Hotel Beau Sejour (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

De nacht

1 - PREVIOUSLY - You made Ines pregnant and now you don't want to see her.
I was there for a different reason.
We were thinking of It's A Sad Sad Planet by the Evil Superstars For when the coffin is brought in.
The Wissen? I didn't know you liked it here, Kato.
If I had known that She's asleep.
Damn it, Kristel.
What are you playing at? Two young women have been murdered.
The cases are similar.
On the same day after the same party.
A place, a feeling, a date, these can all trigger a crime.
Claudia de Wit, last seen at a local riflemen's party.
- That's my brother, Boris.
- He died in an accident.
Together with the mother of Sofia and Cyril.
Veerle, yeah.
Those two had an affair.
I know why you can see me.
You feel guilty.
I did see you, at the shooting festival.
You came to ask your father to take you home.
I blew you off.
His golden necklace was found next to her body.
That's impossible.
Vanderkerk was here the night of the shooters festival.
I know he had an arrangement with someone from the local police.
That was you.
White? He is supposed to have been at the shooters festival as well.
Looks like I wanted to meet him.
White? Dad! - Darling, I have patients coming.
- I'll pay for the session.
So you can reproach me again? It's not always about you and me.
I have something to celebrate.
The Maasland murders have been solved.
The murderer has confessed.
So that's why you look so angry.
And once again you didn't make any mistakes.
Didn't I? Psychiatrists aren't supposed to make mistakes.
You can't exclude mistakes.
You don't believe it was Charlie, right? Well, neither do I.
Did you iron it yourself? So it's back to business as usual.
Sitting at home won't solve anything.
And Charlie? You promised to get him out.
You know who really did it, don't you? I'm not sure anymore.
- Is Kato here? - No.
What do you want? - So you haven't seen her? - No.
Why? She's been gone since Saturday night.
Wasn't she here while you were out? How's your problem? Have you been to hospital? - I'm just trying to never mind.
- Ines I really don't want it.
- Did you sleep well? - Yes.
When are we going home? - Don't you like it at grandma Renee's? - Yes, but there's no PlayStation.
Dad will fetch it for you.
We'll put it in the living room.
- Maybe you should go home.
- Good morning to you, too.
- Are you kicking us out? - That's not what your mum meant, love.
I think we should head back.
Let's stay a little bit longer.
We need to move on.
Right, Piccolo? Don't you want to sleep in your own bed again? Yes.
You should try.
What's this? "Thank you for your hard work and commitment.
" Maasland Police Force.
They'll miss us.
- Having a bad day? - Wrong side of bed.
Staring into the abyss? I mean, now the case is Closed? I don't think the investigation is finished.
You are going to help me type it up, aren't you? I'll fetch a vase.
Help! Help! Hello? I have information about Kato and Sofia.
I've found something.
Someone tried to contact Kato online.
And then Sofia.
Some pervert who calls himself White.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
Don't you think it's been investigated? Well, has it? - They caught him, right? - Charlie.
Could you pass it on? I really want them to check it out.
Vinken was so convinced that Vanderkerk had murdered Kato.
And we still don't know precisely where Vanderkerk was that night in Elen - after he gave Kato a lift.
- Let it go, Marion.
Do you still have Vanderkerk's Belgian phone data? Kato, grandma and Marcus think we should go home.
Would you mind if we got rid of your things? I won't throw anything away.
Just store things somewhere else.
She doesn't mind.
- Just don't throw out her camera.
- No, I would never do that.
- I have to get back.
- When will we meet again? It makes no difference to Kato.
She enjoys it.
And I do too.
It's good for me, seeing you.
It reminds me of the old days.
Meeting behind the farm, right? Without your old man knowing.
Luc, I don't like coming here behind Marcus' back.
I like him a lot.
I don't want to lose our girl.
I'll call you.
Bye, darling.
RESIGNATION Dear colleagues, You know I have struggled for years with an alcohol problem.
Now I have got an ex-pupil pregnant, Ines Anthoni.
So I feel I must offer my resignation as headmaster of the school.
- Hi there.
Marion Schneider, federal police Tongeren.
Do you know this man? - Yes, I know him.
- Is he a regular here? He often comes here.
With a police officer.
- Is this the police officer? - Yes.
That's him.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- The offender is from Dilsen-Stokkem.
- I'm off to the station, sweetie.
He was released from a psychiatric clinic - I promised.
- Because he was no longer deemed - to be a danger to society.
- Damn.
A tragic mistake, it transpires.
We're now at the home of the parents Get the fuck away from here.
Bastards! Go away! Vinken, I want to speak to you.
In chip shop 't Smullerke.
What's the matter? Go inside.
I'll be right back.
Off you go.
Sweetie? - I'm sorry.
- What for? - I was being difficult.
- So was I, right? It feels like so long ago.
I'm only telling you this to get Charlie out.
Okay? Vanderkerk gave me money to raid his competitors' labs.
We always met here in 't Smullerke.
During the shooters festival Kato staggered up here, outside.
They chatted a bit and then suddenly she was on the back of his bike.
They drove off.
I didn't see them again.
And before that? What did you talk about with Vanderkerk? - I told him I wanted out.
- Why? I only ever did it to help Melanie with Beau Sejour.
I'd already earned enough to finish the hotel, so And Leon was a such a good rider.
- We were going to find a major sponsor.
- And how did Vanderkerk respond? How do you think? Aggressively.
So you just let your nephew's girlfriend leave with an aggressive drug dealer? I didn't really like Kato.
I thought she was arrogant.
A know-it-all.
Did you manipulate the footage from the petrol station? I was worried I would be exposed.
Charlie must have found the USB drive and handed it in, to get back at me.
We both know it wasn't Charlie.
But how on earth does he know so much about the crime? Listen You have one more chance to talk your son out of prison.
You have until the station.
Cyril? Where did you get all that money? - It's for you.
- What? For your baby.
That's really sweet.
But I can't accept so much money.
I want to take care of you.
You're a wonderful guy.
You know that? But we're going to return the money.
Okay? Come inside.
A ghost? - Kato is no ghost.
- No.
Kato is dead.
How could Jef Dewael know Kato was murdered at Beau Sejour? - She told Charlie and Charlie told Jef.
- Why didn't Kato just tell Jef? Of course, because only a few people can see her.
Why doesn't your ghost just tell us who did it, Vinken? Look, it's a mystery to me, too.
Okay? - Yes? - Are you working at home today? - No, I'm on my way.
- Someone called for you.
From Holland.
They've found the remains of Claudia De Wit.
- Where? - Something about restless horses.
Mr De Wit started digging.
First they found an empty coffin and underneath that they found Claudia.
They're going to email us all the details.
- I said we'd get back to them.
- Okay, thanks.
Didn't you think that Kato's and Claudia De Wit's cases were linked? If we go now we'll be there in half an hour.
You also feel it doesn't add up, don't you? Those horses.
I have a premonition.
They have something to do with Kato.
- Bakkie, would you help me out? - Sure Hild, what's up? - I want to go to Melanie.
- She's in a secure wing of the prison.
- They won't just let you in.
- That's what I need you for.
- I can't just leave my post.
- Bakkie.
I won't ask you again.
Bakkie, what's the worst thing you've ever done? Honestly.
That's a tough one.
Do you know who made that sex tape of Leon and Sofia? I did.
I uploaded it because I wanted to show Alexander that Leon is no saint either.
And now they're dead.
It's my fault.
I think that's the worst thing I've ever done.
That's why I want to go and apologize.
I I tried to meet with Kato.
And Sofia.
Sometimes I do that Online dating.
But listen, I have nothing to with their deaths.
You know I sometimes feel so lonely.
Understand? - Why don't you lock him up? - This is much closer.
Please, mum.
- I won't be gone long.
- My god.
Better late than never, I suppose? First I thought it was the weather.
But then I saw one of the mares grinding her hind legs in the soil.
At one point there were ten of them.
The strange thing is, my husband first dug up a sealed wooden coffin.
But it was empty.
It was so bizarre, I called the police.
And they found Claudia deeper underground.
If you don't mind, I'll take a look.
PHOTOS OF THE IDENTIFICATION OF VICTIM CLAUDIA DE WI Kristel, did you receive an email from me? x Luc.
Come over here.
Marcus isn't home.
- Well? - Nothing.
That's all.
- I mean, Holland.
- There's no connection.
Claudia De Wit died five years ago.
They dug up her remains together with an empty coffin.
- Someone buried an empty coffin? - Apparently.
SUBARU Subaru.
- Don't you see it? - No, Vinken.
I don't see anything.
Kato wrote that.
Kato was in that coffin.
Kato was cremated.
And we're going to the station.
Come on.
- It must have been one of us five.
- Come on.
- We're going to the station.
- One of us five did it.
- Which one of us drives a Subaru? - Save your energy.
It has to be.
Who has a bloody Subaru? Renée? We've come to return something.
Sorry that I took it.
He meant well.
He wanted to Why are you giving this to me? I'm sorry.
It's yours.
I shouldn't have taken it.
It's not mine.
Maybe it would have been mine in another life.
But not anymore.
You know who this belongs to now? It's yours.
I know I can't demand anything.
But please, check the Subaru.
Vinken There's nothing on that coffin.
Why should I check for a Subaru? You know it wasn't Charlie.
I'm contacting the examining magistrate to confirm your arrest.
If you want to call your wife you can do it now.
Right, shall we check that Subaru then? - You texted me that Marcus wasn't in.
- I didn't text you.
- But you did.
- No.
I didn't.
Have you heard anything? Something something Nice, aren't they? The bird houses.
Kristel and I were just about to toast the new bird houses.
- Sorry, I'll come back some other time.
- No, have a drink.
We can talk like grown-ups, can't we? - No thanks.
- Just one.
I've stopped.
If he says no Alright, then I'll drink it.
Oh look, there's another glass.
This one's for Kato, right? - Or isn't she here? - Marcus.
Let's not start again.
- Kristel, I'm going home.
- No you're not.
You're staying here.
I think we should talk about honesty.
Bernard called me earlier.
He was worried.
Luc sent an email to the school.
I didn't know how to tell you.
Here, read for yourself.
It's not from me.
So it's all lies about a headmaster who can't keep his hands off young girls? And knocks one of them up, now and then? - No, Kristel - Read it, you'll see.
Messing with your daughter's best friend.
I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.
Is it true? - Ines? Did you make her pregnant? - Kristel, I didn't send that email.
- It's not what you think.
- I tell you what, let's call Ines.
Wait a minute wait a minute.
It's not that simple.
- It's very simple.
- Is it true or not, Luc? And Kato? I suppose you can't really see her either? Of course I can.
I would never lie about that.
Was she with us on our trip to the Wissen? Answer me! Then - Then, no, not that time.
- And this morning at the shooting club? I swear I can see her, Kristel.
Kristel has suffered enough.
And you're lying to her as well? Leave my family alone.
Get a move on.
- Get out of here.
- Please Don't take it personally, Luc.
That desk of yours stinks anyway.
That's what I heard.
- And the night of Sofia and Leon? - The same Subaru Impreza.
You know this doesn't mean a thing yet, right? - Kato as well as Sofia and Leon.
- I'll check the licence plate.
As if we haven't been through enough.
I'm exhausted.
Calm down, love.
Why don't we go on holiday together? You, me and Cyril.
- I just need some fresh air.
- Calm down.
I'll make you some tea.
Is your bag upstairs? I don't know.
How did you get out of the coffin? The Subaru is registered to Veerle Boesmans It can't be her car.
She died in an accident six years ago.
So someone forgot to cancel her licence plate.
Marcus? No.
We have the recording from his snoring machine.
And images of his van driving to school on the night of Sofia and Leon's murder.
Your dead wife's car.
That kind of thing has emotional value.
You would keep it close to you.
I don't get it.
The caravan where Sofia and Leon disappeared is near Otten's house.
Maybe they encountered each other there.
His own daughter Isn't that stretching it a bit? My mother mentioned the significance of certain circumstances.
A date or a location can be a trigger.
Where did Veerle and Boris meet? At the shooters festival.
Claudia De Wit was murdered exactly one year after the shooters festival.
Kato Hoeven was murdered exactly six years after the shooters festival.
Sofia and Leon are Veerle and Boris for him.
- He's doing it because of his wife.
- Come on, let's go.
My desk stinks God damn! - We should have stayed at my mum's.
- No.
Why else would Cyril want to stay over there? Love We'll talk about it tomorrow, okay? I'll be right back.
- When will you leave me alone? - Fuck you! The fucking bastard.
- What will you come up with now? - Keep quiet.
- You won't get away with it.
- You had to challenge me.
Is that what you said to Sofia, too? My little girl, she came to fetch her things and run away with Leon Vinken.
No one leaves me for a Vinken.
- And you're exactly the same.
- What? If sand doesn't work, maybe cement will.
I'll kill you! Bastard! - Luc? - Mum.
- Let go of him! - No.
- Mum! - Call the cops.
Luc, let him go.
- Let him go.
Now! - I won't! Daddy? Daddy? Go and call the police.
Call the cops.
Well now, Luc.
Sometimes you have to improvise, mate.
What do you think? Melanie throws you in the lake.
Charlie confesses and Luc attacks me.
Then I have the right to defend myself, don't I? Police.
Drop your weapon.
Marcus Otten, you're under arrest for the murders of Claudia De Wit Kato Hoeven, Sofia Otten and Leon Vinken.
- No, no.
- It was Marcus.
- That's impossible.
- Mr Otten, put down your weapon.
Kristel, would you ever leave me for such a pathetic figure? Fucking bastard.
The garage around the corner.
Kept it on his dead wife's name.
God damn.
Don't get too drunk.
Be careful, okay? Dad? Kato? Your dad's gone home already.
- Hey, Leon.
- See you, Leon.
- Leon's your ex, isn't he? - Yes.
Filthy slut.
Is there blood on this? I'm only joking Hey, it's not mine.
You'll come to your senses.
Are you alright? Hey, I know you.
You're Renée Brouwers' granddaughter.
Come on, I'll take you home.
- Hey, are you okay? - Go away.
Listen, I don't have to be friendly, you know.
I'm not apologizing to Leon.
Forget it! Six years ago.
After the shooters festival.
She cheated on me.
In this room.
Why are you showing me this? Because you're exactly the same.
Was it here you were screwing Vinken? - When did you get out? - This morning.
I really don't get it.
You, Claudia De Wit, Leon - But his own daughter? - I should have seen it sooner.
Kato I was being a dick.
I just felt like I just felt as if no one needed me anymore.
You're the only one who can still see me.
But, didn't my dad say Last week? - I'm sorry for - Charlie - I'm sorry that I - It's okay.