Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

De bekentenis

1 - PREVIOUSLY - They were dead before they were hanged.
Cause of death is asphyxiation.
I found large amounts of rohypnol in their blood.
Two dead teenage girls from the same family who dated our motocross racer.
That doesn't seem unrelated.
Melanie Engelenhof testified that she didn't murder Kato Hoeven.
Are we dealing with a copycat? SOFIA: WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? WHITE: FOR SUCH A HOTTIE.
Oh, Luc.
Damn it, Kristel.
What are you playing at? At the shooting festival, I stole your father's keys.
Gianni used them to empty the cashbox at the motocross club.
That was our start-up capital.
Do you know what went through my head earlier? That it's tearing me apart thinking about standing over Leon's grave tomorrow.
But that I couldn't care less if it had been your grave.
- I do.
- Come here.
I need you.
Charlie, Charlie.
Not now.
Stop that.
Is this one of your schemes? He just confessed to the federal police.
- For what? - The three murders.
I think it just never stopped.
It's all I thought about the past year.
But they released you from the institution nevertheless? Do you have any idea how easy that is? I know exactly what they want to hear.
All it did was give me an entire year to think about it.
About what? How I would kill Leon.
Vinken? But executing the plan is something entirely different.
You don't want it to be over with, just like that.
You want You want them to realize what's going to happen.
You want to see the fear in his eyes when he realises: "My lover is dead.
" Yeah, with Kato it failed.
I wanted to wake Leon, but Melanie showed up So your plan failed.
- That would have been perfect.
- You're proud.
- No.
I realise it was wrong - The boy is psychotic.
Don't you see that? He's making things up.
He's trying to hurt me.
It's not the first time.
Then, I tied up his hands and pulled a bag over his hand.
He put up quite a struggle.
But I kept holding on tightly.
It took long.
It took so long.
But in the end he just gave up.
I probably didn't use enough rohypnol or something? If you read the papers, you would know that too.
The rohypnol wasn't mentioned by the press.
Only the killer could know that, Vinken.
Charlie? Charlie? Charlie is here, because you didn't do a good job.
- Here he comes with the same old story.
- We looked into Vanderkerk's entourage.
Remember those men who you thought would seek revenge? - Do you know what turned up? - He no longer has an entourage.
- He's been working alone for years.
- Then you didn't look well enough.
Look, I wouldn't wish any father to hear such a confession.
If the reconstruction is convincing then the case is closed.
- Hello.
- Have you seen my notebook? No, I haven't, kid.
Why? Charlie told the cops that he murdered me, Leon, and Sofia.
- Did Charlie turn himself in? - That's what I said.
- Why haven't they called me yet? - How should I know? I think he has my notebook.
He knows things he can't know.
Why would he say such a thing? - Sometimes he does strange things.
- That's not strange.
That's mad.
Mr examining magistrate, is it correct that a suspect has been arrested? I'm not commenting, but let's just say we're hopeful.
As you heard, a suspect may have been found for the Maasland murders.
There will definitely be more on this story later.
Why can't I see him? I'm his mother.
Let them do as they please.
They'll soon discover he's lying.
They have to know that I made that film and put it online.
You have to promise me that you won't say a word.
Let them think that he made it.
Let them investigate.
The more mistakes they make the more chance we have to win the case.
I have the number of a great lawyer, who will help us.
I bet you do.
What? You've never done anything for Charlie.
The person who is responsible for this wants to destroy our family.
Our best chance to get Charlie free is to catch the real killer.
- What are you going to do? - Trust me.
- Wait.
- I'm going over there.
I'm not going to wait until they tell us something.
What about me? Don't you think I want to go? - Kristel.
- God damn it, Marcus.
Good morning, I'm from the press, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
- This is private property.
- I understand.
I'd like to hear your reaction to the arrest of Charlie Vinken.
Get out of here.
Get lost or I'll do something to you.
Fuck off.
Marcus, honey.
I find it hard to believe that Charlie hid the object he murdered Kato with in his parents' house.
Those kinds of people crave attention.
People will mostly wonder why he was released from the institution.
Marion, your mother isn't to blame for any of this.
It should be in here.
That's a connecting rod for a motor.
If you get hit with that, then I always knew that he had some screws loose.
If he's capable of tying a rope across the racing track he's capable of anything.
- So he did it? - We can't say that with certainty yet.
But he confessed.
The investigation is ongoing.
We're waiting on the reconstruction.
- Marcus.
- I'll wait in the car.
He gave Charlie a job in the store.
I thought that it would be different.
That it would be I don't know.
Something But why did he do it? He was pathologically jealous of Leon.
Superintendent, Hild is I think it's best if we go downstairs.
Cello pooped in the garden again.
Can you go get the shovel.
- Stay calm.
- Calm? I know who you are.
Fucking cop.
You killed my brother.
- Who killed Leon? - What are you talking about? Don't play innocent.
Tell me who it was.
Was it his buddy Freddy? Or did you hire someone else? - Mum.
I can't find it.
- Stay inside, son.
What happens if mum goes to jail? Drugs.
That's seven years.
If I link you to the murder he won't know you by the time you get out.
I know nothing of the murder.
I'll leave you out of this, if you tell me whose pre-paid number this is.
Your brother had meetings with him in Elen.
Little Freddy.
- Address? - I don't know.
I swear.
Good evening.
Boss, where have you been? I tried to call you a million times.
Bakkie, you need to find someone for me.
I'm not allowed to do anything now with the whole Charlie situation.
- The Federal Police wants to see you.
- Bakkie, you're chicken shit.
Have you forgotten who your friends are? Who helped you out with that girl? What's her name, Steffi.
Underage Steffi with her nice titties.
Alfred Cosemans a.
Little Freddy.
That's his number.
I have his address, but he moved.
Call inspector Meuris of the narcotics department in Maastricht.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
- Where is your husband? - Melanie woke up.
Charlie pointed out on a map where the murder weapon was that he used to murder Kato with.
Do you recognise it? I don't.
Charlie claims that on the night that Leon died, he cycled home at 1:30 a.
to pick up your car.
Did you notice anything? Our bedroom is above the garage.
I would've heard that.
Our people have discovered that the film of Sofia and Leon was uploaded from your house.
- Did you see Charlie do this? - No.
Can I see him? Normally you could, but Charlie refuses to see any visitors.
Could you tell him his mother is here? I'm sorry, but Charlie doesn't want to see anyone.
Move back.
So you enter the room.
Where is Kato? Kato entered first.
She was looking for the minibar.
Then I locked the door with the passkey from downstairs.
- Then we ended up on the bed.
- Wait a second.
So, how did she end up on the bed? Did she take anything from the minibar? No, it was empty.
First, she was angry and then she started to laugh.
She said she had taken XTC and wanted to dance.
- But I tried to get her on the bed.
- What were you exactly planning to do? I wanted to sedate her.
I had the rohypnol on me.
Then she started kissing me.
That was not how I planned it out.
I tried to open the bottle with the pills but I couldn't.
- And then? - What do you mean and then? We had sex.
Do I have to demonstrate that as well? She pulled my pants down and grabbed a condom.
She pulled me on to herself and she got wilder and wilder - Bullshit.
- Whatever.
The bathroom door wasn't finished yet.
The room was filled with plastic.
That thing was lying here.
Kato was suddenly beside me and asked me what I was holding.
- It's called a connecting rod.
- That piece of iron.
Then I hit her.
- Somewhere around here? - Yes.
- Demonstrate how you hit her.
- Like this.
- Here? - Somewhere around there.
And then? - She fell backwards into the bathtub.
- Show us how she was lying in the tub.
Something like that.
I think.
- Was she still moving? - No.
She was bleeding profusely.
I don't recognise you anymore, Charlie.
What are you doing? Okay.
Come on, Bakkie.
And? Do you have an address? Little Freddy has been in Vught for three years.
- What? - In prison.
I know what Vught is, Bakkie.
Did you call Holland? Let it go, Boss.
Little Freddy couldn't have possibly killed the boy.
Boss? Get out, before I hit knock papers out of your hands.
- Did the police call you as well? - Yes.
What does Kato say? Kristel, I want to discuss something else first.
Our little adventure.
That really did me some good.
Thank you.
I haven't drank anything since.
Not a drop.
That's because of you We weren't a bad match really, were we? - Where is Kato by the way? - She's with Charlie.
I don't know the details, but Kato claims that he really didn't do it.
Does she know who did do it? No, she doesn't.
This is where I uploaded the sex tape.
- That's means we're done.
- Hurrah.
Wait a minute.
You told us you chatted with Sofia under the pseudonym White.
At 11:14 p.
, you posted a comment under the last photo on her blog.
I said something like: "For such a hottie.
A lot.
" Why would you do that just after you had a fight at the caravan? I don't know.
I thought it was funny that she didn't know who I was.
Then I took my mom's car and went out to find her.
I never told you Sofia had a blog.
That was in my notebook.
Did it also mention that you had a date with White by the full moon? Don't you think that he is a little bit too lucid? What do you expect me to say? We've got him, haven't we? I'm not sure.
I have a strange feeling.
Is there any evidence to the contrary? The lab couldn't confirm the connecting rod as the murder weapon.
Vercammen isn't going to save him.
We have all we need.
If you lie one more time, I'll shoot.
Ask your brother whether I'm serious.
Freddy has been in jail for three years.
- Whose number is it? - Our pill manufacturer's.
- Mommy? - Stay inside, darling.
- Which manufacturer? - I don't know.
I swear.
Hannes took care of that.
All I know is that once a month he made pills under the ghost.
- What ghost? - He said it had to do with the lab.
Your soup.
I'll put it here for you.
I saw Luc earlier on.
He said Charlie didn't do it.
What does Luc know about it? Luc says that Kato said that Charlie Do you hear what you're saying? Kato is certain that it wasn't Charlie.
Luc drinks too much.
And others can't find the lavatory.
Kristel? Do you want to tell me something about you and Luc? What? - No.
- Don't you see he's manipulating you? He's not.
He's telling me things that he couldn't possibly know.
If he's really a psychic.
Ask him to reach out to Sofia.
Before I do it myself.
Let's drive over there now and I'll ask him myself.
- And? - He doesn't want to see me either.
Do you think he's capable of doing such a thing? The lab can't confirm that the connecting rod was the murder weapon.
I can't say anything about Charlie.
Patient confidentiality.
This is a PR catastrophe for psychiatry.
And for you.
I'll survive.
It doesn't add up.
Sofia, Kato, and Leon.
Just to punish his father? Dad would say: "Humanity and its human fallibility.
" There is no humanity.
Just humans.
Humans driven by conflicting desires and illusions subject to various weaknesses of will and judgment.
Says who? Someone.
Hey, Cyril.
We're not at the shooting club, son.
- Put that thing away.
It's dangerous.
- Stay there.
- Don't point it at my face, buddy.
- They should shoot people like you.
What are you talking about, son? You made Ines pregnant and now you don't want to see her.
Where did you hear that? Give that to me.
Let the gun go.
- Cyril? - Let that go, boy.
What's going on here? This is your mother's gun.
Hurry up and get in the car.
In the car.
He's walking around with a gun in the streets.
What's that about? What is it about? Is Kato here? Sofia? If you can talk to ghosts, why don't you tell me what Sofia has to say.
- It doesn't work that way, Marcus.
- It doesn't work that way? You can talk to your daughter but not to mine? I know what I see.
Come, Marcus, come.
Kristel? I'm not a liar.
If you try to manipulate my wife one more time to get her back.
I'll beat you to death.
- Hello.
- I'm not here to patch things up.
- Okay.
- I need to show you something.
- Do you know who this is? - White? He is supposed to have been at the shooters festival as well.
WHITE: SHOOTERS FESTIVAL? KATO: HURRY UP! I'M ALREADY THERE - So you know him? - No, I've only seen this now.
I received likes from him, but nothing out of the ordinary.
11:04 p.
? Wasn't the shooters festival in full swing by then? You were pretty wasted and single.
You probably just You didn't see me with anyone that night? Can't we just try to contact him? We can.
You need to create a profile.
MARION SCHNEIDER TIME CODE 01:30:15 The envelops with the USB stick and the map are both in your handwriting.
You sent us the stick with the images of the gas station and of Vanderkerk.
You wanted to help us.
I erased the images because I was afraid that you would find me.
Until I realised that it'd be better if you had one suspect rather than none.
Then, I delivered the USB stick to you.
So you erased the images? How did you do that, Charlie? It's not exactly a fortress here, is it? It was easy to log in with my dad's password.
Do you expect me to believe that? You've told me the following so far: You approached Kato after the shooters festival.
Together you go to Beau Séjour, right? So explain to me where Vanderkerk fits into the story? He was my dealer.
I agreed to meet Vanderkerk.
Kato didn't want to walk.
So, Vanderkerk gave her a ride.
Tomorrow the world will see you as a serial killer.
A serial killer, Charlie.
Do you know what they do to guys like you in prison? Thank you.
Thanks for calling.
Committee P.
Vanderkerk's shooting was ruled as an act of lawful self-defence.
I get my badge back.
I'll get Charlie out of jail.
I'm working on it.
- Dilsen-Stokkem can breathe again.
- Charlie turned himself in.
Because he had nowhere to run thanks to you guys.
I know it didn't go as you wanted.
You wanted to catch him sooner, as we all did, but that's how it goes.
Listen, it's a sad case.
The only good thing is that it's over.
Come on, Marion.
Have a drink.
Okay, thank you.
Charlie is formally going to be charged.
I told you, didn't I? That Luc made everything up.
My god.
This isn't my kind of thing.
Thank you.
God damn it, Kato.
But why did Charlie turn himself in if he has nothing to do with it? He has lost his mind.
That's old news.
I might have been a bit hard on him.
I didn't expect that he'd do this.
It's as if he wants attention.
Kato, he's madly in love with you.
- In love? With a ghost? - I notice these things.
But to get himself arrested? I have to take out the garbage.
Now? What are you telling people about me? - About being pregnant.
- I am pregnant.
It's not mine, is it? Come on, Ines.
You can't be serious.
It was never the intention.
You do realise that, don't you? We can't keep the baby.
You have to get rid of it.
What? No.
I don't want anything from you, okay? Ines, you can't do this.
We can't carry on like this.
- I also have a say in this.
- You should've thought of that earlier.
Listen to me.
God damn it.
How long does it take to put out the rubbish? White said that he wants to meet.
Tonight? Maasmechelen Village? TONIGHT, 9:00 P.
OF COURSE Ask him how we'll recognise him? - I'LL PICK YOU UP AT THE BUS STOP.
- HOW WILL I RECOGNISE YOU? WHITE HELME I'm not sure I want to do this.
Cyril? Cyril? Are you hiding in the attic? You understand why we had to punish you, don't you? Listen, I understand why you're angry at Luc.
Sometimes I'm angry at Luc myself.
But that's between adults.
I don't want you walking the streets and threatening people with a gun.
You scared the daylights out of him.
- I was there for a different reason.
- What for then? - Do you promise not to tell Kristel? - Promised.
- Promised? - I swear.
The ghost.
Are you alone? There is no need to be afraid.
If you're not here to arrest me, what are you doing here? - Is this Vanderkerk's lab? - It was until you shot his head off.
Hannes Vanderkerk paid good money for this bunker.
He was always civil and polite.
Look, I'm not proud of what happened here.
But we didn't harm anyone.
Who killed Leon? Did you have a hand in it? What do you mean? What he and his gang did to Leon, Sofia, and Kato.
You've entirely lost your mind.
Your son has confessed.
My son belongs in an institution.
Vanderkerk took Kato on the back of his motorbike.
I saw it myself.
When did Kato die? Between 2:00 and 3:00 a.
? He was here with me.
His golden necklace was found next to her body.
That's impossible.
Vanderkerk was here the night of the shooters festival.
We drank gin until dawn.
He couldn't stand on his feet anymore.
- He could've hired someone.
- Let it go.
There is no one else.
You do know that Kato had XTC in her blood.
Maybe it was one of your ghosties.
You're that cop.
I know he had an arrangement with someone from the local police.
Vanderkerk gave him addresses, so he could arrest rivals in the area.
That was you.
If you decide to arrest me, you know where to find me.
Don't worry, he's probably just a frightened nerd.
- Shouldn't we have called the police? - You've done this before.
- I'm really not sure if I can do this.
- Do what? Ines? Ines? Ines! I'm a daft cow.
I really think that everything that has happened is terrible.
And I really want to help you, but I can't pretend that - Pretend what? - I'm pregnant.
It's your father's.
I was having a hard time and he was really sweet.
Please don't hate me.
I realise that it was terribly wrong.
What the fuck, Ines.
Are you serious? You're carrying my father's child? I was really in love with him, but he dumped me.
I What the fuck, Ines.
I saw you at the shooters festival.
You came to ask your father to take you home.
I blew you off.
I don't know how all of this could have happened.
White? Dad.
NEXT TIME I have something to celebrate.
The Maasland murders have been solved.
Bakkie, would you help me out? - A ghost? - Kato is no ghost.