Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

De bruiloft

What's that? Did you see that? Well, the results from the petrol station are in your pigeon hole.
Nothing shocking, really.
When Boris died, you promised to help me with the hotel.
- Has my saliva been tested yet? - We'll keep you informed.
The samples have been sent to the national DNA-lab, but not as a priority.
I called for a seminar.
But it takes place the day after tomorrow.
We can't Our parents.
- What about our parents? - You don't know, do you? Ghosties.
Goddamnit, Ines.
Police! Who is that guy? Hannes Vanderkerk, if I were you, I'd leave him alone.
Maybe fatso talked to someone.
Should we tell Vanderkerk, or not? I have Vanderkerk's number.
It's a Belgian number though.
- What are you doing here? - Vanderkerk.
- So you're not dead.
- Fuck you.
Are you going to get lippy again? If you're here to cause trouble you'd better get lost.
- Let me go.
- Not like this.
You've come to my sister's wedding party.
And you spit in my face in the presence of my family? - How did you get here? - Brother? - Come and dance.
- Allow me to introduce you.
She's so sorry she didn't bring a present.
Who? Come and dance.
What did you do to me after the motorbike ride? Listen, I've had too much to drink for this kind of nonsense.
We're having a party so I'm going to get pissed and then I'm crawling into bed.
Feel free to join us but don't fuck with my mind.
Understood? - Charlie? - Kato? Charlie, I'm at Vanderkerk's.
- What? - In Maasmechelen.
Send the cops.
There's a wedding party going on.
- The address is 12 Steenhofdreef.
- And what do I tell the cops? I don't know, think of something.
12 Steenhofdreef did you say? - So you stayed.
- And I've overslept.
I have to go.
You rest a bit.
Wait, I'll get you a pillow.
And have a nice day.
Are you still here? What did I ask you? You told me to get dressed when I'm dead.
I'm not dead yet.
That was half an hour ago.
I thought you were nearly dead then.
But then I was given extra lives and a machine.
- Cyril.
- Kristel? I'm far too good for this world.
You do agree that motocross lessons aren't a good idea, don't you? I have to.
I'm sticking to my statement.
So you just happened to be visiting your cousins? A girl like you might need some extra money every now and again.
A girl like me, what do you mean by that? Nothing, you know.
You work in a fruit shop, you live in digs.
Are they distracting you? - Do you like them? - No, yes.
No, not like that.
If you let me go, you can feel them.
What kind of a cop are you? Do you think I'd prostitute myself? Ines, come on.
I want to file charges for sexual harassment.
This isn't the way to get yourself released.
I know but there must be a way? Do you regret what you've done? Look, if you say you were there as a client to buy pills you'll probably get away with a fine.
Perhaps the examining magistrate will order a search of the premises.
This is Hilde's mailbox.
Leave a message after the beep.
Sorry that I'm not there.
I fell asleep at the station.
I slept terribly, I'll make it up to you tonight.
- Superintendent Janssens.
- Fibres and hair research.
Can I wait in the classroom so I can get some work done? We store forensic materials.
You'll understand we can't just let everyone in.
If you take a seat there someone will come and pick you up.
- And could you sign here, please? - There you are.
Thank you.
Look what I can do.
Come on, Charlie.
So it wasn't the booze then? Are you going to tell me what you did to me? Pancake? I don't get it.
Didn't Vinken check the footage from the petrol station? That's what I thought.
We're here.
I might be mistaken but aren't dead people supposed to be dead? Hello, may we ask you a question? Whose scooter is that on the drive? Uncle Hannes, two women are asking who your bike belongs to.
Morning, Marion Schneider.
And Dora Plettinckx, Federal Police Tongeren.
Is that your motorbike in the driveway? We want to ask you a few questions as a witness.
Sis? Cops.
- Good morning, what do you want? - Good morning.
Do you have a warrant? This is my house.
Would you mind pissing off? Calm down, we just want to ask sir a few questions about a case involving a girl from Dilsen.
We hope that you'll come with us.
- Come on, ladies, let us go.
- Thank you.
So you're up to this.
Bles, very foxy.
- Yes, Kristel? - Yes, Luc.
I never want to have a scene like last time again.
We've talked to Sofia about it and I don't want to discuss it with you.
- Will she still be motocrossing? - No, it's not up to you to give orders.
No, okay.
Okay Right, I'd like to bake those cakes Kato used to bake for Cyril's birthday.
Kato had her own way of baking them.
And she wrote her recipe down somewhere.
I thought I had it but I don't.
Do you happen to have a copy? I don't know off the top of my head.
I only have one cookbook.
- Grilling secrets.
- It contains good things.
- I'll have a look.
- Okay.
Thanks, bye.
- What's that? - My God, you startled me.
- You know? - Those are mum's photos.
- Shouldn't you get dressed? - I'm going like this, today.
Go away or I'm calling Kristel.
I'll call her.
Kristel! The classroom is at the back.
C52, just follow the arrows.
You don't dare.
Is he talking? I'm sorry, Chief Inspector Schneider but I reported the missing time code.
I had a few issues at home.
I'm on my way now.
Mr Vanderkerk, you gave Kato a ride on your motorbike and the following day we fish her body out of the gravel pits.
She wanted a lift.
We have CCTV footage from a petrol station that you and Kato are cut out of.
Can you tell me why this crucial moment was deleted? No idea.
- Hand me the USB-stick.
- Do you know Alexander Vinken? And the envelope.
What are you doing, conscience? Are you trying to set me up? Fortunately, the original footage is stored on this USB-stick.
And it came in this envelope.
Can you tell why your sister's address is noted as the sender's address? I'm not saying anything without my lawyer.
If you don't say anything, Mr Vanderkerk, we'll be tempted to make assumptions.
That could be unpleasant for you.
Just tell them what you did to me.
You can't keep silent forever.
Hey Where are you putting that SIM card? I'm not helping you anymore.
Look, Vinken.
Exactly 12 minutes are missing.
How is this possible? - Did you look in your post-box? - In my what? I told you that the analysis of the footage was in your post-box.
You should personally have come and told me that the time code jumps.
You said the footage didn't contain any important information.
No, there aren't any important revelations, just that the time code jumps.
It's not that surprising, those cameras don't work half the time anyway.
Did you copy the footage from the USB stick to the central computer? - Yes, I did.
- So where did this one come from? This isn't the USB stick with the footage from the garage.
The one you gave me didn't have an iron ring.
It did have an iron ring.
Where is the original stick? - I must be on my desk.
- Let's go to your desk then.
It should be in the drawer here.
Oh, this USB stick contains something else.
I don't get it, this is Bart's research of the Suzuki.
I'm fed up with your amateurism.
I take full responsibility.
- Call Vercammen, I've made a mistake.
- A mistake? - It looks more like obstruction.
- This isn't in any way obstruction.
We want the bastard just as bad as you do.
Kato is my cousin's girlfriend.
Everyone knows her or her family.
- What do you know about Vanderkerk? - Nothing.
On paper, he hasn't set a foot wrong.
If we don't find anything, he'll be fined for driving without a licence plate.
Look at this, that's you with your stupid little head.
- Dad.
- What are you doing here? Sofia is looking at photos of mum.
We want to ask you something.
Cyril, there's nobody in the shop.
- What about Ines? - She's not here.
- I'll tell them we're having a sale.
- You do that.
Dad? Why do you never talk about mum? - I talk about her if you ask.
- That's not true.
Leon said there was something going on between our parents.
What don't I know? Look, here.
That's you with mummy and me.
And Leon with his parents, Melanie and Boris.
All I know is that mum died in a car crash.
In Holland.
And that you were very unhappy.
Until you met Kristel, but what exactly happened? I never told you because you were young.
Your mum had an affair.
With Leon's dad.
How and - So when was that? - Just before the accident.
- So seven years ago.
- I was eleven at the time.
- For how long? - I don't know.
Listen, at the time of the accident your mum was in the car.
Together with Leon's dad.
I didn't know about it, Melanie didn't know about it, nobody did.
- And who knows now? - Don't worry about it.
People like to talk.
Did Kato know? Yes, Kristel told Kato.
We thought it would only confuse you.
I didn't know that mummy was a slut.
I don't want you thinking of your mother like that.
While we wait for the tea my client was promised, I'll get started.
I'll make sure you adhere to Belgian legislation.
If I notice my client's rights are being violated in any way - you'll have to deal with me.
- Mr Vanderkerk.
- What are we watching? - That's simple.
An appointment with a client, he cancelled so I went home again.
On the way, I met a girl who I gave a lift.
She starts playing up there so I told her to get lost.
Full stop.
End of story.
Again, but slower this time.
- You have a business in party goods.
- Partygoers.
Do you all drive without licence plates? Ah yes, the licence plates.
You'd better fine my client for that.
- Mr Vanderkerk.
- My client is being criminalised while we're fully cooperating with you.
Didn't he hand you his mobile? His Dutch mobile, and it was switched off on the night of the murder.
How did your client cancel your appointment? Smoke signs? - Carrier pigeon? - Okay, time out.
My client won't say another word until he has his camomile tea.
I never hitchhike.
I knew it was a bad idea to give you a lift.
So where was I when I was hitchhiking? Where was I? Get lost.
And the CCTV footage isn't enough to detain him? They're looking for the person who sent the letter.
And who deleted the footage from the server.
We know about the footage but why would my dad protect that man? Is he afraid of him? What's the link between the five people who can see me and Vanderkerk? That's simple.
Where is Charlie? He's leaving, I've had enough of it.
Dr Schneider says he's feeling better.
Charlie is staying.
And I have also had enough.
I've had it up to here.
Honey? What's the matter? I saw you.
On the couch with Melanie.
And what did you see? Nothing.
- Because nothing happened.
- Really? I fell asleep on the couch, that's all.
So why lie about it on the phone? Because I knew you'd make an issue of it and see, you are.
I saw her in your arms.
A murder has been committed there.
They even suspect Leon and Melanie.
She was scared to death.
Honey, I'll come to Dr Schneider.
I promise.
Did you send the USB stick to the feds? Answer me.
Do you realise what you're sticking your nose into? Did that girlfriend of yours put you up to it? You did tell her that you were in an institution? - And that you're a psychopath.
- Are those rotten? No, they're fine, aren't they? Hello there.
The recipe of the rice tart you used to make.
Do you remember? Does it look like I want to bake a cake? Ho, ho ho - What's up? - Do you know this guy? - Is he from the motocross? - Hannes Vanderkerk.
They've arrested him but he's not talking.
- They've got him? - Half.
He's lying that he dropped me off.
Why would you go with someone like that? You can tell by his face that he can't be trusted.
- Do you know him or not? - How should I know him? He can also see me.
You know, perhaps Sofia or Ines know something.
It's about time they started being honest with you.
- What do you mean? - Sofia is wearing your leathers.
She's taking motocross lessons and she's winding Leon up.
And Ines is at the police station, she was arrested with a lot of XTC.
- What? - I've just told you.
What about the recipe for the cake? Your mum was asking for it.
We'll do it tonight.
Can't you knock? - Wasn't this Kato's room? - Yes.
What did dad say about mum and why can't I know? Cyril, not now.
- He doesn't fancy girls like you.
- Who? - Leon.
- Because I'm dumb and superficial? - We'll see who has the most likes.
- What an intelligent and mature remark.
Get out of here.
Beat it.
Sorry, but during my research I came across this hottie.
What the hell are you doing? Schneider will think I tampered with the footage.
Thanks to you, Bakkie.
- Hang on, I caught ghosties.
- Ghosties? - And why don't I know about this? - The yobbos on the square.
We searched their place and bang, four kilos of ghost pills.
- What? - I don't know where they got them from.
- But they had the best of the best.
- Damn, I know from who.
It's my case.
Okay, we're on our way.
Vanderkerk is a drug dealer.
- What? - XTC.
- What are you going to do? - I'm calling Buwalda, his lawyer.
He had better buy Vanderkerk some clean underwear.
God damn it, I've had enough of this.
Listen carefully, Gianni.
Don't play silly buggers with me, I know you bought ghosties from Vanderkerk.
- I never said that.
- You did.
And you're going to tell Chief Inspector Schneider the same.
- Kato, don't be angry with me.
- No, of course not.
What's up? I was at my cousins when the police raided the place and found kilos of XTC.
- Which cousins? - On my dad's side.
- I told you about them.
- The riff-raff? Yes, the three little pigs.
- Does one of them call you fatso? - How do you know? No, Ines, you're not serious.
Your cousins do business with Vanderkerk.
The man who I was on the motorbike with.
- I don't know anything about it.
- What were you doing in that house? - I needed money.
- Drug money? God knows.
- Don't say you drugged me that night.
- Are you mad? - Or our cousins? - No, you were with Sofia and Leon.
The examining magistrate likes you.
Inspector Blom will let you out.
You will be getting a serious fine.
Come on, I'll drop you home.
Are you happy that we've got him? Are you? Vanderkerk had the most potent ghosties on the market.
But we could never catch him.
Thanks to Gianni Anthoni we can detain him for a while.
Is that why you withheld the footage? What do you think someone like that will do if they see their own wanted notice on TV? It's a good thing you found him.
Hopefully the feds can wrap it up quickly now.
You're manipulating me again.
Has anyone ever told you that you have trust issues? Are you all right? Obviously not.
- They haven't let him go, have they? - No.
Your dad got him caught.
I just don't get it anymore.
I'm here.
Do you know what I do to take my mind of things? Just watch me.
Okay? - Let off steam.
Now it's your turn.
- Who me? Of course.
That was pretty good but you have to scream from down here.
- Okay? - Let's do it together.
- Come on, now you.
- Okay, one, two, three.
Again, again.
It's not such a coincidence that we found XTC in Kato's blood.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
Vercammen has prolonged Vanderkerk's detention, he's in court tomorrow.
But everything is full here, he has to go to Genk jail.
We can bring him, we have something to make up.
Don't we? Yes, the mess with the USB stick.
I'm sorry.
Okay, let's interrogate him again tomorrow.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Charlie, I'm calling because we have an appointment with Dr Schneider.
You're probably on your way but call me when you hear this.
And try to call your father because I can't get hold of him.
Think along with me.
What if Vanderkerk didn't murder me but that he saw something? You mean that we all know something and if we piece it all together it will lead us to the murderer.
But then we have to ask them all.
But everyone is acting different, as if they're not telling me things.
- I'm not hiding anything from you.
- No, not you.
Aren't you afraid that you'll disappear? When they've found him? I am.
She can kiss my ass, my fucking sister-in-law in that bloody hotel.
- Come in.
- No, I've just come for the recipe.
- They're expecting me at home.
- Just for a minute.
All right then.
Five minutes.
Would you like a drink? Coffee? I'm just making some.
I just think The fact that Kato did those things doesn't mean that's who she was.
I'm doing my best to understand it without being judgemental.
Perhaps she did take drugs once in her entire life.
- And she went with someone once.
- I understand.
You want to know, don't you? You want to understand who it was.
Sometimes I go to the shooters club and just sit there.
A few hours or half the day.
At three 'o clock, the radio show starts that Kato called in to.
I sit there listening to it.
I should be on my way.
Was the recipe in your barbecue book? No.
Kristel, I haven't found the recipe yet.
What am I doing here then? I have something to tell you about Kato.
That's all we've been doing.
Do you know how I dreaded this? - How hard it is for me to talk to you? - I know.
But there is something else.
I'm not sure how to tell you.
Our Kato is still here.
- I know, somewhere.
- No, no.
Look, here.
An empty photo.
I know it sounds incredible but sometimes Kato comes here and we talk.
- If that comforts you that's - I don't mean it like that.
I don't mean it like that.
She's here.
She's really here.
What do you mean? - I came to apologise to you.
- For what? The story about our parents.
I Now I know why you reacted like that.
Yes, I thought you knew.
And there is something else.
Motocross isn't really my kind of thing.
I thought that if I was like Kato you would fancy me.
I know we can never I get it.
I just don't want things to get weird between us.
Or is that silly? I like you better than Kato.
You're kinder and prettier.
And I believe we're a better match.
So is it now I'm not normally like this.
I always have a big mouth.
Why can't I be like that now? I don't get it.
In a way, this is all so real.
Fuck, my mum will be livid.
There you are.
I thought you would be here earlier.
- Kristel, Kato is here.
- What the fuck? I've talked to mummy about it, I've told her everything.
- What? - Won't you talk to mummy? Are you going to let her sit there, like that? Do you realise how much she's been looking forward to this? Luc, it's all right.
I understand it's comforting to believe in it.
I'm not saying that you're lying but Whiz up two eggs.
- Whiz up two eggs.
- What? Vanilla powder and a cinnamon stick.
- And a splash of rum aroma.
- Yes, that's it.
What did I write on Cyril's cake last year? For our little, dear rascal and you changed rascal for piccolo.
For our little, dear rascal and you changed rascal for piccolo.
- Bakkie? - Yes, boss.
- What do I smell? - Hey, it wasn't me.
- It's in the back.
- What's this? We don't have air freshener in the van.
You know the deal.
- That's money in the kitty tomorrow.
- Yes, hang on.
I was getting worried you would let me rot away.
Undo the cuffs.
- And what then? - That's the plan, isn't it? Why else are we stopping here? I need to call someone.
So they can pick me up.
- Come on, undo my cuffs.
- Why would I set you free? What do you think will happen if you put me in prison? - I'll drag you down with me.
- I don't like being threatened.
I don't like your tone.
Haven't you lost a gold necklace? Did you really think you could change my mind by killing that girl in a hotel? I don't know what you think.
I've never been to that hotel.
And you're not sticking that on me.
How can you be so cold.
It was a girl, someone's daughter I know how the XTC got in your blood - Give me your cellphone.
- Why? - Give me your cell.
- Hey, hey.
Ho, stop!