House of Cards (2013) s05e07 Episode Script

Chapter 59

[Frank] If we give him what he wants If we give Usher what he says, his justice, that is it.
It's over.
He owns us.
- Don't exaggerate.
- I wish I were.
- You've made a thousand deals.
- Yeah, well, this one is different.
- Why? - Because I can feel it right here.
- Do you hear yourself? - Yeah, loud and clear.
I'm a little confused that you don't seem to hear me at all.
Once we're solidly back in power, - we will regain our position - That is naive.
Naive is new for you.
Not naive.
Everything we've worked for, we can kiss it goodbye.
We agreed to Usher's pick.
It's non-negotiable.
That's exactly right.
It's his pick.
It's his justice.
He's trying to control our house.
The White House.
I gave him my word, Francis.
Your word? Your word? This conversation is pointless.
Grow up! Who do you think you are? I think I am a temporary president trying to get you back in office.
And if you don't think that we're at a critical juncture in the road, you are pathetically mistaken.
Wake up, Claire! Wake up! [theme music playing] [indistinct chatter] Recorded this morning EET in the Yarmouk neighborhood of Damascus.
Seems he developed a taste for chocolate while at Cambridge.
Smiling for the camera is Ahmed Al Ahmadi, Yusuf's brother.
[Claire] Are you sure? I had a long conversation with Yusuf Al Ahmadi.
They look nothing alike.
It's him.
Is Ahmed still in our sights? - He is.
- This is a rare opportunity.
We should seize the moment and make a targeted strike.
- Director, please.
- Madam President Is there some issue, General? Ahmed Al Ahmadi didn't travel all the way from his compound to Damascus to buy a candy bar.
He's meeting with someone.
Let's find out who.
Unless we're detected, and he disappears for good.
But if we wait, there's a huge potential to learn more about ICO.
Its members, contacts, habits, tactics.
You know, you're sounding uncharacteristically dovish this morning, General.
I agree with General Braegher.
While a successful air strike against Ahmadi - would play well - This isn't about the election, Cathy.
No, of course not.
I mean, if we do this correctly, we can begin the process of dismantling ICO's network.
Take him out.
If the president agrees, I think it's the best thing for the country.
Well, I think it would send a very clear message to ICO.
- In the short term, yes, but - No other term is relevant.
I think we have been operating under the shadow of terror for too long.
For the sake of the American people, we need to act now.
What's the timetable, General? [sighs] For an actionable location, most likely a number of hours.
Thank you.
You're wasting our time.
We're being selective about where and how he appears.
Soon he won't be at any events at all.
We're just trying to land him and you in the White House.
And it's not Brockhart-Conway, Mark.
It's the opposite.
[cell phone ringing] - He won't put up with this much longer.
- I'm sure it's hard on him.
- I have to take this.
I'm sorry.
- What happens after he gets there? - To Will? What happens? - We'll be there for him.
- You and General Brockhart? - Yes.
What will Will's role be? I will continue to support your husband.
Give me a real answer.
You owe me that.
His role will be President of the United States.
[sighs] [Mark] Hey.
The mic was still hot and Brockhart just kept talking.
- That's what she said.
- Insubordination? - That's the word she used? - It's what it sounded like to her.
He was talking about soldiers and he said, quote, "I'll be the first to tell them not to listen.
" Can she get her hands on the actual clip? For a price.
- I thought she was a friend.
- Yeah, a smart friend.
It's a nice 30-second spot, post-debate.
If there is a debate.
Hits them at their strength.
Takes the military credibility away.
This is the kind of thing that can turn an election.
Whatever this costs it's worth it.
Let's secure it and then verify it.
Recess appointment of Judge Benson or no, people need to stay focused on the revote in Tennessee and Ohio and how the hell we got here.
All right.
I'll have my assistant Angela reach out to confirm what time you need me at the studio.
All right.
I collected everything I could find about the day Doug Stamper was carjacked.
[sighs] Good.
All right, so where was that? Where that happened? In Maryland.
[inhales deeply] Right around, um Yeah, I grew up about a half an hour from there It's here.
And Rachel Posner's last known address.
[Angela] I'd say they were about 15 minutes apart.
I'm not sure why I need to explain myself to you.
Why would you go to the NSA? I was inquiring into the well-being of an American citizen.
He's just a disgruntled hacker.
Then why are you so interested in him? How did he look? I'm asking for me.
I've known Aidan since I was 13 years old.
He and my mom dated for several years.
Was a long time ago, obviously.
But as far as the NSA job, he didn't want it.
I made him take it.
I don't understand how they got him or why he's there.
I need to know that he is safe.
He looked fine.
What does he know, LeAnn? Probably about the same as you and me, which is why we need to keep him out of any serious trouble.
I don't want to get involved in your personal life, LeAnn.
- I'm here to see the president.
- Of course.
But when you think about it, Cathy, we're all sort of involved here.
If he is in any kind of danger, he is not built for it.
Hi, Cathy.
[gasps] Jane.
LeAnn Harvey, Jane Davis.
Jane is under secretary Deputy under secretary of commerce for international trade.
It's a mouthful.
Yeah, it's good to put a face to the voice.
Uh, do you have any ibuprofen? - Oh, I might have some aspirin.
- No.
- I'm allergic.
Gives me hives.
- We may have some.
You're the Harveys of the tire company, yes? My father and uncle sold the business 20 years ago.
And the treads haven't been the same since.
[chuckles] But it's great.
You finally landed in D.
I'll let the president know you're both here.
Uh, thank you for this.
[knocking on door] Uh, let's just reverse those two sentences and it's there.
It's to the point.
- Pithy.
- Yes, pithy.
Your meeting is here.
Thank you.
And Justice Benson is en route to the White House for the announcement.
I'll have her wait in the Yellow Oval.
Uh, great.
Can you send the others in, please? Of course.
Is the former president meeting us in the Rose Garden? Francis will not be there.
He's not needed.
Miss Davis.
Secretary Durant.
- It's been a long time.
- Yes, where was that? [sighs] A think tank in Aspen, early 2000.
Oh, there was a lot of thinking happening back then.
- Mmm.
I'm glad we put a stop to that.
- [chuckles] Please, have a seat.
So, I've gone over the numbers of the proposed agreement of steel with Beijing and I have a couple of questions for you.
Madam President, we need to evacuate you now.
- What's going on? - Please, Madam President.
It's urgent.
Where are you taking me? - We're moving you to the PEOC.
- Why? - They'll brief you down below, ma'am.
- Where's Francis? Where's Doug Stamper? And Mr.
Yates? We're following protocol, ma'am.
National Security Advisor Cafferty is on her way.
- Ma'am? - No, we'll wait for Francis.
He'll meet you inside.
We will wait for Francis.
That's an order.
- Madam President.
- Miss Cafferty, what's going on? Nothing's confirmed yet, but a truck carrying radioactive material has gone missing.
- Is this real? - We have to talk to Green.
[Cafferty] Let's head inside.
[inhales deeply] Mmm-hmm.
I see.
Thank you.
Homeland received word from CYBERCOM that a truck carrying three cesium-137 irradiators missed two checkpoints.
It was supposed to be traveling from Atlanta back to the manufacturer in Baltimore.
- Where do we think the truck is now? - Truck's GPS is offline.
How the hell does a thing like that happen? - We'll have to reevaluate.
- You're damn right we will.
But we need to make some decisions.
We should notify Metro PD and Virginia State Police.
Are we gonna evacuate the public? No.
Before we do anything, I wanna speak to the head of counterterrorism.
Get Assistant Director Green on the line.
- Ma'am, Homeland is over - The president is right.
Ma'am? This is President Underwood.
[Green] At this time, we have no idea who's responsible.
Director Green, perhaps it's better I patch you into the whole room.
One second.
The driver's been unreachable since his shift began.
There's enough radiation on that truck to impact a 30-mile radius.
Even if it's not weaponized, it would be in the air, in the water, children, people General, I can hear the wheels grinding from here.
I'd rather not speculate, sir.
Oh, please do.
Over the past several days, there has been increased ICO chatter, but that is the new normal.
[Green] We've sent over stats and maps of potentially affected areas.
I don't know what's worse.
A dirty bomb about to go off or what'll happen to the city when they know we're looking for one.
- Who do we have left upstairs? - Seth and LeAnn.
You stay in touch with Green.
If this is a dirty bomb, then we've just entered a different world.
[Doug] Yes, sir.
All right, we need to stay focused on our contingency plan for an evacuation without the appearance of doing so.
We need to be ready to implement one way We need to get the cleanup team from the Energy whose jurisdiction it is to get the security cams [people speaking indistinctly] Yes.
Whenever it happens, this appointment would break the court's deadlock.
And we would get this election going again.
But let's step back a minute.
Tennessee is out of the equation.
Whoever wins that state, it's not enough.
It's come down to one state.
One state is about to choose the next President of these United States.
How did we let this happen? And it keeps happening.
This is an administration that operates behind closed doors, out of the public eye.
Today's sudden postponement is typical.
With no announcement in the Rose Garden, and literally zero news coming from the White House, one has to wonder what is going on behind the scenes to cause this unexpected delay.
The silence is deafening.
After such a protracted, confusing and, frankly, chaotic election, we deserve clarity.
Instead, here we are again left out of the loop and on the edge of our seats.
I just hope America isn't getting used to this.
[cell phone vibrating] - Hello? - [Doug] Hey, it's me.
Doug? Why wasn't I read in? - To what? - Whatever's going on.
If this is gonna play for us, the president in the bunker, I need to know how to play it.
There's a truck carrying radioactive material that's gone missing.
Should Seth and I prepare a statement? - Where are we saying the truck is? - We don't know.
- When are we gonna find it? - We don't know.
Wait, is something really happening? Probably not.
- Hello? - Probably not? What am I supposed to do? - Is that Doug? - Yeah.
Can I talk to him? - Hey, what can you tell us? - Act normal.
Stay on point.
Comment only on the ongoing campaign.
I've already postponed their scheduled events.
Look, are we in danger here or what? I can't answer.
Because I don't know.
Await further instructions from Homeland.
All right.
Doug, should we be here? He hung up.
What are we doing? Nora thinks we need to notify Speaker McCarthy.
I think it's too soon for a continuity of government.
If we're planning an evacuation, Congress needs to be notified I said, I believe it is a bit too early.
Madam President, Director Morrison thinks that Wait a minute.
Where is Director Morrison? Why She opted to stay at ODNI.
She's monitoring from there.
Well, at least let's get her on the phone.
We should have wiped out ICO months ago when we had the chance.
[Frank] We didn't ask for your personal opinion, General.
What we need is an update on the Ahmed Al Ahmadi situation.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll check with Director Morrison now.
I have contacts, you know.
Private contractors in the region that might be of help.
Are you suggesting that your contacts know more than the Bureau, the NSA I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm telling you.
I know third parties that have negotiated with ICO in the past.
Hostages and whatnot who may know something.
[whispering] But I need a line.
Just a a secure one.
[softly] I can barely breathe in here.
I'm gonna go get us a cup of coffee.
How does Miss Davis have this level of clearance? That's a good question.
- Did we bring this on ourselves? - What? - I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have.
- Listen to me.
Everything we've done, everything, is exactly what we had to do.
We don't even know if this is real.
[Davis] I get these in Hong Kong.
The best instant coffee comes out of the Pacific Rim.
- Would you like one? - If you can spare it.
Oh, I always have three or four in my bag.
[Davis sighs] I wonder how long we'll be down here.
[Doug] The situation's still unclear.
[Davis] I shouldn't be drinking coffee.
I still feel a little shaky.
[Davis inhales deeply] [exhales] You don't look it.
Feel my pulse.
You seem very much in control to me.
So do you.
What does that say about the two of us? Hmm.
[General Braegher] Yes, thank you.
The SEAL team is on the trail of Ahmed Al Ahmadi, but National Intelligence believes he's discovered we're following him and the truck is a countermeasure.
ICO wants to see Ahmadi walking out of Damascus in one piece.
If we strike, they will hit back.
[Cafferty] Evacuation procedures need to be initiated - Just hold on! - No, the public is our priority Hold on! I want to know how close we are to a strike and where this goddamn truck is before we make any final decisions.
"We make any decisions"? Yes, I am still in a position to make Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are not in a position Nora.
The enemy isn't in here.
Cafferty is right.
We should evacuate.
But it's the general who's on my mind.
Miss Cafferty.
I was entirely out of line.
Please accept my apology.
[Doug] I spoke with Davis.
- And? - Nothing.
She was just flexing.
[Frank] Cathy.
Who called a meeting with Claire today? You or Miss Davis? Jane did.
Thank you very much, Cathy.
- Was that all? - Yes, thank you.
Oh, sorry, one more thing.
When did Braegher get his fourth star? Which administration? A couple back.
So he and Brockhart together? And a few others who were elevated around the same time, yes.
Thank you, Cathy.
That Brockhart spot we talked about.
You have it? Is it verified? Hold on.
- [cell phone beeps] - Ready.
[Brockhart on recording] I swear to God, if Underwood puts soldiers on those borders, I'll be the first to tell them not to listen.
If the President of the United States gives orders like that, you put him out of his misery.
[LeAnn] That's it.
That's all I have.
No, that's good.
If we survive the day.
Is Seth still in the office with you? I'm in the Oval, sitting behind the Resolute desk.
[chuckles] That's not you.
You know, you keep deciding who I am and you keep reading me wrong.
Are there rumors about what's going on down here? Yes, but we're deflecting.
- Has the Conway campaign reached out? - Not yet.
The general's on a stump in Ohio and the governor's off the grid.
- Okay.
Stay on him.
- I will.
Unless it's the end of the world and it doesn't matter.
Goodbye, Doug Stamper.
Are you sure you should be in there, Goldilocks? [Davis speaking Arabic] - [Davis sighs] - [knocks on door] Are you all right? Honestly, I was thinking about how far down we are and how it's not my favorite thing.
I I'm sorry.
Do do you need to be in here? No.
No, no.
It's fine.
I used to have a fear of flying, but I got over it.
Doesn't bother me at all anymore.
But the pendulum seems to have swung the other way.
If I think too hard, I start to feel buried.
Forgive me.
It's the recirculated air, makes things worse.
Miss Davis, why are you here? This is where the Secret Service led me.
Access list or not, you have to choose to be here.
- I always choose the safest place.
- Why are you here? It felt like an opportunity.
A chance for a meeting, not quite on the books.
I just got off the phone, Madam President.
I have information from abroad, from private contractors Ahmadi is in Damascus.
And a number of parties were racing to capture him, including, of course, the United States.
But no one will be capturing him today.
Or before the election.
I've made a career out of dealing with problematic parts of the world.
It's kind of my vocation to imagine the unimaginable.
Excuse me.
- Pardon me.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- Excuse me, Mr.
I had the distinct feeling she was offering Ahmadi to us.
Meaning? She said there are a number of groups looking to capture him, but that no one will.
Not today or before the election.
We brought this on ourselves.
- We pushed too hard.
- We've survived.
- We isolated ourselves, Francis.
- So what? We both know something the rest of the world refuses to acknowledge.
There is no justice, only conquest.
And let me tell you, we let them evacuate D.
, we are done, Claire.
We've lost.
- [knocking on door] - Yes? I just spoke to LeAnn.
You need to hear this.
[Brockhart] I swear to God, if Underwood puts soldiers on those borders, I'll be the first to tell them not to listen.
If the President of the United States gives orders like that, you put him out of his misery.
Let me out.
- I'm sorry, sir.
I'm not allowed - Open the door.
- My orders are to - I am no longer the president.
I have no responsibilities or obligations.
Isn't that correct? We can't send you above until the threat is contained - Open this door.
- Let him out.
- Ma'am? - Let the president out.
Open the door.
[man] Open it.
[sighs] [all speaking indistinctly] Ma'am.
We need to initiate evacuation now.
No, General.
We'll do it when I say so.
I'm really sorry.
I know I agreed to do this, but I have to go pick up my kids.
Well, what if I just rode in the car with you? You know, parents are texting one another.
One of them works at the NSA and he thinks there's a terror threat, so I mean, this has happened before, but you just You never know.
My mom died of kidney failure last month.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Uh, was she on the donor list? Yeah, but not close enough to the top.
Do you mind? You could talk while we walk out of here.
Um sure.
- [cell phone beeps] - Uh, how long was Anthony sick for? Uh about two years.
And he fought it hard.
So hard.
The entire way.
This unit, if they pay cash, I don't ask questions.
- But you remember these young women? - Yeah, of course.
They were very close, if you know what I mean.
But they were sweet.
And did you ever see this man? Look, I don't know what was going on here.
But you recognize him? Yeah.
Okay? Someone looking like him paid the rent.
Three months, up-front.
But like I said, I don't judge.
I'm not sure what you're asking, Mr.
Oh, please.
Someone or someones tried to make my wife and I lose the election by keeping us underground today.
And I would like to know what you know about that.
We've all been responding in real time to a potential terrorist attack.
But you chose to stay here.
Why weren't you in the bunker with us? I chose to remain in my office to oversee the capture or killing of one Ahmed Al Ahmadi.
And yet there was great tension this morning between you and General Braegher.
Difference in approach.
We are not going to evacuate the District of Columbia.
I want you to understand that.
Come what may.
And I promise you this Vanessa.
When I find out exactly what has happened, I'm going to remember this conversation, when you chose to withhold information.
General Braegher is a strong supporter of General Brockhart.
Did they conspire? Did they use terror and this evacuation to cost me this election? I'm not a fan of the general but that's a strong charge, and there's no proof to support it.
[chuckles] You know, what you people protect best is each other.
We lost Ahmadi a short time ago and believe he is no longer in Damascus.
[scoffs] Of course.
Of course.
Now you listen to me This was nothing more or less than an attempted coup, plain and simple.
And I do not know to what degree you have been directly involved.
But you will resolve it.
Do I make myself clear? Yes, sir.
[door opens and closes] [sighs] The truck's been found.
[sighs] Now we can't know for sure, but it looks as though ICO wasn't involved.
The irradiators and cesium were accounted for.
The truck was accidentally parked at a medical device factory in Durham.
The plant foreman never reported it.
So we can relax for now, at least.
I just wanna thank you all for your efforts.
Thank you.
Madam President.
You'll have my resignation in the morning.
Nora these were extraordinary circumstances today.
What would our administration be if we didn't allow for some human failings? Get the presser going.
We're coming up now.
Concerning Ahmadi We didn't find him.
You will.
You can.
- What are you offering? - Help.
If you'd like it, Madam President.
[reporter] Can you elaborate on the drill earlier today? Well, drills happen all the time.
It's part of the administration's ongoing efforts to keep the country safe.
- Yes, but there's usually a warning.
- What's the point of that? - Who's next? - [reporters clamoring] Did you look at the file? I didn't have to.
I'll expect your signature on the resignation letter within the hour.
Unless you choose to implicate whoever else was involved.
You don't deserve to be in the White House.
Neither you nor your husband.
I'd wish you the best, but I don't think you'll need it.
I'm fairly certain you'll do very well in the private sector.
I've scheduled a meeting with Jane Davis for the end of the week.
Also, I was going to mention this earlier, but Cathy's been very curious about Aidan Macallan.
I've thrown her off the scent, but Cathy's not the problem.
The problem is Macallan, and the person who allowed Macallan to become the problem.
The foundation's raised over 80K.
Anthony became status one on the donor list on March 15th, 2016.
Moretti talked about it as, uh, the last day of her life before she corrected herself.
Spent every spare second with the kids.
They were building a go-kart.
They were pretty close to done.
- Okay.
- I got more.
- No, I got it.
- What were you looking for? It's nothing.
- Okay.
- What? You wanna tell me what happened in the White House today? - No, I don't.
- [scoffs] [sighs] All right, I've been waiting to say something, but I've waited and I don't want to wait anymore.
Consider me for a job at the White House, in comms.
"Go get this.
Find me that.
I need this.
" I'm tired of it.
If you don't ask, you get asked.
That's what I'm starting to realize.
I'll put a word in.
Yeah? Well, what does that mean? It means that when the moment is right, I'll mention you.
Yes, whenever it happens this appointment would break the court's deadlock and we would get this election going again.
- But let's step back a minute - [Doug sighs] - Tennessee - Where's your salt? - Whoever wins that state - Right side of the sink.
It's come down to one state: Ohio.
One state is about to choose the next President of these United States.
- Was it really a drill? - Hmm.
This is an administration that operates behind closed doors.
You know, with everything that was happening today, this reporter from the Herald came by.
What? Wants to do a story on Tony and the foundation.
What was his name? Davis implied she could help us track down Ahmadi.
I think we should hear what she has to say.
She's got a quality about her, doesn't she? Attractive and terrifying.
Like the urge to pet a red tail fox.
The general offered his letter? Uh, he did.
And refused to implicate anyone.
You were right, Claire.
We need to sit down with Usher.
Just so happens, he's going to Northern California this weekend to meet with a group of men to discuss the crisis and the future of our country.
- Well, you need to be invited to that.
- Yes, let's get him in.
[sighs] I know it's obvious, but it always strikes me.
No women.
Well, it was a different time.
The war or the restrictions of the era? Both.
Well, you know my position.
I'm all for women in combat.
[sighs] [breathes deeply] False alarm hmm? I was worried about you.
[Yates sighs] I worry about you all the time, Claire.
But I know that's not the kind of thing you like to hear.
[Yates sighs] [knocking on door] Mark.
Come in.
- We have much to discuss.
- Madam President.
Uh, Mr.
As I believe you know, yesterday we had something of a drill here in the White House.
I know people are wondering what that was about.
Everyone except you.
The announcement of the recess appointment of Judge Benson has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning.
So we have an election.
Which you will not be able to win with another so-called October surprise.
- Well, we are way past October.
- We certainly are.
I understand Ahmed Al Ahmadi is still a threat? Yes, but he's so elusive, as you know.
It's a shame you weren't able to capture him.
Well I believe that the opportunity will present itself to the next president, whomever he may be.
[Mark] If Will Conway wins the office, I can assure you that'll be a top priority.
[Frank] Hmm.
This terror has got to stop.
I've taken enough of your time.
Oh, Mark, I just want to play something for you.
It'll only take a moment.
[Brockhart] I swear to God, if Underwood puts soldiers on those borders, I'll be the first to tell them not to listen.
If the President of the United States gives orders like that, you put him out of his Okay.
I don't need to hear anymore.
[Frank] Oh, but, Mark it gets so much better.