ahem.
- What? You're one of the boys.
Everyone, pick a Vandal, take him out, then meet at the portal.
[GROWLING] Sherman, you in the mood for some fly fishing? [LAUGHS] [VANDAL SCREAMING] AGURA: Go jump off a cliff, Kalus.
[ROARS] [LAUGHS] Didn't anyone tell you hitching rides was dangerous, Krocomodo? [SCREAMS] Feel the sting of my Scarib.
zOOM: Too low.
Whoa! Whoo-hoo! Too slow.
Um, a little help? Someone? Anyone? [GASPS] Cheerio, mutants.
Vandals, we have lost this zone.
But the next will be ours.
That's right.
Run away, Vandal scum.
VERT: Nice work, Stanford.
Let's get this key home before this place--Whoa! [RUMBLING] Stanford! STANFORD: Lifeline? Someone? Anyone? Ah! It's so cool how your accent totally disappears when you scream.
STANFORD: Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Don't mention it.
But where were you when gator-face rammed me and I called for help? Whoa! And, whoa, you keep giving tude and I'll release this line.
We're a team, Stanford, but sometimes you gotta stand on your own two feet.
Yeah, we should jet before we run out of things to stand on.
[ELECTRIC WRENCH WHIRS] [TECHNO MUSIC BLARING ON HEADPHONES] The first person to change my tire gets a small fiefdom when I become king.
- Fix it yourself.
- Whoa! By myself? I'm royalty, I don't do "by myself.
" I detected unstable hadron fields in the battlezone.
And then everything started to disintegrate.
Yeah, like the nanotech that holds the multiverse together was coming undone.
This cannot be.
The cycloid zone must be malfunctioning.
The cycloid zone? [BLEEPING] SAGE: We created it to stabilize the multiverse.
It must spin at a constant speed.
But I suspect it is slowing down.
Causing it to wobble, like a gyroscope losing speed.
Uh, what happens when it stops? [BLEEPING] You must go to the cycloid zone.
It has five thrusters that regulate its spin.
I fear they are damaged.
And we've gotta repair them.
How do we get into this zone? With a bypass crystal.
[ALARM SOUNDS] Stormshock in T-minus 2 minutes.
So I fire this at the heart of the stormshock and we can detour past the battlezone - into the cycloid zone? - That is correct.
Won't the Vandals or Sark be able to grab the key while we're there? No, once you enter the cycloid zone the stormshocks on the Sark and Vandal homeworlds will collapse.
Ha, ha, ha.
Hold on.
Why haven't we been using this doohickey all along? I only managed to salvage one when I fled my homeworld.
And the crystal only has two charges.
One to get you in, one to get you out.
So if Vert misses, we get stranded in the stormshock or something? Your subatomic particles will undergo spontaneous beta decay.
Huh? Remember when you dropped your game controller in my juice blender? Worst day of my life.
- No pressure.
- Pressure? I thrive on pressure.
Vert, I've got an eye on the eye of the storm.
I've never felt closer to my subatomic particles.
Love you guys.
Welcome to the cycloid zone.
Actually, this is just the zone's hub.
[BLEEPING] The thrusters don't look damaged, they're just powered down.
With the exception of one.
And it's not doing so well either.
ALL: Whoa, whoa! How much time do we have? I'm not sure.
I'll have to time the frequency between seismic shudders.
Assume we don't have any time and split up.
Five of us.
Five thrusters.
Everyone pick one, check it out, and report any damage to Sherman.
Let's spin out.
Sherman, my thruster looks perfectly fine, but the fuel silo that powers it looks-- SHERMAN: Totally empty? Same with ours.
- Argh.
Mine's out of juice too.
- Ditto.
I just lost a wheel.
And your silo? Chock-a-block full of pure, clean hadron energy.
Three quarters of block.
One quarter.
We just lost our last thruster.
Not good.
Without power, this zone is gonna slow to a halt and then-- It's bye-bye multiverse.
These things don't just run out of energy.
And these hadron crystals that supply the energy look drained too.
What do you think drained them? I think I might have an idea.
Energy leeches.
Ugh! Spinner, stay very, very still.
Ah! [SNARLING] zoom, give me some recon.
This place is crawling with them.
This is absurd.
Imagine me changing a blasted tire.
Where's a manservant when you need one? [SPLAT] Ugh! Grease.
Ah! Leeches! Ah! [SCREAMING] [SCREAMING] Ah! Ah! Vert? Come in.
Vert! Oh, great.
That creepy-crawly killed my shocksuit's battery.
I'd best get out of here before I'm next.
This is just like the video game, "Slugbots of Goopworld 4.
" And we're the slug food.
Hang on, big bro.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Eat elbow, booger face.
SPINNER: I hate doing laundry, but time to hit the spin cycle.
Vert, we lost Stanford's signal.
VERT: Everyone meet at his last known location.
Pedals to the metal.
No Reverb, huh? I needed the exercise anyway.
No comlink? Well, at least Vert's not barking orders in my brain all day.
Ah! My hair gel.
In five hours, it loses its hold.
I need to find the others, and fast.
No sign of Stanford, who needs some serious air freshener action.
VERT: Sherman, jump start the Reverb.
Agura, what do the tracks say? [SNIFFING] He was surrounded by leeches.
One jumped on his arm.
He pranced around in panic.
Ah! Ah! Ah! [MEOWS] Tossed it that way.
And fled this way.
And then, he peed his pants.
Do you think the leeches got him? No, Stanford's tough.
He can hold his own until after we finish our mission.
Multiverse comes first.
Any ideas how to power up those thrusters, Sherman? If I had a proton pump, which is back home, I could do it.
Or if I had a helix-modulator, which is back home, that would work.
Uh, crazy thought, but could you modify that fuel cell, which is here with us to jump-start the thrusters? Hm.
Yeah, that could work.
Sometimes, little bro overthinks things.
Okay, even if we power up the thrusters, the leeches will just drain them again.
Big problem.
- Ah! An even bigger problem? That.
SHERMAN: Huh? [SNARLING] [ROARING] Ah! Ah! [SCREAMING] This is totally messed up.
If only I had some hadron energy I could recharge my comlink and contact the others.
But where am I going to find hadron energy around here? Hm.
[SNIFFING] Smells like foot.
Dipped in skunk.
With a hint of morning breath.
Sherman, how's that fuel cell? This zone's getting a little too unstable for my liking.
Good to go.
[ROARING] Stay away from my bro, you vampiric sack of jelly.
[SHRIEKING] Got you.
This is like trying to eat beluga caviar with chopsticks.
Now, let's hope this works.
STANFORD [ON RADIO]: Vert? Come in, Vert.
- Stanford? Where are you? Trapped in leech central.
- What do you mean? - I'm in a canyon.
And these critters are pouring in through a tear in the space-time continuousity.
You mean continuum? STANFORD: We Brits call them continuousities.
- Um, that's not true.
- Oh, brother.
We're on our way.
Sit tight.
Don't worry, I'm just gonna sit under this safe, secure overhang.
Oh! [SNARLING] Oh, fantastic.
[SQUAWKS] They can fly? [SHRIEKING] Ah! VERT: Pick up the pace, guys.
If we can seal that tear, we can stop the flow of leeches-- AGURA: They won't be able to drain the thrusters after we recharge them.
VERT: Exactly.
The zone is flipping.
zOOM: Boulders at 12 o'clock.
SHERMAN: Brace yourself, big bro.
I can't keep this up much longer.
AGURA: Hang in there, Sherman.
The zone is correcting itself.
Tender and a little swollen, but at least I can't smell the Reverb.
Vert? Where is my rescue party? Coming.
But we have to seal this tear first.
Vert? Vert! No.
When I'm king, the first thing I'm doing is banishing him from my kingdom.
[ROARS] Ugh.
Hungry little suckers, aren't they? I can't let them drain my shocksuit again.
Here, chew on this.
Huh? [ROARING] You picked the wrong time to mess with me.
Put on your dukes, or wings, or whatever you got.
[SCREAMING] VERT: How are we suppose to seal that? This is like me losing Slugbots all over again.
Stuck, with no way of sealing the sinkhole that they crawled out of.
- That's it, big bro.
- What? SHERMAN: How do you seal the sinkhole in the game? By imploding it with a fusion grenade.
You're gonna implode the tear in the space-time continuum with-- A supercharged concussion bomb.
Who's in? You had me at "imploding.
" [ROARING] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Oh, no, you wouldn't.
[LEECH PANTING] That's a good leech.
VERT: Okay, boys-- - And girl.
Only gentleman on the team.
[SHRIEKING] Keep those leeches off the Cortez brothers until Spinner delivers the package.
Once I fire the bomb into the tear, we'll have 10 seconds to clear the area.
zOOM: If we even make it to the area.
Those crystals are a problem.
Then let's problem-solve-- Even if you slice through all those crystals, the leeches will drain the Saber.
- And then what? VERT: We can find another way around.
Not enough time.
Base on my calculations we've only got about 30 minutes before this place breaks up.
Well, we need to do something.
STANFORD: You could toss that thing up here.
zOOM: Sweet ride.
I'm thinking of tricking out my leech with a booming sound system.
Spinner, give Stanford the package.
STANFORD: Great toss, mate.
Now, leech, charge.
He takes it straight through the sluggish-looking team and.
Goal! [SHRIEKING] [SHRIEKING] Thanks, mate.
Ha, ha.
You were wrong about me needing to stand on my own two feet.
I needed to stand on my own two wings.
We still need to power up the thrusters, and fast.
We'll have to relay the fuel cell from thruster to thruster.
Why? I can just turbo boost it around the outer ring.
- You'll burn out.
- I could do it.
I'm on a roll.
You proved you can hold your own, but this part's about teamwork.
We can all max out our engines for short bursts if we each take a thruster.
Good idea.
Use the spokes to get into position.
Go, go, go! SHERMAN: We're running out of time, guys.
Come on, come on.
- Nice job, guys.
Let's take it home.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Congratulations.
Your mission was a success.
Thanks to me.
I single-handedly sealed the tear in the time-space continuosity.
- Continuum.
- Continuum.
I was stranded in the cycloid zone survived alone against overwhelming odds, fixed the tear and made it back here just in time.
Just in time for what? - To refresh my hair gel.
- Heh, heh.
The pili on your cranium have assumed an irregular shape.
Your gel, it's lost its hold.
Oh, no! Don't look at me.
I'm a monster! [ALL LAUGHING]