Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

De film

- PREVIOUSLY - I dumped her in the gravelpit.
The samples have been sent to the national DNA-lab for analysis.
I like you better than Kato.
You're kinder and I believe we're a better match.
Sometimes Kato visit's and then we talk.
What did I write on Cyril's cake last year? - For our little, dear rascal and - you changed rascal for piccolo.
Look, if you say you were there as a client to buy pills, you'll probably get away with a fine.
You should personally have come and told me that the time code jumps.
- What are you doing here? - Vanderkerk.
Vanderkerk deals XTC.
It's not such a coincidence that we found XTC in Kato's blood.
Mr Vanderkerk, what are we seeing here? An appointment with a client, he cancelled, on the way, I met a girl who I gave a lift.
I have Vanderkerk's number.
It's a Belgian number though.
I need to call someone.
So they can pick me up.
- Haven't you lost a gold necklace? - I've never been to that hotel.
And you're not sticking that on me.
And then? The last one with cheese? All right, for the birthday boy.
Happy birthday, Piccolo.
Happy birthday to you.
- You look ridiculous.
- You'll look like this, one day.
- You'll have bald spots too.
- Not true.
By then, they'll be able to freeze people.
Keep on dreaming.
Did you bake all those cakes last night? Yes, with Luc.
He had the recipe.
Why didn't you do it here? I didn't want to wake you up.
Marcus, we baked cakes.
That's all.
I have to leave for school.
- I'll put the cakes in here.
- Don't bother.
I don't want them anymore.
Hi, guy.
It was raining.
It always rains in the Wissen.
Mum was very angry.
Didn't you sleep well, again? Thanks for yesterday.
Mum enjoyed baking those cakes together.
- We shouldn't do it.
- Why not? - You saw how much she enjoyed it.
- You mustn't give her false hope.
It's not false.
You're here and that's real.
- What will they do with him? - He's remaining silent.
The cops will do their job.
See you later.
You said that you spoke to the suspect before he disarmed you.
Did you provoke him, yes or no? I shouldn't have said anything.
I wanted him to know that he was going to jail.
Chief Inspector Vinken, he was still just a suspect.
So why did he try to escape? He has done it.
We just need to determine whether you shot in self-defence.
I've filed a suspension request with your superior.
The reconstruction will determine the outcome.
You can hand in your weapon and badge now.
Yes Ho - Your father will go crazy.
- I can't wait.
- I'll go and get the statues.
- Yes.
Did you see it? The window was covered in it.
- It was bang, right through his head.
- I must go to the autopsy.
Miss, you do know that our boss was just doing his job? Why won't your client provide a DNA sample? Because she's a witness.
Where was your brother on the night of the shooting festival? My brother was shot by a fucking cop and you expect me to cooperate? Come on.
Can you tell us where you were on the night of the 12th to the 13th of November? The railways, on the night shift.
Your brother lived in Holland but in Belgium he'd stay here.
He had the key, he'd come and go as he pleased.
Also on the night of the 12th of November? I just told you that I was at work.
I'm not a babysitter.
You don't know whether he had another source of income? His business in party goods was doing well.
Is this also in his product range? I don't know.
I don't think he was into sweets.
We should ask Vanderkerk those questions.
That won't be easy.
I'm sick and tired of having my research sabotaged.
Vinken is suspended for now.
A drugs copper who shoots down a drugs baron.
You understand the cone now.
Those equations look good.
If you put your mind to it you can do it.
Can't you? Hello, Kristel.
Weren't you staying home? No, I'm dropping off the cakes for Cyril's class.
Can you hand them to him? Thanks.
And, how is she? Fine.
She said that she enjoyed you coming round yesterday.
- Is she here now? - Now? - Yes.
- No, not now.
- Okay.
- Uhm.
She also said that she'd approve if we were to do something together again.
Yes, that's possible, yes.
I've collected everything and I've looked for clues.
A handkerchief, wallet, lighter and his mobile phone.
- We've checked the SIM card.
- Both of them? - What do you mean? - It's a dual SIM phone.
- Does it contain a second SIM card? - No, but he must have had one.
Why else would he have a dual SIM? Did Vanderkerk use his phone on his way to the transfer cell? Alexander transported his personal belongings.
Yes, of course.
A sandwich with everything on it.
That's a while ago and it's tasty.
How are you? Tired.
I managed to sleep half the night but It must be the backlash.
- And you? - I've been suspended.
You know, boss, I keep thinking: If I hadn't taken my time in that shop I might have been on time.
For what? To get yourself shot? Check this out.
A Belgian number, it's Vanderkerk's.
Then we'll know where the Dutchman was on the night of the shooting festival.
- I think he murdered Kato.
- And from who shall I say I got it? Bakkie, you're smart enough.
My wife doesn't know yet.
I'll have to call her back.
I need a shower, I'm dirty.
Charlie, Melanie dumped my body in the gravel pit.
- What? Melanie? - And your dad shot Vanderkerk.
What? This is Kristel Brouwer's voicemail.
Leave a message after the beep.
Kristel, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have flown off the handle.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
- They're going to stab your eyes out.
- What? Yes, that's what I heard.
They're going to punish everyone who falsely accused me.
And the people who really have to do with it, will be far worse off.
- They'll be trampled.
- Jef, who are they? - Did you want to order anything? - You've got blood on your drugs hands.
Get out or I'll throw you out.
Ines, what's up? I have to think of my customers.
- People think Kato took drugs - Because of me? Yes, because of you.
I still don't get how you fell for it.
You can work in the warehouse for now, but I don't want to see you in the shop.
It's my birthday so it's my treat.
I have cheese, salami and something with a dirty, white edge.
- We're busy at the moment.
- Can Ines teach me to shoot? - Shoot? What's all this about? - I want to learn to shoot like mum.
- Did you put him up to this? - No.
- Mummy isn't here anymore.
- Can't I have a hobby? Shooting is dangerous, Cyril.
Daddy doesn't want me to teach you anything.
Sofia can do everything and I'm not allowed anything.
- Don't exaggerate.
- I'm not.
Online everyone is saying Sofia is a sex maniac, with films and all.
Sex maniac, films? What's this all about? Cyril, what's going on? " at the violet hour" " when the eyes and back Turn upward from the desk.
" "When the human engine waits Like a taxi throbbing waiting," I Tiresias I Tiresias, though blind, throbbing between two lives, Kathleen, if you're on your mobile the rest of the class can see it too.
You know that full well.
So, Kathleen, go ahead.
Slut, you slut.
Sophia! So you don't know where we're going? No, she won't tell us.
Yes, well, you'll have to give us a tip, Kato.
You're teasing us, aren't you? She'll only tell us how long it will take.
She says a few hours.
Is that all right with you? Are we going to Aunty Monique's stables? She says nope and then she lifts her eyebrows.
Is it the next left? Where did you find that USB stick? In the garage.
Why? Vanderkerk had a second SIM card but I can't find it.
Did you have to hand in your badge and firearm? - And your uniform? - I'll take it off tomorrow.
That's when I'm officially suspended.
Do you want me to put it all back? All good things come to an end.
You nearly lost me there, girl.
You're still here, that's the main thing.
I'll have more time now.
I have to arrange a few things first.
Is that okay? - Here.
- That's where it was hidden? I came to put these old statues here.
Is your dad going to that address? I could have said that he's a corrupt jerk or something.
But no, I just stood there.
Neither do I dare say everything to my dad.
What do you want to do now? Mr Vanderkerk declared he had a ten p.
appointment with you here.
Is it normal to make an appointment at ten p.
m? He was never here.
I cancelled by phone.
- On which number? - On his mobile.
- The Dutch number? - Yes.
- And you spoke to him? - Here.
This number was switched off all evening.
I spoke to him in the afternoon.
So he lied to us that he was with you? I think so, yes.
Vanderkerk had no reason to be near the shooting festival that night.
Unless he had agreed to meet someone else.
I know who we need to see.
The Wissen? Luc.
Well I didn't know you liked it here, Kato.
If I had known that She's asleep.
Shouldn't we tell her that we're here? No, she's tired.
Just leave her for a bit.
- So, here we are.
- Yes.
It hasn't changed a bit.
What's all that? Come on.
She's opening her eyes.
What are you doing to us? - No, we're not getting out of the car.
- Oh, no.
- Is that what she's saying? - Yes.
That was the fastest confession in my career.
- So there are two numbers? - Come on, let's trace it.
Vanderkerk is at this transmitter mast in the city centre at 10:30 p.
Between one and two at the petrol station and until the morning he was in the fields in Elen.
So nowhere near the gravel pit or Beau Sejour? Vanderkerk can't possibly have done it.
- Am I interrupting? - Don't you have the day off? Yes, I do but I have something for you.
- Vanderkerk's Belgian number.
- Where did you get it? Suddenly I remembered the boy we arrested with XTC.
- Gianni Anthoni? - I thought I'd drop by.
That's a coincidence, we've interrogated him and he gave us the same number.
It was Kenny, his cousin.
I often get them mixed up.
They're very similar.
If this is from Vinken, tell him we don't need his help.
I'll tell him.
- I feel so stupid.
- Why? - Haven't you been online today? - No.
My God, I'm so embarrassed.
Someone filmed us and posted it on internet.
Alexander, could you call me back? It's urgent.
Something of Leon's has been posted online.
The renovation is a success, isn't it? - Yes.
- Do you have many customers? - It's starting.
- It's about time.
You've invested enough into it.
Did you think nobody would find out? About you and my father.
- Have you been smoking weed again? - Questions, questions.
You always disappoint your father.
Haven't you disappointed him by dumping Kato in the gravel pit? Tell her we're going to the cops.
Are you turning yourself in or shall I do it? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.
No, I don't have a clue.
Go away.
How can you be so callous? That girl was someone's daughter.
Don't start that all over again, will you? What does she mean? Do you really think this will upset us? - What's that? - I guess you enjoy watching it.
Does it make you hot, Charlie? Or were you jealous again? Or did you start to lose your mind? Shall I call the cops? - Did you make that? - No, of course not.
- Did you do that? - No, how can you ask me that? - Why does she think so? - I don't know.
Kato, did you take the drugs by yourself? Kato says that she doesn't think so.
I told you, Kristel.
She can't remember the last 24 hours.
Luc, I really have to go.
Can we drive back? - Yes.
- Sorry, darling.
Stop watching that.
The idiots don't even know us.
Perhaps I'll find out who put it on internet.
- Leon? - She isn't coming in, is she? You're here too.
Are you happy? That you're taking after your mother? - And that you have snatched up my son? - Mum.
Don't mum me.
What good will come from such a bitch? I want you to stop.
We love each other.
She just wants the same toy as her stepsister.
- Sophia.
- No.
It's time you started listening to me again and to your uncle.
You have so much potential.
Mum, open the door.
Never mind what my mum says or those idiots on the internet.
Come to the caravan later, we'll see each other there.
Okay? What's the matter? Do you have a broken heart? - I broke up with Leon, didn't I? - You don't know that.
- Are you really jealous of him? - Jealous? No.
Why did you break up with him? You must have had a reason.
I wasn't happy.
And are you afraid that Sofia is a better lover? - No.
- And that really hurts, doesn't it? No, not at all.
Because she isn't.
GONE FOR A FEW DAYS DON'T WORRY, LEON - Can I blow out the candles? - Wait a minute.
I thought you had a bigger head.
Happy birthday, brother.
Pizza, nice.
By the way, where is Kristel? Dad, can I play a game until Kristel is here? Where is she? Sofia, I don't want you to see that boy anymore.
You too? Did they show it on the news? - This is embarrassing for me.
- What about us? - Do you think we did it deliberately? - I must think of my customers.
I'm not interested in your fucking customers.
Does it have to do with what I told you about your mother? With mum? No, it has nothing to do with it.
It's just that we love each other.
- With all due respect, but love - What? What? I suppose you don't get it.
Well, fuck you.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
How sweet of you to wait for me.
- Where were you? - Sorry, I was with Luc.
I don't know how, but somehow he's in touch with Kato.
Damn it, Kristel.
What are you playing at? The kid wants to celebrate his birthday and you're at Luc's.
Cyril, come here and blow out the candles.
- Hello, what are you doing here? - I was asleep.
Is that allowed? - Did you post that film on internet? - No, of course not.
- Give me your mobile.
- What for? - Give me your mobile phone.
- Hey, stop.
- Give it to me.
- Go on then, check it out.
Do you think I care about what you do with that chick? - I wouldn't post it on the internet.
- Get out of here.
I'm leaving, fuck you.
You've also seen that film, haven't you? Everybody thinks I'm a bitch and a whore.
I know that I've been awful but I'm not apologising for loving Leon.
I have been in love with him for ages, so Are you happy with him? In that case, so am I.
Uh, Kato I have something to tell you.
I know how the XTC got into your blood.
I put it in your drink.
I just wanted Leon to be angry with you.
It's just that Ines' stupid cousins had XTC on them and I put one of those ghosties in your drink.
- So it did come from Ines? - Yes.
It's my fault that you're dead.
You didn't murder me, Sofia.
But it feels like it.
Tickle his stomach, he can't stand it.
Mr examining magistrate? And it's official? We're on our way.
Dora, the results of the DNA analysis are in.
Guess who we have to arrest? - What do you think we should do? - Let's leave together.
- How? - We'll drop by your place tomorrow.
Grab your clothes and leave.
- And how long will we stay away for? - As long as you like.
We could go to the sea.
Yes? Fuck, that's my uncle.
Come, your mother wants to talk to you.
I'm staying here.
She didn't mean it like that.
You know that.
Perhaps we can check out next Sunday's motocross track.
I'm not riding next Sunday.
Sunday is Huldenberg, if you win that one we're home and dry.
I don't want to.
- Is Kato still on your mind? - I want to take my own decisions.
You know how much time and money I've invested in you.
This isn't about what you want.
For five years, we've worked towards this and now you're chucking it up? Fuck off! It's a moment of weakness.
It doesn't matter.
I know about that film.
Come on, Leon.
Leon! Don't let your mind mess you about.
Come back.
The last thing my daughter said to me was 'Fuck you'.
Leon also thought that you made that film.
Are we dealing with a copycat? Do you know what went through my head earlier? That it's tearing me apart thinking about standing over Leon's grave tomorrow.
But that I couldn't care less if it had been your grave.