Hotel Portofino (2022) s02e06 Episode Script


(theme music)
(waves crashing)
(seagulls crying)
(dramatic music)
Thank you.
(paper rustling)
(box opens)
(waves crashing)
(drawer opens)
(cards flipping)
(car door opens)
(horses neigh)
(hooves clopping)
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
I thought you'd left.
We couldn't all fit in
the carriage.
Can I get you something
while you're waiting?
Glass of water, maybe.
(sea rumbling)
(dog barking)
(church bell ringing)
(jazz music playing)
(people chattering)
CECIL: (laughs)
What did I tell you?
Looks like paradise, eh?
If you say so.
For heaven's sake,
lighten up a little.
Go and gamble with someone
else's money.
It's liberating when you have
nothing to lose.
(jazz band playing)
(people chattering, laughing)
(chips clinking)
(roulette ball rattling)
(loud chatting)
BELLA: It's not an imposition.
No, not at all.
Cecil's here.
What the hell is he
doing here?
Well, I imagine the same
as everyone else.
The man's like a bad penny.
He was keeping me
company, Cecil.
You haven't been tempted
to gamble, then?
No. You know how I feel
about gambling.
Oh, good grief.
What a puritan you are.
Oh, that's Farrino up there.
Cecil, he looks like a gangster.
He is a gangster,
which is why it would be politic
to say hello.
(jazz band continues)
I think I'm going to leave that
up to you.
-I need to speak to Rose.
Oh, for God's sake, woman.
Rose, darling.
Come have a drink with me.
Yes, please.
Yes, yes.
(dice rattling)
(dice rattling)
(glasses clinking)
(roulette ball rattling)
You having a good time?
I'm having a great time.
(Bella & Claudine laughing)
(roulette ball rattles)
Excuse me!
(car door opens)
(car door closes)
Let's go.
(van rumbles)
(waves lapping gently)
(jazz band playing)
(people chattering)
I brought something
to show you.
So, the hotel belongs
to you now?
-One hundred percent.
Thanks to your rather helpful
Let the laundering begin.
(glasses clink)
Hey, what are you doing up
here, huh?
Get down there,
spend some money (laughs).
Ah, here you two are, eh,
hiding away (laughs).
Looks like you two could use
a refill.
I see you kept the good
stuff back.
Yeah. Well, you don't supply me
with enough
to do anything else, so
Not for very much longer.
(paper rustles)
of a fivefold increase in
our monthly shipment.
(laughs) Not bad, Cecil.
Not bad.
We, uh, are gonna need more.
Oh, uh, of course,
of course, yes.
Although I'm a great believer
in quality over quantity.
Except quantity matters most
when it comes to making
money, right?
You got that right, Danioni.
Hey, why don't you go down
there, huh,
go, go have some fun.
Thank you. I intend to.
But before I do, I have a small
favour to ask.
Oh yeah?
Name it.
This architect,
Johnny, Bonacini,
for reasons I prefer not to
go into,
I'm rather keen
to teach him a lesson.
Really? (laughs cynically)
And what kind of lesson did you
have in mind?
Let him win a hand or three.
Lull him into overconfidence
and then, um
Stack the deck to give you
a handful of kings, right?
Take the arrogant so-and-so
to the cleaners.
To the cleaners.
(glasses clinks)
-You're very kind.
No one likes an arrogant
so-and-so, do they, Cecil?
(jazz music playing)
(people chatting, laughing)
(boat rumbles)
(treacherous music)
There's dancing back there.
I want you to dance with me.
Not now, Rose, please.
It's always not now with you.
Well, I have some things
on my mind.
Or someone, more like.
You don't want to dance
with me.
Talk to me. Touch me.
You can barely look at me.
Is there anything you do want
to do with me, Lucian?
Rose, you're drunk.
Well done, you noticed.
I'm not doing this right now.
What's wrong with me,
-Now is not the time for that.
-What's wrong with me?
There's nothing wrong with
No, tell me, what's wrong
with me?
There's nothing wrong with you.
I'm just not in love with you.
(tense music)
Oh, Rose.
-I'm sorry, Rose.
-Leave me alone.
I shouldn't have said that.
You didn't need to propose
if you weren't sure.
You didn't need to propose
if you weren't sure.
I practically begged you
not to.
(waves crashing)
(panicked breathing)
Gian! Gian, Gian! (crying)
I thought I'd never
see you again.
You said, 'We belong
(groaning in agony)
BELLA: Rose?
There you are.
Oh, my dear girl.
What is it? What is it?
What's happened?
Is it to do with Lucian?
Yes. I, I've been meaning to
find you ever since you arrived.
But what with the inspection
and Alice's engagement,
lodgers' arrangements
and the hotel extension,
I just keep getting interrupted.
And, and also, I
well, I, I didn't want to be
um, and jump in,
put my foot in it
just to make myself
feel better.
I imagine the sensitivities
well, the difficulties
that you've been having.
I spoke to Julia.
You spoke to my mother?
I thought it best,
a- and to Lucian.
He told you?
Well, only by way of
seeking advice.
It, it was for you.
I, I, I think so.
Did he tell you that he still
screams at night?
I thought not.
(Rose sobbing)
(jazz music playing)
(car door closes)
(car starts)
(policemen speaking Italian)
(tyres squeal)
Well, I don't like the looks
of that.
I only wish we could get a
message to them somehow.
Well, perhaps we can, Sir.
You know where Nish
is being taken ashore?
I do.
And when.
Oh, come on then,
take me to them.
But your mother told me to be
ready to take anyone back
To hell with my mother,
Nish is in danger.
Go on, then.
I'll drop you as close as I can.
But you'll have to make your
own way back.
(horse snorts)
(people chattering)
(jazz music playing)
Have you seen Lucian?
Not for some time now.
What about his wife?
You are worried about
(laughs) Is it that obvious?
To me your feelings are
always obvious.
Well, then you'll understand
the other day.
How you cannot.
Not now.
Not in the current
-Good evening.
-CECIL: Not so fast.
I'd like a word with you.
Say what you have to say.
I know what you're up to.
Then you know more than
I do.
I warned you to stay away
from my wife.
I'm employed by her.
Not for much longer.
There are going to be
changes at my hotel.
If Bella tells me to go,
I will go.
But I will not take orders
from you.
I've been told you were
a gentleman.
And I will make him pay who
denies it.
Then why don't we settle this
like gentlemen should?
Italians do not fight duels
anymore, Mr Ainsworth.
Bless you.
I meant a game of cards.
I bow out first, I scarper back
to London.
You bow out before me,
you never see my wife again.
(jazz band starts up again)
(spotlights click on)
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Casino
Santa Margherita.
In the normal run of things,
I'd take a hammer to the head
of anyone who got in the way of
your gambling.
But I'll make an exception
for our very special guest
this evening.
This dame, she's like
the casino itself,
beautiful to look at,
fabulously dressed,
and always ready to take
your money.
Ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together
for Miss Claudine Pascal!
# You say you're gonna fix me
# You say that a man is all I need
# I say, honey, just leave me be
# You know I don't like to be told
# All I need is me
# and a glass of gin, babe
# Let's swing
# You say that I'm gonna pay
the price
# You say that I'd better
step aside
# I say, honey, you're out of line
# You know I'll be fine on my own
# Welcome to the leading ladies'
# People say that a girl should
be polite, be ladylike
# I told you, I make the rules
# So, welcome to the leading
# ladies' night #
(applause, cheering)
Ladies and gentlemen,
let the good times roll!
(jazz music playing)
Hubert. Oh, oh honey.
What are you doing here?
I wouldn't miss it for the
world, baby.
Aw, baby.
Oh, darling, where is
Hmm, Daddy and Victor
are playing cards.
Gosh, that sounds like
a recipe for disaster.
Hmm, I did try to intervene.
What's the matter?
Oh, II said something
to Rose.
I, I think I've hurt her
and now I can't find her.
Billy's probably driven them
both home.
-Oh, there's a thought.
Would you mind terribly going
to check?
-Thank you.
(waves crashing)
(tense music)
(speaking Italian)
-Billy, uh, piccolo, boy, no?
Oh, darling, any luck?
Uh, no, I'm trying to talk to
the drivers,
but my Italian is as bad as
their English, it seems.
Do you really think it's likely
that Billy's taken her home?
I'd put money on it.
I'm worried that Daddy
and Victor
are going to kill each other.
Do you mind if I go check?
-Of course.
-Thank you.
(dramatic music)
JULIA: There's only one thing
for it, Rose.
You have to lie back.
Think of England
and let Lucian have his way.
What if I can't?
Well, then you wave goodbye
to your marriage
and to society and don't come
crawling back to mummy.
Because mummy will have
disowned you.
(waves crashing)
(fireworks exploding)
(people chattering, laughing)
I missed you so much,
Hey, honey.
Come have a drink with us.
No, no. I, I, I'm terribly
tired, my dear.
I'd love to, but, um, I think
I need to head off home.
You should take Cecil home
with you.
He's playing cards with that
handsome architect.
And if I know anything
about men,
I'd say you were the prize.
Well, well, thank you
for the tip.
Er, goodnight, my dear.
(waves crashing)
(ominous music)
It's Lucian.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Well, they're out in force
looking for you.
I came to warn you.
Then let's hope you haven't
led them to us like last time.
Then let's hope you haven't
led them to us like last time.
I'll check the truck.
You mustn't worry.
We've given them the slip
once, we can do it again.
And how do you propose
to do it this time?
Gian knows the back roads.
We'll head for the border.
Get a boat from Marseilles
in a week or so.
I wish that I could come.
I wish you could.
It's alright.
We'll just have to meet up in
London somewhere.
Someday soon.
I want to hear more about
married life.
(car brakes squeak)
Uh, I really don't think you do.
We'll find a way, Lucian,
to be happy.
Both of us.
I think I have to believe
that we shall.
I think I have to believe
that we shall.
(footsteps approaching)
Truck's waiting. We must go.
Yes, of course.
Well, um
DRIVER: Gianluca, andiamo.
Would you, um
would you look after him
for me, please?
I will.
(dramatic music)
Thank you.
(people chatting)
(tense music)
(chips rattle)
130,000 lira.
Or the best part of 1,500 pounds
What's going on?
(scoffs) We're playing cards,
Winner takes all.
A gentleman would've given
me a chance
to win my money back,
but have it your way.
(chips clink)
Take it.
Someone obviously
can't stand the heat.
-ALICE: Victor, let's go.
What do you say, Victor?
Shall we call it a day,
split the pot between us?
(chips rattle)
Finish the hand.
CECIL: Sorry?
I see your 130
(chips clink)
and raise you50 more.
Well, that's not a very
sporting way
to treat your future
father-in-law, is it?
You know the rules.
What say we bend them
a fraction
and I use this
to cover your 50,000?
What are you wagering?
A one hundred percent stake
in the Hotel Portofino.
Oh, no you're not!
(people gasping)
(whispers) The game is rigged
in my favour.
Don't do this, Ainsworth.
I think we've all had enough
fun for tonight, don't you?
Victor, let's go.
CECIL: What do you say,
Cash bets only.
(laughs) Oh, come on.
Well, it's my house,
so, my rules.
Ain't that right, Danioni?
As a licensing authority,
I will say
we can overlook that
just this once.
(Cecil laughs)
Knock yourselves out,
Then let's get this over with.
(cards flick)
(gasps of disbelief)
(high tempo music)
That is impossible.
(chips clinking)
Oh, God.
You rigged the game
against me.
You rigged the bloody game
against me!
-I've been double cro
Don't you say anything that
you might regret.
Get him out of here.
Excuse me.
Where is that beast?
(treacherous music)
(horse neighs)
(hooves clopping)
(horses snorting)
(people chattering)
You were in on it.
Farrino told me of his plans,
Then he did rig the hand.
And in Victor's favour,
not yours.
Did Victor know?
He was told to go only in on
a full house, aces high.
I thought you were a friend.
Come on, Signor Ainsworth.
We're not friends.
We are accomplices.
What happened to
'cane non mangia cane'?
Dogs don't eat other dogs,
(treacherous music)
You're not a dog.
(thunder rumbling)
You know nothing about dogs,
Signor Ainsworth.
You're an Englishman.
You had me marked from
the start, didn't you?
Farrino will be in touch.
Tell him not to bother.
You still don't understand.
He knows everything.
He knows where you live,
where you buy your suits,
what club you dine at.
You know, in Italy we say,
'you wanted a bicycle,
now pedal.'
If you ever play me again,
I will kill you.
(thunder rumbles)
Good luck, Signor Ainsworth.
(dramatic music)
(cars rumbling)
(cars rumble past)
(policemen shouting in Italian)
Argh! Oh! Urgh.
(owl hoots)
(waves lapping)
(door squeaks open)
Mrs Ainsworth.
Oh Betty, I'm so sorry,
did I wake you?
No Ma'am, Icouldn't sleep.
What's the matter?
Ma'am I've been sick with worry.
Oh gosh, yes, you said
you wanted to talk to me.
What about?
It's Constance's mum.
She's had a stroke and, um,
and since she wrote this,
(dramatic music)
they reckon she's too poorly
to carry on
looking after little Tommy.
Ha- have you told Constance
It's been on the tip of my
tongue so many times,
but I've never known how to
broach it. Poor love.
And, Mrs Ainsworth,
she'll be devastated
if she's got to go back home.
Yes, and we- we- we would be
devastated to lose her.
Betty co- could you
leave it with me?
Yes, Ma'am.
(tense music)
Oh, there you are.
Are you coming to bed?
No, darling.
(door opens)
I still need to find Rose.
Might I have a word?
Don't you think you've
done enough?
Will you let me explain?
What could you possibly have
left to say
after all your fine words about
being with the people
you loved,
about becoming a better man?
I so wanted to believe you.
How could you, how could
you gamble away everything
I've worked for on the turn
of a card?
I did it for you,
and for the hotel.
The, the game was supposed
to be rigged in my favour.
Even now, you cannot bring
yourself to say the truth!
You know how much
this hotel means to me.
You know how much of
myself I have poured into it.
And yet you thought nothing
of conniving with Danioni
to swindle it away from me
for filthy money laundering?
I thought I could make us
a fortune.
Is money the only language
you understand?
What language would you
prefer I use
after nine months of bloody
What was I supposed to say
after what you did to me?
I have apologised for what I
did, repeatedly,
which is more than I can say
for you.
There was no affair, Cecil.
You went behind my back
with him only yesterday.
I saw you, in Genoa.
We wrote letters.
That's all.
So he told me.
Intimate letters, if the one
I read is anything to go by.
And what about Bonacini?
I suppose that relationship's
entirely innocent, too?
I may not be clean as
a whistle,
but I have never paraded a
rival in front of you, Bella.
I needed someone to talk to.
I needed a friend.
You haven't wanted to talk
to me for years.
Oh, so it's all my fault.
Not when Lucian was injured.
Not when Alice lost Alfred.
Not even when Lawrence
was taken from us.
We lost our boy.
And still,
you can't talk about it.
You disappeared.
I didn't only lose him.
I lost a husband as well.
You'd rather I indulged in
histrionics like Lucian.
Make my problem everyone
That's not my way.
Never has been.
it's too late to change now.
What do you suggest we do?
Start packing for London,
assuming Victor throws us out.
I meant you and me.
Our marriage is over.
There's no way back.
If you want to do something
for your family, Cecil,
I suggest that you find Victor
and you buy back the deeds
that you lost.
Yes, of course.
I accepted an offer from Carlo
to buy my controlling share
of the Hotel.
What are you talking about?
Well, it had to be a man's
according to your
fascist friend.
And you've proved yourself
to be a liability.
well, the deeds I signed,
Claudine witnessed them.
They- they- they're legally
Not strictly speaking.
Claudine Pascal is not
her real name.
So, you've only ever owned
your minority share.
That was a rotten trick.
(dramatic music)
I learnt from the best.
(tense music)
(tyres crunching)
(car rumbling)
(gears grind)
(gun cocks)
(high tempo music)
(van doors open)
(policemen speaking Italian)
(gun cocks)
(people chattering)
(chips clinking)
(Victor slurping)
A good night's work, huh?
I would not call it work.
Then what? Deception?
I have deceived no one.
Except of a woman
desiring to be loved.
Except of a woman
desiring to be loved.
You are a joke to her, Albani.
You will not have her from me.
But I can take the deeds.
The deeds?
And why would I give you those?
Because I can gift you freedom.
(dramatic music)
That is my friend,
Enzo Colonna,
who works for the
Interior Ministry.
He tells me that you're a
wanted man
in three jurisdictions
and that you're, (laughs)
you're no Farnese.
And no Victor Michel,
for that matter.
Your name is Alfonse Roland
and you're a fraudster
and a charlatan
who left a trail of debt,
unpaid bills
on both sides of the border.
(lighter flares)
(papers rustle)
You have made a wise decision.
(chips clink)
Leave them.
I can cover the cost of your
unpaid jeweller's bill
for Alice's engagement ring.
(chips scatter)
(owl hoots)
(door opens)
(door closes)
Oh, Carlo.
I've told Cecil everything.
And I've been talking
to Victor.
Do you think he'll see sense?
He's leaving town in
the morning, I'm afraid.
But what about Alice?
She needs to speak to him.
What about the deeds?
(papers rustle)
(dramatic music)
But how?
I just wanted to protect you
and your family.
Victor could claim that Cecil
made the bet in good faith.
Is there anything you don't
think of?
(soft music)
Mio amico.
(birds singing)
(cockerel crows)
(waves lapping)
(knocking on door)
(repeated, urgent knocking)
(door opens)
-What's happened?
-He was out by the gates, Ma'am.
-But what?
-I don't understand.
-His ankle.
-Just help me, please.
-What have you done, darling?
-I don't understand.
-I think it's sprained, or
Where have you been?
I just went to go and make
sure that Nish was alright,
I just went to go and make
sure that Nish was alright,
but the whole area was
crawling with police.
But I thought you'd come
back home
when Billy brought Rose.
I didn't bring Rose home, Ma'am.
Well, then who did?
(ominous music)
Search me.
Would you, would you go and
check on her please, Billy?
Ah, Constance, could you
grab some ice, two towels
and a bandage? Thank you.
(door opens)
Mrs Ainsworth?
Argh, ah.
I know, darling.
There's no sign of her.
Well, could she have risen
I doubt it, Ma'am.
That bed doesn't look slept in.
(tense music)
(clattering, chopping)
BELLA: Billy.
Perhaps I ought to send you
and Paola into town
to ask some of the friendlier
if they'd mind helping
search for Rose.
Right away.
Actually, Constance,
I wondered if you'd sit down,
my dear.
I have some news for you.
Your mother's not terribly well.
My, my mother?
Betty received a letter.
She's suffered a stroke,
Connie, love,
but, but she is on the mend.
I think you ought to go back.
Yes, to England, to see how
she is,
to, to, to make arrangements
for Tommy.
Who's lookingwhere?
-You knew.
-He's safe.
-Well, who'sbut
but who's
looking after Tommy, Betty?
-Because I have to go
-He's safe.
He's being looked after.
Betty, I have to go home.
-Don't worry. Don't worry.
BETTY: (whispers) Don't worry.
(seagulls crying)
(waves lapping)
(bustling market sounds)
(church bell rings)
Leaving without saying goodbye?
Oh, Alice, uh, well, I, I have
planned to, to write to you.
Oh, a letter, how thoughtful.
Well, I, I, I have been
unavoidably called away
on, on urgent business.
I imagine it is quite urgent
business, avoiding arrest.
Oh, don't get into a flap.
I'm not here to cause a scene
or cause any trouble.
That's very decent of you.
I'm actually here to thank you.
-To thank me?
For letting me escape from
myself for the last few weeks.
I really needed it.
But I realise that is all I ever
needed from you.
That and my bracelet.
(light music)
(bracelet rattles)
Goodbye, Victor.
(melancholic music)
(paper rustles)
(tense music)
(crows cawing)
(dramatic music)
Get up.
He needs medical assistance.
He will get later when
we arrive in Turin.
Now get up! Get up!
Argh, argh!
You're taking us to Turin?
Of course.
To await trial, no?
(speaking Italian)
No, Gian!
What are you doing? No! No!
(crickets chirping)
(dramatic music)
(people laughing, chattering)
All those people to look for
one silly girl.
-I'm going to look this way.
-Bella, wait, wait.
-We will find her.
-I need to keep looking. I
-Please, please.
-I have to keep looking.
I can only apologise for my
behaviour last night.
I want to explain why I did
what I did.
Marco, I don't care.
(romantic music)
I don't care about anything.
I'm just glad you are here.
I will always be here for you
if you need me.
(footsteps crunching)
Oh, Mother.
I intercepted the post boy.
Oh, thank you, darling.
There's no sign of Rose?
No. And I'm starting to get
very worried.
No, maybe it's just a cry
for attention.
Well, I wouldn't blame her.
What can I do?
Oh, darling, would you
would you mind looking after
the guests?
I, I'm feeling so distracted.
Of course, of course.
How was it with Victor?
Was it dreadful?
Oh, (laughs)
I lost an honest,
kind man in the trenches.
I'm not gonna get cut up
over some fraud.
(laughs) Darling.
Would you excuse me?
(waves lapping)
(footsteps crunching)
BOY: Come on Elliot,
race you to the hotel room.
Last one there's a slow coach.
(boys laughing)
-Good morning.
Oh, please don't be such
a stickler.
-We all work for you now.
Nothat's not true.
Let's say that,
as an Italian citizen,
I just can offer Bella
a measure of protection
against men like Danioni,
that's all.
What about men like
my father?
I fear he will never forgive me.
It should be him that's asking
for forgiveness.
(romantic music)
It's a beautiful thing.
It is.
And I think I'm starting
to realise
how much it means to me.
(birds singing)
(car rattling, revving)
(brakes squeak)
(engine cuts, car door opens)
(dramatic music)
(car door closes)
(footsteps crunching)
(car door opens)
(bags flap)
Here we are.
(whispering in Italian)
How much furtherto Turin?
We won't make it that far.
(gun cocks)
Get out.
(shouting) Get out! Now.
-Get out! Out!
-(groans in pain)
Out! And walk.
Just walk.
Keep walking.
(grass rustling)
(crow cawing)
(grass rustling)
(crow cawing)
Keep walking.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees.
On your knees.
Get on your knees.
(hipflask swigging)
(gun cocks)
(breathing heavily)
Why are you doing this?
Why am I doing this?
Why am I doing this?
Because I do not
like to be made a fool.
Because I do not
like to be made a fool.
That's why.
Because people like you
do not deserve to live.
And because I can.
(handcuffs rattle)
(men chattering)
(wings flapping)
(crows cawing)
(seagulls crying)
Rose knows.
Well, what makes you
say that?
She's been acting funny.
-That doesn't prove anything.
-Trust me.
She knows.
She knows that I'm not
in love with her.
-CONSTANCE: You told her that?
-I had to say it.
I'm in love with you,
(birds chirping)
(paper rustles)
(dramatic music)
She'sshe's giving us
her blessing.
It's more like a curse.
I'm going home, Lucian.
(paper rustles)
BELLA: My dear Mrs Ainsworth.
I am sending this from Genoa,
where my mother and I have
journeyed after Portofino.
JONATHAN: The Hotel Leonard
is well appointed,
but it cannot hold a candle to
your own establishment.
I'm writing to apologise
for an oversight on my part.
Before we left, I had meant to
inform you
that I would be writing a
review of the Hotel Portofino
for the Green Guide.
I enclose a copy in the hope
it will make up for this
rudeness on my part.
(typewriter pings)
P.S. Please note I will be
submitting my review for
publication under my pen name,
The Intrepid Lady Tourist.
'If your plans to visit Italy do
not include Portofino,
then you must revise them.
Nestled along the coast from
its colourful harbour
is the Hotel Portofino,
a family-run guest house
that offers a slice of
English heaven
under blue Italian skies.
The views are breath-taking.
The rooms
exquisitely comfortable.
The staff as welcoming
as the beds.
The food delicious,
and made with love.
Whilst every taste
is catered for,
your stay will be relaxing,
possibly surprising.
(Betty laughing)
(Jonathan & Billy chatting)
Maybe even life-affirming.
(drawer closes)
In a dark and dangerous world,
when an unknown fate
awaits us all,
to encounter honest,
decent people
who take pride and show care
is the most that we can
ask for.'
(waves lapping)
(seagulls crying)
(water rippling)
(melancholic music)
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