Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (2009) s01e26 Episode Script

126 - Axis of Evil, Part 2

ANNOUNCER: Previously on Battle Force 5: VERT: They're inside the Hub.
SAGE: Initiate lockdown mode.
The keys must not fall into enemy hands.
If we cannot defend them, we must destroy them.
VERT: What's happening? SAGE: The keys bound together and formed a new portal.
VERT: See you on the other side.
Anyone got a 20 on Sage? Anyone got a 20 on the bottom of this vortex? Aah! Energy depleted.
One box of blue Sentient dead ahead.
[zOOM YELLING] [GRUNTS] [ROARS] [GRUNTS] Hang on, Sage, I've got you.
- You idiot.
- Aah! [GROWLING] Kalus must not get the Sentient.
[YELLING] The big guy goes down.
Ha, ha! Now I've got-- [DEVICE BEEPS] [HATCH SCREAMS] I have Sage.
Vandals, on me.
Huh? Whoa! [ALL SCREAM] Whoa.
- Which battle zone are we in? - This is no battle zone, big bro.
Judging by that red planet, I'd say we're on the blue Sentient home world.
VERT: We must have lost Sage in the vortex.
- Stanford, give me an eco map.
- One eco map coming right up.
Sherman, any idea what these symbols mean? It's ancient Sentient.
All I can make out is that we're in Modulon 5, their main city.
Until it fell to the Vandals.
I hate what they did with the place.
I can't wait to make them pay.
You'll get your chance, zoom, but after we save Sage.
Kalus and zemerik's crews landed in different areas not too far away.
Upload the coordinates to the Vandal drop zone and let's jet.
[ENGINES REVVING] [ALL LAUGHING] Why are we celebrating? We didn't take the battlekeys.
But I took the Sentient.
And I can use my black magic to crack her open, ha, ha to gain access to the Sentient's technology code.
So we can upgrade our arsenal.
These sub-creatures and Sark will be defenseless against us.
[GRUNTS] The humans perhaps, but you Vandals will always be inferior to the Sark.
Retrieve the Sentient! Yes, Lord zemerik.
[ALL GRUNTING] Stay away from me, pests.
You are outnumbered.
[GASPS] Ha! You outnumber us on the red planet, zemerik.
But this planet is ours.
CROWD [CHANTING]: Long live, Captain Kalus Stop.
AGURA: Kalus and his gang went that way.
But I'm reading dozens of Vandals.
Wherever there are large number of Vandals, there's-- [SHRIEKS] [AGURA GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Let's cut to the chase.
[GRUNTS] [GROWLS] Wait, Vert.
It's a Diad.
A what? A Diad.
They're like servants to the Sentients.
The 5, you are the 5.
The Battle Force 5 to be exact.
My name is Praxion.
It is an honor.
My reputation precedes me, I see.
[VERT GROANS] PRAXION: So after the Vandals ravaged our world with their war machines, we fled.
Diads, Sentients, everyone.
Sadly, I am the only survivor.
- Actually, we found another one.
- A Sentient named Sage.
Sage? She brought us together.
To crush the Vandals and the Sark.
To pulverize them.
[GROANS] Does anyone have a splint? Just like the prophecy says.
With you and Sage, we can piece together our civilization.
Brilliant plan, one big glitch.
No Sage.
Kalus kind of captured her.
We must rescue her.
We have to take her to the Cortex, the main control center.
Sage can access the Cortex and reactivate the Aegis Guardians.
The Vandals sabotaged our defense network before they invaded.
Now is our chance to bring it back online.
Brilliant plan, another big glitch.
Sage's memory has been eroded by interdimensional travel.
The Cortex can restore it.
Restore her memory? Entirely? She could answer so many of the questions that we have.
Well, yeah.
Like why does your nose run, but your feet smell? That's--I'll zip it.
Agura, you still got Kalus' trail? Just follow the stench.
VERT: Battle Force 5, let's find Sage.
STANFORD: Excuse me.
Get in.
[HATCH CHUCKLING] [HISSES] That bug-eyed warlock will never open Sage's cube.
But his doofy voodoo could damage her, maybe even beyond repair.
We've gotta rescue her and fast.
I say we knock on the front door.
A frontal assault would be difficult.
Any assault would be difficult.
Strategically, everything is working against us.
Especially that.
- Defend yourself.
I do not wish to attack you.
Logic dictates I should destroy you, organic.
But a greater logic dictates we need to work together.
Whoa! Easy, Praxion.
[GRUNTS] Angry little bloke, isn't he? This tyrant plotted the destruction of my people.
Your people? The Diads are deceitful, untrustworthy slaves.
- What do you want, zemerik? - I want off this pathetic planet.
Sage can facilitate that.
Why should we team up with you? Oh, you don't have to.
You could wait for Hatch to accidentally destroy Sage.
Stranding all of us here.
Talk about nerve.
His axis of evil goes all pear-shaped so now he's suggesting an axis of good.
Survival is of the highest priority for Sark.
I believe it ranks highly for your species as well.
We're outnumbered.
We could use the extra muscle.
Yeah, speak for yourself.
The Sark does not inspire my trust.
If we wanna rescue Sage, we need to work with him.
Do we have an alliance? Yes.
But we rescue Sage, she gets us to our homes then it's business as usual.
Let's shake on it, z baby.
You go up, take around the backside, snake bite, piston grip snap, slap, slap, and slide it home.
If you don't unlock that cube now I'll toss you into Guano Swamp and leave you to the bugs' clutches.
[HATCH BABBLING] [BOTH CHUCKLE] [HATCH BABBLING] Eye of brute, acid of doom and mix it and you shake and this thing goes boom.
Aah! [GRUNTS] Vandals, defend the Sentient! Give the cube, Vandal.
KALAS: No way.
[GROWLING] [GRUNTING] [CHEERS] Whoa! Got a roadblock up ahead.
SHERMAN: Let's take it out, big bro.
[GASPS] Man, I love overkill.
[GROWLS] Good afternoon.
I owe that zurk big time.
Let's shred this cat.
- Vert, we lost Krocomodo.
- I got him.
Kalus, I have the Sentient.
I'm heading to the northern stronghold.
[GRUNTING] VERT: Pretty smooth ride, huh? [YELLING] Oh, except for that part.
Battle Force 5, zemerik, rendezvous at the Cortex.
Destroy them! Do not double-cross me, organic.
I always keep my word, zemerik.
I said I'd get us home and I meant it.
See you at the Cortex.
Place her in this hadron link.
It will restore her memory.
Hopefully, she'll remember how to get us back home.
Actually, from what I know about Sentient culture that looks more like a hadron link.
My mistake.
You are knowledgeable for a human being.
My little bro is a big old brainiac.
zemerik, I will make you suffer! I deal the suffering, not you.
[BEEPING] [YELLING] Memory fully restored.
Neuroprocessors 100 percent.
You are mere moments from freedom.
No! Arise, master.
Did we have to download the bad memories with the good ones? That is not a memory.
Unfortunately, it is all too real.
We're doomed.
[GROWLING] Master I submit to your rule.
Why, you backstabbing, yellow-bellied, ball-crushing, little turncoat.
[GROWLING] Krytus.
Krytus? My twin brother.
I see the resemblance.
[GROWLS] [GASPS] How does it feel, zemerik, to have your troops turn on you? [GROWLING] Oh, I have waited for this moment.
Sherman, Spinner, I need your help to get us home.
Vert, stall Krytus then follow us as soon as you can.
We have to help zemerik get back to Sark.
I made a deal with him.
Very well, but be careful.
Krytus is extremely dangerous.
I remember a time when we were close, when you would do my every bidding.
And then you betrayed me.
Because my eyes were opened.
I said it before and I will say it again.
Never trust a machine! [GRUNTS] zUG: zug protect Lord zemerik.
[GRUNTS] Everyone, down the tunnel.
Krytus is too strong for us right now.
Really? Whatever gave you that impression? [BOTH GRUNTING] There are just enough hadron crystals to forge a battlekey.
We must work quickly.
We're shoveling, we're shoveling.
Shovel faster.
Krytus will not rest until he's achieved total revenge against zemerik and me.
Sucks to be zemerik right now.
SAGE: He has much to fear.
zemerik used to lead Krytus' army until he turned on his master, locked him in the Krypt zone.
The Krypt zone? An interdimensional prison.
With Krytus out of the way-- zemerik was free to take over the red Sentient planet.
The battlekey is ready.
[GRUNTS] Get out of here, guys.
I'll buy you some time.
- But, Vert-- - Just go! [VERT GRUNTS] The prophecy spoke of you.
The one with fire in his spirit.
I've been told I can be a little hotheaded.
Ready to get burned? [GRUNTING] [PANTING] [VERT GRUNTING] Feel your rage, your anger.
Flows through you.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Just as the molten hate flows through me.
It's too bad, I must extinguish your flame.
- Unh! - Run, organic! [GRUNTS] VERT: Get in.
Hang tight.
- Where is zemerik? - He didn't make it.
Krytus owes me a new windshield.
It's definitely seen better days.
So has our base.
Sage, we need all the intel you can give us on Krytus if we stand any chance of beating him.
We need to know everything.
But first, you must rest.
The fight against the Vandals and the Sark was hard but the fight against the red Sentients will be even harder.
Battle Force 5 is up to the challenge.
Right, guys? ALL: Yeah.
Pulverize them.
Who am I kidding? - zoom.
- Unh! The blue Sentients make me sick.
We must destroy their pathetic planet.
We? But, master, I freed you.
I can help you free the others.
- I can free the others by myself.
- Aah! You served your purpose.
[GRUNTING] [PRAXION YELLING] As for you we have a lot of catching up to do.