House of Cards (2013) s05e12 Episode Script

Chapter 64

I really wish I could have changed your mind, Cathy.
- I just - Because, you know you know, this is just not good for you.
The negotiations with the committee are just too far down the road.
Well, you agreed to see me because you're smart.
Because doubt is what you should be having.
Look, Cathy, I respect you.
We wouldn't have lasted as long together if I didn't.
- My husband's waiting for me.
- But you're gonna be made to look a fool.
There's no need to insult me, Francis.
Witness after witness is gonna rebut whatever you have to say.
My testimony is what it is.
It'll all be resolved in the court of public opinion.
Yes, but who is the public going to believe? You or explosive residue on a terrorist's computer? Look, Cathy, your testimony's gonna seem petty and vengeful.
And then where is that gonna leave you? What prospects? It's too late.
- You need to take a fall.
- Excuse me? Look, the committee is just gonna have to wait.
In two weeks, it's gonna be over anyway, and you're gonna be on the wrong side of this thing.
- Well, we'll see.
- Yes, we will.
After you.
But I meant what I said, Cathy.
Cathy? Cathy? Help! Help! The secretary has fallen! You're a lucky bastard.
Oh, not until the end of the night.
Or should I say, the morning.
Catherine Durant fell? How? - Well, people fall.
That's what they do.
- Yes, they fall when they need to.
Your new friend is still gonna get impeached.
Well, I hope I can still count on the good senator's support when the time comes.
You're a good card player, Mark.
You never talk shop at the table.
It's always when you're cashing out.
Well, my mother raised me well.
The numbers are getting harder and harder for the senator.
- Why is that? - The money and the calls coming in.
One number goes down, and the other one goes up.
The senator's feeling the heat, from where? Why don't you come in later.
We can talk about it then.
No, no, no.
Wait a minute.
Danny I'm counting on his vote.
- Well, you can count it out.
- No.
No And half of the Democrats as well.
Forget about censure, the House hasn't even voted yet on articles of impeachment.
You're not the only one working the Senate.
- Someone wants Francis out.
- And I'm asking you who.
You've been around a long time.
Nobody tells you how to vote.
They just tell you what happens if you don't go their way.
Oil's at $50 a barrel.
Nobody's happy with that.
We were hoping to bring you live coverage of the judiciary hearing today.
But given the postponement due to Secretary Durant's unexpected absence, we'll be switching to the Armed Services Committee meeting instead, - Ma'am? - Where several military officials are citing the increased threat of ICO Today's schedule.
And I thought you might wanna see this.
It's a note from Tom Yates.
Oh, and reminder, we have to get back to the Soldier Recovery Project.
That's our goal.
And through peace, we must find a different way forward.
Colonel Ismat is the leader of the Democratic faction, dedicated to freeing the Syrian people.
And since Secretary Durant is temporarily sidelined, I'm stepping in today because the American government supports any concrete steps toward stability.
If it is determined that chemical or biological weapons have been used in the Syrian conflict, then from this moment forward, the United States will be morally obligated to intervene.
So, the Syrian president should consider himself on notice.
President, given the potential outcome that the House will affirm articles of impeachment, is this the right time to wade into a Middle Eastern conflict? Well, the question's off subject, but I'll answer it.
First of all, the vote is never gonna get to the Senate.
It's a senseless partisan circus.
My focus is to remain doing my job, which is to ensure prosperity for the American people, and to try to achieve I'm sorry, how did you say it again? Peace? - Salam.
- Salam That's what we're trying to broker here.
So let's give the president time to meet with Colonel Ismat.
I'll take follow-up questions in the press briefing room.
Maybe I'm being too literal, but that's the sea at night.
- Do you like it? - I prefer the reds.
I I saw a show of his at the Tate Modern.
I have trouble separating the man from the art, though.
He was, uh, depressive, as I'm sure you know.
You can see him fighting his demons.
So Mr.
Nasser has arrived? Uh, here and waiting for my call at the Four Seasons.
Well, I just I don't think it's a good idea for anyone in our administration to be meeting with a member of ICO.
- He's not a member.
- He went to school with Yusuf Al Ahmadi.
He's a lawyer.
He represents people, organizations.
- One organization, to be exact.
- And he's meeting with me.
Where is all this hesitation coming from? I'm sorry.
I just have a splitting headache.
For migraines.
I get them all the time.
It comes out of China.
But don't worry, it's herbal.
You have to be careful of the dosing, though.
Just two drops.
You know, it's pure feeling for me.
Light versus dark.
And that line where they meet.
The president had no idea.
You were close to Mr.
Macallan? Yes, but that doesn't mean that I knew what he was up to.
But then how do you know the president wasn't involved? I was the last person to see Aidan.
He confessed to me.
He secretly used the NSA, FISA, to manipulate the electorate.
We're meeting with counsel to perfect the rest of the testimony.
As long as no one has anything that contradicts you.
No one does.
- Does it feel good to be back, LeAnn? - It does.
Thank you.
Well, I know Claire is delighted to have you back in her office.
Will you let me know as soon as the vice president's meeting is done? Yes, sir.
I hate having her back.
She's a liar.
You think Macallan gave her something for insurance? She won't admit it.
But, yeah, I think he did.
Let's get her in front of that committee when they're up.
Then she'll have to make a choice.
Green is hesitant to testify.
You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think he was the leak.
He has far more information than anyone should be comfortable with.
Also, Senator Richardson hasn't called me back.
Colonel, my apologies for the interruption.
And I want to assure you that your concerns are my concerns.
The Ahmadi brothers their idea of radical Islam is unsustainable.
Nasser represents members of ICO who are tired of death.
They essentially control numerous oil fields and several refineries.
Nasser already met with the president of Syria.
And Petrov's minister of foreign affairs.
He's looking for a deal.
They wanna be a corporation trading on the Dow before the decade is over.
They wanna be a part of OPEC.
So where does that leave Colonel Ismat and the Syrian people? Alive once we're on the ground.
Yes, but Russia was invited in.
We need cause.
The Syrian president has gassed civilians.
He will again.
I can guarantee it.
Colonel Ismat will make sure of it.
He'll instigate an attack from the regime.
We put troops on the ground, leave ICO resources alone and Nasser will make sure they cooperate.
What is it? Are you afraid he's gonna be impeached? 'Cause there's a good chance that he will be.
Is that why you wanna wait? 'Cause I can make it all wait.
Davis and I had a very productive talk.
I let her know that our involvement is contingent on the delivery of Ahmadi.
Yes, but the window is closing for me to be able to act on this.
Judiciary's not gonna wait.
For this to be effective, it has to be now or never.
I'll have her reach out to Mr.
And, uh, what about the other matter? - You mean LeAnn? - Mmm-hmm.
Davis will speak to her later this afternoon.
You heard the president.
Uh, I'm still at the White House.
- Once we get into Syria - Sir, my name is Sean Jeffries.
- I work with - Yes, I know who you are.
Sean I know what Tom Hammerschmidt is working on.
Jeffries, if you need an appointment, I can arrange one Sir, if I could.
Just a moment of your time.
It's confidential.
Oh, if you don't mind, we'd like this room for a moment.
You have 30 seconds.
But before you start, am I mistaken, or is Mr.
Grayson your superior? Yes, I'm sorry, but Tom thinks Doug Stamper and yourself, sir, are somehow involved with the death of Zoe Barnes.
And Mr.
Hammerschmidt has a phone that was given to Ms.
It called only one number, and that number was yours.
Now, it seems that number has shown up on the phone that she died with.
It was damaged, but there's technology now that will give them access to the data leading up to the day of her death.
Its internal memory.
Calls, texts.
It's all there.
When did you start with us? A week ago.
And it was the vice president who brought you on? That's correct.
A week and you're already having confidential conversations with the president.
I am.
If you hear anything else, you come directly to me.
Yes, sir.
Whatever you say it is, it's perjury.
Oh, perjury, huh? That's where you draw the line? I'm done.
The case has already been prepared.
TATP was found on Muhammed Kalabi's computer.
It doesn't matter what Secretary Durant believes or not.
One is speculation, and the other is fact.
Fact? Really? Is that what it is? If it sounds like a fact, then it is a fact.
Kalabi had explosive residue on his keyboard.
You know the rest of the bureau is done with the president.
I'm not talking to them.
I'm talking to you.
They've looked the other way, but for how much longer? Doug he's done.
- Where does that leave me? - That's what we're discussing right now.
Do you know what the president thinks? He thinks you're the leak.
I wish.
I'm going to give you a moment to take that statement back.
I'll do what I have to do.
I'll testify.
But the president is done.
He's losing support.
You can smell it.
Are you working for anyone else? - Are you working for anyone else? - No.
And I don't wanna know anything else.
I'm tired of what I know.
Consider me a proxy.
- What? - They don't wanna ask, but I will.
You need to be fully committed, which means being fully transparent, which means handing over what you have.
Slow down, will you, please? I'd like to get home, Ms.
LeAnn? LeAnn? Some nights, I go to a hotel to sleep, just to get out of my apartment.
Being a woman in this city, the vigilance it takes You're not allowed to make a mistake get distracted.
It's a heavy price.
To be on the edge that way for years and years My testimony won't disappoint.
Well, the president and vice president are pleased, I assume.
But how long before the media starts asking questions about Macallan's death, and how he was killed? I have your gun, by the way.
- Good night.
- Yes, good night.
Claire? - Yes? - Claire? What's the matter? Hammerschmidt has a new theory.
He thinks Doug Stamper and I killed Zoe Barnes.
They may have access to my cell phone, to my texts.
Someone in this White House is talking to Hammerschmidt and now this.
Oh, Doug.
Poor Doug.
He's an unlucky person.
Always has been.
- Sir, the senator's support is wavering.
- Doug, it's Claire.
I'm sorry, I Francis and I were wondering if you could come up to the residence tomorrow evening.
For dinner.
It'll give us a chance to take a breath with all that's been happening.
Hello? Happy birthday.
- Who is this? - Come on, you must know by now.
- No, I don't.
- Aidan Macallan.
Look into how he used and abused the FISA ruling.
How do we know each other? Now come on.
If I told you that, how can I possibly keep helping you? And don't you want me to help you? But where do we meet? Just give me that.
- In the muck.
- Wait.
Zoe Barnes' death was not an accident.
Doug Stamper killed her.
But you already know that.
No, don't hang up.
Don't hang up.
The Judiciary Committee may be hoping Secretary Durant recovers.
But the rest of the world is waiting to see how the Syrian president responds to President Underwood's line in the sand.
Moscow, meanwhile, calls the president's statements, "The desperate act of a man on his way out of office.
" Are you in contact with your brother? No.
- Sundays.
Occasional birthday.
- Hmm.
I thought you were closer than that.
We usually only speak when one of us is in trouble.
Well, that's why I ask, 'cause in times like these, we all need support.
- Well, I'll have counsel.
- No, you'll have the best lawyers.
The best of everything.
The best.
Would you like some more fish? No, thank you.
Whatever the Herald has is circumstantial.
Of course.
No one knows what really happened to her, and no one ever will.
But, look, Doug The reason that Claire and I invited you over tonight is because we want you to know how much you mean to us.
To both of us.
- Yes, sir.
- Before we say anything else, we just wanted to be absolutely certain that you knew that.
Of course.
What we're up against, what this administration is facing Well, what I'm facing Even though both of us believe that there's very little chance that I could ever be indicted, we still have to find a way to remove this entire issue from the table.
I just can no longer be associated with this.
I'll resign while I'm dealing with this.
I think this is going to require more than that.
Well, I'll make a statement and blame it on the politics of personal destruction.
No, Doug, I'm afraid that's just not going to be enough.
We have to shift the suspicion.
We need you to We need you to implicate yourself in the death of Zoe Barnes.
Now, before you react, just listen.
You are the most likely candidate at this point.
You were distraught, you were drinking.
The I don't know.
We'll make up some story, and then we'll leak it.
You you were loyal, you did it for me.
You were too loyal.
You went too far.
And and then, in the end, there'll be no question Can you excuse me? Well, it's either a crank looking for a headline, or someone on the inside telling the truth.
- What's your sense? - He knew about the birthday cards.
I don't know.
Maybe the story is the call.
The flash drives.
The leaks themselves.
If we call out the leaks, he may stop contacting me.
And the Macallan business, is that even a real lead? None of these sites will admit to anything.
Because it's an embarrassment.
An overwhelming amount of Underwood material was reported by social media users in counties that he was expected to lose.
But anyone I reach out to does not wanna be talking about this.
The leak said it was unauthorized domestic surveillance.
All the administration has to say is "terror," and they seem justified.
He wasn't rooting out terrorists.
He was trying to win an election.
And very convenient that the Secretary of State hits her head.
- Now you sound like a conspiracy - I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
I try to imagine what it's like inside his mind, what I would do if I were him.
And I'm telling you, it is all sorts of He has no ideology.
No North Star.
Isn't that the scariest thing of all? Tom, do you think Zoe Barnes was murdered? How often does a 27-year-old fall in front of a train? - All right, then.
Let's prove that.
- All right.
What's wrong? Doug Stamper's office called.
They wanna set up a meeting.
Soon as possible.
This is good.
Whatever your boyfriend read off your phone this morning made its way to the right person.
I don't know how much longer I can do this.
You're lying to a liar.
You can't get anything off the phone Zoe died with.
They just need to believe we can.
What is this job? Not what it used to be.
I don't want you to overreact.
But Tom kept writing.
It seems he finally finished his book.
And he alludes to things.
What do you mean "alludes to things"? I don't know.
Lines are blacked out.
It's like it's redacted.
There are paragraphs here and there What did you tell him? What does he know? Has he shown this to anyone? Sent it to anyone? - Publishers, the press? - I don't know.
Well, what do you know? I will handle him.
I just wanted you to be aware.
- Son of a bitch.
- I said I'll take care of it.
No, I'll take care of it.
You stay a million miles away from this.
How could you be so stupid to fall in love? This thing isn't on the floor yet, and we're losing senators.
We're losing some maybe, but What I like about the Senate is what I hate.
It's contagious.
One of 'em gets an idea, and it spreads through the body like a flu.
I'll look into it.
There's 100 of 'em.
All we need is half.
Can I just lay down? - I don't think that's a good idea.
- Just for a few minutes.
I'm just so fucking tired, and I need to think.
Why do you need to think? The longer you hang on to whatever he gave you, the more danger you're in.
You're reading this wrong.
You think it's some kind of insurance, but it's not.
LeAnn Whatever happens to the president, it's not your fault, or mine.
- You don't think I make a difference? - I didn't say that.
You you don't think that I'm dedicated enough? Too dedicated.
That can be a problem.
That can make you blind.
You have no idea I've done something unforgivable, LeAnn.
What? I killed Zoe Barnes.
Why would you say that? All I ever tried to do was keep her safe.
She said she wanted to be invisible.
I knew it wasn't possible.
I knew that she would only ever go away if I made sure of it.
I don't believe you.
Yes, you do.
Believe me I deserve this.
Zoe Barnes fell in front of a train.
It was ruled an accident.
I pushed her off the platform and I walked away.
I know you reached out to Bridget Cohen.
Telling that committee or her how I got my liver is not going to help this administration or you.
But here is what is going to help.
This is what you're going to tell that committee about Doug Stamper.
You actually live here? Well I'm not here that much.
I let friends use it now and again.
- Thanks for your discretion.
- Of course.
I won't be too long.
Take your time.
If you need anything, I'll be on call.
He's reasonable.
Yeah, he needs to be.
Uh, they didn't look that hard.
The Secret Service knows I have nothing to hide.
He's downstairs.
Make yourself at home.
I used to love to hide as a kid.
I was really good at it.
I could always choose the best places.
Nobody ever found me.
One time, everybody just gave up.
So I stayed put for, like, 13 hours straight.
What do you want? He said I wouldn't regret it if I said yes.
When I agreed to write the book about his origin story way back when.
Well, he regrets asking you now.
I said yes 'cause I have always been a sucker for what people tell themselves about themselves.
Who has the manuscript? You do.
And publishers? Not yet.
So what did you think? There are huge sections blacked out, Tom.
You portrayed us like a couple of monsters.
- I never used that word.
- You didn't have to.
On the flight back from Moscow, not long after we met You and Francis had a fight.
A real knock down.
I told Francis I heard the yelling, but not the words.
But you said you were murderers.
He said you were survivors.
I was dreading coming here.
- Why? - You can't publish it, Tom.
I'd rather not.
So, what? Money? Yeah but enough.
Enough so I can really get lost for a while.
Buy some time till I figure out what I'm gonna do next.
We can figure something out.
I bet.
You know, those parts you blacked out, that's - I've never told anyone but you.
- I know.
I know everything.
But isn't that what you wanted? I miss touching you.
I don't know how to not be around you.
I think of you all the time.
It almost makes me hate you for it.
I don't know what to do.
You're so beautiful.
- Keep going.
- Not just beautiful, beautiful.
There's lots of people like that.
You are radiant, Claire.
And good.
You are so good.
- I'm not good.
- Yes, you are.
- Why won't you kiss me? - I wanna look at you.
I really do wanna go to Greenland one day.
- We should go.
- Don't stop.
It's so frozen and remote.
The way the The way the Smells before it The You know what I mean? Help.
Tom? There are close to half a million dead.
Over four million refugees, women and children who have left the region and require care.
At least 12 million displaced people.
Homeless wanderers who no longer belong anywhere.
We are all students of history.
Syria was one of the founding members of the United Nations, for God's sakes.
How did we get here? We, who sprang from one of the most ancient civilizations? At some point, we must accept peace as the only answer.
All parties must lay down their arms and begin to talk.
You were always good at tracking me down.
It wasn't easy.
Movie theater, the occasional classified meeting.
I know what you're doing.
Well, that's a bit vague.
You're sabotaging him.
Peeling off senators.
I know it's you.
You were much more interesting when you smoked.
No, I wasn't.
The money's not with him, Mark.
The the Koch brother types, Wall Street, oil and gas Even labor's walking out on him.
He's more resourceful than you think.
He's done a lot without money, okay? I want you to back off, let me handle these hearings.
I just got to the White House.
I intend to stick around.
I don't want him to be president.
- The country needs a change.
- Okay, so And they don't need to look any further than his wife.
She's tough, smart.
He's smart, too, but he's not reliable.
Her? You can work with her.
I know you see it, too.
I see a partner when it comes to Syria, or what's left of it.
Let me try one of those.
I mean, far be it from us to tell an ancient civilization its business but Syria is now basically unrivaled as the most violent place on the planet.
I know, I know.
I'm not saying what to do with Frank Underwood is not gonna be a difficult problem.
But if we don't establish a presence in the region it's gonna be too late.
- I'd rather have a cigarette.
- Spit it out.
Well let me buy you dinner or something.
What? What happened? What's the matter? I had that child in my arms.
I could feel her breath on me, but I couldn't look down.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Uh, 20 minutes away.
- Okay.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
- Do, please.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
I need your services.
I believe Doug Stamper killed Zoe Barnes.
I believe he was unstable and killed her to benefit Francis Underwood.
Stop it, please? Uh, off the record.
Can you give us a second? I'll call you back in.
Seth, this has nothing to do with pay for play, or Kalabi, or anything else the president is accused of.
- Where are you getting this? - This is what I know about Doug.
The chair will not let you testify in front of the committee with this.
- This is what I have.
- Can you prove any of it? He's implied that he did it.
I can speak to his behavior.
Things that he's done.
You need to go to the US attorney.
Seth, if you don't, I will.
"I told the president there were four men by the same name the State Department was tracking.
Two in the United States.
" So said a senior White House source, as quoted in the Washington Herald.
Were you aware of this conversation? No, sir, I was not.
The source went on.
"I believe the president understood that the Muhammed Kalabi in Tennessee was not a legitimate threat.
" Was this conveyed to you in any way? Again, no, sir.
Still, the committee's looking forward to Secretary Durant's testimony on this matter.
I have no idea what the secretary will say or not say, but I have great respect for her and wish her a speedy recovery.
We were operating off of facts and reports coming in at an accelerated rate that day.
I'll try this again.
Did the president indicate to you at any time that he knew this was not a threat? No.
And I'd like to point out that I'm proud to be representing the men and women of the FBI here today, who conducted that investigation as they always do in a competent, honest, and independent way, in the finest tradition of the FBI.
- Did they? - Our people did their job.
And it's unthinkable to assume the FBI would involve itself in an election.
Because there may be an innocent man sitting in a cell as we speak.
I can comment on this since it was mentioned in the press.
Trace amounts of an explosive material were found on Mr.
Kalabi's computer.
Your assertion is that the president was unaware of what was happening in his own White House? Aidan Macallan was an NSA employee, so, no, the president had no idea what he was up to.
Honestly, he was quite busy campaigning.
But surely he knew the effects of Mr.
Macallan's work? These exploits? No.
The president and I've been with him out on the stump.
He likes to shake hands.
He's not paying attention to social media.
Harvey, there was a FISA ruling issued, which the Underwood administration used to spy on American citizens for the sake of swaying an election.
Congressman Romero, Aidan Macallan was a troubled person.
His mind worked fast, faster than I think anyone's should.
What he was up to went to the grave with him.
Harvey, please, spare me the semantics - Okay, fine.
- I just need you Was he collecting data? Yes.
Did he cross a line? Most likely.
I did visit with him, checking in on his work.
Have you seen a screen of code? Computer code.
It's indecipherable.
Why did Seth Grayson end up not testifying? No comment.
We heard that his testimony had to do with the president's chief of staff.
Who I would welcome testifying in front of our committee.
I urge Doug Stamper and the rest of the administration to stop hiding behind executive privilege.
All we learned so far is that the president knew nothing about anything going on in his White House.
There were six of them, and they all took a turn.
Except for Romero.
He only watched.
Or at least that's what he told the dean.
But I know the real story.
Her name was, uh, Rochelle.
I thought you had nothing on this guy.
How long have you known this? I was holding it until Or, if we needed it.
No, until you needed it, you mean.
Look, it makes no difference.
I might use it, I might not.
But I still wanna testify.
For you to testify now, excuse me for saying it, it's crazy.
Do you think it's crazy, Claire? - I wanna defend myself against this guy.
- We have witnesses.
Our witnesses, surrogates.
Let it come from them.
I think I can win.
Or maybe I should wait until I lose the Senate I just think there are other ways If you give up executive privilege, we lose leverage.
We lose it all.
Tell the chair I'm ready to appear.
I mean, the damage your testimony could do to your wife is not worth the risk.
Oh, its worth is what we're here to discuss.
I I don't appreciate being the one to tell you this, but your presidency is beyond repair.
You don't know what I'm going to do next.
Isn't that it? Isn't that what really bothers you? Don't think I haven't been watching you from the moment you stepped on board.
You're full of promises, Ms.
The information about Macallan is still out there and Ahmadi is, oh, so elusive.
You've been sabotaging me from the moment you stepped into my house.
You don't care for me very much, do you? No, I don't.
I couldn't care less.
But if you make Claire happy, that makes me happy.
- If you can help her, good.
- What's it worth to you? Well, what kind of deal are we talking about? For me not to testify.
Well, I have contacts outside the Beltway.
I can set you up in any number of lucrative positions.
No, that's not good enough.
Anyone could offer me that.
You tell me.
No, no, no.
It's not going to work like that.
- You tell me what you can do for me.
- I've been around your kind.
Not usually at this level.
But you can't help yourself.
Make me an offer, Ms.
What is she worth to you? A lot.
So then here's what I'm thinking.
Do you solemnly swear and affirm that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I do.
Let the record reflect that the witness has answered in the affirmative.
President, I want to thank you for appearing and I hope we get to clear some things up for the American people.
President, the floor is yours.
You can take as long or as short as you like.
If you have any written statement, we will include it after and it will be part of the record.
- Mr.
President, you are recognized.
- Thank you, Mr.
Chairman and to the other members of this committee.
I have agreed to appear before this committee today because I'm guilty.
Guilty of having spent the last 30 years of my life here in this Congress.
In this House.
Then as vice president and now as president, trying to do the people's work.
Now, this committee has accused me of a great number of things.
You accused me of pay to play.
And so I accuse you of exactly the same.
I also accuse you of playing politics only when it suits you.
You're all being paid.
You're all serving some master.
Each and every one of you, and you know I know that for a fact.
You, for example, Congressman Romero and your crusade to take me down, is it for justice? For the good of the nation? Is the truth what you're really after? Or is it for some personal gain? Perhaps to try to fill the small hole in your soul that you sold off a long time ago? - Mr.
- No, no, no.
This is my opening statement, and I will give it in full.
I am not done, ladies and gentlemen.
You accuse me of breaking the rules, and I tell you, I am playing by the rules.
The very rules that you and I all agreed upon.
The very rules that you and I all wrote together.
So, yes, I'm guilty as hell, but then so are all of you.
Yes, the system is corrupt, but you wanted a guardian at the gate like me.
And why? Because you know I will do whatever it takes.
And you have all enjoyed it, been party to it and benefited by it.
Oh, don't deny it.
You've loved it.
You don't actually need me to stand for anything.
You just need me to stand.
To be the strong man.
The man of action.
My God, you're addicted to action and slogans.
It doesn't matter what I say.
It doesn't matter what I do.
Just as long as I'm doing something, you're happy to be along for the ride.
And frankly, I don't blame you.
With all the foolishness and indecision in your lives, why not a man like me? I don't apologize.
In the end, I don't care whether you love me or you hate me, just as long as I win.
The deck is stacked.
The rules are rigged.
Welcome to the death of the Age of Reason.
There is no right or wrong.
Not anymore.
There's only being in and then being out.
So I will not be party to this any longer.
I will not wear the target for any of you anymore.
You have all used me far long enough.
So, the party's over, the ride's done.
I respect the office too much to allow this to continue going on.
That's why I am announcing to this committee and to the nation that as of 6:00 p.
tomorrow evening, I shall resign the office of President of the United States.
Order! And I will be happy to take any questions you may have.
But my gut tells me that isn't really going to be necessary.