House Husbands (2012) s04e03 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 3

1 Don't send my daughter gifts.
Oh, but that's just it, isn't it? She isn't your daughter.
I have rights, I'm her father.
You have no proof, so stay away from my family.
Paternity results are in.
Who are you? That's Ned, my son.
All grown up.
This is Sam.
You have an opportunity to be part of your son's life.
Oh, coming from you, that's pretty rich there, Dad Why people can't know what they want? I don't know.
- We're doing this? - We're doing this.
- We're doing this.
- Doing what? We're having a baby.
I'm on the wrong side of 40, I'm gay and I've got an abnormal uterus.
- You've got the eggs.
- We've got the sperm.
We just need an oven.
A surrogate? We ask Abi to have our baby? Finished.
"Happy Birthday, Ned.
" That is a beautiful card but we're going to have a little trouble posting it though.
- Why? - We're not really sure where Ned is.
We know where he is.
He's on holidays.
Yes, but Daddy hasn't contacted him in ages.
Daddy tried to contact him but Ned is not answering his phone.
- (PHONE) - I'll get it.
Look, I know that Ned is a man, and he's your son.
But two months without contact? Baby, he's driving around Australia.
- And you're not just - a little worried? No.
There's a courier at the door.
I've got a delivery for Lewis Crabb.
OK, can you please get dressed.
I need to get in early and make sure everyone notices I'm early.
I cannot wait for you to get this promotion.
I might be able to finish my toast.
Have you made your bed? Your pen doesn't work.
You alright, mate? Call an ambulance! No pulse.
Lewis, call an ambulance! Yes.
Patient is Joel Santo, 33.
He had a cardiac arrest, dropped right in front of me.
He was pulseless but I got him back with my fist.
By the time the ambos arrived he was in sinus rhythm.
Were you part of this? No, I was getting changed.
Don't talk, Joel.
We've got you.
You're right, mate.
You're right, mate.
- What's wrong? - No, no, no.
No, no.
No, no! Don't touch! He's NFR.
You do know what that stands for, Dr Albert? Not for resuscitation.
I'm so sorry for saving your life.
I have end-stage cardiomyopathy.
I know that now.
Do you know how that feels? Like you're drowning.
I watched my dad die from it, two years hooked up to some machine, his lungs slowly filling up with fluids.
And that is what I will go through now, thanks to you.
I didn't see that tattoo.
How could you miss it? It takes up my whole chest.
There are other tattoos there, the snake and the fish, is it? It's a little overcrowded.
So this is my fault? No, no.
I didn't mean it like that.
You have an issue with my tatts.
No, your tattoos are great.
I love the lizard.
It's a dragon.
Dr Albert just wanted to apologise.
I was focused on saving you.
In an emergency we're taught to block out distractions.
Distractions like the patient? Sh.
Don't move.
OK, here we go.
Ooh, he's beautiful.
Look at him.
Alright, Mr Stickasaurus.
Ooh! Look at this! I think Mr Stickasaurus would love to come to your pet parade.
What do you think? I think I'll take Mr Gorilla.
I bags it! It's mine.
"Thought Angie might like this.
" Dad, can I please have it? No, there's been a mistake.
Hey, heard what happened this morning.
Are you alright? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? See you, darling.
- OK.
- Bye, bye.
See you, guys.
A man had a cardiac arrest in your own home.
Would have brought back your own brush with death.
Surely you're feeling all those emotions flooding back from when you had your own heart attack.
I wanted to punch you once, Kane.
Those emotions are flooding back.
- Bye, Dad! - Bye! Here.
You've got six hours to fall in love.
With granola and coffee malt crush.
Do I have to drink it? If you're going to be the face of Troppo Smash you do.
"Gourmet breakfast in a carton.
" They're good meals, bang on trend.
If we get those to market you could make some good money.
Why would they want me to endorse their product? - Yeah.
He's yesterday's man.
- Thanks, Kane.
- Sorry.
I'm just a bit nervous.
- You are not yesterday's man.
You are a footy legend who runs a successful kids' fitness business.
You are perfectly aligned with Troppo Smash's family-friendly health-conscious consumer branding.
- Congratulations.
- So you'll do it? - If you take Angie to day care.
- We've got the pet parade.
I'll meet you there.
- Ready? - Yeah.
We can't be late.
- OK.
Late for what? - Nothing.
- Can you stop tapping? - I'm not.
You don't need to be nervous.
They'll be fine.
Just fine? Amazing.
What if I've got slow swimmers or abnormally shaped ones? Or abnormally shaped slow swimmers with no sense of direction? They don't need a sense of direction for IVF.
They get told where to go.
My results said I have the eggs of a 21-year-old so it doesn't matter if your tadpoles are a bit A bit what? Challenged.
Well, I feel much better now.
Thanks very much.
Kane Albert? Excellent motility, she said.
Outstanding - Morphology.
- Yes, we heard.
- Let's go home and toast my sperm.
- Is that a gay thing? - No, but it's fun.
Let's go.
- No way.
You are not backing out now.
We all agreed that once we got the results you'd ask Abi.
She's right.
It's time.
What if I can't? You can.
Abi's got so much going on right now.
Surrogacy's a major commitment.
- We're supplying the sperm.
- And my eggs.
- We're just borrowing her - Uterus.
It's not a blender.
- She's your sister.
- That makes it worse.
It's harder for her to say no.
- Uh-uh.
Be brave.
- Direct.
What are you guys up to? - Fertility results.
- OK.
- A-grade swimmers, actually.
- Congratulations.
Why do you look so worried? - Ah, we wanted to ask - Abi, a word? - I'll be with you in a second.
- No, it can't wait.
Joel Santo, the NFR patient.
He's taking legal action.
I'm being sued? You're being sued? Can we talk privately when your visitors are gone? Who's doing this? Lewis's courier.
So you save his life and now he sues you? He has a condition which means that now he'll die a horrible death.
- I've really stuffed up.
- I'm sure you didn't.
No, I did.
I was distracted, partly because of my promotion and partly because I'm sleep-deprived, juggling a million things for the kids and trying to work.
My life is out of control.
Oh, what did you want to ask me? It's a big ask - but can we borrow - Your blender? Ours is broken.
Oi! Rodney! Hello.
Wake up.
If you're looking for Tash, she's not here.
You sent her away, remember? I said no presents.
No bracelets.
No stuffed gorillas.
I didn't buy a gorilla.
- You put it on the doorstep.
- What? Wasn't you? Who? The it's 9:30 in the morning and you're still bloody drunk.
- What's going on? - Sounds about right.
Been ages, mate.
Prelim final.
You were a champ that day.
Too bad about your agent, though.
Should have warned me.
I wouldn't have hired him.
Simmo, buddy, I was going to call you and give you the money.
Mate, he's out of it.
No, no, no, he owes me for two games and sponsorship deal.
It's payday.
- Come on, boys.
That's enough.
- I told you.
I don't have the cash right now.
I sold half my furniture.
What more do you want? - I want, mate, what I'm owed! - Oh! Rodney.
OK, OK, I'm going.
I'm going.
Don't be stupid.
I'm driving.
- Move.
- No, no.
You took my punch.
- We're going to hospital.
- Now.
I've got a pet parade to be at.
Hold this.
Whoosh! Smash! Sam.
Ready to take off.
Whoosh! Lewis.
- You must be nearly at Uluru by now.
- Whoosh! Whoosh! Yeah, it has beautiful orange sunsets, just like in the photos.
Is that racket my grandson? What do you want, Lewis.
I was trying to get in contact with Ned for his birthday.
Has he changed his number? Just his woman.
He took off with a pilot in Coober Pedy.
- He wouldn't walk out on his kid.
- Yeah, well, you did.
Frankie, where are you? You're not back at Wallace Street, are you? That place is a dump.
Look, don't call me again, Lewis.
I have had enough of you Crabb men for a lifetime.
Frankie, wait.
- Where's Mr Stickasaurus? - What? - The tree insect.
- I dunno.
Never mind.
Just pass me that gorilla.
Stay here.
His name's Happy.
He's had two rounds of chemo but he's kept his fur.
That's lucky.
Hey, are you alright? Yeah.
Just a bit of a headache.
Long story.
- Mr Gorilla! - Hey! - You found Troppo Trev.
- Who? - Troppo Trev.
I left him on your doorstep.
- That was you? Who else would it be? Troppo Trev is the face of Troppo Smash.
It's in the pitch document I email You haven't read it.
I am pitching you as the face of Troppo Smash and you don't know who Troppo Trev is.
Please try and give a toss, OK? I cannot look a fool in front of our major client.
OK, I'll be on my game.
OK? I'll be on my game this afternoon.
It's fine.
What's he doing here? - Hey.
- What's he doing with a dog? This is pretty good.
Repeats on you a bit, though.
Angie, I got you a present.
No, baby, it's not your doggie, OK? Justin.
Everything alright? Yeah.
This is Rodney.
An old family friend.
Nice to meet you.
She loves him.
Where did you get him? He was tied up.
- This is it.
- Yeah.
No shit.
I'm calling about your lost dog.
Yeah, I found her.
No, that's fine.
Yeah, I'll wait, I guess.
Owner's stuck at work.
She said it's going to be an hour.
Oh, good.
Give us time for a drink.
And why would I have a drink with you? Because I'm an old family friend.
So you're being sued.
Well, it's not good for the CV but that's what insurance is for.
I revived him on my way to work.
I'm not covered by the hospital's insurance policy.
What about your personal indemnity thingy? I don't think I'm covered by that either.
What? You didn't check? What do we pay a small fortune for? What's the point in paying all that money if you have to read the fine print? You know how you were tossing up between law and medicine? You made the right choice.
Until I revived an NFR patient.
How much does he want? Belinda told me about a similar case and they settled out of court.
Oh, that's good.
For half a million.
You're back.
You don't have long to live.
That's a nice conversation starter.
It could be a week, could be a month, hopefully a year.
Do you want to spend that time in lawyers' offices trying to sue me? You are just trying to save your arse.
You could have saved your own arse.
I looked at your records.
You could have got yourself onto a heart transplant list years ago but you didn't qualify.
You drank too much, smoked I had heart disease at 17.
Can you blame me? No, but why are you blaming me? I saved your life.
Exactly! Exactly.
Lawyers are coming in tomorrow.
You're not just punishing me.
I have two little girls to support.
So? You know what? Your tattoos suck.
The dragon looks exactly like a lizard.
And you know what else? Everyone I know under 35 has tattoos, so in case you think it makes you interesting, it doesn't.
You're just as boring as everyone else.
- Are you finished? - No! If you really didn't want to be revived, why the hell did you hide NFR under a stupid picture of a goanna? I'll deal with this.
Dr Albert.
I could hear you yelling down the corridor.
You abused the man who's suing you? I was trying to convince him that a lawsuit isn't a great use of his limited time.
He's the litigant.
You shouldn't be anywhere near him.
Go home, get some rest and come back professional.
Thanks for coming at such short notice.
We really appreciate it.
They do.
So, Zegna, is it? - Tania.
- Tania.
And you met on the Internet? In a surrogacy forum.
I'm just playing catch-up.
These guys went off and organised it without me.
Tania's looking to be a surrogate again.
Again? Let me introduce you to my babies.
This is Noah.
Oh! He gave me terrible morning sickness.
This is Lulu and Saffron.
- Beautiful.
- Saffron.
I named them.
And this little muffin is Bella.
Gay dads.
So you keep in contact with all your children? Customers' children? They're not customers.
I don't do this for money.
That's illegal.
Of course.
What do you do it for? For these little smiles.
Knowing I've helped the less fortunate.
We're fortunate.
We just have some Reproductive issues.
Yeah, I know.
I heard.
Faulty uterus.
This is gonna be so awesome! I've done gays, but a gay trio.
It's gonna be a rainbow birth.
My fans are gonna love it.
Ah, fans? I've got over 2,000 followers.
You don't mind if I film this, do you? Um I want to post every milestone of our journey onto my website.
- Bye.
- See you soon.
Thanks for stopping by.
- Ah.
- Well, she was very experienced.
And positive.
Definite possibility.
Are you kidding? I nearly rainbow vomited.
I know she wasn't ideal but She wanted to film our milestones.
We can't afford to be fussy.
We don't have many options.
We have one.
I can't ask Abi.
And I can't put my egg in a stranger.
If you can't ask your sister, I'm out.
- What do you want? - A man died at my house today.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend but He wasn't my friend.
He wasn't dead for long but it was a wake-up call.
The point is, even though Ned's taken off, I want to be here for my grandson, and for you too, if you want.
- Grandpa Lewis! - Hey, Sammy! - We're on our way out.
- We're going to deliver these.
Yum! Mum's got a special job putting these in letterboxes.
Yeah, just to keep things ticking over till I find a proper job.
- Maybe I could give you a hand.
- Can he, Mum? Sammy, one flier per house, remember? I don't know why I bother opening my mouth sometimes.
Why isn't he at school? He got sent home, again.
Been playing up? Yeah, you could call it that.
He ignores his teacher, calls her names, runs away from class.
Well, he's a boy.
They don't like being cooped up.
Yeah, well, he didn't used to be like that.
He was always so good until Until Ned left.
Why don't I give him a run-around? You could use a break.
If Angie wants a dog, you should get her a dog.
Yeah, she can have him when she's old enough to look after it.
You've got this old dad thing down pat, haven't you? Maybe it's best she ended up with you.
So what? You agree we should keep things the way they are then? Rusty! Hey, girl.
Thank you, guys, so much for waiting.
Not a problem.
Can I buy you guys a drink to say thank you? We're actually in the middle of a conversation.
No, no, no.
Don't be rude, Baynie.
Justin Baynie? Yeah, I'm Rodney Wickham.
I was his agent and best mate and we were inseparable back in the day, weren't we, mate? Yeah, something like that.
I'll have another pint, and what'll you have? Wouldn't mind finishing that conversation.
We'd better make it a jug then.
You know at the hospital today I asked if we could borrow your blender? Yep.
I'll just get it.
- We don't actually need it.
- It's no trouble.
I wanted to ask you something else.
- We met with a potential surrogate today.
- Great.
We're not going to go with her.
It feels weird.
Using an unfamiliar oven? It's like buying a blender.
You want to go with a brand you trust.
Someone that you know.
Take the blender.
That's not what I meant.
I know I'm always going on at you about not returning things.
It's just an appliance.
No big deal.
Really, it's not Seriously, take it.
In fact, have it for keeps.
You'll use it a lot more than I will, and you can whip something amazing up for Lewis's dinner tonight with Sam and the kids.
Are you coming? - Yeah.
Abi! - Great.
I'll see you at Lewis's.
- Kane wants my uterus.
- I'm sorry? I don't know how I didn't see this coming.
Eve's eggs are fine.
It's her oven that's the problem.
He asked you to carry his baby? No, and I'm going to make sure he never does.
How? - Change the subject.
- What? Forever? If I need to.
Don't get angry but don't you think it might be a nice idea? I'm not going to get angry.
I'm just going to say that until you've carried a watermelon in your belly for nine months, thrown up for three of them, been exhausted for all of them, and then pushed the watermelon out OK.
I would like to do it, I really would.
Kane, of all people, should have a biological kid but I can't take this on.
I am stuffing up every area of my life as it is.
You're overstretched.
You're not stuffing up.
I get it.
He sent me a text.
- Kane? - No, Joel.
The guy who's suing us? He wants a cigarette.
That's weird.
I've got to go.
Shouldn't you be working on the Troppo Smash pitch? Yeah, I'm done.
I'm ready.
When you pitch to a company like Tivco you want to be more than ready.
That's why I'm pitching a friend.
Because Tivco's chief operating officer, he's clearly ADD.
He can only focus for about a minute so you have to dangle something under his nose.
Justin Baynie, the legend, there to endorse their product.
I hope he's right for this.
He is.
There he is, running his kids' fitness business.
Bachelor of the Year material right there.
Tivco love their footy.
He'll tell them war stories.
He's a footy hero.
Hm, a disgraced one.
Oh, no, he's changed.
Different man.
He's a family man now trust me.
Bad Boy Baynie, dead, buried and cremated.
Skull! Skull! Skull! Skull! See? I told you he'd warm up.
Can we finish that conversation? Your shout this time.
Ah, I'm broke, and we found your dog so you're buying.
Where did you find her? - Actually, in a park.
- Which park? - Elwood.
- St Kilda.
You stole my dog! - Right.
You've had enough.
- Hey! Run.
Run! Go! Go! Go! (LAUGHS) We lost 'em.
- Yeah.
- How good are we? Hey, you don't have to worry.
You're my mate.
I'm not going to mess with you and Angie.
He likes to drink Troppo Smash.
(LAUGHS) Look, Justin's he's normally very reliable.
Maybe we should get going.
Because Troppo Smash is the future of liquid breakfast.
Who in this chaotic world has time to chew? When all of your dietary requirements come through the end of a straw.
- Here he is, Justin Baynie.
- Hey.
Something came up.
- Hey.
- Paul? You think he's going to throw money at someone who smells lie a brewery? Everyone look at me.
Very good.
Everybody knows how to play.
When the ball goes through your legs, it goes all the way to the end, grab it.
The last person gets the ball and runs to the front.
Grandma Gemma! - Wow! How are you, little man? - Awesome.
OK, Sammy, start 'em off.
How's it going? Something's not quite right.
One minute he follows instructions and then the next minute he completely ignores me.
Can't be easy for him with his dad disappearing like that.
- Like I did? - No, Ned, not you.
Maybe if I'd stuck around Ned wouldn't have run off.
Sam! - Sam! - Sam! Sam, stop! - Stop! Sam! Sam! Sam! - Sam! The car only just missed him.
He's OK, that's the main thing.
Have you taken him to see anyone? What? A doctor? Someone who specialises in this sort of thing.
What sort of thing? Behavioural stuff.
I told you he was having trouble dealing with everything.
Yeah, I know, and that's normal.
You said he should see a shrink.
That's not normal.
I've seen a lot of kids.
He was very disobedient.
I left you alone with my child, he almost got killed, and you're blaming him.
You can't try and sue me and then send random texts demanding cigarettes.
You're worse.
I've gone into decompensated heart failure, otherwise known as the disease has finally set in and I'm screwed.
Please tell me you're not going to smoke that.
I just want to know it's there.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'm not.
I've been sick for most of my life, and most of my life people have treated me like a sick person.
No-one tells me the truth.
Everyone speaks to me like I'm five.
And no-one ever, ever yells at me.
And since you've bothered to yell and me and got me a cigarette, I might not bother to sue you.
Joel Are you still going to argue with me? We can give you medication, get you on a ventilator.
It wouldn't cure you but it could buy us some time.
I know a lot of people.
I reckon I could get you on a heart transplant list.
You're only 33.
If you're committed to changing your lifestyle, we could get you a new heart.
Just think about it.
- You promised Eve you'd ask.
- I didn't get a chance.
- Abi's avoiding me, my own sister.
- (PHONE) - Is that your phone? - No.
Give me it! Eve.
Not avoiding her, are you? Eve.
Finally you pick up.
I was starting to think you were dead.
No, I'm alive but I can't talk right now.
We've just arrived at Lewis's.
You didn't ask her.
You chickened out, again.
No, I tried but she gave me a blender and shut the door.
You're never gonna ask her, are you? I will, but she's avoiding me.
Got to go.
I'll ask Abi.
I'm not sure that's such a good idea.
Don't worry.
I'll find the right time.
Hey, thanks for driving.
It's not like you were capable of it.
- Hey, guess what.
- What? - We're not being sued.
- Oh, that's good.
Colouring in! I love colouring in! Yeah.
Definitely avoiding you.
- Beer? - I think he's had enough already.
- Thanks, mate.
- Hi.
How you been? Yeah, good.
Really good.
I haven't seen you since A while.
- A while.
You look good.
- Thank you.
Dad, you still haven't sent Ned's card.
Why isn't he here? Ned had to go away for a while, darling.
But I can send him the birthday card.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- What's going on? Hm? - With you two? What? Nothing.
If you've stuffed something up between my son I didn't stuff anything up.
Something happened while she and Ned were split and I stepped aside for him.
OK, time for the grown-ups to eat.
Kids are getting along well.
Yeah, it's great to see Sam so happy.
Even if you think he's messed up? I didn't say that.
We had a big day today, interviewing a surrogate.
More wine? I'll get you another glass.
This is fine.
Had white in it.
How did it go with the surrogate? Not good, actually.
We're still on the hunt.
Another glass, anyone? I think Justin's already had enough to drink.
Mate, can you drop it? Where did you end up going with your good mate? Rodney's not my mate.
So you just thought you'd go for a drink with him and just leave me waiting with a major client while you? I was trying to find out if he was going to take my daughter away.
I'm sorry that's more important than your stupid breakfast drinks.
Anyway, as it turns out, Eve doesn't want a stranger to carry her baby, so Not now, Alex.
- (DOORBELL) - I'll get it.
Abi, sit down.
The children will get it.
You've been up and down like a bloody yo-yo.
Oh, Eve.
Have you eaten? I'll get you a plate.
No, no.
I won't stay.
Sorry to interrupt.
I just have a quick question because I know Kane is having trouble asking it.
You guys are obviously very close siblings and I respect that, I really do.
And I fully accept if the answer is no.
But will you be our surrogate? Oh, sorry.
I'll clean it up.
Abi? Do I take that as a no? - Break another plate.
- What? What? Look at Sam.
He can't hear.
Thanks for sitting still for me, Sam.
You can go play with the other kids now.
Glue ear.
It's fairly common.
It's a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum.
After a few months it feels like you're wearing earplugs.
But Sam can hear.
We have conversations.
He understood what you said.
Kids adapt.
He's probably worked out how to lip-read.
He could hear before the glue ear so he probably knows what to look for.
Have you noticed that he's OK when you're facing him? Not when he's running away.
No wonder he's doing it tough at school.
He can only hear half of what the teacher's saying.
Yeah, it'd be very frustrating, which is why behavioural problems are common.
So what now? Well, he'll need grommets, which are basically tiny tubes that help drain the fluid.
An operation? Sam going to be OK? Gemma got him into surgery tomorrow.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
What about Eve? She's a little bit disappointed but she'll be fine.
I'm sorry I can't help.
It's just too hard.
This used to be mine when I was a kid.
Maybe you'll take better care of it.
Tomorrow your ears are going to be all fixed.
Isn't that good? Will Dad be there? No.
But he asked me to be there instead.
Really? Yeah, he did.
Let's have a look at this feller.
All in? So did you find out? Rodney's intentions? He said he'd leave us alone and Angie can stay with me.
That's good.
You can put it behind you.
He's still Angie's biological father.
I'm going to have to tell her one day.
She's only four.
Yeah, when she's older.
I want to be able to say that I didn't just walk away.
He's a mess, Mark.
- You think this is going to work? - No idea.
Have a shower.
Like Troppo Smash, Travis Simpson is a superstar of the future.
As a father of two at the age of 25, he covers both the youth and family markets, plus he doesn't smell of beer.
And his agent will do us a very good deal.
In exchange for a percentage of the back-end profits.
Keep talking.
I gave it a paintjob.
I figured, since you're going in for a repair job, your plane should too.
Thanks, Grandpa Lewis.
It'll be right here waiting for you when you come out.
- Bye, Sammy.
We'll see you soon.
- Bye.
Abi, don't go in there.
We've made up.
We're friends, sort of.
I've even talked to him about getting a transplant and I've lined up - a meeting with the organ guys.
- He's dying, Abigail.
His kidneys are failing.
He's potassium 6.
We can give him levosimendan.
He doesn't want it.
You again? Did you think about what I said? We can give you medication and It's too hard.
No, it's not.
I can help you.
Get a CPAP machine! No.
Joel, you can't just give up.
You're not allowed.
Keep yelling, OK? Shows you give a shit.
- Joel.
- Please.
Let me go.
Joel We can't just give up.
We're meant to be doctors.
We can't do nothing.
All we do is hide away All we do is All we do is hide away All we do is chase the day All we do is All we do is chase the day All we do is play it safe All we do is live inside a cage All we do is play it safe All we do.
- He just gave up.
- Who? The guy that tried to sue me.
And we're sad about this? No, we're fine.
I'll do it.
I'll be your surrogate.
I thought it was too hard.
That's why we have to do it.
If you'll still have me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Guess what.
They loved my pitch.
So does that mean there'll be more of these weird drinks around the house.
They'll be perfect for my cravings.
I'm going to do it, carry Kane's baby.
Have I ever told you you are the most generous, most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world? Only when you want something.
I want something.
Well, you can't have it for six weeks at least.
Six weeks? We start IVF next week and I can't risk your foreign soldiers invading my territory.
Oh, until I'm pregnant with my brother's baby, that is.
Choco-Berry Hit or Honey Mint Blast? The doctor is very happy with how the operation went.
Should be able to go home soon.
Thank you for everything.
Frankie, I know you're doing really well on your own but a few weeks ago I went and bought this house.
Without asking me.
And it's way too big for Gemma, Tilly and me.
Would you like to come and stay for a while? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Hey.
Ange home? She's in bed.
- Do you want to get her up? - No.
Come on.
She's going to love this.
How cute is he? Did you listen to what I said? Yeah.
I know you're worried she can't look after a dog but she won't have to.
It'll stay with me and she can play with him when she comes to visit.
And why would she visit you? Because I'm her dad.
I thought you weren't going to mess with us.
Mate, you're not going to hold me to that, are you? I was drunk.
I've been in a haze of anger and booze for weeks now, until you put me back on track today.
I appreciate that, I really do, because now I can finally see what's right in front of me.
I've got a daughter and I can't ignore that.
Daddy, can you tuck me in? Hey, kiddo.
Do you like him? Good, because you can come and visit him He's staying right here.
Puppy's staying right here.
And Rodney was just leaving.