Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Volle maan

Two young women have been murdered.
The cases are similar.
On the same day after the same party.
Look, this is from the Dutch internet.
Claudia de Wit.
I'm afraid Vercammen will receive a phone call from Holland.
Those people have filed a complaint.
Do you see that girl? That looks like Kato Hoeven.
Our Kato Where is the 2012 Club Championship cup? You couldn't leave it there.
You were never able to handle the fact that Leon won back then.
Fatso, how are you? Ghosties.
Go for it, Leon! We kissed, Kato.
My father said I could take over Kato's motocross lessons.
I can teach you if you want.
Think of me as a lover you occasionally share sensitive information with.
The eyelash on Kato's body The DNA is female.
That's all.
I didn't kill her.
I took her and dumped her in the gravel pit.
What? - Melanie is innocent.
- She dumped me in the gravel pit.
After you were dead.
Do you want Leon's mother to go to jail? Fuck you.
You don't understand the kind of trouble you are in.
How do you think the drugs got in your blood? If you keep silent about Melanie, I'll give you a name.
Who? When the moon is full.
You could also wait for the fools of the Federal Police.
Deal? That stings.
Maybe you shouldn't drive a motorcycle in your condition.
I just wasn't paying attention.
That's what I mean.
You're preoccupied.
I think there is something to the XTC in my blood.
- What do you mean? - I should look further into that.
- Do you know who deals around here? - What do I know of drugs.
Sofia or Charlie might know something.
Good morning, Jan.
Hurry up, ladies.
Captain Hoeven.
- Did you come to challenge me, buddy? - I just came to drop my girlfriend off.
I'm going to enjoy my trophy later on.
There he comes.
If I discover that you have my money, you'll regret being born.
Keep your hands to yourself.
- You know what your problem is? - What? You think you're all that, but you're not.
You're not good enough.
You're not good enough for a trophy, wastrel.
If you hadn't disqualified me, the trophy would've been mine.
Why did you steal it then? Come, Kathleen, you should be in class.
And you behave.
I'll see you later, honey.
Cop ruins hotel room.
Rowdy family party, Schneider? - We discovered - We have serial killers on the loose.
- The papers find it very amusing.
- To each his own.
Your lies about her sick leave were also amusing, Plettinckx.
So amusing, that Melanie Engelenhof's DNA-test is no longer a priority.
You're kidding.
Do you think the government shits money? A priority DNA-test is no longer in the budget.
The Dutch hotel is suing us for a lot.
You are officially to blame.
And you can wait a few weeks on your DNA.
Meanwhile, we've been busy.
Doesn't that interest you? This is a few hours before Kato's death.
The motorcycle doesn't have plates, but we're trying to identify him quickly.
Thank you.
There is nothing better than fresh coffee made by God's most beautiful creation.
When do you have to work today? I don't have to work today.
I just wanted to have breakfast together.
I know what I promised, but I really have to go to work.
You spent an entire minute here today.
I like to be missed.
It keeps the desire alive.
What desire? The desire to clean your clothes and dishes? You can do it yourself from now on.
I'm going to the theatre, walk with friends and I have plans for the weekend too.
I'll make it up to you.
I promise.
Just have a little more patience, okay? I love you.
Sofia? Sofia? Hello, Marcus.
It's me.
The police wants me to drop by.
As soon as possible.
I'd better drop by then, right? I'll call you afterwards, okay? Mum, did they find something? Sofia? - Bakkie? - Chef? Has the DNA swab been sent away yet? - Yes.
I'm not sure whether - Bakkie, don't forget I'm your lover.
That's the reason why.
I'm not sure I'd tell my lover.
Not even to Vanessa? Maybe, if she'd undress and grab my revolver.
They've been sent to the national DNA-lab, but not as a priority.
Our Marion has been put in her place because she destroyed a hotel wall without permission.
- So, the DNA will be there for weeks? - I think so.
They have a new lead.
They want to know who the motorcyclist is.
I'm doing all the research: models, dealers, and motorcycle gangs.
I called all the garages in the area.
It turns out to be a Suzuki GT750.
Bakkie, that's a classic GS500, dual exhaust top ridge risers made of pig iron, the complete package.
- Dual? - Good work.
Keep it up.
Luc? - You had to come as well? - They called me.
- Do you know why you're here? - I don't know.
- Do you know? - No.
We had to be here at eleven, didn't we? - Are you alright? - I'm fine.
Do you remember when we went camping in De Wissen? I do.
- Kato was three then.
- Four.
She rode one of those rafts.
Our little girl.
I still can't - Sometimes I feel that she's still here.
- She is.
Mrs Brouwers, Mr Hoeven, please follow me.
Could this be Kato? Yes, that's her.
- Do you think so? - Yes.
- Is that him? - We're looking for him as a witness.
Do you know him? - Mr Hoeven? - No.
Why did she do that? She was supposed to come straight home.
We're trying to discover why she was on the motorcycle and who the driver is.
Maybe someone will recognise him.
Family, friends or an acquaintance.
We would also like to put out a request for information.
If that's necessary, then I'll leave you alone for a bit.
I want to leave this place.
Can you bring me home? Kato, why did you do something like that? - You took a ride from a stranger.
- I don't know, dad.
Okay? - Can I have the keys? - I'll just drive myself.
- I don't mind at all.
- I know.
That's kind of you, but I feel better now.
The images were too much for me.
First the drugs and now this.
Why did she do those things? - The divorce wasn't a good idea.
- I didn't want to divorce, Kristel.
Luc, you were never there.
You were either at school or drinking at the motocross club.
I've changed.
I'm going to change.
- Especially now with Kato.
- Now, it's too late.
You were there at the party.
I keep wondering, why didn't you keep a better eye on her.
We lost her.
Both of us have.
At least you still have your and his family.
My husband's name is Marcus.
So, he is your husband now.
I didn't know.
- What? - That you already got married.
I can't take this any longer.
Kristel, come on.
I have something for you.
I didn't put a ribbon on it though.
Tomorrowland? Or is it too much? I bought one for myself as well.
I can't accept this.
Why not? It's a gift for the lessons.
If you don't accept it, I'll be very embarrassed.
Thank you.
Show me your move again.
You can't even see his face.
Do you know someone with such a heavy motorcycle or a similar vest? - No.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
Has my saliva been tested yet? We'll keep you informed.
Just take care of your guests.
I'm working on it.
Bye, Nieke.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
- I called for a seminar.
- Let's have a look.
- Your name, please? - Henkers, from the HAZODI district.
You're here for A seminar on fibre and lead ball research, I was told.
That's correct, but it takes place the day after tomorrow.
There isn't one today? No.
Only the one in two days, but it's full.
I don't see your name here.
What about my colleagues' names? Janssens? Peeters? Rutten? Inspector Janssens, that's right.
The seminar starts at 10:00 a.
the day after tomorrow.
Thank you.
'Luc Hoeven, leave a message after the beep.
' 'This is the treasurer, Bernard.
Don't forget it's your turn to open the clubhouse today.
Okay? Thanks, Luc.
' Damnit.
Kato? Sofia, why are you riding around in Kato's motocross outfit? What does it matter? You've been drinking.
Don't be so impertinent.
Do you think she likes that you're driving around like that? How would I know? Why don't you go and ask her? That went well.
You did great.
Is driving a tractor as difficult as driving a car? - It's about the same.
- So I can drive a car now? - Once your legs are long enough.
- Yes.
Don't rush things.
You'll grow up soon enough.
When I grow up I want to have a farm with goats and donkeys.
- You first need to find a woman.
- I already have.
- We already kissed.
- You don't waste any time, do you? Why don't you bring her along? - What are you doing? - Hello.
Cyril? You know that I like you.
Maybe you should wait for a while.
Enjoy being single for a while before we commit ourselves to each other.
I understand.
- Luc.
- Marcus.
Sofia has stolen Kato's cross outfit.
Are you going to invite me in, or not? Listen Luc.
I understand that you're emotionally attached to Kato's things.
I really do understand, but I'm Not just me.
Kristel won't appreciate it either.
You have to learn your daughter some manners, Marcus.
With all due respect, I decide how to raise my kids.
It's a matter of principal.
She has to leave my daughter's things alone.
I paid for those clothes.
I bought them as a present for her.
- Luc? - Kristel.
Talk some sense into him.
I don't want Sofia touching Kato's things.
Luc, you reek of beer.
That's beside the point, Kristel.
It's not right that Sofia is wearing Kato's motocross outfit.
Is Sofia wearing Kato's motocross outfit? I said she could take over the lessons.
They were already paid for.
- Marcus? - That's what I mean.
That's the point.
He's making decisions about our daughter.
- I was there when she needed me.
- Calm down.
You took her away from me.
Calm down.
Stop that.
Cut it out.
Stop it.
Leave us alone, goddamnit.
- What are you doing? - What does it look like? - Mother would turn over in her grave.
- It's not to my taste.
She's right.
They're ugly.
If you don't tell me who he is, I'll call Charlie and tell him everything.
Screw you and your full moon.
Charlie! Outside.
Okay? - Your word? - Okay.
But that's the same guy.
Who is that guy? Hannes Vanderkerk, Dutch importer of party goods.
- Hannes Vanderkerk? - If I were you, I'd leave him alone.
He's not a nice guy.
Did he give me the XTC? I don't understand.
How did you get these images? I promised you the killer's name, that's it.
If you know who did it, why don't you just tell me? Oh, my god.
Did you see me take that turn? - Do you want to go another round? - Sure.
This is the real deal, fatso.
The real deal.
- You won't be part of this soon.
- Yeah right.
You won't be a part of it.
Let's pack them per two.
Kenny, lend a hand.
Why? Because tonight is the first night, it's buy one get one free.
Next time, we'll make a fortune.
Will my profit be the same then? You'll make ten times the money, Ines.
I promise you.
Shouldn't we wash our hands first? Smart thinking, Ines.
Smart thinking.
Goddamnit, Ines.
Come over here.
- Did the training go well? - How about here? Many guests? Only one room is rented out, but they're happy.
- Do you have a race this weekend? - A regional race.
I'll come and watch.
- It's not an important race.
- I'm coming anyway.
I've already missed too much.
- Stay and watch some TV with me.
- It's already past ten.
Doesn't matter.
Request for information 'Please pay attention to this request for information.
The authorities are looking for this person who is an important witness in an open murder case.
The man was filmed shortly before Kato Hoeven's murder on the Grote Steenweg in Dilsen-Stokkem, earlier this month.
The investigators would like to make contact.
The man may have seen something suspicious.
If you have any information regarding this person or if you've seen him you can contact the local police or call this number.
' Why are you looking so strange? I think he has something to do with the drugs in my blood.
What do you mean? I heard the name drop of a Dutch drug importer.
We need to find out who sells XTC here and where they are selling it.
For coke and pills you need to go to student parties.
Why don't I know that? If you don't do drugs, you wouldn't notice it.
Do you want to go there? - Relax.
Can I get you a cocktail? - No.
- Mate.
- Mate.
- It's been a long time.
- I didn't know you were out.
- Why didn't you let me know? - I was busy.
You know how it goes.
What do you mean? Getting laid? - Do you have any treats for me? - I do.
Very nice treats.
Look, ghosties.
Good shit plus they're on sale.
- Really? Where? - Over there.
- Do you see that guy over there? - Thanks, man.
- Can I buy some from you? - Not now.
I'm dancing.
Almost done.
- How many? - Just one bag.
Are you sure you only want one? I'm giving a huge discount today.
One bag with two ghosties is enough.
Five euro.
If you know someone else, you know where to find me.
I'm looking to buy a lot.
I heard about some Dutch guy.
Verkerk? Van den Kerk or something.
- Doesn't ring a bell.
- Thanks anyway.
- You really can't dance.
- What makes you say that? I see dancing as a Hey retard, if you mention the name Vanderkerk again I'll kill you myself, got it? I mean it.
Let's go, guys.
Are you alright? He's just an idiot, who thinks he's somebody.
- Maybe fatso talked to someone.
- To whom? - Like I know.
- Maybe he heard at the motocross club.
- Goddamnit.
I wanted to kill him.
- Relax, Steve.
Stay calm.
No, Gianni.
We should've beat him to death.
- Should we tell Vanderkerk, or not? - No, we're all keeping our mouths shut.
We only call him when we need new stuff, got it? - That goes for you as well.
Got it? - I do.
- I'm not kidding.
Got it? - I really do.
Then it's fine.
- Put on some music.
- Check this.
They played this inside as well.
It's a great tune.
- Bart, where is Alexander? - It's a madhouse here.
We need to check all the tips that come in.
- Is there anything useful? - I can't say, it's an ongoing case.
If there's anything, you'll be the first to know.
I have a tip for you.
- That is if you want to make a big bust.
- Come with me.
- Leave that.
- I'll buy an ice pack at the store.
- Anything else? - No.
I put your dinner in the fridge, because I'm away.
Chicken filet.
Is that alright? It's for you, not your father.
- Didn't you know he had a lover? - It's nothing serious, mum.
I have Vanderkerk's number.
It's a Belgian number though.
Let me know when you need me to get beat up again.
- Sorry.
- Sorry? Please don't make me laugh.
- Should we call him? - I'm not so sure.
If we use Skype, he won't know who's calling.
- He's a serious drug dealer.
- We're so close.
I want to catch him.
I'm serious.
Those guys from last night are nothing compared to guys like him.
It's easy for you, but I've reason to be afraid of guys like that.
Easy? It's indeed really easy for me.
I'm just walking around.
Finding my murderer is what? Just a hobby? By the way, I got Vanderkerk's name from your father.
Hello? This is one of the guy's from Dilsen.
Do you have any more ghosties? I have a woman from Genk, who recognised her cousin.
It turns out, he's been living in Australia for five years.
Don't be afraid to hit the gas.
Try to shift to second gear.
You can do it.
Come on.
Don't give up.
You can do it.
- What's the matter? - This is silly.
Do you know that? Why didn't you just kiss me yesterday? Where? - Or don't you feel the same? - We can't.
- You mean Kato? - That too, but our parents as well.
What about our parents? - You don't know, do you? - What? Nothing.
Never mind.
- What are you talking about? - Forget about it.
What do you mean, Leon? Why won't you tell me? Thanks.
The motorcycle was a GT750 and not a GS500.
Is Blom stupid or something? We'll be here for a while.
I'll order us some pizza.
Is everything arranged? Suus, don't worry.
Everything is ready for your party.
Are you sure? I'll have someone pick up the fire pits.
That's great.
- It's taken care of.
- Everything has to be on time.
- Thanks, little brother.
- That's what I meant.
Christmas trees and fire pits Have you seen the Hoeven kid again? - Why? - Did she say anything? I haven't seen her again.
Leon? That's it.
It's back.
That look in your eyes is why you never lose.
Living from week to week is the only thing that matters.
The future is next Saturday.
What will happen to him if they catch me? - I'll take care of things.
- How? Just trust me.
- Will you stay here tonight? - Okay.
Her testimony is remarkable.
Five or ten years ago, it wouldn't have been possible.
He's not from Dilsen.
The motorcycle would've been recognised.
I said to Ruud the other day, it could've been our daughter, Fien.
- Come on ladies, the final steps.
- Past the Beau Séjour.
- The murder hotel.
- Business must be dead.
You know how it goes, Sonja.
Those stories are all exaggerated.
Hell must have frozen over.
You're defending Melanie.
We tried to sum up all her lovers once, but the night was too short.
Listen to Saskia go.
My neighbour's cabinetmaker slept with her as well.
A police car.
You're keeping an eye on your man, I hope.
He's probably here for Leon.
That's great, he can drive me home.
I'm exhausted.
We'll do this again next week.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Should we've called Alexander and the federal police? Bles, we have them red-handed.
What are you doing here? Vanderkerk.
- They've got him.
- Dad, he can see me too.
A girl like me, what do you mean by that? Nothing, you know.
I think it's spicy.
All I know is that mum died in a car crash in Holland.
What happened exactly? Sometimes Kato comes over, and we talk.
She's here, she really is.