Hotel Babylon (2006) s04e01 Episode Script

Episode 25

There's no denying, most of us choose to work at Hotel Babylon for the glamour.
But you soon find out, being this glamorous requires commitment.
You have to put your life on hold and work morning, noon and night, whatever conspires against you.
Bugger! A morning shower turns into a plumbing bill you can't afford.
SHE SHOUTS A simple journey to work becomes more an epic trek.
Oh no! So we have to find a way through.
Sometimes, we just smile and try to bluff it out.
Thanks awfully.
I'm in a terrible rush.
Thank you.
And sometimes, just sometimes, the problems we face can force us into solutions that are kind of fun.
Because the truth is, we need the struggle to evolve.
We need to be tested.
And instead of burying our heads in the sand when times are tough, this is the time to come out fighting.
After all, it's how we behave when the chips are down that really defines us.
Dickhead! And the funny thing is, you learn to love the fight.
You learn to love working all the hours God sends and only managing two hours sleep between shifts.
Even if the sleep deprivation means you start hallucinating, you struggle on.
You look terrible.
Hi, Andy? It's Tony.
Mate I was wondering if that job we talked about a few weeks ago was still available.
Hotel Babylon's closing down.
About a month, they reckon.
No, OK, mate.
No, I understand.
Not your fault.
EXPLOSION That's what we tell ourselves anyway, that adversity, tragedy even, can make us stronger, better people.
I'd like to believe that, because the alternative is that we live in a world that couldn't care less about us.
And that's a scary thought.
Now this is the closest I've been able to get to what's happened.
A controlled explosion on a car on the other side of St Paul's Cathedral.
And I think you can see the plume of smoke now rising above the dome of St Paul's.
What's the latest? London's on full terror alert.
They've shut down the tubes and the buses.
Suspended most of the flights going out of Heathrow.
- Has anybody been hurt? - Not yet, but it might only be a matter of time.
Terrorist pig-dogs.
If I met these people, I would push them against the wall.
And rip out their bollocks.
Our new weapon in the war against terror.
planned attacks at the same time involving explosives.
We should get going.
Meeting with the undertaker should have started by now.
Just a few more minutes.
What's she going to do? Fire us? You'll be in rooms 402 to 412.
Fixtures, fittings, you're stripping the lot.
But please keep out of sight of paying guests.
We don't want them thinking they're at the Marie Celeste.
You know, the the boat that found at sea, no-one on board.
Obviously, we're not a boat, so it's probably Erm, just just keep it quiet, OK? Check this out.
A friend of a friend's doing the PR and gave me a sneak preview.
Marquee Luxury Apartments.
This is what our Japanese overlords are turning Hotel Babylon into.
- We don't want to see that.
- Why not? It's like someone showing you the picture of the new bloke your wife's sleeping with.
Except when the new bloke is a hideous gremlin with the charisma of Ghengis Khan.
Look at them.
They're horrible.
I still can't believe they're closing this place down.
What will I do? James, you've got bigger things to worry about.
Excuse me.
If there is some kind of terrorist event or atrocity, do I get a discount on my bill? You think the undertaker will take a slice? Of a multi-million pound real estate deal? I should think not.
She's a jumped-up little lackey, here to strip the carcass of our hotel like the skinny, malignant vulture that she is.
Guys, come on in.
Any chance you didn't hear any of that? I used to be a size 14.
So you had me at "skinny".
Right, I assume you've all heard about the terror alert that's been issued.
Do we know what they attack us with this time? Gas? Smallpox? The filthy bomb? It doesn't do any good to speculate, Gino.
- Why not? - Because it's bloody terrifying, that's why.
I'm sure it'll be OK.
As soon as I know anything, I will pass it on.
Well, it's big.
I'm in favour of making the four-hour walk home and curling behind my sofa with a plate of cheese and crackers.
If anyone wants to head off, I have no intention of stopping them.
But the police have asked everyone in central London to stay put.
Get blown up in five-star luxury.
Yep, it's scary stuff.
- Gosh, you sound petrified.
- Sorry.
I've been pulling a lot double shifts since Jack fell on his sword.
Poor sod.
I know you're exhausted, Tony.
And if you'd like someone else to handle Mr Chadhuri and the introduction ceremony.
I've been dealing with him the last few days.
He's got to know me.
It wouldn't be fair.
I'll be fine, thank you.
I don't understand why Omar Pandit would agree to an arranged marriage.
I thought he was big Bollywood star.
- The Indian Tom Cruise apparently.
- Yeah.
So surely he can have his pick of women.
So you're sure you're OK? I just told you, yes, I'm fine.
I know they're not actually getting married, but an introduction ceremony is a big deal.
And it's the last big event this place will see.
So I just want to make sure that everyone goes home happy.
So they can tell their friends about Hotel Babylon and rush down here in the next three weeks before you and your overlords close us down and turn this place into an carbuncle.
Let's hope the alert's just precautionary.
Have a good day, everyone.
SHE CRIES OUT Huh? What? Oh, I really need a break.
All hot girls, put your hands up and say Oooooh! Old-school boys, come on, make some noise and say Ooooh! Are you OK? Sorry, Mr Chadhuri.
Miss Chadhuri.
It's been a long night.
Little bit tired.
It's like Bhuleshwar market in here.
Is this because of the security situation? Fraid so.
Hopefully it'll turn out to be nothing.
Oh, good Lord, Mr Casemore.
Fear begets fear.
We cannot let such people intimidate us.
We must smile, and then hit them with a big stick! Right.
I can't believe London's just ground to a halt.
Scary, isn't it? There are only three things that scare me, Benjamin.
Children wearing make-up, split ends and the Swiss.
All that cheese and neutrality.
Must be hiding something.
- Oh, I'll get it.
- It's fine.
- Let me get it.
- I can pick up a piece of paper! Anna, you're pregnant.
Let me help.
What? - Anna - You must be mistaken.
It's very strange.
Allo, baby.
- Morning.
- Morning, gorgeous.
It's a gorgeous day.
Isn't it? - I need a room for the night.
- I just gave away our last For you I'm sure we could find you a little a little snug nook to squeeze you in.
I mean, we could squeeze your nook.
I mean, we could just find somewhere to put you.
- It's not just me, I'm afraid.
- Oh.
Wife, girlfriend? Actually There's quite a lot of us stranded here in London today.
KNOCK ON DOOR Yes, great, come in.
SHE GASPS What are you doing?! - You said "come in"! - I thought you were Tanya! She's - collecting my top.
- It's OK, I'm gay.
- Are you? - Sweetie, you need to tune up your queen-screen.
- What do you want? - Oh.
There's a man at reception wanting to check himself and a whole bunch of other guests in.
I told him we didn't have the room, but he won't listen.
Insists on seeing a manager.
Oh, and bring some sun screen because he is hot.
It's like a sweater and a degree certificate all in one.
So? What do we think? Where's the colour? Where are the flowers? You English and your bloody EastEnders and your depressing bloody decoration.
- Papa - It's not good enough, Aisha.
If we were back home, this room would be filled with big, beautiful flowers, the size of my face! Because of the shutdown, our florist hasn't been able to get through.
Papa, don't be difficult.
Your mother, rest her soul, she would have insisted we have this in Mumbai.
I have to take this.
Omar What's he like in real life? I mean, I know he's fit, but how does he stack up in three dimensions? - He hasn't arrived yet.
I couldn't possibly say.
- Oh.
- Are you nervous? - Bricking it, to be honest.
I mean, I'm excited.
Don't get me wrong.
I've been choosing my boyfriends for the past 15 years and I've done a crap job.
The last guy I was with was so boring I seriously thought about becoming a lesbian.
- What stopped you? - Women are crazy.
I wish I could meet Omar on my own.
Away from all this fuss.
- Doesn't seem unreasonable.
- Dad's old-fashioned.
He'd think it was immoral.
No way.
He's paying the bills, he's in charge.
My father runs a chain of hotels back home.
Does he? Interesting.
- There are no jobs.
- What? None at all? - Today, all good jobs want reference, no? - Pretty much.
And criminal record in Croatia is no good, no? I imagine not.
Are you What did you do? I think we might have just been given a great big fat "get out of jail free" card.
Tell us.
Mr Chadhuri owns a lot of hotels in Mumbai.
If I can get his daughter a quiet meeting with her prospective groom, she says she'll have a word in his ear.
You're trying to persuade Mr Chadhuri to buy Hotel Babylon? Yes.
- And for us all to keep our jobs? - That is the general idea.
On the same day that he's focusing on a huge ceremony for his daughter? Yes, I realise that it's a long shot but a bit of the old Casemore charm And historically, has that worked? Well, you'll have to ask Mrs Casemore.
I need you to draw up some facts, figures to help me close the deal.
Tony, that's a lot of work for a very long shot.
You really do have the most beautiful eyes.
- Is this is the Casemore charm? - It's a little bit of it.
I like it.
What do you need? - You don't understand.
- I'm sorry that you're stranded, sir, but we have no more rooms available.
Is your manager planning on making an appearance? - She'll be out when she can.
- This way, is it? Thank you.
Excuse me, sir, you can't just go through.
KNOCK ON DOOR Hello? - I need to speak to the manager.
- Just a minute! Come in! - Juliet? - Sam.
Gosh, what a surprise.
I had no idea.
It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I say a while.
Five years, it's been.
A long while.
Time flies when you're happy, though, doesn't it? Because I'm happy.
Really, very happy.
And snappily attired.
Wow, - this is weird - What do you want? I was after the manager of this place.
- You're looking at her.
- The manager? The manager? Well, it's great.
You look fantastic.
Power obviously agrees with you.
- I have come for top.
- Right.
- Hello, you.
- Hi.
This is Sam Franklin.
I used to be married to him.
- It's a pleasure.
- Oh, you have nice strong, manly hands.
Thank you.
Like bear.
- So, how have you been? - Sam, I'm - really busy.
- Right.
Wouldn't want to drag you away from the dictionary.
- Please just tell me what you want.
- Of course.
Well, the thing is Well Have you done something to your hair? Surprisingly, yes, I have cut my hair in the last five years.
Sam - what do you want? - Well, when they grounded the flights, the nearby hotels got snapped up, so a bunch of us hailed a couple of taxis and headed into town.
Only, apparently you're full.
- What's your point? - Oh My point is that I promised these people a place to stay.
This is the fifth hotel we've tried.
You sure you can't help us out, Jules? What part of "full" do you not understand? - Not even for me? - Especially not for you.
OK, let's forget about us for a moment, and try and be a bit grown-up.
This from a man with the emotional capacity of a three-year-old.
I've changed.
It's now more like five.
Look, there's just There's no room at the inn.
It's that simple.
OK, so if you don't mind But can we at least have a drink in the bar? It's a free country.
Now we're getting reports that Manhattan has been issued with a similar warning.
We understand trains, buses and JFK airport have been shut down.
It's America as well.
Watching this will terrify the life out of you.
This could be it, you know.
I mean, this could be our last day on Earth and I have never done anything truly crazy my whole life.
I find that hard to believe.
The file, Emily? Hm? Oh, yeah.
If I'd had more time, I could have done way more.
No, I'm sure this will be fine.
Tony, Miss Emily tells me you have a plan to save our hotel.
Which was supposed to be a secret.
I've put together some information on the bar for Mr Big Shot.
James has done the same for the restaurant.
But it's not as good, eh? It doesn't have the nice pictures.
- Thanks, Gino.
- Break your legs.
- What about streaking? - Hm? As my first and what could be my last act of craziness before we all get blown up.
The naked run-around? I get my camera.
And if tomorrow does come? Then everyone's sees Gino's photographs of me running around in the buff for no reason.
Think again, Em.
I had a word.
Got him all excited about expanding into the UK, talked this place up so much he thought I was on drugs.
The rest's up to you.
I really appreciate it.
When I'm done I'll set up a quiet meeting for you and Omar.
You're a legend.
Come in.
Ah, Mr Casemore.
Have you found armfuls of fresh, fragrant flowers? I'm working on it.
I'm actually here to This is it, son.
Oh, er sorry.
There's a thing, erm - There was something, I - Spit it out, man.
I want you to buy the hotel.
I've got all the facts and figures and I've got a whole pitch worked out, but the simple truth is I want you to buy Hotel Babylon.
I admire your testicles, Tony.
Great big English testicles! And good Lord, I admire the heck out of them.
Hand me your files.
My daughter was just in here encouraging me to do the self-same thing.
Coincidence? I had mentioned it to her.
She seemed to like the idea.
KNOCK AT DOOR Yes? Ah! Omar.
THEY SPEAK IN OWN LANGUAGE Mr Casemore, I'd like you to meet my future son-in-law.
Omar Pandit.
It's a pleasure, sir.
I came simply to pay my respects, future father.
I cannot stay.
After far too long with airport security, crowded London roads, I find myself pungent.
- You have a spa here? - Indeed we do, sir, yes.
Good, good.
I must be waxed as soon as the occasion permits.
After ten hours on a plane, I become like Michael J Fox.
In Teen Wolf, you understand? - Michael himself is smooth as butter.
- Of course, sir, yes.
It's important I look good for my audition tomorrow.
I'll show you the way.
- Mr Casemore.
- Yes, sir? If everything runs smoothly with the ceremony and you get some bloody colour into that room, I'll consider this.
Are you joking? I have no sense of humour, Mr Casemore.
I rarely joke.
- Dude! Come.
- Yes, sir.
It's terrifying, isn't it? To just think that, at any moment, a bomb could go off and we could all just be I tell you, Gino Primirola will not be blown up by no bomb.
That's me, I am Gino Primirola.
Times like this, you really feel like a little companionship.
- £1,000 for the hour.
- Oh You wouldn't have to pay.
You would pay me.
Madam, Gino Primirola has never paid for a woman in his life.
Who? Me.
I'm Gino Primirola.
I think you should open your ears, rather than try to open my trousers.
It's just so frustrating, you know? I got everything ready.
I was going to fly to Italy, show up totally unannounced and pop the question.
I was really ready to do it, and now it's like when you go to the dentist, you get yourself all prepared and then the appointment's cancelled.
It sounds like a lucky escape.
- How do you mean? - Well, people who want to get married don't usually compare the experience to having their teeth drilled.
I'll grab us some refills.
Right, OK.
The night-shift have all cancelled, so we have to sort out a rota.
- Sorry to barge in.
I was in search of whisky.
- You'll have to wait.
Are you planning to do something about these people? - Sam, we're having a meeting.
- Yeah.
It's just I wonder if we're missing the big picture.
London's on shutdown.
No-one's getting in or out.
Anything else obvious you want to tell us? The world is round, maybe? It's her ex-husband.
You've got half this city knocking at this door.
Why not help? Make Babylon the place to go.
Just back off.
I've been doing this a long time.
You probably don't remember, because you were too busy losing money on bad ideas.
- I resent that.
- It's true.
- Which is why I resent it.
- He is her ex-husband.
We have guests staying with us who have paid top-whack for a five-star experience.
If we turn into a refugee camp, it's not fair on them.
- You're not prepared to take a risk? - Risk is good.
We should all take more risks.
I texted my ex-boyfriend and called him a lying, cheating toffee-nosed bastard.
How crazy am I? Look, I don't know anything about running a hotel, but I know the world's gone mad outside and people need a place to take shelter.
- I'll shoulder the costs.
- You? - How are you going to pay for it? - I'll find a way.
Of course, you know, if Hotel Babylon were truly great, you'd rise to the challenge and look after these people.
We could take in everyone and not break a sweat.
Don't tell us our hotel is not the best! - OK.
We're going to need some extra beds.
- And people can share rooms.
We will fight till death! OK.
If you want to do this, I'm not going to stand in your way.
- Staff office, two minutes.
- OK.
No, not you, I'm the manager.
Leave the motivational speeches to me.
I remember last time you tried an impromptu speech, you got heckled.
Can we not talk about our wedding day right now? This is our moment, Jules.
Ask not what your country can do for you You may have charmed them, but it's not going work on me.
You said that the night you agreed to go out with me.
We ended up in the back seat of a car! Five minutes of my life I will eternally regret.
Mr Pandit! May I present Miss Chadhuri? Aisha! You are more beautiful than any photo could possibly convey.
Shall we? INDISTINCT CHATTER Ooh, I love it when a plan comes together.
Shut up and leave me alone.
Now, that's not very nice.
- You do realise you look ridiculous? - I can't help that.
I was actually dressed by your subconscious.
You've obviously got no Oi! Tanya, we're going to need beds.
A lot of them.
We can use function rooms and suites.
Create dormitories.
Anna and I can do a triage, assess who's appropriate to share rooms with who.
Emily, if we're going to get people sharing, I need your help to spin things.
Sweet-talk them.
- They can bloody well go where we put them.
- Take it easy, Anna, you're pregnant.
No, I'm not.
Excuse me? I'm not.
Right, come on, Ben.
Back to work.
Let's get drunk! Is she serious? She's got it into her head this is her last day on Earth.
- I meant Anna.
- Oh! Yeah, she's been saying that ever since she started showing.
God knows why.
Maybe she actually not pregnant.
When I was a young man, my brother and I, we had a guinea pig.
And this pig got swollen belly.
We thought it was pregnant, so we got ready for the babies, you know? But there were no babies.
It was just a big piece of fluff stuck to his stomach.
- HIS? - Si.
Dinner! James, I need you to stretch our covers to three times the usual.
- And keep it simple.
- I'm sure I can do something.
Because later on, I'll need you at the bar with Gino.
Excuse me? Excuse me? I've heard that you two don't always see eye to eye, but James, you served in the Army Catering Corps.
Imagine we're at war.
You're THE man for the job.
Yes, you're right.
You know, once, I remember, the ovens gave out.
No grills, no roasts, just camping-gas hobs.
We found a way through.
A lot of good men fried that day.
Come on.
Let's get to work.
- It's fine.
- I'm so bloody clumsy.
Me too.
It was probably my fault, anyway.
- What were you drinking? - Honestly, there's no need.
I feel bad.
Let me get you another.
What was it? A vodka on the rocks.
No way! That's what I'm drinking! THEY GIGGLE HE CLEARS HIS THROAT - Hi.
- Hi.
Er, 15 minutes is up.
I lost track of time.
You can't have her back.
She's far too delightful.
Er, well, I'm glad to hear that but, erm Aisha? Ah, Mr Chadhuri.
There you are.
Erm, what do we think of this bunting now? I mean Where is Aisha? I can't find her anywhere.
Mr Chadhuri, have you have you thought about the possibility that she could be? - She said she was coming to check something.
- Aargh! What? HE WHEEZES I thought I had a pain in my chest.
But, er, no.
It's gone.
Are you OK, Mr Casemore? Yes, yes.
I I'm fine, thanks.
INDISTINCT Even with all of London at a grinding halt, and a terrorist threat hanging over its head, the five stars on our door mean you get looked after.
Just the same as any other day of the week.
We want the fear and uncertainty to feel like it's a million miles away.
And if you can't forget about it, well, you can always throw caution to the wind.
And carpe diem, even if you don't usually sleep with total strangers, the fear of imminent death is a pretty good incentive.
Because it's when things are tough that we learn what we're really made of.
The worst situations can bring out the best in people.
There's no greater feeling than pulling together as a team, no matter what it takes.
- Hi.
- Hi! How would you like to share a room tonight with a stranger? Hm.
When we pull out all the stops, we can deal with anything and anyone Hello.
Any allergies? It'll help us decide what bedding you can have.
- None.
- None.
Nun, like you! YOU'RE a nun.
even if we can't always deliver five-star service All right, love? I'm Clive.
Looks like we're going to be sharing a room.
I'm a plumber and I don't believe in God.
I snore like a bastard.
And I talk a lot.
Am I talking too much now? Yeah, I do that.
We will do our best, not only for our guests, but for our colleagues and friends, because sometimes all our jobs may depend on it.
When we're under that kind of pressure, we surprise ourselves 'with what we can do, and we pray to whichever deity we believe in that it's going to be enough.
Aisha? Tony.
- How are you feeling? - Pretty good.
You know, it's weird.
Dad bigged up Omar so much, I thought there is no way this guy could match up.
But he's actually a nice guy.
He's funny and charming, and he's got a gorgeous arse.
Yes, it's one of the first things that I noticed about him! I've got butterflies in my stomach.
Like I'm on a first date, or something.
Mr Casemore! Where is Omar? We're all waiting around here like fat men before the buffet opens.
- Fetch him! - Of course.
- Oh, Mr Casemore.
- Yes? The place looks wonderful.
Puts a man in a buying mood.
Very glad to hear it.
Please, God.
Omar! It's time.
Om - Hello.
- Hello.
OK, dude? Let's let's do it.
And now my ex-boyfriend has texted me, saying he wants to get back together, and left five messages.
All because I called him a bastard.
Being crazy and spontaneous is a real pain.
- You think I am listening? But I'm not listening.
- Right.
Have little information about who could be responsible for the attacks Tony, there you are.
So, how's it going with Chadhuri? Well, the main part's over.
They're chatting.
- Why aren't you in the bar? - I love only one woman, Antonio, and she is small, dark and jam-packed with sweet-roasted caffeine.
Tony, is Chadhuri going to buy? Er yeah.
Well, he says that he's going to, so So yeah.
Tony! You save the hotel! You genius and wonderful man.
Tony, your tongue is made of bronze.
- Silver.
- Well, whatever, it's a nice tongue.
You know, Omar cheated on her today.
- With some escort that he picked up in YOUR bar.
- You cannot blame yourself.
Well, you can.
But don't.
Why bother? Where is the sweepstake? I want to make bet.
- What's Gino doing on there? - A gentleman does not kiss and tell.
Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make.
Zoe will you marry me? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Guys, congratulations.
You know, I had the ring, I thought, "Screw it.
Why not?" Not that it's my business, but weren't you planning to marry a different girl? That was the old me! This just feels right, you know? - Am I a bad person? - The heart wants what it wants.
- What does that mean? - I have no idea.
My advice, go for it.
The girl I married, I fell in love with her first time I saw her.
- Really? Are you still in love? - Yeah I'm very happy.
Hey, mister.
- We've run out of alcohol.
- What, everything? Everything anybody wants do drink.
What now? I have a reputation.
Why don't you, erm, go down to the nearest off-licence, and stock up on whatever we need? Pin number's 0000.
- Are you sure? - Gino, I admire your integrity.
- But I can afford it.
Go ahead.
- OK.
THEY SING "Wonderwall" by Oasis I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I would like to say to you But I don't know how - # And maybe # - Quite a party in here.
Oh, this more than a party, Jules.
This is what life's all about.
People coming together.
- Next, you're going to tell me you have a dream.
- I do.
But I'll save it for my therapist.
Look, they've been drinking for ten hours.
- Don't you think it's time they went to to bed? - I forgot the number.
The last zero, she flew straight out of my head.
I run.
What was that about? Oh, you're running low on booze.
I didn't want the troops going thirsty.
You don't want to be running yourself into even more debt.
- I can afford it.
- What? Did you win the lottery or something? Well, it was Since you asked, I invested in a wind-farm business in China.
- And it took off? - Yeah, something like that.
- I'm kind of kind of a millionaire now.
- Kind of? Well, multi, actually.
Not that it matters.
You're a multimillionaire? Mm-hm.
I just didn't want to sound like I'm boasting.
No, I mean You know, you didn't have to pretend to me.
I'm fine.
Sounds it.
Well, excuse me for being the teeniest bit irritated that I spent years of my life listening to your half-baked schemes to get rich, while I worked my bollocks off to pay for everything! Tequila! THEY ALL CHEER BHANGRA MUSIC PLAYS Aisha! After our wedding, I must take you to Bandra for the weekend.
You'd love it.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE MUSIC STOPS ABRUPTLY Ladies and gentlemen, please keep calm.
It's only a power cut.
- Juliet.
- What do you want? We should stay put, in case this isn't a power cut.
Don't be ridiculous.
- We can't take the chance.
- And how are you going to help? EXPLOSION Please don't panic.
Just move slowly to the exits.
Get out of the way! - What the hell was that? - I don't know.
Something bad.
- Scoot over.
- Oh, no.
Find your own hidey-hole.
- We can share this one.
- No, this one is for me.
Oh, it's always me, me, me, with you, you, you.
Now move.
Get out.
Don't push me to violence, James.
Hello? - Hello? Is anyone in here? - Anna? - Tanya, thank God.
- You think terrorists want to blow us up? - I have no idea.
- Oh, my God, we're going to die in this lift.
Stop being so pessimistic.
SOBBING - Kiss me, Ben.
- What? Kiss me.
Er, in case you'd forgotten, I sing for the other choir.
I know.
I've never done the whole turning-a-gay-man-straight thing.
Come here, silly.
We're going to be fine.
- Feeling me up won't help.
- Oh Are you OK? I think so.
That perfume, is that the one I got you? I would say well remembered, but you only bought me perfume once.
And you're wearing it.
Oh, thank God.
What is that? I have never seen that before.
What a surprise! You can get off me now.
I'm fine.
I'm just going to find out what happened.
That was a mighty explosion for a small oven.
- How the hell did that happen? - I really am terribly sorry.
We was just chatting about God, and we got a bit peckish.
That was all.
I just turned the oven on, the lights went out, and then bang.
I'm so sorry.
It's our fault for letting people back here in the first place.
So, it was the woman of God made the big bang, hey? I'm sorry.
Is it me, or is that woman very sexy nun? Don't talk to me.
You OK? What happened? I don't know.
I'm going to go and find out.
Now, - you're sure you're all right? - I'm fine.
I think someone tried to push me.
there's something I need to tell you.
HE SIGHS Something I should have told you before.
About Omar.
Now, police are still urging people to be vigilant but it has emerged in the last few minutes that there have been three arrests.
Three people have been arrested in connection with these events.
Now, we know that the disruption has been considerable to public transport but we're told that public transport should resume tomorrow morning, and the city will be back to normal.
KNOCK ON DOOR - Have you seen the news? - Yeah.
What's wrong? I'm sick of pretending that you walking into this hotel is OK.
You stroll in here, you start bossing my staff around, and then jump on top of me.
- I was saving your life! - I don't want you to! Don't you get it? You're so gorgeous when you're angry.
Don't do that.
Don't act like nothing's changed.
You walk into this hotel, supposedly by accident - It was an accident! - and you're this multimillionaire and I'm nothing.
You're the manager in a five-star hotel.
That's hardly nothing.
No, Sam, I'm not a manager.
I'm a bailiff.
I come in, I squeeze places dry, I get out.
I close hotels down.
This place is closing? Mm.
Juliet you have to believe me.
I came into this hotel completely by chance.
I didn't come looking for you, and I certainly never intended to flaunt my money.
You supported me for for longer than I deserved.
And after you left, I got lucky.
That's the way things go sometimes.
It's not good enough.
Don't you get it? Don't you get that you just being here is confusing the hell out of me? Jules No! God, stop being nice.
Stop pretending that we didn't get divorced four years ago.
Stop pretending that we didn't call each other horrible things and make each other's lives a misery.
Sam, if you still love me at all, then leave me alone.
That was all a bit scary, eh? I really thought we were, you know, next.
What's got into you? I found your little sweepstake.
- The what? - Ben, you're too stupid to play dumb.
I found it downstairs in the canteen.
So, it's nice to know you're all willing to risk your hard-earned cash on the paternity of my child.
But you, Ben, of all people It's just a bit of fun.
When I said that that I wasn't you know what, that meant that I didn't want to talk about it.
Was that so hard for you to figure out? We're your friends, Anna, there's nothing to be embarrassed about.
If you were my friends, then you would have all let me tell you when I was ready and you wouldn't have made a game of the one thing I don't ever want to discuss, and that is the father of my baby.
THEY ALL SHOUT AT ONCE I hope you're pleased with yourself.
- Excuse me? - You don't know him, Mr Casemore.
You are judging a man you don't even bloody know.
My daughter is 35 years old.
Yes, unmarried and still living in my bloody home.
Now, how do you think that makes me feel, eh? That kind of shame? I'm sorry you feel that way, Mr Chadhuri.
But if you let your daughter marry the first chancer that comes along, be my guest.
All I did was tell her the truth.
You can kiss your hotel, Mr Casemore, and your bloody job, a fond farewell.
Come, come! Stop it, people.
Stop it.
Cut this out, all right? Tough luck, mate.
I've let them all down.
Gino, James, Ben, Anna, Tanya.
I've messed it all up.
Why couldn't I keep my big mouth shut? Because that Omar is a slippery bastard and not a You probably think you're some kind of hero.
- I just think she deserves better.
- She's a silly bitch.
If her dad wasn't so rich, do you really think I'd consider such a ridiculous charade? - Not the Bollywood Tom Cruise after all, then.
- I'm resting! The work dried up.
My expenses did not.
This was my ticket out.
But I still have my audition tomorrow.
Whereas you, it seems, are out of a job.
Can't believe it's all over.
I guess you can catch your flight tomorrow.
What you talking about? You have a girlfriend who should be a fiancee.
- Look, Zoe, what we've shared is more than - Isn't real.
It would be nice, wouldn't it, if we could live our lives like we only had one day left.
Be impulsive and follow our hearts with no thought of the consequences.
But it just isn't true.
It was nice to meet you, Miles.
Was that what I think it was? Maybe it was the right thing.
Love at first sight.
It's crazy, isn't it? Totally.
I'm talking What about faith? What about trust? Is it me or is it getting really depressing in here? Wow.
Thanks, Tony.
Great way to kill the mood.
Hey, I did give it my best shot.
Could you, er, pass me the bottle? Oh, no, I forgot, you don't do sharing.
- You calling me selfish? - You know what is selfish? Making money out of your colleague's pregnancy.
We didn't mean it like that.
We honestly didn't mean to upset you.
Great, that makes it all OK, then! I can't believe you had the chance to save our hotel and you blew it for a woman you don't even know.
Well, if it wasn't for me, Gino, we'd never have had that chance in the first place.
- Maybe you should've drawn up odds on it.
- Let it go.
- No, you let it go, big boy.
- I'm not even talking to you.
Excuse me? Can I have your attention, please? A couple hours ago, we were laughing and drinking and singing.
But now the danger's passed, it's like nothing ever happened.
Maybe I'm crazy, or way more drunk than I realised, but today meant something to me.
We sitting here, thinking there could be bombs or God knows what going off, and we carried on, cheered each other up, supported each other.
And we owe that to the men and women of this hotel.
So please join me in raising a glass to Hotel Babylon.
ALL: Hotel Babylon.
- Hotel Babylon.
- Hotel Babylon.
Now, may I suggest we all go to bed before we pass out? - Thanks for that.
It's appreciated.
- No, you deserve it.
Especially since Juliet told me this place is closing down.
- Yeah, well, nothing lasts for ever.
- Be nice if it did.
- You believe in second chances, Tony? - And third.
And fourth.
But then again, I am an optimist.
Me too.
Thank you.
Michael Yeah.
I need to speak to him tonight.
OK, I'll hold.
I didn't take you for a romantic.
- Sorry? - Aisha.
I just didn't think Omar should get away with it, that's all.
People like him usually do.
Night, John-Boy.
I knew somebody would say that.
I can't believe Anna walked home.
She only lives ten minutes away.
I'm just not crazy.
I mean, I'm not cut out for it.
I've been racking my brains all day to try and find something truly outrageous to do, but no, nothing sprung to mind.
I'm boring.
I could've died today, and I would have died the same, boring MUFFLED GASPS - Have you ever been kissed by a woman? - No.
Now you have.
Now you are wild.
And now shut up and go to sleep.
Damn, I didn't have my camera.
SHE SIGHS HE GASPS Ohhh! Oh, quickly! Morning, bastards.
Anna, we feel terrible, and so we've got you something.
Oh, what, a spread bet on birthing complications, perhaps? Ta-da! Oh Oh, my God, that is a Stamford baby basket.
That is unbelievably expensive.
We spent the money from the sweepstake on it.
SHE GASPS Organic moisturiser, luxury foot cream.
Oh, Yummy Mummy massage oil And there are a couple of things for the baby in here, too! Oh, yeah, yeah.
You guys Ohh! Thanks a lot! Now I have to retouch my make-up.
I'm still not telling you who the dad is, though.
We wouldn't dream of asking.
- We are opening another book, right? - Absolutely.
Just going to keep it in a - different place now, OK? - Morning all.
Meeting in Juliet's office.
Five minutes.
Since when did being the temp manager's ex put you in charge? HE CLEARS HIS THROAT Sorry.
Didn't mean to wake you.
No, I I wasn't asleep.
I was KNOCK ON DOOR Come in.
What's going on? - I called a meeting.
- YOU called a meeting? Last night, I made some calls to Tokyo and I'm pleased to inform you I'm now the proud owner of Hotel Babylon.
Oh! Feel free to applaud.
You have bought the hotel? And it goes without saying that I want you all to keep your jobs.
That's one of the main reasons I bought the hotel, actually.
God bless you, senor.
Tonight I will hold you in the arms of my dreams and dance with you.
Thank you I think.
Please, just, er, carry on as normal.
Well, when I say spank me with a broomstick and call me Joseph Stalin, I think I speak for us all, eh? Papa, you can't ignore me for ever.
Papa? Morning, Aisha.
Tony, I wanted to thank you for warning me.
I know it ruined the deal you made with Dad but Actually, that's worked out all right.
Mysterious saviour.
I'm glad to hear it.
I don't know why I'm so upset.
I really let myself think that - that he could be the one.
- That guy's no good for you.
He's only after your dad's money.
What a wanker.
I wish I could I don't know do something.
You bastard! - You stinking, rotten pig! - A very good morning to you, sir.
Don't "good morning" me, dude.
I've spent all morning in the bathroom.
I'm sorry.
Is there somewhere that you had to be? I had my audition! - You did this deliberately! - I've no idea what you're talking about.
Of course you do.
You were both in on it, weren't you? Keep waving Daddy's credit card, little princess.
It's the only way you'll get anyone to marry you, you revolting little Perhaps that will teach you some manners! Oh, sweet mercy, my beautiful face! I think you broke my nose He hit me.
- You saw that.
He hit me.
- I didn't see a thing.
Let's get you a taxi, shall we, sir? I am so sorry for disappointing you.
No, baby, I'm sorry for ever asking you to marry that man.
Take me to the airport.
God, that was the shift from hell.
You know, just because we have to clear this place up doesn't mean we can't have some fun.
- We still have some of the food left.
- Well, what are you waiting for? MUSIC PLAYS My flight doesn't leave for a few hours.
Just thought I should be here.
Sam, how's it going to work, you and me running this place? Don't worry.
I travel all the time.
I'll hardly be here.
Honestly, Jules.
PHONE RINGS Excuse me.
Michael, what's the news? Yeah.
What's happened? Promise me you'll stay in charge of this place.
- Sam? - Promise me.
Why? The alert made the global markets take a massive hit.
- Jesus You're broke? - I could be.
We should dance.
I don't want anyone to worry.
Hotel Babylon might be all I have left.
And if it is, I need you running it.
Sam, I can't make any promises.
Jules, you told me you were tired of being a bailiff.
Don't do this for me, do it for yourself.
Look, it'll be your gig.
Your hotel.
I am, if you hadn't realised yet, begging.
This doesn't mean I'm going to make your life easy.
Did you ever? Sticking together when the going is tough.
That's what people are all about.
That's what this place has always been about.
And that's why I love it.
Every well-worn inch of it.
Which isn't to say that sticking together is always easy.
But what that's good in life ever is? Hotel Babylon's all I have left.
We have Ed and Erin Martyn staying with us.
They've changed the way civilians live their lives.
You conniving bitch.
I'm Robert Carrick, environmental officer, City Hall.
I'll have to dig a lot deeper.
- We've got both boxers staying.
- I'm here to put your lights out.
Be careful, this is the seventh floor! - Is he dark-haired? - Is he black? - You want me to say who the father is? - ALL: Yes.
It's him, all right?