House of Cards (2013) s05e06 Episode Script

Chapter 58

I, Claire Hale Underwood, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States - [speaking indistinctly.]
- I'm proud of her.
She deserves this.
Even if it only lasts for a couple of weeks.
And will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.
[camera shutter clicking.]
Congratulations, Madam Acting President.
[theme music playing.]
- Feel different? - No.
- Liar.
- It's temporary.
I'm only acting.
[inhales sharply.]
You have to now carry this with you at all times.
- The codes? - Mmm-hmm.
It's the law.
Governor, we just got word that Vice President Claire Underwood was sworn in as acting president.
- Were you aware? - [camera shutters clicking.]
Of course.
Do you have any comment? God bless America.
[reporter 1.]
If Monday's House vote goes your way, - and you win the presidency - Oh, I'll win, believe me.
[reporter 2.]
You think this vote will be the charm? [Conway.]
See, Congress is no different than the rest of the country.
People are sick and tired of all this confusion and chaos.
The public is not happy.
If you become president, would Claire Underwood remain as vice president? Not if she wants what's best for the country.
But given the Twelfth Amendment, would you have a choice? [Mark.]
Uh, no further questions, everybody.
The governor's here to talk to members of Congress.
- Thank you so much.
- [reporters clamoring.]
Thank you.
Thanks, everybody.
- Will? - I'm fine.
And Rasmussen changed his vote.
Well, he's been waiting a long time to pay me back.
Creating a deadlock in Rhode Island just gives him the spotlight.
He can be convinced.
Meeting's set for this afternoon.
Yes, but if we can't, we lose Rhode Island.
He seems to be acting alone, but that could change.
We will make gains this weekend.
- Shore things up by Monday's vote.
- [Frank.]
President, it's possible we may need to consider the other option.
A rescheduled election.
No, no, I'll get Rasmussen back in line, and turn some others along the way.
We've arranged sit-downs for you and Madam President with all of the small states.
LeAnn and I can go door-to-door in Rayburn, Longworth and Cannon.
Three of my favorite buildings after this one.
What is it? The McMurdo Research Facility in Antarctica.
All live feed communications have ceased or been disconnected.
However, we have been receiving texts and e-mails from an American scientist stationed there, claiming that an unidentified occupying military force has landed.
You think the soldiers are Russian? [Catherine.]
He thinks so.
[inhales sharply.]
They arrived via unmarked research vessels.
We reached out to Moscow, but they're denying any official involvement.
Surprise, surprise.
It's a brazen act of aggression.
Well, it's a crime of opportunity.
Petrov thinks the US government has their eye off the ball.
Well, it doesn't.
Cathy, what's the most recent communication we've received? What I'm saying is this aggression in Antarctica, by powers unknown, is a direct result of the uncertainty that our presidential situation has wrought.
Congressman Watts, since when is Antarctica a concern for the Congressional Black Caucus? I hope you're not implying that the caucus shouldn't have a voice in international affairs.
I hope that's not what I'm hearing.
Thank you, Randy.
I've called a meeting tomorrow, for the Congressional Black Caucus, to discuss our positions, both foreign and domestic, before Monday's presidential vote.
Are you considering shifting your support to Conway? Well, all I can say at this time, that the most important thing is unity and the public's faith in the institution of democracy.
That's all for now.
- [camera shutters clicking.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
[Claire over phone.]
You are in violation of the Antarctic Treaty System.
A treaty the USSR signed in 1959.
We're a new country.
So you're admitting they are your troops.
I'm simply stating I need to interpret agreements signed by the Soviet Union.
In which case, you'd be throwing out decades of disarmament progress.
The Cold War is over, Mrs.
Acting President.
Well, then maybe we need to revisit the treaty.
I'm not interested in revisiting a treaty.
I'm interested in staying in power.
And, Claire if I could be so familiar.
In my country once you're in office, you don't let go.
- Viktor.
- Mr.
You Americans certainly have a lot of presidents these days.
Yes, you may think that we're distracted, but don't fool yourself.
Distracted? No.
No, no.
Divided, yes.
American democracy is stronger than your sad attempt to take advantage of a bump in the road.
Oh, Francis, my eyes are on a landscape that is so much bigger than any one of your roads.
Well, Congressman Rasmussen, we're just surprised to see you come out on the wrong end of this, is all.
I mean, I suppose it must've been hard losing the House majority leadership all those years ago, but there is a difference between being bitter and being treasonous.
If it's new committee assignments you'd like, we can certainly arrange that.
It's over.
Markets are in free fall.
Consumer confidence is at an all-time low.
What is this? A doodad? A doohickey? A pointless award? Did I mention I hate useless things? This nation is coming apart at the seams.
Because of you, because of what you've done to this country.
There it is.
How the righteous love to bemoan their role in middle management, and condemn those who actually might have an effect on the world.
- Think of the party, Congressman.
- I am.
What did you think would happen when you came in here, Francis? That you could threaten me, tell me the DNC'll throw money at my primary opponent next cycle if I don't play ball? Or were you gonna flatter me? "Elder of the party" this, "bellwether senior member" that.
You know, I'm somewhat delighted that you developed a personality at this late date.
But I would ask you to rethink this.
To come out this way on this thing in the twilight of your career will do nothing but sully your Wikipedia page.
You have no idea, do you? No one hears you walking the halls of this building not anymore.
- Who are you working for? - Excuse me? I served next to your jellied spine for two decades.
You've never shown an ounce of courage.
You don't have what it takes for revenge.
So someone must have offered you something rather sweet.
Take all of the two hours you need to reconsider.
One more thing for your signature.
- You can leave this with me.
- Of course.
- And Miss Harvey's waiting.
- [Claire.]
Oh, please send her in.
I'm on my way back to Rayburn.
You close the door, please? What are our chances with a revote? Or, rather, what are the president's chances? I want to know.
If it was in all 50 states, not good.
His unfavorables are still high.
Yours are still not.
But it's hard to argue with close to 30 years' experience.
Maybe the president is right.
Maybe he does have a better chance in the House.
Don't defer, LeAnn.
Tell me what you think.
The revote in Tennessee and Ohio is his best shot.
While it's what's best for Frank, it may not be what's best for you.
Thank you.
[door closes.]
You seem like a reasonable man.
I know how to listen, if that's what you mean.
If the president regains his office "If" doesn't make for a winning opener, Alex.
I'm here because I think he can win.
We often don't see eye to eye, he and I.
Uh, and yet, there are ways we can work together.
Okay, maybe I made a mistake with the committee.
I can be self-righteous.
I'm trying to clean up the party.
Our party.
And I end up speaking out of turn.
It's enough with the, "It's me, not you.
" What can you deliver, Alex? I can get out of the way.
Well, that sounds vague and inadequate.
I want to know what's up with Terry Womack and the Black Caucus.
The president and Congressman Womack, they have a good relationship.
Oh, I'm sure they do.
But I would hate to see Terry let you down.
If we lose Womack and the Black Caucus, we're done on Monday.
There are a few freshmen I could reach out to.
They might help keep the CBC together.
You wanna be minority whip.
Only if I deserve to be.
I'm trying to get back.
Congressman Lewis is 20 minutes late as usual.
Is there a spot for him on financial services? Uh-huh.
Doug, stay where you are.
I thought you said you were telling the CIA to stand down.
I did.
So, contrary to your assurances that Macallan would behave, we're now dealing with a leak.
- He doesn't want trouble.
- How do you know what he wants? You find him and you get him here.
As soon as he knows we've backed off, he will disappear.
I promise.
No, that word means nothing to me.
- [knocking on door.]
- [door opens.]
You have a statement? You anticipate any other big WikiLeaks info dumps coming down the pike? - You'll know - When I need to know.
I know.
Which is apparently whenever it hits CNN.
FBI was on high alert.
They investigated every threat.
- Calm down.
- [sighs.]
I am calm, Doug.
The public's not calm.
Every misstep is highlighted and heightened.
They wanna know what happened with their election.
We're fixing it.
Yeah that's what they're afraid of.
The statement's about the FBI.
Everybody trusts the FBI.
Hey, who's Lisa Williams? I don't know.
Why? Oh, somebody from the Herald called.
They were just wondering if you knew her.
I don't.
I need five minutes with this.
- Open or closed? - Closed.
[door closes.]
Am I good with that statement? I marked it up.
It's on my desk.
Throwing the election back to the states, it gives us less certainty.
I don't think we can get it done by Monday.
We've been working at it for weeks, Francis.
Claire, don't let the office make you careful.
The halls of Congress have never failed me.
Yes, but the career politicians, they are more entrenched than ever.
There's a new House, with members you don't know.
I think we need to move the playing field back to the imaginations of the people.
Oh, you have that much faith in the voters in Tennessee and Ohio? They're going to choose you.
I just know it.
All right.
Set up a meeting.
I'll hear them all out.
You win.
Both of us.
Both of us.
[exhales deeply.]
Good evening.
- Feel like you're outside? - Mmm.
Aren't you supposed to limit it to 30 minutes? - Oh, God, Jesus, no.
- Not if you calibrate the workout.
Oh, I'm feeling fine.
It's all about listening to your body.
It'll tell you when it's time to rest.
You should listen to the doctors some of the time, Francis.
[door closes.]
I know the Underwoods were worried.
Because they were ready to deal.
To deal with me.
- You're sure it's for real? - Sure as I can be.
Okay, we'll be in touch.
So call him back.
Making progress on a couple of Dems.
Think Congressman Alspaugh is about to turn.
We'll see him on Sunday.
Why wait? [Mark.]
We need to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus.
They're in Underwood's pocket.
Can you give us a second, everybody? [man.]
Uh, sure.
- Come on.
- [claps.]
- [Hannah sighs.]
- [Mark.]
Thank you.
I just got word from somebody inside.
Womack is losing control of the caucus.
If you win them, you win Monday.
We should try.
All right, fine.
Let's do it.
- [Mark.]
I'll set it up.
- Are we done here tonight? You still have a few calls.
Mark, I was thinking, maybe we could, um cancel tomorrow night in Philadelphia.
We can't cancel any trip, or any event.
We shouldn't.
A second to catch our breath would be really helpful, I think.
This is what it is, Hannah.
If you need to take a break, you can.
Darling, we haven't slept all week.
You're exhausted.
- [Hannah.]
I just an idea.
- What's my next call? But you're not enjoying yourself.
Because he won't listen to me.
He can't win in the House.
I'm not talking about him.
I'm talking about you.
What difference does it make whether I'm enjoying myself or not? Isn't that what this is all about? Can't you just live in it for a second? You are in charge.
- Yes, but - Come here.
- Come.
- [sighs.]
You could wake up tomorrow and I don't know, feed the children - [sighs.]
- start a war You know what? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't think out loud, that's all.
No, you're right.
Let's not talk about anything that happens outside of this room.
[door opening.]
[inhales deeply.]
The sanctions are meant to target the oligarch class in Russia.
And the more members we have on board before I sit down with President Petrov, the quicker this will resolve itself.
We are.
We are prepared to release some of our strategic reserves to keep prices down.
Contact Ambassador Caspi and buy me 15 more minutes.
Uh, please don't think of this as a deal with the Underwoods.
To be frank, they could be gone by Monday.
That's not what I wish, of course.
But know that you are working more with me on this than with them.
[indistinct chatter.]
Congressman Watts.
Governor, we're so happy you could join us today.
As am I.
The black community deserves so much better than Frank Underwood's failed policies.
That we can agree on.
I look forward to hearing about your platform.
- Shall we? - Oh, no, I'm sorry.
We have just a bit more private caucus business to attend to first.
Excuse me? [chuckles lightly.]
This is a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Well, I understand.
That's why we're here.
I was told 9:00, and it's already been an hour.
You should have been told 10:00.
And you will get your opportunity to address us.
- I appreciate your patience.
- [sighs.]
[door closes.]
I'm not gonna beg.
No, you're gonna smile.
The Muhammed Kalabi they arrested in Tennessee is not the Kalabi connected to ICO.
Can you prove it wasn't just a bureaucratic mix-up? Uh, not yet.
What else? Uh, final voter suppression lawsuit was kicked back to the lower court, - SCOTUS deadlock is feeding the chaos.
- Do you read the paper, Sean? Billy got a byline on that three days ago.
Declaration of war? Underwood was so evangelical, but hasn't mentioned it in weeks.
All right, that's enough.
That's enough.
Lisa Williams.
What about Lisa Williams? I saw you talking.
I thought she might be a lead worth pursuing.
She's not.
She's using what she read in the paper to get attention or a little cash.
I did some digging.
She and Rachel Posner both went to a church called the Fellowship.
- Rachel disappeared - Stop.
No more conspiracy theories about dead girls.
But people love stories about dead girls.
The next House vote is the day after tomorrow.
The natives are restless, outraged, just plain scared, actually.
They want to wake up in the America that they fell asleep in.
Dig deeper on the Kalabi lead.
See if you can connect Underwood to it.
So, this is the James S.
Brady press briefing room.
And under our feet is actually a swimming pool.
It was built by the March of Dimes for President Franklin Roosevelt, who had polio.
And this pool was really the only way for him to exercise.
It was, uh, an open secret that the president used a wheelchair most of the time.
Which is why the White House was one of the first wheelchair-accessible government buildings.
- But everyone pretended he could walk? - Yes.
- That's a bit of grace.
- Yeah.
A thing not spoken? Yeah, this building literally changed because of his disability.
But people just respected him, respected his, uh Right.
That office used to carry so much weight, so much, uh, respect.
You don't think it does anymore? No, oh, no, no! I'm not saying that.
I was giving you a hard time.
I know what you meant.
Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to hijack the tour.
Moving on [chuckles.]
Gentlemen, we're ready for you now.
I could come here today and talk about federal sentencing disparities between crack and cocaine, which obviously are racially motivated.
I'm sorry, but are you asserting that the crack epidemic is exclusive to the black community? No, not at all.
But I think it's fair to say that sentencing discrepancies have disproportionately affected minority populations.
We're not one-issue voters.
Of course not.
That's what I'm getting at.
The whole point of today's meeting is to broaden our platform.
Republicans are always dwelling on crime, Governor.
Well, I'm here to have a dialogue.
We expected you to come in here with a plan.
And I do have a plan.
Concentrating on a few pieces of onerous legislation is not a plan.
- Let's be clear - That kind of talk we've heard before.
- I'm a Republican.
- Oh, here we go.
You're not listening.
Look, I want to help you help yourselves.
[all murmuring.]
That's my platform.
Well [inhales sharply.]
I've heard enough.
So, does anyone else have any questions for the governor? [Conway.]
Well, I have a question.
What has Francis Underwood ever done for you? This little charade this morning [scoffs.]
- Well done.
Quite an act.
- [sniffles.]
- Governor.
- [Conway chuckles.]
No, but really.
See, you may have differences with me You may have genuine differences with me.
But see, that's the operative word, "genuine.
" Can someone here please explain to me why you all are still so loyal to Francis Underwood and the Democrats? One of these days the members of this room will realize how much you actually prop up the status quo.
And how's that working for ya? Will, why don't we thank the gentlemen and women for their time? You've made a mistake.
What we're proposing is a new election in the two states that weren't able to provide valid electors by the safe harbor date.
- Can we even do this? - [all clamoring.]
Hold on.
Hold on, everyone! I'd like to know, where does the attorney general stand on this? [Claire.]
Looking into it, but on board.
Bob, there's no precedent here.
There's no playbook.
We can look to the Constitution for inspiration, but not for instruction.
Thursday's vote showed Democrats are coming to their senses.
We lost one vote, Jordan.
We can go back and forth like this forever.
As one of the few Republicans in the room, it needs to be said.
The stability of our country is more important than the presidency.
Not if people believe the president is being chosen behind closed doors.
A process that is laid out in the Constitution.
The same process that can keep us gridlocked for the next two years.
The House should and will decide.
Delaware has one congressman.
How will that play in Austin when your opponent in two years tells voters that you allowed a state like Delaware to have the same influence as Texas? A lot of you incumbents will be in danger of losing your seats.
And there it is.
Look at them.
That is the look of contemplating loss.
Loss the only constituent that anyone in this room really listens to.
I, for one, would like to hear how the president feels about all this.
- Well, I've made my - I think we could [Sadowsky.]
No, Mr.
You haven't spoken much here.
We believe in one person, one vote.
If we take that away, then what is this country? - Isn't that right, Mr.
President? - Absolutely, Madam President.
Oh, wait, hold it.
Let me just move down a bit.
I keep slipping off the podium.
- Oh, you got me.
- That better? - Yeah, yeah, yeah - [both panting and grunting.]
So the Lincoln - That was actually his office? - Can we can we not? - Can you can you move me up a bit? - Oh, yeah.
- [chuckles.]
- [grunts.]
[both panting and grunting.]
- How'd it go? - We'll see.
I need you to look over the Antarctica statement again.
Whatever you need.
- Walk with me? - Mmm.
I'm worried about Francis.
- Why? - I might need you to save me.
- This is not going to work.
- Why? If he loses, I still lose.
He cannot be on the outside looking in.
He'll win.
- You actually believe that? - Sure why not? [Claire sighs.]
It was a wager.
The potential gains made it necessary.
It was a complete waste of my time.
If you don't start turning things around, you're going to be out on your fucking ass.
You understand? I do.
I should explain something to you, Governor.
If you ever talk to me like that again I'll make sure you never win another election in your life.
- Are you threatening me? - No, I'm enlightening you.
[sighs deeply.]
Governor Conway.
Hello, sir.
How you doin'? Take a peek, - if you don't mind, Captain? - Governor.
I used to fly, too, you know.
What kinda max thrust you get on these engines? - Uh, about 6,400 pounds.
- 6,400 pounds.
I used to fly something a lot bigger, a lot more power, but it was so weighed down with all the weaponry, - it was like flying a tank.
- [all chuckle.]
Hey, um, why don't you let me in for a second, just flip me the controls? I'm sorry, sir.
I can't.
Come on, I I just want to feel the weight on the stick for a second.
I wish I could, but, uh, you're not on the flight plan.
You know I've been in situations, where, like, I've been shot at.
You realize that, right? You don't think I can handle a twin engine at 35,000 feet, straight and level over some farm country? I mean, come on, sir.
- Sir.
- [Conway scoffs.]
You should probably go back to the main cabin.
You know I'm gonna be the president, right? - [captain.]
I hope so, sir.
- You hope so? - I just mean I'm pulling for you, sir.
- I'm gonna be the president, and you're going to flip me those motherfucking controls.
Will, come on.
- What? What do you want? - I just [stutters.]
I need to talk to you for a minute, please.
I was just talking to the pilots.
Okay, I need you to calm down, okay? Breathe.
- Will, why don't you sit down? - Why don't you shut the fuck up? I'll fire you.
I'll leave you on the goddamn tarmac.
[Hannah sighs.]
What the fuck are you gonna do? Sit down and try and act like an adult or at least like the next President of the United States.
- [Doug.]
Who are they? - [LeAnn.]
Maybe Indonesian secret police? [Doug.]
What if we don't pay? Are there other buyers? I don't know.
[Doug sighs.]
I'll take care of it.
- How? - Don't ask how.
I'll get Macallan back.
Obviously, this stays between us.
Say, "Thank you, Doug.
" Thank you, Doug.
We met on a bus.
She was listening to music.
And I asked her to go to this church I used to go to.
- Where was that? - Maryland.
The Winter's Run Fellowship.
About an hour north of Baltimore.
So, then what? I don't know.
We just became friends.
And then it became more than that.
Started spending every night together.
At some point, she told me about this guy who used to come around to check on her.
- What'd he look like? - I never saw him.
Just sometimes she said he was coming, so she couldn't hang out.
She wouldn't really tell me anything about him.
Everything okay? Yeah, do you mind? I just need to see my friend up there.
How are you doing? Thanks.
You think there's oil there.
You're positioning to stake a claim.
There are no Russian troops in Antarctica.
[scoffs and chuckles.]
We're willing to recommend changes to the Antarctic Treaty parties.
What happens to you when the Underwoods are ejected from office? You teach international relations at a university? - Or work for a think tank? - I haven't thought that far ahead.
I think you have.
How long do you expect the world to believe those aren't your soldiers? Do you like working for the Underwoods? How loyal are you? When the time comes, will you stand with them or not? I leave tomorrow.
News of the sanctions will hit Monday.
Let's meet before you go.
You're a career diplomat, a professional.
Maybe that's why I trust you.
Then you take care of them, so they feel good and they take care of you.
So you feel good because I mean, Rachel was really beautiful.
You could tell that from across the street.
I never saw her from across the street, though.
Isn't that a funny thing to think about? [sighs.]
A lot of people, I think, they spot the one they love from across the street sometimes.
It's like they're running an errand, and they happen to spot the one they love across the street running a different errand.
There's this sudden thrill, like while the person you love is inhabiting the same world as you.
And they're just walking around, buying, I don't know Vitaminwater, and maybe they know that you love them while they're doing it, and maybe it means they're nice to a cashier.
I never got to see her from across the street, though.
It just never happened.
I don't want you to burn yourself.
- [water running.]
- [Lisa.]
No burning, no.
[water stops.]
Rachel liked to smoke.
She said she was gonna stop, but she would have a rule that she'd only smoke when we listened to this one band we both loved.
Because of the ceremony.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
"It should be a ceremony," it's what she said.
Well, even if it's gum, I still prefer to step outside to chew it.
Like lighting a delicious cigarette.
The things we miss, the rituals Excuse me.
- She doesn't like me.
- She will.
Thanks for coming out here and meeting with him.
You know you can't legally remove Claire Underwood, - even if you win in the House? - I'm working on that.
I'm not interested.
He needs you.
I need you.
So does the country.
I'm not a politician.
I can give orders, I can follow orders and I know when the hell to shut up.
And you're a steady hand, which, again, the country needs.
- I'm not gonna be Conway's patsy.
- No, you're not.
- He's a difficult man to be around.
- [sighs.]
It's over.
It's over.
The process chose Claire Underwood.
We'll get there.
You'll be called vice president, but you will be, de facto, something more.
What were you doing there? I asked Seth Grayson about Lisa Williams.
Why the hell did you think that was an appropriate thing to do? Didn't I tell you to drop this lead? Is it still a lead? Because nobody's on it.
Nobody's on it because she's a junkie, and everything she said to me is in the Lucas Goodwin manifesto, which has been picked apart by every message board and conspiracy theorist on the Internet.
At first, Grayson said her name didn't ring a bell, but then he called me out of the blue and asked me if we were still looking into it.
So I followed up.
You looked through my notes.
You're out.
- What? - You're fired, Jeffries.
It's a story.
I was following it.
I don't want you on my team.
Get out of my office.
We know we can win both states.
Why would we not take this deal? [Hannah.]
The Underwoods want a revote because they know they can't win in the House.
We can.
We need to make a deal that forces Claire Underwood to resign.
- And why does that matter? - [McCarthy over phone.]
If I may? - Madam Speaker.
- Speaking from the Hill, as vice president, she'll have a public pulpit to discredit your every move.
Oh, I'm going to exile Claire Underwood to the Naval Observatory and stack her schedule with state funerals in Southeast Asia.
She'll never see the inside of the West Wing, let alone the Oval.
You need Brockhart by your side, supporting you.
I don't want to hear about Brockhart.
What matters is that Will becomes president.
Underwood in office can cause damage.
Whereas, if they lose, they're losers.
I want this election to be between me and Francis Underwood.
Well, it isn't up to you.
Speaker McCarthy isn't letting this particular bill to the floor, unless we have an amendment attached that removes Claire Underwood.
Oh [Mark.]
Will Now, if you expect a willing partner in the White House, you'd better let that bill get to the floor as is.
[Mark sighs.]
If you get to the Oval, Will, you're gonna need the Speaker more than she needs you.
So, I'm gonna call her back, and you are going to apologize.
Will, get back here! Will! [hangs up receiver.]
[knocking at door.]
[door opening.]
Shut the door.
[door closes.]
You look like death.
I can't get in touch with the kidnappers.
It's been radio silence for almost 24 hours.
There's rumors they don't even have him anymore.
I can't keep this from the president any longer.
And then I'll tell him what a big help you've been.
Sanctions hit in a couple of hours.
Deal with Secretary Durant or with some very unhappy billionaires.
[Petrov on phone.]
You will allow me to exploit whatever oil I find in Antarctica.
And I'll tell you why.
I have something.
Or rather, someone you need.
What are you talking about? Someone in your administration was willing to pay a great deal of money for his safe return.
Your Aidan Macallan.
He's here.
In the Kremlin.
Who do you think orchestrated that leak? Seems to know quite a lot.
Excuse me one moment.
The Secretary of State is here.
Madam Secretary.
- [Petrov.]
You must know Aidan? - [Catherine.]
I don't believe I do.
Nice to meet you.
- [Catherine.]
You're American? - [Aidan.]
I am.
Before we begin, I'd just like you to know that the president and the former president are on the line.
Cathy [Petrov.]
You can pick up the phone, if you like.
It's best you come back to Washington.
Find anything yet? [sighs.]
Not yet.
Thank you again, Mr.
Barnes, for letting me take a look.
I won't be long.
This is everything? This is everything they sent from Zoe's apartment.
I just, you know I just can't seem to throw anything out.
I mean, it's just papers, but Anyway, I'll leave you to it.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
[car door closes.]
The Black Caucus? Really? I like Mark, because I always know where he stands.
It's usually on someone's neck.
What did you buy yourselves, another day? [Frank.]
Enough time to talk to David Rasmussen, who you clearly spoke to before.
And to meet with Jordan Sadowsky and the rest of the Republican leadership.
And what happens Tuesday? Or Wednesday? Look, I I can have David and the House vote on this every single session.
Our backgrounds are different, but we're both hardscrabble boys at heart.
We need the last word, last blow, last move.
We can push the bill through the House for a new election for president in Tennessee and Ohio.
Speaker McCarthy won't let that happen.
But I could convince her if you were to step down, and our full tickets president and vice president run against each other in Tennessee and Ohio.
Well, to hell with that.
Well, to hell with that.
We'll make the deal.
I think this is the right thing to do.
Tomorrow, I'll announce my intention to step down after the revote.
I'll let the Speaker know to put the bill on the floor.
We have one more outstanding piece of business, the Supreme Court nominee.
We'll need to appoint someone to break the four-four deadlock.
Approve Congress' new election date.
We, uh, have several people in mind.
I want you to appoint Elizabeth Benson.
Well, she's liberal enough for you to swallow, and conservative enough when it counts.
We don't have time for Senate hearings.
I can make a recess happen.
I'll see you on the campaign trail.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Where does that leave me, huh, Alex? I went out on a limb here.
If we don't have a vote in the House, then what? - Mark Usher is your friend, not mine.
- Mark Usher's no one's friend.
Francis Underwood hasn't won a thing, okay? And there's a good more than a good chance that Will Conway will be the next President of the United States.
[breathing heavily.]
Could you give me a moment? It's been a difficult few days.
- [exhales deeply.]
- Better? Yes.
We couldn't let the House vote proceed on Monday.
Why not? Because you would've lost.
Even if Conway took the presidency, we would've had a foothold with you.
We could've sabotaged, just like we did with the Walkers.
- The Conways are not the Walkers.
- It wasn't your decision to make.
Excuse me? You said it yourself.
You're only acting.
I agreed with Usher because he will sacrifice everything to get Brockhart into office, which makes Conway weak, ready to lose.
I thought you saw what I saw.
I did.
I do.
We're perfectly in sync, Claire.