Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Het lijk

Steroids, not the best quality but I'd guess it's about 20 kilos.
If you fancy a cook-out - We could publish a cookery book.
- Three labs in two months.
- Are you coming to the motocross? - Is he in top form, Leon? If you can party, you can compete in the motocross.
Bles? Bart speaking.
Send a team, we've hit the jackpot.
Your dad can snore.
- Do you want anything from the kitchen? - No.
- Cyril, the fridge.
- It wasn't me, it was already open.
- They must have had a hell of a night.
- They'll have a hell of a hangover.
Did you hear Kato come home last night? No.
This is Kato, I'm not available.
Leave a message.
Kato, can you ring me back when you hear this message? It's mum.
Take your trunk off.
- Did I wake you up? - No, no.
Well, yes, you did but.
Is something wrong? Hi, Sofia.
- Sofia - Uhuhm - What time is it? - Why didn't Kato cycle home with you? - I don't know.
It was fun.
- What? Well, her dad was the bartender.
Luc pulling pints at the shooting festival.
What a surprise.
He must be taking her to the motocross.
- Isn't Leon riding today? - Yes.
Can't he just let us know? Give him a call.
Who'd like coffee? - Leave a message after the beep.
- Luc, can you call me back, please? Coffee? Coffee! Dad, please get out of my room.
Mrs? Mrs, can you help me please? Wait.
Do I have to do this all by myself or what? The shooting queen, we should congratulate her on her victory.
- Let's hope we see some sorting.
- Of course, Jef.
It doesn't have to be difficult.
If everyone would chip in the planet would be a lot better off.
Yes, thanks for the advice.
What have you got, old chap? Drugs? - Mrs, I've found a hammer.
- It must belong to one of the tents.
- But it has blood on it.
- Somebody must have hit their finger.
Ufo, they think they can pull Jef's leg.
They should know better.
Charlie? - Are you all right? - Yes.
Can I come in? Are you coming for breakfast? It's ages ago that we ate together.
It was a kind of late yesterday.
- Did you go to the shooters festival? - Of course not.
They're a bunch of Limburg imbeciles in medieval costumes.
Your dad is from Limburg but he's no imbecile.
All cops are imbeciles.
Next, you'll tell me that he's waiting with fresh rolls.
He'll have more time once the hotel is open.
Shall we start the day on a positive note? - I'd like you to come to the motocross.
- No way.
If anybody asks, we'll say you were travelling.
We can practise if you like? Charlie, see the Mayas? Machu Picchu? - That's the Incas, mum.
- Sit up.
Two on an empty stomach.
There's a big boy.
- Kato is just seeking attention.
- Don't start now, will you? - I'm going to check t Luc's.
- I thought you had tests to mark? You'll only get up Luc's nose.
I'll go, instead.
- I thought we were going to the farm? - His Lordship has woken up.
We'll go and see Luc first and then we'll go and see grandma.
Sofia, are you staying here with Kristel? She's bound to call.
- I'm leaving.
- Don't bother to switch it off.
- Come on, Leon, you're uncle is here.
- I'm on my way.
Hello, Lieke.
- Is anything wrong? - You're late.
We've rolled up another one.
I should have ordered that rain shower.
Will the decorators finish on time? They'll have to because the opening date has been set now.
Leon wants me to support him but I don't want them to mess it up.
Calm down, be patient for two weeks.
I'll bring him back in one piece.
- Where are you going? - Away.
- Your dad asked you to stay.
- And what do you say, Christel? - Let us know if you hear from Kato.
- Yes.
Mum? You have to call the cops, mum.
Come on, Cato, answer the phone.
This is Kato, I'm not available.
Leave a message.
But I'm in front of you.
Call the cops, mum.
I woke up in Beau Sejour with blood on my hands.
Mum? Hey! Come on.
What are you doing? What are you doing? - Isn't that cool? - Posh.
Yes, it is.
- Hello, Jef.
What can we do for you? - I found this at the shooters club.
You know that I have a certain gift and this looks ominous.
Right, Ufo? That man must see it has blood on it.
Ufo, tell your master that we'll look at it soon.
Jef, we'll look into it immediately.
- Are you coming to the motocross? - Vanessa is doing the flowers.
- Vanessa? - Yes, come on.
Whatever you say.
There is nobody home.
Luc and Kato will be at the motocross.
I can't wait around, I'm going to look for her.
I'll drop Cyril off and I'll come over.
Get a move on.
What are you going to do? Yes, Inez? Kristel speaking, Kato's mum.
I was shooting all day so I didn't see much, really.
- Did she spend the night at Leon's? - It's possible, perhaps.
Okay, bye.
Don't look for me, I'm right here.
Mum? I think it's going to be a good weekend, Mr Treasurer.
So do I.
- There you are and good luck.
- Mr chairman? - Leon Vinken is in shape today.
- You're riding for the title today.
Aren't you? Yes, Kristel? Dad, can you hear me? Dad, can you hear me? Dad, you must help me.
I woke up in Beau Sejour - and something has happened.
- Kristel, hello? Dad? Luc, sorry.
Why don't you answer when I call you? - I couldn't understand you.
- Did Kato sleep at your place? - No.
- Where is Leon? Is she with him? - Why would she be? - They're in love.
You never know a thing.
You're always somewhere else.
Take your responsibility for a change and answer the phone when I call.
I answered my phone but I couldn't hear you.
What a bitch.
Leon, don't be afraid to accelerate before the bends.
Put your weight on the front wheel.
Stick to the right in the sand and beware of the Italians.
And don't forget: Focus, focus, focus.
This is your ride.
- Hey, Frans.
How are you? - Alexander.
- That helps.
- Leave my wife alone, won't you? I know she's a good-looker.
Hello, girl.
- Don't mind me.
- Since when is motocross your thing? Yeah, Dad, Yeah I asked him along.
Come on, Leon.
God damn it.
Hello, Rene.
You didn't have just the one yesterday.
Dilsen-Stokkem, the village that taught its farmers to drink.
That's it.
Are you driving the tractor? Can he drive it by himself? - Of course.
- Be careful, won't you? Would you like some pie? Kato didn't come home, last night.
Do you know where she is? Perhaps the night is still young? Here you are.
Damn it, Kato.
Have you seen your mum yet? She's out looking for you.
- Something has happened.
- What? Did you have too much to drink? Were you ill? I woke up in Beau Sejour and I was covered in blood.
- Covered in blood? - I went to the bathroom.
And I'm lying in the bath and I'm dead.
What's all this then? With whom did you go home, yesterday? Kato? With whom did you go home, yesterday? - I think something awful has happened.
- Like what? - I don't know.
- Come here.
Huh It's okay.
- Kristel? - Yes, where are you? I was on my way when I came passed the shooting club.
What's up? You'd better come and see for yourself.
Bart? Mr Chairman, I'll queue up when the bell goes.
Don't be silly.
My daughter has something to tell you.
Something strange happened at the shooters festival yesterday.
- Something strange? - You tell him.
Luc - I have lot to do, today.
- Just listen to my daughter.
Something happened.
She thinks somebody did something.
- Yes, so where is she now? - Here, in front of you.
- You've had a few drinks, haven't you? - Listen, Bart.
It has been a heavy weekend.
Two parties, one after the other.
- You should take it easy, today.
- I see what I'm seeing.
You're back to school tomorrow.
Hey! Hey! - God damn it, Leon.
- But he won, didn't he? His worst time in years.
- Nobody can see me except for you.
- That's impossible, Kato.
What are you doing? Put it back, put it back.
- God damn it, now we're in for it.
- Luc, can I buy you a coke? Didn't you hear anything? Like a shot from a pistol? - Nothing? - Are you starting to hallucinate? - It's called a delirium tremens.
- Don't make a fool of me.
Come on.
Hang on.
Wait for me.
Why are you walking away? Am I ghost? Is that why everybody is ignoring me? - People don't have you on their minds.
- You're not - What? - You're not dead, are you? Dead? On the inside, I'm pretty much dead.
But always keep smiling.
As long as the beer flows.
I'll see you around, your boyfriend is winning.
I'm going to call them.
The point is that you're not listening.
You must take the bends faster.
Leon, are you gay? So why fuck it up? You know the track better than anyone else and still you're fucking it up.
What? Kato Hoeven? Since when? THE MOST PLEASANT STAY IN LIMBURG SOON TO BE OPENED - Where is your girlfriend? - Kato? - Did you have an argument? - You can't stand her, anyway.
- She dumped me last night.
- And you haven't seen her since? Never mind, cups over women.
I'll be back for the second heat.
- What a good ride.
- Only riders are allowed here.
- That's very friendly.
- I'd rather you stayed over there.
Bakkie, we have a missing person.
Kato Hoeven.
Missing persons is on top of it.
Kato Hoeven? But Luc was just going on about Kato to me.
In what sense? Luc, what were you telling me about Kato? Luc, you just told me that she was somewhere.
Did I say anything, Bart? When did you last see her? - Come on, Luc.
- Yesterday? At the shooters festival? And you haven't seen her today? - Have you seen her, Bart? - Kristel has reported her missing.
Missing Persons is on the case.
Chairman, no more beer for the treasurer.
Come, Bakkie.
- And Leon hasn't seen her either? - No.
- Has she ever run away? - Run away? No.
- Running away isn't Kato's style.
- Did she often go to Luc? Does she often go to see Luc? It's her choice who she stays with but she's always here really.
- Could she be at a friend's? - Anything is possible.
Why don't we know about it? I'm sorry but I heard that Jef took it to the police station.
As her parents, we have the right to know these things.
Can you believe it? When were you going to tell us about the hammer? Why are we the last ones to know? What has happened to my daughter? You're a bunch of amateurs.
Jef brought us a hammer with blood on it but no one had gone missing then.
- Where is this hammer now? - At the station.
Is Kato dead? No, she'll turn up.
You'll see.
I'm going out for a bit.
I'll see you later.
Are you all right? No problem.
As soon as we know more I'll let you know.
Was that Missing Persons? Did they go on about the hammer? You know what they're like.
They've checked Kato's mobile phone.
The last signal was picked up at 04:38 a.
in Stokkem.
Stokkem? Then she hasn't run away.
They're starting a search, dogs, divers, the works.
I'm going over there and you can get cracking with the hammer.
- Have you heard from Kato? - No.
- Are you worried? - She just wants the attention.
Sofia Otten is here.
She's waiting in the dining room.
- Everybody is looking for you.
- So you can also see me.
Duh - What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? Your mum is going out of her mind.
I'm so glad that you're here.
But I'd go home if I were you.
The police are looking for you.
- But I haven't run away.
- What then? Promise you won't laugh.
I think - I think I'm dead.
- What? - Didn't I tell you not to come? - Okay, but Kato is here.
Kato? Have you been taking pills or what? I don't care about Kato anymore.
For all I care they can find her in the river.
I have to train tomorrow so - Kato, what the fuck is going on? - What kind of behaviour was that? It's not great being dumped.
Huh? At the shooters festival yesterday, you broke up with him.
The last thing I remember is going to my motocross lesson in the morning.
- What did he say? - How should I know? Tears.
They're looking for you.
What are you going to do? - Help them look.
- Kato? - The test indicates it's animal blood.
- The hair too? It can't possibly be Kato's.
Thanks, Danny, you just made my day.
So it was animal blood on the hammer? I'll pass on that it was a false alarm.
No, we haven't found anything yet.
Somebody has carved something into it.
Can I ask you to stay at a distance? Mum, I'm standing here.
Schneider and Plettinckx, Tongeren Federal Police.
Vercammen is already here.
So that's Schneider.
She's from East Germany.
- Don't mention the war.
- I know who she is.
Her mother lived here.
- Is she dead? - As dead as a doornail.
What's going on? NEXT TIME.
Our Kato I think he didn't want to see her.
He studied her, but he couldn't look her in the eye.
Is it your funeral? Do you think that I'd do such a thing? I don't know.
What do you think? Open the door!