Hotel Portofino (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


Constance! Mrs Ainsworth
says you're to come to the outhouse.
Bring a basin of hot water with you.
And towels!
Billy, what's happened? Billy!
Is that you?
Oh, thank goodness.
What a relief.
I don't think he's doing very well.
I need to stop the bleeding.
Constance, pass me the towels.
Lucian. Lucian, Lucian!
Amore mio. Ehi, ehi.
E' la tempesta. Shh.
How is he?
He's stable, but weak.
He's lost a good deal of blood.
Do you think he'll be all right?
He's young and strong. Although I
suspect his sight might be damaged.
Billy! Who are those men?
I think it's best I don't make
any introductions, Mrs Ainsworth.
Be careful with him.
He must see a doctor, please.
Tell them it's essential.
Dice che devi portarlo
da un dottore E importante.
Billy, come along.
You need to go and get cleaned up.
And, Constance,
could you get dressed, please?
I'd like to see you both
in my office afterwards.
You have a lot of explaining to do,
young man.
Has he said anything else?
About how the boy got injured?
Only what I told you.
That it was Mussolini's thugs.
In this sleepy little town
of all places.
Nish, they're everywhere.
Come along.
I can't tell you
how sorry I am, Mrs Ainsworth.
I've let you down.
Billy, I know you did what you did
with the best of intentions.
But it simply cannot happen again.
I promise it won't.
We can't be seen to be taking sides,
do you understand?
Right. You may go.
Sorry, Mum.
I can't bear to look at you.
I don't know what to say, ma'am.
Betty, you don't need to say
anything. It's not your fault.
His brothers used to give him a clip
around the ear when he stepped
out of line, but now
It's hard for me on my own, ma'am.
I don't know how to handle
a lad of his age.
Billy's a credit to you.
He's just desperate for adventure,
that's all.
I want to express
my gratitude to you.
It was nothing, Mrs Ainsworth.
If I might ask
for your discretion
You can trust me, ma'am.
Is a tea party really a good idea?
Well, yes.
It adds another string to our bow,
darling. Financially.
But Betty's rushed off her feet.
I can manage, ma'am.
You didn't manage very well
the other day.
I could lend a hand.
I mean, I'm not in Betty's league,
but I could bake biscuits.
Or even a bit of treacle pudding
at a push.
I'm not sure the good townsfolk
of Portofino are ready
for our treacle pudding,
but thank you, Constance.
I'll take all the help I can get,
Conny, love.
So, darling, will you take charge?
Yes, Mother.
Thank you. And be sure to ask
Count Albani what we should serve.
Is that really necessary?
Oh, yes.
Yes, he was quite insistent
about being involved.
I can't imagine his interest in
cake extends much beyond eating it.
Well, perhaps it wasn't the cake
he was interested in.
You should visit the Palazzo Bianco,
if you have time.
It's got the most
extraordinary Caravaggio.
I'm afraid we have
a lot of errands to run.
And the Doge's palace.
Certainly worth to have a look,
from the outside at least.
What's a "doge"?
It's sort of like an elected king.
Genoa had its own king?
It did.
Genoa was the most feared republic
in the Mediterranean in its heyday.
We even licensed
the Saint George's cross from them,
to protect our ships.
Saint George is as English as
tea in the afternoon.
Old Joe Green even wrote an opera
about one of Genoa's most famous
Doges, if memory serves.
My husband keeps a box
at Convent Garden, Mr Ainsworth,
and I can assure you
I've never heard of Joe Green.
Young or old.
Giuseppe Verdi?
Oh. A witticism.
A rather feeble one, it would seem.
Ah, Ainsworth.
Just the man I was looking for.
I don't suppose you could organise
a ride for me?
I could. Um on a horse?
Good grief, no. A bicycle.
I was an infantry man,
not a donkey wallop.
Oh. My mistake.
I thought I might
take a training ride.
Pump some power into the old leg
muscles for the battle ahead.
Quite, quite. Well, um
I'm afraid we certainly
don't have any in the hotel.
But you might commandeer one?
I could certainly try.
Good man.
Should I be looking for a tandem?
Lord, no. I could do with a couple
of hours out of the firing line.
Sorry, my love. I'm coming.
Ah! Hello.
A little birdie told me
I might find you down here.
In the doghouse, Master Lucian.
Never mind about all that.
Um, do you know where I might be
able to get my hands on a bicycle?
I'm sorry, sir. I'm not sure I do.
Besides, I'm a bit under the pump.
Come on, Billy.
I'll make it worth your while.
Maybe I do know someone.
Good man.
Hello, Mr Wingfield.
I don't suppose there's
anything for me, is there?
Ah. No, I'm afraid
I don't think there is.
Are you expecting something?
A letter from home.
All set.
Hello, Mrs Wingfield.
Good day.
Oh, Luc, darling.
There's a letter for you.
Oh, wonderful.
And one, two, three for your father.
Would you mind
giving them to him, darling?
No. Not at all.
You're not wearing your ring.
Is everything all right?
Of course. Why do you ask?
You weren't obliged to sell it?
What a vivid imagination you have.
It's hot, my hands get swollen and
I didn't want the ring to get stuck.
I suppose I just put two and two
together and made five.
Yes, you did make five.
Stop worrying.
I'll take these to Papa.
This had better be good news.
Mama wanted me to give you these.
Thank you.
Don't let me keep you.
Your Ladyship.
Oh, the post!
Mrs Ainsworth, thank you so much.
Your letters.
Thank you.
The newspaper. And, darling,
there's one for you.
For me?
It's a local postmark.
Are you going to open it?
It's from Lady Caroline!
What does she say?
Ooh, Alice,
don't keep us in suspense.
"Dear Mrs Mays-Smith,
please forgive
"my unpardonable rudeness
for not having written before now
"to thank you for calling
at the Villa Franchesi
"the week before last."
We don't need every word, darling.
Her mother's inviting us
to a light supper.
All of us?
You, dear Melissa. And your aunt.
Mama, Papa, the Drummond-Wards
and Count Albani.
Do I know these people?
Lady Caroline is the
Earl of Harborne's daughter, Aunt.
Oh, really?
The Countess looks forward
to making your acquaintance,
your Ladyship. I see.
And when is this grand occasion?
The 21st.
That's Thursday.
Well, you better go and tell Betty.
Thank you, Mama.
And decide what we're going to wear!
Oh! Count Albani.
Is it you we have to thank
for all the excitement?
What is the reason for it?
Lady Caroline's
invited everyone for supper.
Then it is surely Lady Caroline
you should be thanking.
Well, whoever's behind it,
they've made someone very happy.
Then I'm happy also.
Your letters.
Is it far?
Oh, it's just a short carriage ride
into the hills.
I simply cannot be expected
to travel any sort of distance
after dark.
Perhaps I might be permitted
to ride with you, Lady Latchmere?
And offer you
my personal protection.
Oh, how kind, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Am I safe to entrust myself
with him?
I mean, you know what they say
about Italians.
I'm not sure I do, Your Ladyship.
Well, apparently they're notorious
for it, I've heard.
Notorious for what exactly?
Goodness gracious, do I have to
spell it out for you, Mrs Ainsworth?
Carlo is certainly very attentive,
but also very proper.
At least, I've always found him
to be that way.
Is there a Countess Albani?
He's a widower.
Oh, well, that explains it.
Thank you very much.
God damn it to hell! Paola!
Where did you get that, Lottie?
Mr Wingfield lent it to us.
To say thank you
for Billy finding him a bicycle.
So, what are you doing?
I am Can you hold these for me,
Just for a moment.
This is going to be the net.
The net?
You know, for tennis.
Good Lord, don't tell me
you've never heard of tennis.
Not that I know of.
Wimbledon, no?
This isn't another elaborate jape,
is it, Miss March?
Like that business
with your letters.
I swear on my life.
Well, maybe there is something
we can teach you, then.
You ready? Holding out like this.
Come on, come on. Let's go.
One more try, one more try.
In again. Second serve.
That was good!
You've got quite an arm on you!
We need to draw some lines.
Right, come on, then.
Miss March, your turn.
Your mother doesn't pay me
to lark around, Mr Ainsworth.
Nonsense. Come on.
All right.
I'll try.
Let's have a serve?
Beautiful! That was a rally!
Alice, you have so many
pretty dresses.
That one is pretty.
Maybe we should think about
what to say to Lady Caroline
when we're there.
Do you think the house will be
absolutely huge?
I told my mother that I'd meet
someone special over here.
Oh, look at this sweet little dress
that's Lottie's.
You're not getting anywhere
with you holding it like that.
Hand on the grip.
Right. From down the racket and
then nice circle. Follow through.
There you go. See?
What about this one?
Oh, gosh, no.
I look about a hundred in that one.
I think it's pretty.
This one.
That one is pretty.
Try that?
'La Donna E Mobile'
Crikey, it's baking.
Isn't it wonderful?
Pelham will fry,
cycling in this heat.
They say you have to be mad,
or English,
to go out in the middle of the day.
I must be both.
I'll look like a lobster
if I'm not careful.
Don't you feel it?
Sure. If I stay out too long.
But do you? You know.
Go darker?
We all change colour
in the sun, honey.
You don't mind me asking?
I've been asked worse than that.
Do you know, I think I might
go for a wander. Maybe get a drink.
You go ahead.
I'll join you in a bit.
Lei e la Signora Turner.
I've seen you at the Hotel.
Roberto. Roberto Albani.
Pleased to meet you, Roberto Albani.
My English is, um little.
Don't worry, honey.
We don't need to talk.
You like?
Sure. I like.
He wasn't impressed
by your Italian.
I may as well
have been speaking Chinese.
Thank heavens you know how to point.
Che baldi giovani!
Cosa stai guardando?
Hey, negretto!
Tutto bene?
Don't. Lucian, it's not worth it.
Venite qui, baldi giovani!
Come on, Lucian. Keep walking.
They're following us.
Just keep walking. Ignore them.
We don't want to make things worse.
Hey, voi! Cosa state facendo?
Don't make any eye contact.
Hurry. Go!
May I be of assistance?
Er, no. Thank you,
we don't require any assistance.
They will not harm you in daylight.
Perhaps just humiliate you.
Please, this way.
The hotel is that way.
How do you know where we're staying?
Everyone knows
where the English live.
I'm not an Englishman.
Then you only behave like one.
My friends
met you there this morning.
There's no-one else in Portofino
who looks like you.
How is the boy?
He'll be lucky to see again.
Has someone else examined him?
The doctors here,
they're not for people like us.
And who are the people like you?
The ones who fight.
We've both seen the horrors
that happen when men fight.
Then what will you do,
when they come for you?
There are no fascisti in England.
Of course there are, my friend.
They just have not
put on a shirt yet.
Then the fair Helen chose a prince,
whose name was Me
The brother of Aga..memnon.
That's right.
Who reigned in M
It's Mycenae.
You're really doing very well.
I wasn't told you had company.
It's all right.
We're reading Homer.
The children's version.
Did you want something?
It can wait.
Oh, come on.
I was hoping you could
tell me where this is.
L'Ancora. It's a tavern.
It's in town.
"We are fighting
to defend the fatherland.
"We are building a new Italy.
We are defending social justice."
All rather schoolboy, isn't it?
Very cloak-and-dagger,
all this anti-Fascism.
Don't tell me
you're actually thinking of going.
You're mocking me?
For wanting to inform myself.
All right, don't be so
Do you think Mussolini is a joke?
No, I think that all politicians
are contemptible.
Of whatever stripe.
I'm sorry.
It's not worth falling out over.
I just thought it wouldn't hurt
to know a little more
about what was happening here.
It's all right.
I should be the one apologising
for being such a dilettante.
I've ruined your lesson.
We'd almost finished.
Please. Don't leave on my account.
They'll be wanting to know
where I am.
You mustn't think much of us at all,
arguing over nothing.
Well, it didn't seem like
nothing to me.
My brother Arthur says there's
a Fascist lurking in all of us.
He sounds like a wise man.
Not really.
He emigrated to Canada and
he can't stand the cold.
Do you have a big family?
Not any more.
It's just my mum left at home now,
and little Tommy.
It must have been hard for her,
to let you go.
And what about you, Mr Sengupta?
I haven't seen my family
for the better part of ten years.
Ten years?
Yes, his father packed him off
to be educated like an Englishman.
Oh. And how long does that take?
I'll let you know when I find out.
Where have you been?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
If I've rung the bell once,
I've rung it a thousand times.
Help Francesco and take these
up to Mrs Turner's room.
She can't seem
to get into her bathroom.
Of course, ma'am.
Leave it over there, please.
Can you help me, honey?
I've got sand everywhere.
It's all right.
No law against looking.
I guess you haven't seen
skin like mine before, have you?
I imagine Helen of Troy,
she must have looked a lot like you.
And who's Helen of Troy?
A woman in my book.
They fought wars over her.
Well, I'll do my best
not to start another.
Wars are bad for business.
'For He Is An Englishman'
from 'HMS Pinafore'
# He is an Englishman
# For he himself has said it
# And it's greatly to his credit
# That he is an Englishman
# For he is an Englishman
# For he might have been a "Roosian"
# Or French, or Turk, or "Proosian"
# Or perhaps Itali-an
# Or perhaps Itali-an #
Oh, Lady Latchmere.
I didn't see you there.
I keep on telling myself
I must get dressed for dinner.
# He remains an Englishman #
This song always makes me smile.
The Italians gave us opera,
and this is what we did with it.
We are a funny nation.
I suppose we always have Elgar.
You know I I saw HMS Pinafore
at the Savoy, before the war.
Did you?
With Ernest.
He's my youngest.
Oh, my. He is handsome.
Yes, he is. Was.
He, um He trod on a landmine.
Somewhere called Mount Sorrel.
He died nine years ago tomorrow.
He'd only been there five minutes.
"Unable are the loved to die,
for love is immortality".
That's beautifully expressed.
Oh, it's not me.
It's by my favourite poet.
Oh, Emily Dickinson.
Oh, for me?
Yes, of course.
Oh, thank you very much, my dear.
That's very kind.
And, er
And thank you for listening.
How's your friend, Billy?
I promised Mrs Ainsworth
I'd stay out of it.
Don't you want to know?
I got word this afternoon.
They think he might lose the eye.
Are you nearly finished, Billy?
Yes, Mrs Mays-Smith.
Mr Sengupta.
I'll send Francesco up later,
Mrs Turner. To fetch everything.
There's really no need.
Take it, child.
I couldn't.
Would you prefer one of these?
I wouldn't know what to do with it.
Oh, it's easy enough!
Come on, let me show you.
Sit down.
Never mind them fighting over me,
You've got everything it takes
to start your own damn war.
No-one notices me.
It's because you're hiding.
You can't be afraid to show them
what you've got. What you want.
Mrs Mays-Smith won't like it.
It isn't her we're aiming to please.
Thank you.
Left on your own, again?
Seems that way.
Something about you. It's different.
Put it over there.
Is she new?
It's Constance. The nanny.
If you'll excuse me.
Cecil, where are you going?
Mm? It's a surprise.
Caught the sun, look at me now.
Oh, for heaven's sake!
Er, spedizione? Delivery? Yes?
Ah, there she is.
Oh, Christ, please,
please be careful with her.
Right. Follow me! Avanti.
I'll be back soon.
Ah, there you are.
Yes, I saw the truck from my window.
All in one piece?
It seems to be.
I'll show it to you later
or I shall be missed at tea.
Oh, no. You go ahead.
We can leave the grand unveiling
until tomorrow.
I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
Yes. Well, let's hope so.
Was there something else?
Ah, of course.
Typical bloody Italians.
Delivery for you.
That's right.
From England.
I fail to see what business
that is of yours.
Everything here is the business
of the Consiglio Comunale,
Signor Ainsworth. Police, licensing.
Taxes on imports, for example.
Well, there's nothing
to concern you here.
More tea?
All gone?
Every last one.
That were quick!
They wolfed them down.
I had to beg every cucumber
within three miles for those.
Count Albani had most of them.
I lost count at seven.
I love a man with a good appetite.
Gives us something to hold onto.
It's hard to imagine him
with that slip of a girl.
You hadn't noticed?
Noticed what?
Him making eyes at Mrs Mays-Smith.
She's half his age!
She is, but she could do
a lot worse.
I bet he could put a smile
back on that sourpuss of hers.
What happened to Lottie's father?
Same as happened
to the rest of them.
The war.
He got half his face blown off.
It was a blessing he didn't survive.
Right! Chop-chop, come on!
Let's get these plated up.
There's nowt so sad
as a cold fat rascal.
True, true.
You all right, Billy, son?
Here, come on. Hurry up.
Paola, ready?
Ready. Ready.
All good?
Yeah, let's go.
Ah, Signor Danioni,
surely you're not looking
for something else to steal.
Please, please. You know what?
I really think we should be friends.
Ah! But friends
don't blackmail one another.
Again this word.
Look, you've given me
a gift for my wife.
And I've given you customers
for your hotel.
This is how it works
between friends.
Dare e ricevere.
Give and take.
And then, of course,
some have more to give than others.
But that's the way it is.
I'll see you around.
Sorry about that.
My wife ordered this tea party
Oh, no. Not a bit of it.
I've got plenty to keep me busy.
Now, the moment of truth.
Here she is.
First impressions?
Well, it's smaller than I expected.
Is that a problem?
Well, you don't buy art by the yard.
Of course.
Well, I'm not the expert.
But what's your instinct?
Well, it certainly his style.
Yeah, but before
you get too excited,
remember he had a workshop churning
out hundreds of these things.
Some he painted himself,
some he just painted a little.
And some he just supervised.
It's more likely "school of Rubens"
than Rubens.
But, er it could pass?
Yeah. Yeah, it could pass.
And how much to authenticate?
A few hundred dollars, maybe.
No, no, no.
I mean, how much to ensure
it's authenticated?
40 percent if she goes
for over a hundred thousand.
One percent less
for every two thousand beneath.
Let's start at 25, shall we?
Now, it goes without saying,
I'll need a copy of the letter
of authentication
and a down payment,
before I'll hand her over.
It goes without saying.
It's a deal.
I'll have Francesco
have it locked up until tomorrow.
Are you feeling any better, darling?
A little better.
Well enough to come?
I'd only spoil it for you.
Very well.
Although I have to say
I'm very disappointed in you, Rose.
I'm sorry, Mama.
I did tell you not to stay out
in the sun so long.
You'll end up looking like
one of the locals.
You're sure you don't mind?
I'll say it again, I don't mind.
Ainsworth says this Harborne guy
has a massive pile back in London.
Packed full of art, apparently.
He sounds like quite the catch.
Oh, come on, baby.
Baby, come on. Don't be mad.
I'd much rather be here with you.
I've hardly seen you
the whole god damned time.
Well, I have a business
to take care of.
No, Jack.
You have to take care of me.
You don't want to be
seen out with me. Is that it?
Oh Jesus, Claudine, come on,
I already told you.
The Drummond-Ward girl has a
migraine, there's only room for one.
Hey! I brought you here, didn't I?
I'm beginning to wonder why.
There you go.
I wish I could dance like you.
Don't you know a professional
when you see one, honey?
You dance for a living?
Amongst other things.
My name's in lights.
Claudine Pascal.
It sounds so French.
Oh, I wasn't gonna cut it as Louella
Mae Dobbs. In Paris, of all places.
Where is your husband?
Gone to bed.
He's awfully boring
when he's got a tournament.
All right.
Come on!
Your mother said you had a migraine.
I feel much better now.
Come on in. Join us, honey.
Nobody here's gonna tell you no.
You can do it!
That's very good!
Hey! Champagne!
# I know how you feel
# No matter what they told you
# You deserve to be
Whatever you may dream
# Some lipstick in your smile
# And you got everything to shine
# Wear your smile and fly
# Your life begins tonight
# Free to be, be free to be
# Whatever you want
# Be free to be, be free to be #
# Whoever you want
# And when they look at you that way
# No matter what they say
# Who cares under the stars
Of Italy #
# Be free to be, be free to be
# Whatever you like
# Be free to be, be free to be
# Whoever you like
# And when they look at you that way
# No matter what they say #
Come on, Lottie. Time for bed.
Oh, just a bit longer.
I said time for bed.
Thank you. Thank you.
That was thrilling,
thank you so much.
Oh, wow. Something thrilling's
going on inside.
Wasn't it just?
Now, that's a party.
Now, that was
rather an unfortunate timing.
Did my mother say anything?
She said it might be an idea
for us all to go to bed.
Well I'm not going to
be able to sleep now.
I'm completely wired.
Me too.
What do you think?
I think that it's
rather a long way to walk.
Perhaps we don't have to.
Bandiera rossa trionfera!
Bandiera rossa la trionfera.
To think that a daughter of mine
would behave
in such a disgraceful manner.
In front of members
of the opposite sex.
In front of Bella Ainsworth,
of all people!
Lord alone knows what your father's
going to say when I write
and tell him about this and I will,
I'll tell him about this.
I think it's here.
I think it's here.
Wait. Wait. I have the pamphlet.
Che reprimono I loro fratelli
e concittadini con la violenza.
Accusando chiunque si opponga alla
loro retorica
Di essere un traditore.
Sono loro I nemici dell'Italia
Sono loro, non noi.
Che cercano di distruggere
la liberta e i diritti
Che i nostri antenati hanno cercato
di conquistare coraggiosamente.
Per la creazione
dello Stato Italiano.
And I say it is them, not us,
who are the enemies of truth.
Of justice. Of civic responsibility.
Because it is them, not us,
who seek to bind Italian people
in subservient flattery,
to the lies
and the mystical nonsense
of the king and the Catholic church.
Apri! Andiamo, forza! Andiamo!
Forza! Andiamo!
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