Hotel Portofino (2022) s02e01 Episode Script


(upbeat music)
(gulls crying)
(water splashing)
(cafe chatter)
(market chatter)
Ah, bellisima.
Si. Como sta la bambina?
Sta molto bene.
Bene. Ciao, Carolina.
Arrivederci, Signora!
(town square chatter)
(uplifting music)
(thunder rumbles)
(boat horn blasts)
(gentle music)
(horn honks)
Get your newspaper!
(thunder rolls)
(street chatter)
CECIL: They can't
get enough of the stuff.
Of course, knowing my luck,
they'll probably change the law
before I can make
any proper money.
But if it stays like this
for a year or two
-JULIA: Cecil?
JULIA: Are you smoking?
I rather think I might be.
JULIA: You might
have let the magic linger.
You're beginning to sound
like my wife.
And how is the
Sainted Isabella?
How the hell should I know?
Really, one could
almost wish oneself
back in Italy with her.
Given that ghastly noise.
Honestly Cecil,
I mean where even
is Pimlico anyway?
It's Belgravia,
thank you very much, Julia.
And rather like you,
it serves my needs.
And your budget.
What's the point
of anywhere grander?
Especially as we only
seem to spend time
in the bedroom.
I shall have to go back,
you know.
Like father, like son.
CECIL: What do you
mean 'like son?'
Ooh, you haven't heard?
My spy in the camp.
What spy in the camp?
Oh, try not to be
dense, darling.
You don't really think
that I lent them my
second best maid
out of the goodness
of my heart, do you?
Mary has been told
to pack a trunk for Italy,
but only one.
Young Mr Ainsworth
will be travelling alone.
CECIL: Lucian, going back
to Italy,
on his own?
Running back to mother.
Bleating how ghastly
his father's been no doubt.
Little beast.
Have you spoken to Rose?
She says she's too
unwell to travel.
At least she's learned the value
of keeping up appearances.
Feeling sick, you say?
You think she might be
Oh good lord, no.
You sound terribly sure.
Well, that's the other thing
Mary told me.
They have yet to share a bed.
After five months of marriage?
Ye very gods.
(Cecil sighs)
(title music)
(thunder rolls, heavy rain)
(horse whinnies)
(door opens)
(footsteps in corridor)
(knocks on door)
are you sleeping?
LUCIAN: How are you feeling
with the migraine?
It'll be time for me
to be leaving soon.
Is it that time already?
I do feel terrible
leaving you here without
Just think.
This time on Friday
you'll be sipping cappuccinos
and swimming
in the Mediterranean.
You could be too,
you know.
But I can't swim
and I don't like coffee.
It's not my decision, you know.
It is my mother.
(Rose scoffs)
It is.
It's these new spa rooms
that she's planning.
She's being a ball of anxiety
about the whole thing.
Agreeing to go over there was
the only way
I could think of to placate her.
(sombre music)
(taxi horn honks)
Well, the taxi's here, so
(kissing on cheek)
(sombre piano music)
I'll, err
I'll send Mary
in with some tea.
Remember me
to everyone, won't you?
(door shuts)
(thunder rumbles)
(upbeat music)
(seagulls cry)
(bicycle bell rings)
Buongiorno, signora.
Como sta, Carlo?
Buongiorno, Bella.
ALICE: take them
to the room please
-Oh darling
-ALICE: Yes?
I've got a little gift for you.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
(Bella giggles)
Yes, Mr. Thompson,
I will let you know.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Did you get everything
you need, Mrs. Ainsworth?
I did, Constance, and a few
things I don't need.
Well, I'm sure the guests
will appreciate them.
Was that phone call
anything I should
concern myself with?
Yes, that was Mr. Thompson
Yes, that was Mr. Thompson
calling from the Consulate
asking after a room
for next week
for a couple travelling
on to Florence, I believe.
Oh dear, I do hope
that you were suitably
apologetic, my dear.
No ma'am. I said I thought
we could squeeze them in.
Oh, botheration.
Did I do wrong, ma'am?
No, no, no, no.
It's entirely my fault.
No, no, no, no.
It's entirely my fault.
I forgot to tell you:
Lucian's coming
and I'm going to put him
in the Cheltenham Suite.
So there'll be absolutely
no room for anyone else.
Mr. Ainsworth?
He'll be here next week?
Friday lunchtime, my dear.
Oh, well I'll be very glad
to see him again.
Him and Mrs. Ainsworth.
Oh no.
Well, you'll have to wait
for the pleasure
of Rose's company.
Lucian will be coming alone.
In fact, will you tell Betty
and the others
that he'll be arriving?
I completely forgot.
-What's she done now?
-Oh, will you stop it darling?
She's being most helpful.
Mr. Thompson,
Bella Ainsworth.
(soft, slow piano music)
(cars rumbling)
(horse whinnies)
(car horns in street)
Your luggage has all been
sent ahead, Sir.
DRIVER: Good morning Sir.
Safe travels Mr Ainsworth.
(car door closes)
ALICE: Paola?
Why do I have
to keep chasing you?
The tables aren't laid
for lunch.
Sorry signora.
Oh there'll be no lunch,
Mrs Mays-Smith
until we get cleaned
up down here.
Get what cleaned up?
Dirty great big ones.
They're walking in mud,
cement dust,
and God knows what else,
right through my kitchen.
Betty, please
Oh, gracious, Lord have mercy,
not again!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Morning, afternoon and evening!
It's like blooming
Piccadilly Circus!
It's only a couple of weeks.
Ha! A couple of weeks?
Well, we will have
lost our minds
long before then,
won't we Paola, love?
Betty, you just have
to get used to it.
When the treatment room's open,
there will be guests here
all day long.
I don't care whether
it's Queen Mary
or the great unwashed, like me.
If I have to put up
with workman traipsing
through my kitchen
all the hours God sends,
it'll be the food that suffers.
(jaunty music)
(waves lapping gently)
Constance, will you please
help Paola with the tables?
I'll get onto it, Ma'am.
Honestly mother,
without Lottie to look after,
what is it that
she does all day?
Well, she's been helping me
with my paperwork.
Ah, shirking
her responsibilities.
No, Alice
Alice, Alice, wait, wait!
Listen, you'd do well
to be nicer to Constance.
She's been extremely helpful
towards me.
I know what it is
you're worried about,
that she's going
to replace you,
that you'll come back
from holiday
and find I don't
need you anymore.
Chance would be a fine thing.
Constance is a dear girl
and she's a very fast learner,
but she could never, ever
replace you, my darling.
We'd be utterly lost
without you.
All of us.
Just you wait and see.
The place will run to rack
and ruin in your absence.
Ten days is rather a long time.
Maybe I shouldn't go.
Oh, good gracious.
What happened to footloose
and fancy free?
You must let your hair down
for once.
You're starting to sound
like Daddy.
Well, he did occasionally
speak sense, I suppose.
Come along,
let's finish the job together.
(upbeat music)
(street sounds, car horns)
(patriotic music)
Here you are, Sir.
Ah, look what the cat's
dragged in.
-Err, Saunders,
be a good chap would you,
send the sommelier back?
This burgundy's really rather
thin stuff.
Of course.
Ooh, God.
Perhaps we'd be better off
with a good single malt?
Oh, so it's true then?
What's true?
This yarn Ross Cannon's
been spinning me
about my previously
impecunious little brother
placing a gargantuan order
with his distillery.
Two hundred gallons a month
I think he said.
Mungo shouldn't be discussing
my business affairs with you.
It's a private matter.
(dramatic music)
Except, dear boy,
he's one of my closest friends
and I damn well
made the introduction.
Not for personal
consumption then?
I wouldn't put anything
past you.
I'm getting my hands dirty
with a little import and export,
that's all.
Ross Cannon
mentioned Bermuda.
Sounds like enough whiskey
to sink the place.
Edmund, it's all perfectly
above board.
Murky business more like
Much like that nonsense
with grandpapa's 'Rubens'.
Look, I'm just the middle man.
I buy at one price.
Crate up, ship out,
sell on at another.
What happens after it
reaches its destination,
well, that's
someone else's problem.
You'll be staying for lunch,
no doubt?
They have steak and kidney
pudding on a Thursday.
Ah. Why not?
I might even pick up the bill.
Wonders will never cease.
(Cecil laughs)
How's that fragrant wife
of yours?
Ah, still beavering away
at that hotel of hers.
You'll be planning
to summer there of course?
I hadn't thought to. Why?
Really, Cecil.
You're more of a fool
than I took you for.
That beautiful girl.
Those marvellous children.
If you paid
even the slightest heed
to the misery
of most men's marriages
you wouldn't be
swanning around here
eating nursery food.
(upbeat music)
(train whistles)
(train whistles and squeaks)
(whistle blows)
(engine whistles)
(chatter on platform)
Excuse me.
(slow piano music)
-Master Lucian,
good to see you, Sir.
-Good to see you too.
-BILLY: You look well, Sir.
-Thank you very much.
Just these?
Yes, there's another one
in the carriage.
Thank you.
(whistle blows)
(train chuffs)
(horse whinnies)
(whistle blows)
I have to keep
reminding myself
not to call you Master Lucian.
It really wouldn't matter
if you did, Billy.
I bet married life's suiting
you, isn't it, Sir?
All yourlinen
and meals sorted.
Someone to chew the fat with.
-Oh yes?
-Devoted to your comfort.
Well, you seem rather taken
with the idea.
Oh, I am, Sir.
Only trouble is
she keeps refusing me.
Perhaps Miss March
is spoken for.
What about a local girl?
There must be some
pretty signorina or other
who's caught your eye?
I don't have time for that, Sir.
Me mam, and yours
have got me running round
like a blue arse fly these days.
How about you, Miss March?
You must have found a way
to keep busy ever since Lottie
went off to stay
with her grandparents.
I've been promoted,
Mr. Ainsworth.
Really, you've been promoted?
Assistant manager, no less.
(light music)
She'll be too grand
for the likes of me
before we know it.
(soft laughter)
(horses trotting)
WAITER: And ice.
(carriage on gravel)
I'm sure everyone
meant to be here to greet you,
Mr. Ainsworth.
They're rushed off their feet,
that's all.
Yeah. They'll be rolling
out the red carpet
before you know it, Sir.
(light music)
Luce! Oh, my darling!
I was so worried
you might not make your
connections and here you are!
you might not make your
connections and here you are!
No, plain sailing the whole way.
The return of the prodigal.
I hope the fatted calf
has been slaughtered.
Stop it.
The Kingsleys are anxious
to get going.
Of course. Darling,
would you give me one moment?
Of course, please, please.
Don't stay on my account.
This is your bill.
(telephone ringing)
Mr. Ainsworth.
(birds singing)
Billy's dad and me
never spent more
than one night apart
in nearly 28 years of marriage.
Well, they're not the same
as us Betty.
Yes, well, that as may be,
but men are men,
aren't they Paola, hey?
Whether they're born
with a silver spoon
or the taste of coal dust.
I would not have trusted
Albert Scanlon
to go to the shops
at the end of our street
on his own, haha,
let along go gallivanting
off to Italy.
Well, I'm sure Rose
has her reasons.
Oh Rose, I knew she were trouble
the minute I laid eyes on her.
That gormless pea
and the princess type,
that one is, and
She's barely on nodding terms
with a square meal.
Oh, Mr. Ainsworth!
Betty, hello.
Welcome home, Sir.
My mother said
that you might be short
of a few things,
Darjeeling mainly.
and cocoa powder.
-Cocoa powder.
You're a lifesaver. Thank you.
Oh dear.
Was it something I said?
Oh, well,
the laundry won't wait, Sir.
And Constance is away
for a lesson.
Your mother's arranged
for her to study bookkeeping.
Oh, Miss March's thirst
for self-improvement
is really quite something.
is really quite something.
She's learning Italian too Sir,
and passing on bits to me
and Billy.
(Betty giggles)
(upbeat music)
(Mr. Ainsworth laughs)
I see.
So that's the famous
Signor Bonacini, is it?
Your new gentleman
builder friend?
He's hardly a friend, darling.
Well, he's hardly
a builder either
by the sounds of it,
if you've had to drag me
halfway across the continent
to look over those plans.
I didn't drag you.
It was your suggestion,
if I remember correctly.
what's the point in having
an architect in the family
if one can't make use
of his considerable talents?
Well, because
I am a junior architect
who barely gets to make use
of his own talents,
whether they are
considerable or not.
Oh darling,
is it really so dreary?
I'm designing guttering
for the suburban semi-detached.
Or, providing homes
for returned heroes.
Well, at least I won't have to
think about all that
for a little while.
I do hope you won't be bored.
You are silly not
bringing Rose with you.
Oh, as it happens
I've written to Nish
asking if he might join me.
I hope you don't mind?
Of course not.
Nish is always welcome.
And I thought it would be nice
to spend a little bit of time
with Alice,
assuming that you can spare her.
-Oh, she hasn't told you?
She has been invited
to a house party
on the other side of the border.
Lucinda Clifford,
do you remember her?
-She hasn't
Well, I never.
I thought it would take
a well-directed Howitzer shell
to blow her out of this place.
I know!
I do hope you like
all the changes.
I'm loving everything so far.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Now, do you remember
the Ascot Suite?
I certainly do remember
the Ascot Suite.
Close your eyes.
Because I want a big reveal.
Alright. Ooh.
My word. You have been busy!
(Bella giggles)
Well, I thought
it might be lovely
to have a space
for the younger people
to have some fun.
Well, quite right.
Away from their
disapproving mamas.
BELLA: Quite.
And err, and what's this?
Who painted this?
That's a local artist.
I think he's more used
to painting churches.
I was going to say it's a
it's a tad dreary,
don't you think?
it's a tad dreary,
don't you think?
Oh, well I've always found
Sisyphus rather inspiring.
Hmm. Poor old chap.
I think I know how he feels
myself sometimes
when I'm 12 hours
in at the office,
neck deep in some
God awful drudgery.
Oh, darling, really,
is it that dreary?
You haven't
You haven't changed your mind,
have you,
when you asked me
to paint a landscape
to hang above the front desk?
Yes, of course.
No, I definitely still want you
to do that.
-You will always
be my favourite artist.
Thank you.
So this is why my room
has been turned into a suite?
Yes. I bedrooms have all been
commandeered for the guests,
I'm afraid.
Alice is in exactly
the same boat
if that's any consolation.
Really, which room is she in?
And what about Daddy?
I don't know.
We'll cross that bridge
if he comes, I suppose.
When he comes.
Oh, you do know that
I would've given you a suite
if Rose was with you, of course.
Of course.
You never did say why
she wasn't coming.
No. I didn't, did I?
(suspenseful music)
(church bells chime)
(city sounds)
LUCIAN: Dear Nish,
I'm sure that you are busy
with all sorts of happy schemes
and devilry,
but it would mean so much
to once again have someone
to confide in.
(emotive music)
Gian, Gian, please!
Ha! Your English lover.
Lucian was in Turin?
He was changing trains
for Genoa.
He snaps his fingers
and looks for you
to come running.
(Gianluca sniffs)
You should go back to him.
And the privileges
of your past.
I've got nothing
to offer you here
but poverty and pain.
I chose to come here
and I choose to stay, with you.
Then if you choose to remain,
you must do so
with your eyes open.
Four dead in protest
against government.
Now these people,
they were known to me.
This is no time
to be undecided.
(Gianluca sighs)
(upbeat piano music)
(crickets chirping)
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
Those are the Londsboroughs.
Those are the Londsboroughs.
Husband's a tyrant.
-And Count Albani you know.
No sign of Roberto?
No, more's the pity.
No, I
I'm doing my best
to avoid another proposal.
Or another bracelet.
What am I supposed
to do with it?
It's been burning a hole
in my pocket.
I suppose that's why
you're swanning off
I suppose that's why
you're swanning off
to the south of France?
Oh no, that was Mummy's idea.
Go off, have some fun
sort of thing.
It's what Daddy's been saying
for years.
It's what Daddy's been saying
for years.
Well, that must be nice.
All I get is 'Get married.
Do your duty.'
Has he thought about doing his?
Not as far as I know,
the little I've seen of him.
-What about mother?
-Happy as a lark without him.
Do you think we ought
to be worried?
That they spend
so much time apart?
I think I'd need a break
after 30 years of marriage
It's five months in my case.
Anyway, I don't think
he'll be away much longer.
Not after the last letter
I sent him.
(upbeat music)
ALICE: Which means Daddy,
that the next you'll hear
from me
will be a postcard
from the beach at San Tropez.
You must imagine me
lying there drinking gin fizz
like it's going out of fashion
and having my face fanned
by a pack of swooning
Jacques and Jeans.
Although, I'm not entirely sure
I'll be able to drag myself
given the new dishy architect
that Mummy's got
slaving away
in the basement.
(Manners clears his throat)
What is it?
Mrs Drummond-Ward has sent
her card in, Mr Ainsworth.
She's asking if you're at home.
Tell her I'm, err,
dining at the club.
Very good, Sir.
Dishy. Please
(Cecil scoffs)
(light music)
(party music)
Carlo, I hope you don't mind
but I've taken the liberty
of sitting you and Lucian
together to dine.
I thought it might
be more congenial
than dining on one's own.
Of course.
It's err,
very nice to see you again.
Good to see you, Lucian.
Your wife is not with you?
She finds the heat rather
debilitating I'm afraid.
Oh, of course.
Poor Rose.
Are you holidaying?
With a friend and his family.
They have a villa off the coast.
If you'll excuse me, gentlemen.
But I prefer to stay here,
for various reasons.
And what about
your son, Roberto?
Alice and I were just remarking
on his absence.
We have argued over politics.
That is a shame.
In Italy
it's becoming unavoidable.
Well then I shall make sure
to avoid it
at least until
after we have eaten.
Might I invite you to dine?
Of course,
whenever you're ready.
Bella, if I may
I have been in correspondence
with a contact at the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
who has received
certain intelligence
about a number
of visa applications
more than a month ago
on behalf of the
Green Travel Guide.
Is there no end to your
connections Carlo?
(Carlo laughs) I thought you
would like to know,
especially as the state purpose
of their visit
is to inspect tourist hotels
in Tuscany and Liguria,
at least those favoured
by the British.
Do you happen to have any
names or potential dates?
Unfortunately not.
But I will write
to request more information.
You really
are our guardian angel.
(party music)
I'm excited for you to taste
Betty's lamb.
(Carlo laughs)
(upbeat music)
(church bells ring)
BETTY: The Green
Travel Guide ma'am?
It's a sort of bible
in a manner of speaking
for anyone involved
in tourism or travel.
If you say so Mrs. Ainsworth.
Apparently they are
notoriously critical
of poor service, bad food,
and to cap it all,
it's anonymous.
Anonymous, ma'am?
Yes, that's right Constance.
We won't even know
the identity of the inspector.
Unless Count Albani
makes good
with that list of names,
I suppose.
Well, I think we're wise
to assume
that any of our guests
could be the
Green Guide inspector
and we need to redouble
our efforts
to ensure that everyone's stay
is a complete success.
Begging your pardon ma'am
Might this be a bad time
to have those workman
traipsing through my kitchen?
Oh Betty, have they
been bothering you?
Oh God no,
it's the germs and whatnot
that's coming into contact
with the food.
Oh goodness.
Well, you'll be pleased to hear
they may not be working
in the hotel
for very much longer.
(dramatic music)
(waves lapping, gulls crying)
(busy street sounds)
I can see you buying chicken.
Are you sure this is the best
place to buy sunglasses?
Well, this is where Mother
told me to come.
She's not had any more trouble
with the, err, authorities,
has she?
Not since Carlo
had a quiet word last summer.
Ever since father paid
a whopping great bribe,
you mean?
What gave you that idea?
I heard it from
the horse's mouth
at the club over drinks.
I wouldn't look too surprised.
It's the way things work here.
-You know that.
-I don't need a lecture
on the workings
of Italian bureaucracy.
I'm just surprised
he admitted it, that's all.
Uno per me signor.
VENDOR: Si, Signor.
Um, I actually think
Um, I actually think
he was just trying
to make the point
that I might have to
grease a few palms
to get ahead:
planning wallahs, local bigwigs,
that sort of thing.
Right, well, I think that is
a piece of fatherly advice
you can safely discount.
No thank you.
Come along.
(light music)
(city sounds)
(Cecil humming)
(knocking on door)
The Italian gentleman
is on the line again,
Mr. Ainsworth.
Manners! What did I tell you?!
He says he'll keep ringing back
until you speak to him, Sir.
(clatter of plate)
Give it!
Now, look here Danioni,
what the devil
is all this about?
And a very good morning
to you too, Signor Ainsworth.
Never mind your impertinence!
I told you not to ring
unless it was urgent.
Well, I have a message
from our friends
across the Atlantic.
Oh, bugger.
Very well then, out with it.
They would like to
have a meeting face to face.
Perhaps they'd like dinner
at my club
while they're at it.
Signor Ainsworth,
I forgot your English humour.
I can't invite them to Boodle's!
It's they who are inviting,
not you.
Now, you listen here.
I don't care who they are.
I'm not dragging
my sorry carcass
all the way to Detroit!
Not even if Henry Ford
gifts me
a million shares
in his motor company!
There is no need to do that
Signor Ainsworth.
Our associates,
they have taken over
at the casino here
in Santa Margherita.
Well, it's still an awful lot of
trouble and expense to go to.
That's funny.
It is exactly what the last
owner of the casino
said before he was made
to see reason.
I suggest you'd better take this
seriously, Signor Ainsworth.
(phone rings off)
BETTY: These inspections
for them Green Travel Guides.
What about them?
Well, they're gonna mean
a heck of a lot more work
for all of us,
you see if I'm right.
Even without
Her Imperial Majesty
swanning off to Saint Tropez.
Billy, have we got more sugar
at the back?
-Are you even listening to me?
-Of course I am.
I just don't know
what you want me to say.
BETTY: I want you to say yes,
Betty, you're right Betty.
You always are, Betty.
(doors open)
Oh, not you again.
Stop making so much noise
and get back to work.
(workers laugh)
I have tried to tell her
we need more staff,
honest, I have.
BETTY: Well, please try again.
Well, she says she doesn't know
who she can trust
after Francesco.
I could have a dig around.
See if I can work out
who the inspector is.
Yeah, I'm sharp eyed.
(Betty giggles)
And light-fingered.
I just thought I could
have a nosy when I'm
fetching and carrying
for the guests,
see who's keeping score.
Well, don't go getting
into trouble, Billy.
Remember last time, son.
Keep your eyes peeled
for notebooks,
maybe typewriters,
stuff like that.
We all should.
-Yes, Ma'am.
(soft music)
(kitchen staff laugh)
(party music)
BELLA: You had a question
for me Mr. Bertram?
Is there anywhere else
that you might recommend
we eat?
Can't imagine wanting to dine
at the same table
for a whole week.
Well there's
a very decent restaurant
Well there's
a very decent restaurant
behind the beach in Paraggi,
err, but you mustn't tell anyone
here in the kitchen
that I recommended it.
I hardly think that's likely
to come up in conversation.
If there's anything else
I can help you with,
please don't hesitate.
Will you excuse me?
(background party music)
(car engine)
What on earth are you doing?
I need some air.
I can't breathe living at
grandmother's old house.
Well, you can't move
back here.
You're a married woman now.
Oh, you'll catch
your death Rose.
When I don't feel stifled
I can think better.
Think about the state
of your marriage?
would you fetch one of my shawls
for Miss Rose?
From what I hear,
you'll be thinking all evening.
(piano music)
Luce. What's the matter?
Nothing's the matter.
Every time I ask you
what's going on
between you and Rose,
you look like there's been
a death in the family.
nothing's going on
between me and Rose, mother.
Absolutely nothing.
The whole thing's
a train wreck.
It's an absolute fiasco.
I told father that
we weren't well matched,
that Rose and I
aren't sympathetic.
Surely it can't be that bad?
Can't be that bad mother?
We haven't, we haven't even
You haven't even what?
We haven't been
properly intimate.
ROSE: That's not true!
There's no use to denying it.
How could you possibly know
a thing like that?
JULIA: I spoke with Mary.
My Mary?
She's my Mary, Rose.
And she told me that
there's no evidence of any
emissions when she sends
the sheets to the laundry.
How could you?
Very easily,
and I'm not the one
who doesn't seem to understand
that you can't have intercourse
if you don't share a bed.
Is he a homosexual, is that it?
Well, there are plenty who are.
It's not that I don't find
her attractive.
It's rather that she's
-She's completely terrified.
She's literally rigid with fear.
Oh well, it takes everyone
a little while
Oh well, it takes everyone
a little while
to get the hang of it,
you know, at first, so
I'm not a complete novice,
you know.
Oh, alright.
But I imagine that she is.
So you need to be tender,
careful, very
understanding obviously.
Don't you think that
I haven't tried that?
She starts crying
and that leads
to another migraine.
Oh gosh.
Do you think Julia
should have a word?
I think that's a terrible idea.
JULIA: So what precisely
is the matter?
(Rose sobs)
Oh good grief.
Darling, if you like,
I could speak to her.
I really think we ought to just
work through it ourselves.
Rose won't thank me for airing our
dirty laundry in public.
Of course.
(seagulls crying)
(Bella humming)
Oh, good morning Billy.
(Bella humming)
Oh Betty, Betty,
I nearly forgot.
A letter for you came
this morning.
That's me
mum's handwriting.
So it is.
Well, I'll be sure to pass
on all of the news.
Just as soon as I've read it.
No, sapphire, no.
Much more cobalto.
That's not cobalt.
Obviously it's a cornflower.
(Marco laughs)
What is cornflower in Italian?
- Fiordaliso.
- Fiordaliso.
So much more beautiful
in Italian than English.
I did love the meadow
where I found them.
I used to go there
with my mother as a child
to pick flowers.
But we could go
together sometime.
This is the colour
we should use for the tiles.
Ah, well
I've been meaning to talk
to you, Marco,
about the latest bill breakdown.
I know the last estimate
I sent to you
I know the last estimate
I sent to you
for the plumbing work
This is eye watering.
It was such a shock.
And I am truly sorry.
I have searched and searched
for another way.
Well, there is no other way
other than I postpone
until I can find the money
to afford it.
What about the spa and
all those wonderful treatments
and therapies you have been
dreaming of?
How can you abandon it now?
It's galling,
but I'm not going to abandon it.
I'm just going to postpone it.
And meantime,
for a man of your talents,
there are plenty
of other projects to work on.
There must be a queue of clients
waiting to
I don't have any other clients.
None of them who
share my passion
for great design like you do.
That's very kind.
Listen, I have money set aside
from the sale of my practice.
I will work for nothing
until you have the means
to repay me.
Of course,
I wouldn't hear of that.
Give me a few days.
We will just have to come up
with another solution,
which we will.
For sure.
(soft piano music)
(people chattering)
(birds singing)
(triumphant music)
(waves lapping)
(pages flip)
This way to the terrace, Ma'am.
Thank you.
Roll camera!
And action!
(clapperboard snaps)
(Riviera music)
You say now you're gonna
fix me.
You say that a man
is all I need.
I say honey, just leave me be
-Claudine! Claudine!
You know I don't like to be
(camera bulb flashes)
Okay, take five everybody!
What's the problem now,
What's the problem now,
There's another
photographer in shot.
Ah damn it! I asked them nicely.
And I have asked you two nicely
and it's had roughly
the same effect.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
It means you're fooling around
with a guy
who's supposed to be engaged!
Now that's just a nasty rumour.
Well, the press aren't gonna
take it seriously
unless you two do.
Oh, don't walk away from me!
I don't like your tone.
And I don't like you
getting ideas
above your station!
Oh God, I preferred it
when they didn't talk.
Someone get me a drink
before we lose the light.
I need a drink!
(atmospheric music)
(clinking of cutlery)
(piano music)
(church bells sound)
(street chatter)
(motorbike in street)
(suspenseful music)
(doorbell rings)
You took your time.
I am awfully sorry madam.
But once again,
Mr Ainsworth is not at home.
We'll see about that.
Cecil, do stop
this foolish charade
As I said,
Mrs Drummond-Ward,
Mr. Ainsworth is not at home.
Where is he Manners?
I couldn't rightly say.
He was catching the boat train
from Charing Cross.
Yesterday. Six o'clock.
And when will he be back?
'See you in September, Manners.'
That was as much
as he said, Madam.
(dramatic music)
(glass smashes)
(telephone ringing)
Hotel Portofino?
CLAUDINE: Mrs Ainsworth?
Yes. This is Bella Ainsworth.
To whom am I speaking?
You may not remember me.
I stayed with you last summer,
using the name Turner.
Miss Pascal? Claudine?
-That's right.
-Of course I remember you!
That's such a relief.
How could I forget your
kindness in my hour of need?
Well, it's my hour
of need now, honey.
Are you in trouble?
Some, kinda.
And I'm really hoping
you could help.
Claudine! Miss Pascal!
(bulbs flash)
(tense music)
(bulb flash)
(bulb flashes)
(bulbs flashing)
(people shouting)
(gunshot, bulb flash)
He's the regional head
of the Fascist Party
and a friend of Mussolini's
since before his rise to power.
If you're really going through
with this, then
then surely there's
a better place,
less exposed, less risky.
But the riskier it is
the louder
it will send a message.
That nowhere is safe.
Then there is this.
Eduardo Giaconelli.
NISH: And how will you do it?
(suspenseful music)
Where did you get that?
His brother
fought the Austrians.
He brought it back
from the war.
Is it live?
GIANLUCA: What would
be the point if it wasn't?
And if it doesn't?
Then there is this.
(Nish gasps)
-NISH: Gian
-It's a backup, nothing more.
I'm not asking you to use it.
(atmospheric music)
And now pet, I come to the part
that I have held off
from telling you.
FANNY: But which
you will quickly understand
is the true import of this
I have been told that my health
is failing.
Although in truth,
I do not need a doctor
to tell me that.
(upbeat music)
But we've discussed this.
Rotten fruit.
I know, darling.
I'm not asking you to come
to Genoa,
just to Santa Margherita.
But Constance can keep
you company
But Constance can keep
you company
for the whole journey.
I don't understand why
you're so insistent.
Because I need her to learn
how to do the journey.
Why can't she learn to do it
on her own?
Well, because she'll have
the bank takings
and I don't want her
to be nervous.
Besides, it will give
you a chance to clear the air.
Oh, not that again.
Well, darling, really,
we are so ferociously busy.
I do need for us all to
Good morning.
Good morning.
Pull together and get along
and make it all work.
Yes, but I need my mother
to forget about
her silly little hotel
just this once.
Andplease mother,
I rarely ask for anything.
And if Constance is as clever
as you say she is,
she can be left in charge
for an hour or two.
Very well.
I shall go and give her
instructions now.
Why don't you ask Lucian
to go with her?
I'm sure he'll love that.
Ask Lucian to go where?
Ask Lucian to go where?
(train whistle)
ALICE: Oh, is that the train?
ALICE: Oh, is that the train?
Oh, I knew we were going
to be late!
(upbeat music)
-Oh mother!
-Darling, it's alright.
You go and get the ticket
and Billy and I
will bring up the rear
with the luggage, won't we?
Let me help you.
No, it's okay.
No, it's okay.
Honestly, thank you.
(whistle blows)
ALICE: Ah, Billy be careful.
Darling, are you excited?
I am.
I want you to have
the most fabulous time
in Saint Tropez.
-Oh, thank you.
Don't be mad at me.
Look who's here.
(train whistle)
(screeching of brakes)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(dramatic music)
(train chuffs)
(whistle blows)
Long live prohibition.
(glasses clink)
My husband.
He has been away for some time.
Nine months.
-This isn't right.
-I don't give a fig.
-You're married.
-It's a charade.
Bella Ainsworth.
How good it is to see you.
Bathing beauty in hot water:
Claudine Pascal caught
with her co-star.
I've come to tell you
that this is my place.
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