House of Cards (2013) s05e11 Episode Script

Chapter 63

Garrett Walker's testimony couldn't be more damning.
Francis Underwood is front and center in a scheme that had Chinese money influencing an American election.
Testimony from a disgraced and disgruntled former president.
Why is he just speaking up now? Well, are you suggesting that they shouldn't take what Walker said seriously? I mean If it's true, why stay silent so long? Which is a question I'm sure the Judiciary Committee - will ask once it's up and going.
My sources say articles of impeachment could be voted on as early as the end of the week.
Now as if the House is that efficient.
Look, President Walker is the one who should be scrutinized here.
He's talking out of both sides of his mouth.
And let's not forget, he has had some emotional problems in the past.
Underwood has disrespected the presidency since before he was thought of - for Secretary of State - You seem blinded by this crusade.
When he was House Whip.
You guys, wait.
If Underwood is impeached, then That's a hypothetical.
It's dangerous.
Well Tom, where would impeachment leave Vice President Claire Underwood? In the Oval, as president.
What their arrangement would be, in that case, is anybody's guess.
Seth, what is this like right now for the first couple? They're avoiding all of this distraction.
They're continuing to do the work of the American people.
- No.
I see Mark's point.
There is no way to stop the Republicans in the House.
Walker's not a reliable witness.
Is what he said verifiable? So, impeachment is inevitable.
Well, that's that's a presumption.
The Democratic Senate will not be inclined to remove a Democratic president.
But they need political cover.
Censure will help them with that.
I mean, they might propose other penalties, a fine, a statement of condemnation but they'll stop short of finding criminal wrongdoing.
And if it happens quickly, everyone can move on.
Did you two get together on this privately? No.
Francis, this is one way to salvage your first term.
Walker was supposed to plead the Fifth.
Well, things took an unexpected turn.
He went back on his deal, because he's as pliable as his testimony.
Mark, I will not be impeached in the House and it will never get to the Senate.
We will destroy Garrett Walker's credibility and the case will fall apart.
Can I get immunity? [MAUREEN.]
Depends on what you give them.
I'll reach out to a ranking member, but you're not gonna get anonymity - Cathy.
- Jane.
- Hello? You've been on my mind.
Can you believe what's going on? Excuse me for a moment.
As my mother used to say, "It's a red hot mess.
" Frank Underwood's demise doesn't have to be yours.
There are non-profits, NGOs that would be dying to work with you.
Well, as far as I know, I still have a job.
No, of course.
But who knows who they'll come after next? I was never part of their inner circle.
You were smart to go with Maureen.
She's a good lawyer.
If someone can find you an exit, it's her.
Well, I'm not gonna go away easily, so thank you for your concern, Jane.
It is concern.
Do you think the vice president had any knowledge of this stuff? Well, as I said, I have no idea.
If if Claire survives this and becomes president, where does that leave you? Well, I've been at this for 30 years, Jane, so I think I can survive.
Oh, honey, I didn't mean to alarm you.
I'm not alarmed.
All I'm trying to say, I'm on your side.
If it's the difference in being in office or being out, we can work around that.
Working in handcuffs.
Censure is a setback.
It's not a loss.
You're very confident and very insistent.
- We can come out of this, Francis.
- No, you mean you can.
Can you, for once, just take something at face value instead of fighting it? As if I can be washed clean of past sins.
- How long have you known me? - Forever.
How well do you know me? How, in your wildest imagination, could you, Claire Underwood, think I would be okay with this? Think about it, please.
This is the fate of my presidency! The people want to forgive you.
Let them.
Come out here already.
Give me the rest of it.
Hammerschmidt is a straight-up workaholic.
- But he's getting close.
Putting the pieces together.
What's he still grinding so hard for? Looks like Walker's gonna bring Underwood down.
I don't wanna do this anymore.
- Zoe Barnes.
Rachel Posner.
- Sean, please, I [STAMMERS.]
I was the one trying to get him back on that.
- That's what got me fired.
- Can we stop talking about this? [SIGHS HEAVILY.]
- Where's my drink? - Don't do that.
Look at me.
This is me not talking.
- Come here.
Come here.
But if I can be of any help, you let me know.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh-huh.
- You're gonna get it.
- Give me a taste of that.
- Mmm! Mm-hmm.
Slow down.
- Pull over! - [PANTING.]
You're going pretty hard, Mr.
You okay? Well enough for a man whose fate is hanging in the balance.
- Your fate is sealed.
- Oh, how's that? You have a vision for me, Eric? Even if you're impeached and convicted you still make history.
Augustus Underwood was just another redneck who died fighting for the wrong side, forgotten by everyone but you and me.
But if Francis Underwood is removed from office? Your legacy won't die.
It'll be solidified.
You'll be infamous.
Legacy and infamy are not the same thing.
You'll be remembered.
Who cares why? I have to get back.
Hey, hold up.
Let me explain.
- Hey! Francis.
Francis? Just to be clear, it's not that I haven't always known you were there.
It's that I have mixed feelings about you.
I question your intentions and I'm ambivalent about attention.
But don't take it personally.
It's how I feel about most everybody.
How can we trust anything he says? Garrett Walker was medicated while he was in office.
We all know that.
No, it's not a talking point.
It's the truth.
We don't know exactly what he was taking.
Off the record can you tell me what Tom Hammerschmidt's working on? Come on, you two don't cross paths over there? He reached out to me on a story.
I never heard back.
Thank you.
You can believe what he's saying or not.
- Garrett Walker was taking medication Never never put an unknown flash drive into a networked computer.
You don't have to keep telling me.
I called you, remember? [SOFTLY.]
Do your worst.
- Okay.
So far so good.
There is something.
Thank you.
I have to go.
Everything okay? - Not now.
- See you tonight? I'll call you when I'm done.
I think there's a leak.
In the Underwood Administration.
Uh, no idea.
Well, no, that's a little premature.
This isn't Watergate yet.
So judiciary won't be happening for you.
Just the few slots for Democrats.
Leadership just filled those with a couple of old blue dogs.
Well, you were right about one thing.
Garrett's testimony did not make me any friends.
Not in your party, no.
Well, as of this morning, I'm officially an independent.
I think the GOP can find me a place on judiciary.
- Okay, Alex.
- It's a good move.
Four years from now, I think an outsider's what the voter will be looking for.
Yeah, third-party candidate is the future, and always will be.
Why did Garrett Walker change his mind? It wasn't me who made that happen.
I don't know.
Sometimes things happen without us knowing why.
They arrested someone they knew was innocent.
- [MAN.]
Governor Scanlon denies it.
- Of course he does.
- And the NSA has no comment.
- As a rule.
No, out.
Get out.
- Five minutes, please.
Thank you.
The FBI confirms that they arrested Kalabi and that he's awaiting trial, but that's all.
That's right, that's all.
But there are agents in the FBI who were not happy with the way this went down.
And not one of them will let us use their name on the record.
We can't confirm the story.
Tom, we can't run a story this big without a source.
- No.
I know.
I know.
- This paper has never done that.
- I know.
- Who knows who sent you this? [SOFTLY.]
I know.
I know.
I need you to float something out for me.
Give it to Slugline.
- What do you want me to say? - [INHALES DEEPLY.]
You picked it up here in the office.
It's not confirmed but it seems like a story.
Go ahead and print it.
And I had no idea you're doing this.
Fuck! Fuck.
Well, it looks to me like the Underwood campaign had a Muslim visiting the US wrongly arrested in order to influence the vote on Election Day.
And if you believe that, then you have to ask some questions about the impact this had on the results in Tennessee, where President Underwood was predicted to lose.
We all know that ICO is a real threat.
Nobody is denying that, and I - [TV CUTS OFF.]
No calls get through to me, not today.
And if you get pressed, the White House has no comment.
Yes, sir.
Close the door behind you, please.
What do you know about this? First of all, what are you getting at? And secondly, if I had any information, I wouldn't be keeping it to myself.
Seth, I am asking you straight up.
If you know anything, you tell me now.
- Don't make me find out.
- Or what? What are you gonna do, Doug? You gonna suffocate me with a White House mug? The shit is hitting the fan and we're all going to be covered in it if we don't get to work.
Now can I please get back to it? Shit.
We're essentially turning on an apparatus that's already in place.
We'll enable audio capabilities.
All calls, e-mails, messages in and out of the White House will be monitored and archived.
Every phone call will be recorded as we search for the leak.
Video surveillance? - We can install additional devices, but - We use what's already there.
It enables us to look and listen in on every computer and every cell phone of everyone working for us.
We'll set up a satellite office limited to Mr.
Stamper and myself.
Assistant Director Green and I will bring whatever is valuable forward.
I want direct access.
Live streaming.
I assure you, Mr.
President, we'll bring you anything of substance.
Do it.
And needless to say I report only to you, sir.
- I wanna know who did this to me.
- I'm on it, sir.
You're having doubts about Doug? - Why? Are you? - No, I'm just [SIGHS.]
I'm questioning everything, I guess.
Until this is resolved, you and I should be very careful about what we say or do.
And our personal needs have to be put aside.
You know people.
You know them for years.
And then suddenly they're like strangers in your kitchen.
Familiar can turn foreign on a dime.
- Is there anything I can do? - [DOUG.]
You can be quiet.
Doug, I am not the leak here.
You know that.
- I'll be in touch.
- Don't hang up.
Do I need to make a list of the risks I've taken for this administration? Things I have never done before.
Let's just talk in person, okay? [DOORBELL RINGS.]
LeAnn Harvey, please.
- Who is it? - FBI.
If you think of anything, that's my cell at the bottom of the card.
Was it a suicide? Barrel of the gun was pressed against his eye, so [INHALES.]
You were his contact.
Would he do something like that? I don't think so.
Well, maybe he didn't.
- And the gun? - That's the thing.
It's not there.
Maybe someone staying at the hotel or working there took it.
You'll let me know? Yeah.
Mark the vice president and I have discussed it and we've come around to your position.
Very good.
Uh, considering the news that's breaking, it's not going to be quite as easy.
Any idea where this story came from? No, not yet.
But I will soon.
I'll let it be known that you're open to censure.
And you should be aware.
It's not surprising.
Romero is moving over to the Judiciary Committee.
Well, why wouldn't he? He wants to see this through.
He's still coming after me.
Hmm, well, I imagine leadership from both parties has had enough of him.
Yeah, I don't want to diminish this.
We are in damage control.
Claire, I think it might be best for you to stay out of this as much as possible.
No, I I will defend the president.
Vice presidential business as usual is the way to play it, I think.
You need to trust my instincts on this one.
- Okay.
- [FRANK.]
Thank you, Mark.
Thank you.
You may not always agree with him, but you like him.
I like his clarity.
Let's just not forget, his candidate lost.
And now he works for you.
No, I think he's really working for you, isn't he? Don't get paranoid, Francis.
If not now, when? You have to go.
I what? You need to leave.
What's happened? There's just no place for you here anymore.
Have you been thinking about this? Yes.
I don't agree.
I'm completely clear about it.
You can finish your coffee.
How do you do that? Just turn off like that? Please go, Tom.
If that's what you choose.
Join us? No, I'm trying not to wear out the new model.
So, to what do I owe this pleasure? Well, I'll get right to it, Frank.
Well, for once, the House Republicans are getting something done.
And the bad news is, is that thing is impeaching you.
Oh, I think the judiciary is a long way from making any sort of decision.
They're sending articles of impeachment to the House in the next few days, I'm told.
And that news this morning is just adding fuel to the fire.
Jesus Christ.
And I'm here to ask if you [BOB SIGHS.]
Would you consider resigning instead of dragging this through the Senate? [CHUCKLES.]
Have the two of you lost your minds? And you, Terry, you're under investigation yourself and you dare come here and ask me this? I've often hated your guts, but I have to admit, I'll miss you.
Oh, Bob, in case you've forgotten, the Senate is Democratic.
- I won't be leaving anytime soon.
- [BOB.]
Oh, not you.
I'm getting too old for this.
What? A House without Bob Birch? It will be unrecognizable.
I feel like it already is.
God Was it always this dirty? That's impossible.
Were the men before us any more moral? Any more worthy of the power and position that they had found themselves in? Any more capable of doing a single goddamn thing for the public? Well, yes and no.
History has a way of looking better than it was.
Or perhaps Shakespeare was right.
We're all just madmen leading the blind.
This is Seth Grayson, from the White House.
Yeah, thank you for taking my call.
Uh I just had a question.
There, uh there was a reporter.
Give me a second.
Let me just check my notes.
Um name's Sean Jeffries.
Yeah, he's working on a story about the donor list, around the time of the president's transplant.
I was wondering if you could come in and we can coordinate our response.
Lee, we don't want people to think that the president got preferential treatment.
What the hell did you give me, Mac? [LEANN TYPING.]
- [LEANN.]
What the hell did you give me, Mac? [SIGHS.]
I had a tip on where that Slugline story came from.
You should have called me.
That wouldn't have stopped it.
- Is that why you're here? - No, I got something else.
Tell me.
I'd like to talk to the vice president about it.
That's not possible.
Everything goes through me.
Well, I didn't have a chance to explain myself.
- That's too bad.
What's she like? She doesn't suffer fools and she doesn't give second chances.
Well, if you can't get me in to talk to her again, I'll find some other way.
You're in over your head.
Tell me what you know or move along.
We don't, Mr.
Whatever information you have Don't call me again.
I was concerned I was out of line the other night.
You might have been.
I'm sorry.
I don't even know what I'm saying sometimes.
Forget it.
- Hey, hang on a second.
- Hey.
I need to tell you how I'm feeling.
The nation needs you, Mr.
- We all need you.
- We're done for today.
- No.
- No? Why don't you want to hear what I'm trying to tell you? Listen.
You enough.
I love you.
You need to know that.
I'm only here to protect you.
- You need to calm down.
What's wrong with you? Why don't you wanna hear - what I'm telling you? - There is nothing wrong with me.
But you need to go home.
You reached out to me.
You brought me in.
I Enough.
- I'm sorry.
- He's out.
I'll come back later.
Whatever it is, I can give it to him.
You can trust me to hand it over, Doug.
- You weren't directed to follow Tom Yates.
- Yes, I was.
According to the president, everyone needs to be watched.
Tom's not even here anymore.
Francis asked you to follow him? I'm concerned about someone.
Laura Moretti.
I know about her and her husband.
Your behavior shows poor judgment, Doug, and could be a liability for the president.
Yes, ma'am.
Give these to Francis when he gets back.
I can get you immunity.
You just need to tell the truth.
Confirm that all of Walker's testimony is true.
You don't have to do it.
No, Maureen, I want this on the record.
How dare you betray the Underwoods like this? We're done here, Congressman.
Well, thank you for your time.
So you're prepared, a subpoena will be coming soon from the Judiciary Committee.
Madam Secretary.
Do you wanna come in? I'm the reason your husband's dead.
I forced the Secretary of Health and Human Services to put Francis Underwood in front of him on the donor list.
I understand if you think I'm a monster.
But I'd do it again.
To save the president, I'd do anything.
You really think that I didn't know, Doug? The timing gave it away.
Come on.
Come on in.
What did you think was going on here? Huh? I'm not fucking you because I like you.
I'm fucking you because I hate you.
Get out.
Get out of my car.
Get the fuck out of my car.
Get out! [PANTING.]
What did Macallan give you? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- I heard you.
You got something from him.
What do you mean you heard me? [CHUCKLES.]
Were you watching me, too? Who was he to you? Want a drink? I don't drink.
Oh, right.
I was with him.
When I was young and shouldn't have been with him.
What gets you off, Doug? Anything? If Macallan gave you something, we should hand it over.
Did you like it? What? Watching me.
You liked what you saw? That why you came here? Well, then.
Going to the gym.
Run off some of this stress.
Where's your trainer? Oh, he won't be coming around for a while.
He did have a facial expression I won't miss.
Is that so? Hmm.
Sort of perma-smile.
It was creepy.
Maybe he's just happy.
Happiness isn't my concern.
Not now, not ever.
It's a tragic situation, Claire.
- I know.
- I could show you what's happening.
I've seen the images.
It's important people know what's going on in Homs.
- Are you having second thoughts? - It's just the timing isn't right yet.
Because your husband doesn't have the support.
We need to make a case.
Prepare the world for when you make a statement.
I think Francis needs to be front and center on this.
You never found out what Macallan told Petrov? My sources say he never gave him anything concrete.
- Well, he gave LeAnn something.
- Well, that was our hope.
Maybe it's time to invite her back in.
I need to get back upstairs.
The next time we meet will be in my office.
I I don't think your husband should be front and center.
I think it should be you.
- I didn't ask you what you think.
- You need to be armed, Claire.
It's important that you can walk away from anything that happens to him.
They can kiss my ass.
I got an offer from Senator Westervelt.
I'm looking, too.
But it's getting harder and harder to get off this ship.
Where is my wife? Where has she gone? If she was your wife, wouldn't you wonder? [WOMAN.]
Yes, Mrs.
- Don't worry.
This never happened.
You don't have to tell me.
- Doug.
- Shit.
Should I come in? No.
Not until you give me what you've got.
"A source deep within the White House confirms President Underwood used questionable intelligence to justify voting center closures, which threw the election into chaos.
" Who do you think it is? Green, probably.
- We overestimated his loyalty.
- I see.
I mean who else could it be? How can I help? We need to save ourselves here.
- It's as much your head as mine, Cathy.
- I understand.
I need you to create additional documents that justify going after Kalabi.
A paper trail that will support our actions that we took on Election Day in Tennessee.
I'm not sure what those documents would be.
Well, but you're smart, Cathy, aren't you? I mean, you can figure it out.
Why don't you just show me how smart you are.
- Of course, Mr.
- And the presentation at the UN.
- With Syria? - It needs to happen.
- Very well.
- There's a possibility of talks, but we need to get all the interested parties back to the table.
Of course.
You're a good diplomat, Cathy.
Thank you, Mr.
And where is Claire? She needed a little distance right now.
Till we find out what's happening with me.
That's why I need to rely on you, Cathy.
Well, I'm glad you feel that way, Francis.
I'm ready to meet.
I wanna meet now.
Right now.
After a tumultuous election, the likes of which have never been seen, America faces more questions Shit is insane right now.
I don't have any more time for you.
If the recent leaks coming out of the White House prove to be true, the president could face A White House ID? Where did you get that? - I thought this came from you.
- What the hell are you talking about? - I'm deputy press secretary.
- The fuck you are.
I got a call from the vice president's office, asking me to come in.
And when I got here, this was waiting for me.
I just spent the last hour doing my paperwork.
I don't have time for this.
President Garrett Walker's bombshell testimony, which I have Secretary Durant's resignation.
I believe she was the leak, and might have to take responsibility for whatever happened on election night.
Sir, the judiciary could issue a resolution for impeachment any day now.
We need to be realistic about damage to the president even if the Senate doesn't convict.
You promised us censure.
Well, Durant's leak took care of that, didn't it? So, we have a plan for the Senate.
I suggest we work on protecting the vice president.
Make sure she exits this whole process unscathed.
And how do we do that? Plead ignorance.
The vice president wasn't read into anything.
Didn't know anything.
- Didn't do anything.
- [SETH.]
That won't play.
She'll look uninformed, and the people know she isn't.
Oh, the distance will help her look innocent.
Innocent, guilty, capable, incompetent, whatever it is the public is going to think the opposite.
So, really there is no winning.
Whatever you think is best.
You're gonna have four years to prove yourself on the inside if I'm acquitted.
Hopefully, eight.
But what happens if I'm not acquitted? We don't have to deal with that right now.
No, I want to hear a plan.
That's why you're here.
To give me the cold, hard facts.
Oh, your calculus is as good as mine, Mr.
There is no plan.
Except slow down judiciary, secure the Senate.
I'm concerned about someone.
Laura Moretti.
Why did you include this? You and Claire talking about a Laura Moretti? I wanted you to know, sir, that she knows.
I jumped you on the list.
To receive a donor liver.
I forced the HHS Secretary to move you up.
- That's not possible.
- I threatened her, sir.
It was an unprecedented ethical violation.
But I don't regret it.
I kept it to myself, so that you would have plausible deniability if anyone found out.
I didn't tell Mrs.
Underwood either.
She learned another way.
She knew and didn't tell me.
Seems so.
And how did she react to the Yates surveillance? What did she say about that? She didn't show her feelings to me, sir.
You saved my life.
I'm here for you, sir.
Do you have concerns about Mrs.
Underwood? - Do you? - I would never say that.
I want to show you something.
There's 45 minutes where I can't account for her whereabouts.
I don't know where she went or who she saw.
But she lied to me.
I, uh I think you should get some rest, sir.
The president didn't read me in.
I wasn't in the room.
The president didn't read me in.
I wasn't in the room.
I didn't know anything about it.
The president didn't read me in.
I wasn't in the room.
I didn't know anything about it.
How's that, Francis? [SIGHS.]
This is just in.
Secretary of State Catherine Durant to appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee.
This comes as yet another surprise in the already dramatic - When did it come in? - A short while ago.
It's not Cathy Durant.
Are we sure? She negotiated immunity.
And she's going on record with everything she knows when she testifies.
Do we have any idea? No.