Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

De opening

1 PREVIOUSLY I woke up in Hotel Beau Séjours, in room 108.
Now explain to me why you five can see me, and nobody else.
This hotel is tainted with blood, they're out to destroy me.
Finally you'll have time for your family and go with us to your son's shrink.
Some people get stressed when they return to normal life.
I feel that some people here are crazier than some in the institute.
You know that I have a certain gift.
I just feel that you know more than people think.
Kato Hoeven was killed in room 108.
Psychic succeeds where cops fail.
What are you doing? Are you destroying evidence? What's that? There must have been a brief power outage.
The cashbox is gone.
As Chairman, it's my duty to ask you not to be present at the meeting.
They've found an eyelash on Kato's body and it's not hers.
The police think I've got something to do with it.
- We found traces of XTC in her blood.
- That's not possible.
I want a list of all the drug dealers in the area.
The eyelash on Kato's body The DNA is female.
We've been stood up.
Do you really think he has something to do with it? I have a prescription for a month.
But I can't stand being at home, all alone.
- I can take the day off and stay home.
- No, just go to work.
It helps me to see the kids being busy.
Do you know what I was thinking? Maybe I should just go back to work.
What do you think? If you feel that you're ready.
I need some more fat balls.
Come by the shop later on.
I have some lying around.
Here you go.
Are they incompetent? No, they're just wasting time on the wrong things.
They've arrested Jef.
Poor guy, I feel guilty.
Well, at least you now know that Beau Séjour wasn't a dream.
They've found female DNA.
They think that maybe Leon and Melanie did it together.
Leon is afraid to kill a spider, remember? What if the killer is someone I know? So, that's our culprit? Why would he lead us to the crime scene if he's involved? - No alibi? - He says he was at home.
He went to bed at 9:30 p.
, because his dog needs his rest.
Forensics are absolutely certain that Kato Hoeven was killed in room 108.
Either he's involved or he knows the killers.
You're thinking of two culprits, because the eyelash is female.
Who had access to the building? We're investigating all contractors and personnel.
We've tapped several phones but so far everyone has an alibi and a clean sheet.
What do you think, Dora? I think that Melanie and her son need to have a good explanation.
I'd like to further investigate Jef.
I'd also like to compare Melanie's DNA to the eyelash we found on Kato's body.
What did they teach you at the police academy? Find evidence.
This is Belgium.
You have no idea how much a DNA test costs and how long it takes.
We'll sort things out with the insurance.
That would be nice, Bernard.
- We'll do our best.
- I'd appreciate that.
Hello, Kristel.
I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this.
If there's anything you need, you know where to find me.
Thanks, Bernard.
- Thank you, Luc.
- Goodbye.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Yeah, uhm I came to see if it was possible for me to start teaching again.
That's possible.
- At home, it's - It must be driving you mad.
It will do you some good.
It's normal that they took me off the case.
I'm a relative.
Don't be worried.
Just answer their questions.
They'll soon discover that you had nothing to do with it.
The workers can continue.
Only room 108 remains sealed off.
Maybe we should postpone the opening for a week? Absolutely not.
When Boris died, you promised to help me with the hotel.
The police.
- Inspector Vinken.
- Vercammen called me.
I just came to drop off my nephew's training schedule, if that's allowed? You went to the party together.
- What time did you arrive there? - Around nine.
I told you all this already.
At 11:30 p.
you went home on your bicycle.
So you arrived here, at about 11:50 p.
? Was Kato really already gone? I said I didn't see her after the party.
I heard him come home.
- Alone? - Yes.
- Are you certain? - Do you have any kids? A mother knows whether her son comes home alone or not.
Was your mother in her bedroom when you came home? Yes.
I heard some noise.
What kind of noise? - In detail, please.
- The news and the weather report.
- You went to sleep afterwards? - No, I watched a film.
- What film? - I rented a film on the decoder.
- What film? - I can't remember.
That's not a problem.
I'll check with the provider.
- It was an erotic film, okay? - Title? - Do you find that amusing? - Not at all.
I'm glad that mothers watch that too.
Miss Engelenhof, are you prepared to give a DNA sample? Only with a court order.
I know my rights.
You know that I have to call an examining magistrate.
I have a cop in the family.
If you have no further questions, I would like you to leave now.
Fatso, how are you? I don't get, why you're still living here? - Why do you think I'm doing this? - I apologise.
Where is it? Couldn't you have come later? My boss thinks I'm delivering apples.
- Sorry.
I'm busy.
- Whatever.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Here.
- Great.
Where is the rest of it? - There.
Nice one, fatso, nice.
- Want one? - Fool.
Why a fool? We need to sample the merchandise.
No, thanks.
Are you going to act crazy? Not crazy, but I do feel like dancing.
- Where are we going to sell them? - I was thinking of the student party.
- I'll keep track of things.
- We agreed on 50-50, fatso.
Of the profit, smarty pants.
Where do you think they'll search first, your place or mine? Come to my place to help package them, okay? Catch you later, blondie.
Dad, did you cancel Kato's motocross lessons? Damn, that's right, I still need to call.
- Would you mind if I went instead? - Since when do you like motocross? I don't know.
I just want to do something that Kato also liked to do.
- Are there some cute guys there? - Come on, dad.
You know you'll always be my number one.
- Let's keep it from Kristel though.
- Really? Thanks.
This is car 110.
We're at Jef Dewael's residence.
We're going to assist our colleagues with the search of the suspect's house.
Dora? - Dora? - Yes, boss.
Look at this.
- Jesus Christ.
- Here.
- Who is that? - Claudia de Wit.
Jef has nothing to do with it.
Most of them are local child victims, including Kato Hoeven.
We're concerned about what's happening around us.
In three cases the victim was found and the culprit sent to jail.
Two cases are still open, Kato Hoeven and Claudia de Wit.
Things are taking a turn for the worse.
Why them? I'm very concerned about things here.
I really want to help.
Help? Are you referring to your powers again? - You see, they're mocking me.
- Show my client some respect, please.
Have you discussed this case with anyone? Did anyone tell you to go to the police? Are there other places you can lead us to where we can find evidence of other victims? You don't have an alibi for the night that Kato Hoeven went missing.
I'll personally find out where you were when the other victims died.
And? Are you alright, dear? I heard all about Beau Séjour.
Charlie helped out with Jef.
And now you feel guilty, because the police suspect him now.
- Do you want something to eat? - I came by to apologise.
Why? I shouldn't have gotten mad at you when the police were here.
I'm not sure who's responsible but I've received a gift.
I don't want to lose you again.
What do you think? Apple puree with head cheese? Marcus, I was wondering if I could have the day off tomorrow, because I You're too late.
I need Charlie at the register and you for the deliveries.
- It's important.
- What do you want me to do? I can't just conjure up personnel.
It's not possible.
Sometimes you're so angry, that you want to hurt the world.
One of these trays is enough.
You're angry because you want to change something you can't change.
Then you're angry for nothing.
So, it's better to do something else.
What does someone your size know? I'm not just very smart, I'm a good dancer as well.
- Are you going to show me? - I need to hang up the fat balls first.
You made me feel a lot better.
Piccolo, do you want a ride? Piccolo? Have you discussed this case with anyone? Look, this is from the Dutch internet.
Claudia de Wit went missing in the night of 12-13 November, 2011.
Last seen at a local riflemen's party.
That was five years ago.
We need to solve the Hoeven case.
You want to go to Holland? If we need international judicial assistance again, it'll takes weeks.
Don't bring up impotent examining magistrates and the risk to my job.
Look, it's almost weekend, you'll wake up tomorrow morning and you'll realise you can't come to work, because of some family matter.
You hand your tasks over to me.
What you do the rest of the day is completely up to you.
- Just ask questions.
- Okay.
- Nothing on the record.
- Don't worry.
What a nice place.
I made a mix for you.
I'll put it here for now.
- The police have come by again.
- What for? - Do you think I could murder someone? - No, don't be silly.
Absolutely not.
If Kato were here, she would say exactly the same.
Kato thought I was too emotional.
This is something entirely different.
My father said I could take over Kato's motocross lessons.
- In Bernard's group? - Yes.
They've been at it for six months.
Don't know, Don't you think that I can quickly catch up? - I can teach you if you want.
- Really? - Sure.
- Okay.
- Do you want to hear the mix? - Now? - You wanted to learn about 'my thing'? - Alright.
- Come on, don't act so tough.
- It's not that.
I have this CD too.
Yeah, right.
You're darlings.
- Did you bring the vases? - Yes.
I'll go get them.
He forgot them.
New coat? - Yes.
- It looks good on you.
Cava? - Do you have anything stronger? - Yes.
I don't like Cava.
It feels sticky in my mouth.
How are things with Charlie? Is he adjusting well? He has a job and takes his pills.
He's the sweetest son in the world.
- To Charlie.
- To our sons.
And to Beau Séjour.
I'm glad that everything is almost behind us.
Contractors, right? You know what really makes me happy? That soon, I'm going to see my husband more often.
Just be happy that you still have a husband.
Holy shit! Goddamnit.
Can't you ring the bell or something? - Do you want me to apologise? - I would actually.
Not for this, but because I dragged you along with Jef.
He is still locked up in a cell.
It's just the whole Beau Séjour thing.
I never thought they'd find anything.
- And now it's all so - I get it.
- You're afraid of your dad, aren't you? - I'm not afraid of my dad.
I'm afraid of myself.
You're dead.
Why do we never talk about the shooting festival? Why? Do you really not remember or are you pretending? No, not at all.
We kissed, Kato.
I was smoking and you came outside a bit drunk.
And before I knew it, you pulled me towards you.
- What happened then? - Then you suddenly walked away.
- Why? - That's what I was wondering as well.
Pizza? What's with the local connection, all of a sudden? Are you here for a typical mother and daughter moment? - Have you heard from the Stasi? - Don't talk about father like that.
Are you good at your job? You were mentioned in the papers.
I'm very good at my job.
Thank you.
Do you know Chief Inspector Vinken of the local police? He mentioned you.
He seems to know you.
Marion, you know I don't discuss patients.
Aren't all your patients children and adolescents? - His son? - Marion.
Yeah, yeah.
What do you want to know? Two young women have been murdered.
The cases are similar.
On the same day after the same party, but five years apart.
Why is there so much time between victims? That's a misunderstanding.
It's about the act itself.
There are many details that are repeated in a particular order.
A place, a feeling, a date, these can all trigger a crime.
You need a forensic profiler, not a child psychiatrist.
- It's her choice.
- It's too soon.
- What is too soon? - That you're going back to work.
It will do me good.
Let's see how it goes.
Alright, Renée? Here.
It was lying around at my place.
Have you heard what that woman is planning? - Which woman? - The festive opening at Beau Séjour.
They'll be sipping champagne as if nothing has happened.
The client selected the film Erotic Desires.
Jef Dewael's attorney is here with a witness.
I'm on my way.
TIME OF DEATH That's quite a coincidence, Mrs Engelenhof.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
- Mr de Wit? - That's right.
I'm Marion Schneider, Belgian Federal Police.
I'd like to talk with you about the disappearance of your daughter.
- Come with me.
- Thank you.
She gave horseback riding lessons to children.
That's what she liked doing most.
Claudia went missing after a shooting festival.
- No.
- That was a mistake in the papers.
There was a festival, but Claudia would never go there.
She went with friends to a party for youngsters in the village.
In the village, they claim she left with a boy.
Some also claim that they saw a 4x4 truck.
We first thought that she spent the night in the hotel.
Which hotel? The hotel of her best friend's parents.
If there were any empty rooms, the girls could sleep there.
So, you were there and I came from inside? You yelled something at Leon.
You seemed pretty drunk.
- What were you doing there? - Just hanging around.
All by yourself, outside? Sometimes, I amuse myself by watching everyone that passes by.
- What did we talk about? - Not much, that Leon was your ex.
And that you wanted to dance, so we danced in the parking lot.
You're a liar.
I don't dance.
You did.
You grabbed me and then you kissed me.
- With the tongue? - Yes, with the tongue.
- We need to - Wait, what happened then? You suddenly pushed me away as if I had assaulted you.
Even though you kissed me.
You walked away.
I first thought it was a game but you kept on walking.
- Did I walk to the street? - I don't know.
I have to go, okay? Charlie, is it possible that I saw all of you that night and that's why you can see me? - Who did you all meet? - My dad, Sofia, Ines, you.
But not your father.
Come, let's go.
What's going on? The neighbour has given Jef Dewael an alibi.
- Only now? - Yes.
Jef lets his dog out every three hours.
And every three hours he barks the neighbour awake.
At first, she didn't want to testify for him, but his attorney convinced her.
Any news on Beau Séjour? Chief, I was told not to share sensitive information with you.
Think of me as a lover you occasionally share sensitive information with.
- Fine.
- Come on, Bles.
- What did we say about farting? - Goddamnit.
Is he at it again? - Sorry, chef.
- Go get some air freshener.
- Do something about it.
- Air freshener.
I hope you're not coming to the opening, are you? Does anyone else have a different opinion than Melissa's? - Kathleen? - Minors shouldn't have children at all.
That's not what it's about.
What if you become pregnant? - That's not going to happen.
- Who would want to make her pregnant.
I still think it's murder, even if it's only a few months old.
You are murdering a living being.
Madam? They're watching a film now.
It was a bad idea.
Don't worry about it.
It's all so difficult.
I called my mother to come pick me up.
I could bring you home as well.
That red sweater I thought Oh, Kristel, don't do that.
They're going to catch him and punish him.
I promise you.
- Where is Schneider? - She's not here today.
Her mother was sick or something.
Beate Schneider, do you know her? That's great.
My superintendent and main suspect have both disappeared.
- Any more surprises today? - A piece of pie.
I'd like to get that court order for Melanie Engelenhof's DNA.
I thought the provider had confirmed her story about the porno film.
She ordered the film at 12:57 a.
and it ended at 02:12 a.
- Shortly after the murder.
- Don't you find that strange? That someone orders a film exactly when a murder is taking place close-by.
- Could she have been at the gravel pit? - Her telephone was at home.
But it's easy to order a film and then just leave.
Fine, you'll get your court order.
But I don't want to read in the papers that we're randomly checking DNA.
Don't forget about it.
Stefan, have those people had drinks yet? Hello, welcome.
May I offer you some refreshments? Mom, there are people who want to see room 108.
- No.
Who asked that? - Several people.
May I offer you some refreshments? My little cousin is here.
How are you? Don't worry.
I'm sound.
This is quite a happening.
Your mother must be pleased.
It's quite something, isn't it? - Everything that happened here.
- Do you want to see room 108 as well? I'm here for the girls.
You know that.
- Were you seeing Kato for a long time? - Not really.
Because, let's be honest, she was very attractive.
What? Is that inappropriate? Is it inappropriate? I understand it's really difficult for you as well as for your mother.
At least my father is still around.
Are you sure that Claudia slept in this room? Yes.
I'm sure.
There are many details that are repeated in a particular order.
- That was five years ago.
- I want to read: 'culprit caught.
' A place, a feeling, a date, these can all trigger a crime.
- What's behind here? - That used to be a chimney.
- Has it been closed off for long? - About five or six years, I think.
Madam, you can't just do that.
Guests will be sleeping here later.
My son is on his way over.
He won't like this.
Dora, call me straightaway when you hear this.
I did something very foolish.
All I got is a vague tip about a 4x4.
It's the truth.
Oh, no.
Send that woman away.
Stay calm.
- A lot of people.
- What do you want? I want to quickly take your DNA for the investigation.
- What? - Do you want me to read it out loud? Couldn't that wait for one day? Chief Inspector Vinken, I'm just doing my job.
- I'm not a suspect, am I? - It's fine, Nieke.
If you think you can ruin my opening with a piece of paper, you're mistaken.
- Hors d'oeuvres? - No, thanks.
Open wider on the left side.
That's all.
It wasn't that hard, was it? - Priority.
- Does it matter? Now I know how serious it is.
Chief Inspector Vinken, you were taken off the case, weren't you? Thank you.
I wish you good luck.
Are you alright? Where were you during the shooting festival? I started to miss you.
I think the five of you saw something that night.
I didn't see you.
Will you disappear when your murderer is found? Or will you keep on looking over everyone's shoulder? I will find him, mum.
I promise.
- I made a mistake.
- Calm, Nieke.
No one is blaming you.
Leon? What will happen to Leon if I'm sent to prison? - What are you talking about? - I didn't kill her.
I swear it.
I heard a sound.
I thought it was you.
I called out your name.
But who was it then? Leon? No, that's not possible.
Nieke, let's get you in bed.
It's been a rough day.
I went looking in the rooms.
She was already lying there.
I didn't kill her.
I took her and dumped her in the gravel pit.
What? She couldn't remain here.
I did it for you, for Leon, for us.
I wanted her to be found.
I immediately went to get Melanie's DNA swab.
You see, sometimes it pays off doing it the hard way.
I'm afraid Vercammen will receive a phone call from Holland.
Those people have filed a complaint.
So you wrecked a hotel room for nothing? Except for the tip about the 4x4.
Did you get the new traffic images yet? From the road of the shooting club to the Beau Séjour.
- Anything? - I still haven't seen a 4x4.
How long have you been at it? Wait a second.
Come here.
Do you see that girl? That looks like Kato Hoeven.
Sometimes it feels like she's still here, you know.
She is.
You don't realise how deep in trouble you are.
- I was there when she needed me.
- You took her away from me.
- Could this be Kato? - Yes, that's her.