Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

De vijf

Mum? Come on Kato, pick up.
- Here you are.
- I think something awful has happened.
My daughter has something to tell you.
Yes, so where is she now? You tell him.
If anybody asks, we'll say you were travelling.
We have a missing person.
Kato Hoeven.
Missing persons is on top of it.
I don't care about Kato anymore.
For all I care they can find her in the river.
- Where is your girlfriend? - Kato? She dumped me last night.
The last thing I remember is going to my motocross lesson in the morning.
They're looking for you.
Schneider and Plettinckx, Tongeren Federal Police.
What's going on? Can I ask you something? That girl in the gravel pit is it Kato? You identified her, didn't you? Mr Hoeven, can you tell us when you locked up after the shooting festival? The last round was at about two in the morning.
I think.
- And after that? - Home to get some sleep.
And you didn't see Kato? - No.
- But you told the local police that you saw Kato at the motocross after the shooting festival.
Yes, that's what I thought.
- That I had seen her.
- How do you mean? These last few days have been tiring.
The shooting festival, the motocross.
Can anyone confirm you were home by two after the shooting festival? - No, I live alone.
- You're divorced? Do you get on with your ex? Kristel still teaches at my school.
But I don't buy my apples and pears from Marcus Otten.
I can tell you that.
One more question: Had Kato had a lot to drink? She wasn't drunk or I wouldn't have served her anymore.
Thank you.
What time is it? Have I been asleep for long? Dad, I've seen Kato, I swear.
Stop this rubbish.
What are you trying to achieve? Kristel identified her and the police are conducting a murder investigation.
Why doesn't anybody take me seriously when I say something? It's hard on all of us but don't tell Kristel this rubbish.
We must support each other.
How was the relationship between Kato and her father? You don't think that Luc has anything to do with it? We're trying to get a picture of Kato's home situation.
There were a few issues with Luc during the divorce.
He would never harm Kato.
Sofia, you said you were home at quarter past twelve.
Is that right? Yes, and I said goodnight to Kristel and dad.
And Kato wasn't with you? No, I thought she was going home with her dad.
How was the party? Wild? Kato broke up with Leon.
I didn't know I shouldn't have left her there all drunk.
So Kato had been drinking? Perhaps Luc is lying about his daughter being drunk.
And then what? Let them come to terms with it first.
They'll open up to us.
- God damn it.
- Take it easy.
On my first case, I also saw links and hypotheses everywhere.
It's probably just a question of love.
Somebody's fuse blew.
- Do you mean her boyfriend? - Yes.
Nobody saw Kato leave the shooters festival after arguing with Leon.
- Isn't that remarkable? - You should talk to Leon.
Put the first one on.
We've cleared out the canteen, it's a beautiful room.
It gets a bit cold in there so just crank up the heating.
Plugs, you have a great notice board over there, Wi-Fi.
Everything you need, really.
And our latest purchase tadaa - The coffee machine, isn't it posh? - Is Chief Inspector Vinken on his way? Yes, he is.
He's finishing off the paperwork of a drugs case.
Very popular in the border region.
- But he knows we're expecting him? - Yes, welcome to the locals.
- That's very kind, inspector Blom.
- Call me Bart.
- But I'd like to get started.
- Surely we can wait a minute.
Would you like a piece of apricot pie with sprinkles? - Sprinkles? - Those are sprinkles.
There you go.
Yes, Bakkie? He left ages ago.
Why don't you try his mobile? No reception? Okay, bye.
Oh, mum.
You've just ruined dad's childhood.
This crap from his parents is driving me up the wall.
Do you want me to enquire about a vacancy at work? In the four years I've worked there I'm the only one who hasn't put family forward.
- At Maasmechelen Disneyland? - Maasmechelen Village - isn't what you think it is.
- I'd rather find a job myself.
Are you going to the temp agency? Tell them you went to Louvain College, it's an excellent school.
- And don't forget to take your pills.
- Nono And keep an eye on Charlie.
Do they have any evidence or suspects yet? How did they react when you told them? Dad, you did tell them that I'm still around? What do you want me to say? That I'm delusional? - I have to arrange your funeral later.
- I don't want to be buried.
What are you going to do? Dad, open the door.
Dad, open up.
Do you want a bit? Are you ready? Your statement won't take five minutes.
- Who killed my granddaughter? - The feds are investigating it.
Not me.
Tell the feds to find the bastard quickly.
Is it interesting or what? I thought you were Do your parents know you're here? Does the police know? - I really thought you were dead.
- Well, I am.
- I think.
- How? Everybody thinks I'm dead but a few people can still see me.
I don't why but I'm still here.
Yoohoo - I'm over here.
- Hello? They can't see me.
Inspector Blom, I'd like you to get the data from the GSM mast in Stokkem.
- Please continue, ladies.
- Chief Inspector Vinken.
- Call me Alexander.
- Marion Schneider with the feds.
- And my colleague - Dora Plettinckx.
We met at the gravel pit.
You're from around here.
Aren't you, Schneider? - One of the psychiatrist's? - My mother.
- Do you know her? - Only by name.
So, you're leading the investigation? We just talked to inspector Blom about how we see this collaboration between the locals and us and you're doing the groundwork.
So door-to-door, hearing witnesses, gaining information.
- Things you need to know folks for.
- That sounds fun.
- Are you Leon Vinken's uncle? - Is that a problem? Not for now.
Dora will take his statement later.
And we 're double-checking Luc Hoeven's statement.
Do you know him? More or less.
I was thinking about that cross on the tree.
Is it possible that the murderer wanted us to find Kato? - Are you familiar with murder cases? - I've seen a thing or two in Louvain.
The blindfold, what do you think it means? Sorry, I'm just a local copper.
I think he didn't want to see her.
He took his time with her.
He studied her, he cleaned her up.
But he couldn't look her in the eye.
- What do you want me to say? - That I'm still here.
- But you are dead? - Yes, for some people.
Just tell the truth, Ines.
I have to make a statement about the shooting festival.
- What will they think if I say that? - I have to try something.
Are you investigating Kato Hoeven? I'm Ines Anthoni and this is - Marion? - Please ask for Alexander Vinken.
- The lab called.
- And? They've found an eyelash on Kato's body and it's not hers.
They're drawing up a DNA profile.
If the autopsy also pays off we might have something to work with.
Kato? I'll see you later.
- Is my uncle joining us? - No, he's working on something else.
Has he been your trainer for a long time? When my dad died, he took over everything.
Yes, it's rough, isn't it? When your girlfriend breaks up with you.
- How did you feel? - Angry.
Did you see Kato leave the shooting festival? Do you have a photo of Kato? One where she's dead.
What for? I can't believe she's not here anymore.
Did you see Kato leave or not? She said that she was very fond of me but just as a friend.
- And then she put an end to it.
- Was that late in the evening? About eleven o'clock.
So I cycled home.
- So you were home at - Just before midnight.
Do you think that I'd do such a thing? I don't know.
What do you think? And then you went to sleep? - Yes.
- Where? At home.
Alone? - Do you have a boyfriend? - No.
Can I see the photos of Kato? - Leon was struggling.
- He's the sensitive type.
- A real Vinken.
- What do you think? Kato was drunk as a skunk and messed with the wrong person.
Hello, Renée.
Do you think I could It's all right, mum.
Hi Kristel.
Our Kato This way.
Yes, here.
Right, so she was dead before entering the water.
- She didn't drown? - No.
Evidence of trauma here and here which is the likely cause of death.
- Was she beaten? - Repeatedly with a blunt object.
- Was she raped? - I didn't find any semen but she does have light wounds to the vagina so yes.
The toxicological report shows she had traces of XTC in her blood.
- XTC? - Yes.
We were thinking of It's A Sad Sad Planet by the Evil Superstars - for when the coffin is brought in.
- Oh, that's a shame.
That's not really a song for Kato.
It's so depressing.
It doesn't sound depressing, does it? Mauro was her hero, she always played the song with Cyril on the guitar.
To be honest, I was thinking of Noordkaap.
Of the song Satellite Suzy which we always used to sing.
The three of us, on our way to France.
Remember? Yes, but that's ten years ago, Luc.
I know but it is our song, isn't it? Didn't you know that Mauro was her all-time hero? Oh, yes.
I did, Marcus.
But hey But I think - I think this is a beautiful text.
- Satellite Suzy? Satellite Suzy, the world is arguing stay away for a while, you're not needed here, - come when I say Suzy.
- No.
You should read it from the start.
Satellite Suzy, every time I see you, your light shines on my planet, the higher you are, the more beautiful your name.
The more beautiful your name? - Yes, that's Stijn Meuris.
- And what does it mean? - That Kato is with God? - No, that she's still here, somewhere.
And who is Suzy? Kristel, can we discuss this between the two of us, please? Listen, Luc, one way or another we're all related to Kato.
- Don't we have anything else? - I don't know.
- I don't know.
- Kristel, when I hear this song I think of Kato.
Don't you? Okay, so we'll do Satellite Suzy as the coffin is carried in.
And the Evil Superstars at the end.
That's fine by me.
I didn't know where to go.
You can stay here if you want.
Let's go upstairs.
Don't let the landlady see you or I'll have to pay extra.
Look, I've done some research.
A lot of esoteric bullshit about ghosts but a parallel universe is a possibility.
Are you all right? I saw the autopsy butcher cut up my own body today.
- Eeh.
- Mhm.
I can still throw up, though.
I learned that today.
How absurd is this? Did I misbehave at the shooting festival? You were elated and drunk.
You didn't see me leave with anyone or alone? I saw Leon at the police station today.
He looked dreadful.
- Don't you miss him? - Yes and no.
- Is that strange? - No.
You liked the motorbike more than Leon.
Do you think there are more of these living dead like me? - Or seers like me? - Yes, my dad, Sofia, you.
And some handsome guy at the motocross.
Why do they see me? All I could think during the autopsy was: I must have seen the madman who did this.
Why can't I recall anything? I don't know what to say.
Just say something, never mind what.
Marcus asked me to take care of the music at the funeral.
The funeral.
Fuck! XTC, Beau Sejour, gravel pit, eyelash, raped, blunt object.
My condolences.
Evil Superstars, she'll like that.
First of all, we're here to pay our respects.
Dora and I are staying here.
Blom, you're at the back.
And Vinken, you're upstairs.
Leon, I have to tell you something about Kato.
Are you all right? - Why don't you answer my messages? - My mind is elsewhere.
- The police think I'm involved.
- What? - Why? - Because I was a nuisance after Kato dumped me.
What else could you do? Stand there and watch your girlfriend flirt with other guys? - Did you ask for this song? - No.
Luc will think I'm winding him up.
Switch it off.
- It's not that bad.
- This is unbelievable.
- Something must have gone wrong.
- Oh, come off it.
- My God, guys.
- Luc, stay here.
I don't get it, I didn't even know her.
That's not the point, she was important to your cousin.
There is a collection of Leon's exes here.
- I see you know my lovely mum? - You are Leon's cousin.
- You don't recognize me, do you? - Yes, from the motocross.
And the shooting festival? You said that Leon was your ex.
And suddenly you were gone.
Sorry but I'm only here for the free sandwiches.
- You can't say that at a funeral.
- Am I making things awkward for us? When the penny drops, you will be.
Damn it, Noordkaap.
No, we agreed on Satellite Suzy so Satellite Suzy it is.
- I thought Marcus had the CD.
- I've been through this with Marcus.
- You can tell dad it's not my fault.
- Ines, I hate this fucking song.
- What do you want me to play? - But it was our song, kid.
- Yes, ten years ago, dad.
- What's going on? - You too? - Is it your funeral? Can everyone here see what I see? Oh, Jesus.
So it wasn't you in the sleeping bag? Yes, it was.
Vinken for superintendent Schneider.
Can you explain why you five can see me but nobody downstairs can? Yes, Vinken? - We need to follow the coffin.
- Cyril, do you see Kato? Come on, Sofia.
- Come on, guys.
- Dad.
- Vinken, I'm coming up.
- False alarm, I'm coming down.
And what about us? Where did Luc suddenly appear from? - Dad? - Not now, kid.
You can't keep on like this, locking me up and ignoring me.
What else can I do, kid? Look at all these people here.
They're all here to mourn you.
So am I.
What else can I do? A young life full of expectations.
A future suddenly ends due to a gruesome death.
- I knew that I was crazy, dad, but you? - I'm nowhere near like you.
More than ever, you need support and comfort.
Let little Cyril come up here.
He wants to say a few things.
Kato, the first time I saw you we argued over the Xbox.
I hoped to get rid of you soon but now I'll miss you explaining that a dolphin isn't a fish and the sun isn't a planet.
How you would hold me with every good school report.
I miss you telling me what to do, I miss growing up beside you.
I miss Kato.
Kato is here At home, it feels as if someone has died.
You can stay here for as long as you like.
By the way, that handsome dude is Charlie.
He is Leon's cousin.
His mum says he was travelling but he was in an institution.
- In an institution? - Yes, he lost his marbles.
Wouldn't Alexander be able to help me? You know how happy he was with you and Leon.
- Good morning to you too.
- We need to talk.
You've been home for a week and all you do is lie in bed.
You know the deal, you have a month to find a job and then you're out.
I'm looking for a job, dad.
And about yesterday, we didn't see that Van Hoeven ghost.
Clear? I don't want to travel the world like you did.
A list of the mobile numbers from the mast in Stokkem.
Leon's number isn't one of them.
Damn it.
- Which ones are? - They're checking them now.
I'm going with the locals to check the CCTV footage along the route.
You can't just disappear unseen from a party.
Let Mr Big-head drive before you hit something again.
- I didn't know whether you'd be here.
- I can't let my fruit rot.
I should have chucked it ages ago.
I don't need anybody at the moment.
I can imagine your family needs you at home.
It would be an honour to work for you.
- Not bad, travelling when you're young.
- A bit of life experience.
You can unload the crates and help Ines in the warehouse afterwards.
Thank you.
Can you go any faster? There are cameras here.
I'll stay here, my brother stole his girlfriend in secondary school.
- What do you want? - I know we didn't get along because of the business with Leon but I want to know what happened.
I woke up in hotel Beau Sejour in room 108.
- In the hotel? - Yes, will you investigate it? I'll look into it.
Okay, yes, I'm on my way.
- It wasn't easy.
- It must be your charm.
This is 12 hours before and after the shooters' festival.
Can you screen it for me? Can you drop me off at the secondary school? Problems? Luc Hoeven didn't tell us everything.
Naughty Luc.
Sir, the federal police is here.
- Yes, okay.
- Come on through.
Thank you.
- Sorry, I was looking for something.
- Hello.
- Take a seat.
- Find it? No, I'm afraid not.
What can I do for you? Can you tell us exactly what you did after locking up after the shooters' festival? I've already told you.
Your mobile signal has been traced to a mast in Stokkem at four in the morning.
Were you there? Stokkem? Not that I know of, no.
So you're sticking with your story that you were fast asleep at home? Yes, of course.
So where was your mobile? Was it at home with you? What's all this about, dad? Take it easy, Mr Hoeven, we have all the time in the world.
I might have been to the off-licence in Stokkem.
And why didn't you tell us this last time? - I had been drinking.
- What? I had been drinking.
And it's bad enough as it is.
The people will say that the head was drunk again and I don't want that.
Isn't your daughter more important than your reputation? What did you buy in the off-licence? Dutch gin.
Are you available on your mobile the rest of the day? - Yes, I am.
- Thank you.
Hello, kid.
I know.
I have to stop and I will stop.
It's all so difficult.
Aren't you coming home with me? I still have some chips.
- We can deep-fry them.
- Sure, lovely, deep-fried chips.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
God damn it.
- Do you think it was just a dream? - What? Everything.
What are you doing? Stop it.
I told you that I woke up in here.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Get off me! How can I move on if I don't know what happened? 'Killer Apprehended', that's what I want to read and as soon as possible.
Dora Come and see this.