Hotel Portofino (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


Oh, Mr Wingfield.
You're not sneaking off
without saying goodbye, surely?
Sorry, I
I didn't think anyone was up.
Won't you have some breakfast?
I'd rather get on.
Ah. Would you wait one moment?
Would you mind awfully
posting a letter for me,
once you get to Milan?
Here you are,
this is to cover the cost. Ah, yes.
Oh, Harrogate, eh?
That's a lovely town.
It is, isn't it? Well
Wish me luck.
Best of British.
Oh, heavens. Not again.
Wha Can't you leave us alone?
And a very good morning to you also,
Signora Ainsworth.
This is Signor Ricci,
from the inspectorate
of Industry and Labour.
What is it now?
And this is a letter
that authorises him
to carry out an inspection on the
working conditions on your premises.
At seven o'clock in the morning?
Chi dorme non piglia pesci.
It's just batter.
There's nowt queer about that.
I don't care if you got your orders
from the King of Italy himself,
you will NOT open that door.
If my buns don't rise,
there'll be hell to pay. Capisci?
Condizioni anti-igieniche?
Unhygienic conditions?
You could eat your dinner
off Betty's floor!
I didn't write this report.
Well, your signature is all over it.
So what does it mean?
It means you have 14 days.
To do what?
To make good. Or face closure.
This is ridiculous!
Where is it?!
Ainsworth! Ainsworth, where are you?
Ainsworth, where is it?!
What on Earth's the matter, man?
You crooks! Where is it?!
Where is what?
Where'd you put it?
Can I help you? Where'd you put it?
The painting is gone!
Well, don't just stand there!
Go get the goddamn cops!
And you are sure the painting,
it is stolen?
It didn't get up and walk around
on its own, did it?
Yes, of course I'm sure.
What kind of jerk you take me for?
Have you searched your room, sir?
Are you kidding me?
If I say it is gone,
it is gone, OK?
How can a painting just disappear
from right under your nose?
That's some question, Ainsworth.
How the hell should I know?
I ain't the guy who stole it.
Yet you are "the guy" who was
supposed to be keeping it safe.
Meaning what?
Meaning whatever you choose
to make of it, Mr Turner.
We should all try and stay calm.
Yes. What would you advise, Carlo?
To do what Mr Turner requested.
Thank you.
Send for the police. Subito.
Oh, good grief
No-one is going anywhere here.
Let's be clear.
From now on,
nobody is going back to their rooms.
That's an order.
You mean we have to stay here?
In our nightclothes?
Danioni's right.
That way we can be sure
no-one is up to any shenanigans.
What exactly are you insinuating?
No-one is insinuating anything,
Lady Latchmere.
Is everyone present?
The Wingfields have
yet to make an appearance. Ah!
Mr Wingfield left early
this morning. Did he now?
Yes. To play in a tennis tournament.
He said he'd be back
within the week.
Maybe he ain't coming back.
His wife's still here.
You're sure of that, are you?
I saw her last night, Jack.
Just before I went to bed.
Perhaps Alice, you could go
and check on Mrs Wingfield.
And Constance, would you
mind bringing Billy upstairs?
We could send him
to the police station.
And everybody else, perhaps
you'd like a bit of breakfast.
It might improve your moods.
Mr Turner, please.
What's happening, then?
Mrs Ainsworth says
we're to set breakfast.
What, for everyone?
They're all up.
I'm not surprised with all
the hullabaloo.
God, the sound of that man's voice!
Dear me, enough to wake the dead.
Er, Paola, breakfast.
Where have you been?
Just out.
You're wanted.
Who's asking?
Mrs Ainsworth. She's talking
about calling the police.
The police? What for?
The painting's gone missing.
That's got nowt to do with me.
No-one says it has, Billy.
She just wants them
to search the hotel.
Stop worrying, you daft apeth.
You're to fetch the police,
not hand yourself in.
Here he is, Mrs Ainsworth.
Thank you, Constance.
Billy, we need you to run
an errand into town.
Signor Danioni will tell you
exactly where to go.
This is William Scanlon?
Yes. This is Billy.
Hi, Billy.
This is the boy who stole
the bicycle. Wha?
I only meant to borrow it, sir.
Sorry, I cannot hear.
I only meant to borrow it.
Oh, I see. Sure.
A known associate
with criminal elements, huh?
That's what he is. No
He cannot go anywhere
No, you don't! Come here, kid!
Get me the key to the outhouse.
Shut up!
We'll lock him up in there.
Quit struggling!
Cecil, is this entirely necessary?
The guilty flee
when no man pursueth.
Francesco, you go to the police.
Please, be gentle with him!
Mrs Ainsworth! What's he done?
Betty, let me deal with this. OK?
What's? Let me take care of this.
Mr Turner!
Let me out!
Shut up!
I can't breathe!
Mrs Ainsworth!
Blighter's got
a pair of lungs on him.
Yeah, and a kick like a mule.
The boy's in distress.
Panicking, more likely.
Please! It hurts!
Please, can I get Nish
just to have a look at him?
Don't be so bloody feeble.
I've got a pain in me side.
Please, it hurts!
I can't breathe!
Oh, for God's sake, all right.
Be quick about it.
His breathing is certainly laboured.
Can you give him something?
Perhaps a sedative to calm him down,
ease the constriction.
I don't want nowt like that.
Maybe something for the pain, then.
I don't have anything with me.
I have some aspirin in my office.
I'll run and get it.
Lady Latchmere's bedroom.
The pamphlets?
Under the bed.
Are you mad? Thought it'd be
the last place anyone would look.
The police will find them!
The keys are in me room.
I never got a chance
to put 'em back.
Well, let's hope that the police
can get to the bottom of this.
I I said
I heard what you said.
What's the matter?
Stay away from me.
Darling, there's no point
taking this out on me.
You said yourself,
you didn't know the value
of the painting until recently.
Really, if either of us
should be upset, it should be me.
This sort of incident
could be ruinous for the hotel.
You really have no idea, do you?
Avete parlato con Ottonello?
Si. Sta arrivando.
Avete detto
tutto quello che serve.
Lo lascio fare a voi.
Sotto il letto, hai detto?
What do you mean,
you saw the Wingfield woman
before you went to bed?
Exactly what I said.
I told you to stay put.
You know I don't like to be told.
Thank you.
Why don't you cut the crap,
What crap is that, Jack?
This whole goddamn
Queen of Sheba act.
We both know you came from nothing.
Hey, don't you DARE
walk away from me.
Or else?
Or else.
Take your damn hand off me.
You just back me up, OK?
Whatever I say, all right?
Whatever you say, Jack.
Lover's tiff?
Ha. It looks that way.
Keeping their story straight.
If you say so.
Have you spoken to Mrs Turner?
No, I've only just been woken up.
But you did see her last night.
Just before bed.
I don't recall.
Mrs Wingfield,
I don't wish to alarm you,
but, er, the coincidence between
your husband's departure
and the disappearance
of the painting
has already been commented upon.
What are you saying?
Oh, nothing, my dear lady.
I merely suggest that,
if you have any information
that might help us establish
the sequence and timing of events,
you would be wise to share it.
I would hate to see a celebrated
sportsman like your husband
dragged into
a murky affair like this.
With all the attendant publicity.
breakfast is ready when you are.
I'm telling the guests
to gather in the dining room.
Of course, my dear.
Dreadful business.
Quite so.
I have to say, you're looking
remarkably calm, Cecil.
Well, it doesn't do
to lose one's cool.
Do you really think
it's been stolen?
I'm not sure any of us knows
quite what to believe, Julia.
Or who to believe,
more to the point.
That directed at me?
Your surmise is correct.
You're calling me a liar.
I'm saying you're being a trifle
economical with the truth.
Come on, then, Ainsworth,
out with it.
I rather think the onus is on you,
old boy.
To tell us what you know.
The painting was definitely in the
crate when you handed it over to me.
I watched you and Francesco
pack it away,
nail it shut with my own eyes.
Hmm. But what I can't help wondering
is why you were so keen
for the exchange
to take place last night.
Well, after you insisted
on showing it to everybody,
I felt I was better equipped
to keep it safe than you.
I'm quite sure, Mr Turner,
you did what you thought was right.
I left Claudine with the necessary
means to guard the painting
while I came downstairs
to finish my business with you.
I went back to my room around 11
and either Claudine or myself were
with the painting the whole time
until I woke up this morning
and discovered it was gone.
What? Just disappeared
in a puff of smoke.
Oh, that's very cute, Ainsworth.
I don't believe in magic.
Neither do I.
So what do you think happened to it,
Like I said, I think Mr Turner
hasn't told us the whole truth
to cover up his negligence.
Darling, really,
is this the time or the place?
You'd better be able
to back that up.
Oh, I'm sure your wife can.
Isn't that right, Mrs Turner?
Or perhaps I should ask
Mrs Wingfield
to corroborate instead.
After all, I distinctly heard you
say you spoke to her
just before you went to bed.
I may have left the room.
Only for a short while.
What, Jack? It's the truth.
Now we're getting to it.
I asked her
to meet me in the bathroom.
Whatever for?
To help her get ready for bed,
And how long did this rendezvous
between you lovely ladies last?
About 20 minutes?
In which time Mrs Turner
was away from the painting
and you, Mrs Wingfield,
were away from your husband.
I can't deny it. But someone must
have gotten the key,
because that door
was locked when I left it.
Looking for some peace and quiet?
Something like that.
I don't blame you.
It's pretty poisonous in there.
I thought that my father
and Jack Turner
were about to come to blows.
You all right?
Come on, Nish, what's wrong?
For heaven's sake,
you saved my life.
We're not to have secrets
from one another, are we?
I've been a bloody fool.
All right, no change there, then.
I'm serious, Lucian.
I'm in a bit of a jam.
Right. Well, then
let me help you out of it.
I'm not sure there's
anything to be done about it.
The police are here.
Oh, at last.
Erm, excuse me.
If I could have your
attention for a moment.
Count Albani, perhaps you would
translate for our benefit.
Of course.
Thank you.
Signore e signori, buongiorno.
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.
Sono l'Ispettore capo
Giovanni Ottonello,
della polizia municipale.
I'm Inspector Giovanni Ottonello,
from the municipal police.
Io e i miei uomini siamo
venuti qua per perquisire
l'albergo e le vostre camere.
My men and I are here to search
the hotel and your rooms.
Voglio la vostra
totale collaborazione.
And I request
your total cooperation.
Molto bene.
Very well.
Listen, I'm sure this is nothing
to worry about for you fine people.
Tu e tu, chiudi la finestra.
Tu e tu, con me.
We have to talk later.
Er, Mama?
What is it, darling?
We have a problem.
How could you be so foolish!
Nish wasn't to know that he'd hide
them under Lady Latchmere's bed.
I mean, both of you.
What were you thinking,
sneaking about at some
secret Socialist pow-wow?
I was taking interest
in local politics on the off-chance
there was something
I could feel passionate about it.
Please, Mrs Ainsworth,
Lucian didn't know anything
about the pamphlets.
It's entirely my fault.
Don't listen to him.
I can only apologise for all
the difficulties I've caused,
after all the kindness
you've shown me.
Well, let's not bicker
about how we got into this mess.
Let's just find a way out of it.
Can't we just retrieve them?
Darling, they're already
looking for the painting now.
And the police are everywhere.
Is there any chance
that they just find the painting
and forget about the rest?
Er, well, my money's on the culprit
already having scarpered,
I'm afraid.
I saw Wingfield skulking around
in the most suspicious manner
last night.
So why don't we just tell the truth?
Because Danioni is looking
for any pretext he can find
to shut down the hotel.
I'll take the fall.
Tell them I acted alone.
Nish, at best, you'll be deported.
At worst, jail.
There's nothing else for it.
Billy will have to take the fall.
It was his stupid idea to put them
there in the first place.
I need to forewarn Lady Latchmere.
She will not want her name
dragged into all of this mess.
Mother! Mother!
You know it makes sense.
Betty would never forgive us.
Si, signore.
He's a juvenile. They'll
almost certainly go easy on him.
We don't know that.
Well, maybe he deserves
what's coming to him.
Nish says he has the spare keys
to every room in the hotel
stashed in his bedroom. Oh, darling,
we can't throw him to the wolves.
I don't see what other option
we have.
We'll have to get him a lawyer.
Oh, well, then, I'll speak to Daddy!
Has he said anything to you?
No, your father.
I haven't spoken a word to him
all day. Why do you ask?
He's just behaving very oddly,
that's all.
Lady Latchmere?
Might I have a quick word with you?
With me? Outside.
Scusi. Lei ha bisogno di respirare.
Subito, subito.
It's a matter of some delicacy.
Then you must come out with it
straight away, my dear.
It seems that the search
of the hotel may turn out
some material
of a decidedly political nature,
hidden under your bed.
Under my bed?!
I'm afraid so.
What kind of materials?
Pamphlets, to be exact.
What do these pamphlets say?
They express derogatory sentiments
about a certain Signor Mussolini.
How simply splendid!
Who is the subversive in our midst?
I'm not at liberty to say,
for fear of incriminating them.
Then I shall claim ownership of them
What? Is that wise?
Let them do their worst.
One look at that awful
strutting peacock Mussolini
and you can tell that he's a thug.
I simply cannot abide a bully.
I couldn't agree more.
Herbert, Lord Latchmere,
he bullied my darling Ernest
He threatened to disown him if
he didn't sign up and do his duty.
I understand. Cecil was very
coercive with Lucian as well.
Was he?
Those poor boys.
I only wish
that I'd stood up to him more
on Ernest's behalf.
I haven't been able to speak to him
since it happened, and I'm
actually not sure that I ever will.
Now, my dear. You must run along.
You have a lot
of very important things to do.
Yes, respirate.
Allora? Qualcosa.
Guarda tu stesso.
Any luck?
Fagli vedere.
What is this? These were
found in William Scanlon's room.
Keys? What do I want with keys?
Is there any sign of the painting,
Vuole sapere se hai
trovato il dipinto.
What kind of circus
are you running here?
This would never happen in England!
Billy What have you done?
I haven't done nowt.
Here. Get some of this down you.
I'm not hungry.
You need to keep your strength up.
I said I'm not hungry, Mam.
How long am I gonna be
cooped up in here for?
I don't know, Billy.
It were only a bike,
for Christ's sake.
I was gonna take it back.
They're not bothered
about a stupid bike.
What, then?
The painting!
What on Earth's
that got to do with me?
They're saying someone must have
taken it from Mr Turner's bedroom.
Right. And?
they found the spare keys
hidden in your room.
Oh, Billy!
It's not what you think it is, Mam,
I don't know nothing
about that painting.
I swear on my brothers' graves.
I swear.
I believe you.
Thousands wouldn't.
What about those keys, then?
I just forgot to put 'em back.
I were doing a favour for someone.
I'm not snitching.
Che bella donna.
You must excuse all
the inconvenience, Count Albani.
Oh, no. Actually, it is I who should
be begging your forgiveness.
For my countrymen.
And their rough and criminal ways.
Well, we are very grateful
for your help.
And for your excellent English.
Thank you.
Roberto speaks so little of it.
Oh, yes. He's young and arrogant.
Stiamo parlando di te.
He thinks there is nothing
he can learn from me.
Perhaps I could give it a try.
To teach him English?
What an excellent notion.
Just the basics.
Enough so he can speak for himself.
We are at your disposal.
Wonderful. Constance?
Oh! Grazie.
Sei veramente bella oggi, Constance.
Sta a te.
Signor Danioni, any news?
Sorry, Signora,
we have to wait a little longer.
Vieni con me.
But why?
He seems to be enjoying himself.
Directing the operations.
Making threats, you mean.
You speak with great feeling.
I loathe people who seek to take
advantage of others' misfortune.
Is he trying
to take advantage of you?
My dear Mrs Ainsworth,
it is an insult to our friendship
that you should choose
not to confide in me.
He's threatening
to close down the hotel.
He arrived at seven o'clock this
morning with a health inspector,
and the report says
that we are preparing food
in unhygienic conditions.
That's exactly what I said to him.
All right. Do not distress yourself.
Where there is a problem,
there's always a solution.
But how do I solve a problem
that doesn't exist?
But it is certainly not this problem
he wishes you to address.
There is some other issue
between you and Mr Danioni
that you're not disclosing.
I will speak to him.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
I hope I haven't caused a problem.
Honey, you aren't the problem.
I'd just hate to be the source
of friction in your relationship,
when you've done so much to help
smooth out the bumps in mine.
So you did
smooth out the bumps, then.
Yes. Twice, in fact.
I don't quite know
what's come over me!
You're like a new woman
this morning!
The search turned up nothing,
Vuole sapere se avete
trovato qualcosa.
Nothing at all?
No hidden surprises, Signora.
Your guests are
Come si dice? ..without sin.
Are you saying you have no clue
how that painting was removed
from Mr Turner's room?
There is no trace.
What about fingerprints?
You mean the handle?
Yes, of course I mean the handle.
It is wiped clean.
So, what next?
We take the boy for questioning
and we will make him confess.
Well, he'll have to have
a lawyer with him. All right.
I've already sent for Bruzzone.
How much longer will this go on?
This whole situation.
Er I don't know. Maybe
Maybe until they find the painting.
Maybe until the search is concluded.
Whichever one is sooner.
Well, I'm awfully bored.
I think I may have to move soon.
If you could just
Please? For a moment longer?
Oh, darling, there you are.
Lucian asked if he could draw me.
How lovely.
Oh. I don't think that's your best.
No, well, apparently
there is something about Rose
that I find difficult to capture.
Mama will be wondering where I am.
Of course.
Darling, darling
I thought you'd like to know.
The search has turned up nothing.
Absolutely nothing at all?
Not a shred.
My God! That's such a relief.
Where on Earth are they, then?
I don't know.
But they're not in the hotel.
You know, I am sorry to have
put you through all of this.
I'm sorry too.
For what?
If you've ever felt coerced.
I know
this will take the time it takes.
Signor Bruzzone, I presume.
This is going to be Billy's lawyer.
And this is?
Gianluca Bruzzone, Signore.
My father asked me to come.
In case there is translation needed.
How fortunate
that you speak English.
Forgive me, it is not well-used.
I will accompany them,
to help instruct Mr Bruzzone.
Thank you, Carlo.
I'll go too.
To make sure Billy's all right.
I'll come with you.
Keep you company.
We'll have him back in no time.
I promise you, Betty.
This is just a dreadful mistake.
What utter tripe!
You got something else to say,
Ainsworth? It's balderdash!
What is?
The idea that little Billy Scanlon
is some kind of criminal mastermind.
He and his peasant friends.
It's frankly incredible.
Well, from where I'm standing,
it's the only credible explanation.
Not quite, old boy.
Oh! Cecil!
You have another one?
I rather think I do.
Well, enlighten us, then.
You arranged for the painting
to be stolen yourself, Jack.
I don't know how, but I do know why.
To cheat me
out of my share of the sale price.
Say that again and I'll kill you.
Please, gentlemen. Stop!
Don't expect to see a red cent
of your 50,000 back.
Call it an insurance payment.
It's not worth a tenth of that.
An authentic Rubens?
You'll hear from my lawyers.
You'll hear from mine first.
Cecil, really
Come on, Claudine.
I said, come on, Claudine.
We're goin'.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
For Christ's sake! Claudine!
Don't touch me!
Go back to your wife, Jack.
You stupid whore.
Who the hell here
is gonna pay for YOU?
I've got my own money.
You're a n
Aren't you missing a word, Jack?
Her value doesn't decrease
because of your inability
to notice it.
A gentleman
is defined by his behaviour,
and yours, sir,
is absolutely monstrous.
help Mr Turner pack his bags.
You watch your back, Ainsworth.
This ain't over.
And be sure to see him
off the premises.
Far from over!
Oh, I think you'll find it is.
My dear
Thank you.
Vedo che sapete apprezzare le cose
belle della vita, Signor Danioni.
Uh-huh. Raramente li ho trovati
questi. Dove li avete presi?
A Londra. Siete un grande amante
degli Inglesi, vero.
Voi no?
Eppure vi siete preso la
briga di imparare la loro lingua.
C'e stato un momento
in cui ho pensato di andare
in America, ma poi.
Then you should practise more.
Specially with the way things
are going around here.
Stavo pensando che
No, no, no. In English, please.
What do you think,
would I like it in England?
The people and the weather
are too cold
for a man of your sensibilities.
Although the women can be warmer.
Oh, yeah?
There is something in their culture
that an Italian may admire.
They have few of the superstitions
that holds our people in their grip.
Empirismo Inglese.
E naturalmente amano l'Italia.
Piu di molti meridionali.
Maledetti terroni.
Perche volete espellere gli inglesi
da Portofino?
Chi dice che voglio farlo?
Non avete minacciato
di chiudere l'albergo?
No. Non io.
I am relieved to hear it.
Anyway, I have made a recommendation
to Senator Cavanna to stay there.
Er I think perhaps there has been
a misunderstanding here.
please tell Signora Ainsworth
..this impertinence has been consigned
where it belongs.
Why don't you come
and tell yourself?
I'm sure she will be delighted
to hear it.
Here he comes.
How's Billy?
He's scared.
But my father will do his best
to protect him.
I come to apologise.
I have put you in danger.
And the people we most care about.
I could not know the hotel
That the hotel would be searched.
I will return tonight.
To take back the pamphlets.
I don't have them.
Then who has?
We don't know.
So I think I ought to tell Billy
they're not where he said
he'd hidden them.
My father will give him a message.
You will find him inside.
You still going?
Tomorrow. Perhaps the day after.
I must.
Then addio.
Till we meet again.
Are they worth it?
Worth turning your back
on your family.
On your your friends.
Worth putting yourself in danger.
You think they're a joke.
Strutting like cockerels
in their ridiculous uniforms.
But these are people who seek
to exploit the worst in us.
Our greed. Our selfishness.
Our capacity to hate.
They care nothing
for what makes us individuals.
Different, uniquely lovable, human.
They only understand
the mentality of the mob.
There's no place
in their world for people like us.
I am grateful to you,
Signor Danioni.
I feel very relieved.
I'm afraid I can't offer you
anything to eat,
because poor Betty is distraught
and she's no longer able
to carry out her duties.
So I've had to close the kitchen.
However, I'm sure my husband
would be only too happy
to offer you a drink
on the terrace.
Of course.
I feel like a weight
has been lifted.
And I'm happy for you.
I must go and tell Betty
the good news.
Mrs Ainsworth
Oh, no, please call me Bella.
Of course. Bella.
This is difficult for me to say.
You must speak openly.
We're friends.
Today I have managed to relieve
your difficulty
with Vincenzo Danioni.
Thank you.
But tomorrow it may return.
Why do you say so?
Oh, well. One day soon,
the summer will be over.
And I will return to Rome.
Yes, but you'll come back.
Next year? Perhaps.
And your husband
will be here to protect you.
Yes, of course.
And yet, for some reason
you asked for my assistance.
Not his.
Oh. Well
Let me tell you,
I know a thousand men like Danioni.
They believe they're owed something
and they are determined to take it.
But you have kept him at bay.
I have pretended to befriend him.
Flattered him.
Threatened him a little.
But he will be back.
Unless you break whatever hold
he has over you.
I do not ask you to tell me.
In truth,
I would prefer not to know.
But as your friend, I advise you,
whatever is your fear,
it cannot be worse
than letting Danioni bite you.
Again and again.
Like a rabid dog.
There is also this.
Where did you get this?
Well, I think a man should always
be across his wife's affairs,
Signor Ainsworth.
Where is your anger, Signore?
My anger?
I mean, if I had lost a thing
of such value,
such a beauty like this
to another man,
I would be mad as hell.
Just because I'm not shouting,
waving my arms around
like you Italians are so bloody fond
of, it doesn't mean I'm not angry.
So it lies beneath.
My father taught me
to manage my anger.
Because other people are so bad
at managing their stupidity.
But it's ready to explode, no?
Like Vesuvio.
Well, you know what they say
about revenge, Danioni.
Tell me.
Who will you take your revenge on?
Hmm? Signor Turner?
Your English tennis champion?
No, no, no, no!
The poor William Scanlon.
Yeah, I think he's a good one.
Has the boy said anything?
No, he's true to omerta.
He will not talk.
But the police
are still following up,
with these associates you mentioned?
Yeah. Also with Mr Wingfield.
Just to check he's not hiding
anything in Milan
with his balls and rackets.
What about Turner?
His name has been given to the
Guardia di Finanza, so it's fine.
But, er
they can track his dealings?
Listen, if Signor Turner
tries to sell the painting,
they will know about it.
Can we help you?
Sorry to interrupt. I didn't know
when I'd get a better chance
to return these to Mr Sengupta.
But where did you find them?
Under Lady Latchmere's bed.
How did you know to look there?
Billy told me
where he planned to hide them, sir,
and I knew it was a bad idea,
so I moved them. Where to?
Somewhere no man
would ever think to look for them.
Well, we were losing our minds
over them all afternoon.
I'm sorry I didn't speak up earlier,
it's just that I didn't want
to get Billy
into any more trouble
than he is already.
No, you have nothing
to apologise for.
You are my guardian angel!
I could kiss you.
Thank you.
Sergeant Ottonello, he believes
the painting will return to you.
I pray he's right.
I don't have the heart to tell him
that he's
chasing wild geese,
as the Americans would say?
Now listen here, Danioni.
What the hell do you mean by that?
Oh! He wastes his time, no?
I don't need a lesson in English,
you fool.
I want to know
what you're driving at.
Be calm, Signor Ainsworth.
We both know the truth.
I'm damned if I do.
You wish me to say it?
Spit it out, man!
You know exactly
what has happened to your painting.
Why, you filthy dog!
How dare you come in here
and abuse my hospitality
with your greasy little
If you seem to know so much
about it,
perhaps it's because
you're in on it.
I'd report you to the police,
but it wouldn't surprise me
to learn they're in on it too.
Bloody Italy.
I shall report you
to the British consulate in Genoa.
I may be a dog, Signor Ainsworth.
But in Italy we have a saying.
Cane non mangia cane.
Dogs don't eat other dogs.
Hey, Paola. Paola, please.
Paola, please!
What's what's wrong?
Here you come no more.
No Paola, I need you.
I need you, I do.
I really need you!
Perche mi devi rendere le cose
cosi difficili?
Perche mi rendi le cose
cosi difficili?
I don't I don't understand.
Paola, why?
You're not for me.
Now, go!
I have something to tell you.
Save your breath.
Oh, gosh.
I know everything.
Oh, no. Darling
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