How the Universe Works (2010) s06e10 Episode Script

Mystery of Spacetime

What is our universe? It is the biggest unanswered question in science Despite the name, it is not space In any way empty space The space itself consists of something There is a hidden structure, and a force in the same space Space is a dynamic, very dynamic medium Power binds everything in our universe He is a vital player in the game of life It strengthens our reality, connects Time and space from the beginning "We call it" space-time It's all, space-time is what the universe is Space-time is how our universe works But what exactly is it? How does it control our past, our present and our future? drsamehnour@yahoo.
com "The ways of the universe" We can not see him We can not touch it But without space-time , Space-time texture our reality It shapes and governs our lives If we want to understand the story of the universe it is It is important to understand the behavior of space-time , Active spacetime since everything started It is the key to the evolution of everything We have to understand space-time to understand the history of the universe To understand how the universe began, how Evolution, and what will happen in the future The story of space-time is the story of our universe To know how the story revolves, how It will be over.
We have to go back to the beginning To the time there is nothing , No stars or space Time before the existence of time .
Suddenly Our entire universe was born in the Great Blast He began in a moment, where our universe grew out of nowhere The definition of the moment of the Great Bang is The origin of time and place at that moment It is as far as we know is the origin Time and space themselves The newborn universe, an infinitesimal point of Energy and energy, embodied from nothingness Then the universe suddenly expanded The idea of ??expanding that spot is tiny, in little time Very much less than a second, grow to fold and fold Imagine me suddenly become the size of a galaxy In a fraction of a second, the universe grew from Size is less than corn to the size of a basket In cosmic terms, it is like growth Sand grain to the size of the universe perspective The universe is magnified at the moment of expansion faster than light It seems to be a violation of everything we have learned in physics You may argue with the astronomer Nothing travels faster than light This is somewhat true But Al Qaeda does not travel Something across the universe is faster than light In the expansion, the space itself is what Expands, there is no breach or contradiction By rapidly expanding, the universe underwent a terrible growth rate At the moment of the Great Bang was the space-time entity Moving in all directions, the space itself was expanding But the universe did not expand evenly There was more of a universe A little density that adjoins them , And talk about a very small percentage Part of a hundred thousand, but that was enough The differences in space-time Expander to create higher density areas The expansion made those High density areas are larger This allowed the formation of our universe When the parts of our universe did not expand Equally, things began to gather suddenly When the universe cooled, the energy turned into matter The material was linked to the more dense areas I had those areas in and out Decisive mass larger than other regions The block slows space-time Consists of matter that resists space-time The more the material is in Somewhere was bending over I'm slowing down space-time right now When I bend, I fold it More because of greater muscle density I do not bend for as long as I can Destroying the Earth and the Solar System But it's an effect, it's a reality If I imagined wearing glasses allow Lee to see the space-time directly Suddenly, these hidden traits appear For the curved universe of the hand in front of my face We were to see the curvature of the space-time network Moves and interacts with objects inside We felt the curvature of space-time As a force we call gravity Gravity differs from all other forces It is connected to the space-time curve The thing that hates space-time has an attraction That gravity, folding the space-time itself This is difficult to represent But good similarity is the acrobat's swing and the safety net Imagine a tumbler falling on the net deliberately and those The grid is flat and looks like a grid of equal distances But when they fall, they distort that Network, and this is much like space When an object is in space, it deflects the frame When the acrobat settles on the grid The space-time network swims slightly If the Hellenian is settled, the mass will double in the same The size and the more drop and the greater the deviation Thus spacetime works The excess mass means greater curvature in space-time Means more attractiveness But understanding the nature of gravity The need is not easy It is an idea formulated by one Greatest minds ever Einstein formulated the idea that space is an entity By itself can be folded and can be folded We are bound by the will Einstein assumes that space Time is itself a mathematical engineering They have their lives and their driving power That driving force is what we call gravity The greater the density of the material area Gravity intensified and the curve deepened This bond is the basis of our physical reality Interaction between matter, energy and energy What created the universe we see around us today But that does not mean we fully understand it We do not know much and this is frustrating With the laws of physics I can I'm talking about how the spacetime behaves But it seems to be an entity that lengthens and shrinks And that gravity is the embodiment of space-time As they grew up in the Great Blast, they merged Time, space and energy to make our newborn universe Those basic materials were the foundation But how we got the compositions is extreme The complexity we see today? How did the space-time build our great universe? Our entire universe grew up in the explosion Great 13.
8 billion years ago Everything grew out of nowhere But our contemporary universe is a complex mix of materials We marvel at our closeness to this strange structure For our universe and its galaxies, and you ask yourselves, where did all this come from? The material in the universe is organized Itself on a vast cosmic network Hungarian galaxies and clusters are clustered on slabs and threads This complex network was organized by Kony architect Space-time He formed everything from the planets Galaxies, and atoms of cities The universe consists of space-time Whatever the matter is, time and space are intertwined They expand and create the universe that we see around us It's all, space-time is what the universe is It's a hard idea to understand And the most difficult to imagine Scientists observe the universe in Different wavelengths of light This is the sun with visible light X-ray and ultraviolet light Imagine if we could see it in the spectrum of space-time We will see the deflection of space-time as objects pass through it The flask can bend and push objects around it It can stretch and remove objects But the shape of space-time determines how we see it Imagine that you are in a car as you ascend and descend from a hill The shape of the earth's surface is what determines How to travel across the earth In the same way, space-time geometry is determined How light and matter move through space-time The rules are simple Material, and any body that tells space-time how to bend The curvature of space-time tells the material how to move Because the shape of space-time tells the material How to move, as we call gravity This means that gravity and the shape of space-time tell How to combine and form larger structures But at first, it was an environment Space-time is different from today's environment The first article began to change the shape of space-time There is a substance in this space A bit more space here Where there is an excess mass The space will swim more If more space bends, there will be more mass In the newborn universe, most article regions Intensity created deeper curves in space-time And when the mass increases with a fall Materials become deeper and deeper Attracting more material, it's a quick process Gravity attracted more and more of the material It became more intense, and the stars were born quickly Then many stars then arose a galaxy These stars evolved and began to form compositions The largest and burned all of its nuclear fuel All the heavier elements were blown up Over time things like planets emerged Air coverings, human beings and everything we care about today All of this began as a break in The energy in space-time expands At first, the slight differences became those The huge structures we see today Over the course of billions of years, that article has begun By gathering into galaxies, stars and planets, and you The differences in the expansion of space-time created the pattern of the universe The curvature of space-time is controlled In the evolution of everything we see today If space-time did not exist The property holds the material together We will only be a thin mist of hydrogen gas Kuna will not be interesting Lamm does not bend space-time because of the material Inside it will be a strange universe I mean there will be no attraction There is something that brings things together The lack of gravitational force means No stars, planets or humans We attribute our presence to space-time But scientists are struggling to understand it I hope you know what space-time is We know about spacetime, but about the same Time we feel we do not know anything about space-time Then in 2015, we got the chance For the first time we "heard" ripples in space-time It generated one of the most violent events in the history of the universe The universe is full of energy We believe that it exists since each start Something quietly pulls the strings of the universe And sometimes we watch this controller at the time of his work In 2016, Silicon saw a strange visual phenomenon A curious circle of light like a cosmic aura This is what you see already in heaven if it were Your eyes are as sensitive as the telescope, it's real Not a phony image when we adjust images Something actually slows space-time into a lens This thing is a red galaxy away Earth is seven billion light years away It deflects light from a blue galaxy that should be hidden behind it This is called gravitational lentil Gravitational lenticular effect is a spectacular phenomenon as it appears Clearly, Einstein told us that space was curved Space works as a lens The two lenses work in my glasses When we look at the universe we see it all, this is awesome The mass of the galaxy is made of front bends In space-time, which we know by gravity Light follows those bends He fends, and bends around the galaxy Giant objects can be like clusters Hungarian to bend the path of light through space-time Such as a glass that fades the path of light When we look at a distant galaxy We have light passing through a galaxy We see many images of the same galaxy We see the circles and circles as if this The Hungarian cluster consists of glass We see space-time collapses in front of our eyes The lenticular effect gives us The field to see the effects of space-time on the light But it is only an indirect monitoring of the need Is there another way to monitor space-time here on Earth? You can not see everything that happens in space You should also listen to him Believe it or not, space is an element More like this iron plate Like this iron, space can bend If you put a lot of weight on this The metal sheet will change shape and bend It can space amazingly To carry waves, as well as this iron board And to create ripples with this board You need something strong Something like me and bump me Do you see those waves moving through this iron board? The waves travel through space completely In the same way, we call it cultural waves Gravitational waves are vibrations of Cosmic events transmitted through space-time To launch waves in space you need For the strongest and largest events in the universe Something like a collision of two black holes When two black holes collide, the energy is released Send shock waves through space-time across the universe When you reach the ground you will be Slim can not be measured Approximately In 2015, scientists at the Lego observatory staged revolutionary observations They detected ripples in space-time Waves The uproar began to spread but it became clear after a while This was the first direct detection of the waves With man-made equipment on earth We discovered gravitational waves after waiting for signals for a long time not only did most of us believe it But continued to doubt the examination of all theories Plot by all means to be false When I saw those data, I still remember them Now, I remember their emotional impact on me It is not matched by the feeling of seeing only the face My daughter for the first time after her birth Their emotional impact was huge, to reap the rewards Everything we worked for in one moment, this is amazing We can hear those gravitational waves on Earth - What amazed us was that it was a coincidence - which was good The signs that Lego measures are of a scale The frequency of the sounds that the human ear feels We can hear the wave frequency change when The black holes approach and collide It is a rise in frequency that sounds like a sound What we have heard with this sound is that two black holes They were about each other and then collided So it was Listen to ripples in space-time may He gave us a powerful new tool to explore the universe , We now hear things attractive for the first time It is an awareness that we have not been able to apply to the universe We begin to know that Monitor the gravitational waves of black holes Is one of his most important discoveries One in astronomy in the last 100 years It's hard to exaggerate how important Gravitational waves in astronomy "It's like Galileo's guidance The first stars to see something new We now have a new window towards the universe Gravitational lenticular and gravitational waves Seeing the complex relationship between gravity and space But what about the other half of the equation? Time It is space-time, gravity does not hit Space, but also distort time We may believe that time can not Change it, pass by a fixed rate But not that in the universe we live in In some insane circumstances it may My time depends on you We are also likely to travel across Time, and go back to the future For science fiction lovers, space is another haven For scientists who are investigating Time is their biggest challenge We thought that time was recognized as sunrise and sunset We realized today that time is a more basic concept Time is not just something to pass But it is an essential part of our universe It is part of the space-time fabric The big bang was the beginning of space and time Space has since expanded Time went on It has been doing this for 13.
8 billion years To make the universe we see today Space and time are connected, they are the same When the material affects space-time, it does not make a deviation But also to the passage of time Then the space-time is great Gravity diminishes space They also skew the time flow It is not about our understanding of time But at the rate at which time applies Large objects can distort and flatten space-time Not only does space deviate, but it can That the same time or even stops The higher the gravity, the greater the deviation And what has the strongest appeal? .
Black hole By its presence near the strong tensile tension of the black hole Clocks can do strange things And then things become more interesting About the black hole bend Space-time and deflection slows down time Scientists dream of sending a probe there to test their hypothesis There is a famous way of thinking "So called" twin paradox Where twins are born at the same moment, they have the same age But one of them accelerates near a black hole He waits there for a while and then returns If I had a symmetrical twin shade on The ground as it flew near the black hole When we call, he will see me .
I will see him We'll notice that the time passes in Different rhythm for each other The closer we get to the hole Black slowed the time Instead of returning home, I fell into a hole my twin black twin on the ground slowed more I completely stop and look fixed on the horizon of the event Time seems to stop I feel Distressed that is back To the homeland again If Enable Twin From Escape From The hole t