How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s04e04 Episode Script

Was She Ever Good at Her Job?

1 Previously on "How to Get Away with Murder" My husband, Raul, filed for custody.
- What did she offer you? - Atwood.
Did she promise to get you custody of your kids? You'd so the same thing if you were in my shoes.
These are Connor's dads.
This is where my tuition money is going.
You can never separate your emotions from your job.
That's you right now, not me.
ANNALISE: We can't blame you.
It's the public defender's office that's at fault here.
It's what I needed to file a class-action suit.
All you have to do is access my father's account.
- I want to work for you.
- Why? You have the best client list in the firm.
Antares, for example.
Where's the baby? Is he dead? [KNIFE CLACKS] Hack this, bitch.
Class action, day one.
Keating v.
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Board of Education, - [CHALK SCRAPING] Roe v.
All momentous Supreme Court cases that started as class-action lawsuits.
Even Big Tobacco was brought to its knees in 1998 by a group of plaintiffs and lawyers willing to take on Goliath.
Governor Birkhead has to be the first named on the suit.
His team will hit back fast, try to get the suit thrown out, but he's the splashiest target.
PROFESSOR: Who can tell me what the first step is to building a class action? Ms.
Um [CLEARS THROAT] Assemble a group of plaintiffs.
And how many is ideal? ANNALISE: I need 40 plaintiffs to file.
I could go knock on doors, visit jails, sign up old roomies.
Start with Virginia's past clients.
See if there's other cases she neglected.
PROFESSOR: Once enough plaintiffs have signed on, selecting the best class representative or "face case" is considered the key to your suit's success.
This model plaintiff should be sympathetic, camera-ready [SIGHS] Find a better face.
- Mr.
Millstone? - Yes? Besides for time, what's the resource a lawyer will need most when undertaking a class action? Intelligence, clearly.
It's money.
Class actions run anywhere from the tens to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Get cash.
ANNALISE: President Hargrove! Annalise.
I'm not here to make a scene.
I just need your help.
The board won't let me hire you back.
- And you? - Will you hire me? You're still going through your divorce.
Annalise Step 9, make direct amends to people you've harmed.
We've harmed each other.
You narced me out to Atwood.
You owe me this.
I owe you nothing.
That A.
offered me a deal get you to talk, and I'd get my children back.
It was a no-brainer.
I'm good.
You know that.
We already scheduled a mediation.
Raul and I just want to settle.
How much are you giving him? Half your savings? I'm not firing my lawyer.
Okay, so it's more? Which means you're the one settling.
- I said no.
- Okay.
You wouldn't have to fire your lawyer.
Of course I would.
I'll consult.
If I get you a better a deal, you pay me.
If I don't, we call a truce.
Seems like another no-brainer to me.
So much for trying to hide the fact that your dad's gay.
He and Ted have seen like 8 musicals in the last 5 days.
That's Ted.
He's pretty much the only thing that makes my dad gay.
No, I think this paisley shirt's pretty gay.
[SIGHS] Again, Ted.
Did he touch you inappropriately or something? We just don't talk.
Yeah, but why? Because my mom had a nervous breakdown when he came out.
Is that really his fault, though? I mean, it was so much harder for guys to come out back then.
See, this is why I didn't tell you.
I just think it sounds like he messed up, like all dads do.
Your dad sounds awesome.
He's also very straight and very emotionally unavailable.
So is Jeff.
He's not here to have a heart-to-heart.
He's here for the money.
It sort of seems like you have to give it back.
Well, then he has to man up and ask me for it.
Unfortunately for him, I am going to be too busy boning you to pick up the phone.
You scared? Yeah, but in a good way.
Stay here.
I'm gonna get clean.
Be quick.
I have to be at work in an hour.
You're here to blackmail me for a better parking spot now? No.
I have an idea you're going to like.
You're quitting? I hear Judge Taylor's considering re-opening all of Virginia Cross's past cases.
Yeah, I know.
Then you know we should get ahead of this, otherwise this office could be implicated in the Public Defender's misconduct.
Not the best look for the future Attorney General.
What do you want? A small team to review Virginia's old cases, make sure this office didn't willfully over-prosecute.
Okay, you can have a small team.
- Sure.
- As in, just you.
Well, I wish you both a lovely day at your high-power jobs.
If you need me, I'll be at home folding laundry, wondering where my life went wrong.
You want a job? Get me a coffee.
From the vending machine? That requires money.
There you go.
[SIGHS] I thought he'd never leave.
LAUREL: Is his butt as nice as it looks? Oh, it's amazing.
Wait, what? Sorry.
got me off my antidepressants, and I want to hump - everything.
- Okay, gross.
I have an appointment with the I.
guy later today, he's giving me access to all of Tegan's files.
- That's great.
- No, it's not.
The system tracks every time we log into an account what files we open, print You're gonna figure out your way around that.
How? You're smart and convincing and very pretty.
Right? I have to go to work so I don't hump Asher.
Did she just check me out? Oh, don't be so full of yourself.
Mwah! You know how rare this is? Getting a front-row seat to see a power player in live action? That's me.
Oh, I know, and I am so grateful.
Your reputation as a negotiator is unparalleled.
Don't kiss my ass.
I hate that.
And the only reason I'm bringing you in on this - is because you're my bait.
- I'm sorry? The firm's trying to land Middleton as a client.
Impressing President Hargrove is step one.
I'm not so sure this is a good idea.
Soraya, I want you to meet my intern from Middleton, Michaela Pratt.
Get in here! I didn't know you worked here.
Because I didn't want you to.
TEGAN: It's against C&G policy to take on co-counsel without vetting them.
- SORAYA: I vetted her.
- Okay, but They're here.
[SIGHS] You really want to sacrifice Middleton's business over this? Barry.
$6 million is extortion.
Barry! Your client served as C.
of Tanner Medical for over a decade.
Her net worth is nearly $10 million.
Which is why she had Mr.
Hargrove sign a prenup! Where in the prenup did it say she could drink herself stupid and endanger the lives of our children? - Raul - Hey.
Speak to my client again and we'll hit you with a defamation suit.
BARRY: To be clear, my client has upped his ask due to the severe emotional distress that he has suffered as a result of your client's alcoholism.
He's even had to seek counseling.
Why are you mentioning this now? What about Mrs.
Hargrove's emotional distress? It was your client's ineptitude as a husband that drove her to drink in the first place.
Okay If you two want to continue to play hardball What is this? An affidavit listing every instance of Mrs.
Hargrove's intoxication over the course of the marriage.
Agree to $6 million by 3:00 p.
tomorrow, or we file this with the courts in our effort to gain sole custody of the children.
This is hearsay.
We thought you'd say that.
RAUL: This is our kids' bathroom.
They could find you here this way.
Let go of me! I can't carry you out of here.
That's because you're you're weak.
[SIGHS] Turn it off.
I'm not the one who drank an entire bottle of gin.
That was the first night he brought up getting a divorce.
He was goading me clearly.
We can't let them file this with the court.
It'd become public domain.
The university could see it.
Oh, my God.
She should not be here.
MICHAELA: I'm part of the legal team here.
Attorney-client privilege applies to me, as well.
SORAYA: What do we do? Counter-sue.
You didn't know you were being taped.
That's an invasion of privacy.
They were married.
No judge will go for that.
It's a scare tactic.
Throw in voyeurism.
That's a level one sexual offense.
A voyeurism offense requires arousal or sexual gratification.
She's right.
Then what's your idea? Write a $6 million check? We need to take a beat.
That's all.
No, we need to hit back.
Raul's the one playing dirty here, treating alcoholism like a choice instead of the disease that it is.
I don't care about my reputation.
I just want my kids.
Then fight for them.
The same you fought your way off the bathroom floor.
The hell with him.
Let's kick him where it hurts.
JEFFERSON: Did Connor ever tell you about the time he came out? Uh Oh, it's a good story, Oliver.
I'm sure it is.
I just It's probably one I should hear from Connor.
He was 12.
- [LAUGHING] What? - Can you imagine? I was a 43-year-old man married to my high school sweetheart and here comes my precocious, self-assured tween son to sit us all down at the dinner table and tell us that he's gay.
Not only that, but that if we couldn't find it in ourselves to love that part of him, he was gonna run away to the West Village to be with his people.
That's my favorite part.
[LAUGHTER] And I knew what I had to do right then.
I was gay.
I'd always known it.
But Connor gave me the courage I needed to come out.
And so I did, the next week at the same dinner table.
I wish I could go back, be more sensitive to Connor, Pam.
Jeff and I didn't get together until all of this was over.
- Oh.
- There was no funny business.
God, I'd never even touched another man's penis - until I met Ted the next year.
- Oh.
- Oh, wow.
- [CHUCKLES] Sorry.
No, that's fine.
I just want the chance to be there for him, Oliver.
Please help me see him.
Who'd you piss off? I'm reviewing every Virginia Cross case from the past five years in case there's blowback.
Look what I found.
You testified about inculpatory evidence in this case, but I can't find the supplemental report in the file.
This is about Annalise.
I'm doing my job.
And if Annalise gets wind? I can't promise I'm gonna be there to stop her from knocking your ass out next time.
LAUREL: Did you see this? - You're late.
- This is insane.
The guy who covered up Wes's murder can't be Attorney General.
- He should be in jail.
- NATE: So should you.
The smart people around here keep their heads down.
That goes for the both of you.
How are you okay with this? Because I'm an adult who needs a job.
Now go do yours.
Why the hell is Laurel Castillo here? She's my intern.
Okay, you forced me to hire you, not any of Annalise's other little groupies.
- Fire her.
- I can't.
I'm your boss.
She's pregnant.
You'll be kicking off your campaign with a discrimination lawsuit.
- Do you know Annalise? - What? She nodded approval at you.
Why? She was my professor.
I was going to tell you, but, well I hate her.
Look, I can step off the case, especially since it involves President Hargrove.
It's okay.
I hate most of the people in this firm, but I work with them because I'm a boss bitch.
And now I'm trying to make you into one.
So swallow your feelings or I'll find someone else - to work this desk.
- Ms.
I was just heading out to a prior commitment, but I e-mailed you the first draft of the countersuit.
You want me to finish it for you? A second set of eyes never hurts.
I don't know.
What do you think, Ms.
Pratt? - Hmm? - Can you think of one reason why I'd help draft a lawsuit I wholeheartedly disagree with? No.
I'll finish it myself.
Barry Thompson's e-mail address.
Tegan says we should get the pleadings to him by 5:00 p.
You tell Tegan I don't take orders from her.
And tell her she can kiss my ass.
Use those words.
This is awkward, obviously, but I think it's best if we both swallow our feelings for the good of the client.
Do you think you can do that? I think you need to get off my elevator.
[DOOR OPENS] OLIVER: Honey, you home? I'm not only home, I am full mast - and ready to set sail - I brought a surprise.
Connor! D I-I'm so sorry.
Just CONNOR: I hate you! [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] I remember when you used to look like that.
Thompson: please find attached our client's countersuit against Mr.
Hargrove on the count of invasion of privacy and voyeurism.
Uh, yeah.
It's Annalise Keating.
I would like the trial transcripts to every Virginia Cross case.
The court reporter charges $2 per page.
So you're looking at 20, 30 grand for that much paper.
What about just the front page with the defendant's name? That's still gonna cost you about 3 grand.
I'll pick them up tomorrow.
REGINA: What time tomorrow? Coming.
[CLICK, DIAL TONE] - NATE: What'd she want? - Unh-unh.
I'm not getting in the middle of you two.
What do you want? Some digging on the Virginia Cross case from last fall.
There's an evidence file missing.
So you and your sidepiece are working together on this Public Defender crap.
Is that what you're not telling me? What? ISAAC: How's the class action going? Hmm? You You seemed to be working pretty hard out there.
You don't know what I was working on.
[SIGHS] That was also not about the class-action suit.
So it was a personal call? It was Michaela.
She was a student of mine.
[SIGHS] I'm in a good mood.
Let's not ruin it.
Tell me about the good mood.
I know you don't agree with it, and I can understand why, but this case is important to me.
It's not like I'm drinking.
I'm not hurting anyone, so - What? - Virginia Cross wasn't hurt? Ah.
You're trying to make me leave here in a foul mood.
No, look.
I-I am so glad that you're committed to your sobriety, Annalise.
That's always gonna be my first concern here.
Then why do I feel like I'm being attacked? Because it's my job to get you to ask yourself why.
"Why did I take on this case? Why does it make me feel good?" Well, you obviously have a theory, so why don't you tell me? I'm concerned this case is designed to distract you from a loss you've experienced.
Well, you're right.
This is about Jasmine.
I want something good to come out of her death.
That's not the loss that I'm referring to.
"My student, Wes Gibbins, took his life at my home.
" I wake up every day knowing that a young man with so much potential, who needed me the most, "died because I decided to take a drink.
" [PAPERS RUSTLE] Those are your words at the disciplinary hearing.
You requested that transcript? The Board sent it over when you were assigned to me.
What do you tell them about me? I send them a progress report once a month, that's all.
So, this guilt you stated you feel about Wes's suicide that's something you said for the Board's benefit? - Of course not.
- So you really feel that way? What is this?! I went to jail for killing that boy.
The A.
framed me, went to people in my life to help them incriminate me.
- I'm your therapist, Annalise.
- So? Better people than you have betrayed me people in AA, Soraya, - Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
- just I'm sorry.
Just know I understand how suicide leaves survivors with an ocean of guilt.
And I just wonder, could this be what's driving you to take on this project? A concrete way to make amends, to grieve.
[SIGHS] Sorry.
MAN: Okay.
Account's all set.
Here's your username, password, second password.
Okay, so now I have access to all of Tegan's accounts? Hell, no.
You're an intern.
All you can access is company e-mail.
But Tegan needs me to be able to access her files.
Well, she's just gonna have to sign off on that.
- I can't do it.
- Do what? Access Tegan's files.
She'll get in trouble.
You have to.
Denver's running for Attorney General.
We have to act fast.
Wait, now we're taking down Denver? I'll tell you more at Connor's.
Can you believe he wants us to meet his dad? I can't go.
Annalise just dropped a giant turd on my desk.
I think you mean Tegan.
She's consulting on President Hargrove's divorce case.
You're working with the both of them? What happened? - You e-mailed the wrong Barry.
- What? I'll pick them up tomorrow.
You were supposed to send the countersuit to Raul's lawyer Barry Thompson, but you sent it to Barry Lewiston, - the Middleton board member.
- Coming.
President Hargrove's on the phone with him right now trying to salvage her job.
Good talk.
Barry, please, it's a personal issue from the past.
I promise, I'm sober.
I'm not a liability to the university.
You always this fun? There is no reason the board needs to know about this.
Barry, please.
- You do this on purpose? - It was a stupid mistake.
That's gonna cost me my children! Do you have any idea what that means? - I would rather die, Annalise.
- I know.
You have no children.
You don't know what it feels like to lose them! - TEGAN: Was she ever good at her job? - Hmm? People said she was an animal in court.
Her closings were infamous.
Now she's my grandmother trying to learn how to use a DVR.
[SIGHS] She's been through a lot.
Are you defending her? No, I ju I'm kidding.
She's still hot.
I'll give her that.
- Are you drinking again? - No.
Because you were gone for like an hour.
I was at therapy.
It's court-ordered.
Got to go twice a week.
Go to AA meetings, pee in cups.
Feels like all I do now is work at not drinking.
No one told me it would cost this much.
Business school, the kids, running a company all I did was push.
Of course I'd want a drink at the end of a 14-hour day.
I've been there.
No one pushed harder than me.
Now I'm broke, alone, got to beg you for work.
[SIGHS] God.
If I'm gonna go down I want to go down drinking.
[SNIFFLES] I'll be right there with you.
[CHUCKLES] I'm gonna fix this.
You can't.
Watch me.
You've reached Barry Lewiston of Middleton University.
Please leave a message.
[BEEP] Hi.
It's Annalise Keating.
Obviously, I sent that document in error.
Please call me back.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] What do you do? Wait around my door all day for treats? FRANK: I brought you something.
I figured you needed money if you're still living here.
FRANK: It was me.
I did this.
[ BREATHING HEAVILY] The baby? Go away.
[SUITCASE THUDS] Annalise That's my dead baby in that suitcase.
Don't you know that? - I just want to help.
- All you do is hurt me.
Leave! [ZIPPER CLOSES] P-town is magic.
The beach is amazing, the men are amazing, the Speedos are amazing.
[CHUCKLES] You all need to come.
Uh, can I come? I love a free beach house.
The more the merrier! I'll go as long as Asher promises to wear a Speedo.
Ooh, yeah.
No, I mean, I'm, uh, s I'm straight.
That's what my husband said for 40 years.
Till you turned him.
You know it, girl.
[BOTH LAUGH] I like the smell of that hand soap.
[BLENDER WHIRRING] [WHIRRING STOPS] Connor, I'm not here to convince you to do anything you don't want.
Then why are you here? Do you have cancer? - No.
- Hmm.
So you're not dying and you're not trying to convince me to re-enroll, which only leaves the money.
I'd like the chance to talk to you, preferably alone.
Well, that's not now because we have company.
Yeah, your, uh, buffers.
They're my friends.
Hey, Ted, you want another margarita? OLIVER: Oh, no, I think Ted's all set.
Yes, he is! [GLASS CLINKS] - I would like to make a toast.
- Dad, no.
I promise not to embarrass you.
No, please do.
My mind went to some of dark places when the bursar's office called to inform me that Connor had withdrawn from law school.
Here we go.
Circuit parties, meth parties.
But, uh, now that I'm here, I can't tell you all how happy it makes me to see the second family that my son has here.
All right, we done? Connor, law school, no law school, you have been and always will be my teacher.
Remind me why we hate him.
BONNIE: She left without even telling me 'cause she's a cliché of a lazy-ass millennial.
- FRANK: She's probably got her reasons.
- Bad ones.
Any chance you want to come help me sort through a thousand case files? I'm at my Ma's.
She's gonna give me a practice LSAT.
Let's see how bad I blow it.
You're gonna do fine.
Let's hope.
See you later.
Frank You okay? Yeah.
I met, uh, Connor's dad tonight.
- No way.
- Mm-hmm.
He's, uh He's pretty normal, considering.
You're getting worried? [SIGHS] You're gonna make an awesome mom.
- Stop.
- You are.
Can we not talk about the baby, please? Of course.
Just whatever you need, know I'm here for you.
This isn't what I meant.
It's just sex.
Shut up and take it.
You've reached Barry Lewiston of Middleton University.
Please leave a message.
[BEEP] Hi.
This is Annalise Keating again.
Please call me back or I'll have to take legal action.
[COMPUTER CHIMES] ISAAC: To the Members of the Disciplinary Board: My patient Annalise Keating has passed all random substance-abuse tests, maintained her sobriety, and continues to meet the conditions of her court-mandated therapy.
As long as she maintains these practices, I recommend she continue to be allowed to practice law.
Sincerely, Isaac Roa, Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.
BARRY: My client has upped his ask due to the severe emotional distress that he has suffered as a result of your client's alcoholism.
He's even had to seek counseling.
We need to subpoena Raul's therapist's notes.
You can do that? If Raul is claiming emotional distress, his therapist's notes can prove that.
I'm calling the judge.
Damn Bury me The patient's using his emotional distress as grounds to obtain full custody of the children.
BARRY: How can we know Mrs.
Hargrove won't use these notes against her ex-husband in the future? The only way I can see that happening is if your client has something to hide.
Does he? MICHAELA: Attention, interns.
These are our enemy's therapist's notes.
He goes several times a week.
That's how weak he is.
Um, I go to therapy.
You're opening your mouth, but all I hear is you wasting my time! Get to work, people! Find me my smoking gun! Bury me Oh, my God.
I think I found something juicy.
Bury me, bury me Do what you want, don't dirty me Excuse me.
Move, please.
It's urgent! Excuse me! Thanks! Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry, sorry! Coming through! - He was cheating on her! - What? "Patient mentioned meeting a friend named Sue for dinner.
" He said they spoke about preparing for the future, despite his still being married.
He refused to answer "any more about Sue upon further questioning.
" That's it.
We'll counter back with an adultery allegation.
I know who Sue is.
TEGAN: We've come to a decision about your offer.
I hope it's one where my client will be walking out of this room with $6 million.
He'll be lucky to be walking out with his balls.
- Excuse me? - The original prenup read paragraph 2, section B.
The infidelity clause? "Patient mentioned meeting a friend named Sue for dinner.
" He said they spoke about preparing for the future "despite his still being married.
" Sue's a man.
Soraya knows him.
Warren Hsu.
He's my money manager.
I know who Sue is.
Warren Hsu's our money manager.
Why would Raul meet with him behind my back? Tonight, you're my knight So you admit to having dinner with Mr.
Hsu three months before filing for divorce? - Don't answer.
- Yes.
So that you could illegally hide your assets before filing? Mr.
Hargrove works in finance.
Warren Hsu is a colleague.
He used to work in finance.
Now he's a deadbeat freeloading off his more successful wife.
TEGAN: Proven by these bank statements.
Two days after the meeting, Mr.
Hargrove began withdrawing small amounts of money from his personal savings.
This is all circumstantial.
Maybe the IRS can find something more concrete.
It's hard to have sole custody from prison.
You're my knight Tonight You're my knight Tonight - Don't say another word.
- What do you want? Joint custody.
That's it.
With the original $3 million $1 million Do what you want, don't dirty me in order that he may properly care for our children when they're staying with him.
Take it or leave it.
[SIGHS] We'll take it.
Do what you want, don't dirty me You sure you want to give this place up? The real world is not so inviting.
This place isn't so inviting either.
How's that? I just need a break.
[SIGHS] Here's my tuition check.
Keep it.
You can't buy me, okay? Or my forgiveness or or love or whatever this is.
We're not close.
I'm sorry about that.
I don't hate you anymore.
We just don't have that much in common.
We do.
Especially if you marry Oliver.
He told Ted you two were thinking about getting married.
Of course he did.
I think that's a mistake, Connor.
Because he's positive? Did Oliver tell Ted that, too? - Connor - Look, it's not that it's any of your business, but I am on PrEP.
That's not what this is about, okay? I think Oliver's great.
He's just not great for you.
I found an amazing guy who's nice and normal and cares about me.
Not the type of guy you need.
- You don't know what I need.
- I do.
I'm happy, Dad.
You're faking it, Connor.
Just like I did with your mother.
[SCOFFS] And as much as this might upset you, I've known you your entire life, and you are not this guy.
What are you talking about? I used to envy you.
Even as a child, so independent, strong.
You didn't need people, not like the rest of us.
Now, I don't know what changed to you, Connor.
I don't know what happened, if it was this place or Oliver, but you cannot live your life for other people.
You have to live your life for you, the real you, and find someone who fits with that, and that is not Oliver.
What's wrong with you? I'm your father.
It's my job to tell you the truth.
You lied every day for 45 years! You don't know what the truth is! Connor.
Connor, get back Connor! Connor! [CELLPHONE BEEPS] That was Barry Lewiston.
He's going to pretend he never saw the e-mail.
I don't suppose you had anything to do with that.
I told him he could keep his mouth shut or I'd dredge up my lawsuit against the university for breach of contract.
Can I write you a check right now? I'll e-mail you the bill.
Call me if you ever wanna go to a meeting.
A bar sounds like more fun.
If you're looking to make a new home somewhere, I'm happy to talk to the guys upstairs.
Good to know.
Stop! Oh, God, are we doing this again? You do not get to work here.
Excuse me? You were the one who said we were no good for each other, that we should go back to who we were before we met.
Well, I've done that.
You chased me out the door.
All I'm saying is I have made a place for myself here.
It is mine, and I have a real mentor this time.
You're doing it again looking for a mommy everywhere you go.
Me, Tegan, whatever woman you encounter next you want us all to be the mother yours never was.
There you go.
That's a lot of cash to spend for some paper.
Hope it's worth it.
Need a hand? What you up to now? Patient notes for Annalise Keating.
Patient maintaining tenuous sobriety.
Continues to overwhelm herself with work.
Once again, she's prioritizing rescuing others over her own needs.
So it's a cash grab? You need the press? Just don't tell me you're about to take on the the whole damned system.
I'm not doing this for me.
Who are you doing it for? Wes, my clients, everyone who's been wrongfully accused.
That's hilarious coming from the person that put my ass in jail.
And look how easy it was.
You think that they would have locked Sam up for killing you? We know who they put in jail.
Listen, if you say anything to anyone, this is all gonna fall apart, and I'm doing this for the right reasons.
You've never been on the right side of anything.
She's self-inflicting penance for the lives that she feels that she's ruined.
When said plan fails, I fear she may be headed for relapse or worse.
[SON LUX'S "DANGEROUS" PLAYS] How does it feel To be your own deceiver? Signals raised Then lost to the aether Trent Stockton used to work at Antares before he died under mysterious circumstances.
And now he is magically contributing to Denver's campaign.
This is my dad.
He's paying Denver for covering up for Wes's murder.
- This is crazy.
- I know.
You have to start dating the IT guy or something.
He has a ponytail.
Then set me up.
I'll screw anyone right now.
- Laurel.
- I had sex with Frank.
It's bad, I know.
Poor baby.
I know how to get into Tegan's accounts.
OLIVER: So, Ted asked what we were doing for Memorial Day.
And I know it's far off, but P-town does sound incredible.
Is that a no? Uh I'll think about it.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [CELLPHONE RINGS] I cannot believe you missed meeting Connor's dads.
MICHAELA: Yeah, you can tell me about it later.
Right now, I have an I.
Patient continues to isolate, refusing help.
Probably a defense mechanism to protect the severe and unprocessed trauma she harbors.
NATE: Here.
The supplemental report was misfiled.
Turns out I'm not as bad at my job as you think.
I don't think that.
Do you want to know my theory? Annalise took down Virginia not to get her clients, but to get her job.
She wants to be Chief Public Defender.
As your sober buddy, you got to drop this.
I'm doing my job.
No, you're back on the crack, and it's called Annalise, and I ain't here for it.
ISAAC: Her grandiosity and workaholic tendencies make me worry about hypomania.
I've got about 300 viable client names from Virginia's court transcripts.
I should divide them by violent, nonviolent crimes, misdemeanors, felonies, proof of appeal.
ISAAC: When confronted with the possibility that the recent loss of her student, Wes Gibbins, is pushing her to take on this extreme workload, the patient shut down.
Which is perhaps better for me.
The patient is a trigger for me.
I need to be mindful.
My new patient just arrived.
Come in.
Anyplace you feel comfortable.
Where's the baby? [ CELLPHONE RINGS] [ WHIMPERING] This is the cellphone of Isaac Roa.
If this is an emergency, please call 911.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Where's the witness? Over there.