Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

De Maaslandmoorden

- PREVIOUSLY - Charlie, Melanie dumped my body in the gravel pit.
And your dad shot Vanderkerk.
Three labs in two months time! We just need to determine whether you shot in self-defence.
It's a dual SIM phone.
- Does it contain a second SIM card? - No, but he must have had one.
Check this out.
Then we'll know where the Dutchman was on the night of the shooting festival.
Between one and two at the petrol station And until the morning he was in the fields in Elen.
Oh Luc.
Damn it, Kristel.
What are you playing at? The kid wants to celebrate his birthday and you're at Luc's.
Your mum had an affair.
With Leon's dad.
Rule is, if you're on your mobile the rest of the class can see it too.
It's just that Ines' stupid cousins had XTC on them And I put one of those ghosties in your drink.
We're there.
Mum says that we can stay for as long as we want.
They were already dead before they were hanged.
Cause of death is asphyxiation.
- Strangled? - I found no signs of strangulation.
They were probably asphyxiated with a plastic bag over their heads.
The bodies were then moved and put in a noose.
Was she raped? As far as I can tell, she wasn't raped.
They were heavily sedated.
I found large amounts of rohypnol in their blood.
- XTC? - No, just rohypnol.
Time of death is around 4 a.
The bad news is: I didn't find any traces of DNA.
The bodies were thoroughly cleaned.
- The same as with Kato? - Yes.
This is getting out of hand.
I even had to speak to a Russian who asked if the murders were satanic.
What did the coroner say? Sofia and Leon died of asphyxiation with a plastic bag.
The murders could be unrelated.
Two dead teenage girls from the same family who dated our motocross racer.
That doesn't seem unrelated.
I thought that you found the idea of a serial killer amusing? A jury wants evidence, Schneider.
Melanie Engelenhof testified that she didn't murder Kato Hoeven.
But she did put the body in a sleeping bag tied a scarf around her eyes and marked a tree to find the body.
- Are we dealing with a copycat? - I have no idea.
What did the family have to say? Kristel, Marcus and Cyril were at home.
Melanie was at the station.
We've requested the phone records of everyone else.
Come on, ladies.
Don't let me down.
Boss? Hild let me in.
Boss? Everyone is devastated.
The sincerest condolences from everyone.
I don't know whether I don't know if this is the right time.
I thought I had to I just wanted to help you in some way.
I remembered what you asked me to do.
I traced Vanderkerk's Belgian number.
Surprisingly, Vanderkerk was in range of the phone mast in Elen the entire night of the shooting festival.
In the middle of fucking nowhere.
That's not all.
Every week the past year, he made at least one call to a phone with a pre-paid card.
I'm guessing he has a partner walking around somewhere.
Maybe he hurt Leon to get back at you.
Kato? What's going on around here? I really don't want to see you now, Ines.
Sofia said she put XTC in my drink and that she got it from your cousins.
Were you aware of that? - Sorry.
- Fuck, Ines.
Really? Someone introduced Gianni to Vanderkerk.
We received some samples, ghosties.
I think he sold some to Sofia.
We bought a shipment from Vanderkerk to sell, but then the police came.
- But why, Ines? - Like I told you, I needed the money.
But you need to have had money to buy everything.
At the shooting festival, I stole your father's keys.
Gianni used them to empty the cashbox at the motocross club.
That was our start-up capital.
What do you expect me to say? It's fine, water under the bridge? Just leave me alone.
I don't have time for your feelings of guilt.
He was our greatest champion.
He won everything and would've won more.
They were preparing him for the national races.
Sponsorship deals were in the making.
He was the best.
- Was he being pushed too much? - Pushed too much? What is that? I know guys with more cross instinct, but he worked harder than the rest.
Why doesn't the camera work, at the gate? It wasn't necessary.
Who could have suspected Until we had a break-in a while back.
The cashbox was stolen.
I did regret it then.
A few thousand euro gone.
- A break-in? - Well, break-in Our treasurer claims someone stole his keys.
It's possible, but just between you and me our treasurer likes a drink.
- Luc Hoeven? - Yes.
You haven't had anything to eat yet, have you? I have to tell you something.
Please stay calm.
I made that film and put it online.
I didn't know it would be such a big deal.
- Sweetheart.
- I'm sorry.
I wanted you all for myself and Charlie.
That film has nothing to do with it.
They wanted to get to me for what happened with the Dutchman.
It's my fault.
Vanderkerk's men wanted to get me.
What do you think? For in the coffin.
The last thing my daughter said to me was "fuck you".
- Come inside and help us choose.
- I'll leave it up to you.
I'm going to clear out the stock in the store.
You were with Luc again and I took it out on her.
I always considered Luc an oddball.
I understand why Kristel had such a hard time.
Maybe we should check his phone records.
It's weird to have to search this house again.
Any idea who made that sex tape? Computer Crime Unit is looking into it.
It's for people with sleep apnoea.
My ex had one as well.
Come have a look at this.
Do you know her? It's a newspaper: Two people from Limburg die in car accident in Holland.
It concerns Veerle Boesmans and Boris Vinken.
Vinken? Isn't that Alexander's brother? There must be a clue here somewhere.
I should've stayed with them.
- You couldn't have done anything.
- Does their death have to do with me? I ran into Ines at the motocross.
You told me everything about that night, didn't you? Why would I keep something secret? Leon also thought that you made that film.
How often do I have to tell you, that I had nothing to do with it.
- Don't be so touchy.
- I shouldn't be so touchy? It's shocking that everyone thinks "It must've been Charlie".
And you think I'm holding things back.
- Come on.
- Go figure it out yourself.
- I need to go bury my cousin.
- Charlie? Boss? I found some nice photos you can use for the memorial.
Thank you.
Just so you know, the women are on their way.
Are you holding up well? Of course not.
- Have you examined the caravan? - Vinken.
Is this article about your brother? Is that why you wanted to see me? This is my deceased brother, Boris.
Melanie's husband.
He could do anything.
He was very handy.
My apologies.
When I was working in Leuven, he renovated buildings.
About seven years ago, he bought this with Melanie.
It was still a ruin back then.
He wanted to turn it into a hotel again.
It never got that far.
He died in a crash together with Sofia and Cyril's mother.
- With Veerle.
- Tragic.
That makes you think that those two had an affair.
Did they know each other from the shooting club? They were on their way to a tournament in Holland.
He left a wife with a ruin of a hotel and a twelve-year-old child behind.
And then Sofia gets involved with Leon, of all people.
Kato Sofia They all flock around Leon.
Was any of it serious? Was that why you argued at the caravan that night? Apparently you pushed him a lot to perform.
Are you going to keep on asking questions? Am I a suspect now? I thought you had nothing to hide? You're wasting time.
You need to look into Vanderkerk's entourage.
Just look at the bodies.
That's not the work of an amateur.
They want to get back at me for the accident with Vanderkerk.
We're not in Mexico.
One more thing.
Did Melanie tell you that she dumped Kato's body? Of course not.
So you haven't obstructed the investigation in any way? We all want the same thing.
Thank you.
You were the last person to see Leon and Sofia alive.
Are you hiding something? What would happen if I went here? Child, do what you have to do.
CLOSED DUE TO FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES Mr Otten? - Could we ask you some questions? - Of course.
Maybe I could make you happy with some fruit.
Otherwise it'll just rot.
- Will you stay closed for long? - A week or two.
I'm not sure.
We won't keep you long.
We have some questions about your wife.
- Kristel.
- Veerle.
Your first wife.
How did you feel when Sofia got involved with Leon? - Dad, come here.
- I'm coming.
Start washing the van.
How's he doing? He's staying strong, but the look in his eyes has changed.
We just came from Alexander.
Could you tell us about Boris Vinken? Mr Otten? Did your wife have an affair with him? I always thought that Veerle's affair with that man wasn't important.
But we were a family.
I want my children to have fond memories of their mother.
That's why I never told them.
But Sofia found out anyway.
- When did that happen? - Recently.
Is that why she ran off with Leon? - I was afraid.
- What were you afraid of? Do you know what they did to her mother in the village? Nobody gets to speak about my daughter like that.
Mr Otten? Do you have any idea who put the film of Leon and Sofia online? Dad? Are you alright? Have you chosen a photo yet? I made something we could play at the memorial.
How's aunt Melanie? Save your breath.
I don't need your pity.
Pity? I'm just trying to Do you think a silly slideshow will solve everything? - That I'll forget what happened? - Not at all.
Do you know what went through my head earlier? That it's tearing me apart thinking about standing over Leon's grave tomorrow.
But that I couldn't care less if it had been your grave.
Don't think I'm proud of what I just said.
It's strange how often Holland comes up.
We're near the border.
Vanderkerk: Dutch.
The shooting festival where Leon and Sofia's parents died: Holland.
- Where Claudia de Wit disappeared - Don't drag up that old case again.
She disappeared in Holland.
I'd like to request all the traffic images from before the double homicide.
You never know.
- Here you are.
Why aren't you at home? - Because I'm here.
I went to the address on the napkin.
It was a former drug lab.
Why did your father keep it secret? Are you alright? Maybe it's not terrible at all, dying.
Everyone is so afraid of dying, but maybe it's a fantastic feeling.
Just letting everything go.
Dying is not a fantastic feeling, Charlie.
I would die for you, do you know that? That's enough.
I love you.
I never want to lose you.
That's sweet.
- Do you love me as well? - You're acting funny.
What's going on? I was wondering what if we'd met under normal circumstances? - What do you mean "normal"? - If you were normal, you'd ignore me.
- You don't love me, do you? - I do.
- Come here.
I need you.
- Charlie.
Not now.
Stop that.
I put your things over there.
Come here.
You're a strong man.
- How long are you going to stay closed? - A couple of weeks.
Ines I've been thinking.
It's probably better if you found another job.
- If it's for a few weeks, I'll find - No.
For after that as well.
It's a small village.
People will keep on gossiping about the drugs.
Combined with all that happened.
What am I supposed to do now? You'll find something.
Three funerals within a month.
We're going to eat something at the motocross club.
Will you join us? You need to eat something, dear.
Dad? Sofia told me that she put XTC in my drink.
Ines is constantly lying.
Alexander keeps on hiding evidence.
- You're not hiding anything, are you? - No.
I would never do that.
I requested everything you needed.
It just came in.
These are the originals.
I had copies made when they arrived.
Which cameras are the closest to Kato and Sofia's house? That must be this one: 1B.
The 1B-119.
I'll write it down.
It all depends on which side you're coming from.
This big one is from the night of the shooting festival.
And these are images of when Sofia and Leon disappeared.
Okay, Blom.
MAASLAND-MURDERS WERE THEY LOVE RIVALS? Charlie? She cut her wrists open in her cell this morning.
She'd already lost much blood when we found her.
We expect a full recovery.
I'll find them, Nieke.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
Cyril? Are you coming? He doesn't want to come out.
Leave him be.
Hey, little man.
Mr Otten, our sincerest condolences.
May we ask you a quick question? Where did you exactly drive to the night of Sofia's death? - Are you serious? - Sorry for the bad timing.
If you can answer the question we'll leave straightaway.
- I just cremated my daughter.
- What's going on? What's this exactly about? You stated that you were in bed at 11:00 p.
the night of Sofia's death.
Then why is your van still driving around at eleven o'clock? - Do you understand our question? - I understand your question.
Were you in that van? Now I understand why you still haven't found anything.
Your amateurism killed my daughter.
These were found at the motocross.
They're tire tracks, which closely match yours.
Your van is covered in mud.
Did you go to the motocross that night? Were you angry with Leon and Sofia about that film? Yes, I was angry.
What do you want from me? What do you want from me? Do you want me to prove that I didn't touch my daughter, is that it? Isn't it just easier to tell us why your van is on these images? Think about it for a while, Mr Otten.
Charlie? Where did he go to now? Vercammen isn't answering.
- When were the assault charges? - When he was in college.
The charges were withdrawn.
That's why he has a clean sheet.
I called the prosecutor's office, they have the original file.
I find this difficult.
The results of the tire tracks aren't even confirmed yet.
Danny is working on it.
- What's his motive? - The shooting festival.
The place where his wife cheated on him.
He couldn't rape his own daughter, but he could rape Kato? Kristel Brouwers is still here.
She's yelling her husband was with her.
She wants to see him.
She's really furious.
- I'm on my way.
- Okay.
- The CPAP.
- The what? That machine has to log in at night, otherwise the insurance won't pay out.
The snoring-machine.
What are you doing here? He was in the area the night of the shooting festival.
Have you ever seen him around here? I thought that you quit your job? I can't sit at home waiting for the case to solve itself.
I've never seen the man.
Does the field with the scarecrow still belong to your neighbour, Veterke? - He sold his land when he went to jail.
- Cannabis.
Wasn't your husband involved in that? Veterke tried to shift the blame to everyone.
They're going to find him, aren't they? The killer? I hope so.
Cyril? Does your father know that you're here? I was looking at the stars.
It's a clear night.
Do you think that Kato and Sofia might be up there somewhere? They tell that to kids to console them.
I'm sorry.
I just thought I'm happy that you are here.
Usually I'm all by myself.
I don't want you to be alone.
I want to stay with you.
I regret that my father fired you.
Give me your hand.
Can you feel it? We just spoke to your doctor at the sleep clinic.
He gave us a read-out of your apnoea machine.
The record shows that you were sleeping after 1:30 a.
Sofia died at 4:00 a.
You have an alibi.
The tire tracks don't match your van either.
But the video images don't lie.
Marcus? Where did you drive to? I To Luc's place.
That stupid bastard, Luc.
Why didn't you say anything sooner? Goddamnit, Marcus.
It's about Sofia.
What was I supposed to say? That I got out of bed at night to take a piss on the desk of your ex? Whom you're falling in love with again.
Is Charlie here? When will you finally leave me alone? - I know why you can see me.
- I'm happy for you.
- You feel guilty.
- Is that your finding? Congratulations.
Was it really so terrible that Leon and I were together? Don't say a word about Leon.
It was just the motocross he skipped at times.
He was good at motocross.
He had something to be proud of.
But not Charlie? Can't he defend himself? - Do you have to come to do it for him? - No.
Did he tell you why he was sent on a trip around the world? In his final year in middle school, he spun a nylon cord across the track just high enough to cut open Leon's neck.
I saw it in the nick of time.
His psychiatrist had him committed.
Borderline personality disorder with paranoid and envious tendencies.
But I'm the bad father.
I'm the evil human being.
What is it, Bakkie? What? Just now? I'm coming straightaway.
Did you put him up to it? - Who? - Charlie.
Is this one of your schemes? He just confessed to the federal police.
For what? The three murders.
NEXT TIME I did see you, at the shooting festival.
Godamnit All I know is that once a month he made pills under the ghost.
What ghost?