How I Met Your Father (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Timing Is Everything

So in addition, my client is offering the townhouse on East 63rd Street, the oceanfront estate in Farhampton, and this bottle of 1831 single malt Glen McKenna, valued at $3 million.
I was saving this for a special occasion.
But without my Becky, no occasion will ever be special again.
Captain I don't want your houses.
I don't want your car.
I don't want your private jet.
You're having second thoughts.
Marvelous! Let's drink to celebrate.
Maybe there's a bar nearby.
Captain You broke my heart.
You hit me where it hurts.
So now, I'm going to hit you where it hurts.
Oh no.
Rough seas ahead.
I only want three things.
Boats, boats - Please don't say boats.
- boats.
Oh god That's right, Captain.
I'm going to take all your boats, and I'm gonna sink 'em! Every.
One of them.
- But, you love boats - I hate boats! Mom! You left the story off on you in a restaurant, being stood up.
You've got to stop with this random rich couple.
Would you trust me? They're going to come into play soon.
So, I was waiting at the restaurant Dear god I'm being stood up.
Hi! - Hi.
- I am so sorry.
I was on the train.
I bumped into that guy I got in a fight with.
You remember the dad with the two 5-year-old breakdancing twins? And I was like you shouldn't make your kids perform like that, and he was like, "They love it!" I was like, "They're 5.
They'd probably also love a dad who obeyed child labor laws.
" Anyway, I didn't want a repeat incident, so I got off the train, and I ran here.
Okay, listen.
I wanna start this off right.
I went to see Meredith earlier today.
Uh, she released a single, and I kind of spun out about it, and I-I just needed some closure.
I-I hope you can understand that.
Did you get the closure you were looking for? I did.
- I'm glad.
- Me, too.
We'd waited a long time to get to this moment, so we decided to take things slow.
That was Wow.
Uh, I see your wow, and I raise you a whoa.
You think that Thai place delivers? Maybe.
Or we could just do that again.
We'll eat when we're dead.
On one hand, it's the best cardiothoracic fellowship in the country, and I got a spot.
Of course you did, Hannah.
You're like the ideal cardiothoracic fellow.
Sometimes, I want to puncture my own lung just so you can fix it.
But it means another year of long distance.
Year-schmear! It's this ad I saw for the cream-cheese-of the month club, but it applies here, too.
Hannah There's only one thing to do.
We've got to become a bicoastal power couple.
We are going to scrimp and save, so we can visit each other a lot more often, and we've got the best of both coasts.
Bagels and burritos, baby.
I do like the sound of that.
You always know just what to say.
You wanna go do it bicoastal style? What's bicoastal style? I'm not sure, but I've got an image of you in a bikini top and me wearing mittens.
Ooh! Ellen, where have you been? I can't sleep.
I need you to do that thing where you scratch my back and sing Enya to me.
And why do you have a cat? Well, first I had my interview at Goliath Market, which did not go well.
- Ellen, hi.
- Hi.
I'm Mark, the lead producer buyer.
Lead produce buyer? So, you're like the head of lettuce.
Y-you know, the head of lettuce? I'm sorry, I don't follow.
Th-the head of After my interview, I went on OkCupid 'cause I thought a date might cheer me up, but the woman showed up with her husband.
And then I realized that I had set my settings to "couples only" for months.
When I finally got home, I found this little lady outside the building.
Think she's exactly what I need right now.
An emotional support animal.
Look at us.
We're totally bonding.
Had something of a night myself.
Valentina let slip that she wants kids someday.
And I absolutely do not.
Really? But, you're a bossy narcissist with a sentimental streak.
I know.
I mean, on paper, I'm a born parent.
It's just Having children turned my mother into a mean, spiteful woman, and I want to be kind and generous and not the sort of person who throws jewelry at their children in a fit of rage whenever the Duchess of Cornwall cancels tea time.
Charlie, you and Valentina are still a very new relationship.
Valentina's nowhere near ready to have a baby.
Hi, Ellen.
How'd the interview Kitty! Oh hi, little baby! Aw Mama loves you.
We fell asleep after an amazing night, and all felt right with the world, - until - I love you, Sophie.
- Hey, you.
- Ah! I mean hey! Last night was pretty great, huh? I mean, two times? What are we, porn stars? I think keeping the laptop off my crotch has really paid off.
Son, I'm not proud of this, but I wasn't used to guys wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and it freaked me the F out.
You gotta go now.
I mean, I've got to start getting ready for my gallery show.
- Really? Already? - Mm-hmm.
It's not for, like, 10 hours.
But then, I You know, I gotta shower.
And then another shower, and maybe squeeze in one more shower.
One thing you're going to learn about me is I love showers.
- Uh, okay.
- Tata for now! Wow.
All turned around from two times with Jesse.
I have never planned two weddings for one couple before.
Love the Pinterest board you sent over, by the way.
Yeah! Dope boards, huh? You like the rustic chalkboard table signs? Truly inspired.
I've never seen anything like it before.
Anyway, here's what I think we're looking at price-wise - for the New York wedding.
- Okay.
Uh I had to move my head to get to the end of this number, Lisa.
This is too long of a number.
And here's what I think we're looking at for the Indian wedding.
Oh my god, you better tell me that's in rupees! What did you think this was going to cost? You're supposed to enter on a white horse.
I can get you a great deal on a white horse.
Do not ask me how.
Okay, you can ask me how.
- How? - How? You've heard of Tiger King? - Yeah.
- Well, I am in an on-again, off-again relationship with the White Horse King.
And right now, we are on, baby.
She fits perfectly in my arms.
It's like they were made for you Oh god.
I also just adore her.
- Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! - Whoa! I can't take this anymore.
Valentina I don't want kids, okay? Not now.
Not ever.
- Uh What? - Yesterday, you said, "One day," "we'd watch soccer with our future children," and I care about you too much to not be honest with you.
I'm never going to want children.
Got it.
I don't understand why you're suddenly freaking out about costs! You're the one who wanted a second international wedding.
Yeah, when I thought our lives were about to get way less expensive.
Like, Hannah, I thought, we were gonna live in one city and share one apartment, not constantly be flying across the country to maintain some semblance of a relationship.
What happened to us being a bicoastal power couple? Hannah, what do you want me to say? Babe, I support you, but we both know doing this for another year, it's It sounds hard as hell.
Sounds like you're not even sure we should be planning one wedding, let alone two.
Bad news.
Me and the White Horse King are off again.
We're off.
I showed up at the guys' apartment before my gallery show, determined to talk about the sleep "I love you" and move past it.
After all, he was pretty damn cute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I, uh, I took the liberty of making you a peach margarita.
I even hand-muddled the peaches myself.
That's right.
I muddle.
- Mm! - Mm-hmm.
Jesse, last night, something funny happened, and it's no big deal.
It-it kinda freaked me out, and I just wanted to talk about it.
Okay, I'm not normally completely hairless down there.
It's just I was listening to a podcast while I was manscaping, and I just completely lost track of what I was doing.
No, not that.
Although, I, uh, was wondering.
Last night in your sleep, you told me you loved me.
Oh god.
I did? This is worse than when I sleep-sang Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof at overnight camp.
In case you're wondering, I remained a virgin that summer.
God, I already feel better that we're talking, and we could just laugh about this together.
Me first.
Ha! That was so crazy! I mean, it's not that crazy.
Well, it's not like we're two strangers who just met at a bar.
We've been friends for a while now.
We've built a solid foundation.
I even said no to going on tour with Meredith for you.
- You did what? - Oh yeah.
Meredith wanted me to play piano for her on tour.
She also basically said she wanted to get back together, and both of those things would have been a dream come true a few weeks ago, but Hey, I-I didn't even give it a second thought because I'm crazy about you.
Jesse, I I like you, too.
It It's kind of a lot to hear that you gave up going on tour for me because it's what you always dreamed of doing.
So-so what are you saying? You think I should have gone? I don't know.
If you only said no for me, and this is brand new.
I mean, we don't even know if this is going to work out.
Got it.
Uh So, you think I should go on tour with my ex.
I read you loud and clear, Sophie.
I-I don't know what to say.
Uh, I do.
I-I'd like you to go.
I had no idea what to do.
I mean, part of me wanted to run back in there and to tell him that I had made a huge mistake.
But the other part of me wanted to run as far as humanly possible.
I decided to split the difference and go to the bar downstairs to clear my head.
This is what this place looks like.
Weird we never come in here.
Uh, one whiskey, please.
Up, neat, and on the rocks.
That is not an order that makes sense.
Yeah, I-I don't actually know how to order whiskey.
It's just been a day, and it seems like the kind of thing that people order when they're feeling a little extra Good extra or bad extra? Oh my god.
Robin Scherbatsky? I know you from the news.
Hear that, Carl? She's a fan.
I have fans.
Yeah, most famous people don't go around saying, "I have fans," but okay.
What was that, Carl? I didn't hear you.
I was focused on my fan.
I mean, seriously, my friend Valentina and I are obsessed with you.
I remember th-the story you did on the bullfighters, where you actually got in the ring and got Gored by a bull.
I loved that so much.
You're kind of a mean fan, huh? No! No, no.
Seriously, it was so bad-ass.
Well, it was bad for my ass.
The ER doc in Seville spent six hours tweezing bullhorn fragments from my left butt cheek.
But, uh, back to you.
Was today "good" extra or "bullhorn to the ass" extra? Really? A big famous reporter wants to hear about my stupid love life? Very, very much, actually.
Back in the day, my friends and I wasted years in this very bar, talking about our stupid love lives.
I stop in here whenever I'm in the neighborhood.
- Hm.
- So, please tell me your stupid love story.
Bring me back to the good old days.
Well It all started in the back of an Uber.
Not like that.
I-I'm surprised that you're so gung ho about this.
I'd assumed that we were on the same page.
I know kids seem very off brand for me, but I want it all.
A big career, a big love story, and a big family.
You really don't think you'll change your mind? I don't think so.
You? I don't think so.
She just reached under my bra and scratched my nipple.
I think I'm in an abusive relationship with my emotional support animal.
Maybe you guys just need more time to bond.
Time won't help.
Time hasn't helped my dating life.
It hasn't helped my job search.
It's not gonna help my relationship with this feral cat.
Nothing is coming up Ellen.
Say goodbye to Kate Meow-Kinnon, everyone.
- Rachel? - Oh, perfect.
It's the girl who pretended to be my dead grandma's best friend to try to get in my pants.
Oh Just Ellen is fine.
Is everything okay? No.
I was moving into my grandma's apartment yesterday, and somehow, in all the craziness, my cat went missing.
I'm your cat! Sorry.
I got too excited and I tanked that.
But, I think I found your cat wandering outside last night.
Oh my god, my sweet baby! Aw, you found Cal! So, you took care of her last night? Yeah.
I Thought she could be my emotional support cat, but She hates me.
So, you two have that in common.
I don't hate you, Ellen.
You just made a really insane first impression.
But maybe we deserve a second chance.
Achoo! Oh How about a third chance? Okay, just so I'm clear, you were really excited to try being with this guy Jesse.
Right? But now that he's all in, you're not excited.
Kind of.
Uh We just got together, and now, he's turning down tours for me and dropping sleep "I love you's"? Like, it's too much too soon.
I once had a guy say, "I love you," on our first date.
You win.
Dude sounds like a real piece of work.
You have no idea.
But, a good piece of work.
Which brings me to my advice.
Do not waste your time being scared, Sophie.
Fear can make you run away from things that could be good, great even.
Things that are supposed to be a part of your story.
So, really think about it.
What did Jesse do wrong other than say everything you ever wanted a guy to say just faster than you expected? Nothing.
He did nothing wrong.
I'm just - scared.
- There it is.
Sophie, I have been married, I've been single, I have been everything in between.
And the only decisions I regret making are the ones I made out of fear.
So do me a favor, okay? Time travel 20 years into the future and ask future you, "Future me", "what do I wish I'd done 20 years ago, "the night I met smoking hot, "yet somehow still full of gravitas, news superstar Robin Scherbatsky?" And whatever future you says, do that.
I've got to go talk to Jesse! You know, the-the truth is my feelings about love are complicated because I never knew my dad, and my mom's relationships were a mess.
Yeah, maybe save unpacking your whole childhood for Jesse.
I have a limo picking me up in 10.
Save it for Jesse.
Robin, thank you.
Good luck.
I went to talk to Jesse No need to thank me.
Just, you know, name your first born Robin.
And I-I walked in on him with this ex.
Well, I was more helping you get to the place where you made that decision, so Y Maybe, he's not such a bad guy, this Jesse.
If I've learned anything at all about love, it's that timing is everything.
And sometimes, timing's a bitch.
Speaking of, I'm sorry, but I have a dinner with, uh, Savannah Guthrie and Katie Couric.
- You're gonna be okay.
- You promise? I do.
But, I'll meet future you back here in 20 years for a drink just to make sure.
- It's a date.
- Good.
But that one's on you.
Mama's not made of money.
And so, I headed to the exhibition to see one of my photos hanging in a real New York gallery for the very first time.
I was determined to enjoy my moment and forget about any boy drama for the night.
Easier said than done.
Tompkins, is that you? Oh my god.
It is you.
You are, like, my favorite photographer.
I'm so proud of you! Guys, thank you for coming.
What's What's going on with you? Okay, fine.
I have a date with the most beautiful girl in the whole world.
And that's not all.
- Hello? - Ellen.
It's Marc from Goliath Market.
I just got your joke.
I'm the head of lettuce.
You're hilarious.
I'm offering you the job.
Oh my god! Congrats! Thank you! Thank you.
I bet I'm the most successful lesbian named Ellen in the whole world.
There she is! Lady of the hour.
Oh, you guys.
Thank you for coming.
I know you're just slammed with wedding planning.
Oh, uh, actually, we are not slammed anymore.
Wide open, actually.
- Because we're married! - Oh! - Oh, thank you! - Congrats! Thanks.
The weddings were just getting so stressful and expensive.
We were like, you know what? Let's just go to City Hall, get it done.
Well, I think this calls for a toast, hm? Hey, where's your muse, by the way? He's he's not coming.
- Soph, what happened? - Um Not tonight.
Sid and Hannah look so happy.
Who knows? Maybe you and Charlie are next.
Um I don't think so.
Um We broke up.
- Oh, Val - Not tonight.
Tonight, we celebrate my friend Sophie, the most talented photographer in New York City.
So, let's get back to those rich strangers going through a divorce.
What? No! This is not a good time to return to those boat freaks! Oh, you're wrong.
It's the perfect time.
And as Robin Scherbatsky taught me, timing is everything.
I hate boats! I haven't hurt this bad since someone stole that pineapple off my front doorstep in aught five.
Oh, fine.
You can have all the boats, but not the one in Australia.
What those marine biologists are doing down there is important! They're trying to help coral reef procreate.
Oh my god.
So, the Captain owned the boat that - That's right.
- So, what happened? Did Becky let them continue the mission? Weird.
That guy looks just like No, she did not.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Is this a good time?
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