Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

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Mum? Come on Kato, pick up.
Everybody thinks I'm dead but a few people can still see me.
Cyril, do you see Kato? It's probably just a question of love.
The police think I'm involved.
They've found an eyelash on Kato's body and it's not hers.
They're drawing up a DNA profile.
- Was she raped? - I didn't find any semen but she does have light wounds to the vagina so yes.
The toxicological report shows she had traces of XTC in her blood.
God damn it.
You know I have a special gift.
I woke up in hotel Beau Sejour in room 108.
- In the hotel? - Yes, will you investigate it? This is 12 hours before and after the shooters' festival.
Can you screen it for me? Are you okay? - Do you think it was just a dream? - What? Everything.
Me lying dead in Beau Séjour.
- The cops will do their job.
- In your dreams, perhaps.
They don't have a single suspect yet.
They grilled Leon.
I don't know what they told you, but the hotel is open next week.
We'll be very happy to receive you.
That's right, madam.
Okay, have a nice day.
- What was so urgent? - The workers are still here - and people think we won't be ready.
- Let them.
They're right.
The contractor doesn't want to put in extra hours.
Can't you tell him to push on? He has undeclared workers.
- That's punishable.
- Your mum wants to turn herself in.
Is there any news about Kato yet? Not much.
- Maybe I'll cancel my training.
- Hold on.
There's no need to panic.
- There's no need to cancel it.
- I can't focus now anyway.
I'm 17 points ahead.
I need to win two races and The day you start like this is the day you get your butt kicked.
This isn't just about you.
I, your mum and your fans are counting on you.
What's most urgent right now? Do you think he'll come? - Maybe he had an urgent call.
- No.
Alexander doesn't really believe in therapy.
And now she's ashamed for dad.
My dear boy.
Some people get stressed when they return to normal life.
How about you? I feel that some people here are crazier than some in the institute.
- He's got a job.
- That's good.
Have you met any new people? I'll never be the life of the party, so There's no need.
And - Charlie, do you still suffer from - Hallucinations? He takes his pills.
I only see things that are real.
They even know about the eyelash.
Did you think they'd copy the press conference? Those bastards will get anybody they can.
'Killer Apprehended', that's what I want to read and as soon as possible.
Guys, what are we doing here? This may be our killer's eyelash.
The follicle is slightly damaged but the lab can work with it.
How did the XTC find its way into innocent Kato's bloodstream? Is somebody lying? Did she have strange boyfriends? I want a list of all the drug dealers in the area.
Perhaps that's a job for Vinken.
Blom? Where's Vinken? - Where's Vinken? - He's going door-to-door.
- We got some witness reports.
- On On the gravel pits.
Come on.
Move it.
Blom, has the petrol station footage been analysed? The boss and I are taking turns.
We have a lot of other things to do.
Please move it up a notch.
What about Kato's laptop? I wouldn't really call her innocent.
Perhaps we need to check her camera.
- Chairman, this is Luc Hoeven.
- Hello, Luc.
- These events are horrible.
- Yes, they are.
If there's anything we can do, perhaps about the race - Thanks, Bernard.
- We're here to help you.
The reason I'm calling - I've got a problem.
- Tell me.
- The cashbox is gone.
- What do you mean? The room was burgled.
- Somebody stole my keys.
- They didn't take any money, did they? Yes, the money from the race was still in there.
- How could that happen? - I had planned on going to the bank - but because of Kato I forgot.
- Do you know how much it was? - 8000 euro.
- 8000? What? - That's a lot of money.
- I know.
Bernard, I know.
I'm just as upset as you are.
- Where did they steal your keys? - I didn't ask for this.
- But this is not your first mistake.
- I've got other things on my mind.
The most beautiful sound in the world, 500 CC.
You didn't do anything foolish, did you Leon? Cyril Why can't I come? We're going to the sauna.
You don't want to walk around naked.
I know you're going to the cops about Kato.
No, we're not.
What's that? I need to go straight on.
Shit cop.
What did we say about swearing? If you want to use that word, you should say 'chips'.
Chips, chips, chips.
Salty chips, pepper chips, pickled chips cop.
Stop it, goddamn.
What are you doing? Are you destroying evidence? We've got a hotel that's opening up.
Stop it.
I told you that I woke up in here.
Have a look around.
If you find anything, I'll go to the feds.
It will be my pleasure.
Let go of me.
I don't like you telling me what to do.
I'm the cop around here.
And you? What are you? I'm going to tell the German cop what you're doing here.
Come here.
We're with you.
I know.
Thanks, Bernard.
I'm sorry about the phone.
I was upset.
I know, I know.
As Chairman, it's my duty to ask you not to be present at the meeting.
You'll understand.
- No, I don't.
- You can tell your side of the story.
Of course, but then we're going to have a meeting with the board.
A meeting? We'll need to have a vote.
This isn't the first time.
I've told you before to take the weekend money home with you.
- I've told you many times.
- I couldn't know - that my keys would get stolen.
- I've told you many times.
No, you couldn't know.
It will be fine.
Have a seat and we're going to discuss it.
Yeah, I will.
Go and have your meeting.
Caroline, where is the 2012 Club Championship cup? I have no idea.
Kato, what are you doing here? - Alexander is renovating room 108.
- So? Is he doing it on purpose? My dad is a giant asshole, but I don't think he'd We're going to tell the German cop that I'm still walking around here.
- And that they need to check the hotel.
- Kato, that's impossible.
- My trip around the world - You were in an institution.
I know.
- Everybody knows.
- He's right.
They won't believe him.
They'll believe you.
Kato wanted to study photography.
Travel the globe, take pictures.
She thought it was a cliché too, but it was one that suited her.
Some of the pictures are quite naughty.
Yes Of course I haven't seen all of them.
She liked to provoke sometimes.
- Is he coping? - Yes, that kid is amazing.
Were you ever under the impression that Kato took drugs? Drugs? No.
- We found traces of XTC in her blood.
- Kato's? - No, that's impossible.
- Maybe it was the first time.
No, never.
She was dead against it.
- Our bellboy wants pizza.
- He does too.
Madam, your cherry pie.
- Here is yours, Sir.
- Thanks.
- There you are.
Bakkie? - No, thanks.
Did I miss anything? Officially brain dead.
Milf and Gilf want a list of all the local XTC dealers.
Did you tell them I was going door-to-door? Did you see any familiar faces, like Luc or Ines? Here are some events that may be of interest to you.
11:16 p.
, strange man on bike.
He looked really weird, you know.
Griet saw a fox.
What's that? Did you see that? It's that worthless equipment at the petrol station.
There must have been a brief power outage.
I'll inform our duo.
- Show me Griet's little fox.
- Ask her yourself.
Can I see your little fox? Very funny, boss.
- I'm missing three of them.
- That's all you found in her room? - It doesn't matter.
- Nobody is going to listen to it.
Are we that bad? - Maybe.
- Really? I mean, look.
The Prodigy.
Who still listens to that? It's so 90s.
- That was the thing.
- You just want to have a thing.
Why can't I have a thing? - Your thing is - What's my thing? The thing is that your thing isn't my thing.
- So what is your thing? - I'll make you a mix.
Is it okay if I come and watch tomorrow's training? - Mr Hoeven? - Are you here for a report card? - Stop your nonsense.
- What nonsense? - I'm here for the cashbox.
- What do you mean? You couldn't leave it there, the 2012 Club Championship cup.
You were never able to handle the fact that Leon won back then.
- I can't believe you're that stupid.
- Take it easy, man.
- You've stolen my cashbox.
- I didn't take it, man.
Goddamit boy Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Or else? Or else? What will you do? Grab your stupid little bike and get lost.
- Loser.
- What an idiot.
- I told you to leave the cup behind.
- Why? It's mine.
I deserved it.
Don't you forget it.
- Are you looking for something? - Yes, my black top.
I think it's in the laundry.
I know what you've come to ask.
Ines en Leon's cousin we're talking about it at the shop.
And? Don't worry.
I won't act like a bitch.
But you're not doing Melanie and Leon a favour with this.
Sending the cops to the Beau Séjour It's okay.
Just don't forget that I'm on your side.
You're early.
Bart said you wanted information about local XTC dealers.
I made a list of the principal players but you won't find the killer among them.
- I think Kato wanted to have a party.
- Her parents say she was against drugs.
Have you never violated your own principles? Well, the results from the petrol station are in your pigeon hole.
Nothing shocking, really.
A fox, yes.
- They'll say I've been drinking.
- You drink too much.
They believe me.
Then what? Will they carry out a study? How should I know? There has to be a logical explanation.
There's no other way.
I'm trying to get everybody together.
Everybody is in except for Alexander.
- Yes, I understand.
- And you? - I'll do it.
Look at this.
- I don't have time for this now.
- Come on, dad.
- For the album.
It feels good to keep busy.
Sometimes I'm really mean to him and Cyril.
Sometimes I don't recognize myself.
I even said he can't understand it as Kato's isn't his daughter.
Your grief is your own.
Accept that.
Then you can move on.
How can I move on if I don't know what happened? If I don't know my own daughter? You know Kato like the back of your hand.
No, mum.
They found drugs in her blood.
Hi, Cyril.
You're here after all.
Yes, I am.
Alexander says he inspected the room at the Beau Séjour.
- And there was nothing.
- Really? Maybe you need to wait before making a statement.
They'll be asking questions, hard questions.
That's obvious.
- Then the press will get involved.
- Did that piece of shit win you over? I think we need to use our common sense.
If you dad makes a statement after he's been drinking, it'll be void.
Come on, I haven't been drinking.
- Just a few sips.
- Dad.
The hotel has to open this weekend.
I don't want Leon to be heart-broken.
You've been seeing a lot of Leon lately.
Did I hit a sore spot? That's not the answer.
My only concern is the investigation.
Chief Inspector Schneider is out.
Can I take a message? No thanks.
Perhaps he's right.
Is it in the interest of the investigation? Perhaps we need to let them do their job.
Have a bit of faith in them.
Is that the birdhouse you made with Kato? They said it was going to get cold and this one is for sparrows.
I also want to make one for great tits, but then the hole has to be 32 mm.
- How did you get to be so smart? - I just am.
Ay, chips - Shall we paint it together? - Yes.
I think I still have some paint lying around.
- Is that okay? - Yes, fine.
So this is the sixth ridiculous location? Did you expect an XTC dealer to walk straight into your arms? I want to make some progress.
This is crap.
Vinken is playing with us.
Why would he? There must be a lot going on in this racing ring.
Doping, XTC.
There's nothing about it in here.
It's nearby.
We can have a look.
I told you so.
Three major catastrophes will visit this place.
First the girl and then the apples falling from the sky.
- And what's the third one? - I can't tell you.
It brings bad luck.
Inez? Where were you? Sorry, Kato.
Stuff happened here and I wasn't allowed to leave.
- Did you do that? - I know.
- How was it? - A disaster.
Your dad convinced them all.
You have to outsmart him.
My dad thinks like this.
So, somehow we need to try What? Like this? Yes, think like that.
That's right.
Have you both become retarded at the same time? Come Ufo, Jef has picked up enough apples for a whole month.
What's all the painting for? You're beautiful as you are.
What's wrong? You're gone all day and crawl in bed in the middle of the night and otherwise you're with that woman.
Is your sister-in-law that important? - The hotel is nearly finished.
- Good.
Finally you'll have time for your family and go with us to your son's shrink.
- You know how I feel about that.
- Then you shouldn't have promised me.
I brought this for you: nun's feet.
You know I'm on a diet.
Please stay the way you are.
I think you're perfect.
Can you feel that? - I can't feel anything.
- No? And can you feel this? No, I can't feel a thing.
Do you have a moment, Leon? Yes, but I have to keep training to be strong enough.
Are there no substances for that? We're tested every few weeks.
Last year, Dieter got caught with something that wasn't on the list.
Doping doesn't really help you.
So you don't take any party drugs either? - And Kato? - Absolutely not.
- She had strong principles.
- But you have tried XTC? I tried it once, yes.
Was that the reason for your argument? We simply didn't make a good couple.
I think there's more going on.
- So what are you going to do? - Do you know 'cold reading'? - Is that fruit seller's jargon? - Something like that.
No, I learned that in Psychiatry.
Watch me.
Hey, Jef.
I found them.
On a public road.
Keep them.
I'm sorry I'm following you but I keep mulling over something you said.
- You found the hammer, didn't you? - All bloody.
The police said it was bull's blood.
You can't always be right.
It can't be a coincidence.
I've always had a gift.
Ever since I was a child.
I just feel that you know more than people think.
- Do you ever think of that girl? - That's not a happy subject.
That's true.
I do care about her.
This will alarm you - but sometimes I see images.
- Images? - Yes, really.
- Right now as well? Yes, water.
A lot of water.
The gravel pits? Possibly.
I can see something.
- Are we inside or outside? - Inside.
- Inside.
- Are we in room with a bed, perhaps? - Possibly.
- I can see something.
- Yes, I see many rooms, a house.
- Or a hotel, perhaps? And what else? A wheelbarrow.
Let's stick to the hotel.
Is there a number by the door? Three.
Perhaps it's a number with three digits.
Does it contain a zero? Yes.
- And what else? - A one.
- A one, zero and - Maybe.
- Is there an eight as well, maybe? - Yes, also an eight.
And an eight.
So, 108.
What could that be? A room number, perhaps.
You just mentioned water, a bridge across the water.
- Perhaps the hotel is - I'm just thinking Beau Séjour is a hotel near the water and there's a bridge.
Do you know what I think? Maybe that's where the girl You know.
You need to tell the police about this.
I think so too.
That's amazing, isn't it? Ufo! Come.
Can you whisper one more thing in his ear? It's about Marion.
Is Vinken out again? These drug tips are bullshit.
He's going door-to-door.
It's a busy day.
I've got a witness here who wants to make a statement.
- Who? - Jef Dewael.
He keeps coming with nonsense.
He's got news about Kato in Beau Séjour.
- That's the hotel where Leon lives.
- Where's Jef? Jef is not really - Where? - Interrogation room 1.
- Are you Chief Inspector Schneider? - That's right and you Kato Hoeven was killed in room 108.
Of Beau Séjour.
Wait, you're taking about Melanie Engelenhof's hotel? - How do you know this? - I suppose you don't know yet but I am what they call 'highly receptive'.
I pick up things that other people miss.
- So you sense these things? - Wait So, you're saying that Kato Hoeven was murdered at Beau Séjour? - Do you have any idea who did it? - No, I don't.
My colleague and I need to discuss this first.
Damn, Jef.
You forgot the photograph.
I'm not making myself ridiculous with a psychic.
We still don't have a crime scene.
Listen: Kato dumps Leon.
Leon feels humiliated, kills Kato at Beau Séjour and dumps her in the gravel pit.
Because a fool saw it in the stars? Yes.
I knew there'd be trouble in a hen house without a rooster.
Is she upset? Crabby.
Thank you, Jef.
You can go now.
- Many people are sceptical.
- I'm not sceptical but tired.
I know something about you too, Miss Schneider.
Really? I'm curious.
I see a young woman at her graduation ceremony.
- And there's a proud, old man present.
- What are you talking about? That's the image I received.
Come on, Jef.
You've bothered these people for long enough now.
- Was it your dad, perhaps? - We're going to examine the room.
But if you're pulling my leg, you will regret it.
Vinken? I thought you were going door-to-door? - My shift has just finished.
- Alexander, this won't do.
They've questioned Leon and want to have a look around.
She will have to let us in.
It's okay.
What did Jef say to make you change your mind? Nothing in particular.
It's remarkable that he picked this hotel of all places.
I want to have a look at Leon's room later on.
Oh shit.
Dora Come and see this.
No, no, no.
Get them out of here.
All of them.
Just leave us alone for a moment.
- Who has a key? - You know what people will say.
If they find out about the blood, they will destroy us.
I'm broke.
There's the renovation, and I need to pay back your loan.
Mieke! Calm down.
By next weekend everything will be okay again.
I promise.
Don't get all worked up.
I'll be right back, okay? Now you're upset, I suppose? I don't know what that little guy upstairs is up to but this you are a mistake.
What do you want me to do? Throw myself in the gravel pit again? I don't care.
Enjoy your second life.
Go on holiday.
- I hear South America is nice.
- I'm not running away.
Neither will your son.
Why am I constantly disappointed by the product of my own semen? I'm warning you, pal.
Let the ghost plod on alone.
Or shall I tell your mum you're seeing things again? Crazy people do get sent back sometimes.
- You're home already? - He was hungry.
- I did my best to be here on time.
- Thanks, darling.
- Do you want some tea? - Yes.
Inez? Hello? - We've been stood up.
- You're kidding.
- He's not showing up.
- Damn.
- There's sugar in it.
- It's okay.
Are you okay? Vercammen will have a heart-attack when he reads tomorrow's paper.
Psychic succeeds where cops fail.
There has to be an explanation.
We'll call Jef back in.
Are you positive? Thanks.
The DNA lab.
The eyelash on Kato's body - The DNA is female.
- What?