How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s06e03 Episode Script

Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?

1 Previously on "How to Get Away With Murder" CONNOR: Tell him that I'll get his mom asylum.
Your position at the District Attorney's office is terminated, effective immediately.
It's for a safe deposit box.
Only one other person has access.
who the last person to access this was? Laurel Castillo.
Three days ago.
Vivian's talking to the FBI.
What do you want from me, Annalise? Simple.
Take your son and go away.
So you're a killer now? - What? - Paul.
My father's dead.
He died in prison last year.
I could have met him if you'd told me.
And it's your fault! I hate you! Your fingerprints match those on the murder weapon.
I want my lawyer.
Good morning, class.
My name is Michaela Pratt Professor Pratt for the duration of our new case.
Today's client my client Brandi Greene.
Wait, wait, wait.
We're supposed to earn this case.
- I have like a thousand pitches.
- Ms.
Pratt did earn it.
- When? - ANNALISE: When I decided, just like I can decide to rescind my offer to let you in this clinic.
Now, since you've all supposedly read the case file Translation she guilt-tripped Annalise for not telling her about her dead dad.
Yeah, well, my dad's dead, too.
Brandi is accused of helping her husband, Troy, rob $5,000 from a cash lender.
In the subsequent car chase, Brandi's husband, Troy, was shot and killed by a police officer.
As a result, the prosecution is charging Brandi with the following.
We wanted to open a food truck.
- We asked Troy's aunt for money.
- What about a bank? How do you think Troy came up with the idea to rob the Check-n-Hurry in the first place? They turned us down even after we agreed to pay like 300% interest.
Money is god in this country.
We all know that.
As such, I'll pay each of you 20 Pratt Dollars for every idea that eliminates one of these charges.
First one to 100 gets to be my second chair.
Any takers? Peyton.
Go after the trespassing charge.
The security cameras only show Troy going into the Check-n-Hurry, not Brandi.
BRANDI: Troy made me stay in the car.
Only took him a few minutes before he came running out.
- We thought we made it.
- Mr.
A "resisting arrest" charge requires the accused to create risk of bodily injury, but Brandi was literally clutching her dead husband's head at the time of her arrest.
That's not resisting.
That's grieving.
The cop car came out of nowhere, forced us off the road without even giving Troy a chance to pull over.
So, you were ready to surrender? Eliminate possession of a deadly weapon.
The police said they found a knife on Brandi.
The knife was a nail file.
There's no crime in staying flossy.
Like I'd ever need to carry a weapon.
If a bitch comes to me, I just take her out with my fists.
Okay, money's running out.
Come on, people.
Let's go.
I want all these charges eliminated from the board.
The case against her is entirely circumstantial.
She never provided advice, assistance, supplies.
If there's no intent, there's no burglary.
Her culpability is insufficient to prove complicity.
That's 100 Pratt Dollars.
I did it! I'm second chair! Oh.
Not true.
First you need to pay me an additional $100,000 in restitution! What the hell's restitution? What the court makes you pay to compensate the victims.
- My husband died.
He's the victim.
- As are you.
But they are charging you for the safe Troy cracked, the cell store damage, damage to the officer's patrol car, the officer's ER bill, therapy.
- What about my therapy? - The grand total is $102,085.
This isn't fair.
Oh, you think our justice system is? Poor people pay on every level.
I'm not letting that happen.
I already told Brandi.
You're not gonna pay a cent.
What? I'm gonna get the DA to drop every single dollar of that restitution.
ASHER: There's no way the prosecution's gonna agree to that.
Maybe if you were Brandi's lawyer, but it me.
And since none of you were bold enough to suggest dropping the restitution, I don't need a second chair.
- Objection! - Boo! You're the worst.
Brandi's plea hearing is at noon today.
Come watch me slay.
Next time you want to tell everyone I'm a killer, say it to my face.
It wasn't me.
It was Asher.
It's not a decision I regret.
You kill a guy, you gotta pay the price.
- I didn't kill anyone.
- ANNALISE: Quiet.
You want your problems to go away? Take your ass back to UVA.
Let's go.
I have to focus on my case.
It's over, boo-boo.
Pack your knives and go home.
Put me on criminal cases, litigation, international.
And obviously, I know how to work well with big personalities.
So if you have a difficult partner that needs a second, I'm your lawyer.
Nate send you here? Hmm? He accused me of being involved in Emmett's death.
You his spy? No one knows I'm here, even Annalise.
- Why? - The only reason I want you to hire me is because you know I can be an asset to this firm.
So, not because you got fired from the DA's? I left the DA's because of everything that happened with Ron.
I needed a fresh start, - [DOOR OPENS.]
- as you can imagine.
Connor Walsh is on the line.
He says it's urgent.
We can make it a trial basis.
No pressure.
Sadly, my budget's all spent for the year.
Thanks for thinking of us, though.
- - How to Get Away With Murder 6x03 Do You Think I'm a Bad Man What now? Marisol's not coming.
Why? Her boss said he'd fire her if she took the day off.
Hector's pretty upset.
Drive to Maryland.
Get her to sign those papers.
Put me on with Hector.
Mama? No, Hectorcito, es Tegan.
Tu mamá estar allí muy pronto.
Save the sexting for later.
Just 'cause we're gay doesn't mean we're obsessed with sex.
Really? I am, but that's not why I'm here.
You sure? I could probably help you out with that.
Shut up and listen.
First, no one can know what I'm about to tell you.
Swear you won't tell Connor, Michaela nobody.
Oh, God.
Laurel had a safe deposit box.
I found a way in, but she cleaned it out.
- Are you sure it was her? - Yes.
- How? - Because I found her.
It's from a street camera outside the bank.
It's her.
ADA Richt, I understand you've come to a plea agreement - with the defense.
- Yes, Your Honor.
Three years' incarceration and restitution.
Counsel for Ms.
Greene, do you agree to these terms? MICHAELA: No, Your Honor.
While we accept the three years, we require the restitution be waived.
Your Honor, the defense should have informed us of this earlier.
The prosecution knows that game-time decisions - are a part of the game.
- On what grounds are you requesting this waiver, Ms.
Pratt? The restitution's punitive under the 8th amendment, unless the whole point is to keep my client living below the poverty line her entire life.
- Get it, girl.
- Not to mention the 7th amendment forbids assessing any unliquidated damages - against defendants without a jury.
- What are you doing here? You speak so highly of Annalise.
I want to see what all the hype's about.
Asher Millstone.
Moms love me.
The prosecution is not only over-charging my client for the cost of the Check-n-Hurry safe The safe her husband destroyed.
They also want her to pay for the counseling of the officer who shot and killed her husband.
That charge does feel out of bounds, Mr.
The Commonwealth agrees to reduce restitution to $80,000.
Knock off another $80,000, and we have a deal.
- $70,000.
- Again, zero dollars is our ask.
Final offer.
Take the win.
I can get them lower, just like - I got this case off you.
- You're not negotiating for yourself.
Consult your client.
Let it ride.
Do you.
MICHAELA: Your Honor, unless the restitution is dropped to zero, we have no choice but to reject the plea offer and take this to trial, where we will win.
Richt? - Does the Commonwealth have a response? - Yes.
We withdraw our current plea offer.
Judge, let's take a recess.
We'd also like to add an additional charge of felony murder.
- Objection! Due process! - Vindictive prosecution! - Murder? I didn't kill no one.
- Troy Greene died in the midst of a felony the defendant was ready to plead guilty to.
Troy died because some cop shot him in the head.
- Judge, this is a retaliatory charge! - I watched him die.
- He bled out in my lap.
- Quiet, everyone.
Let's reconvene tomorrow.
I will hear both of your arguments, and I will determine whether the felony murder charge is valid.
The judge won't let that murder charge go through, I promise.
Just like you promised I wouldn't have to pay that money.
And I was winning.
They only tacked on this new charge to save face.
Yeah, 'cause you went too hard at them, you dumb bitch! Hey.
Pratt is the only thing standing between you and a life in prison.
Trust her.
Professor Keating.
I You're going? You're the one who wanted to let it ride.
Now it's on you to fix it.
Ivy League tuition, and that's what you're teaching these kids to do in court? I must be pretty good because I got your son off after the FBI charged him with terrorism.
Gabriel didn't tell you that, huh? He's got quite a rap sheet.
Look, I want the same thing you want here for my son to come home.
I just need your help convincing him.
I'm done helping your son.
I know.
But Gabriel's all I got.
You of all people know what it feels like to lose your child.
Sam told me.
We spoke on the phone a few weeks after it happened.
Your son's alive.
No way in hell do you know my pain.
You couldn't wait to go back to her! Why?! You blame me?! It wasn't my fault, Sam! I wanted him! I loved him! I loved him! I loved him! I loved him! I loved him! I loved him! [METAL CLANKS.]
Oh, I loved him.
I loved him.
Here he is.
Felix Michel.
His cab's license matches the one Laurel got into.
That his address? First, tell me why I can't tell my husband about this and be honest.
I'm embarrassed.
About what? All this time, I gave Laurel the benefit of the doubt, and I just can't take everyone telling me, "I told you so.
" You mean Bonnie? She never liked Laurel, especially that you liked Laurel.
- That's enough chitchat.
- Why did you choose Laurel, anyway? I mean, I get it.
I chose Connor.
I don't get to throw stones.
But you've known Bonnie forever, to the point that I sometimes wondered if you were secretly together.
- I said enough.
- Am I right? Just give me the frigging address.
We all know the DA's using the felony murder charge against Brandi as payback.
Payback for you screwing up? For me humiliating them.
So let's humiliate them once again by accusing them of prosecutorial vindictiveness.
Under the doctrine of stare decisis, find me precedents that - Why don't we just put Brandi on the stand? - No.
The police shot her unarmed black husband.
- We can invite the press.
- Brandi can't handle that.
We need the public to be outraged.
And we need you to shut up and do what Professor Pratt says.
That goes for everyone here, okay? We're gonna felony-murder this felony murder charge together.
I thought your case was a plea hearing.
Since when are you arguing a felony murder? We're not.
I'm getting the charges dropped.
With Annalise's help, I assume? Where is she? It's fine.
I'm gonna fix it.
It's Annalise's job to fix it.
And where's Connor? He should be back with Marisol's paperwork by now.
Uh, I bet he's stuck in traffic.
Find him.
And Annalise.
Right now.
Sir, yes, sir.
- Where are you? - CONNOR: Maryland.
I brought Hector to see his mom.
- You kidnapped him? - No.
You took him across state lines.
That's kidnapping.
His social worker said she'd cover for me.
Hey, I-I-I-I gotta go.
Marisol's here.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just tell Tegan I'm stuck in traffic.
Just record the reunion for me.
I feel like a good cry.
I'm not on the clock yet.
You recognize this girl? I think you gave her a ride this past Friday.
You a detective? No, not with my record.
This is your cab, right? Yeah, but I drive over 100 people a day.
This jog your memory? The old me woulda told you whatever you wanted to get that money.
But I'm a nice guy these days.
Unfortunately, we have no updates on your father's case, Mr.
Or none you can share with me.
That, too.
At least you can tell me if you're still circling the governor.
Xavier Castillo? The investigation is ongoing.
That's all we can tell you.
What if I tell you something? Tegan Price worked for Jorge Castillo for a decade.
Then her boss, Emmett Crawford, goes dead the moment after the governor accused him of murdering my pops.
As you know, there's no discussing an open investigation.
I don't want to discuss anything.
I just want you to arrest the right people, like her.
TEGAN: How was your day off? You make time for a mani-pedi? - I was dealing with Vivian.
- Yeah? And neglecting your client, a poor widow who Michaela got charged with murder.
So vindictive prosecution is my fault now? Let's talk Hector and Marisol, then.
Connor promised them asylum like he's damn Santa Claus.
I'll take over that case.
No, you just take sad-sack Bonnie off my hands.
I got enough of your puppies peeing on my floor already.
- What? - She asked me for a job.
Don't pretend like you didn't know.
You know what? If you want to punch someone, just go to the gym.
I got work to do.
Uh, you leave when I say so, Annalise! A lesbian, woman of color running a major law firm.
I'm a damn unicorn.
So, to have you, not one of the 321 other men working here, making my job harder someone I thought was my friend that's not salt in the wound.
It's a chain saw to my neck.
I feel safe with you.
Too safe, clearly, 'cause I could see how this is coming off.
Like you're taking advantage of me? From now on, I'll kick ass for this firm and let you take all the credit.
I deserve all the credit.
Anything you say, boss.
Great news.
We found three precedents on prosecutorial vindictiveness, including a 9th circuit ruling.
You have tangible proof the DA broke the law? - We're working on that.
- So you have nothing? I have something.
I just talked to Brandi.
She wants to take the stand.
- I told you no.
- And "no" means no, bro.
The judge needs to see Brandi's grief.
The judge doesn't care about her grief.
Or maybe you're just too scared of your own.
What? You just found out your father's dead, and now you're acting like you don't care.
He shot my mother.
Maybe I'm relieved he's dead.
- You know that's not true.
- Would you please stop - mansplaining her own emotions? - All of you, stop.
I agree with Mr.
Brandi should take the stand.
- No, I'm her lawyer! - This isn't even his case.
But you have to do the direct.
If you fail and we lose this case, you go home.
Deal? Deal.
Sign here and here.
I'll mail the application to Immigration Services tomorrow, and then I'll get an interview date with the Asylum Officer.
Hector had to go to court.
Me, too? You've never been detained, so the officer can grant asylum outright.
For Hector, too.
- You have a lot of hope.
I do.
WOMAN: Marisol Diaz? It's okay.
Can I help you? Believe so.
Are you Connor Walsh? Knee repeaters three times.
- Three.
When are you getting home? I want pizza? I messed up.
What's wrong? The social worker ratted me out to her boss.
Border Control found out, and they they took Hector and Marisol into custody.
- Where? - This detention center in Maryland.
Oli? Yeah.
Tell me it's gonna be okay.
BONNIE: Where you been all day? You gonna ask me that every time I walk in now? I was asking in case you hadn't eaten.
You know I can always eat.
What? Sam really screwed things up for us, huh? Which part? Us.
You and me.
What did I do? [SIGHS.]
You miss her.
It's fine.
Just don't pretend that whatever you're feeling right now is about me.
You can clean up.
Connor needs your help.
What happened? He got his clients detained by ICE.
Did you call Annalise? He said she would kill him, and I agree, she probably should.
Or Tegan.
Somebody should definitely kill him.
Why Tegan? They're her clients, too.
Greene, when did you know you first loved Troy? Second time I ever saw him.
Not the first? First time was after this guy stole my jacket at a bar.
Troy said he would get it back, and I was like, "Yeah, whatever.
" And the second time? He came back like an hour later, all beat up, with the jacket.
You know, plenty of folks took stuff from me.
He was the first to bring something back.
He always brought something back.
Brandi, whose idea was it to rob the Check-n-Hurry? Yours? It was Troy.
So, everything that happened after the robbery, car chase, the shooting, Troy dying would you say that any of that stemmed from a decision that you made? My husband bled out in my lap.
I held his head.
And there was a hole.
And I felt when he stopped breathing.
Ain't no way I decided that.
That's all, Your Honor.
Did you see that?! [EXHALES SHARPLY, CHUCKLES.]
That's why I want to stay here so Annalise can teach me that.
Baby, that was all you.
How would you know? I know my son.
I know what he's capable of.
No, how? This is the first time that you've showed up for me and hadn't been nodding off.
You're right.
But I know what I just saw.
And watching you, baby, seeing you help that woman open up, find her voice, baby, it was like What, Ma? It was like watching your father.
You're great.
God knows that more than me.
But you can be great anywhere.
Come home with me.
I, um I think recess is gonna be over soon.
Greene, did Troy cook, or was that just you? Neither of us really did.
But you still thought opening a food truck was a good idea? We figured we'd learn by doing.
"We"? Because you wanted this food truck just as much as Troy? - I know what you're doing.
- I'm trying to get to the truth.
- Objection.
Zero foundation.
- No, you want me to say it was my idea for the food truck, so it's my fault Troy got shot.
- Do you believe it's your fault? - No, it's the cop's fault.
So you don't feel bad that Troy is dead? Of course I feel bad.
Because it was you who suggested to buy the truck, wasn't it? - Sanction the ADA.
- Badgering the witness! And you who made Troy steal that money? - Counsel is testifying! - Enough, Ms.
We were just doing what we needed to do to survive.
So you have no guilt about stealing $5,000? - Bitch, keep talking! - Or getting your husband shot? I'll cut your head off, you stuck-up-ass skank! JUDGE NANJANI: You are in contempt of court.
Remove the witness.
We are in recess.
I can fix this.
I just need to redirect Brandi.
- You've done enough.
- True story.
I gave the okay.
Blame me.
TEGAN: I'll blame you.
ANNALISE: What's wrong? Connor got our clients picked up by ICE.
- He did what? - Oh, no.
Hector's social worker just called, said Connor took him over state lines.
Now they're detained in Thiede County, - wherever the hell that is.
- I'll go with you.
Don't you have a murder charge to get thrown out? Also a true story.
Clean up your mess.
I got Connor's.
What are you doing here? Saving your ass.
Why didn't you call me? I called someone else.
She has a plan.
BONNIE: It's a confidential case.
I can only share the details with the Director in Charge.
So take me to him, or you'll have the Philadelphia DA calling you directly.
Okay, I'll check.
You're ADA ? Winterbottom.
What the hell are you doing? Helping your clients.
By hiding that you just got fired from the DA's office? - Wait, you were fired? - Yes.
- Quiet.
- This crazy? It's in all you Annalise people.
Lying, kidnapping, God knows what else.
Look, this is my fault, not Bonnie's.
WOMAN: Director Mayfield will see you now.
The crazy works.
You're all from the Philly DA's? Just me.
Price and her law clerk are helping Marisol and Hector with their asylum application.
I know Marisol because she's agreed to testify in a human-trafficking case I'm about to take to trial.
I need her released right away.
Well, the kid has a file, but the mother was picked up without papers.
We were actually about to submit her asylum application today.
I'll release them.
I just need your ID, Ms.
I mean your DA badge.
Yeah, I must have, uh, left it at the office.
I will e-mail you a copy as soon as I get back.
I've seen a lot of scams, but this one takes the cake.
This is a simple misunderstanding.
- Director Mayfield, sir, th - [CELLPHONE KEYPAD DIALING.]
this is my fault.
- I just wanted Hector to see his mother.
So arrest me if you have to, but Hey.
I know.
I'm sorry.
But I'm in an ICE facility in Maryland, and I need you to tell Adrian Mayfield to release my client and her son.
Thank you.
Who the hell's that? Cora Duncan, Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis at Homeland Security.
Madam Undersecretary? You couldn't have called this person when we were trying to get Hector asylum last week? - MAYFIELD: Yes, I understand.
- No.
Why? Of course, ma'am.
Because she's my wife.
We're good.
He agreed not to contest either Hector or Marisol's case.
- Great.
- You'll just have to supervise their interviews with the asylum office.
You won this case, not me.
Only 'cause your crazy got us into that office.
Don't thank me yet.
No benefits for three months until I know I made the right decision.
Comprende, Hector? Uh, n-no más ICE.
Tu y tu mamá, uh, stay together ahora.
Vamos pequeño.
Dile gracias.
De nada.
That's great.
I know.
Just, thank you.
Ahh! Well, Tegan just got Hector and Marisol out.
So now I'm the only disaster around here.
Which I'm not going to mope about, not when I have a plan to argue.
Transfer of intent.
The Pennsylvania statute for felony murder was on the books long before the 8th amendment was adopted.
You think you're gonna take your first case to the Supreme Court? [SIGHS.]
Right, right, right, right.
Was this the plan all along? You watch me fail, I feel like an idiot, then you come in and save the day? The plan is to get you to pay attention.
I am paying attention! I just hate what I'm seeing! What are you seeing? Tell me.
Because I can see the answer to this case is right in front of you.
Then tell me what it is, please! I'll never be bitchy to you again.
What? That would be considered felony murder, just like Brandi.
No, no.
That was manslaughter that that Wes committed.
Who pushed him over the railing? Why are you doing this? Again, Michaela, I'm teaching you.
I mean, why why keep protecting us? The FBI knows things, and you could have had us arrested from the start, or I don't know, sued us for wrongful death, not that I had any money, but Laurel did.
- Michaela.
- You could have had all that Antares money.
Think about what you just said.
Oh, my God.
The DA is scared of a wrongful death suit.
Richt, what's the protocol for your investigation after an officer-involved shooting? The officer goes on leave while the shooting is investigated.
And when that investigation concludes ? Two reports are issued one by the police department's Use of Force Review Board, the other by the District Attorney.
Richt, why did the police board issue their report on Troy's death three months ago, yet we're still waiting on the report from your office? Objection.
Confidentiality doesn't protect a criminal act, as Ms.
Pratt will show.
Answer, Mr.
DA Miller's death created a large backlog for our office.
So the delay isn't because your report reached a different conclusion? That the killing of Troy Greene was, say, not justified? ADA GIBSON: Objection.
- Sustained.
- Were you worried that Brandi would use your report to file a wrongful death suit? That's why you needed her to plead guilty yesterday, right? So that she couldn't sue the city for millions of dollars! The law says the prosecutor has a broad discretion to determine what charges to file.
Exactly! You choose how the law is applied, Mr.
So, tell me, do you actually believe in this felony murder charge against my client? Say yes, and that means we should all be defined by our worst decisions, punished for them for the rest of our lives.
Even if that means calling an innocent person a murderer, because Brandi only made one mistake here, and that's to want a better life.
That's why she sat in that car while Troy took that money.
But apparently, you think that means - she should go down for murder.
- I didn't say that.
Because you don't believe in these charges.
That is very clear.
Your Honor, we make a motion to subpoena the latest draft of the DA's report on the killing of Troy Greene, along with ADA Richt's e-mails.
ADA GIBSON: Objection.
Work product privilege.
Either you drop the felony murder charge, or I will subpoena that report myself.
MICHAELA: Give us a moment to discuss.
They're offering you two years in jail and probation.
- Two years? - That's a year less than where we started and you could still file a wrongful death suit.
What are the other options? - Only probation, but if you take it - I take it.
If you take it, then you'll have to waive your right to sue the city.
So, two years jail and maybe money, or no jail and no money? I think we can win you millions.
- No.
- Brandi.
Look, people like me don't usually get one win, let alone two.
So, go.
Go over there and tell them I take probation.
You heard your client.
We've made a decision.
Show's over.
Question before you go.
Um, what Michaela was saying up there she felt that, deeply.
Like she knows firsthand what it's like to play a part in a man's death.
You shooting up again? Look me in the eye.
Tell me that wasn't about Sam.
Hey, Mom.
Your problem is not with Annalise.
It's with me.
For once, I agree with your son.
Why the hell do you keep defending her? Because I can handle her myself.
She's brainwashed you! So, enough.
Either you come home with me now, or I am going straight to the FBI.
You can't do that.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Baby, what's happened? You can tell me.
It's true, what Annalise said.
Paul? Paul? It was an accident.
I did not mean for him to [BREATHES SHAKILY.]
I just wanted you to realize that he was no good.
That's all I wanted.
I just wanted to take care of you.
That wasn't your job, baby! I know that now.
I just [SIGHS.]
I was just trying to be the man that you needed.
I-I had to.
I'm not trying to make excuses.
I'm not.
I-I know this is still my fault, because it is.
Because I did it.
I did it, Ma.
It's And It's not felony murder.
It's m - It's murder, Ma.
- Shh! Do you think I'm a bad man? No.
No, baby.
You have a good heart.
'Cause you're a good man and a good son.
I got you now.
You hear me? [BREATHES SHARPLY.]
I got you.
TEGAN: I'm still mad at you.
So no yelling at me for hiring Bonnie.
Can I yell at you for not telling me that you have a wife? Cora.
We just haven't filed the divorce papers yet.
"We"? Me.
You call me here to kill me? - You recognize this girl? - I drive over 100 people a day.
'Cause I don't get all the run-around.
- They threatened me.
- Who? I don't know who they are, but they said they'd kill me if I talked to anyone about where I dropped her.
It's some kind of safe house.
Got it? The address.
This better be right.
Two kinds of people in this world Winners, losers You got fired.
What? You just forgot to tell me? I didn't want you to worry.
I'm not gonna go on a bender every time I get bad news.
Wait until you hear the bad news before saying that.
'Cause I did not use it The FBI found out that I made an arrest report for Vivian.
Insane [SIGHS.]
Maybe I'll go on that bender.
Listen, the fact that they haven't brought charges against us is a good sign.
You've got your head up your ass.
Why get Sam's drug-addicted ex-wife to spy on you if they had evidence? And I call out your name They're desperate.
She's a lot like you [DOOR OPENS.]
Maddox, my partner tells me you have something new for us.
It's about my son.
I lost my power in this world And the rumors are flying Two kinds of people So I go insane Like I always do - And I call out your name - LANFORD: We can't cut a deal with Gabriel until he offers us - evidence to help us with our case.
- Why would he do that? - Because his mother convinced him.
- No, I mean why would he do that when you people framed him for terrorism? Annalise got into your head.
That it? I'm the only one in my head.
And what I know now is y'all will frame innocent people to make your case.
Annalise Keating is not innocent.
That's your job to prove, not mine.
If you back out, we no longer have an incentive to keep your drug trafficking charges sealed.
Come for me.
I dare you.
Hell, I'll have Annalise defend me.
Two kinds of trouble in this world So I go insane Like I always do Did you listen to them? Just one.
They're her therapy sessions with Sam.
Okay, this is a creepy breach of privacy.
You all planted a nanny cam in my apartment.
That was Frank.
And And you need to be careful because you might hear something that you don't want to know.
I already did.
- It involves you.
- What? I don't think your dad's dead.
SAM: Okay, not all lawyers are bad people.
ANNALISE: Of course they are.
The first case I ever worked, I was an undergrad at Tennessee.
My boss was a big-time lawyer, Solomon Vick, someone I thought I could look up to.
Until? Until I found out he was screwing our client's wife.
- Really? - Yeah.
Got her pregnant, too.
Our client thought it was his kid the whole time.
Your dad wasn't the client, Michaela.
He's the lawyer.
So I go insane Like I always do And I call out your name She's a lot like you Laurel.
Hey, Frank.
Thanks for coming in so late.
You get something on Price? No.
It's about Ronald Miller.
We have new evidence leading us to believe that he was not involved in your father's death.
What evidence? Something that will help close your father's case.
But first you need to give us help to close one of ours.
What case? Annalise Keating.
LANFORD: We have a dead informant on our hands, Michaela.
The sooner you talk, the better your deal.
Again, I invoke my right to remain silent.
You sure? Ms.
Pratt's next door with her lawyer right now.
We've offered her a deal to cooperate.
You want proof? Sure.
Let me talk to Michaela.
I mean proof of the murder.
You did this.
Tell us why.
Get a medic now! - [WHEEZING.]
- I need help in here! Help! Help! Help!