How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s04e05 Episode Script

I Love Her

1 Previously on "How To Get Away With Murder" Shh.
It's just sex.
Trent Stockton died under mysterious circumstances.
I know how to get into Tegan's accounts.
MICHAELA: I have an I.
ANNALISE: Start with Virginia's past clients.
See if there's other cases she neglected.
If you say anything to anyone, this is all gonna fall apart.
- You got to drop this.
- I'm doing my job.
No, you're back on the crack, and it's called Annalise.
Meet Bonnie.
- What the hell is this? - Bonnie's childhood.
- It's gonna be fun.
- And that man is her father.
The patient is a trigger for me.
My new patient just arrived.
- Julie? - Yes.
- Where's the witness? - Over there.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] [KNOCKING ON GLASS] Thank you for seeing me.
ISAAC: Come.
ISAAC: Here.
Thank you.
This is about Mae? I am pathetic.
I know.
You've been my patient a month now.
That is not a word that I would use to describe you.
I saw her tonight.
You went to her? No.
She reached out to you? She didn't have a choice.
Julie? I wasn't honest with you.
I didn't come here to get better.
I came here to hurt her.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Councilman, how do you feel about facing your accuser today? Please.
Councilman Lindgren is not doing interviews today.
- Why isn't your wife with you? - Let us through.
Councilman, have you spoken to your wife - about these rape charges? - My client is the real victim here.
WOMAN: Care to comment on being labeled a pedophile? - I said no interviews for my client.
- Did you know she was underage? And why isn't your wife with you? - Hold up.
- WOMAN: Are you scared that more accusers will come forward? My client is the defendant.
- Is Is there a problem? - Witness coming through.
My apologies.
He was supposed to arrive after us.
BONNIE: It's okay.
WOMAN: Any comment on your falling poll numbers? MAN 1: How does you wife feel about these allegations? MAN 2: How does it feel to face a lifetime on the Sex Offender Registry? - family? - Were drugs involved? WOMAN: Are you afraid the D.
will press for the maximum sentence? There's no way that Annalise is living at the Easton Hotel.
The place is, like, 2 stars.
That's the address Caplan & Gold has for her, and, honestly, I'd rather stay in a 2-star hotel than this mess we're currently living in.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Honk, honk! Your chariot awaits.
What is taking so long?! Oliver! Tegan will dismember me if we're late! I'm sorry.
I can't find my shoe! This whole place smells like one big shoe.
That's just my balls.
Do you do anything other than play on your phone all day? I'm not playing.
I'm on Humpr.
- Turn that off.
- What? Oli and I have a little bet going about our new neighbor.
[INHALES SHARPLY] I'm trying to find out if he's gay.
I'd rather you find a job.
I'm sorry.
That was bitchy.
I-I didn't mean that.
Mm, he did.
- Shoe! - Finally.
Let's go.
[SMOOCHES] - Oliver! - Sorry! [DOOR CLOSES] [MOANING SOFTLY] [BOXED IN'S "PUSHING ON" PLAYS] Got to keep working Got to keep working harder Got to keep pushing Got to keep pushing on You got to keep working - Got to keep working harder - [TEXT TONE CHIMES] - Got to keep pushing - [GROANS] What the hell? Bonnie needs me.
Tell her to come home.
She can talk to you here.
[SIGHS] So, can we finally acknowledge that I'm just your gigolo? Did I ever give you the impression that you weren't? Nice.
I'll text you later.
Got to keep pushing [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] [SIGHS] The Sixth Amendment gives you the Constitutional right to adequate representation.
You were denied that right.
I had a public defender.
Virginia Cross.
I know.
Did she win your case? Obviously not.
I wouldn't be rotting in here if she had.
Cross didn't have the resources to hire a blood-spatter expert to refute your charges.
If you had a proper defense, then your attorney would've done a full investigation, hired a P.
, done a jury analysis.
So you're saying that lady bungled my case? Public defenders are doing the best they can, but the Governor cut their budget so Ms.
Cross couldn't afford to look for other eyewitnesses.
What are you saying? I'll get a new trial if I join this class action? Or get me an appeal? If we win, every case in the lawsuit will be retried.
But it's about something bigger than that.
We're gonna force the Governor to hire more public defenders for you and for future defendants.
It's about taking on the system as a whole.
I got mouths to feed.
So can you win me some money? You may be entitled to damages.
It's also possible to clear your name, win back your freedom, maybe even get home in time for your daughter's graduation.
All you have to do is sign this.
Sign this.
Sign this.
This is an opportunity to break the cycle of discrimination.
Think about all the innocent people you'll be saving.
What do you say? I'm in.
[MOUSE CLICKS] Let's do this.
Only 16 more to go.
Councilman, how do you feel about facing your accuser? WOMAN: Have you spoken to your children about these rape charges? WOMAN 2: the D.
will press for the maximum sentence? Miss Winterbottom, how old were you when you first met Councilman Lindgren? 14.
It's when my father was a janitor at City Hall.
My father would take me to work with him after school sometimes.
His office was in the basement.
My father would leave the room, and Mr.
Lindgren would come in.
He'd tell me to lie on the couch, and then he would rape me.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Miss Winterbottom, where is your father now? Federal prison.
Prejudice outweighs probative value.
BARHAM: And when did the abuse with the Councilman finally end? When I was 15.
Why? I got pregnant.
Do you know who the father of the child was? No.
I was being raped by several men at the time Councilman Lindgren, my father, several other men who have since gone to jail.
Miss Winterbottom, what happened to the child? I don't know.
I passed out during labor, and when I woke up, my father told me the baby was dead.
[SPECTATORS MURMUR] What does that mean? That you came here to hurt her? [INHALES DEEPLY] Julie, you understand it's my duty to report if you're a danger to yourself or to others.
I didn't do anything to her.
That's not what I meant.
What was it that happened between you two tonight? - It doesn't matter.
- Of course it does.
Come on.
Talk to me.
Maybe I just made it all up that we were the same.
[BREATHES SHAKILY] We were both abused.
We both lost babies.
But maybe that's what screwed us up, too.
'Cause she wanted a child, and I wanted to be what she wanted.
That what you tried to be for her? Not her girlfriend or her partner, but her child? No, that wasn't just what our relationship was about.
What was it about, then? Her guilt.
[HORN HONKS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] You were so great in there.
You should be really proud of yourself.
Little Missy just took a giant dump on our case.
Lucky for me, I know who can clean it up.
I'm not interested in being your Christopher Darden.
The jury is not gonna be down with an old white guy tearing that girl apart.
What does you being white have to do with any of it? Nothing.
But I do have a penis.
So Come on.
You're my shark.
Or at least that's what I'll tell the rest of the partners at the board meeting.
I'm gonna cut off that penis if my name is not on that door this time next month.
See? I knew you had no morals.
It's 8:00.
[GROANS] Do we have to? Hey, I'm still willing to try the old-fashioned way.
Just make it quick.
Why are we doing this? You're asking me that now? There are kids out there we could adopt.
They might even like us.
Our own kid's not gonna like us? Did you always like your parents? Hmm.
You can tell him no.
Ah, so I can be the weak-ass woman who can't handle crossing a rape victim.
Can you do this? Of course you can.
But at what cost to you? [VOICE BREAKING] You know, not everything's is about what he did to me.
I know.
And these tears are the stupid hormones and not about this case.
[INHALES SHARPLY, SNIFFLES] I wasn't being paranoid.
More than 20 of Virginia Cross' old clients now list their attorney status as "pending.
" Virginia was fired.
Of course they needed new lawyers.
But I called the Public Defenders' office, and none of them are represented by people in that office.
It's Annalise.
Which is why I need you to go to the prison and find out if she's met with any of these inmates.
- You go.
- I did.
They told me that she was never there.
- Then that's your answer.
- They're lying to me.
They won't lie to you.
I'll ask another investigator if you're too busy.
I'll go.
But you got to start asking yourself what this is really about.
Being all single white female ain't cute.
I don't care about being cute.
- Ms.
Pratt? - Is this about the brief? I used the sans-serif font like you said.
Sit! No.
Actually, stand.
That'll make it easier to try these on.
You're an 8 1/2.
I can't.
You've been doing great work.
You deserve a reward.
Keep it up, you'll be getting an offer here and buying your own closet full of these in no time.
[LAUGHING] [GASPS] Oh, my God.
Try them on! [TELEPHONE RINGS] SIMON: So, Oli, we still on for Catan and Quiznos for lunch? As long as you keep shipping three sheep for a brick, hell yeah.
You're never gonna let me live that down.
Oliver, can I see you for a minute? I'll pick you up at your desk.
[GASPS] Are those Louboutins? Mm-hmm.
Tegan is a goddess, and you're a traitor.
What? Simon's not that bad.
Defend him, and we're no longer friends.
[SOFTLY] Where are we at on you-know-what? I told you, only a partner can get into Antares' files, so unless you want me to break in to Tegan's computer - But there has to be another way.
- There isn't.
And do we really want to do this? I love it here.
There's free snacks and heated toilet seats.
So you're choosing a toilet seat over Wes and Laurel and the baby? I'm choosing a heated toilet seat, and you're choosing $1,000 heels, so No.
I'm choosing justice for our friend.
And so are you.
Tegan's leaving at 7:30 for a dinner.
Meet me here.
[BUZZER SOUNDS] [DOOR CREAKS] NATE: You're not in the visitor logs.
How'd you get in here? You bribe the guard? No one can know what I'm doing until I file with the court.
Too late.
Bonnie's on your tail.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] What is it? I know someone for your case.
Who? No.
I'm not getting them involved if you keep going about this the wrong way.
I'm doing what I need to get clients, Nate.
You're sneaking around, paying off guards.
What if you get caught, disbarred? You would've gotten all these people's hopes up for nothing.
I just need a few more signatures.
Get 'em the right way.
You're better than this, Annalise.
Talked to a few guards.
None have seen Annalise around the jail.
And did you check the visitors logs? Look, I'm the last one to defend her, but if she's doing what you think she's doing, helping people out That's not what she's doing.
Well, go talk to her.
Ask her to her face.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] So sorry I'm late.
- Is everything okay? - It's fine.
Just start entering these into the spreadsheet.
More Virginia Cross clients? - Apparently.
- Just get to work.
[SIGHS] All right.
Let me carry it.
Pregnant women all around the world work in factories and fields up until labor.
I can carry a box.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] ANNALISE: Miss Winterbottom, you stated that you were 14 when Councilman Lindgren raped you, but you only came forward a few years ago.
- Why wait so long? - That's when I saw him on the news.
I heard his voice, and it was instant this chill went down my spine.
So you had no memory of him until this news report? I've been raped by dozens and dozens of men.
I don't spend my time trying to remember their faces.
Miss Winterbottom, are you aware that there's evidence that experiences of trauma, such as a father molesting a daughter, can contribute to memory distortion? Objection.
Calls for expert opinion.
JUDGE WALKER: Sustained.
Have you ever heard of false memory syndrome? - Objection.
- Sustained.
- Is she trying to tank this? - Quiet.
Why didn't you tell anyone about the Councilman's alleged abuse when it was happening? I was only 14.
Old enough to speak your mind.
Not old enough to stand up to my father, a man who said he would kill me and my sister and get rid of our bodies in the furnace of City Hall if I said anything.
Would you have told anyone? HUGH: Are you trying to tank this?! I have to go slow so I don't alienate the jury.
I stuck my neck out for you with the firm.
So get in there and go for blood.
Otherwise you don't have a job anymore, let alone your name on the door.
ISAAC: Tell me about a good memory with Mae.
Why would you ask me that? To remind you those years with Mae weren't all bad.
Of course they weren't.
But you're beating yourself up for connecting with her in the first place.
You understand why she behaves the way she does.
I-It's what bonded you, right? How is this supposed to help me right now? You came to therapy to get over Mae, not to hurt her.
- That's not true.
- I think it is.
I think you are a much more emotionally aware person than you give yourself credit for.
Considering what I've been through.
- No.
- Okay, then stop getting me to revisit the good times I had with her.
That's not helpful to me, just like it wouldn't be helpful for me to remember the good times with my father.
Well, those are very different relationships.
They're both abusive.
And that's the only reason I let her into my life.
I was so desperate for someone who wouldn't rape me that I took what I could get, and that's not love.
That's trauma.
And that is what you should be telling me right now.
That I am right to hate her, that I am right to want to hurt her.
You're justified in feeling betrayed.
- I'm with you on that.
- Then stop this, please.
I can't take anyone else being on her side.
Do you need another recess? No, Your Honor.
I'm ready.
Miss Winterbottom, have you ever heard of a medical condition called a hysterical pregnancy? I didn't lie about my baby.
I understand that.
But not even you ever saw that baby.
So isn't it possible that it never existed? BARHAM: Objection.
Asked and answered.
I understand that you believe that you were pregnant.
But that was many, many years ago.
And now all of a sudden, you're having these memories of this man that looks like a lot of other white men out there.
So isn't it possible that he wasn't the one who raped you? - It was him.
- I know you believe that, and I know awful things happened to you, but this is a court of law, and we need proof.
- So, what's the proof? - I remember him doing it to me.
You think you have memories of that.
And I know that there's a lot of pressure on you to say that, but it's okay to admit that you don't remember things exactly.
Invites inadmissible speculation.
Confrontation clause allows me to impeach the credibility of the witness.
JUDGE WALKER: Overruled.
Is it possible, Miss Winterbottom, that you're confusing the Councilman with one of dozens of other men who raped you in that room? - No.
- But how do you know? - I just do.
- How? You remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday, - what color shirt you wore? - That's not the same thing.
Exactly right.
Because that was last week.
And this, your recovered memory of this man's face that's from nearly 10 years ago.
Objection! Counsel is testifying for the witness.
- JUDGE WALKER: Overruled.
- Is it possible you could be wrong about the Councilman? - No.
- So you have no doubt? None whatsoever? It's okay if you do.
I didn't say that.
But you hesitated, and that's okay.
Because you need to be 100% certain.
The Councilman is a father.
He has a family.
Their lives will be destroyed based on something you think he might've done, so I'm asking you once again is there any doubt whatsoever that it was him who did all of these terrible things to you? PETERSON: I'm telling you Annalise Keating hasn't been here in over a month.
You want to see what I had for lunch, too? [BUZZER SOUNDS] [DOOR OPENS] Oh, hell no.
Say something else about my boy.
Sexually abused by their own mother.
- Shut up! - Guard! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Look.
Let's not even waste time.
The answer's no.
Jasmine's dead, Claudia.
She OD'd.
[DOOR CLOSES] So? So I just I can't forget about it.
The system broke her the way it always does, but you can help change that.
- How? - Sign on to my class-action suit.
I'm gonna sue the governor so you and the other girls can get the fair representation you should've been given in the first place.
Bitch, we still hate you.
Then do it for your boys.
They want you home, right? - Our boys are fine.
- For now.
But you know how it is being a black boy wrong place, wrong time, and then you're behind bars for crap you didn't do, and that's if their asses don't get shot up by the police for just walking down the street.
You want them to have the lawyer that you did? Someone who doesn't have the time or the energy to defend them? And you think you can fix all that? I want to try.
But I need your help.
Hummm Hummm [SIGHS] Best.
[TEXT TONE CHIMES] Hummm Hummm, you're like an imprint And you've got fire running down your cheeks OLIVER: Can you give me pointers on how to be a soulless monster who lies to their boyfriend? MICHAELA: It's for their own protection.
You mean protection from how stupid this idea is? [HUSHED] Incoming.
Gold are your fingers Is there anything else I can do for you tonight? Yes.
Get out of here and put those shoes to work.
You know it.
Diamonds in your skin, my blood flows Last chance to bail.
Shut up.
Let's do this.
Bring the lion out Bring the bring the lion out Bring the lion out Bring the, bring the lion out - [CELLPHONE VIBRATES] - Bring the lion out Bring the, bring the lion out MICHAELA: This is Michaela Pratt.
A text or e-mail is preferred to voicemail.
Bring the lion out Bring the, bring the lion out Bring the lion out Bring the, bring the lion out Bring the lion out Bring the, bring the lion out - [TEXT TONE CHIMES] - Bring the lion out - Did you just get a sext? - No.
Yeah, you did.
You're blushing.
Come on.
Who's the chickadee that wants Frankie Dee? Shut up and grade my LSAT.
You know, if we're being, uh, open - We're not.
- Actually, I've been going through a bit of a sexercise drought myself.
Michaela finally come to her senses and ditch you? Ha ha ha.
She's just, uh, working late all the time.
It's her internship.
With rich, successful lawyer guys? Stop.
She's not the cheating type.
Says who? Bring the lion out, bring the lion out - How bad I screw up? - You got a 140.
- You did great.
- That sucks.
I'm a frickin' moron.
It's It's this analytical reasoning.
"If this, then that" who the hell even cares? Dude, you got this.
You're psyching yourself out.
Calling out my name [CELLPHONE CLICKING] You were December Eyes cold, freeze my blood Somehow, somehow not enough OLIVER: I'm in.
There's like a million files in here.
- Search "Trent Stockton.
" - Who? The guy that worked for Antares and got killed.
Right, just like we're gonna be.
[BEEP] It's a cease-and-desist letter.
[BEEP] Secondary verification.
This could go to Tegan's phone.
Ohh! Um, uh, close out, close out.
- I'm trying! - Wait, wait, wait! - What? - Uh, we need a picture.
- Hurry.
- Okay, okay, okay! Wait.
Get out, get out! [KEYBOARD CLACKING] Oh, my God.
I think I just peed a little.
What's the haps, nerds? Tegan asked me to draft a confidentiality agreement for her.
You know, just one of the perks of being the Hell Bowl champion.
Simon, uh, you up for Cocktails and Catan across the street? Girl, that's such a good idea, I can hardly Catan myself.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] ISAAC: You know what I see right now? I see you suffering the same pain that you caused Mae tonight.
That's how deep your understanding of her is.
You feel her pain as your pain, her suffering as your suffering.
That's love.
And until you admit that, you're not gonna be able to move past the anger and obsession and need to hurt that you can't stop feeling.
It's just easier to hate her.
What's wrong? I won the case.
The doctors said no drinking during the injections.
- They always say that.
- Yeah, well, they're professional, and we're spending 20 grand for the hormones, so That my job paid for.
Well, did.
I quit.
Well, that's reason to celebrate.
I'm proud of ya.
I destroyed her.
I was a coward.
[GLASS THUDS] Sam? Yeah.
I want us to help her.
- No booze? - You've had enough.
That's boring.
What are you doing here? Well, I wanted to see your little hide-out.
[SIGHS] Are you satisfied? Sure, if you tell me what this is.
Heard you dropped out.
Why? [SCOFFS] Because of you.
My life would still be normal if you hadn't picked me for your stupid Keating 5.
I'd be on Law Review, interning at some fancy firm, banging all the straight guys there.
You know, you've grown a lot since then.
No, I haven't.
I almost just slept with some guy off Humpr.
It's why I finally left my apartment today.
For sex.
See he's wondering where I am right now.
You didn't go to him, though.
[SIGHS] We did so many bad things.
You can't think about that.
But it's all burnt in my brain.
You know? [INHALES SHARPLY] Sam's bloody head.
And Wes in the basement.
You know, I'm actually jealous of him 'cause at least he doesn't have to live with any of this anymore.
I'm not like you.
I can't just move on.
You're a lot stronger than you think, Connor.
I just told you I wanted to die.
How is that strong? Because you came here instead.
[SNIFFS] [INHALES DEEPLY] [HUSHED] I already sent you the photo.
LAUREL: The pop-up is blocking the whole thing.
You have to go back in.
Tegan could get in trouble.
- Michaela! - Listen.
She is everything Annalise isn't, and I'm not gonna throw that away.
- I'll talk to you tomorrow.
- [CLICK] [KNOCK ON DOOR] What took you so long? Mm.
I know you have your LSAT tomorrow.
- I'll make it quick.
- I can't do this here, Laurel.
[GROANS] Well, I can't do it at Bonnie's anymore.
She's been really nice lately, and I feel horrible.
So do I.
[SIGHS] So What? You just came all the way here to say that? No more sex? A text would've been fine.
Are you sure the baby's not mine? - Tell me nothing happened.
- Of course nothing happened! It's not yours.
Are you sure? Get out.
I want to take care of you and the baby no matter what.
It's why I'm taking the LSAT.
That night is the biggest regret of my life! I feel sick that I did that, that I lied to him, so don't ever say those words out loud again! Get the hell out! Get the hell out, Frank! [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] You know what I want? You know, just for somebody to tell me what to do.
And don't say "feel my feelings," because every therapist I've ever had has said that to me, and it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
I just want to feel better.
I want you to say you love Mae.
It is the first step to moving on.
Admitting that that, even with all her flaws you still love her.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] You think you can say that? [EXHALES SHARPLY] I don't know if I'll mean it.
Say it.
See how it feels.
I love her.
Try it again.
[SOBS] Come on.
[SOBS] I love her.
Keep going.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] I love her.
I love her.
[SOBS] I love her.
I love her.
Miss Winterbottom.
Get away from me.
Just hear me out.
When you were little, did you dream of one day - defending pedophiles? - You're right.
You know, people don't come forward because of what you did.
It's a really disgusting way to earn money.
I quit my job.
It was despicable what I did to you.
And as sorry as I am, I didn't come here to apologize.
Then why are you here? I just started teaching at a law school, one of the best in the country, but I've never had a student with half the strength that you showed me up on that stand.
And you've spent years in and out of the courtrooms.
You know what it's like dealing with lawyers.
I think you can be one.
I'm a waitress.
So? You could leave this life.
I did at your age, and look at me.
You can do this.
I'll help you.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] [CELLPHONE RINGS] - [BEEP] - Hello? FEMALE OPERATOR: You have a collect call from an inmate at Philadelphia County Prison.
To accept this call, press 1.
We in.
Me, Gigi, Luna, a whole bunch of us.
How many? Uh, around 15.
So if you mess this up, a whole bunch of wack-ass sisters is comin' for you.
[EXHALES SOFTLY] [SAM DEW'S "RUNNER" PLAYS] I still got it [LAUGHS] I gotta face facts Ooh! [LAUGHS GIDDILY] I always come back [FINGERS SNAP] Back to you, but - Ahh! - [CELLPHONE RINGS] Thank God I'm a runner [BEEP] FEMALE OPERATOR: You have a collect call from an inmate at Philadelphia County Prison.
To accept this call, press 1.
[BEEP] Ms.
Keating, it's Evelyn Park.
I can't sign on with your lawsuit anymore.
- Why? - Honestly? The D.
lady offered me a better deal.
PETERSON: I'm telling you Annalise Keating hasn't been here in over a month.
You want to see what I had for lunch, too? Thank God I'm a runner I would like to see what's on those security cameras.
Because you're suing the Governor, this all but guarantees you could be jeopardizing your parole.
- [CELLPHONE RINGS] - Gotta face facts Did she tell you she almost got disbarred for alcoholism? Manuel, I fought to get my license back, and I'll fight for you, too.
She's not doing this for you.
She's doing it to salvage her failing career.
I have nothing personal to gain, Mr.
How does two years sound? Back to you, but I'll get you work release.
Thank God I'm a runner, I gotta face facts Early parole.
I always come back Back to you, but [GRUNTS] Thank God I'm a runner I was trying to do something good.
This wasn't about me and you.
Everything you ever do is for yourself.
That's not why I helped you.
You helped me because of your guilt.
No Bonnie.
I helped you because I saw you that we were the same.
We're not the same.
And that's what you've never understood.
You made me into you.
Or you tried.
And so you brought home the sad, trashy, abused girl and dressed her up like you.
Until you realized that she would never be who you wanted, so you just threw her out into the streets like she was just another intern like everything she'd ever done for you meant nothing, because she's nothing.
You don't need me.
You don't.
And maybe you never did.
You're wrong.
I never saw you as nothing.
You were never trash in my eyes.
And now look at what you've done.
Look at what you've done! You could leave this life.
And I'll help you.
He is not a good man, Annalise.
You're fired.
You don't know how to love anyone.
And you're not hanging from a bedsheet behind some metal bars, [VOICE BREAKING] then you tell me that I don't love you.
Don't leave me.
You don't have to do this.
I never saw you as nothing.
You were never trash in my eyes.
BONNIE: [SOBS] I love her.
I love her.
I love her.
How does it feel to say that? It hurts.
Why? 'Cause I miss her.
I miss the house.
You found it.
Hi, Bonnie.
I'm Sam.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
I miss our family.
She made me feel safe.
Even when I hated her.
It's gonna be even harder now that they know what I'm doing.
And you're telling me because? I need help.
And you need to get off your ass and do something.
I didn't have anyone until her.
Then she just threw it away.
LAUREL: Look at the date.
Right there.
C&G sent a cease-and-desist letter to Trent Stockton a week before he died.
He was gonna blow the whistle on Antares, so my father killed him.
For sticking his nose where it didn't belong.
Oh, my God.
What if someone thinks that Tegan's the one that accessed that letter? - She could get fired! - Fired? - W-We could get killed here.
- You're overreacting.
- No, I'm reacting like a sane person.
- You - [CELLPHONE VIBRATING] - Shh! Asher's calling.
Shut up.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey.
Frankie was too tired to get drinks after his LSAT.
- You want to meet for dinner? - I'm still at the office.
Uh, Tegan has a huge presentation tomorrow.
Well, I love that you're working so hard, boo.
Thanks, baby.
And part of me wants to believe her, that she wants to finally change, that that's what the class action was about.
But why can't she do that with me? I-I know how to help her.
It's what I needed to file a class-action suit.
And we both were abused.
You don't call people out for being sexually abused.
BONNIE: I wasn't honest with you.
I came here to hurt her.
We make a great team.
I know when to give her space, and Stop talking.
Mae is Annalise Keating? No.
Stop lying.
I love her, like you said.
I can't tell you what a help you've been to me.
You need a lot more than my help.
You're the one she fired.
That That's you.
- Where's the suspect? - Jail.