Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e24 Episode Script

124 - Mobi 3.0

[ENGINES ROARING] - Bro, got the portal coordinates? - Negatory.
System's going haywire.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Vert, the rolling frequency escape programmed into our comms [THROUGH STATIC] to lock Zemerik out doesn't seem to work.
- Say again, Agura.
- Something's wrong with our data system.
- I can't get it-- - Agura, come in.
Agura, if you can read me, get yourself back onto our strand.
Get on the wrong strand and you'll have to go back and find a spider cross street.
My driver's ed course didn't have giant spiderwebs.
Come on, which one? I've got it, lads.
Eenie, meenie, minie, mo.
Oh, man.
Okay, which way back to Earth? Got it.
Let's go.
Everyone follow me.
Right behind you.
Uh! [GASPS] Close one.
Yeah, no kidding.
What happened back there? Two things.
Each car's comm was trying the wrong frequency and our GPS couldn't pin down its digital map.
It's like online gaming with a 10-year-old computer.
Two breakdowns on one mission? Hm.
Gotta be a common cause.
And we better find it before the next stormshock.
My thinking exactly.
Battle Force 5, let's head home.
SAGE: Highly intriguing.
My data shows all vehicles functioning optimally.
Engines and brakes maybe, but not the telemetry.
He's right, love.
We were all nearly eating steering wheel back there.
Uh, Vert, what if it's not just the cars? Think where they get their data.
Sage, we need to run a diagnostic check on you.
Very well, but I assure you, my system data is correct.
As I told you, there is nothing wrong with my processors.
From your analysis, but what if it's being colored by errors in your own operating system? But I've double-checked the numbers.
I couldn't possibly.
Sage, I'm sure it's repairable.
Even I'm not perfect.
As a Sentient, I am meant to be.
You must deactivate me before I jeopardize the team.
No, that's not how you deal with problems.
We just need to figure out how you got corrupted data.
Duh, she obviously pulled down bad files during a recharge.
And since she's recharged by the MOBI.
[MUNCHING] Spinner is right.
Both the MOBI and I must be taken into the multiverse.
Only there is it possible to download the necessary Sentient upgrade.
[SIGHS] Sage, what is it? Stormshock.
Might as well do the download now.
In the MOBI, everybody.
Woo-hoo! [WHOOPS] [GRUNTS] SAGE: Every live battlezone is flooded with high frequency radio waves.
An echo of the blueprint used to create the multiverse.
SHERMAN: Oh, I get it.
So the MOBI's gotta tap that frequency and download the latest data.
Or else we'll be gaming on version 1.
5, when the baddies all have 3.
No sweat, we pop in I'll update mama MOBI, which updates Sage she upgrades our rides, we're gold.
Unless Vandals or Sarks show up.
Uh, and Sage will be offline, right? In the MOBI, which we'll have to cloak because it'll be sitting still.
Guys, you're rolling with the high-scorer on "zoid Thrasher.
" The brainiacs at Caltech call me for tech help.
Sage, think your circuits can handle the portal crossing? If you are asking if I can still be trusted, I do not know.
All right, first things first, engaging cloak.
Ah! Start the download.
Hope the neighbors don't mind us jacking their Wi-Fi.
zoom, Agura, Stanford, find the battlekey.
Get it back to Earth without us if you have to.
Just don't draw attention to the MOBI.
Let's do this.
VERT: Spinner, Sherman you guys and I'll stay here and take Sage watch.
Might as well get in your power orb, Sage.
Soon as the MOBI gets the upgrade data, I'll hook you up-- - Uh-- - Whoa! Sage, are you okay? Uh.
Each time I go through a stormshock, it weakens me.
SHERMAN: Huh? What is this, dial-up? Let Mr.
Game King get things moving.
Spinner, should you be messing with that? - Relax, bro, I just increased the bit rate.
- You-- Hm.
Most curious.
Detecting a high volume frequency drain.
That's more like it.
zEMERlK: Hm.
What is this? The size of the data stream.
SAGE: Download too fast.
High risk of detection.
Bro, what are you doing? Sorry.
Oh, come on, slowpoke.
Oh, no, the cloaking function.
Mobius Command Center.
Could the organics have been foolish enough to bring the blue Sentient into a battlezone? If I can insert a virus into that data stream I'll control her vehicle.
zurk, prepare for impact virus assault.
AGURA: Too skinny for me to climb, zoom.
zOOM: Heh, heh.
My specialty.
Uh, wha--? [YELLING] Ah! My gyros are out, sorry.
Forget the key, mates.
The MOBI's a sitting duck, and it's hunting season.
Vert, do you read me? Vert.
I have to warn Vert.
Hello? Vert, do you read me? Hello? Vert? Does anyone read me? Comm's on the fritz.
What? STANFORD: Vert! Sage! Sark attack! zug, stop the organics.
STANFORD: Sage! Vert! [SCREAMING] We have company.
Let's roll.
zug, retrieve the battlekey.
The blue Sentient and its Mobius Command Center are mine.
zUG: Yes, master.
Move, move, move.
[GRUNTING] zemerik is after Sage.
We can't let him get control of the MOBI.
- I'm gonna cancel the download.
- No, Spinner, don't touch it.
We interrupt the stream, it may crash Sage forever.
- Activate onslaught mode.
- What? What's that? How do I do it? Sage? Sage? Vert, she's down.
[YELLING] Sark, regroup.
Stop them.
Hang in there, Sage.
Just a few more minutes.
[GRUNTING] [YELLS] [LAUGHS MANIACALLY] Uh! What is up? There's a virus in the data stream.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
No, we need Sage.
She can't help us now.
Control virus inserted.
VERT: Hang on, guys.
Vert, what's going on? [VOICE BREAKING UP] When are we going? Agura? Come in.
Agura? Aah! Spinner, any thoughts? I-- Maybe--I just don't know.
New Sentient, her vehicle, the battlekey.
Control of the multiverse has never been closer.
Sage mentioned an onslaught mode.
You guys are supposed to be tech help, so start teching.
- I'll try, but I don't wanna mess up again.
- Just do something! What's happening? SPINNER: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! The MOBI must've gone back into cloaking mode.
And cloaked zemerik and his robo-thugs too? Not likely.
You're right, they're not hiding, they're really gone.
More importantly, gone where? [ENGINE REVVING UP] [ALL YELLING] [ALL GRUNTING] Uh! Perfect.
It attempts to escape by changing zones.
We've shifted battlezones? - How? - Don't know.
I was trying to activate the onslaught whatever and--Sorry.
Probably triggered some kind of emergency escape function.
Maybe the MOBI zone jumps until it finds a Sark free one? And as long as I remain inside its teleport perimeter the virus will bring the Mobius Command Center to Sark.
AGURA: I know the protocol for team member down but what do we do when team members just up and vanish? Speaking of vanishing, what happened to zug? ALL: The key.
Huh? We've got party crashers.
Sherman, take the con.
I gotta get out there and clean the car off.
Are you sure that's the right move? Sometimes you just gotta make a call and hope it's not a mistake.
Oh! Oh.
You cannot escape my wrath.
That lug nut beat us to the key.
Can't find him with the nav-tech down.
My field sonar's down.
I can't lock onto anything.
What's the plan? Look, follow the dust.
Sage, the MOBI's zone jumping, what do we do? She can't help us unless we interrupt her download.
We're on our own.
[BOTH YELL] [GRUNTS] It's like fighting on a moving roller coaster out here.
zURKS: Kalus, Kalus, Kalus.
Time to end this.
I've got you now.
Oh! [GROANS] What now? Fall back and guard our portal.
Not even the MOBI gets through till we confirm who's in it.
[zUG CACKLING] zug have key.
Sark army, prepare to invade Earth.
Uh! So much for your Sark-free zone theory.
Yes, the virus worked.
I now possess everything I need to conquer Earth and beyond.
Ha, ha, ha, ha! Guys, if you can hear me, now's the time for that onslaught thing.
[THROUGH STATIC] Sherman, Spinner, guys.
If zemerik's got the key, he's got Earth, and we may never get back.
If zemerik controls the MOBI and there's no override function then how do we access this onslaught mode? Maybe Sage was just babbling.
She was shutting down, her systems were failing.
Failing? That's it.
Onslaught mode's a fail-safe activated by shut down.
SAGE [ON RECORDING]: Onslaught mode initiated.
- Spinner, it's working.
- Onslaught mode initiated.
- Whoo-hoo! Sweet.
- Onslaught mode initiated.
- Onslaught mode initiated.
- We have liftoff.
Onslaught mode initiated.
Onslaught mode.
All right, Cortez brothers.
No! - Awesome.
- Awesome.
Huh? Not so fast.
[GROANING] [SIGHS] Vert, we gotta jet.
Vert? VERT: Relax, it's all over except for handing out the gift bags.
Hey, we can hear you.
The comm's working.
Uh, I'm right behind you.
Ha, ha, right.
Buckle up, guys, we're going home.
[GASPS] Guys, we got company.
MOBI occupants, identify yourselves.
If we don't know who's controlling it, we've got no choice.
Prepare to attack.
On my command.
VERT: Hold your fire.
We come in peace.
[SIGHS] Ha, lucky.
I thought we were gonna wind up in pieces.
What are you waiting for? Get in the MOBI for your vehicle upgrades.
zOOM: Oh, yeah.
[MACHINES BEEP] Sage? Come on, Sage, you gotta be okay.
Why would I not be? I knew you would be capable of deducing the MOBI's reboot option.
Then you knew way more than I knew.
Intelligence is only as powerful as the courage to risk failure.
So I learned.
As did I.
And you're sure the Sark control virus is history? My internal virus scan indicates no corruption.
The tech master calls this software officially installed.
Corruption, hostile entity, corruption.
Oh, what did I do? [CACKLING IN zEMERlK'S VOICE] - No.
- Not again.
[IN zEMERlK'S VOICE] Well done, organics.
- zemerik.
- Sage, stop.
This body is mine.
- Victory.
- No, everyone stay back.
- Ha-ha-ha.
[IN SAGE'S VOICE] Oh, I'm just kidding, everyone.
Sorry about that.
Ha-ha-ha! You should've seen your faces.
[CHANGES INTO zEMERlK'S VOICE] This body is mine.
Aaah! [GROWLS] [IN SAGE'S VOICE] Ha-ha-ha.
Whoo! Just part of my new upgrade: Human-friendly sense of humor.