House Husbands (2012) s04e05 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 5

1 I have rights, I'm her father.
You have no proof, so stay away from may family, OK? No judge worth his salt would give custody to that dickhead.
Last time we went to court, Rodney won.
Why should this time be any different? - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm here to steal Frankie.
I'm on the wrong side of 40, I'm gay and I've got an abnormal uterus.
- I'm not meant to be a mum.
- That's crap.
- You've got the eggs.
- We're got the sperm.
We just need an oven.
You carry Kane's child.
You cannot be serious.
I'm deadly serious.
You leaving for work already? Yeah, I'm running late! But you hardly spent any time in bed last night.
Come on.
Come back.
We can make up for lost time.
You know the rules.
Once the embryo has been implanted, no fooling around until we know it's taken.
- (DOORBELL) - Eight o'clock on the dot.
I wonder who that could be.
Good morning! Your daily delivery.
We have a high fibre, whole grain muesli for breakfast.
- Oh.
- For lunch, a delicious, gluten free, grass fed beef lasagne.
Oh, it tastes like bird seed.
Organic bird seed.
We've got delicious walnuts, - some activation almonds.
- Oh, good.
Some sunflower seeds and some goji berries to keep up your energy.
I've got to go.
I'm late.
By, darl.
Don't forget your muesli! Oh, I'll grab something at the caf.
- Make sure it's high in folate! - Uh-huh.
It'll help the embryo attach to the uterine wall.
I'm not hungry anymore.
I got it! No, they ran out of the organic yoghurt, so I just got the natural stuff.
There's no folate in yoghurt.
Stella, Fin, school! There's calcium and all sorts of stuff.
You need folate.
Don't forget to eat your activated nuts.
- Thank you, Kane.
- Bye.
- Mm-mm.
- Oh, couldn't hold it down.
Have you got morning sickness already? Mm, pregnancy.
You have so much to look forward to.
Oh, well, if it takes.
Apparently I need to eat more nuts.
Oh, Kane's just trying to help.
IVF can be very stressful.
It wasn't for me.
The implantation was a breeze.
I ducked up to the third floor in my lunch break and I came back down with an embryo and a chicken sandwich.
I tell you what, Tilda's conception was much more hard work.
It's stupid.
Abi's barely pregnant.
Why would you ask for paternity leave now? Well, Rachel's in a vaguely good mood this week, unlike some people I know.
You all set for this arvo? What's on this arvo? Nothing.
Off you go.
Have fun! When are you going to tell them about the Rodney situation? - When there is one.
- But today's the interim hearing.
Yeah, the judge reads a few statements and rubber stamps a few pieces of paper, then we all go home until the main custody trial starts in two months.
Yeah, but today's also the day when the judge decides where Angie will live up until the start of the trial.
Yeah, I've looked into it.
You know, almost every time, the judge rules that kids stay where they are.
Status quo and all that.
That's why I don't need to tell the kids anything.
Your affidavit.
Good luck.
- Gentlemen.
- Cheers.
She wrote you a reference? I'd check it before I gave it to the judge.
Hey, has Gemma given you hers? She said she'll write me a statement about when Rodney, you know, threatened her at your place.
- Gemma's got a lot going on at the moment.
- Well, she said she'd do it.
We'll check it out.
Is it just me or does Lewis seem grumpier than usual? Oh, he's grumpy.
Until we find out if Gemma's pregnant or not, she's closed for business.
How much longer's this going to go on for? Two days.
Seriously, where do these people learn to drive? The sign clearly said no left turn.
You didn't have to beep them for a whole two blocks.
You packed the picnic and you didn't get to eat any of it.
That's the trouble with dating a doctor, always on call.
Not that we're dating.
We're Dating's fine.
- Thank goodness you're here.
- I'm needed.
See you tomorrow night.
What are you two doing? - Oh, the affidavit.
- You got it? I've written it up, I just haven't printed it out.
Can you give me 15? Yeah.
14-year-old male.
Facial burns and smoke inhalation.
Starting to develop respiratory distress.
OK, he has stridor.
We need to intubate.
Can I bring it to the court? OK, I promise.
Tubes not passing down.
His airway is swollen from the burns.
- Oxygen saturation levels are down to 80.
- Use a video laryngoscope.
- We don't have one.
- How can you not have one? He's down to 70 and he's dropping fast.
- Let's bag him.
- No, we tried.
We've bagged him, we've tried to intubate him.
There's only one option.
- Cricothyroidotomy.
- Oh, great.
Now we're going to cut his throat.
Have you got any better ideas? I I've got some good news.
Troppo smash sales have increased by 15 percent? No, but my family's increasing by 25 percent.
- Abi's pregnant.
- Oh, again? And we're thrilled, obviously, but it's not great timing for Abi.
She's going for a promotion and she can't really afford the time, so some adjustments need to be made.
- What's this? - Application for paternity leave.
I spoke to HR and they said you've just got to sign it and we're good to go.
Let's see how this briefing goes first.
As you know, Mamma Sofia's is our highest selling pasta sauce, but even it is running a distant third in the marketplace.
Our task, with the help of Philippa, our company's finest food technologist, is to invent an exciting, new pasta sauce to set the Mamma Sofia's brand apart.
So, when we think pasta sauce, what do we think? Pasta.
Anything else? Tomato? Red.
- Good start.
- No, no, no.
The marketplace is already crowded with tomato-based sauces.
Red won't cut through.
OK, well, there are other flavours and other sauces.
- Pesto? - Green.
No green either.
I might hold onto this for now.
I don't know what the big deal is here.
It's not like I'm asking for a million dollars.
No, you have a nice day.
That the bank? Money problems? - It's all under control.
- If you spent less money - on organic nuts - Activated nuts, Lewis.
Lucky for some.
- What are you guys doing here? - We're always here.
It's a big day.
Yeah, yeah.
It's going to be over in five minutes.
- Got a lawyer? - No.
I don't have one.
Don't really need one.
Not today.
It's not the trial, it's just a formality.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we know.
Of course.
Where's Gemma? Come on! Ah, the smoke inhalation kid's in theatre.
They said he should be able to breathe by himself in a few days.
- Oh, that's good.
- Yeah.
Saxon's right, you know.
We should never have had to put a scalpel near that boy's throat.
I mean, I think if the suits upstairs maybe shaved a few bucks off their salaries, we might be able to afford some, you know, new equipment like a video laryngoscope or maybe even a new printer might do the trick.
Oh, Belinda.
Oh, hi.
No, no, no.
It's great to hear you're so passionate about hospital funding, which is surprising since neither of you have bought tickets - for the fundraiser cocktail night.
- Oh, we've been very busy.
We're all busy.
It's a shame someone in your position doesn't set a better example.
I will be there.
We both will.
Oh, the fundraising committee are desperate for extra help.
I can add your name to that list too.
- Great.
- Great.
What? Well, you're supposed to be resting, not selling tickets and blowing up balloons.
Oh, I'll manage.
I'm sure if you explained your situation to Belinda, she would understand.
We don't tell anybody anything until I'm actually pregnant.
It lives! Come on.
Get the car.
I reckon if we hurry, we can actually make it.
- You're up next.
- Yeah, just a few more seconds.
We should go in now.
Justin! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Careful running on those shoes.
Sorry it's so late.
I wasn't worried.
I've read all the relevant papers, including the respondent's late submission regarding the unfortunate incident a few weeks ago.
And I'd like to express my regret about that.
I was in a bad place, Your Honour.
My relationship was breaking down.
I'd just learned I was a father.
The interim hearing isn't the time or place for verbal testimonies.
Today's ruling is based on written, agreed facts between the two parties and there aren't many here.
It's just one, that Mr Wickham is Angela's biological father.
That said, by all accounts, the respondent has provided Angela with a safe and stable home.
In her eyes, she sees Mr Baney as her father and to cause any unnecessary disruption at this point would not be in the child's best interest.
But to ignore altogether that Mr Wickham is the biological father would also be remiss of me.
I hereby rule that Angela remains in Mr Baney's care with Mr Wickham granted one day access per week.
Sorry, what? That's not status quo.
What happened to status quo? Mr Wickham's first visitation will be tomorrow.
Pending the supervisor's assessment of his care, he will then be permitted unsupervised weekly visits with Angela until the date of the custody trial, when Angela's permanent custody arrangements will be determined.
Are there any questions about this? Yeah, who's this supervisor? The court will appoint an independent supervisor.
What does a stranger know anything about my kid? If you both can agree on a third party, the court can appoint that person instead.
- What about Gemma? - What? No! I mean, I'm sorry, Your Honour.
I'll do it.
I'm a third party.
- Would you mind sitting down? - I'll agree to Gemma and Gemma only.
In your role as independent supervisor, do you, Gemma Beatrice Crabbe undertake that you will remain impartial at all times? I do.
Why did Rodney choose Gemma as the supervisor and not me? - What's wrong with me? - Where do I start? He's not going to get any brownie points with you.
Gemma's just written an affidavit calling him a violent dickhead.
- They weren't my exact words.
- Rodney's trying to prove to the judge that he's made amends for his dickheadism.
We could use this situation to our advantage, 'cause Gemma's got a perfect opportunity to snoop around.
Darl, I don't know if you were just in there, - but I took an oath not to take sides.
- In court.
- Before a judge.
- Yeah, but that doesn't mean she couldn't accidentally stumble onto something.
Something that could help Justin's case in the trial.
Gemma's got enough going on at the moment, let alone being a spy.
I'll see you in the morning.
You be alright tonight? Yeah.
Just need to explain it to the kids.
Thanks for coming.
Well, if I'm going to do this for Justin, I'm going to need your help with the hospital fundraiser tomorrow night.
- Oh, hell, if I don't have to go.
- You've got to do both.
Yeah, so do you.
People at those things are so stuffy.
- And the food's even worse.
- Well, the food wasn't my idea.
None of it was.
I was roped in at the last minute.
- I'll do the catering.
- Well, the committee have got money - for the food but not much of a fee.
- No problem.
- Are you that desperate for cash? - I don't have money problems, Lewis.
How was the chicken? Oh, perfect.
Thanks for the invite.
I was actually thinking it's about time I had you two over for dinner myself.
You've got to try my pork belly terrine.
It is the best.
Well, we're not doing anything next week.
Actually, we wanted to ask you something.
We got something in the mail today.
- A bill from the lawyer.
- Didn't we already settle that? Well, we paid our legal fees for the three of us, but not Gemma.
And the legalities on her side of the surrogacy equation are - a lot more complex.
- So more expensive.
- A lot more than any of us thought.
- And we think seeing as we're soon to be family that we should be in a place where we can - Be more honest with each other.
- Yeah.
Wow, I'm really glad you said that - because I cannot afford to pay that bill.
- We can't afford to pay that bill.
- What? - What? Not if we have to pay these too.
Policy documents for Gemma's health and life insurance.
We were going to ask if you could spot us some cash.
Is that why you had me over tonight? You tried to trap me with your chicken cassoulet.
Yeah, well, you were going to do the same to us with your pork belly terrine.
Stay calm.
I mean, we can work this out, OK? Let me see that bill.
- Holy crap.
- Yeah.
This is it, isn't it? First cycle nearly bankrupted us.
We can't afford another one.
That embryo in Gemma's belly is our only shot at a baby.
Let's not tell Gemma about this.
She's under enough pressure.
What are these? The future of pasta sauce.
Well, one of them is, hopefully.
You want us to be your guinea pigs? - Yep.
- But we already have a guinea pig.
No, darling.
It's just an expression.
Our food technologist has created three sauces.
Eggplant tapenade, mushroom ragu and sweet potato something.
Purple, brown, orange.
- That looks red.
- That's burnt orange.
They look like they would taste great, but I will throw them up and I wouldn't want you to take that the wrong way.
Toast again for dinner for me.
I think I might have toast too.
So, you'll get to spend a whole day with Aunty Gemma tomorrow.
How good is that? And if you have fun, you'll see Rodney on your own once a week.
Forever? - No.
Not forever.
- For how long? - We'll see.
- Why can't we go to Rodney's too? You're done.
Go brush your teeth.
Hey, boys, do you remember when mummy and I - had a break from living together? - When you were separated? Yeah.
And during that time, mummy and Rodney became good friends.
They had the same bedroom.
- Yeah.
That's right.
- Were they married? No.
No, but Rodney and mummy were good friends before then too.
Before Angie was born.
- Were they married then? - No.
Mum was only ever married to you, wasn't she? Yeah.
Yeah, mate.
Mum was only ever married to me.
My heart is not a machine It beats to you and all the others that I love My heart is not anything That you haven't seen before It sings, "Hold me now.
" My heart is not a machine It beats alone in all the darkness of the night My heart is not a machine It beats in time with all the others that I love.
(DOORBELL) Morning! Where's Gemma? Oh.
Drink bottle.
Your favourite doll.
OK, put that in there and your loom bands.
Did I forget anything? Butch.
I don't think he's going to fit in your backpack, cheeky monkey.
- Hey.
I couldn't tell the boys.
I mean, I tried, but I just I just couldn't do it.
You don't have to tell 'em yet.
Hey, I know this is a big ask, but if Rodney starts saying anything, - could you? - Justin.
You ready, Angie? Yeah, I think she is.
You'll look after her, won't you? Yeah.
Bye, baby.
Why are you so pleased with yourself? - I'm not.
- You're whistling.
Oh, let's just say I had a productive night.
Rub it in, why don't you? We need to get to the market ASAP.
Eve's helping me out with the catering tonight.
Helping? I'm nobody's sous chef.
Well, if it goes well, we're going to set up our own events catering business.
A bit of extra cash.
So you are broke.
- I'm not broke.
- I'm not broke.
Everything's fine.
I'll go to the market.
You get the kitchen ready.
- What? - You OK? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? Must've been hard this morning.
You should come to the hospital cocktail function.
Yeah, not really into cocktails.
Well, if we all have to suffer, you should too.
Frankie's going with Saxon, right? See? You should go.
Everyone's going.
Where's everyone going? Oh, there's a cocktail function at the hospital.
Yeah, it's a bring a partner thing.
I'll probably just Great, I'd love to go! What time do you want me? Well, he reckons he's OK, but clearly he's not.
I mean, he can't be if he's taking Miss Lubi on a date.
- Miss Lubi? - Yeah, don't worry about it.
- Found anything? - We're not even inside yet.
Any clues out the front? Check the bins for empty whiskey bottles.
Here's an idea, why don't I phone you every five seconds with an update? Could you? - (PHONE BEEPS) - Hello? Hello? Good morning, Angela.
Can we come in? Oh, yeah, sure.
So, I've got some games.
Do you like games? Oh, ah, we can read a book.
Is there something in your backpack? Huh.
Who's this? - Baby.
- Should we play with baby? Oh.
He packed her a lunchbox.
How hopeless does he think I am? I'm here to be impartial.
I'm not allowed to have an opinion.
There's not one in here, darling.
You want to play with this iPad? That's lazy parenting though, isn't it? No? Sorry.
No more questions.
IPad's fine.
We've all done it.
I've got some games on here if you want to pick one.
Do you want to come and sit over here? I want to sit next to you, Aunty Gemma.
You know what? I'm going to watch you from here.
Come and sit down.
Come and sit down.
Sit down.
Now you can drag it up to here.
- Breadcrumbs? - A pangrattato.
A traditional - Italian recipe meaning - Breadcrumbs on pasta.
It is on the menu of some of Australia's finest and most - popular restaurants.
- Pasta and breadcrumbs.
With garlic infused olive oil, lemon and chili, all of which can be easily manufactured in small sachets, put in a box and assembled at home in seconds.
Mamma Sofia's traditional Italian dry pasta sauce.
Fun, aspirational, delicious.
Please try some.
Let's take this to the directors meeting.
It's actually very good.
Oh, I thought we agreed we'd use cod for the fishcakes.
I bought salmon.
What? Salmon's better.
You can't make important decisions like that without asking me first.
And you can? (BEEPING) What's that? Snack alarm.
- Get in.
Get the worm! - GAME: Ooh, la, la! You got him! Yeah! High five! Good work! Do you want to go out into the backyard and hunt for some real worms? - Yes.
- Alright.
Let's go.
- Do you want to come with us? - That's OK.
I'll be right here.
Grab your hat.
- Hi.
- Hey! It's your friendly reminder that it's mid-morning snack time.
- Oh.
I've brought an apple.
- Ooh.
Does Rodney have any walnuts? I don't know anything about Rodney's nuts.
You need the folate.
Ask him.
- I can't.
He's busy.
- Look around.
I don't think the judge would like me snooping.
You're not snooping.
You're just looking for walnuts.
Look, I found one! Yeah, I guess you're right.
Just looking for walnuts.
No big deal.
It's a bit Mother Hubbard around here.
- Look somewhere else? - I can't! Do it for the baby.
You found anything? - No, nothing yet.
- Almonds will do.
- You found something? - I think so.
What are you doing? I've got to go.
I was looking for walnuts.
You made an oath to remain impartial.
Looking through my things isn't impartial.
I had a brain snap.
I think it's all the hormones I'm taking.
Hormones? I'm trying to get pregnant.
Well, not my egg.
I'm having Kane's baby.
Aren't you married and he's gay? I'm his surrogate.
At least, I'm trying to be.
I We don't even know if the embryo's taken yet and, you know what? And you know what? Everybody's just so concerned about whether I'm getting enough sleep and enough folate.
They're all on the edge and all I'm trying to do is just distract myself from the fact that everybody's hopes and dreams are pinned on the fact of how thick my uterine wall is.
And I'm sorry.
That just came out.
Being a surrogate.
- It's a pretty big favour.
- Yeah, well, he's my friend.
And you'd do anything for your friends.
Including breaking the law.
- Did Justin put you up to it? - No! He didn't ask you to look for evidence that I won't make a good father? Absolutely not! You took an oath to remain impartial.
This isn't going to look good for you in the trial.
For either of you.
And you're taking drugs.
Do you think that's going to look good? I'm not taking drugs.
Well, how come you've got a list of support group meeting times? - I go for my little brother.
- Is he on drugs? He was before he died of an overdose.
I go to remind users of the effect of drugs on families.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have been looking through your stuff.
Please don't punish Justin.
How's the worm hunting going? I found five! I've found five.
Daddy! Hey! Hey, baby.
- How was your day? - I caught worms.
Real life ones from the garden.
Oh, that's why you're so dirty.
Alright, well, quick.
Get in the bath.
How did it go? You know I'm not allowed to talk about that with you.
Come on, Gemma.
It's me.
- Hello? - Oh, hi, Miss Lubi.
- Oh, I'm early.
I can come back.
- No, no, no, no.
You stay.
I've got to go.
I'm on the run.
You look beautiful.
I'll see you tonight.
Mamma Sofia's authentic Italian dry pasta sauce.
So, we're good to get this costed by manufacturing? Well, your product is one step closer to the supermarket shelf.
You have a pen? Before we proceed, there's just a few things we need to iron out from a legal perspective.
For starters, the name, it's factually incorrect.
- I know it's not strictly dry.
- No, no, no.
It's not the dryness I take issue with.
- We can't call it authentic Italian sauce.
- Why? - It's not made in Italy.
- No, the authentic refers to the recipe.
It's not referring to where the ingredients come from.
- The recipe is stolen? - It's traditional.
I found a pen.
- Look, what should we do now? - Conduct some checks.
Make sure that the product isn't already trademarked.
- They're breadcrumbs! - Potentially litigious breadcrumbs.
We're looking at up to a 20-week delay on this.
That's five months! I can't wait that long.
Think up a new sauce.
If you had one original idea in your life, you wouldn't be such an obstructionist brick wall! You just yelled at the head of legal.
It's just a robust discussion.
You can overrule her.
Well, as long as she's the COO's new hobby, she's more senior that all of us.
Just relax.
Justin's not here yet.
Well, I can't ignore him forever.
I'm going to have to tell him what happened.
Not tonight.
Let's just try and have a good time.
- We're on.
- Oh.
Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the St Michael's Hospital cocktail fundraiser.
Take the opportunity to get to know our staff and hear a little bit about their work and, of course, if you'd like to get the donation ball rolling, our director of medical services here, Belinda, is very keen to chat, so have a great night, everyone.
Look, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.
I yell at people at work all the time.
I had one chance to get paternity leave and I blew it.
Calm down.
You've got seven months to win Rachel over.
- Oh, how many days until you find out? - One.
Let's identify the rich guests, suck up and get the hell out of here.
- Gemma.
- Abigail.
Hi, Miss Lubi.
I'm off duty.
Call me Heather.
Fishcake? - Oh, fishcake.
Thank you.
- Hey, how did it go today? She's not allowed to say, right? - Are you alright? - Are you choking? - Excuse me.
Coming through.
- Is there a doc Stay calm.
You're going to be OK.
I'm just going to get in behind you.
Ready? ALL: Oh! What did she choke on? - A bone.
- A bone? Try not to speak.
Maybe a glass of water.
Her food just went down the wrong way.
It's delicious food, by the way.
I recommend everyone hire Kane for their next function.
- Well done.
- Thanks.
- I feel sick.
- Night time morning sickness? No, worse.
Saxon just did something nice.
I have to hate him less now.
Oh, that sucks.
Miss Hea Heather, are you alright? Yeah.
I could do with another drink.
A real one.
- Good idea.
- I'll get us around.
- I'll help! - I'm not an invalid, Kane.
Your salmon fishcakes almost killed Miss Lubi.
- Heather? - You call her Heather? Is she alright? She choked on a bone, but she's fine now.
If we'd got cod like I wanted to, this would never have happened.
Cod has bones.
Anyway, you deboned the fish, not me.
Just admit it.
Sometimes you're wrong.
Completely, utterly, horribly, irreversibly wrong.
We all have to suffer the consequences.
This isn't about the fish anymore, is it? What is it? We should've transferred two embryos instead of one.
But we agreed.
I let you talk me into it.
It just felt too greedy.
Well, what if two embryos had taken? Do you think we could have handled twins? Two babies would be easier to deal with than none at all.
Can't hide in here all night.
I know.
I need to know.
Rodney didn't mention anything about being - Angela's biological father, did he? - No.
Look, I know you have rules to follow, but you need to give me something.
- Did you know Rodney's brother? - No.
He died way before I met Rodney.
- Drugs.
Why? - He wasn't lying.
- Who? - It doesn't matter.
- Come on.
Let's dance.
- Oh, you don't dance.
What's going on here? Rodney caught me going through his things looking for evidence.
And he's threatened to tell the judge that you put her up to it.
If this is anyone's fault, it's yours.
No harm done.
Rodney said he'd forget it ever happened.
If I put in a positive report to the court.
- And you're going to do that.
- Even if he hadn't caught me, - I have to tell the truth.
- Which is? He was really good with Angie.
Not as good as you are, but Angie had a good day.
Just as well.
She'll be seeing him once a week, every week, from now on.
I can't lie.
He did nothing wrong.
No, you did.
Now he's got something else over me.
- Justin.
- He said he wouldn't say anything.
And we're believing Rodney now? Well, where are those cocktails? - We we're leaving.
- Already? Justin.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.
The sooner this day is over, the better.
That statement I wrote you, I meant every word of it.
I've met a lot of parents in my time, good ones, bad ones, terrible ones.
You were terrible once.
But you're not anymore.
You're an exemplary father, Justin.
I'd be willing to stand up in any court in front of any judge and say how lucky your kids are to have you.
They're not for you.
There's camembert in there.
I've got some nuts for you out the back.
Have you got any idea how much your stupid nuts - have got me into trouble? - It's OK.
I get it.
- It's a side effect of the hormones.
- It's a side effect of you.
Your pandering is doing my head in.
I'm sorry, but this embryo is our only chance at having a baby.
If the first one doesn't take, can't you just defrost another one? - We can't afford another cycle.
- So you are broke.
Yes, Lewis, we are.
Well done.
Eve was right.
We should have transferred two embryos - when we had the chance.
- Why didn't you say something? I didn't want to put any pressure on you.
But you know what? Maybe I should of.
Doesn't seem like you're very focused on making this work.
Kane, you mind your manners.
I don't even know how you can say that.
I am so worried that my body is going to fail you that I've driven myself mad.
I've broken the law, I've probably ruined Justin's case.
- What? - But maybe you're right.
Maybe you can't rely on me.
I should never have offered to be your surrogate in the first place.
- No, Gemma.
- There you are.
It's time to make the big announcement.
After Dr Saxon's heroic display, donations have been flooding in.
What a great night! Yeah.
Yeah, it's been a huge success.
Run inside.
Put your bag away! OK, you got what you wanted.
You get to see Angie on your own now.
If you bring up what happened with Gemma the other day at the trial, we'll deny it.
You can't prove a thing.
Anything else? I haven't explained the situation to the boys and Angie yet.
I will when the time's right.
That's my call.
I'll wait until after the trial.
But then I'll tell Angela myself, once I've won full custody.
Hey, I'll be right here if you need me.
(GASPS) - Don't panic.
It's your day off.
- It's the day.
- It's the day.
- What are you gonna do? Three, two, one.
There won't be a delivery today.
Not after what I said at the fundraiser last night.
(DOORBELL) - Here.
- Oh.
Pregnancy test.
It's today, isn't it? Well, go on.
Don't keep us waiting.
Get your butt over to Gemma's now or I'll go there myself! She could use some muesli.
Kane? Alex? - In here! - Eve? Hi.
Are all the parents here? - Here.
- Here.
- Here.
Well, go on.
Tell us.
She wouldn't tell us the whole car ride over here.
Everyone, I'm pregnant.
- I'm so happy.
- You are? Yeah.
No regrets.
Someone's missing.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Seriously? You're going to stand here all day? - Mm-hm.
- Organic, wholegrain muesli? Thought you might want some breakfast.
It's good at getting people pregnant, but still tastes OK.
- Gemma's pregnant? - Yep.
Big day.
Yeah, it's great news.
I meant for you.
You know, back in the saddle.
Oh, yeah.
Well, yeah, that's the main thing.
Gemma's doing a big thing for you, mate.
She's a good friend.
It's getting cold.
- Yeah, shall we get going? - I'll give you a lift.
Yeah, I'm not ready yet.
What are you still doing here? I promised Angie I'd be here.
She's fine.
You can go.
Just let her know I'm still here.
Me too.